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Is It Love? Colin - Romance Interactive Story

Is It Love? Colin - Romance Interactive Story for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by 1492 Studio located at Parc de Bellegarde 1 Chemin de Borie 34170 Castelnau Le Lez. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Sex, Nudity) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
personally, i love this game. im only on chapter 8 right now, but i love how you can almost feel the outcome of your actions like you physically did them. this game is descriptive when it needs to be and subtle in the right atmosphere. ive enjoyed the art from the beginning and i love the attention to detail on most parts,the only downside is the constant need to wait at least 9 hours for the ads to refill. that downfall wont be added to the stars because this game does an amazing job. thanks:)
This actually a good game. Only for those who are patient to wait free energy. This is my third one, after drogo and ryan. I just wanted to ask, why in this story, don't have 20energies free?
I have 6 different versions of is it love & all 6 apps are glitching/not opening up even with a restart/uninstall then reinstall etc. This set of apps is getting worse & worse
I really think there should be a way we can accumulate points. That's really important. I downloaded all the Is it Love? Stories and I love them. But please, let us accumulate so we can read a little bit more. Thanks!
Okay this one Colin is my fave out of every other is it love Sims. I love the story line and all the details put into the story I'm on a line of maybe becoming a writer so the story line just love it so far. One thing that really makes me annoyed is how many points we get a day it doesn't bring you far enough into the story and it takes a month or 2 just to finish the chap. So if you could increase the points we get daily your ratings would defiantly go up. So please update it as soon as possible
Wow lower energy to reasonable more sentences a day.. 50$ still need more, 3$ extra scene's πŸ™„πŸ€” okay Good luck with that.. There written lovely but way to long wait spent 50$ still not enough for story cant even re-read it😀 you all click an bate ones sad to... for its well done but not waiting or not even to remember sentences from day before.ill wait see if you all come around to all classes of working people 😣😞
So far its a good read...It is a believable store. Only problem is i dont like spending money on this type of game. So the power gets used up very very fast.....Maybe put someother type of ways to earn it. Or set up a dresser. let us change the girls clothing...I'd spend money then
I need a season 2 ASAP. The way I'm reading Colin's story is absolutely ridiculous. I've spent at least $30 on extra energy so far because his character is so damn sexy. By the time the story gets good, the energy is done and I'm left wanting more. This is a real problem. It's like you get 5 minutes of reading. Plus I have finished season 1 of Peter and Adam so I'm stuck
The story is very good but there's one thing you forgot to put in and that's Adams figure he's got words but nobody
HATE THIS GAME SO BAD!!!! I could easily give this 5* but the energy gets used up ridiculously quick! I've played these ones where you have 5 cards and they last 5 chapters and it makes a huge difference... energy really needs to be recognised
i mean the game is really cool and i love how amazing the characters are and their faces but the one major problom i have is that we should be able to get more energy points if u made it 600 or 700 i would really love that it took me 2 months just to get through chapter 1 i would rate it lower but the faces and bodys pushed it up i would love in the next update if you could be so kind and increase the energy points u get daily and maybe the card game could be increased to 300 thank you.
I have been waiting for the second season. The amount if energy is ridiculous I have spent a lot of money on all these games but will not spend any more especially when u kept track of how much was being taken away it did not equal to what I spent. Give more energy each day and people would tend to spend a little money on it.
Whenever there is a secret scene, I tap on the secret scene but it doesn't open...but then I tap keep reading the main scene, it just tells me if I am sure that I want to miss the picture.. I don't know if it is a glitch or not.. but overall it is a nice story
I really love this story it's my favorite of all the is it love series but it also has been the only original story still waiting for the second season I think it's been 5 years since I first read it but second season in sight that's sad
It took me three weeks to get through chapter one due to the stupid energy thing. You read a few sentences and then your energy runs out. The mini game is stupid and useless. The energy only lasts a few more sentences. Watching one video gives you 20 energy, which is used up after two sentences. Then you have to wait until the next day to read again. I can read and finish an entire book from choices app, which is a lot better than this app. I have already deleted Adam and Matt. I getting ready to delete Colin as well.
I love this game. I've tried it before a few years back, and I got frustrated because they gave you so little energy, but now the energy they give is worth it, and because of that I've spent more money several times for more energy. The graphics are great and the storyline is soo addictive. I love it, thank you for makeing the changes you did its perfect. You guys deserve 5 stars.
I have play a few other games from these developers and all are really great! It's veary descriptive and yes, I know that's what there going for, but some games try to do the same but try to hard and the game would become boring. This game (and the others) are really good, I always get sucked into the game and that's what I love about it.....but! The only issue I have, is that when the character Matt makes this one face, you can see a faint line. Almost like part of his face was croped off and replaced. Now, this isn't like a big issue but it just annoys me sometimes. If there is any way that you could fix that ,that would be amazing!
Effin cool!! I love it but the energy is not enough. It should be better if we could get more daily energy or if the scenes did not consume it as fast as it does. Other than that, the game is sooooooo captivating!!
