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Ironbound: Card Battles RPG

Ironbound: Card Battles RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Making Fun, Inc. located at Making Fun, Inc. 4096 Piedmont Ave Ste 944 Oakland, CA 94611. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Awful, every ai you end up matching with has the perfect counter against your build especially around the 3000+ tier. This game went downhill when they implemented a 10 win streak limit (you only get gold if you win 10 times after that you have to wait the next day to get another). Been playing this game for years i guess its time to uninstall this thing.
This game is INCOMPREHENSIBLE. The Witch keeps killing me on tutorial 4. She's killed me 6 times on the trot. Its impossible. I don't know what I'm supposed to press. Your tutorial is no help at all. I can't even reset the tutorial back to stage 1. I need to go right back to basics but game won't let me. I give up.
More fun the longer you play it. As you play, you unlock more equipment/powers that can involve combos to optimize damage, defense, or just messing with your opponent. I've enjoyed it thus far.
Really, where do I begin? I got here from Eternium event, it seemed interesting at first as its different than other card games. But that's it, they fail to deliver anything. You're forced to play ranked or arena to get quests done, with classes you have no tokens for, driving your rating downwards just to get some gold. In 3-4 days I saw at most 10 different players, from which I bet half are bots. At least I got some Eternium loot from this, otherwise I'd feel ripped off even though its f2p.
game has some potential but its very low populated. not really a pvp game, more like fight bots until you occasionally fight a player. what ruins the experience is that the bots dont have a meta, they are tailored to counter the gear and character choose to play. changing 1 trinket or weapon/offhand changes the bots you will face. once you understand how the game works, having this constant wall of anti fun losses makes you want to give up on the game as you realise crafting is useless
A nice game, tutorial is kinda basic but is enough to get you started and overall this game is relatively easy to get into. The only complaint that i have is how small the font is, feels like I need to strain my eyes to play, please fix this.
Its highly stressful. You have to constantly grind in order to stand a chance online and get the cape for eternium. Anytime I think I'm going good, I end up encountering people a thousand times better than me and go back to low rating. When I think I'm doing good again, I encounter a witch. The witch is highly unfair, you have to hope that they're a few levels below you. If not, you might as well just surrender since they'll constantly take away your mana and tokens and not allow you to attack
I'm here coz of Eternium reward, at 1st I thought this has potential but I got disappointed knowing that I'm only fighting bots. The system will generate enemies according to your weapon *to counter you. Like bru, I've played for 5hrs unranked/ranked and I've fighting the same bot on diff. level d whole time. A new bot with new NAME will appear once you ranked up. *You need to improve this game: like put global chat room, create lobby option, add friends, monitor how many players r online etc..
Match-making sucks. Pairs you with people that have items stronger than your own. Obviously a cheap tactic to motivate you into pulling your wallet out to buy ridiculously overpriced digital junk that looses all value the minute other people stop playing. Music is repetitive. Menues are clunky to go through. No story. Animation is near non-existant and boring. At least put bots in so don't have to wait so long for a match. Tbh I was only trying to get the event rewards for Eternium.
Great game; turn-based tabletop style with 4 classes to choose from: Berserker (warrior), Crusader (paladin), Witch, and Rogue. Many weapons, trinkets, abilities and spells. Upgrade and level your hero and kick butt. I was pleasantly surprised, not usually my genre. I found it thru Eternium for the in-game extras, and can't stop playing or winning. Be strategic and build right. Completely free but you can pay. Worth a try in my book!
