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Into the Dead

Into the Dead for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by PIKPOK located at Level 7 Willbank House 57 Willis Street Wellington New Zealand 6011. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really love this game! it's very fun and addicting, it kills alot of time I would give this a 5 stars but the controlling is a bit hard. Can you also make the dog save you? if you get caught by one can the dog please save you? you should also find a dog near 1k or 2k so it can be easier to fight of the zombies since there is a lot! I really love this game 9/10 friends reccomend... 😊
Yeah not a bad game to play when pass the time. The idea of running through a horde is cool. Image it being on vr
This game is God damn good . Love the graphics and gameplay and running is so smooth. The only I wish for this game is it need levels just like into the dead 2.
I played this game on my old tablet in middle school; loved it. Could never get the Facebook reward thing no matter what I did, though. But you don't even have to buy the extra weapons because they appear as gravestone-like power ups so paying isn't necessary. Great game.
Need more development, need more guns, graphics is good, accuracy of gun is little accurate, more maps should be added, like snow, desert, grassland, etc. Unable to make purchases items as it does not have option like Google pay.
A solid zombie runner unique out of the many I've played it has a lot of microtransactions but if you grind the game out enough you can unlock many weapons they're are many trials that let you use the premium weapons and it changes daily so if you don't bwant to spend your money you still mlhave many weapons to usepretty fun.
It was fun but for some reason, my control scheme displays the controller layout. So I can't select tilt, touchpad or the joystick. Is this an issue with the game or my phone because I can only move tapping on very specific areas of my screen πŸ˜₯
Love the game! Best running zombie game on mobile! You can pick a booster in the main screen, get guns while in a run, achievements and etc. I enjoy it a lot! I love the dog too. Please continue working on it =)
It is one of the most coolest games i have ever played it is scary and you never know what weapons you are gonna get
This is a very fun game with very little ads. It has many different modes to keep it fun! I do reccomend this game.
Its so fun. Yoy get to dodge zombies and also shoot them by finding guns in crates. And the thing that i like is you get to choose your con trols. You can also tilt. In the armory there new guns in there every week. This is a great time passer but one thing thst needs to be fixed is nothing. Very great game
On my old phone, this game worked perfectly and was alot of fun and now I got a new phone and now it says that I have to play with a controller, I don't know why it says that in the controls but I hopw they can fix it soon. thank you
It's a very fun game. Just a little problems. Please add a reticle or crosshair when we hand a weapon for increase accuracy.
Update didn't fix anything, chainsaw sounds still play after drop or new weapon pickup. Hardcore map still plays weapons NOT selected. Seriously lame mission points overlap. Random weapons drop my ass
Game used to be good but I can't even play it now. Almost never turns unless I'm tapping an inch away from the edge of the screen and at that point I click to shoot.
I like this game since 2014 when i was use Lenovo k3 Note. Now I'm using Redmi Note 7 pro, but the doesn't support this device. I can't manage control. Please fix this problem.
One of my favorite mobile games. And I love how it's one of the older games and it's compatible with controllers and somehow the "pay to win" aspect is not really pay to win it's more akin to daily DLC opportunities this game has aged like a fine wine.
Ultimate! The most epic survival horror game i have ever played! Graphics are awesome! feels like you are playing it on PC. Too hard? Equip a COMPANION PERK. The Companion will help you surive the Zombie Apocalypse. No problem with the gameplay. This game is the best!! Try it now!!
Δ° thing its masterpiece its so fun to play and there aren't ads so there are eds but you can watch ads to get gun or something if you want but i would it to be a open world game that why its four star
This game gets me angry when the direction is not working, maybe you should guys should give people a sign that they can not go left or right again so they will stop crashing into zombies. But I can't uninstall the game because the game is that good, you guys should increase the sensitivity
This game is superb!! I had cutted one star because sometimes the direction changing button stop working
It's just such good game I can't discribe much but it's dope I love the game I've played it before and it reminds me alot of my past this game is one of the best mobile games I've downloaded the graphics are decent the game control is awesome this game is soo good me and my brothers love it like I can't stop giving it compliments
Really good game, I liket he controls and the leaderboards are a nice touch. It's always good to have a little competition. And you can get all the perks for free for just watching a 30 second ad. would highly recommend to friends.
It was a fantastic game to play in free time . Because we don't have to upgrade our character for better performance. IT IS AN AWESOME GAME.
I am just describing that this game can be patched with different patchers for ex. Lucky patcher so please upgrade your game's third party app detection but I still love this game
It's an amazing app except for all the pop-up ads for into the Dead 2 But I really love it and love that you don't have to spend money on it to get guns you can work your way up
This game is easy to pick up and get good at. The wide selection of of weapons, the first person point of view, the setting, it makes it's a super fun infinite runner. I have thought of restarting from scratch many times just to start over with all the fun.
