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IQ Test - How smart are you?

IQ Test - How smart are you? for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Plonk Games located at C - 603, Pacific Towers, Sagar City, V.P. Road, Andheri West, Mumbai, India 400058. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This app is good,I'm 14 and I got 192 while focused. Just to test the accuracy of the result I randomly picked answer that may seem logical and I got 77. I know that memory is part of the IQ test but the problem is that the question are always the same, so it might be not be accurate after several tests. It also doesn't show any right or wrong answers which makes it more accurate than other IQ tests.
Sure it's fun once, but I took the test twice and both times received an IQ score of well above what is even logical. 176 is ridiculous—there are practically no people with that kind of score. This is more of a mind game, which is fine, but definitely don't look to this if you want to know your IQ score. It is a nice game to inflate your ego though, if that's what you're looking for.
I tried to do 1 of the tests and it wasn't really helpful! There is a lot of ads and the questions are to easy!
It's a fun game to test your intelligence. It really comes up with some challenging questions that make you think. Some are plain normal, logical thinking, while others challenge you a bit. My only complaints are that when you do the quiz multiple times, it starts to repeat questions. Also, when I do answer a question incorrectly, it doesn't explain why my answer was wrong. If I get a question wrong, at least I want to know why. Overall, it's a fun game to challenge the mind.
Only just started using it so will see how it goes, but I love how it breaks down the IQ into logical reasoning, linguistics, etc. Really great and not like the other generic IQ tests as it involves answering a range of questions.
5/5 made me think, made it fun, this game puts the pressure on. The game really makes you question yourself.
Great brain exercise and easy to use but I'm still shocked that I have 146 IQ 😳. I made my friends and cousins download it lol.
I feel like this is probably more accurate than most other IQ apps I've tried which all tell me I'm over 140 IQ. This told me my IQ is around 125, in the normal range for a person's IQ, making me moderately gifted, which sounds reasonable as I perform very well in school. Always remember thought that IQ does not directly correlate to how smart you are. There are people with higher IQ's than Einstein and Stephen Hawking; two people regarded as some of the smartest people to have ever lived. 👌
It's basically a one time use app since every time you take a test many questions are repeated that makes no sense the iq of the first test is the only true one my first test got 102 that's average then next test 124 and then 138 and just goes on I am sure I am average not moderately gifted or gifted or genius so remember it's just for fun it's not accurate the most accurate would be your first test
It's very very bad. Telling me to log in in order to continue playing the game. I even wish to give no 🌟.I am uninstalling it right now.
Superb and great .... i am 14 years old boy and in this app my iq is 137 ! . only the reason behind the four star is that when i click the answer than also it doesn't show me rather that my answer is wrong or right . And i dont know why same questions are coming .
It's quite good but one problem is that in every test some questions repeat so this is why it may not calculate your IQ more accurately. I suggest that developer should focus on this problem and try to eliminate it in order to make it Best.
Stupid Test which puts out a random number. Mutltiple other tests have results in the same range and this one puts out a number that is so far from that range. I'm not talking about 5 points difference, I'm talking 50. 10 questions are not enough to measure the IQ. Go look for another app.
Fun interesting game with no payoff... Meaning when you finish the test, it doesnt show you which questions you got right or wrong.
I think this game is great because I've been trying to find ways to improve my Intelligence while the lockdown is going on and this game helps give me questions that really test my brain and sure I may not have the greatest iq in the world but I know not to take this seriously because the flaw with iq tests is that it only tests your Intelligence for that time period. It doesnt account for future periods.
It is a very bad app. I can't find which questions are right or wrong.And also it provide us a limited options.And most of the questions are repeated. I can't understand on which basis they give us percentage.My iq level fluctuated continuosly in this app because most of the times the questions which you solved in the previous test may be(or mostly time)repeated and then you can answer them within a second. Sometimes my iq is 158 and sometimes it is 130.
The questions on this app were a little challenging. I took the tests 5 times and got between 107-177. Part of the reason I got such a high score was because 2 or 3 of the questions repeated. I think the most accurate score I got was a 135, as I got this scpre on my 2nd test and no questions repeated just between the two. Overall good app but doesn't seem too accurate.
Not questions you'd see on actual IQ test. Some are very well known sequences ( Fibonacci sequence) and others are flat out common sense. Some can be solved with counting... Just counting. There's no creative or abstract thought required.