I don't like card games, I played this one to get a reward in another game and kept matching up with a player significantly stronger than my own barely upgraded noobish character. The problem is that the game expects you to grind against the AI to get enough money to compete online rather than simply giving that option while matching low level players with other low level players. In other words, enjoy grinding against the AI or getting destroyed online.
amazing game. critical thinking is really needed to win or sometimes you are just not lucky and you matched up with a meta that would crush your set of items in a character. I highly suggest to add more in-game bonuses after a certain season ( most wins per season, highest % of winnings with atleast 100 or 200 games played, most win streak etc.) to add to the fun of playing it
Interesting. A little too long game play for what it is. I think its a well done game for some just not my cup of tea ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Sorry, but just a bad tutorial. It doesn't actually explain the game, doesn't explain the basics, nothing. So, super weird. The game itself looks intriguing, but the absolute lack of any structured explanation or sense of reason when starting is very off-putting. "Just play this card and see what happens" doesn't work. Oh and btw I'm a MTG tournament champ in WA State so no slouch to CCG/TCG of all sorts. Haha. You have something here. Just do a better job at the setup or it won't make it.
Awesome game. It reminds of a CCG, but its way more like a one on one fight.... I feel like a paladin while playing :D The only thing that kind of threw me off is that you cant realy customize your fighting style (change the tokens you use in game). I figure different crusaders would have different strengths... although this aspect does make it seem more real world like. Nonetheless, its a cool game.
This game is completely underrated. It's a hidden gem. I will be playing this for a very long time to come. Only started playing to get unlocks in Eternium which is another great game from this developer. 10/10.
The whole arbitrary "pay gold to level up to 200hp" for each class is silly, and limits experimentation with classes. If you don't level up your class to the max HP, you are very likely going to be playing against people with double your HP. Makes losing then feel more like you didn't pay enough money (you only start out with about enough money for one class). I just don't get why a deck based game would add in such a weird mechanic that discourages playing with different classes.
Ironbound is fun, but it lacks balance. Most of the gear you use to create builds isn't very good and each class will have a few builds that are so effective it makes playing another build with the class pointless. If you want to have success each season you'll have to do what everyone else does in order to make it to the top 100. There are tons of creative build options, but most will just be gimmicky and ineffective by the time you reach the top. Also, worst RNG of all time! Very inaccurate!
Items too powerful, fights too long. Winning is 100% gear related, which is bolstered by real money transactions. I got 1 lucky drop from my training chests, and that can be attributed to 100% of my wins. Fights can be so long. My first one was 20 minutes, and over half was just each of us doing basic attacks because we ran out of tokens. I had nearly full health mind you, and they were almost dead... It was just a boring slog. Has potential. Please add some way to recycle tokens!!!
This game has a somewhat steep learning curve with not much of a tutorial but once you get the hang of it and start creating your own strategies it becomes a lot more fun. In my experience, I spent all my gold right away, which was a horrible decision because it didn't allow me to but anything from the shop. I recommend saving your gold and and after working through the short tutorial equipping all the items you earn. This should help new players get a good head start.
I absolutely love this game, it's so satisfying, especially when winning. The amount of possible strategies in this game is staggering... It makes it very replayable and enjoyable as heck!
Long loading times and very little gameplay instruction. I had to rely on trial and error. However I do enjoy the strategy involved.
Underdeveloped game. Very unpleasant to play. The multiplayer is horrible and so, so imbalanced. So many little things that could have been fixed but weren't, and make this game ungodly annoying to play. I'm just here for the Eternium event, as are a lot of the players. The fact the publisher thinks this game was worth cross-promoting to Eternium is just baffling. The battles are long. The game expects you to spend so much time on it. It does not deserve a single second. Don't play this game.
I really was having fun playing this game until a special offer popped up and made me re log in. Now I lost all of my weapons and trinkets, everything. I have no idea how to get them back. I hope they see this and can help.
One of the best strategy games, I played this game as a side quest for the game Eternium, and have been hooked ever since. I don't think I'll stop playing this anytime soon. The best part is this game isn't Pay to Win. +10 to the developers for keeping the community a fun place.
Good game. But it has worst UX design ever. Looks like person who designed the menu was never a gamer himself..
The tutorial, instead of having you play with the different classes to learn the ir mechanics, has you playing AGAINST them with the same character. The gameplay doesn't stray from renowned card games such as hearthstone or magic, thus not making a compelling case to choose this over the others. If you are looking for a solid card game, i would sugest checking out the titles mentioned above.
