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Instant War - Real-time MMO strategy game

Instant War - Real-time MMO strategy game for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Playwing located at White Collar Factory, Unit 311, 1 Old Street, London EC1Y 8AF. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game i love it! But not if you are playing on your phone!!!!! Locks up to much but on the pc i love this game!!!
Hello everyone I would like to recommend this game to anyone who like a strategy for working out how and when to attack and who is your friends and who is your enemies. I am playing this game now about 5 to 6 months and I love it. The game isn't perfect but at every update it's better and more exciting. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I am.
As usual very bad programming. May work and then they will update in hopes of getting more cash. But all they do is put more bugs into the game. They do not do any beta testing. Graphics are bad the longer you have game running the more graphic problems you will have. Menu items will disappear etc. New update will not install on a samsung s4 tablet. Would highly recommend staying away from this game. And now that it installed it is starting bamem over. No more keeper1
Updates take you back to the beginning of the game and it takes 2 weeks to be resolved so when u do get back in everything has been levelled and troops all killed. Slow response time
Not a bad game, would like to see a cap on units lost and rss, people leaving all the time because they cant be bothered building up again
Game has potential but as of now stay away. The oldest server is continuously being merged into younger weaker servers destroying those accounts unless they pay to live under a shield or spend 30k to catchup. Play a game where the developers are not creating an environment to have a shot at winning.
takes to long to build army's( 2 months or more) and you can lose it all in 3 minutes. if you dont pay to win you will always be behind. without an army you cant farm, participate in events, pve, etc. So the only way to protect your troops is to leave them in a shelter doing nothing anytime you are offline instead of farming rss that you need to advance. awesome
I downgraded now my money is wasted as the game is not fair for all time zone. Start rotation of all events which is set to start and end at 12 UTC. Just keep the day start at 12 UTC other eventd can be moved.
This game is my new addiction I wish that I could get bonuses for spending money absolutely nothing is free which is kind of not cool you shouldn't have to pay money just to keep up with other people otherwise the base will be burned down so I take this game seriously but also have a lot of fun I found friends here and a sense of calm this is my meditation. I hope whoever plays the game enjoys it alright see you later Chuck Savage out
Older version of game was much better than this one where we only have to just upgrade the base and not to worry about seting up recruitment unit or resources unit that was much better than this one
The latest update is for some reason not available on Play Store.... No weekend support.... Customer Care take weeks to reply to inquiries...
Game crashes every time it tries to load. Emailed customer support and got no reply. Fun game if you can actually make it work. Even uninstall the game and restarted it and it worked for about an hour in this are crashing out again. If the game actually worked properly then it's actually pretty fun
Fun little slow in the beginning I like the storyline interesting not really worth putting any money into but to be seen
Very good game yet need better customer service. WIth all of the glitching from battle log working improperly, graphic issues, and bad in app purchases not to mention when these thing affect your game play they do not compensate you adequately your lost. Also updaying during a large event is problematic. slight server lag but that is normal for games like this.
The chat is glitchy dont use emojis and it kags everywhere crafting has noreal intresting perks and this platform not only is designed to promote sales but at some extent it will require them if you are to progress. At base level 10 there isnt even enough power to run all the buildings in the base you have to choose. A 1 hour update running into day 3 now!!!
At first was good and entertaining but the last update erased all my progress starting me over from scratch
Very good game. Well thought out. Great playing with people from all over the globe. Unfortunate that there Alliances who do not have a moral core. Even in real warfare there are Rules of Engagement and the Geneva Conventions.
Still this game is useless. The devs are not responding. Forum is nothing , no one answering. Even the customer service are not working. Useless game. Do not install this game. Waste of Time
Great game. It is the most addicting game I have played in a long time. Plenty of fighting and other things to keep me busy. but there is just one problem. The event timing. I'm not sure if it's automatic or what but there will be one event then another then the same one again. Other than that Amazing game.