This app is annoying because it doesn't tell you what's right or wrong. Also, each time I take it, my scores fluxuate dramatically. I got a 130 and a 76 back to back
i saw a flow on the design. the dots to selected the answers is a different tones of yellow green tones , problem, im color blind to green therefore i had several question unanswered because i couldnt see if it was highlited or not. please change the color design for answer selection. Thank you
It was scary because of the result(like exam result) hahaha but it was fun and relaxing( stressfull if your result was low bahaha)
The test questions were hardly difficult and I scored correctly on every one of them and was given a 162 within the 88th percentile. The accuracy of this test should be questioned.
The app seems to be rigged so as not to give results above a certain percentile. Although it is true that he questions are awesome and mind boggling. I kept getting the same score - 158 and when the results were shown, even questions I answered the correctly were marked as wrong, while showing my chosen answer as the correct answer.
This is a must do work out for the persons who are sitting idle. I enjoyed solving these. It took me to year 1998-99 as during this year I was preparing for competitive exams.
As soon as you open the app.. it starts begging for access to email address "to administer the IQ test" which is, I'm guessing, the way they are money from the app... By selling your information to third party spammers. If they want to contact you, they should do it through the app or at least let you get far enough in to see if you want to allow them access to contact you.
It's the best app by putting very tough questions.When I played for first time this game my iq was only 63 and it was too low but after it twenty to twenty-five times my iq become 150.I am continuing playing this game to fulfill my target to make my iq 200
I got a score of 149! This app is good, but it shows he same questions sometimes and it won't show the right or wrong answer. Overall this is accurate first within the first couple tries.
This app is great and easy to use but I didn't give 5 stars because same questions are repeated many times.
Great game! When i played it first time it challenges my thinking and problem solving abilities...but more challenging and tough questions needed to be add in further updates and question repetitions should be avoided...but more over this is superb!!
App is very good but the problem is we cant see our answers which is correct Which is wrong. Then how to find out where we did mistakes. If the app shows our answers we can learn from our mistakes next time we can give the correct answer.
it's a great program but since I have very limited room on my device and it doesn't have the ability to be moved to my sd card, I have to uninstall it after use, sad really, because I really did like it!
Very nice app... The questions are quite difficult.. and the time pressure make the quiz more challenging.. the only problem is that .. questions are often repeated when you take many tests in a single session..
I enjoy it, please do a proper update soon with new and more challenging questions, these questions are a walk in the park, please dont cut down time limits though and try not too add too many questions too, just really cracker solid IQ Testing questions. Many thanks on behalf of all the 'positive users' out there.........
I was with family when doing this they were very loud but the first test is easy you should try it ou:)
I have a nonverbal learning disorder and so, while I was in school, I needed to take the IQ test every three years in order to prove that I still needed my accommodations. This app is not an accurate measure of what an IQ test is like. The questions are similar to the ones you would get on the IQ test but there are far more questions and, while they time you to see how long it takes you to process information, only a few sections have a time limit.
The test is very simple. As soon as you load up the game, it asks if you consent to them using all your personal info (name, age, email, etc). If you select yes, you have the IQ of a potato.
Good app, makes for a decent assessment. I just wish I could go back and review my results after finishing. I took it three times and got different results. The latest was 124 which seems about right. I had some anxiety at first which is why I took it multiple times, just wish there was a little more time to answer questions due to my OCD and anxiety. I would also like to see what I got wrong.
most of the questions didnt even make sense especially the series ones there were no series it was just numbers thrown together with no correlation not even if they were prime or anything just random, i hope people dont take this app seriously for a defining IQ, but some questions were still good except the which number does she like better question, like what does that mean how can we tell what number she likes from no pattern in the other numbers. solid app still.
I have took multiple other iq tests and they all said I was around 115 to 130. The questions are hard, I don't know who can answer all of them correctly. Also I said my birth year was 2011. Just because a 9 year old can't get those hard questions right doesn't mean their iq is 83.
the benchmark for a quick and challenging IQ test. nice app, i look forward to seeing more similar, more complex tests.
Some others were complaining that your score doesn't change: this isn't true for me. I got 165 the first time and 177 the second time, and my score kept being different each time. They also conveniently calculate your average for you. My only complaint is that I got 177 at all. The questions are much too easy. I'm 12, by the way, and I'm not by any means a genius. There is no way I would've gotten 177 on a real IQ test.
