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Is It Love? Daryl - Virtual Boyfriend

Is It Love? Daryl - Virtual Boyfriend for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by 1492 Studio located at Parc de Bellegarde 1 Chemin de Borie 34170 Castelnau Le Lez. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Sex, Nudity, Strong Language) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Hey guys....y did u remove the blush from daryl's adorable expression......it was seriously more beautiful than without the blush.... please add the blush back... please.......I love that look the most...to look at that adorable pink blush on his cheek....I would die for that look....so plz add it back......U can add more expressions but don't remove or replace any expressions of any characters in any is it love games..........plzzz...
really I was waiting 4 this 4 so long still I don't go through it but I hope it's good,except Gabriel I love all is it love and another request from me that I want a is it love story on Loan in Peters story he is super cool to look plz....plz..... make a story on Loan πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ˜‹
I am a long standing Studio 1492 fan. I just bought a new tablet and created a new username and email specifically for my Studio games, story upkeep and fanart. I love Studio 1492. I love their artistic and literary work.
love this game, I have read almost all of them..Matt Ortega is my fav character. I would love to see more stories about him.
I cannot wait to play! I've been wanting this story for over a year! Matt was good, but I am extremely excited for Daryl's side!
Best one yet! Yes the daily energies suck and yes it drains very quickly, but this storyline is the best one so far out of all the is it love games.
I hate it.You can not read a story like this it takes forever to load the next sentence.It is so slow. 😑really annoying.
My energy would run out so fast,I wouldnt even be in the game for five minutes and I would run out of energy. I didnt want to waste my money either on something that would run out with a snap of your finger, so I deleted the game. If you fix this I will most definatley download the game again! But othet than that, it is a great game!
Good so far but I wish I could see myself more often than usual And I would like it if There was more Dramatic πŸ˜πŸ˜ŒπŸ€­πŸ˜›
Story is good, and I'm really happy about the premium choices that you added in the game but the thing which I really don't like is that you loose energy to play the game and you need to wait until the next day
Haven't started reading it yet. I have all Is It Love? stories and i hope it'd be as good as the others. Is this really the last of the Carter Corp. series? I was hoping for a MARK LEVIELS story.
i just love daryl and you , i was also waiting for you to launch daryl game as bcz in just love him in is it love matt , and i am also playing is it love drogo , matt , ryan and of course daryl.
This is a wonderful game the only problem i have is that its takes too long to reload i think 24 hours is a little too much but other than that i love this please definately unstall and when u do welcome to the is it love worldπŸ₯°πŸ˜˜πŸ–€πŸ’žπŸ’—πŸ’–
Not enough energies to read each day, been stuck in the hospital with main characters brother for 3 days, keeps rambling on and wasting what very little energy is given to me each day Still not out of the hospital! I thought this game was about daryl!
I've been waiting for this- but I actually fell in love with Joe and not Daryl- s***t- though the game is amazing!
The plot wasnt bad, and the graphics were great too, but the storyline took too long to develop. Maybe it semed like that because of the limited amount of energy you get each time you play. All in all, I think that would be a great improvement on another update. Its not a bad game, if u want to try it, but just keep that in mind.
I've enjoyed playing this game. I love the ortega brothers, but i haven't been able to open it for two weeks now. I've uninstalled it and tried to install it again but it keeps closing before it opens.
I dont know if i like it yet i dont seem to be far in the storyline and ive been playing it for so long. But you get so much irrelevant information and repetition that uses up your energy in the game it's annoying
It is a good game but it takes a long time to load amd im impatient and the energy runs out way to fast and i wish daryl didnt really look like that to be honest.I know its a lot but i kept glitching too can you please fix that because i had to uninstall and install again and now i cant play amymore please fix this.
When I downloaded this app, even though it finished downloading it will still say install and I can't see it in my screen i would always go back to google play store do install it again
i haven't played the game yet but i would suggest you to give option for our gender and i feel it will attract more players thankyou
This game sucked. I don't mind putting money into games but the energy leave is wipe out after a few sentences. Other games like this have tokens for each chapter. I have actually put money into those games because they give you more opportunities to think about your next move. I've used this app for 2 days and got 3 mins in and ran out. This is a scam. Don't bother replying.
Guys again a new error🀯🀯🀯🀯there is no Daryl in view ... he's just disappeared....y some or the other errors in these updates...if I had known I wouldn't have updated at all....u guys make us feel scared to update...it's so frustrating ...u can't play the game without the MAIN character in view...
I do not like how the MC is protrayed in this story. The energy runs out to fast they charge a lot of money to buy more. However I do like this story its really good so far except what the MC does I do not like that. Five stars for a good story.