I would like to play this game but I just simply cant. Within about the first 30seconds of the game, it totally freezes. I'm not going to give it less stars tho because from other reviews, it seems fine
The game may be hard it is just it's fun it's just fun but still they need to work on the difficulty though like you can be a beginner and you can have the most trouble on one stage it's like hell but you'll get used to it like anybody else will get used to it I'm starting to get used to it I only got this game like yesterday so or last week I'm not sure I kind of forgot
The game is great time killer , good for children, very simple , an doesn't require money Great experience
Pretty good so far. Controls are not complex at all. Only gripe I have is that the movement is too stiff and aim is slightly inaccurate. Overall though I like this game a lot.
this game has so much detail that's so much have been partying in this game so I want everybody who has Facebook to download this cuz I challenge you animator competition and you can use Parts if you want yeah I love this game and everybody should download it haven't seen a good game five star
yeah this game used to be good before it started forcing you to have a controller when you don't even own a controller do I use to play this on my Apple TV with the touch screen remote and now I can't play at all because it's assuming I have a controller when I don't f*** this game did uninstalling it and it ain't worth your f****** time cuz it's going to force you to have a controller I am buying s*** for nobody
It's a really good game but since it's considered in offline games so it should've have more offline assets like more weapons, dogs etc etc which you should be able to buy with in-game coins.
I am having amobile but it shows that control with control s menu that makes the game i worst. A This game could be better for the gun aim
I like to play this game . nice game but can you make the controller mor confer table I get confused when I shoot zombies .
I love this game . But may I suggest something .. can you make away to view the weopons and dogs abilities before picking and purchasing them . The free trial are great but it cant show us all the weopons .
This game was my favourite. But after long time when I installed this, I'M UNABLE TO CHANGE CONTROLS FROM CONTROLLER TO TOUCH MODE. I DONT HAVE CONTROLLER !! Can't figure out how to change controls to touch
It is very hard game because some limited amount of bullets we get .if developers will add this type of system only we have to reload so this is ok.but we have equip the bullets this is very hard and tough challenge sometime we hanged with zombies in case we are equiping bullets and very dark interface in the game .same problems in Into the Dead 2 game
Best game ever . Very challenging . But no online challenge like Higher distance coverer wins . But still great .
Used to be a great game, but for some reason now there are no touch controls. It only shows controls for an external controller. Very disappointing, maybe they're just trying to push me into one of the newer versions even though I've already spent money on this one
Classic mode makes this a great game that isn't intrusive and pay to play. Without a classic mode that you can just run whenever you want, the second one is just a pay to play money trap full of pop up pocket book grabbing attempts.
Started game...died....retired...got weapon start...died...tried again...got chainsaw...lasted 3 seconds. Store wants money for everything by the looks of it. Maybe others will enjoy. Imma try your 2nd version. Update : 2nd game too slow to download. Tried the instant version and it wont shoot.
Super up beat happy and bright game brings cartoony zombies to life! Enjoy chainsawing through hordes of zombies and bathing in blood with your friends.
What happened to your control...it has been worst now screen rotation doest not work..even tap control is not working ...please make the character movement smooth and more flexible
I like it but it needs a story mode, classic its just running but story mode can tell you a story and how the helicopter crashed and upgrade your guns and items
The game worked nice back in the day, came back to have some fun, then its saying I need to use a controller. I was confused, tried alot of things to change it, no, it still says I need a controller, I'm on a Galaxy A21 and can't even play the game. Was good while it last but until this is fixed, well, its just not worth downloading.
Amazing πŸ˜€ I Love into the dead it's so fun and cool when I first download the game it was good but when I got more better I was like wow.
I love it but i found a bug if you equip all the perks then get free perks it will make you pay for it
🀯🀯Blew my mind.Totally amazing but more sounds should be added;more zombie sounds.Also the guy should pantπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚I mean,he's running from zombies .Anyway nice game.
It was like a infinite runner with guns but it still isnt a bad game just not what i was looking for.
This game is my childhood. It has so good atmosphere, such a good graphics, beautiful sound, and just this game is a gem. And developers not filling the game by tons of ads - this game was made with love and I see that developers was working hard on this game.
The gameplay is really good, the graphics are great, and the game runs smoothly. The items that you can purchase with real money are expensive. The second game isn't as good as this one in my opinion. Overall the game is great.
This game is awesome, i like the graphics and the game play as well. I also like how terrifying the zombies are when they catch you.
There is no controls for mobile . Default control setting is joystick which is annoying to play this game anymore. It used to have controls button before. Why the contols are not showing?
It's a little laggy but besides that it's great it has a a few ads but hey the games free what did you expect? It plays nice and is very fun I'ma play the second one sooon
Awesome, fun, and simple. Great way to pass time. The missions are fun to do as well. Very good game.
