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Is a Action game developed by Lemon Jam Studio located at Unit 504, 5/F, Yip Fung Industrial Building, 7 Sheung Hei Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
1-every time you collect a hidden chip or even at random times, it tries to login into google play games. 2- you can cancel enemy attacks by spamming (attack) button but there are enemies that have non-cancelable attacks and the game's controls make it difficult to dodge them. 3-horrible animations, the walk cycle looks clunky and the attacks look clunky. 4-revives are very expensive, you can get about 80 green orbs every level and the first revives cost around 125. its an overall terrible game.
Nice game but the ads take you out of the experience.... There should be a paid version so we wouldnt have to deal with annoying ads or better yet find a creative, non-intrusive way to place ads on the billboards of the background... It is a cyberpunk game after all
I like it BUT PLEASE ADD FULL CONTROLLER SUPPORT.. not just for the direction buttons. The action buttons strike shoot and jumped are unmappable.
this is (in my opinion) one of the greatest games. But there is a couple of bugs here and there: 1. sometimes u get stuck on high walls 2. make it so when u attacc u still can walk. but if u overlook those things its a good game :D
Ok the foundations for a good game are there but you clearly need inspiration to get the most out of it. May I recommend revisiting old Nintendo and Sega classics? Like Megaman series, Double Dragon, Ninja Gaiden, River City Ransom, Cybernator, Revenge of Shinobi, Street of Rage, Gunstar Heroes, just to name a bunch.
at the beginning of the game,i was blown away by how the colors and story character look likr they were from a console game, not bad. However am not a bot, because the hitboxs, hit lag, and bugs were somthing that ruin the game. And dont let me get started on the ADs 😑it made the game become a patience test with all the force/tedious ads. however the gameplay is nice. I recommended after they fix the issues.
Great, but add a boss level where you have to defeat the founder of mirror. Also rectify the spelling mistakes and during level up, add a speed option. Please seperate the shield options and goggle options in the store. If you add these then I will be grateful. Also, please add a shield button where you can use your shield in a limited number if hits. After the maximum hits are over, the shield cannot be used. I love this game and adding these would make this even more better.
Wow. Uninstall. Literally can't pass the tutorial, because the first place you have to use double jump, the double jump doesn't go high enough. If you can't even QA the tutorial right, you need to get it together. Everything else seemed promising.
It's good at first but then knowing that you need to unlock the items step by step is very frustrating plus the fact that you just keep dying of spikes and stuff plus the enemy who warns you if they gonna attack or not dosent quite work. it's pretty unbalanced because of the amout of enemys and the damage they deal to you and you need to unlock things in an order just makes the game harder
This game is very nice than the other fighting games i played it. It is very nice and cool grapics. I played it until now. I enjoy and play this game. Why it was only 1 million downloads? But i think this game is so nice, best and good. Thanks for developers
The game is awesome. I always want to play it. My only problems with it are the inability to get rid of ads and the fact that sometimes the jump doesn't work properly. The character sometimes just does a little hop. Also, if the chacter lands on spikes he cannot take the damage and then jump free of spike less frustrating. I think, with less wonky controls and perhaps a better double jump, the overall awkwardness of the character would be less frustrating. As is, I still intend to finish the game, and will replay it if you do an update making the character movements more fluid. The cyberpunk/matrix aspects are awesome and I feel connected to the world building of the game. Overall, thumbs up.
It's a good game. You get to upgrade your weapons which means that your enemies do too. It gets more and more difficult with each level and sometimes it seems impossible. Luckily its east to get credits.
I loved the game but it was a bit laggy at times and I would really like a jumping attack animation since it just looks like a normal standing attack when you do it. If that gets fixed I would definitely download it again. Not sure if there are other problems but thats all I encoutered. Keep up the good work and I'll be back.
