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International Fashion Stylist - Dress Up Games for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Games2win.com located at Games2win India Pvt. Ltd. 42, Film Center, 4th Floor, 68, Tardeo, Mumbai – 400034. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game but the outfits are expensive so if you don't earn enough money you etheir watch a bunch of ads or use real money but it is very worth the download and the experience
Love this game but recently when I try to watch ads it stops the game all together and closes out. I hope it gets fixed.
This game is amazing!! I honestly love the different looks and styles! But, I'm sad you guys removed all the good hairs. I'll give the game 5 stars if you bring back the old hairs!! They were amazing!! But still, def recommend this game! :)
Does not even get passed the loading screen and it just says tap to continue, but when I tap, nothing happens at all.
It is a great game, especially for time pass. Though I have finished all the 150 levels in the style diary and still want to play more of those levels and it would be great if more levels were added. I also have some issues with the game, first it hangs alot, second the items that i alreadt bought sometimes come in tye items section and it is as if i never bought them, and lastly I am unable to double my coins no matter what i do,infact game just hangs if i press the icon for that 3 or 4 times.
This game used to run with no glitches, now, the wardrobe, make up and destination selections freeze (you can't scroll) and when I last played the hair didn't fit on the face properly. Hopefully these will be resolved.
The commercials are ridiculous! I will delete after this review it is so bad! Plus, if you don't pick the outfits that have the most commercials, you get a bad score...stupid.
It's a fun game and it has 150 levels and that's where it ends i wish it could be added more and some hair does not fit the head it is so interesting i love it but within two days i had finnish all the levels add more levels
The game is great. But the pose of the skinny model is not fair, cos the dresses seem sexier on the the other bit_weighte model because her pose of standing is more attractive. I hope you can add more models to choose from or at least fix the skinny model pose. Also I would like to see an update for using more than a piece of excessories for the same styling, also to be able to use excessories with all the levels. The platinum blond hair is must to exist. We need new and more levels. ThanxπŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ
This app keeps me addicted there are soo many looks to choose from and I don't think money was an issue for me in this game for the first time...if u want more money to buy a nice dress from the level you're on but don't have enough simply keep on playing the previous levels and in a short while u might have enough....(absolute love❀❀❀)
This game is wonderful, better than any fashion game ive played before. The only complaint i have is that when i first downlowded it, it was kinda laggy but that could have very well been my phone and it stopped after a few uses. Its realistic with a ton of options and it never seems to get old.
Fist I'm gonna praise them for having a HIJAB as a clothing option. Good selection of hair and clothing. Clothing options change on different challenges. Wish you could choose her makeup. Overall app is pretty simple but still fun. It could be updated a little more.
I thought the first bug was bad.. this one keeps freezing and crashing my phone! Took me way too long to be able to write a review, but I had to tell you how bad this game is and to FIX it for younger gamers who are too young and naive to realize how awful this game really is. Could have been a great game if you put in ANY effort and listened to your feedback. Uninstalling and never looking back.
Lots of fun to play (But!) Jewelry and Handbags are never displayed at the same time. These items make your "Look" complete. The game is great, but add the Jewelry and Handbags, when putting together the ensemble. It would be nice to add Hats to the collection too!.
This game is super fun, I love that unlike with other fashion games like this, you can actually make stylish looks without spending money! There's always a fair amount of free options for each level, and they're cute! Plus you earn coins for every level you style! Edit: now there's an option to watch videos to get items instead of using your coins! LOVE IT!
I love this game but the reason I only gave it 4 stars is cuz there's a lot of ads .can you give new outfit and maybe do a fashion show :)
Fun-tastic; hard to take a break!!! "Congratulations" keeps getting better and better, continue, don't stop... how about adding make-up too .
Just started this game for the first time and about five minutes into it it's already frozen twice!! pity... I was actually already liking it. πŸ˜’ UPDATE: App is working fine now and really like it. feel like a real fashionista! πŸ’ƒA few more hairstyles and accessories would be grand though! πŸ˜πŸ™
Best game ever all kind of clothes is in it and there's also multiplayer events , it's the best install itt
Love it !! I enjoyed all the different categories . some of your ads is way to much for this game . I am knocked off because of certain ones . So far knocked off 3 times and haven't progress in the game because of it . re do certain ads cause this is a useless game if it's not fixed . love the game and want to continue . Thank you...well it still hasn't been fixed . If you DON'T fix your ads we spend mire time watching a black screens when ads PLAYING so DON'T see them we just hear them .