It's a cool game been playing since 2014 keep up the good work guys! Would've been good or cool if there was sum type of ending or something, but still cool non a the less!
Best zombie game i have ever played.it is so much fun but make it more realistic,add more guns and make it more hard that will be best,Keep it up❀️
Controls are so sluggish it's hard to avoid zombies unless U shoot them. Limited amount of ammo. There are crates but good luck getting to them. U move 1 inch left or right every 5 step. Reason they called the game Into the Dead. Ur zombie chow and nothing U can do about. Don't waste ur space downloading this hack of a game. Avoid at all cost.
Amazing pass time, missions give you something to strive for and it's not pay to win. Could use just a bit more action but overall a really solid and great game.
I really liked this game, it's really fun and it's truely scary. I would recommend this game to anyone who's interested in the zombie genre.
As a mobile gamer, I want to say that this game is amazing in every way. The best sound, the best quality for a mobile game, the best mental control and many other things, and I can say that this is an effect !!
I like it very much.... But chainsaw is very annoying...umm please replace it with any other tool... Fix it asap btw interesting game ❀
Very great game but there may be more potential to it like a larger Arsenal of weapons, more dogs or multiple dogs to be used. Alsoooo the zombies seem to be the same every time and maybe it will be possible to make new zombies and perhaps bosses and Easter Eggs.
I have played this game a lot and it is a very good time waster and the graphics aren't bad or good but it can be very fun.
I have always love this game the problem that I have had was every single time I got a new tablet my information was lost but as you can see I am still playing this game I love this game.
I think this game has a great graphics, but it have many items to purchase . But i give 3* coz of the game graphics
I played this when I was 4 years old and I almost forgot that this is the first games that I ever played until to this day I still play it good game 5 stars quite hard tho like Temple Run but harder.make more beautiful games pikpok!!
I love this game, but i think they need to make the turns sharper, yet still light. Like how they have it set now, but move side to side faster
It was a great game good graphics I'm a pet lover especially I like dogs the thing you need to do is please make the dogs for game coins not for real money so please change it but overall I like the game and maybe after a while I may download part 2and play and if i play it I will post my experience in that game.. . Thank u. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Best graphics. Nice and smooth gameplay. But when running hands are missing. It could be better if u set a hands moving animation.
Fun premise but the area you have to tap to move is extraordinarily small. I continually miss it and die. It's frustrating.
Its a really great its graphics and sound are really immersive. The team has done a great job. Even the weapons are realistic so i give this game a thumbs up.
I love this game so much!!! Works great on my low end phone too!!! Its nice you can play offline aswell. Love the companions and all the modes. It feels very immersive and relastic movments. The sounds and graphics go nicely together. The flashlight was a awesome mode. Update: Found a bug... I bought the wolf and the tiger and when you start the game bolth the wolf and tiger growl at the same time regardless of what companion is equpied. I tried reinstalling the game but didnt work.
Thank you I really enjoy playing this game so far with my controller . hope u the best , keep the good work.
This game is a true classic that deserves more recognition. A fast paced endless runner combined with a zombie infection first person shooter is a match made in heaven. Complete with a wide variety of weapons. I just wish it was possible to earn all of the paid advanced guns with gold instead of real world money being the only way.
the controls are messed up. earlier when i installed this app the controls were fine. now when i re-installed the app the only control option is that of a joystick. can't really understand how to fix this...pikpok and developers please help me and fix the issue
Hi I have been trying to play this game for a while but the game doesnt allow me to play as the controls defaults to joystick while i havent connected any joystick to the phone.is this game meant to be played only with joystick ? Or is it just a bug? Kindly reply
Good game btw.i didnt expect this much experience for this much low mbs.i just downloaded because there is no other games for me too play most are boring this game is good but there is no story line plz add something like tht plzπŸ™‚
Review:- Into The Dead - Just For Few Thrills. Rating:- 2.75/5. On whole the verdict of this game, is just for few Thrills only. The concept of killing roots is good but the gameplay does not show enough. Graphics is good but. We still want some thrills and excitement, but the gameplay and execution are not yet impressive.
addictive zombie killing game , you have to stay alive for as long as you can by dodging the zombies , picking up weapons to kill the zombies , you can upgrade your weapons and even have a dog companion ,change the look of your zombies but this may mean in app purchases . the longer you stay alive the more points you earn , the more zombies you kill the more points you earn then you can turn your points into upgrades , i do wish though you could choose locations like a prison,a town etc
I love this game very much. One of the greatest zombie games I've ever played. I like the guns. I like the dogs and they can help you. I also love the challenges. Highly recommend to download
You should add these stuff it whould make the game better Add a barn Red and green flares Add some barrels/barrel stack in classic massacare and hardcore Add a new gamemode stand your ground Old upgraded weapons should still be used The dice gun and barb wire weed wacker should be buyable with coins Add a new weapon set heres one you should add Harpoon,dynamite(coins),M1A1 carbine Do also add another weapon set that includes 4 weapons 2 are buyable with coins.