A good simple game with enough variety to keep me interested. Not a fan of the timed pvp turns though. That's caused me more than a few losses. Other than that, it's a solid game.
To clarify, this game is obviously a baby app in that it is starting off and trying to walk. While there are a lot of kinks and mechanics to fix, the concept behind everything is undeniably amazing and worthwhile to strategists in search for a new challenge. My main input for developers is to add more abilities per class to choose from. If this game took off, that is one aspect that would keep it alive longer.
So far, I was not able to enjoy the game. I am still willing to give it a try. the game is not visually attractive ( to my taste atleast) and the mechanics are not so interesting. I can see resemblance with hearthstone or legend but I don't feel !《really challenged. also the add gold reward did not payed a few time so I don't intend to try it again XD
This game is a great concept. Not really pay to win. The in game currency comes easy enough and is generous enough to make for realistic grinding. HOWEVER, this game is absolutely dead and EXTREMELY boring once you climb the ladder. Hardly any real players. There are bots to continue to pve play . At first this was fun and enjoyable since the bots got more difficult. HOWEVER, the game literally makes "demi-god" bots after a certain tier that counter your builds... impossible to continue playing
I was playing this game for eternium at first, but after I completed eternium, this game became so addicting, even more than eternium has ever been. I had played regularly for only 2 days and had fought around 20 matches and won them all, guess I was really lucky with the early items I got early on the game.
Overall it is really good however sometimes the opponent doesn't attack for a long time on their which kinda makes irritating.. Please put a timer or something that will make the players attack within certain amount of time.
Came back after some month, logged into my old acc which had a lot of bought items and now everything is gone. Items removed, all progress lost and no compensation. :(
This was one of my favorite games until this new season as of October 2019. I have spent real money on this game and a considerable amount of time playing. All the gold I have been saving is now worth nothing because the makers have decided to switch currency in the game.... Thank you! I honestly do not think I will play anymore.... Why can't you just put out an update without resetting everyone's progress? These new seasons do not make much sense. After all the time I have put in to the game why not just start from scratch! Sounds great! I am trying to add as much sarcasm as I can.
I really enjoy this game. It's well thought out and I believe once they balance the four classes a bit better it will be fantastic. I rate it 5 stars for it's classic simple easy to learn ideas and look forward to a time when maybe we'll get more classes! The load time between matches could be better but I think that's more my connection then their servers. Good job devs! Just sayin. : )
Description text is too small to read. I play on a tablet and can't read item descriptions. This the 2nd time I've post this feedback
I played ranked until I had 2898 rating and first had 2907. High-level play is completely broken. The way rating works, I was one win away from first, and then won a game and dropped. Eventually, you lose 35 points for a loss, and might lose "only" ten for winning. This is why once someone is in first they never play again. If they win, they might still drop out of first. If they lose, it takes AT LEAST four point-giving wins just to regain their place. If you want a pay to win CCG, just play HS
I gave 5 star its really a good game. At first i don't know how to play the game. For the player who seek strategy and like planning. This game is for you.
its potentially a really fun game but I think there needs to be more options as far as gameplay. As well with earning gold without having to pay or slim down the costs $10 for 10k seems too high but I'd spend $5 no doubt. now when it comes to the weapons I think some are overpriced for what the stats offer compared to others of similar or lower cost.
I enjoy the game mechanics, the mood, the atmosphere. As of October 2018 it feels a little under-populated but the developers have thoughtfully provided artificial opponent bots to make sure you always have someone to fight against in ranked play. Unfortunately that means I've only played against humans about one out of every 20 matches -- you can tell because their ranking, shown in or after the match, will not be rounded to the nearest 50, and their timing is more human. My advice is to avoid the online player forums, they will only turn the game into a grind for you by convincing you that only certain equipment will get you anywhere. Which is true if you want to be in the highest ranks but it's also a way to lose the fun.