Definitely found this to be the least accurate, partner and I have both had professional IQ testing. We have been reviewing these games to see what is and isn't accurate in our spare time.
I was doing a test that I felt I was doing good on when I had skipped a math question that might take more than a minute to do. I went back to that question. I tried working the problem out on paper, but didn't feel that I was correct, so I attempted to open up calculator on split screen. I finished the problem on the calculator and noticed that the IQ Test app had another test going on top of the one that I had. I clicked finish on the current test and, what do we know, it said my IQ is 9.
It is very educational it is perfect for kids specilaly for primary students to identify the gifted ones and it has explanations that are reasonable but some explanations like in thebproblem solving is not that understandable, it doesn't explains it step by step. But so far the app is good. Keep it up
It reuses some of the questions and I have even played with my daughter to see if the questions were right but it doesn't even say what you got wrong and what you got right. My daughter checked some of the math questions and sometimes it didn't actually have the right answer so we had to put in something close to the answer(s). Each time I played it seemed like it was very inaccurate about our iq because my daughter is very good at math and her iq for some reason was in the 30s.
It's a good app and the questions are also very very nice but the explanation regarding the answers is not good . Improvement is needed in that case . It also does not change the score as I am always scoring 178 score only . Improvement is needed .
The test uses very basic questions with sequences and shapes and logical reasoning. I've done iq tests with far harder questions and much more realistic scores. I usually get between 125 and 135 on iq tests. However, on this app I'm getting between 16t and 180 which is a gross over approximation. But I do have to admit the questions are fun!
The absolute WORST scam app distributor ever. First, there is no way 20 questions can give you an accurate IQ results, period. If you waste your time and TAKE their test, you won't get results unless you buy them... by signing up for a $1.99 starter program (7 days). This is followed by them billing you $39 and change, not once, but TWICE a month. That's right - $80 per month for this rip off scheme. If that isn't enough of an insult, you get emails and system msgs daily. Stay away & report!
The app is nice but the biggest drawback is that each time user plays they get some questions repeated, which makes it a one time play app!
This app is so great. You won't regret it after downloading. I am given questions again and again, some of them repeat allowing me measure my intelligence overtime.
This app gives typical questions that is verymuch helpful but there is no correct answer given after the test over and there is no appropriate reason for the answers.
This app does NOT test IQ and should change it's name to "Trivia Test - How much do you know?" What It really does is inflate your "IQ" with common sense based questions rather than intuition/reasoning based puzzle solving like real IQ tests do. Then asks for a review immediately after stating your IQ must truly be 160+ and equal to Einstein. Ex. from app: "Which word does not belong with the others?" 1)Guitar 2)Lyre 3)Bagpipe 4)Mandolin General knowledge of string instruments≠IQ
very good app, this is one of my favorite iq tests to take. I love how the app offers statistics and your scores as well but, I wish the questions didn't get so repetitive after awhile. If you guys could prevent that, it would be great!
Fun, very interesting. What it needs is non repeating questions, its quite challenging but only on the side of time.
Yes !!!! Finally I found this great app as my wish . Because, guys this app tells us our IQ level without using any exaggeration while giving results . And the questions are mind blowing . I like it .At last thanks to all worker of this great App .
When I first downloaded the test it gave similar results each time, now they are erratic, questions repeat too often, and even tho I know the answers, I get a high score then a low score on same or similar tests. Deleting app.
Fun thinking. Takes only a few minutes and allows you time to think through the questions. I will keep playing to see if the questions are the same over time.
My problem with this app is if you're answering questions then accidentally close out you loose progress and have to start over plus the questions are really hard like HARD AS HELL to understand like for example. Which letter comes next in the series of letters? B A C B D C E D F Then answers are letters. Besides that decent app with the HARDEST QUESTIONS for figuring out how smart u are.
Wow. This was actually pretty fun for me. I got a 112 on my lastest test, started off with 98 IQ so really big improvement. Makes myself proud. Should add more IQ questions, usually repeats at least one question.
I love this app but it needs new featues like average IQ on all taken test and maybe answers to the given question(hmmm..i think i know why there are no answers cos the questions are repeated). Nice app guys i will advise you to try it out!!
good game, makes you think, but could use a more diverse set of tests, seem to get the same ones over and over.
Great tests, challenging, and I presume actually realistic results as my average IQ in standard tests is 130 and on my first test I got 126 so pretty accurate as well