Best game but 4 stars because the control stops working, Minor glitches and bugs etc. are there but they are not a very big problem..There should also be an option which makes the game without blood and those things because sometimes people may get scared and its very nice game..Thank you
Pic pok why does my device say something like into the dead 2 is not capable for my device can you sort this out and also can you add a little bit of a story and if you do lets say around when this whole corna thing has cooled down lets say every half a week you can add a story missons and even there can refrences to into the dead 2 if you are running around 3,000 meters in the run there a chance you see james dads house or any remaining zombies from the truck crash From Into The Dead 2 pls
This is the best game I ever played because there are dogs zombies gun shakes his like everything you can possibly get and it is fun but scary at the same time you can always play this it's on App Store and you can play this game for free in my opinion the best game in the whole entire world because I like zombies and it's like the perfect game for me and has Coronavirus and there's other stuff guns that don't beat the Stalls the car that to run for miles and it's kind of hard and I can tell you
This game is by no means the epitome of mobile gaming. It's more of a time passer. It's repetitive and simple and the gameplay is pretty linear. That being said, it's a really great time passer. The weapons and are diverse and fun to use. The pets are useful. The gameplay is balanced and the gamemodes require you to apply different strategies. The only problem with the game are the microtransactions, which disallow you from having a better and more diverse arsenal. Other than that, great game.
I got a situation. And it doesn't let me change the controls. When I go to settings it's appear I'm using a controller. When I'm not.
This games is like a small version of THE EVIL WITHIN and I really like , Graphics are also very good I recommend you zombie survival game lovers out the please >DOWNLOAD<
This game is really nice but please can a proper update come for like , when a zombie gets you the dog or companion you have at the moment will be able to get em of you and you'll continue , thank you. Really great game . πŸ™πŸΏ
Not what I thought it was, just running through a field as long as you can. Yeah you get weapons and I even got a dog by my side on only my second run from having perks from watching the ad, but still not what I thought it was. Controls feel strange. Not buggy, but the turning/moving side to side is way too fluid. I know that's the point but that exactly why I dont like it :/
Needs a little bit more interaction but still a good game. I enjoy it and getting frustrated and pushing to do better
At first i thought the game sucked but as i progressed it turned up its a Very good game,i fell inlove with the German-Shepard and always use him/her when i go for a runπŸ˜‹πŸ’ͺ❀
this game is so fun that you get to have weapons and a dog that protects you and eats the zombies but it's kind of boring where you died by one of the zombie
if there are 10000000 stars , i'll do it , this game is very fun , it had good graphics , good playing metheod , but i hope u make the dog can save the player if the zombies eat him , or , if the player died we can play with the dog , because in 3000 m , it is impossible to survive , i hope u do what i said and bye .. u should install it guys
Now words enough to say about this game. In my lifetime i never see an android game like this. This game is fully offline. Thrilling gameplay, Awesome graphics, Best challenging game ever. I like this game much. Some games steals more storage and data but they do not gave a good game. Through offline this game had more detailings. This is my honest review. Everyone should try this game.
I can frek'n hear my breathing, while im running, dodging those zombies while im thinking, when am I gonna get the next weapon and the dog, when I'm killed so is mans best friend, i am trying to use less of the dog, its the whining i cant handle, so glad this is only a game, this game has my full attention. AWESOME!!!
This is probably the best post-apocalyptic endless runner game on PlayStore. But still it needs a lot of improvement such asβ€” 1. More weapons (free) 2. New places to explore. 3. A duo mode to play with friends. 4. Zombies should have glowing eyes to detect them in cornfields and especially in the Flashlight mode. 5. Additional slot only for carrying grenades. 6. And most importantly, CONTROLS SHOULD BE IMPROVED (just like 'Into The Dead 2') Hope you update the game soon. Keep improving! πŸ˜‡
this game is very good. the makers of this game would have been really hard working and I have also seen the credits and Nic Scott was in the team too I really like the game made by him (tjoc) and this game is a real multitasker , I mean really killing the zombies while running from then well I give this a 100000000000000/10 keep making games like these Pic Poc I appreciate your work and a big good luck for your next games.
I recommend this to people who are a fan of zombie games or just thriller itself. Huge game turner, I never regretted checking this game out.
Run games are always fun to me! I like the control method options and haven't had any trouble the 1st day so hopefully nothing bugs me too much although the 30 second adds you cant skip do get a lil annoying πŸ˜… but besides that it is a great game!! Love itπŸ‘
What happened to this game??? I used to play it without need of controller by tilting screen now i can't play??