Great game there's different themes for each round and you get to unlock style diary later into the game style diary is when you get to compete against other people the only problem I have is you need WiFi to play so if I go to the mall or something I can't play or if I'm on a bus. Overall great game
Beautiful clothing and model selection. Fab as you can redo all quests , only downside is eats phone power and heats phone up quickly so only pop on for 1 or 2quests.
I gave you 4 stars because it's a good game. It has many problems you need to look at fixing. It lags heaps, freezes all the time and when you try to scroll the items sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. Please fix these problems as soon as you can as I don't want to uninstall the game. Thank you πŸ˜€
For me overall the game is pretty good..but since the past week I don't know what has happened. As I try to play the levels, while dressing up the models every time if I wanna choose something from my closet (the clothes I bought). They are not on display. Everything's just blank. And the game even froze for a good 15 minutes. Plz fix this issue.
I like the game but the fact that in order to do well you have to pick one of the four items they suggest. Then in order to get one of the four you have to watch at least one, (but usually more) ads. Some ads are okay though, I understand that there has to be some or else the game wouldn't be free, but it makes it really hard to actually play the game. It's basically watching videos to play the game for a couple of minutes
The game takes far too long to load. I downloaded it, but just got a blank screen and some tinny music for a long, long time. Shame, as it looks like an interesting game, had I been able to play it. In the end I got fed up with waiting and uninstalled it. Disappointed.
The hair doesn't fit the head and also it's too small. The costumes sometimes glitch and even the eyeshadow and lipstick won't appear on the screen frequently.
It a very nice game it is perfect but if only the could add a little moving features , like the model turning atter the dress up will be great
It's great that you have modest outfits available in this game, and that they can be won with ads or coins. I really like such choices. Keep up the good work.
It's so fun. And if you play it for like a moth then you unlock the challenge. I think that you will like it if you like all kinds of styles!!😁😁
Excellent game. Great choice of wardrobes, shoes, jewelry, purse and accessories but limited hairstyle options. 2 game profile. Style Diary is a single player profile in which we have to dress up the client for a special event without a timer whereas the style event is a two player random (unable to compete with friends) face-off match with 2 minutes timer with additional coin bonus for the winner. Can choose to double the reward coins by watching an ad which is useful. Hope can further the game
This is very cool app.I like its one feature that if we doesn't have money to buy something we can see videos and get the item,so i like it.
The game is very good.... But there is some problem with the challenge one..... Whenever I style my model everytime she wins and the opponent losses with 5.6 or 5.5 stars every time...... I think u can understand that everytime winning the game is not interesting...... Pls fix this problem ASAP..... REST I LOVE THE GAME
I love how easy it is to win coins... also the wide range of free clothes.... Now after the update they've taken away most of the free stuff.. forcing me to buy clothes... why ohhhh whhhyyyyy
Playing this game afer 1 month it will force you to use your money... And then it will not provide you ads... By the way, the costumes and makeup are just amazing!!😍🀩
It's a good game, great concept. I love that you can watch ads to get items, rather than wait forever for your coins to build up or spend real cash on it. It has a lot of pretty and unique clothes and accessories, a wide variety and even suggestions on what to wear to get the highest score. That being said, the game is rather buggy after a bit; I've had to uninstall and reinstall it three times now because whenever I try to open my closet on any category, it comes up blank. Please help!
The app was all cool until the hair feature stopped working. Model's hair isnt changing even after selecting multiple times. Damn upset as this happened after a purchase was made
Far far far too many Ads. Bought a jacket which vanished into thin air. Could be good but needs improved
They keep commenting the same thing. Yes, we're aware that developers require to generate revenue but an ad every 5 seconds is ridiculous. Graphics and outfits are stunning but ads make it unplayable.
The game is super fun and you can a lot of money just by watching ads. However, after the last update, the game doesn't open and it's stuck on the games2win screen. Also before the update, the game crashed when I tried to open my profile.
