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Is It Love? Blue Swan Hospital - Choose your story

Is It Love? Blue Swan Hospital - Choose your story for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by 1492 Studio located at Parc de Bellegarde 1 Chemin de Borie 34170 Castelnau Le Lez. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Sex, Nudity) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is the worst is it love game I have ever played.. First of all the reason why I loved playing is it love games to begin with was that I could play more than one route in the same world at the same time.. Now it's even not clear which route am gonna start and based on what and I won't even be able to play more than one route.. And I dunno how long will it take The drawing is too realistic I didn't like it.. it sucks... I liked the art of mystery spell and carter corporate more disappointed
Really...? This game is laggy as heck not only that, nice try trying to throw in a random advertisement as I was playing. Immediately deleted the game and came to write this review πŸ’€πŸ˜‘
I have enjoyed reading this so far.. it has cost me a small fortune just to make progress because the energy doesn't last long. I would like to know when the rest of the story is going to show up? I hit chapter 20 and it left me hanging (should have known this was going to happen). It shouldn't take this long for you to be able to finish a story. Once I have completed this story, I will delete this app because of the money it does take just to be able to progress in a book at a decent speed.
Honestly it is an amazing app. But the only problem I have is it take a whole day to get back energy. If the energy was a bit more then maybe I could enjoy it more.
I've been looking forward to this latest installment of the "Is-it-love" series and it did not disappoint. The story pulls you in emotionally very early on and the cast of characters are interesting, well fleshed out and increase the connection you feel with your character and the unfolding events. All told, the game is emotionally compelling and immensely enjoyable, as always. Well worth the wait and the money spent β™‘
This game is really fun but it takes forever to get more energy to continue playing it but besides that this is a really good way to spend time.
It's more realistic than the other Is It Love games and the graphics are awesome. I love the characters so far and looking forward to seeing what happens. I pre-registered it but I noticed that though the mc may seem dim-witted, she's confused b/c she's been thrown into the job so quickly. This story has a slow start to it but I'm hoping to read more as soon as I get more of the daily energy. I would like to see 500 energy instead of 300 please! Thanks for the hard work! <3
Seemed to start not bad but you literally have to pay to play... for each move you use the energy that recharges daily. Full charge gives you like... 5 minutes of playing? That just not all right for customers...
I love this story game but i absolutely hate that it takes 10 energy to read one line. only allowed reading 30 lines a day? is there a reason behind it? i cant keep spending money on this game. makes me want to give up on it sometimes. πŸ˜–
I don't where i can ask help but it keeps saying it needs Internet connection while i do have an Internet and it is connected and i already uninstall it but when i installed it is still the same. Is something wrong with the app? Same thing alo happened in Sebastian Jones
It is a good story, but the problem is with the energies. Why it tooks a day to recharge, we only play it like 3minutes, and it's run out.
pay wall, as typical for games like this it is locked behind a paywall. I was really looking forward to this, and was even pre regestered but once you run out of stamina its almost impossible to get any without paying, and each bit of text that pops up on the screen takes stamina away even if its un important or not related to the plot at all. Just tired of games constantly going after peoples wallets without much effort.
My experience with this game was awful. The only thing I liked about it was the animations. Every 24 hours the energy bar is restored to 300 energies; this sounds like a lot but it's litteraly 10 minutes of game time every 24 hours. There was so much unnecessary dialogue from the main character. The main character is obnoxiously dumb considering she's a doctor working in a professional hospital. The app wouldn't stop asking me if I wanted to pay money which was really annoying.
I love the story, is so real is like a real doctors,nurses and paramedics and ambulance, the patient, looks everything so real. I like it 😊😁😁 100%.
I liked this game but found the energy to be WAY too expensive. 10 energy per line of text, 20 for the ones that give you an option is rediculous. I paid money to finish it because I was enjoying it. But decided to replay it to see the different story lines only to find out, I have to pay again to play again! I expected it to use energy for maybe options I hadn't chosen the first time around, but to have to use energy all over again to replay kind of ruined it for me.
i lovvved this game!!m surprised at the negative reviews..the graphics are wayyy better than all the earlier is it love series!i loved the look of MC!she looks cute as well as hot!Will,Mike and Jarrod look super hot!all the detailing looks fantastic!reminds me of greys anatomy!only Will looks funny with his pose as he stands in the same manner in OT or cafeteria or the club!I hope he is given a different pose!Apart from that ..everything is stupendous!kudos to you 1492!!
DO NOT DOWNLOAD, rip off!!!! You get 500 points a day with an extra 100 with watching videos. That gives you enough for a few sentences. If you're impatient like me you may have spent hundreds of dollars to get through the first series but the most upsetting part is that when you want to replay it, you can't as it takes MORE POINTS even after you've done the entire series. There are more interative games that are way better. Novels is one! Its new but a great one and you can replay 100x!!!!
Loads text pretty slow, no ads, but the engery thing is annoying I hate running out of energy after playing for like 7 mins. Like what the actual hell type of gameplay am I supposed to get within 7 goddamn minutes? Please fix that!! The minigames are 'okay', but sometimes I don't get my reward, even if I do win. This game needs some serious fixing issues.