Great game! Please let us know if or when season 2 is coming out. This was my favorite out of all of them. Sad that it ended.
I used to only give 3 β˜†, cause its proven that most honest feedback is those who give 3 β˜†, but they improved their game so much that 3 nog enough. I have been a player since when they only had 1 is it love? game out and seeing how many different ones they have now, makes me so happy! Definitely in my top 3 games!! 1492 Studio had their problems through out the years but they fixed it quickly and added even better features! β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† Over all, you won't regret playing is it love - interactive storie
I love this story, but am disappointed with the fact that season 2 was advertised as an up and coming, however they have not. They decided to do a completely new story and csn not give a release date. Why say you can do something when you dont. Disappointed
Love it this is the second time that I have read it and I was hoping for season 2 but still nothing. I see that there will be a season 2 but why taking so long I want to know what the end is I know this is not the end by far. So it would be nice if the writers will write a season 2 for it soon.
So far I'm really enjoying this app. I read one review about how you can play daily and get free energy points. This is true. If you're patient, every day you can play and start with energy points to get you through. I'm loving Colin. He is literally my type. From his long dark hair to his ice blue eyes! And I love that my character is also me to a tee! I'm a musician and in the early 2000's I wrote and produced 2 albums done only on keyboards and my vocals. What a great storyline!
Love it, love it. Just wondering when season 2 will be coming out?. I think we all have been waiting far too long to be honest, is there going to be a date when the new season will come out.???
Great story if you could ever read it. The minuscule amount of energy you get each day makes it difficult to stay engaged. Even if you purchase energy, you can't go back and read anything you missed or get a summary of what you've already read without starting the whole chapter over and paying for it again.
All your stories are great so far.. My another favourite is definitely Colin.. I love the storyline, graphics and characters.. 5 star for all.. but I'm giving 1 star less..bcuz u are just too expensive.. daily energy of 400 hundred is just too little..includes minigame... Please do give more free energy or atleast make them buying price slightly cheeper...
Okay, so.. something happened with my game.. so ive been playing these games for quite some times now, ive changed phone a couple of times in that period, but never got any problem with getting back in my game since you can save it by logging on to facebook. I have finished the 1st (and only available) season for a long time so it was a long time since i went and check if there was any new chapters, but i decided to do it about a month ago. So i log in, and all that was once saved, gone. Help?!
I LOVE this game❀❀ Colin is amazing! Especially once you get to know the character, and his backstory. There are free energy refills every day, so you can play the whole game for free as long as you're patient. I'm on my second time thru his story. He's often misunderstood by those who don't take the time to get into the story, but definitely worth the time to get to know him. He's probably one of the most passionate and devoted characters in the game series❀❀❀
Was in the process of playing it and I think they might have updated it(or SOMETHING)The past few times I logged in energy ran out WAAAY faster then before. I mean like 5 clicks and ALL 300 energys are GONE you can still watch ads but in 1 to 2 clicks the energy is gone,this really annoys me bc it didn't start doing this untill recently and I played the game everyday. Now it just kinda sucks the storyline was good for what I got to but now you wait 8 hours for 5 clicks. NOT WORTH IT anymore :'(
I love choose-your-story media. Is It Love series is my first try at romance games. The artwork is nice. The stories and quality could use work. Plenty of grammar errors, which is to be expected. I don't relate to my character at times, making the reactions and romance feel forced. My biggest issue is inaccurate paraphrasing; choosing a dialogue option only to say something completely unintended.
be aware that buying energy costs more then what it states, as that just happened to me..plus it's not worth buying energy to read these stories, the energy runs out really fast which was pretty dumb, sticking to choices or moments now..
I love the game. The story is amazing, but the only problem is the energies are gone so fast and expensive. Like come on why take away 10 energy per slide? that's not cool. Please change this and I might change my rating.
Decent story so far. Not enough energy per 24hr period unless you plan to Pay to Play. Been playing about a week, haven't made it to chapter 2. Wish they would come up with more ways to earn energy.
I've updated 3xs now and no new material. What's the point in updating several months apart if there's nothing?
I love the game, but I wish you'd get more energy each day. I read fast, so even when I get the daily recharge and get all the minigame points, I only spend about 5 minutes in the app per day.
I have the Ryan version and installed the Colin. But it won't open. No matter how many times I uninstall. Any suggestions?
The energy runs out before you can even begin to enjoy the game and only fills up once a day for a few clicks. Its not worth it. There are apps that let you play up to 12 minutes long and restore energy several times throughout the day with lackluster stories and then I get intrigued enough to give this a read and can never progress. I'm so disappointed and wouldn't recommended this to anyone no matter how good the story may be because I wouldn't want to suggest wasting anyone's time like that.
I like this game it still needs a few more touches ...Well it's the first one I picked.I love the whole story but they must carry on!!! 😏
Good story but EXPENSIVE!! I got so into the story and started buying more energy then realized I had spent over $30 & wasn't even close to the end. I dont spend that much on my favorite books! Please do something about the amount of free energy because it's crazy low.