Wasn't what i thought it was at first honestly. In fact i thought it was lame when i first played it, but to my great surprise it really started getting fun
Not bad but This game is about lucky and not and zombie position the position is not always the same and if you are unlucky you will be consumed and no life
First, I want to say that the game is fun for a while, but does get boring because nothing really changes to spice up the gameplay. The controls are average for a mobile game. The missions can get boring after a while. They are the same thing over and over again like, "run this much" or "kill this many zombies" and finally "jump over the things." The graphics of the game are bland, no color except red and yellow. Over all, this game is average, nothing great but, nothing bad.
The game is excellent and I like this game a lot last year. This year it has updated with one control options which is it kinda hard to play. My friend IOS user still these options available but not for Android. Couldn you please consider bring control options back how it used to... Thanks ☺️☺️😊
what happened to this game? This used to be fun when I first played it on 2015. The control is really bad I can't do anything, why it doesn't have an option for controls it is already programmed for analog controller, dev's didn't even think of on screen controls like on ppsspp. Come on guys how can we enjoy if we can't even fight.
Into the dead was amazing and I love zombie survival games but this was better I could actually move around and kill at the same time while I play the objectives fairly so there is no way to outsmart anyone with your score! I still havent reached my destination to the radio tower if there even is a destination there. If you can please get back to me developers please tell me if im wasting my time wasting my time trying to find the radio tower but for now FIVE STARSβ˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†
This game never gets old. I started playing this game about six years ago and it just keeps getting better. Every time I get a new phone, this is one of the first apps I download!! A great way to pass the time with no bugs or crashes.I would say the only issue is how many ads there are. But pikpok makes sure they're short and provid a lot of benefit to the game you're playing. Great job, developer team. Thank you for the awesome game.β€πŸ‘
this game iz very adicting! i love it! but when i started to run i noticed something in the background. theres a radio tower and i tried my best to get to it. but it seemes that nobody can. and plus, theres not much backstory to it. i mean, i guess from what i can tell. you crash on a helicopter you survive SOMEHOW. and you start to panic.and you go on an endless journy of running, dodging zombiez intll you get eaten. i mean thatz it. other than that i love it! just add some backstory please?
Y'all should update this game more. Itll be really great if this game had more to it. Like, add new and different weapons. Add more to the intro, and kinda brighten up the environment.... it's dark and gloomy but in the second its badass and perfect. And the intro can have some more detail to it, like him blinking and seeing two walkers about to dig into him and he pushes and kicks them off and gets up and runs. That'll add more attention to the game and make it more attractive. Itll be awesome.
This game is really good, it has different kinds of controls that you can choose. And I like that, since other games just makes you use one kind of control, and you still need to learn to get used to it, but this one has many. Aside from that, the animation or effects are also really really good and kinda realistic. Recommended to download.
I like the way this game has been represented. An endless running game with wide screen mode. Moreover graphics are realistic enough to hold you for a long time in the game. And all this in just a 80 mb game. Wow! Really loved it. Keep up the good work,makers.
I love the game really, but please put an animation if you jump on fences and glancing a tree, and the guns if you fire put a recoil animation to make realistic, i will always support your game its very nice😎
The gameplay experience is entertaining and fun. The payment part I have no complaints since its affordable. only problem I have with this game is NOTHiNG
This game is very cool but can you please add daily rewards.Gun upgrades be free and more weapons like flamethrower,MG4,MG43,M1921,AS50,SKS,AK47,F2000,XM307,ACSW,HK416 RPG,AR15 and M2HB. Base building choppers and like Jeeps and dirt bikes.Gung skins.Other modes like survival modes.Malee wapon like hunting knives,katane, lightsaber.Dinosaurs mode.prehostoric animals.Actuallly I asked to much.πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
The controls are stuck with the controller mode even though I'm using a mobile phone, no way to play the game. And progress cannot be synced too.
Why do i need a controller to play this. No on screen controls are given. I ve played this using a dualshock 4 wireless controller and its laggy which is understandable considering its not tuned for mobile phones. But so far no on screen controls are available rendering this unplayable
This game is awesome hope they add multiplayer to its sequel edition. I'm quite impressed with its graphics it's support less than 1gb of ram android devices it's a game that will experience you as you are playing a pc game in mobile. Gg
I understand the story we are stuck in a zombie horde and you are looking for a way to escape but there isn't.There are.hardly any ads easy to master but why can't we.use google games to see leaderboard and have ww2 skins and we don't have to use ads to get perks so I dissagree with all comments that say that
This is a really fun and exciting game. I could play for hours (If I weren't so busy)! It has very few ads and cool "perks". I think that it might not be for everyone, but I do reccomend you try it.
Weapons in this apocalyptic game are realistic, some weapons run out of ammo quickly because they are just picked up, how the hell could you get a full ammo during the run in reality? I also love the turning anf jump physics it looks so reaaal Man! This is scaryyyy 5/5
Awesome gameπŸ’―πŸ”₯,1 request- Can u guyz add a driving shooting stage,or a walking 180Β°/360Β° POV shooting stage while zombie humanz + Z kidz ,Z babies😁,zombie dogz/tigerz/lionz run towardz ya to kill yaβœŒπŸ˜ŽπŸ’―.....that will make this the best Zombie gameπŸ’―πŸ”₯..