The game is mainly like reading a book that u get to make decisions in. I think there should be more options when making a decision and less energy used. Its pretty frustrating that so much energy gets used to go basically nowhere in the storyline...there should be more ways to get free energy. They basically want u to spend money so if u spend 10 bucks on energy it should last pretty long..but it doesnt. And way too much money for energy!! The game would be fun if wasnt for that..
got my attention more than the other ones. but they really need to figure out a better energy system. like the game "choices" you only get 2 keys and 1 key lets you read an entire chapter. in one day can read two chapters then have to wait for more. instead of only able to read a few sentences. but i get it, thats how you make the money because people get hooked and pay for more.then the wait for the next chapter is crazy! ya forget what even happened by the time the next comes out.
i am an avid "Is it love?" reader and I'm up to date on every current story. i have to say that, while Jarod is one of my all time favorite love interests, this is the SLOWEST PROGRESSING game yet. We are like way in and barely anything has even happened!! it feels like they are juicing for money on this one... MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN ALREADY! Im so close to giving up completely
I love it, but will only give 5 stars if we can save what we puchased. Spending money then have to spend money again if we want to reread is nonsense. The price is not cheap, so at least give us chance to replay without paying again after we paid or unlock the secret scene or chapter. Please consider. Otherwise, it is good game to play and lovely story read.
Great story if you could ever read it. The minuscule amount of energy you get each day makes it difficult to stay engaged. Even if you purchase energy, you can't go back and read anything you missed or get a summary of what you've already read without starting the whole chapter over and paying for it again.
I cant play all the is it love games. It always says not connected but our internet is fast and good.
I feel like there needs to be an option to click on the story anywhere you like as its annoying to click in the bottom of the game constantly and the need to have a little section on the energy levels as that it also not clear. however the game has potential to grow but just need some tweaking done
I love all of "Is It Love?" games BUT the thing I dislike is I paid for my "ENERGY" to continue to play the games after if I want to "REPLAY" a certain chapter again I would have to pay for more energy to restart the chapter or loose the energy that I have left replaying that chapter. Which I DO NOT agree with. Like why do I have to pay again,....to replay the chapter that I already paid for??? After a while it gets quite expensive. Try fixing it and I would give you a "FIVE STAR".
Didnt think i'd like it but decided to give it a go. I fell in love, storyline is intense. The characters were so easy to fall in love with. Though my heart forever belongs to Jared😍 Can't wait for the second season.
Love it so far, BUT...it costs energy for every single line of dialogue. It's been almost a week and I'm still getting yelled at by Dr. Camilla in the intro. I want to know more but the energy cost per line makes getting into the story difficult. Can you try out spending energy per choice instead of per line? And have more ads to offset?
Great mobile VN for the most part..what forced me to uninstall it is you can only read 30 lines of dialogue a day, unless you want to pay for more energy. If it weren't for that mechanic, I'd definitely have stuck with it longer.
Very slow. Total of 430 energy but each tap costs 10 so you get 43 taps some of which are just 2 words! No option for watching an advert to gain more energy. Different artist for this series and, although very good, I prefer the work of the last two. I think this has a good concept but poor execution as lessons have not really been learnt from the last two series and issues have not been addressed. After reading the other stories this is, all in all, a very disappointing start to the new series!
Great storyline! I love the frequent choices just wish I had more free time before having to spend money. Not saying I wont, because it is a good game and have purchased energy before on it as the storyline will hook you. It is simple to use and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good story, and enjoys games with choices.
I remember playing these games and reading for less than a minute a day. Over a year later nothing has changed. It would be nice if you could buy the entire story for a reasonable price. The cost is way over 40+ hour visual novels on pc for example. Not today Satan!
Its ok, it takes a day to renu your energy, and I feel like the main character bables alot which then waste your energy.
One Star for only story. I think it not worth to pay for this game because 10 energy = one line display and daily energy have 300 max. It means I only read 30 lines of story for a day. I've been playing this game for 3 days and not finish a chapter 1. Comparing with other visual novel games, this game is not worth to pay. Or want to pay for story? I'm sure there are a lot of game for you than this one.
Hmm, where to start..,Ive enjoyed all the Is it love series, until this one. I don't care for the new format, I prefer the individual options for romance instead. I found the protagonist weak willed and a bit of an air head. Definately, not doctor material. Amending my post, 4 chapters in and I hate my protagagonist self, she comes across as having a split personality, each one "crushing" on a different man. Its become so frustrating and convoluted, I cant play it anymore. I have to uninstall.
I love the story and the character but seriously WTH with energy usage I mean how much does it to complete a chapter and it's not fair at least give a logical basis for calculation so that we are assured please work on this issue if you what more users
Not impressed. TLDR: Not a game but a lame story. My 2nd Is it love after Matt, deleted after 2 days. Blue Swan looked promising. But boy. Too many unnecessary lines of dialogue leave you frustrated and not even wanting for more. Basically you pay or you die or boredom. I paid. For what? To see that no matter the guy you're actually chasing, you're gonna hook up with everybody. So much for it being a choices game. + u can't increase non-bonus energy points while waiting for next chap? Come on!