It is so fun. There are mabey a few glitches but for my experience it is so much fun I would suggest this game for you and your friends πŸ˜πŸ˜‰ so get it now and don't be shy. Tell every one you know. πŸ˜…
I love playing this game and the wedding stylist game as well, however, I recently had to install both of them again, but I made sure to login to my GooglePlay account which informed me that my game progress had been saved and the achievements Ive unlocked thus far were visible. Unfortunatley, when I open the style diary it makes me start from the very beginning and I do not have any of the clothes I own in my closet. Please help fix this issue!!
The game is good just wish you had more then one option for accessories ect ..ect ..and different patterns to choose from...but a great game to pass time..
This overall game is nice graphics,the controrls and the gameplay is nice when I started play this game newly the hairstyles they were different-different hairstyles but after a long time the hairstyles came at the last I thought no problem the launcher of this game might have shifted it but when I tapped on hairstyles and I chose a hairstyle it was not getting selected only a 4-5 hairstyles were been picked up and I also have the lastest version of google game play. So please do something.
I love this game but, the problem is that they are not giving more ads so that I can have more dresses i don't like this thing if this game but overall it's good
It is a very nice game. I am happy that I discovered it. This app is real fun n also helps us know how much good we have the dressing sense.... whosoever has made this game is a legend....🌷🌷🌷
This game is outstanding. I love this game and I have crossed all level in challenging to our companion.
I just love this game.this is because there are so many clothes and styles and shoes and accessories. I think that every single person who reads this comment should download this game if they didn't already.
I love this game so much I only gave it a 4 because when the competition starts you are given instructions on how to dress the model I do it exactly what they asked but many many times the winner does not follow directions the game might ask for a red skirt and Green Top I'll follow instructions and do just that but then the winner has on a pink dress with black shoes and totally opposite of what the game is asking for and I find it very frustrating I've almost uninstalled the game because of tha
I just miss the proper center partion hairstyle.And I have a problem in the color of lipsticks. They are to chunky and shiny why can't they be normal red maroon and brown.And a request if the old dresses could be added back again,those before we updated...
I updated the game , and now the game won't open for me. I wish I left well alone. I hope you fix the issue for me, cause I do enjoy playing this. Thanks.
The game is very good. My problem is what is the point buying stuff when you never allow to use it. It is never available while playing. So irritating
The game is great of you have enough coins. However I cannot change the hairstyles, when I tap a different hairstyle, it highlights it but the model's hairstyle won't change. What should I do?
The game is fun, but I never get any videos. I can't seem to get past level 150 on style diary. Is that the end? If so I'm disappointed! 😏
Unplayable. Ads interrupt gameplay every 30 seconds. Want to pass a level? Watch these 6 ads. Wants to complete this stage? Watch another ad. Ads ads ads. And it's the same 5 ads over and over again. I know games need ad revenue to be published but this is ridiculous. Not worth it at all. Uninstalled after doing 4 levels, the ads are unbearable.
The game is really nice and entertaining. However, I just got a new phone and when I signed into my profile, it started me from the beginning, when I'm really on level 57. I was very disappointed about that.
i really love this game. one of the many reasons is that it is really simple. but there's always something wrong after every update. now the problem is that some of the hair just don't work. they're stuck on the face. please fix this soon πŸ™
Excuse oo u guys tried for the game it is the ad for me just now that I downloaded the game on my new phone πŸ“± I've not dressed up a single model because triller ad keeps coming up I don't understand why won't the ad exit.I have tried playing it 2 times the ad πŸ˜’ just won't stop showing up and I've simply downloaded triller before this game help me pls.
I hate this game because first time if we dont have enough money how can we buy something so,they have given ads option also if we have to watch 2-3 ads only one ad is coming in that and more 2 ads they are showing ads are loading there are many clothes but more things are to buy 4000 or 5000 that's why I gave this game 1 star.please try to improve this mistake
Nice one, You can watch adds or pay a reasonable amount of money on outfits, makeup, etc. You can easily earn money through adds too, this game keeps me busy and entertained, I could not give it less than 5 stars.
There is bug in your app. In the challenge mode, when we restart the game, we need to complete the 4 challenges again in order to reach at the level we left. Please resolve this issue.