I installed into the dead2 but it's not working. so I installed this game into the dead and game has nice graphics. But the are like some difficulty well.... The game is very good plss all try this game
NOT RUN OF THE MILL!!! so I like that the most! The steering is a little vague, as is the generalized crosshair (guess where youre about to shoot) for whatever weapon your using. But the weapons are awesome, the graphics are well done, the companion is awesome, the way you can hear the zombies being ripped apart as you pass him running against an insane herd of undead obstacles. Cool with me! I love going out with my manstopper and killing some brain eaters while I simultaniously kill time! 4*
because the last time I must have played this game was two years ago. two years later, I got a hot 7 and then I saw the sequel to this. this is about the best part. wait for it. the moment I switched on WiFi just now, I found all my progress from the last installment. and since the game was intense then, it has evolved. man these guns. what did you do to these GUNz?!!!
Games kinda good and challenging but couldnt see no controls and i end up dying so make the controls non transparent But good game devs
It used to have gyroscope controlling in the old days.Now it does not have anything except joystick control.This frustrates me.It was a much better game back then.Plz add gyroscope,that will be fun.πŸ’š
I love it all the detail it's not that creepy but fun I'm cooking eggs I'm happy with all the eggcitement pun point.
I love this game I give it an 8/10, if it had some kind of storyline like the 2nd one does it'd be a 10 but otherwise its an all around amazing game i would really recommend it!
I can't control with touch or swipe, it show no option of control but a game controller of a console why is that ols help me
If this game was my girlfriend, it would be a love hate relationship. Love the run and gun aspect, but some of the weapons suck. Main the beginner ones(except the shotgun) I hate getting a those weapons out of a box after having a good one. Once I've made it so far keep me going with the good guns. I guess there in lies the challenge. Ok I said enough. Love the game and keep up the good work. PS, Love you too beautiful.
Update didn't fix anything, it's WORSE. Sh_tty adware crashed the sound fx completely and won't let me ingame. Had to reinstall. I will NEVER play online again. Sounds still play after being dropped/new weapon pickup. Hardcore map still plays weapons NOT selected. Lame mission points overlap. Random weapons drop my ass. This game has the potential to be great, unfortunately it's mired in endless moronic grinding. Most aggravating is the "instant death" And why can't I kill the GD noisy dog ?
Great and original game over all, been playin since like 2013, best distance travelled type game imo.
Fantastic game, insane graphics and realistic sounds, and it really fills alot of empty time.The only problem is that there are not alot of free items and it will get kinda boring if you dont spend money in the game, I request the game to kindly add more free items
The graphics good sound just need to find the controls that best suits you. I wish you could have a gun and keep it
Great game but there are SO MANY ADS! I'd gladly buy a full version to remove them but that isn't an option, meaning you get a 30-45 second ad after every few games, and anither 30-45 second ad if you want to unlock the perks for a round. That often adds up to over a minute of ads for (sometimes) only 30 seconds or a minute of gameplay.
This is a very good game . I get this when it 8 years ago from my brother and til i play this game . If you will make it's controls better it will bocome more popular . I am not saying that is bad but improve it to some extent .
Best mobile zombie game in the app store, would highly recommend it to anyoneπŸ‘ the only thing is that the upgrades for the weapons are overly expensive
this app is great fun. it doesnt require wifi so its great for trips. there are only two bugs that can be anoying but over all they rarely happen. this game has lots of new weapons to unlock so you never fell bored. my only real complaint is that its slightly anoying to play on wifi because of ads
everyday you see the helicopter you run 1500 up the road and you think time to pull out the shotgun pull out the shotgun and then you die because a very weird looking zombie kills you and then you get mad and turn off your game
It doesn't work well it's all controls are worst. Game graphics are cool but bad working of controls spoils everything..you should work on controls.
Ive always been a fan of zombie games...and this one has everything. Running for your life but also defending yourself with weapon crates..and of course the graphics super sick!
please help me in redmi note 5 it is showing gamepad connected what the hell is happening?? i just lost my data because of this useless game please help me if you know about this problem then you can reply me..
I think it's a good game, there is, sadly, mirotransactions, but it's not a pay to win game, because you don't NEED every gun in the shop, only things like a pistol or shotgun (wich you unlock) are really needed, especially at 2,00 meters, were stuff gets REALLY intense.
I think the game is very good. It's a little pay to win but almost everything is earned through the missions. Also it's great that the coins are easy to get without money.
Really fun but it lags sometimes and things need to be cheaper otherwise really fun never crashes I recomend this game to people on email. Super fun game.