I only tried it because the rewards in Eternium(check it out if you havent!!) To be honest I spend more time playing this than eternium. You can build multiple strategies, and even taunt your enemy. A must try, no need to pay since you can craft anything.
Interesting take on ccg style game. I like the idea of having equipment as well as your cards (Called tokens here) but I think there might be balance issues with some of them. For example, I was lucky to get a really nice one for the pirate early and it kind of helped me dominate for a bit, however I have seen players work around it so maybe it isn't so bad. Definitely worth checking out.
At first I wasn't too sure about the game. As I played more and more, it actually grew on me until addiction set in lol!! I would recommend this to anyone that has a half hour or more with absolutely nothing to do, because one game in itself is time consuming! Only downfall is the text is quite small to read, prices in the shop etc. Other than that, it's a brilliant game! Great job team!!
Bare bones competitive PvP card game style. Really enjoy this game as it doesn't try to dazzle you with sales or crazy effects. Just pure strategy. This game is NOT pay to win, or at least as much as you could hope for in this day and age of mobile games. Only 4/5 because it lacks story or lore
I honestly could see myself really liking this game. It has good concept and has a lot of room to grow. So why the 3 stars? It's because of the pay to win gacha system of course. I can handle a one time fee to be a premium member but the never ending demand to by more chest to hopefully get new useful items is a deal breaker. Make money of cosmetics and items that add to the fun not essentials to play the game.
I was referred to this game by the Eternium developers, and I am grateful. This is a strategy gamer's joy fest. Turn based fights in a whole new light. Everything can be earned with a little hard work and a little time, so anyone calling this pay to win is simply lacking in skill. I suggest they try practice fights with other players or the AI to get beter. Worth some money even if it is free. I will definitely be looking for anything more from either developer.
I honestly thought I would hate this game, I was enticed to play it because of another game giving me rewards to try this one out and I'm not going to lie I actually like it! I have never understood this type of game until now it's very informative and easy to play! I will actually recommend this one. :-). Thank you Eternium for recommending this game!
Great game play with an engaged and active development team. Lots of strategy and lots of variety. Game is truly Free to Play if you desire. No need to pay to win. First game in which I've felt a part of the community. Highly recommend that new players complete the practice battles for easy gold and also visit the forums and join Discord server. The game is still going strong with the recent Relics update, the economy rework has made it even easier to get into the game.
This game is terrible. It crashes when you're fighting a ranked game, which results in a defeat for you! Tutorials/help are non-existent. It doesn't teach you how to forge, salvage and basic strategies of game play, etc. Also when you play ranked games, you are matched against someone with more powerful weapons, effects than you! How the hell is that a fair match to a novice just starting out!? It's not! You can't control when you heal nor can you pick cards you play! Opponent gets more!!
Good game but a lot relies on luck. There was this guy i beat twice and once had over 100 points when i beat him. He had a trinket for a 20% chance critical and literally, every single time he hit it was critical... like 12/14. That's a far cry from 3/14 which is the 20%. There's been many times where my strategy and build is better but my opponent will have unbelievable luck and i will lose. Oh yeah, another time... I had 190 points against the guy had 10 points i also had him bleeding so i just needed to hit him one, every hot missed then he staryed getting crazy tokens and the next thing i knew he was hitting he for 50 and healing 50. No big deal i was still 100 points up... buti kept getting harbage and he kept getting his best tokens and in tue end he won. Im not really a spre loser but wjen im playimg a repeat person amd i know im better and should be moving up on the ladder... i think game somehow compensates for them and they gate the glory to beat you. Besides that, fun simple game can use a lot of time and hurt your eyes.
A great pvp based game that manages to stay balanced while having progression mechanics. There is quite a bit of rng involved but it works both ways, really. Tips: choose the class/playstyle you like the best. They're all viable. Buy a decent weapon, basic trinkets will do. Upgrading your character to lvl 5 is a must, those 200hp make all the difference in the world. Last but nearly most important - learn how to properly chain your tokens and effects.
