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Interstellar Pilot

Interstellar Pilot for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by pixelfactor located at pixelfactor Unit 29 New Lydenburg Commercial Estate New Lydenburg Street London SE78NF. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Drug Use) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game itself is pretty good. However the game will ask you to give permission to make and manage phone calls. There should be no reason why the game would need that(feel free to correct me if I missed something)
This is a very fun game that let's you pilot your ships throughout the universe doing a variety of things, from trading goods to fighting hostiles. You can build your assets and increase your wealth as well as build a strong fleet of ships that can also help increase your wealth and power in the universe. It is up to you as to how the game plays out, you can be a friendly trader of goods, a scavenger, or a pirate if you choose. Be whatever you want to be in your own universe. Good stuff!!!
Simple game play makes this an easy game to play. One note to developers: the scratch tickets make it too easy to make money. Al, you have to do is buy one. If it doesn't win just reload and try again.
Excellent game. Throughly enjoy playing. Could do with an update to give more ships or improve stations. Also alliances and better diplomacy would make the game so much better. This is a great game I recommend everyone tries it.
You know, you should add ship's crew and make use of the rations, plasma rifles, pindolan ale and hypersleep pods for the crew and make it a bit more realistic. Anyway, love the game
Its great gameplay, tho shuttle expensive for battery. If I could get the cv pack, I would. I wish miners drills auto dropped ores from asteroids every other shot, and not randomized. I could sit for 10 minutes drilling, and get maybe 5-15 ore. Not enough. Please up it. Also a warp drive would be nice. So I don't have to find the green clouds to travel.
Best game i ever played so far ... I only with that there could be more ways to earn credits faster and more fleet command options. I've been playing for about 1 year now and im already bored this game needs new ships ang stations
The best sci-fi games I have ever played, but can you make a fast forward button to control the flow of trade faster? Thanks. Can you also put in the option to take down owned stations into the station parts again?
Love it. Very addictive. Love the gameplay. The ships are cool and the game is really easy to play. I would definitely recommend it! 😎🔥💓
I am blown away by how good this game is! I searched and searched for a good space game on mobile, only to be disapointed time and time again. When i had lost all hopes of fiding the game i wanted, i stumble uppon Interstellar. If only there was some way to play with other people this would be my perfect game. Please, dev, if possible, would you add some form of multiplayer or even re-create this universe as an mmo? This is just so much good potential here. Be as it may i am just thankful.
Been playing on and off for years; and it still beats any mobile space game on the market to this day. The gameplay and AIs are a dream team. Not to mention running your own space excavation and security crews. If you like interactive space games, this is it!
Best game on playstore! Only wish there would be more added and a small fix on miner vessel where the second mining laser worked... other than that small issue I would give 100/100 stars if I could. A second version like this would be great as a MMO version with a player driven economy and something like clans maybe. More resources such as in asteroids would be nice to see also and possibly of course more ships. Ive had this game installed for 3 years just about. Time to show it love please devs
Great game until a point where its just mindless. Enemies pop up out of anywhere with no rhyme or reason.
A highly recommended game for people with interests in base building fleet building and micromanaging. Has good mechanics along with great contents and amazing experience its fun and entertaining it can remove boredom out of you and its completely free. You aren't obliged to pay-to-win since you can grow and grow. This game is amazing and it will always be special in my heart
ONE OF THE BEST! Open world space game, limitless options. Two purchases unlocks everything for less than £5. Autopilot works for everything, while you do what you want. Truly an awesome free game worth taking the time to learn. I started with refinery and after trading a bit, have 85 stations, over 50 ships. No build limit sees your empire grow to whatever you can imagine. The 2D aspect allows the game to just keep expanding in play. It's a mobile game, but what a result!!
It's so sad how a really good game like this was forgotten by the devs. I still check this once in a while if there's new updates and new gimicks but still nothing. I hope they come back
Absolutley love it! However one little bug I've noticed. When trying to go around a wormhole even within 300 distance sometimes automatically sends u through. For example, on unchartered space, Beta Pendola sector, there where enemies, base and all, behind the wormhole from where all friendly bases were I usually have to go way out of the way of the worm hole because even heading with ship aimed past said wormhole not through it to get to enemy base it will send you through which gets annoying.
I find the contros and ui to be very user friendly, faction interactions could be noted a little more clearly, as i had 1 faction grow more hostile wuthout ever targeting or hurting them. I was instead targeting only bandits and a scavenger faction was the one growing hostile. I did find a little cheese tactic where with a large enough ship that is cloaked, you can push non cloakable bandits out into heavily patrolled areas away from the ouposts they are guarding, and have others attack tgem
great game, I would love if they they updated the game more often. Maybe where you could make allies with other factions, or maybe place bounties. I do recommend this game especially if you love space games.