They should have tested it. The first boss level has a hidden chip right at the start in the ceiling that is literally too high to double jump to. Waited 30 minutes and the shop never let me buy anything even if it was 250 credits and i had 1k. Toral trash that should be gpod.
Worst! Irresponsive control buttons and the character is too huge on the screen, and the ads on this game could either save your life or kill you and the enemies just get stronger each time I upgrade my character's power! πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
Really enjoying this so far! The graphics are very crisp and the controls are easy to utilize but still strategic enough to keep you on your toes. Also, the cyber aesthetic is gorgeous. Downloaded this on a whim, so glad I did. A+ content.
one of the apps that ruined by the dev due to ads insert, this is the only game that i'd noticed that inserting irremovable ads, there's a "x" button there that will link you to download the apps, if i click on any other place or back button, nothing will happened. I cant make it back to the game, nor doing anything after i'd 3 minutes there trying to close that.
There really is no jumping button, I even tried tapping, and swiping but I've just been stuck at some stairs. Hopefully it's just me and not the game the graphics do look nice tho, so here is another star for graphics
Actually quite fun with reasonable controls, kinda like a modern Streets of Rage with some extra RPG flavour. Sadly, the slew of permissions requested on startup are far too invasive for my taste. Do you really need phone permission? Contacts permission? Uninstalled, sorry.
haven't even started playing..remove the contact permission request..this is garbage and there is no legitimate reason for it.. I've already heard the "anticheat" garbage, so please don't tell me it's for that.. searching contacts for additional player's also crosses the line :(
Loses its interest quick. Cool graphics and one of the few games to support 120hz which is lovely. But the actual game play is nothing to write home about. Starts off with a pretty cliche story line, trapped in a computer blah blah blah. The attacks are a bit buggy and can hit through walls while not being able to crouch to hit below you. The RPG element is pretty standard, dare I say basic and leaving the mediocre story line and repetitive combat.
A breath of fresh air for a mobile game. Satisfying combat and a interesting story always draws me in....and this game has both. I see a lot of reviews being negative on the jumping. DO NOT let that scare you away. It really isn't an issue once you get the hang of it,but that's just my opinion. Anyways,to the development team, GREAT WORK! Nice to see original ideas for mobile titles. If the game had a bit more depth, I could see this being in the PlayStation/Xbox digital stores. it's that good.
Game is good. Controls can be improvised better. Example like jumping through the doors downwards.However, please suggest how I can go ahead in chapter 1-3 since there is no additional way to pass by except the hidden walk away from both the ends. Could be helpful if any update available.
WOW,This game is soooooo disappointing!!!!!! Why is this game so HARD!!!Could you just please add voices to the characters?It can't be that hard!!!!!!! When I played it for the first time it was fun,BUT if you start making progress,It's too hard!!! This is age rated 12 TWELVE,FRICKENTWELVE! !!!!!!!!!! Do you really think a Twelve-year-old can pull this off?!!And guess what?,I'm older than that!!! PLZ,I'm gonna call the cops on your company!!
Could've been a great game, I was rooting for it. But delayed updates for new levels made me uninstall it. It's been almost a year or two and I'm finally reveiwing it. I wasn't much of a gamer back then so I liked it a lot. For it's poetic side, I guess? Anyways, I'd love to try it again soon. Thanks!
This would have been a great action shooter, if it wasn't for it asking the player to keep signing into Google Play? Its gameplay, graphics and controls are all fantastic. And it is still a good game to play as a platform action game.
game look good , but bad animated enemes and you , bad combat (nothing intresting just clicking atack buton and shooting buton ,no combos ,no good animate atacks or variativity of them ) story exiting , but minuses kiling this game. i dont say "dont wast your time " or you must download this game " , becase someone maybe can continue playing for story , but this is not me .
The only problem I encountered during INTO MIRROR, is that if 3+ enemies gang up on you, you dont stand a chance, because each time you're hit, you get knocked back, so when sorrounded you just get thrown around until you die.