Tedious, if you can't move it still makes you hit the advance to opponent and the options for getting useable stuff are not obvious unless you have played something similar. Needs better initial tutor for those not familiar with this type game.
Decent strategy game, but a little buggy. You know it's buggy when their own "Report a Bug" button doesn't work! At least not on my Android app. Also some items don't do their stated damage. I played for a while, fun and challenging for strategy minded folks, but I will be uninstalling due to some of the issues.
it's an absolutely fun game, great mechanics and wonderdul gameplay. my only concerns are some of the tokens and items feel overpowered, it's a bit hard to get money for items and upgrades, and the mainframe(?) is a bit hard to use on phones. other than that, it's a great game and i would love to see what's in store for players in thw future
Played this to get an item in Eternium. It was like pulling teeth through treacle. Slow, frustrating courtesy of the random draws of cards and totally favours paying players. It is pay to win and then some because without some really expensive items you will get whupped no matter how good you are. Also the control suck and it just clumsy and awkward to play at all. The art is pretty cool though.
Starts quicker then most other card duel strategy games due to the way this game does 'mana', but the trade-off is that after turn 11, you are capped. The set decks are nice. You get to pick 4 pieces of gear and pick from a few classes. To be honest, the class perks are very 'meh'. The real difference is in the decks, and even then probably half the cards are the same. Overall, not a bad game, but not my cup of tea. Oh, and very little pay to win(the 4 items per class are all you could buy)
I tried out this game to get a few bonus items in Eternuim (which is awesome). After completing the tutorial and "fighting" a few matches I had to uninstall it. This game is unbelievably boring and has zero fun factor. Half the game depends on luck and has nothing to do with skill. Hard pass on this one.
Been playing for a few days and there's definitely a learning curve. Got to equip your character well as well as play cards to your strengths, throw away the rest when you can. It's truly all about strategy.
I enjoy this deck-building game, I am just lacking for more. Instead of editing your deck, you get do edit your gear. Should I use a sword and shield and play defensively or use two weapons to shred the enemy? And yet, due to limits in weapon choices, after a while this unique gameplay difference starts lacking. I would give this game 5 stars if they had even more weapon variety. Maybe an off hand with great stat bonuses that doesn't attack or something similar.
Simplified card game. Few things to equip pre battle, draw abilities, and manage your action points. Some balancing needs done for characters, and gold is hard to come by. Slow gold would be fine for reducing player growth speed, but match making is uneven. There needs to be another criteria for match making like "accumulative cost of gear" or "kill death ratio." Even Halo changed match making to give people a challenge or break at least every few rounds.
Playing it only for less than a week. awesome game..I am in the top 100 in ranked without using a single penny.. I hv played other card games especially hearthstone for years.. Pros: 1. Awesome drop rate in the card bundles/boxes..100 times better thn hearthstone 2. Critical /chance factors seem to be pseudorandom 3. Comparatively simple n need 4 items only rest cards common Cons: 1. Not much players..too many bot 2. None in arena.matchmaking fails This game needs and deserves more players
While I quite enjoy Eternium, and have had no issues whatsoever with it, each of the three times I tried to play this, it locked up my phone to the point where I had to restart it. I have no idea why I'm having these issues, as my phone has not reacted like this to anything else. From what I could tell, game play seemed fairly enjoyable, but I couldn't make it far enough to get any real idea on it over anything near the long-term.
Downloaded because of reward offers for Eternium. Immediately felt the game was overly complicated and in dire need of a cometic upgrade. As a very old TCG veteran I can see some potential but right now Im not a fan personally. But the 2 star is to get the attention for my last match. Zedia should be banned. Purposely not acting & waiting for his opponents to lose connection. He had double the life, 50 more rating & I won. Turns need to be shorter to prevent that. Was over 30 mins for one match.
Good game, casual friendly. It's a little confusing at first, but I've not played a CCG games before. They pay to play premium option is a little pricey, but not necessary.