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IK: Preschool learning & educational kindergarten

IK: Preschool learning & educational kindergarten for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by IntellectoKids Ltd located at 8-12 New Bridge Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, EC4V 6AL . The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
My daughter loves little bunny in drawing part. She loves following his instructions about how we draw an image and choose colors to fill. Once the drawing is complet, little bunny give more information about the painting she draw. What an awesome app, I will highly recomment this app to toddlers.
Definitely saw an improvement in my son's memory and logic skills since we started using intellectokids learning apps. They're a lot of fun too.
Fraudulent activity: I had installed IntellectoKids on my mobile last week (20th July). When I clicked on the start my 7 days free subscription button, the application hung and did not go through, so I killed the application. Even today when I click on the installed application I see the page which says I am still to start my 7 days free trial (have sent it on email to support). However today my card has been charged INR 4400, for the yearly subscription. I demand a refund.
I've been out of school for many years now, and it's really hard to explain school subjects to my kids. I'm glad this app is helping me.
Learned about this from a fellow parent. We tried the trial period and upgraded. Super good value for money.
App problems It says im subscribed to this already but it want let me access any of the other games or go beyond a point.
my kids 3 and 5 enjoy the App. they can fill colours in all kinds of flowers, animals,birds, fruits, etc. Wonderful App!
My kid love logic section of the game, the lil cat with mini train, collecting different fruits, feeding eliphant with lots of other fun activities. Intellectokids did a great job making such an awesome app.
Each and every section of the game is so much fun and keep your kid excited. My 4 year old loves building houses and learning what materials and equipments are needed for that.
I hate how all the learning gamesfor kids you have to pay for them. You know families that barely have a income to keep there family's going through the month can't afford extra things like pay for these games but those families still wishes they could have something like that for the kids to help them learn also but can't because this world makes everyone pay for everything.
I think it's never too early to prepare your kids to be successful. I think IntellectoKids apps are a great tool for that. Highly recommended!
Very good app for kids. And it really helps me out, my 3 year old knows a lot from this app. Thumbs up!
This app doesn't even deserve a single star because it loads forever and it doesn't want to open and play after installing. This I just the wyst of data.
Esses exercícios funcionam! Meu filho de 3 anos já reconhece as letras que aprendeu brincando, estou super feliz!
My 3-year-old has already a great ear for music. It's great to watch him learn all about musical instruments with the intellectokids educational apps :-)
The halloween backmusic is horrible. Will it change? You could offer to change it, once we HATE halloween. And if we turn it off, then the rest of the sound are not played, not making the game any sense.
I love seeing my daughter's eyes light up every time she completes a task in the app. She's fallen in love with learning <3
My daughter is 4 years old and she loves all the funny and colorful characters in the app. They make it easy to learn abstract topics like logic and memory.
My husband and I have noticed an amazing improvement in our daughter's learning skills, especially topics that she used to find challenging.
My 3 year old loves drawing and learning about different colours. Intellectokids app has it all. I do recommend the app to everyone who has children.
Was really worried about my kid's first year of pre-school because this covid disrupted everything. But this educational app really helped with the basic skills and confidence.
You have everything in the app. Learn alphabet with so much fun and lots of examples. Number games, logic games. My son likes making houses. Music is very good.
My son is very distracted. This app has helped him stay focused and learn more. Even his memory seems too have improved
¡Esta aplicación es imprescindible para cualquier padre al que le importen sus hijos! Enseñar a un niño nunca ha sido tan fácil y divertido!
App is well designed with lots of logic and educational games. My 4 year old daughter loves space part. She assembles her own rocket and land on different planets and learn more about them. She loves musical instruments part also. Thanks Intellectokids.
it is a very nice app for kids where they can learn in many interesting ways. I recommend it for toddlers.
The trial was very good then I had a problem after it. I paid for the full year subscription but couldnt access the full app. I contacted them and Mike was so helpful. He helped me get a full access as per my subscription. And my daughter is so happy now. Thank u Mike! Highly recommended!
Why does this app need access to my photos and camera? Is it a group of pedofiles running this game on the other side?
The only screen time that I don't object to. This app makes my daughter happy, and me too, because I see her learning.
The app is everything it claims to be: individualized, updated, and filled with an endless variety of exciting learning games! My son is truly getting a strong foundation in learning.
It's great for my granddaughter of 5 years old. I love how it helps kids learn and enjoy games at the same time. And such a variety of fun games!
My 5-year-old just lectured me on the properties of Hydrogen lol. It was so funny. But I'm glad he's falling in love with science at such an early age. Great app!