This game gave me nightmares.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ However, really good game. Loved it. The running through zombie part is a little unique than other zombie survival games. The most satisfying thing is when the dog jumps off. Keep it up. Good work. Everyone should give this game a try.
I LOVE THE GAME! I really love how realistic the game is when you get a gun, you can't reload it, because it OBVIOUSLY has been used a bunch by other survivors, I also like it because it makes the game harder. I love the perks, And I love how the game works.
Please test it on samsung galaxy S20+ 5g because the touch control scheme 2 padel touch doesn't work properly, the rest od control schemes are working but this is my favourite. Please fix it. When i play it on galaxy S7 it was working great. For now i rate you 5 stars but please fix this issue soon and let me know. Thank you !
this game is just run on straight line with tilt movement and for a survival person they may carry all requirements available weapon for their survival but in this game if we found a weapon then left available weapon what a good strategy of survival. control movement is very hard......πŸ˜€πŸ˜“
Fun and you I get several weapons from crates by what recommend the perks cuz they drain your money they take away at least 100 for just one perk so I'd recommend at least getting 2,000 coins to eventually use just one perk okay cuz then you can really keep a good rolling set new scores okay so you're this guy running from so many zombies like a billion zombies and you have to like survive and I'm not so you don't have help which is good but if you like ram into a zombie like you run into a rock
just downloaded this game and it is all glitched out.. i cant move or shoot and the game is constintly frezzing up.. my personal oppinion about this game is it looks like it would be good if it actually worked!!!
I love this Game its awesome i have been play this Game since 6 years ago, But its need more Game play and videos, i
great game, I installed this a while back and I just decided to reinstall it. Still as fun as ever. it sucks that the nicest weapons are locked behind payments but it doesn't affect the gameplay much.
I like the game but it crashes sometimes and in the beggining it didnt do this but then after a few days it started to crash
I love it so much!!! I love to use the tilting one, so when i turn my pjone it controls the caricter!! I love it!! No complaints!
It's fun 3 seconds glancing zombies it's hard and I don't have the money for it that's why I gave it a 4/5 ratingw
Into the Dead Good Game because ; 1) Good intro Music, 2) Good Graphics, 3) Good & easy missions, 4) Best chilled feeling ( when playing ), 5) Best Zombie Apocalypse Game, 6) Can play when bored, 7) Good game for making Progress throughout the whole Game. :-)
for some reason I cant move different directions? i used to be able to tilt my phone to move around zombies whrn i had this game before now all that pops up is a video game controller (like my xbox one) and I cannot change it?? what the hell update - i contacted support and havent heard back. this is rediculous.. its been over a week and ive only gotten "restart/uninstall and reinstall) which I already stated when I first messaged them. and still no reply and the issue is still there. fix it!!!
Always loved this game and excited to play the sequel. Both are downloaded. Upgrades and in game purchases are reasonable and worth it. Perfect covid game to beat your friends high score. Highly recommend and Definitely Wulf House approved.
I love the controls on the game and I love how you can get a dog to go with you and kill zombies anyway I love the game a lot.
Not very much content and the weapons cost money to upgrade but the flashlight mode I really liked. The Into the dead 2 game is what gives this a 4 star and not a 3 though.
I love the concept of the game and the graphics are very well developed I love to play it any time it is very good game . I would recommend every body to play thi amazing game :)
100/10 one of the best games I ever played with me trying it it's fun to play (and I played A LOT of games) and I feel like I crashed a helicopter in the middle of pork a resident evil game
this. game. SUCKS! you cant do anything. all you can do is watch untill you run into a zombie! you cant move or shoot there are no controls it only gives you controls on an xbox controler! 😠😑😑😠 this game is a waste of time. why would anyone want to just sit there and watch your person run in a straight line until a zombie kills you?! this is one of the worst games ive ever played! i really hope into the dead is better.
This game is very fun and it has awesome graphics, plus it's a cool game and, it's a good game, it's the best game ever.
It is amazing you can play online offline whenever you want wherever you want long as your batteries alive LOL
Absolute horse sh**!!! I used to play this game back in 2017, bought a lot of in-app purchases and just recently installed it again.. I signed in with the exact same Play store profile I used back then and now everything is gone and I have to start from scratch again!!! 😑
1. It doesn't run in fullscreen on galaxy note10+, it is a bit shorter from left and right so when I tap on the far left or far right on the screen it doesn't register the command. 2. The weapons aiming is bad, i.e. you must be exactly straight pointing to an enemy to shoot it. Either add a some kind of manual aiming or improve the auto aim.
I used to play this game on my HTC desire eye phone back in 2015-2016. It worked just fine. I just downloaded the game onto my Google pixel 4a and it says I need to play with an controller, as if the app does not recognize I am playing on a wireless device. I can't move to dodge or run into crates for more weapons, or even use any weapons. Loved this game, now I just can't play. Hopefully you guys can fix this issue. Going to uninstall for now due to the fact that I can't actually play.
