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Invictus Heroes: 2019 NEW RPG

Invictus Heroes: 2019 NEW RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Plarium Global Ltd located at Hamanofim ,1 Hertzliya, Israel, 46725. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pretty fun game, i like the auto play, the manual freak can turn off the auto play, right. I don't see any problem there. In-app purchases seem a bit steep though.
Same ol, same ol. Decent graphics, but animations are choppy. The main base displayed nothing new to the heroes formula.
Another game where the game auto plays and does all the work? No thank you! Why would I want to play a game where I don't even get to play it and make my characters attack and they just do it on auto play? Ridiculous! I delete any game that does this.
Rated too early. Do one quest back track 5x, heaviest grind game I ever played. Never played a game in order to move to next quest you have to grind per quest, to top it off items are rare impossible to get. All you get is skill points which do nothing, game is annoyingly dumb. Doubt had any testers or this would have been fixed by now. What game gives you slots but no items. and for one point stat that made no difference.. rip. Update: bye nub developers.. worst idiotic game I ever seen.
l like the game,its different than other games.You do not make enough money.l like the autoplay,but i do not like that it does not have a speed button to make the battle go quicker like all other games have.That is why i gave it a 4 star.But the is nice to play.
not exactly an rpg type game like the actual invictus game for pc, the graphics are good, just the gameplay should have been thought out better, the picture on here says new, but when i started on the last server players are already well above level 50, so it seems like it had been out for quite some time. also having to pay for vip for more stuff seems a little rediculous also... be fair for players at least
has potential, seems like a good game but I am at the part where your learning about what enemies are resistant too and after pressing and holding thier picture the game freezes and i cant go any further. Fix this issue and i will change my rating.
Slow paced, uninspiring turn based combat mobile game thats been done before, and with much more desire for my time than this. It lasted a whoppong 3 minutes on my phone.
was great game, kinda stuck on the same stuff now. gotta do same thing to build up in order to get passed the bosses of each area. be nice once guilds are working too...
Pretty good game so far. First day playing and have fully enjoyed the experience. Easy game play with cool graphics.
Gr8 game, i have been looking fir a battle turn-based rpg that did not require city building. This is it.
Really fun game! Only thing is that the item system is a bit confusing. Its figuring out what ingrdients I need to make an item. It would be better if i could click on an item, view its recipe and click on one of the items in the recepe to buy that item
Made a few transactions after a week of playing, game's great, highly addictive. But, both transactions were listed as 2.99 and 4.99...when my Google play receipt came I was charged 3.99 and 6.99 respectively. It's 3 dollars, not really that big of a deal, cept it's kinda shady to list at a price then charge another. Would recommend, however, be wary with in game transactions.
seemed okay, like a controlled dragon age heroes game. i completely dislike how you guys made the same hero, recolored it and renamed it and tried to sell it off as a new hero. hate that you sell hero shards for bonkers amounts for a decent rank hero. the worst is the vip system. wow. why? what os this? 2015? worst idea ever. vip and a separate subscription made me feel like its a money grab. tho there isn't a paywall if your into hard grinds. its a fairly new game so id love to see some improvem
I had to give you a star, however I truly give you zero stars because your tutorial is way to long. Turtorials should only be short and sweet, not throughout the whole game. Rpg don't even need to have one, if a person is that stupid then they shouldn't be playing rpg games in the first place. Your tutorial is annoying and takes away from the game in my opinion. Shorten the tutorial and the game would be more fun to play. Thanks for your time concerning this matter. Have a blessed day.
probably the best RPG I've ever played. you can build your characters anyway you want and they made the grinding for gear and material difficult so I fell in love. can't wait for more content and new characters. keep it up guys
Boring game with an overly long tutorial. Can't stand the way all the heroes go 'haha!' every five seconds. Lack of customisation hinders it, and upgrade system is laborious and meaningless. It'll no doubt be awesome later on in development, but right now it's just dull.
garbage.. anytime you see a VIP system just uninstall. the game play is extremely mediocre and a grindfest.. nothing new to see this has been done so many times its just a new skin.
Starts off okay. Very soon you run into energy mechanics and even worse you need to use premium currency to upgrade gear which is mandatory for progression. Massive paywall. Massive pay to win .
It can hardly be more generic for a collectible character rpg. It is advertised as a game where you have to think more but what i experienced was the converse. I've played a lot of fighting games like this one and like tons of others, this one doesn't add much of its own flavor to the mechanic. One thing it does that is somewhat different but I'm not sure it's for the best is that on character's turn you can unload everything at once, spells and attack. How can you think more when you can activate everything at once instead of having to choose. It's not like there is any reason not to do that on the first round, except healing of course, too leaving the next rounds doing only basic attacks. I wasn't high lvl though so I can't tell if there are possible combos between characters, I've only seen generic powers, nothing fancy yet.
I'm kinda mad bc I can't even play it. Been trying for 2 weeks. I get errors everytime. I've uninstalled and reinstalled over and over but no luck. Smh
The game does not lag, it's entertaining, it's really good on the senses and giving a little time, anyone can play it.
solid game-play, great graphics, reasonable character progression without spending money, very enjoyable
I love the quick battle system to end fights you can win but the ai is god awful. You can be 7,000 versus a 4,000 and still die. if the enemy has 1hp the ai will use a magic spell to kill it. Once you complete an emblem set it says the next farmable map is map 202. You would be lvl75 before then so emblems seem worthless. You have to add the paladin armor each map but unequips before the battle starts. Higher items need weaker items to equip. Kill mage in PvP and like90%victoey
At first the game was ok, but I have only played it a few hours total and already it is pay to play..no thank you, I am not that interested in these characters after only a few hours. Uninstall
Tactical combat, lots of heroes to collect, good graphics, lots to do and even more to unlock, lots of upgrade options and monetization is not in your face. Great job.
very good game, no stupid city building but still need to wait on attack points and gem making. heading in right direction.
very well put together, easy to play though the upgrading of characters takes some work and planning. I am hooked!
The game is about strategy and patience. You should level up your gear simultaneously with your character's level. You will be at a great disadvantage if you level up fast. The bonus to stats provided by the invictus armor is not working. It also automatically unequips every battle. Fix this and I'll rate 5 stars.
great graphics and lots of variables make this game pretty fun. I would basically describe it as a turn based fight game. I wish it had a little better sounds but overall it's fun
Could have got a 5, but because I had to reload this on a new tablet I was told by your game info that I had to go through the mandatory tutorial before I could get back my existing game. Guess what? Not going to happen! I know how to play the game. So I uninstalled. You make the Third game I have done this to. You companies need to give an option to bring back our accounts without having to do mandatory tutorials. Bye Bye!
Good game. I started playing because another one I really like takes a better internet connection than I currently have. This is fun, easy enough to play without buying extras (I love that!), and you don't have to stop every 5 minutes because you run out of energy!
there's no Guild chat or World chat so you can't get any tips from other players the game has a lot of potential but it seems like the developers drop the ball
Too picky;not enough level to equip 4th equipment piece,too many demands to actually get a 3 star clearing of a stage...etc.Doesn't feel too friendly or accomodating;feels more like Bootcamp than entertainment.
So far it's an interesting version of idle heroes but I'm not seeing where it's going to be any more fun and your packages are ridiculous Li expensive guys
so far, i can't tell how much energy heroes have. I thought it was bugged and we just didn't run out because this was the first time in three days I've run out. i get items but i have no idea what they're for or where to find them. what's dark energy do? almost everything costs gems and they're given regularly but the game is constantly telling me there's open slots when there isn't because i haven't bought them yet. i was hoping this game was what i wanted but it's pretty annoying in many ways