Its a nice App. It consists of many interesting and educational games for children. My daughter enjoys playing them a lot.
Cannot pay the subscription... Blocked on subscribe page, nothing loads. Tried annual and weekly, nothing works. Extremely annoying. I just hope I won't discover 5 or more subscriptions on my bank account.
Games are informative and enjoyable at the same time. My 3 and 5 years old show interest and easily learn basics, and love the music. thank you!
Hi Admin. I like the entire app for my toddler. What I don't like is the manner of subscription. I availed the 7-day trial and subscribe thereafter however I am not getting what's due for my subscription.. why? 1. I am being asked to subscribe for the 7-day trial AGAIN and over and over thereafter 2. I already paid twice in less than a month subscription 3. I am receiving prompt of new games but everytime I click on it I am my daughter is not able to use because of the subscription error I like this for my daughter, so can someone from admin help us on this. Thanks.
Me encanta la idea de un tren con distintos vagones para habilidades diferentes. ¡Es una buenísima decisión! A mi hijo de tres años le encanta la clase Bambú.
We've tried a ton of apps and our daughter got bored of all of them within a few hours. She's been glued to IntellectoKids for a month!
excellent educational games and fun learning. choosing and filling colors, connecting numbers, building hand and eye coordination, etc. perfect for my 3 year old.
I cant access the app. Ive been charged but after 2 days the app cant be access. Please assist. The icon has been changed and when i clicked it i just see a pure black screen and nothing happens.
It's a great app to learn letters, numbers and many other things for very little kids. And the graphics are amazing! Thumbs up!
My boy of 2 finds little Dino game very amusing, epecially the sounds little creatures make when they are fed or played with. And he learns to makes sums too!
IntellectoKids is a great app for kids. my Kids having fun and learning at the same time. I do recomend this game. Thanks IntellectoKids!
very nice app especially for small kids they easily learn basics. wide variety of educational games making learning fun and enjoyble.
You advertise European Portuguese and it's Brazilian. Not the same language accent. Please change it.
My daughter is only 2yo, and absolutely loves the game. Well, for the time being she prefers tapping the locomotive to make it hoot, but still!
I have a really hard time explaining school topics to my son, and it's so frustrating. IntellectoKids has been a great help in this.
Healthy eating cafe part is good, my both kids learn about how to make healthy choices when it comes to food. They learn about different healthy and unhealthy food choices and making dishes.
Takes forever to load everything. Had to download the game twice as it kept freezing. My 3 year old finds it very boring and hard to use. Definitely not worth the money even if it was per month. We have other apps, completely free that keep us lot more interested as they are more interactive.
The halloween backmusic is horrible. Will it change? You could offer to change it, once we HATE halloween. And if we turn it off, then the rest of the sound are not played, not making the game any sense. Remove that horrible music, or give an option of a decent one! Last chance, as il be looking for something else that would work
Very entertaining and educational games for little ones. My kids have fun while learning everything from maths and logic to music and art.
Awesome app. Very educational with lots of activities for little kids. I will definitely recommend it!
this app help my kid to develop. she learn about how to fill different colours, count numbers with fun and so on.
The trial was so good that my daughter loved it. But after the trial, after I purchased my 1-year subscription (auto-debit after 7 days), i cannot access the entire app anymore. Emailed them but no reply. Still waiting!
At first I was skeptical about letting my kids learn from an app. But I can't argue with the great results!
Make healthy choice by choosing the right ingredients to make different dishes and when you choose healthy or unhealthy foods choices while preparing dishes, you get to know and learn so much about it. My 3.5 year old son loves making tacos and soups.
So far so good. A pretty good collection of educational games in one app, makes my litle son laugh and learn something new every time
My son really likes this app but I found it on my phone and want to put it onto his tablet. It is aggravating that I can not have one subscription for multiple devices.
the apps filled with great activities for kids. Ours love the game where they can draw and color different characters. Very educational and creative.
Great App. My toddlers love it. I feel relieved that my kids can enjoy, play and learn at the same time. This app really takes a lot off your shoulders without harming kids.
My daughter Emmalin love it but keeps getting errors and I uninstalled and re a few times since got year subscription in November 2020 , one day phonics open then next says coming soon . Kind of strange I hated to unsubscribe but good till November 2021 so hope that till then app gets better or not going to change my mind and resubscribe. Be aware not best learning app out there.
Awesome by all means! My children love the app so much that we have to download it to our phones too so they wouldn't fight each other to play the games :)
A great app to give kids a holistic learning experience - science, arts, math, language, music, memory, logic... everything!