Energy levels suck. Run out of energy way too fast. Cant even end 1 chapter after playing a million times. Thats my only complaint so far. The story is good.
Love the storyline and Daryl's story really is super interedting. I would like to have had more seasons for his story.
Liked Daryl's character when he was introduced in Matt's storyline...glad to finally be getting Daryl's story...so far so good...the character's, storyline and great art have kept me interested to find out what happens next 😊
I hate the game now cuz I will have to pay and I don't have any money to play it cuz I'm a kid I'm just like 16
After the last update I can't see neither characters nor background. Only gray screen is displayed. It's really upsetting, that's a visual game after all. Hope you will fix the bug soon.
love it just wish you did not have to pay for most of the secret sence and i wish you had more energy.
I think this could be good, but reading just four lines then energy is gone and we have to wait days to read more is a big problem. Earning energy is very very small as well. I dont recommend this unless you intend to spend a lot of money on it.
This game is giving me so much relaxed atmosphere becuse its very nice to play this game when you're finda free and dont have any one to distrub you.The amination of this virtual boyfriend game is super dammit!;) . Story is all around going good πŸŒπŸ’. Sexy guys in this game which unbotton my pants πŸ’¦ duper cool game but this takes some time to give you coins for to play with his ass? Why?, That's sometimes annoys me but its okay . If you teally want to be in his arms and want warm kisses (wait)
You get 300 energies every day and they even offer you 20 more. Yet it's not enough to complete at least a chapter. You read as much as 3 or 4 paragraphs and then energy is gone and you have to spend money to get more!! Not, uninstalling do better with the energy level and getting through the story and maybe I'll be back.
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Only been reading it a few weeks, But I liked Daryl from Mat's story I think he is more interesting. He seems to be The fun loving bad boy type and that is way different then the rest. I am glade this woman doesn't cry as much she seems to be very strong in her conviction about saving her brother. I like that you added a person of color was beginning to think you guys didn't see any other race but white, thank you for that.
A good read but now I can't get on the game since I have updated the app. It goes to a black screen in stead of the game.
It keeps saying it needs a new version to play. Every time I push okay, it brings me here and it says "Im sorry, something went wrong." WTH
I've been waiting for this game since they announced it and now it's finallu out.It's a dream come true.Everything is amazing❀❀
this will be a very fun game and it will be more fun than is it love matt and more super lit πŸ”₯πŸ”₯✌😝
You know what I want to really say I love it love it love it love it so much you guys download it it's very cool and width cool stories the diamonds are very high and you might earn some diamonds but if you see you have low diamonds could be a glitch or something
you have to wait a long time before you can continue with the chapter. that's lame. I want to keep playing the game, not waiting to play it! At least make the energy bar fill up faster!
I love Daryl and this game sooo much. I need a season 2. I really hope it doesn't take a long time. But other than that it was really enjoyable!
I was so excited for Daryl's story but it was a complete dissapointment. it's so horribly slow! I've played every day for two weeks and I'm still stuck on the same circling narrative, where Daryl hasn't even been introduced yet!!! Uninstalling now.
I Love this story. I'm so glad they came out with a Daryl story.. I've read them all and if you love bad boys, like drogo's, this is so for you.. I don't understand how its rating a 3.8 really?! I mean I think the energy should build up threw the game like give u 5 energy's every our or something so u don't have too wait a day Or let you save the daily ones you don't use.. that'd be nice especially if your waiting on new chapter.. But also understand they gotta make $$ too.. So I'm supportive..
the energy system ruins the whole experience, noy only that but they try and make you buy more energies by drawing everything out absurdly long
The energy thing.. IS REDICULOUS. 300 energy will only give you a split scene and then they want to charge you for more energy like you're the richest person in the world. The energy thing is stupid and shouldn't be this ridiculous. I uninstalled the game because of this reason.
It is a great story! Although, it takes forever to get your energy back up. I think it would be best if it only took an hour or two to get your energy back up completely. That's all!
After getting into the dialogue of the "game", I am stopped and told "you are out of energy, please give us money to continue"
VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!! I have spent REAL MONEY on this game I had an old phone and NO FACEBOOK ACCOUNT connected the customer service to let them know I had a NEW phone I would like to transfer my game data to got the run around!! I need to connect to Facebook or provide information I didn't know or provide an old receipt from the original game. I was able to find an receipt sent it over to them as instructed game play did not transfer over got the run around from customer service!! DON'T PLAY!!
It's a good game I would have given it a five star rate if it wasn't for the energy things cos I can barely go to a different part of the game without it saying "you have run out of energy please come back tomorrow "and it's sssssoooo annoying!
