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Iron Commander

Iron Commander for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by sevenga located at HK. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I liked this game was not bad but since this update which I installed the game just tells me to do the update I already have so can't load my game in. So it looks like I will have to uninstall and if when I do that its the end not starting over again. Very disappointing. You should always play a game for awhile before spending even a penny.
Sad to see people give this game 5 stars I don't even see how must be 5 year old kids or people are making Google accounts and putting them up this game is DEAD YOU yes you the developer can't help a person out with harassment which should be you're main thing when it comes to games if you can't help someone like there name cords and figure out what they did than instead of a smile face sad how games are made today
Developers let the game die . they did not renew the server contract. Hacker and leonidas were the best rogue players :) freaking Chinese
Don't bother to download, developers have done a runner. No one hears from them, no updates for months. Next to no players actually play any more despite it saying 1 million downloads. It's ridiculous
Can you please response to the people of nation 9. We have a lot of money invested are being left without access and now being attacked. We are losing everything and you are giving a made up "Please contact us" we have and no response. Tell us what your plan is. Almost all of us have accounts on other nations and are ready to pull all of our support your game.
one star for the reason that it will not load on any device that I have. I have wanted to play this game but NEVER have. :(
The server has had to have died. I've been unable to log in for several weeks now. Even after attempting to uninstall and re-install. Don't invest in this game if you are able to log in. You'll just be wasting your money. I've had two accounts in it for two years and now they won't allow me to log into either one. What a complete waste of two years of effort.
I updated game and it still wont let me into the game. It keeps telling me to update...when i click ok, it takes me to the screen that says open. When i click on open it tells me I need to update!!! I have spent a ton of money in this game.....DO NOT DOWNLOAD!! This game sux!!
I dropped from 5 star to 2 star. The game has lost a lot of players and the developers have failed to implement 2 year old functions that the game should have already. No real updates that make the game interesting again and the players in this game mainly play it like Farmville. Attacking is impossible once a person has a certain amount of troops. Troops don't starve. Spending money is no longer an option due to poor game development over the past year. My advice would be to move along to another game. I would give a lower star rating. Sevenga no longer replies to concerns and refuse to fix bugs in the game. 5/21/2017. Accounts are very vulnerable to bruteforce attacks because of the lack of encryption level. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. IT IS A DYING GAME AND WONT BE AROUND MUCH LONGER.
It was a great game. The IC staff has left the building..... They keep promising stuff and never happens. Now they stop answering our emails or anything.
I've updated this game of two devises and keeps telling me to update again and won't load I won't be impressed if I have lost my development ect
I have installed & Uninstalled and have done it all over again. Can't play the game and I lost everything. I couldn't get back in the game to bind it. I had no choice but to download.
This is one of the best games I've ever played, trust me people it great fun, any one browsing for a game like this, get it. Other games like this are either great, good or bad. Just one thing to the developers, could you please add planes to the game. Thanks for making this amazing game. :-)
They do not do their job of running this game at all. Couldn't sign in for a week. Lost 3 million troops. I told them, they gave me 1 million troops as compensation. Real good math skills. Hope they read this and the explanation is you shorted me 2 million troops on your compensation.
Hey my game crashed love your game i tried uninstalling and reinstalling but its stuck on initializing please help c: i wanna get back to playing this fast pace one of a kind mmo
Game would be fun if it works but constantly freezes up and server errors email goes without response from developer and players left to wonder if they even care
I've been playing iron commander for 2 years and it had so much potential and all you guys did at sevenga was let it crash and burn if your not going to care about it anymore why let it continue
I couldn't login without updating it so I did but I it still doesn't let me login so I uninstalled and now it has a completely new account how can I get my old one back?
Every upgrade followed what was suggestion to upgrade. Never worked correctly. Uninstalled as suggested re installed had to start over. 3rd time! Wouldn't recommend.
Remember that one time when I held HQ with 9 players' accounts and was being rallied by 3 other alliances at the same time? May have had more kills with your dev cheat, but got nothing on my skills! 😘 #ripIC #Teddy4prez #CIAowned -goZander-
Keeps saying to update but i already updated it. I bettrr not lose anything i have gained. Or get attacked because of this issue
Lost my commander in a glitch, I haven't had a response from Sevenga in over a week after numerous emails. Used to be a great game
Now they have forced us to merge all into one nation, and the people from that nation loose nothing. They no longer have the support from ashley. We built up things as a team like a store for items over time and they say they cant give that back after moving. So gift level and alliance shop is lost. What good are your games. Why didnt you let people stay where they were. Dont spend money on sevenga games ever, you been warned, very poor customer support. Now they ended game, closed server. Not even three full years. Made their money and ran. Never dowload a sevenga game again.
Dont know why its still up on play store they shut this game down. Was really fun and lettting all you losers i finished with the most troop killed :D Akali
I love the app however only 3 stars due to lag in the game. Every second all animation, screen scrolling and information boxes freeze. Very very aggravating especially when map scrolling or trying to perform last minute actions before event ends. I spent money on app and that's when lag started, is that how paying customers are treated? Fix it and I give you 5 stars and will buy more chests.
Nations are dying, I can't even take my shield off or I will get zeroed! Sevenga you guys used to be constantly responsive to all emails and suggestions. Now no one can get a decent reply from you guys!! I really hope it's because you guys are busy working on something great...
I don't know if you can help me. I used to play a lot going time ago. I had to Quit because of family issues. I downloaded your game and it started me one a new HQ. I switched accounts to my old one. It went through the update but will not open. I don't remember what nations I were in. I have 2 accounts bound to you. The screen names are Vanidor and the other Is Aquilonia. If you can help I appreciate it. I have my log in info but I won't leave it here.
It's not working nor is it optimised for my Samsung tablet, yet I played on it years back with no problems, can you fix? Secondly, why can't we have it on for an iPhone 6s ?
The new servers take forever to open. Make a server every 2 weeks or something so people don't have to play with 300 million power bullies.
There is no way to advance unless you want to spend a bunch of money and be on the game 24/7. Also I spent six months playing just to have my account deleted. Your response is incorrect, ie to keep your castle from getting attacked you have to have a peace shield which costs gold you will eventually run out of gold. Collecting resources: lose troops, need more resources to replace the ones you lost collecting resources. Mega pay to win characters will crush you every time.
Is this game down yet again? Everytime my shield is due to expire the game crashes and I lose everything . AGAIN