I like it! I enjoy playin this game. the only thing I hope is the reward will be more credits, and low price for dress 😝
My whole account was wiped. I had a huge collection of close and like 40,000 coins. Logged in, and it is all gone. Super pissed. I put actual money into this game.
I loved this game at first but after the last update I lot over half of my inventory. I have completed all the leavles and have never seen new ones. And all the prefered outfits by the game are ugly and the outfits I style that are cute they give me a 2/10. Other that that great time killer.
Nice games very very nice and me and my sister love is this game but the main reason of not giving it all 5 stars it's because of its ads that only.
I saw the new updates there have been new hair styles updated but few are the new haistyles if we choose it is not fitting the whole head it's just coming down in front of the face please fix it.. Else everything is really perfect in this game 😍
I love this game, but then some of us or I prefer the other fat lady, cause she is main to me, could you please upgrade her wardrobe moreeee, and also give her Cool makeups too, different nice colours of lip gloss and eye makeup...thank you
Amazing game i only have 2 issues..one is it always takes me back to homescreen and all this stocking new items makes the game even more boring just add this things without making us download them it totally makes no sense that the game is offline But you expect us to use our data
One of the most intresting dressing games i've ever played. Everything is amazing, the only reason i did not give its full stars was because it finshes data but besides that its perfect
I can't complete one style without the app kicking me out by itself, sometimes multiple times on one styling session. I've had this app before and loved but couldn't help but uninstall when it started kicking me out every few minutes, it would be great if you could fix this.
Game is good but lipstick shades r not good no matte shade there and hairstyles r not attractive not in colors and eyeshadows are not innovative and accessories are not so good in all as compared to fashion diva it's not having well features kindly improvise it.
I love this game. Its amazing and all but i have completed all 150 levels in both style diary and style challenge. What do i do now. I cant stand being here when i'm in love with the game. Plez help meee!!!!
Great game. I had one problem, I couldn't watch anymore free ads for clothes at times. But other then that...i love this game.
Press install now, you won't regret it. Great fun, also you can't watch videos so no need to spend to much money if at all. Love❀️love this game, in my top 5 for sure. Thanks guys
This game is so fun and addicting and you can play it for hours and hours and hours but the reason I only gave it a 4-star because I wish that like you could customize your character like all the way like you can pick the skin color and you can customize the makeup in the face but all you can do is like the pants hair the a few accessories the shoes and the shirt and that's it like you can't do much but you. This is a fun game you should get it it's free and you can get addicted to it
It's very nice and simulative πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»...l like this game πŸ’•..there is no problem... it's very very perfect and nice
I love this game, the stylish fashion, the pretty hairstyles & love the added curves & that beauty is found in all the skin tones.
This is a AWESOME AND WONDERFUL GAME!!!!😍😍The outfits are so nice and beautiful and l also like how you can design different people for different stories like Amber for a interview this is so fun. And also l don't know why people are complaining about the number of ads when l play there is no ads because l put my data and wifi off. Anyway this is a cool and nice game. Well done. Keep up the good work. Bye. Take care. Stay safe.πŸ˜·πŸ€—πŸ₯°
I've Passed the first 40 levels to open the multi-player event. I competed in that about 30 times, not really sure how many but now theres nothing new..? So, I'm stuck at repeating the same competitions over and over??? Nothing more the the game? This is only my 3rd day and its over!!! Plzzzzzz tell me I'm wrong. I spent money on this. Help. If in wrong, I will change my rating
Love the game. I'm addicted to it now. I have completed all the challenges few months back which makes me leave the game for a while. But now your team has added another challenge, so I have started to play again. I'm almost done so please do add more challenges after this.
Beautiful graphics, an array of well designed outfits and accessories, no need to purchase coins to move up. But, it's a bug magnet!! From the moment I downloaded it, the screen froze, then after reopening the game, it crashed. It kept doing so constantly. Became to frustrating to continue. Edited: It also erased a pair of boots after I had purchased them. Uninstalled. Please fix bugs. 2β˜†
Nice game. But i want to tell some more ideas to make it more nice . I have many ideas that will update your game. πŸ‘Œ it will be downloaded and more rated. Can you will make a game with me . I will give you different ideas and if the game works a little bit profit is mine. But the game will get your name . I hope you will response.😍
IFS is the best game ever because the clothes are never ending & super stylish and you can either challenge other players with your styles or you can play relax mode and get rated for your styles. All the females in my family play this game.