Very entertaining. Not a very easy and boring game. Challenging stages will tempt you to hit the goals
I installed the game today only to get frustated πŸ₯΅as I'm instructed to use a controller. I'm not able to do anything in myobile. And also I don't think there is any controller in this world that can be connected to a mobile. πŸ˜‚
Hello:best game so much different modes and free good game I like 5star no issue no problem work very smooth no lag my phone very strong but my brother 1gb phone my brother download game no lag ok fine good game into dead and into dead 2 best 😘
*Adventures Game *Please also add zombies that follows the survivor *Classic mode is boring at the starting point (less zombies ) *Otherwise my experience to this game is excellent. *I Used to play this game 2years ago but now i found many updates and improment . *Into the dead 2 is also very good but zombies are not too realistic.
Very great game but a lot of in app purchases but that's understandable. And it kinda sucks that I can't get into the dead 2 on Android
This game is super fun! I remember playing this game when it first came out and it still is now I would say this game is pay play
It's fantastic game for refreshment of mind . If it was had multiplayer system then it could have compete with pubg. But then also its amazing .
Played this game when I was a kid, thought to reinstall it and I am just glad to say that I love it , when I was a kid and now too , don't change the game , let it be like this only , I am feeling nostalgic right now, just one opinion , can u pls just let us buy dogs and new weapons which come in different updates(Or I think so) should be bought with in-game money and not with real money and new guns should be added after the minigun like for an instance , a rpg , otherwise no problem.☺️
the fact that i have to use a dam controller on a android phone? to play this game is stupid. i remember playing it as a kid and now its just irrelevant if i cant play it on my phone smh
Im so tired of just dying every time I try to glance off of a zombie, where is the line to be drawn where at one point you glance off and the next you just die. Other than that, game is fine. Please fix the glancing
Great Game: What Earns Respect Pros: Addictive Fun Fulfilling Awesome Features: Keep Players Hooked There are NFL and Nazi Themed Zombies! There are plenty of weapons to kill with and earn over time. You can compete globally with other players. Cons: Reason for Only 4 Stars Advertising; (Long Repetitive Unskippable Ads.) Exclusive In-Game Purchases; (No way to earn some items.
It's a great game, really good time eater and fun most games just choose one and time eaters are usually boring but this is exiting and gives you a reason to go further personally as a kid I thought the glowing tower was the end you get closer to it and it's always there tell me it's true I spent years trying to get there
i think the game has great graphics. Even though the game has good graphics, it is kind of gorry. I don't sugest this game to kids. This game is cool also with no adds.
The controls could do with being a little more responsive but once i got more used to them I'm now really enjoying the game. I can recommend it and if it's new to you ( like it was to me ) give it a try.
It's a good game but it can be even better with more perks and graphic design and making the weapons for in-game money not actual money
It's fun easy to play game and the concept is nice but there is a lot of ads but anyway get on with your game
Not bad honestly. I was expecting something more immersive, the steering is really hard and sometimes unresponsive, but the weapons and perks are cool and enjoyable. Would be great if the steering was more snappy with quick turns and zigzags.
It's really fun to play there are a lot if guns you can buy and you can upgrade the to be more stronger
absolutely fantastic game that doesnt beat you over the head with purchases. simple but addictive in a good way. a bit too many ads between games but they gotta make money somehow.
I love the game, I always have and always will, I even watch an ad every level to support the staff so we get more like this and ITD2! Problem is that I haven't played in a while, and before my break, the touch controls always worked great, but now, some months later and they don't. It almost never turns, OR it fires incorrectly when I should turn, I die much sooner than I should. Some update changed and it doesn't work right anymore. I still love the game so don't get me wrong but I'm annoyed.
I love it but the movement should be a little faster and the board should be wider but overall it's a great game
This is the best zombie game! Graphics are super awesome! but honestly, the zombie sounds after clicking any buttons are just irritating! Please remove them.All the guns are awesome! And there are not many ads i think and super cool! The gameplay is smooth both in high and low graphics in my phone and i like it. Thank youπŸ‘πŸ‘
The world is like a zombie world a man run into dead people . This having 2 problems 1. You have to make a story like into the dead 2 That game is very lovely and its story is very interesting and all like into the dead 1 . 2 . In this game we only run not story in this game but part 2 that is a video game and that is interesting to run and play please make story in this game in updates or make evets that having video and story so , the game is interesting
Ahh Into the dead I remember playing this a long time ago great game it's a shame I can't somehow get my old save back with that limited time dog I had but I'm okay with it I'll grind it all back just like I did when I was little
Dude this game is amazing. Great gameplay, missions, modes, guns, graphics, everything. I'm currently on the 14 or 15 mission set, and the game is awesome!! It's really worth installing! Love this game😊😊😊