Great work so maybe you could add more?Smashing! Instant action is great option for a quick trip! Great visuals! Wonderful spaceships to control and manage as teams of traders and passenger ships.
It's really cool, the only problem I have is that the lasers are unrealistic. They have less range than the shots. Technically, they ha e unlimited range.
Great game. Been playing since 2017 until now and I'm pretty sad about the fact that the game itself looked like it's been abandoned by its devs (most likely it is I guess), I'm pretty disappointed by it. This game had SOOOO MUCH potential to improve in many aspects. I am still waiting here for the devs to update it, checking it on Playstore from time to time in case it had updates but so far it didn't. Still hoping the devs would update it since I started playing the game 4 years ago.
This is the beat space sim on android!!! I LOVE this game!!! Please never take it off playstore. I play it for hours lol. Amazing detail and depth!!! Its so cool building your own fleet that actualy follows you!!! Love all the missons you can do. Cool game modes!!! Im going to buy all iap too the 5 dollars is so worth it!!! Developers you did an amazing job on this game!!! Thanks so much for making it!!! Ill be playing it for years lol.
Iove this game its challenging and fun i hope you continue to develop it, its a good game to play and if you like space shooter and building.
Overall this is a great game. But the trade route finder likes to send many ships on the same route rather then finding ones not already picked. The property list should be in pages instead of the scroll bar. once u have over 100 ships it gets laggy and tedious trying to find the 1 ship u want. It's too easy.. it really needs some kind of end game goal like a super powerful enemy to destroy. You spend the whole game getting rich and strong. But theres nothing to do with it... Great job overall
Really deep for a free mobile game! One of very few that encouraged me to drop a little cash on it.... And it being single player, cant really call it pay to win. Id give 5/5, except im forced to do lots of google searches due to lower in-game explaination than what i'd like to see. Still more than enough is explained to give it a solid try, so if looking online for detailed answers doesnt bother you... What are you waiting for?
This is a really awesome game, though there isn't any tutorial on how to get started, one has to figure it all out. But once you figured it out, you "A" for away. My Faction is already a Superpower and I've destroyed many huge factions. Great game for those who like to spend hours playing something. Please add a multiplayer mode, that would be even more awesome, maybe in the beginning players can get beginners protection after they developed a bit in the game before players can attack eachother
Moved to a 2 star cause my problem has yet to be noticed. I sent a email and it has yet to be responded to. So i feel the devs may have abandoned this game Ok pretty good game over all but im just having a issue retreiveing my previous purchases for this game. I had both the capital ship pack amd thunder frigate pack but when i downloaded this game on a new phone a year or so later im not getting them back. Im using the same email and google play store account i did then.
If you like the X series from Egosoft you are going to love this small game. This game is by far one of the best space game you can currently get the graphics are good the controls are simple and easy to use the gameplay is the best for what it is. Overall the game fun and enjoyable but doesn't revice updates anymore even though the games feels unfinished in certain areas.
It's been 3 years since last update and yet i keep playing it, because this is "masterpiece!" no matter what space game i play, i still keep playing it because it so amazing!!! Why would devs abandoning this masterpiece?!! This game has so many potential in the next future update! I hope devs read this message I was hoping this if there's a new update Wait don't tell me this is already 100% complete? No it isn't,why?, because the story is a bit lack i mean the story is short I hope new
It's awesome. Love this game. All you need now is some sort of base/HQ type thing an this will be the best game ever.(I'll give 5 stars then)
Its basically a simplified mobile version of X3AP_Litcube's Universe. It is very enjoyable and clearly a little game that took more dedication and passion than the standard for mobile. Very recommended to play hanging around.
I love this so much!,this game is cause spending time to me because of boring quarantine,and also i really little hated because pirate are endless,when i defeated one pirate there a new pirate faction appear in faction,when i defeated one here we go again there's another pirate faction,and so on.Pls added one ore two Capital Ship,that powerful than magnus like an infected battleship or dreadnought.And also add faction when press new game "Passenger","Bounty Hunter",and "Equipment Dealer".
Perfrct. I love everything about this. No ads, not a single intrusion. The premium packs are cheap. I would, however, love to establish good relations with the bandits... maybe start raiding with them... and here's another good feature to add: I go to the factions page, right? I see that other factions have allies, but I can only do that with mercs...