I love a role playing game and was looking forward to this but you can only play for a whole 5 minutes before you run out of energy and have to wait 24 hrs before you can play again. Like other games i've played, energy is regained after half an hour. I can't see me lasting through this game as it's so frustrating.
Awful full of glitches and bugs minimal realistic story line it's clear very little thought has been put into this story this should be removed and revamped
I cant even get through a chapter or half a chapter before the energy runs out and cant read any more until the next day. Good story line but this game is a money eatter.
I have several problems. The screen shaking effect while I'm trying to read is annoying. I turned it off but it didn't stop it. Also the words come too slowly so I double tap, causing me to accidentally choose an option quite often since you must tap the bottom area. And energy runs out way too fast.
I love the direction you're going with this story, but the energy is used way too fast! How does one use 300 energy with only clicking the story like 10 times? You can only read for not even 5 minutes and you're out of energy! I'm not wasting money to buy more, so unfortunately I'll be uninstalling this app.
I wish there was more free energy. i love this store its my favorite but ita disapointing/ frustrating when you can only read a few scenes because you have to use so much energy for every click. it should only be used when you make a decision if your gonna keep it at 300. you cant even stack the free energy to make a longer game play which sucks to..
Good storyline and fun game but i can no longer play. It tells me there is no internet connection when there is and when prompted for updates nothings happens when yes is selected. I have 4 other of your games and never have issues. I have completed 2 other games from you with no issue as well. Sucks i cant finish this story. Also its annoying being unable to play the exclusive scenes when the correct decisions have been made. I loved it before when it wasnt an extra payment for them.
I thought the story was good but I hate the fact that you only get so much energy in these games. And tbh I'd pay money if I could make my character a guy. So many story like games only cater towards women. I'm a guy and would love to experience all the game has no matter the gender.
I really wish I could give this game more stars, but I also wish I could have read and progressed in the story. This has possibly the worst pay-to-play experience I've encountered. I never got out of the emergency room. Watching an ad gets you enough energy for one sentence. Literally one tap on the screen. Minigame isn't much more lucrative. I ended up deleting this app because it was so frustrating to not be able to progress in the story.
it's interesting, but I can't get very far because every time someone speaks it takes energy and you don't get more until the next day. if the energy usage would change to actions only then it would be more fun. I only get to choose 2 maybe 3 times what I'll say or do then listen to everyone speak or see what I'm thinking then I'm done for the day. I only get to play the game for 10 minutes a day if I win the 100 energy points from the minigame, and watch the 2 videos for extra energy.
I'm a Huge fan of the IS IT LOVE stories, and have to say this one is just as good if not more so! I'm loving that there are more options and more than one love intrest, it allows the readers to make their own decisions of who they want to end up with, cant wait for the next chapters to come, 5 stars from me πŸ€—
the game has a good story, but it's horrible how you only get 300 energy per day for free. You can play a mini game once a day but most you get is 80 energy. But with all of that you can only get a few sentences out.Energy is really expensive! I would love to see what happends in the story but with how expensive it is i won't be able to finish it. Extra special scenes are $2.00. You dont get to pick your characters appearance! I got some girl with messy hair ;eyes that looks like she's on drugs
this game uses renewable energy but the energy regeneration is way too slow. you get a maximum of 420 energy a day which sounds great until you realise that you need 10 for each tap of the screen. not just choices you make, but for every tap! you might only get a few words! the story feels very drawn out as well, my character had not even properly started her first shift at the time of writing but it was my third day of playing. horrible pacing and the "choices" all feel pointless. uninstalling.
Takes too much energy for one click. I played a mini game and won 50 energy only to be able to read 2 lines. Other story games use a small amount of energy per chapter not per line. Uninstalling as I haven't been able to read enough to get interested in the story and it takes too long for energy to reload.
It's a good game, not the best of "Is it love?" universe but still not bad. If I have to be honest, I prefer the other games much more, this is pretty messy, it's really slow and unrealistic, MC seems stupid and childish, sometimes the story scares me a lot and I still have the feeling that I can't choose the lover. I won't uninstall it, of course, I'm still playing the fourth chapter, but until now it's been pretty disappointing;
5 days into the app I'm still in chapter one after purchasing a 3.99 pack of energies to use. This app would be way better if it didnt cost as much energy to read so little. The 20 energies you can earn gets one sentence. Everyday all ypu get free is 300, 20, and a mini game option. Maxes at like 50 energies. In a world where theres free reading apps this one doesnt mark high on a good app because of it's slow going sentence by sentence. Day 5 still in chapter 1......deleting app
No thanks. Not worth it. Why bother giving me choices if only to force me to go another route? The energy bar goes out too fast. A big issue was I couldn't design my character. I'm not a white woman. Lastly I should be allowed to choose who my character is interested in.