The costumes and all other things are really good. But there is some problem with the hairstyles it doesn't fit on the head properly.The style challenge also doesn't work properly. Even after completing a level it doesn't get unlocked and I need to start playing the levels from beginning in order to go to the next levels. Please make sure it's proper
Blank blank blank... After I played it for sometime and I have reached level 30, all my dresses in my closet were disappeared (blank). Then I decided to reinstalled and start again from the beginning but had the same problem afterwards. Please fix this issue. Thank you.
This is a amazing and wonderful game. Nothing is to complain about this game.My all friends are play this game and like and love it. We are enjoying it. I wanna started to play this game today. There are many top critical reviews. I don't know that reviews are true or false. But if that reviews are true then it is bad for the players who are play this game. When this game becomes problem for me,I will be with the players who have complained about the game. And then I'll protest.
The game is amazing and used to be the best of all times yet all of a sudden the make up part (hairstyles) is not properly working like it's smaller in size compared to the characters head please do fix the problem it a lovely game and I really don't want to delete it of such problem
This is a great game! Thd fashions are so cool that I sometimes dress to match.πŸ™‚ if you want a game that isn't full of pressure and instead quite relaxing this is the game for you!!!πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
OMG!!! Thank you so much for adding box braid styles!!! As an African American woman, I have been playing fashion games since I was a girl. It means so much to have a game that not only has options to style characters that look like me, but also with hair like my own. This helps create more personal styles. Thank you so much to the creators of this app. The update is great so far!! Suggestion: please consider more African American natural hair styles, head wraps, and plus size characters. 😊
What is the point of having ads to gain items or to double your rewards and upgrade to luxe prizes if the app can never find videos to play. I tried time and time again but nothing loaded or ads stopped halfway requiring a restart. My device is optimised with plenty of memory so that's not the issue. I don't have this problem with any other app. How am I supposed to build up my wardrobe? Oh wait, pay? Uninstalled.
Lovely game this is , this game is one of my favorite. I want to say if some traditional dress like shuit saree with jewellerys are added than this game get on the top.... Plzz think about it......
Little tough at first to understand what to do, but after I figured it out has been great. One problem I have is I completed all the tasks and there are no more challenges, you can only repeat them. Still fun but more tasks would make it 5 stars.
It is great πŸ‘, but in every day I were playing the game this game is showing all levels are locked. One day I played 4 levels but after that day it is locked the 4 levels are Locked. so I played it one more time after that day it showing that play once more . I really hate it. And then later it is continuously and I play the challenge game and next day I open it is showing to replay. I totally played 50 levels
Really great game, but have finished already. Have to keep repeating same thing over and over. It is potentially one of the best styling games ever, but just no way to progress further. Very short term view by developers. Pity. Will uninstall, because it gets boring repeating everything. Developers, up your game. You have totally messed up.
This was my absolute favorite game, but after the update it's been issue after issue. Now, besides watching ads and not getting the rewards, its not allowing me to choose backgrounds. I click on the background icon and no backgrounds appear. This affects my score which affects the amount of coins I receive. The makers keep asking me to send screenshots whenever there is an issue, but how can you send a screenshot of coins not received? And what's up with the hairstyles not fitting the heads? Smh
This game is superb 🀩. I actually love to play this game ❀️. This game consists more than πŸ’― levels. But only one thing that is not good about this game is that we want to get money by giving our own πŸ’° or by watching so many ads
Fun. Gives you a different style to aim for on every doll. A few free things but Hard to gain coins though they dont like to give many out, overall good game.
So far I'm loving how this game app is set up to where you have a choice of buying the clothes or looking at ads and getting the clothes for free. So when you go ahead to watch the ads you may have to wash up to five ads depending on an article of clothing that you want for free. That's not a bad deal and considering buying and their offerings of buying the money's is not that bad neither. I just wish they had more options such as pantyhose, hats, gloves and excetera for accessories.