This is everything that a space RTS should look like. It does it all well. I can't wait to be able to buy the capital ships expansion. Only a few changes and this game would be 5 perfect stars, like being able to add more ships to a fleet in Skirmish battles for that fleet war feeling, making factions make larger fleets and be more of a threat to the player if hostile, and miners on autopilot using both lasers instead of just one.
Not a bad game has a great start to what could be an amazing game. I would like to see better guidance for the ships instead of them constantly bumping into each other. Would like to see different types of stations and ships. When trading sell to other groups, not your own stations so as to make it a more realistic economy. Stronger enemies. Additional orders for ships flying together. Fly formation, choose from couple different types. Thx for listening.
I love this game...hivewer there's not enough what to do after some point when you build up everything.Game ends at point when you become the most powerful player in game...after that no point to continue to play
has potential, online with real players would great. Menu navigation could be better and keep menus open for wormholes. keep it up devs. building something great here.
Great game, no childish alliance nonsense, a small non-mandatory one time cost (less than $10) gets you access to every ship but you don't need it to enjoy. No subscription fee. No membership fee, again NO alliance nonsense. No other "stellar" players that have invested a ton of money and just railroad over everyone. You play by yourself against and with AI factions. You are solo. You can earn credits to buy more ships to transport people or ship cargo or mine resources or collect bounties. A+.
ONE OF THE BEST! Open world space game, limitless options in game. Two in-game purchases unlocked everything for less than £5. I would happily pay £5 for a game like this. Autopilot any ship for any purpose. Trade, mining, passenger transport. Truly an awesome free game worth the in-game purchases. Take your time to get to know the game, it took a while but I know where to find everything now. It's a never ending, in depth game that yes takes time. But is great once a fleet is made.
this... is... interstellar pilot: and it is legendary. its a lite x2 clone with focus on trade using the games fairly robust remote robot system. and if you understand that; welcome home. this was the best game on windows phone 5 years ago... sadly, its one of the best on android today... whats more sad is that the devs not apparently forging ahead and making more games. the premium battleship/station add on is nice, but not necessary. though I might even buy it again... love this game.
good music, good graphics, understandable controls, versatile routes to play the game... the ultimate mobile space trader/fighter of the app store. deserves editor's choice.
I really like this game, but i believe you guys should add some more ships, and possibly some more features for stations, and also your factions.
This is a nice, old game. Made about eight years ago, updated four years ago, it may be dead, but is still fully functional. The game is free, but to unlock the biggest ships, you need to pay about $5. If the money goes to any living person, I have no idea. Enjoy!
This reminds me of the X series games, or Elite Dangerous for PC. Impressive depth and graphics for a tablet game. Just wish it was still in development.
Good game but theirs no booster drive or fast forward button to accelerate the time. While I'm playing this game i can't stop yawning until i sleep. It's take too much time to arrive in just one place and to another.
I love this game so much and i would like to see some more stuff added like maybe a coloring add on like you get to color your own ships annd you could set it up so the ai could do the same and so new ships would be cool and guns like maybe a shotgun type and the bandits need a little more love i rarely see them with the big ships it would be more fun if they had more then maybe add some aliens that would be awesome but all in all i love and keep up the awesome work peoples stay safe
I am ready to call it perfect. complete freedom and open ended play, without the threat of deep pocket wallet warriors destroying your stuff when you are offline... an exceptional collection of various ships of all sizes to own. After a few days of loving it, the Capital ships premium add ons are a Great Value, (you get a lot, at low price...) Automate important assignments like trading, and mining.... the faction interaction is really fun, There are different game modes, if you want the eternal saga, or the instant action. Graphics are fantastic, controls are simple smooth, and this game is fast and light. It has never crashed on my old devices... 100% recommended to ANYONE who likes spaceships.
I've played this game for a long time, and I have taken over many generated universes, and that's kinda what makes the game fun. The uniqueness of this game, and the way it takes two types of games, economy, and physical shooters, and puts them together. It's great to manage a fleet in some games, but when you're down there with your fleet, that changes your perspective. This is a really fun game, the only thing it needs is some online.
This game is good i really like it, i hope there will be more update and make the battle system more fun, adding some new equipment, and oh... i hope to make it the controlling a fleet is more easier
Excellent experience with this game and well over 100+ hours invested. Simple controls, automate most of your empire as it grows, create and command fleets, take out entire sectors for yourself, etc. Its a crying shame that since this games release, it has only received the 2 updates for the in app purchases and minor bug fixes and whatnot. This gem has/had so much more potential and its still a great game. Highly recommend playing.