I do love the game so far the graphics ar cool and the story is great. But i highly agree about the energy that is used up so fast in just a line or two and then having to wait so long for the energy to come back or spend more money. It falls a bit short on that compared to other story games.
Been playing since the beginning and I just installed all the ones from before. Thankfully I had logged in on fb so I saved all my files. Even if its "annoying" to have only 500energies a day let me remind you before it used to be 300+100 and also its a FREE game. So don't complain if you don't have patience.
I think its an okay game but not the best the energy that is given isnt enough and wben you come back to play as i have tested this next part as well i left it on a question of choice and when i came back to play i had to use 30 energy to get back to the question of choice i would buy energy if it was worth it but its not and im still waiting to get past the first chapter.
Interesting story but can't make more points each day tends to make it interesting and boring waiting each day.
I love the game but I agree the energy runs out to fast and that is the only thing I don't like about the game and all the other games and I'm still waiting for the new chapters to come out so I can see what happens. so please update soon I really like reading the stories but I can't if it's not updated. if it doesn't get updated soon the energy problem needs to be fixed to or I will delete it at all the others along with it.
So far, I actually like it. The gameplay is enjoyable and the characters are adorable. I'd probably recommend this, the graphics are amazing also! I like how most of everything is designed and do favor the art style.
Finally finished Colin's story after having to put it off or a long time and absolutely loved it. IMO, this is probably the sweetest and loving story out of the other Is It Love bachelor's with Matt being second. Still anxiously waiting for Colin's season 2.
2 words-season 2. From the previous comments, this was 1 of the 1st stories 3 yrs back. The other stories have more than 1 season. Why not this 1? I will admit, I wasn't sure about storyline at 1st because it only had 1 season and a woman who catches a break to play in a rock band didn't sound interesting. But because of the pandemic and the passing of son, I needed something other than work to distract me. No season 2 is like watching a movie waiting to reveal the killer and the TV goes out.
I spent a LOT of money to get through the story. It was crazy how much I had in common with the reader character. I LOVE studio 1492; I even have all the apps. But i bought energy on what I didn't realize was the tail end of this story and now there's a bunch left over that won't get used. I wish I could opt to transfer it to another 1492 story. Like Adam's. I don't mind spending the money but I hate wasting it on something that won't get used...
Looooooove iiiiiiiiit!!! Claire Zamora your feelings have bent felt loud and clear! Your evoked emotions are priceless! Your Amazing? Thank you for bringing to life some of the most beautifully written words of 'love' and what it should and could be, which is simply put....just great.... I would pay any amount to feel what your characters felt and you helped me feel that in a world where sometimes those feelings are never felt or lived . Thank You for those moments...
Really hope they make a second part to this story. I really wish you don't have to wait to have to use energy again to unlock pictures after completing chapter. It's very vague on how to unlock secret scenes. You either get lucky or you don't. But still entertaining!
Love this love story, but where is season 2? I'm disappointed that there hasn't been a season 2. All the others have one but not for Colin. Why?
Dissapointed still no season 2 all the others have had season 2 this one was one of the first and still hasn't released the 2 one when it that going to happen????? it will only have 5 stars when that happens where the hell is season 2 every other story bores me this did not so please make a. Season 2
Doesn't let me log in with Google Play. Apart from that, Colin is my 2nd favorite character of the Carter Corp Series. Edit for Season 2: Every time I wanna start Ch.1 S2 it freezes. Tried with my phone and tablet.
So, I like the story so far, but it's the energy that's the issue. You can hardly get through one third of ONE chapter without it saying you're out of energy. Make it like other graphic novel games and have a ticket regenerate every two hours or somerhing instead. It's really turning a lot of people off of the game.
I've read and finished Colin's story twice it's one of my favorites been waiting for season 2 for more than 2 years I saw it was supposed to come out late last year but it didn't hopefully it won't be that much of a wait now
ditto with everyone else asking for a second season. and not that big of a deal, but the mc's dad still isn't showing up....
I have a couple of these games but cant get into them before they crash the only one I can get into is the sebastian one.
Uninstalling. Do not download unless you plan on paying every 5 minutes or so. No joke, every click uses energy so after a few min, you run out with the only options being buy more, or play a mini game for 30 which gives you app. 2 lines. Rediculous
The game is lovely but I can not get in the game today not with wi fi or the mobile data please fix it . I had to uninstall it and download it again
my favorite by far 😍 wish the energy thing was cheaper or at least have more of it (: I hate when they offer 30 energy and the video never shows so you lose the 30 or even when clicking yes 😒 also the graphics are awesome wish it had more of them
Love this game .. you want adventure and love this is the game for you .. hands down my Favorite is Colin
I absolutely love the Is It Love games, but finding out that when you make the right choices you can't have the secret scene for free anymore. I mean I totally understand to have a pay option to buy secret scene if you didn't make the right choices but now it changes! Isn't one of the important things in a business to keep all your clients happy as possible? So a lot of people don't have the money to pay so secret scenes. One of the only things that could lift my mood just turn up side down.