I love playing this game but 1.it just deleted everything and I lost all of my money and clothes from not being there in a long time.And 2.evertime I play then leave it for a couple of hours,it starts the last two challenges..plz change it.
Ads pop up in the middle of my styling now. Its ruining my experience. This game to me isn't set apart from all the other games anymore. Sad
Been playing this game since last year. I've really enjoyed it and it keeps getting better, the fashion, hair, accessories. However, makeup and lipstick are very limited.
This is a very addictive game. The thing that I like the most is that money didn't matter here Really impressed by this game. Absolutely recommended. ❀
Changing review from 5 star to 1, I've spent money on the game but have been waiting 6 months now for new levels. There have been numerous updates but they've all been bug fixes (bugs that should've been ironed out before the game was released), if companies didn't try to get as many games out as possible, maybe they'd be able to fix these bugs before release, beta testers exist for a reason. Only reason I'm not uninstalling is the money spent. Edit: That excuse doesn't fly, do some new levels!
I love this game but the fact that I have to watch countless videos to get things is just stressful but I looooove it either way.
Nice The game is too good , I have been playing this game for 6 months , but there a lot of ads , ads for buying dresses is okay , but before that sometimes we get one more ad , and when we get 10 / 10 the opponent gets 9 / 10 and when I 8.1 /10 and so the opponent gets 5.5 / 10 and so . Pls try to change this. Otherwise the game is wonderful.
i am rating this 3 stars because it's really hard to earn money! i suggest u to put some games to help us earn money 'cause the clothes, accessories, shoes etc. costs too much. the other thing is, there's too many ads! like deym, dude it's so annoying. i hope u'll fix this. thanks.
Way too many ads, they interupt the game every 30 seconds. I know these apps need ads for revenue but this is ridiculous. Such a shame because otherwise it's a great game, a lot of choice and beautiful designs. I like that there a many different skin types and different body types (although there could definitely be more).
Last time i rated this game 5 stars but now 2 stars are enough since i had to watch 8 adds of 30 seconds each one at least to get a single item that coasts 6000 which used to be from only 4 to 6 adds . That's so frustrating!
I like it,it is really cool and it has awesome fashion but it has a little problem with.It just has too many ads and it comes on all the time when your mobile data is on.πŸ€”πŸ€”
Uninstalling.. Whenevr come out of the level or exit the level and reconnect again to play...its jumb back 4-5 level down... which is resulting to play those levels again and this is really annoying me. Every time winning challenge making it less intrested.
I give it a 3 star because whenever I try realy hard it gives me a 3/10. Also I don't know why but when I play this game out of the house 🏑 it gives me 1 option to wear and I press it didn't go on the model. But it's still a good game. I would recommend not paying attention to the score at the end and play it in your house 🏑.
This game is another good game and very fun.But want to improve a little more Because it's fun and like it a lot Sometimes it is too boring
This is the game that I was searching for! This game has all the qualities that a dressing game should have. I love this game and there are a lot of reasons: βœ“It has very good controls and graphics. βœ“It has a very good collection of clothes and makeup. βœ“And also it has a very huge variety of clothes for different-different events or purposes. You will not believe me, I am installing this game the 5th time! I am seriously addicted to this game. If you are going to install it, please install!!
Absolutely love this game, it's my 2nd time playing it. I'm currently stuck. It does not want to allow me to continue. Help please.
Enjoying this game very much so far. Just getting started. Any problems I'll make sure to notify. Until then thank you for this awesome game
This is a very stunning game, beautiful clothing, hair and makeup items and various functions to attend, it's hard to put your phone down, it broadens my style capabilities, Thank You, so much..
I like the game it would be nice to buy with no commercials because they are the reason you barely made a star. Blackout blitz and news app downloads to your phone automatically with no consent. I canceled and it still downloads. Hacking apps are killing the game.
I love this game. But contains a lot of ads and when we try to claim more coins by seen a video/Ad, it doesn't have videos/Ads.. better to remove Ads which are desturbing and loosing interest
It's always been my favourite game but with the new updates it makes it hard to enjoy it keeps freezing and forcing my device to reboot. It also becomes very boring and repititives after you unlock all challenges. Also what's with some hairstyles not fitting the head?