I see potential in it being fun. But it seems pretty limited right now. Though hopefully the production of the game gets better with updates, or an improved sequel sounds cool too.
I have been playing for 3 years now and I haven't seen a single update made. I have some ideas on what the next update can include. In the next update I would like to see more ships and a sandbox mode where you can choose where everything is and how every faction starts. I think this will boost the game a lot. Thanks for a good game
An incredible space simulation game with lots of variety and play styles to experiment with. If you can get past the steep learning curve, there is an amazing amount of fun to be had. I highly recommend this game, but purchase the capital ships pack to enjoy this games full potential (very cheap, and very worth it!).
Ok I've lost track on how long I have played this game for. Interstellar pilot has a solid game format, simple mechanics, easy game play. However the creators of this game need to make head way on new updates more ships for general public like a titan class. Plus give the players the option to join an online server with Dev's present in game to interact with players in game and see view points on this game for future updates.
A M A Z I N G. I feel as if the game could use multiplayer, THAT would be fun. Players join each other's factions, raiding party, wars. That would be great. The game as-is is just phenomenal. Simple, with so many features and things to do, it's impossible to not have fun!
Fun game. However I find it lacking in options. For example while in game factions can form alliances you can't. I think this would of been a fun feature to add to game. Also perhaps even being able to capture ships once their health is in the red would have made this game even better. Yet still a good game overall.
Great all around game. Long term, short term play is fantastic. Play a quick game or spend hours building your fleet. Worth every single penny!
Really a great base. Annoying is that it is not working in splitscreen or power saving mode when switching off the display. Also the tall CZ ticker can annoy the sound emphasis. A auto targeting system would benice the client effort living also. 🌕🥐🤙🙃
Love the game,Once you know everything its simple as knowing what you want to do. I would like to see someone revive this app it could be great to see more like interactible planets or more stuff.
Great game you literally build your own space Empire fight Pirates other factions it's a great game love it even bought the expansions they're not very expensive a few dollars each I believe great I hope there is more expansions to this maybe bigger Maps
Three things I LOVE about this game 1. No ship is alike so that means there are a variety of ships to choose from! 2. The combat is very unique! 3. The performance is outstanding!
Amazing app and gameplay .. the only problem is "can the ship be more faster than that" and can if we can jump to the another sector using warp it would be nice. I've taken over all sector by destroying other turrets by surrounding their turrets with l-5 turrets.. Its fun dominating in this game
i love the game and its very addictive and etc. but i think it could use a few improvements like a multiplayer mode,the option to get the "evil" reputation,gamepad compatibility, the ability to place a bounty on others, and that's all i can think of right now
This is the best offline space sim playable on mobile. I hope they would give updates, and update the wing formation pathfinder as well as ships bumping each other pathfinder. The core gameplay is perfect but it's too few. Maybe make the stations a lot bigger and add more ships. I don't mind flying horizontal only as long as the game gets updated. In app purchase is worth it.
This game is super fun currently my only frigate is trapped in a system fighting multi system offensive against at least 5 different rebel factions without capital ships such as at least a crusier battle group i have to wait and hope some other faction comes in and breaks the offensive
I love this game, but, i have unlocked all the bigger ships for sale and i am still unable to buy them. I was told to open the game from playstore, just did that and still nothing... will raise star level if i am able to...one day
Brilliant game, no ads no interruptions what so ever. If you like space Sims like the X series or elite dangerous than this is the game, you can have fleets and by the looks of it your own space base. You can run everything from a station if you wish and order NPCs to do the work for you. There is a store but it never pressures you to buy anything. I bought everything in the shop though all for less than a tenner.
Edit, since the last update a new bug emerged where when my credits keep spending even when my ships are doing nothing. Every time I try to get past 500 credits it is gone before I get a chance to do anything. The bug just showed up and made the game unpleasant. Will Edit again after fix and please fix. Otherwise great game
It was an amazing and fantastic game and unique to no other. Unfortunately, it has been last updated since 2017 and no longer receives new updates. It's now declared a dead game everyone. Although it is still fun but you won't receive any updates once you play.
This game reminds me of the original space rogue for the apple Macintosh from the 80s. That game had all the same options that are available in Interstellar Pilot, except it had full 3d travel and combat, and you could actually explore places you land on in overhead 2d. If an Interstellar Pilot 2 comes out, I hope it has at least one of those features. Overall, I love this game, but I'd like more dialogue options in universe mode with NPCs, more scenarios, maybe for IP2? Please make IP2!