Love the game but still many bugs. Just Iike now told us Kill Event, now says it is kill encounter event but cannot collect point for kills.
Find a good organised alliance and it can be a good game. BUT........ The balance of players can be frustrating and quickly give you thought of giving up, there is no way of avoiding the possibilty of already high level players ruining your game, there are many alliances that have this as the main objective. If you want to play for any length of time, you 100% need to find a well organised alliance to join. Game events, these could be really beneficial and worth dedicating the time to (Events give you the chance to win pretty good items). You will never be able to compete fairly by just playing the game well, you MUST buy in game purchases to even get close. I rarely buy in app items, but i knew i would review the game, so i conducted an experiment for your benefit ;) In 1 event lasting 24 hours i spent a little over £36 and i just managed to finish in the top 40 (this gave me some rewards but paltry compared to top ten) the top 16 players were all from the same alliance and are in every event. There is no way they are each spending more than i did every day. It's a shame, it really could be a great game.
I download instant war game. It lets me log in, but it logs me off. Cant play. I checked my network and everything its ok. Can you help .
Adictive game and fun but PAY to win big time Free player are unable to advance after a certain point
Still early days growing slowly, learning as I go. Several months in. I have become addicted. The big problem, to make progress you need to spend big. Those who do tend to dominate and bully smaller players. 6 months in still enjoying the game, but expensive if you wish to make progress. Still enjoying game, but realise must constrain ambitions. Money talks. Growing steadily, more to grow you must spend. Too many glitches at the moment. Lost all legacy units and cannot access tech development.
Still early days growing slowly, learning as I go. Several months in. I have become addicted. The big problem, to make progress you need to spend big. Those who do tend to dominate and bully smaller players. 6 months in still enjoying the game, but expensive if you wish to make progress. Still enjoying game, but realise must constrain ambitions. Money talks. Growing steadily, more to grow you must spend.
A wonderful game and is enjoyable to participate in events once part of an alliance. As with all games you will come across the arrogant idiots who take it very seriously, but this is my third installation of the game on different platforms and it is very addictive. You don't have to spend money to play the game but as usual, you will get advantages if you do. Due to Covid, the developers are over worked and help can be a long time coming, but they do get back to you in the end.
POSSITIVE: I really like this game because: 1. It's satisfying to build quickly; 2. The service is very fast (1 or 2 days); 3. Very good military support. NEGATIVE: The community is bad. Higher level people are attacking me, for example: Yesterday i was attacked by an 19 level guy. I want to be added: -Auto construction (after a building is finished automatically another one will start); -Immunity for persons who are attacked by other persons with level 2 difference. Thanks for your waiting! 🤟
TLDR: There is an issue with the game. It's 100% imbalanced. And it doesn't look like the Dev's have any plan on fixing it. I've been playing for several months now. It's honestly a pretty fun game, IF you can stay out of the spot light. Let me explain. In the game you rank up, you rank up based on how much "force" you have. You get force from upgrading your buildings and such, but your main force count comes from troops. So you build up your troops, your force goes up. This leads to the problems I'm sure you're thinking of, people who have been playing longer, people who have multiple accounts, or people who use the pay to win system of online games. People who have been playing a while, or shovel money into the game have 2, 3, 4, or 5+ Mil force. This being said, if they choose to, which they chose to do it to me over the past week, these high level players, can just do nothing but make your life a living h, e, double hockey sticks. When a player who has 4 Mil point can attack another player with only 20K, and just do nothing but keep them at 0, and suffer almost no losses, the game is imbalanced, no matter how you look at it. Makes me not want to play anymore.
Kinda sucked for me after server merger. I went into the backyard and took a nap in the hammock. Came back and both of my accounts were zeroed. I have no idea why i still actually try at all in this crappy pay to win game. I turned friends on to it when i 1st started. They saw it coming and are long gone.
The list is long let's start with no help desk support during the weekends number two can not compete against professional gamers hackers and Developers number three and those privileged PayPal accounts really make it difficult gaming experience sucks