My son loves puzzle game where you match pieces to make different musical instruments and he is learning about healthy food habits. Awesome app :)
The games are pretty good, all the graphics and characters. My kid enjoys them a lot and asks to play regularly!
I love to see my son learn about arts and music and developing his creativity with this app. And he's having so much fun!
Can not use without buying subscription. There is no way past subscription page...no little x anywhere .....my little one did not get to use at all
If you're looking for an app where kids can have fun while learning important things, try this one. It has at least become a hit at our home!
Monthly subscription are too expensive more expensive than sending my child to preschool for an average person like me
Good app for preschoolers. Number game is awesome, my 4 years old kid loves connecting numbers. Thanks Intellectokids!
Basically if you don't do the 7 days free trial you cannot use the app (cannot continue). Their answer is that you can always cancel the free trial, but it's all about the user experience and this one was not existing. Perhaps is better to see how the app works, is it worth it or not, does it fits what we need before moving to a contract.
We're not english speaking at home. This app helped my daughter english improve a lot. Thank you thank you!!!! <3
I just downloaded this for my 3 boys and it's very helpful and worth spending your money on. Thank you
As soon as i paid for a subscription it will not work. It stays on the loading after the payment and nothing else
Educational and fun games for children, my daughter love playing it a lot. She learns how to count and many other things.
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Great when it works. I cancelled due to frustrations only to later decide to give another chance. So, I reinstalled only to get error telling me that I'm already enrolled into 7 day trial. It's too bad that good products such as this can't execute the simple side of business. My user ID is dmshipley. PLEASE fix asap
These cool and funny games helped our kids to learn alphabet and numbers, especially since they do not have to study but just have fun!
Nice app, my kids live it but it's too expensive for me. Will definitely download it when I have enough. Thanks
I have opt to subscribe to access the full version, but is still limited. I am trying to unsubsribe before the lapse of the trial period but i cant figure out how. Id like to cancel my subscription, pls tell me how before it automatically charge my card.
Awesome app for todlers and preschoolers. My child loves it, all the games are interactive and enjoyble.
My son made us laugh so hard during dinner. He was telling us all about healthy eating and how food fuels our body. He's only 4 years old, but you should see how serious he was! It's great that he's learning about these important topics from such an early age.
I was told about a seven day free trial... the money was taken out of my account straight away. This was done three days ago I am now trying to cancel and get my money back i can't cancel until October 2021 which means I lose my money, I am not impressed at all😑
its really goid...but i just paid 599 and there's just a few access and you need to subscribe again?? fir anotger access
This app has some serious issues...app takes forever to load...I opened the app and it's been sitting at 0% for the past 20minutes and I've been having the same issue all night last night while being connected to the Wi-Fi so I know it's not internet issue. I'm considering uninstalling the app n cancelling the subscription.
My son already knows all the available letters in the game and waits for the next one to appear. He will start reading very soon! Excellent!
perfect app for my 4 year old. its very useful for kids to learn nessesary skills. i will surely recommend this app.
I love the app. It has so many educational activities where my kid can practice their skills and get knowledge from. The best app I have ever downloaded.
Great learning experience for kids and they can easily use the app by themseves. My 4 years old loves it so much.
I was about to cancel the subscription but just got it updated so I am going to give it another go, is not clear for example in the dinosaurs game, doesn't give clear instructions on what we need to do. Like I said I am going to give it another go... .?..j
Love this app a lot and don't have to worry about tons of useless advertising when my daughter plays the games.
It was 6.99 a WEEK!!!! That's almost 30 a MONTH! Nope not worth it. I signed up for the free trial thinking it was 6.99 a month not a week and took a couple weeks to realize I was being charged each week. Definitely would recommend another more affordable app!
My 3 year old daughter loves the app. She is using her brain. Lots of logic games, where kid needs to remember music instruments and then select them accrodingly.
Really a great app with many different choices of activities for children and families to play. My children and I love it.
I am doing 1 star because it didnt say that we had to pay for this app. Change so other people know before they download
Educational games that teach kids about logic in a creative and motivational way. Our little one loves this app and I can see how she blossoms out with the games!
I have never thought it would be so easy for my children to learn about different chemical compounds, metals and thier use, where they are found and how we use them in our daily life. My kids have learnt a lot and still having fun. Awesome app.
My kids are 4 and 5 years old and they both love the App. Nutrition part is very good, where kids learn healthy food choices.
I like how IntellectoKids apps cover all the topics and give a comprehensive education. I think it's a great partner for school.