Decent game, good for mindless time wasting. Worth buying the packs if you want to have fun with nicer ships that don't take a decade to unlock though.
I really like this game I bought the extra ships and there worth it once I get money, one thing I would like is like a coop over internet or somthing that would be cool
Very awesome, would want new ships to be added, but i have something, can you make the bigger ships free or atleast the newer, i know they're cheap but it's something that will help, it would really also help if you'd add another ship that can enter bigger ships, thank you
This is the best mobile game i've ever played. Keep up the good work! Pls keep it alive and updated. I never want it to go away. :DD If you know the game Freelancer, (made by microsoft, and digital anvil studios, 2003) it is like a simpler mobile version of that game. So great. :D Nice graphics and more. 10 out of 10.
Hey man! The game is fantastic, the graphics, the controls, the A.I., everything is just amazing. A little note to you please make new games like these because there are very less developers who give such nice games, so no complain for you nothing. Just one thing make new games every now and then because you are the one holding playstore
Great game allowing you to be a part of a simulated galaxy. I would like to see multiplayer and more ships and ship modifications but overall great game
Perfect. I love everything about this. No ads, not a single intrusion. The premium packs are cheap. I would, however, love to establish good relations with the bandits... maybe start raiding with them... and here's another good feature to add: I go to the factions page, right? I see that other factions have allies, but I can only do that with mercs... Here, some info for players, if you don't want to pay money for the game since no one's updating it... Find a mod!
Absolutely excellent experience and a cool casual game for when you need to chill out, some updates to Camera controls would be nice but overall decently well rounded game. There are some gripes though, for example large ships like the Magnus and Overlord constantly get stuck on asteroids and space stations. Maybe using sector maps and universe maps to draw a route through the universe? Other than that, worth a download and DEFINITELY worth the grind for the good stuff.
This game is technically dead. I began playing in 2017 after the last update, ever... However, it's still one of the best games available on all of Google Play and it's certainly still worth playing. It definitely beats out most other new space games being developed today. It's really quite remarkable but just shows you how truly awesome this game is. It makes me happy reading the new 2020 reviews and see people still excited about it. Even abandoned by the devs, it will still live on forever.
Amazing game download it u won't regret it I am really hooked on this game please support this game if ur interested in space games it's Soo fulfilling this message is to the developer bro I think it's time for a major upgrade i mean huge like new ships and new missions and new weapons and bigger ships new jobs that kinda stuff who's with me hey
Excellent space sim. Bounty hunting, trading, mining... Fleet command. Its really good! I'd love a sequel. Lol
I first played this in 2015 and I'm still inlove in this game, the game has a lot of potential for a role-playing game. The devs should add an update with a storyline but with the same gameplay.
This game is awesome! The best way I can describe this game is freedom. Your free to do as you please in whatever spaceship you can afford. Do jobs, blow stuff up, go mining, it's all up to you. I've never had a bug. It's such an easy game to relax with. I'm excited to see how development of this continues. It has the potential for even more in terms of storyline and game modes.
This game is amazing. But I believe you should add a feature so you can become allies with a friendly faction. Maybe even make it so you could request help? That's all and I hope you didn't forget about us! 😸 Edit: I've been playing this for a good few years now and I can't stop playing it. I think you should add a new ship. One that has one weapon and has alot of cargo space? Like a full on cargo vessel that needs to be protected?
Really good game, but there would be more potential in it. If they would make it multiplayer it could be the best game I ever played. Respect guys
This game is inspired by a game called "X3 terran conflict" on pc, which is this but better. If you have a pc you should check it out. BTW You can cheese capital ships without paying irl currency by ordering your ship to dock to it and then chilling in its hangar untill the capship docks. When it undocks you are the owner. If it doesn't work just look it up on YouTube.
huge game with a lot of potential paths, but fleet-building is not one of them. AI sucks when it comes to your fleet, kills on enemy fleets - your guys just fly around getting hit and "protect me" doesn't work. If you want to buy the only ships viable for independent combat, you might could progress beyond a few timid freighters
I really like the game and please will there be an update for more commands like patrol sector, Auto replenish ammo, auto repair (so you won't go back and forward to tell a ship to go repair if it's damaged) and I would like new ships hope you like my recommendations just come on developers don't stop here!!
This is such a great game , still after 4 years I still play it often . It however needs some tlc from the devs . Really after working your butt off building your galaxy spanning empire , it would be nice to not have to constantly check in on your defence fleets guarding your installations . The devs should create a tender class ship that will both re arm and repair your defensive craft . Or strengthen the a.i. so your craft will automatically go for repairs and re arms when needed .