Every one of this is it love app (6 total) I have are acting wonky today... won't open or shuts immediately after opening. Yet no other reading apps 8 total are causing similar issues. Rebooted phone, check for possible issues outside the apps themselves but nope just these is it love ones causing problems 😟
Quite a boring game when you can't even get through the first part because each dialogue box costs like 5 energy. I watched a video that gave me 20 energy and I only got to read 4 stupid boxes. You can't get anywhere unless you wait a day (or pay) and even then, you cant finish a scene. Save your time, there are better games out there
hello, good morning, I've been having failures since I downloaded the game, it stays loaded and does not happen there, please help me e, and also I tell them that I loved that they will get the game are the most πŸ€—πŸ˜Š
This game is so much fun and you get to do all of the thing like you get a boyfriend and you can kiss them and it's so much fun to do all of this!!!
I love this game very much i think same girls are single you have try this game please download this game 😊
If you install this game you will be using mins of your life. At first it was fun but every 20 sec, it will ask you to buy energy or watch an ad.
Chapter 3, day 6 and still no 20 energy opportunities on this game. We are allowed to watch a video for 30 energy which gives zero energy! The greed by Claire is real! This game would be 5 star, but the energy system is bad. 10 energy for the MC to say "Oh!" These stories are stolen from TV/books/movies like Twilight and Vampire Diaries. Claire isn't aware we can change reviews. After this review she took away all energy so I never can play again. Pirated any good shows recently? Claire will.
There is a bug. For some reason it won't load the next scene. I am enjoying the story, but it just won't load the next scene. I've uninstalling it, re-installing it. It's not fixing it. So, I don't know what to do. I am no having problems with it loading. I am unistalling the game.
i hate this, can you like, stop saying words about yourself and just continue to the story!?, at first i was so excited then few mins ago i thought telling about yoirself and your dog was gonna last FOREVER, look, i dont really have minute patience
Disappointed. The choices being given are ridiculous. She is fixated on one thing even if you choose something else. This is not realistic and I would never choose what is being offered. I really love these games and was excited to get a new one but it's very dissapointing.
I LOVE all of the Is It Love? Romance games but I can't believe that I NEVER seem to make the right choices for the Secret Scenes to just open up for me! I feel I make the sexiest choices & yet EVERY TIME I'm told I have to pay to see the scene! NOT FAIR!!!😐😩
Been waiting for ages to experience Daryls story. I downloaded the app as soon as I saw the picture on the Is It Love fb page. Merci beaucoup! πŸ’―β€
Good grief. This MC is the most annoying of any of the games. She can't keep her dumb mouth shut to (literally) save her or her brother's life. And the way she coddles her idiot brother who is the cause of their life or death stupidity in the first place?Holy heck. He committed a serious crime against a serious bad news guy, how is any of that NOT his fault, and he is definitely NOT still "just a kid" as she keeps shouting. I love Daryl, was so excited, but this is a real disappointment
The game is glitching hardcore today you need to fix your bugs. Aside from that this particular story goes between minor moments id high top downright boring. If using the 'free' energy I just to read the race scene for a week and a bit. The one interesting thing in this story is Joe. He's interesting. I understand the stories mostly take's place in their particular universes, but having the same side characters all the time it's so dull. I can't wait to skip all of Lisa's parts
Terrible...Boring...Awful storytelling. One boring screen with a building and a few cars in the background as the backdrop. It never changes and you just get a tiny bar at the bottom with two lines of text and you keep having to press the screen to get the next tiny portion of the story to read. Clickbait writing. Drags on and on without the story actually getting anywhere. As regards storytelling quality...it seems to be written by a 10 year old. Don't waste your time, nothing ever happens.
As a massive fan of the Is it love series (and especially Matt's story) I was extremely excited for Daryls release. but unfortunately it hasnt met expectations. I find the translation from French to English too basic. It feels simple. A bit like all the smaller, less known otome/visual interactive novels. It's nowhere near as immersive or as captivatingly written as Matt's, Gabriel's Sebastian's or any of the other boys stories. Sorry guys, I'm not feeling Daryl's tale...and I was most eager to
The option to watch an ad for an additional 20 energies (2 taps on the screen) has been removed on this game...frustrating when you only get 43 screen taps per day.
I truely love the story, it's a bit complicated but i guess that's why i adore it so much. The story is fun and enjoyable, characters are all cool and so... I just love it.
I am only giving it for stars because 300 energy. rins out really quickly. you should get rid of energy and change it so there are more chapters and you get a chapter a day. i am also giving it for stars because when i click to go to the next slide it glitches and says i have no internet so i have to go out of the game and back on it. please fix these problems then i will recomend this game to all my friends.