Fun, but controls are a bit clunky, even though it's still playable. There are small English typos but still read-able. And ads are everywhere, there are times where they would ask you first in exchange for currency reward, but there are also times where they just fricking shove it to your face while still giving rewards later. Also there's a pop-up "do you want to watch ads for coins" IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME which is annoying as heck.
The storyline is compelling and interesting. Though, the jumping mechanics are a bit off; I'm just saying it makes even the first level hard to pass. You can either lower the platforms or make the character jump higher. Anyways, I hope you fix it.
Pretty good for a game that goes by the genre of side scroller, cyberpunk and hack-n'-slash. Has a rich and intriguetive storyline, however the game has high replayibility as you have to continually farm for resources to arm yourself with better gear, and which also includes traps and enemies that can be exceedingly annoying. Also the game forces you to watch ads, which are all unskippable. I didn't like the game for that, you still get rewarded coins though.
The gameplay is excellent, the graphics are outstanding. But when I want to select the levels from 1-6 I can't because it is difficult to select the stage section. Something bad from a good game. Try to fix it please.
the game has potential....nice comic graphics....put more realism in movement and fighting....more fighting steps...in the next update do not let me drop my ratings...i gave the game 5 star because of the potentials i saw..
It could be an awesome game. but gameplay control totally sucks... And yes, not to mention those bulk of ads. so irritating. it would be ok to see ad while you have completed the level. but a forced while you are in the middle of the game...really?!
The game is pretty amazing but the reason I'm giving 3 stars is that this game is a copy of arasaka plot if you don't believe watch it with your eyes .The only difference is that this game has improved graphics and other stuffs but is just a copy and thus thing makes the difference
Game has major bugs which includes,but is not limited to...like on tabbing out to another app and retabbing into the game, the game remains unresponsive until restart which means you lose all progress gained. Secondly the elevator in the epilogue of the game that showcases the game developer is sometimes broken as the character model is able to go under the platform, thirdly this game should go pay 2 play 😁
I really, really loved this game with all my heart. Once the game ended I was quite sad, though I was very thrilled that I actually did it. I have some small questions, for example "What's Allen's eye color?" (this particular one has been bugging me even though it's one not worth replying).
I love this game!!!! storyline is good too just some equipments are way too expensive but, it's challenging to unlock them.keep up the good work guys
had to take a break bc of ads. this game has one of the best aesthetics i have ever seen out there. i could definitely see this as a paid game rather than an ad-ridiculed one. 4/5 stars, would recommend
Its really hard to develope a game like this . its too good ,I used to play it when I was in 6th, now i finished 10th and I'm coming back to game , its really good . its actually better than among us , offline and its worth a try
game is awesome ,story is also good but there are too many ads ,they just pop up when ever i play. it's ok if i watch ads on my own for credits but they just pop up every time i cross, fail or pass my level . also stuff in this game is way too costly ,u have to just watch ads to buy things .
I played for one minute and this goddamn ad came on that wouldn't go away and had no way to close it out at all. Waited over 10 minutes before giving up. Ad just replayed over and over again. Makes game completely unplayable. Great job... NOT
the game experience can be best described as glitchy. When you are trapped in acid or spikes, there is no way to escape. Many a times, the jumps to platforms which are high don't work. The game experience is entirely ruined by this. The game does not feel smooth at all
Game play not great but good and acceptable. I do liked the story though. Over all i liked it. Will you dev team continue the story?? I am waiting for the story to be finished for a long time. (This is a late review.)
Pretty decent gameplay. The combat is fun, the upgrade system is nice, the devs clearly put effort into their story. But if there's one single thing this game does best- one area it excels at beyond all others- it has to be selling other games. There are video ads EVERYWHERE in this game. If you don't have unlimited data, forget even checking this out.
ADS!!! Ads all the time! I spent more time watching the [email protected] ads than playing the game! The game itself is great, when you actually get to play it.