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Inotia 4

Inotia 4 for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Com2uS located at 서울시 금천구 가산디지털1로 131 BYC 하이시티 A동 12층 (12F, A-dong, BYC Highcity B/D, 131, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea). The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Nudity/Eroticism) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game was great to the point that i cannot get rid a single day without opening this app and play with it.. . And I was so eager to finish the layers of memories chapter in the game but i got disappointed because i never knew that that chapter was the last in the game. . I hope the story line of the game will have its continuation or an update
This is a great game i really love it . It is truly an amazing game the reason i like this game its has similar to some games tht i like. Wht makes me amazed is the difficulties of the gameplay,classes,graphics,the story,and the balanced gameplay. such wonderful a blend from a simple game such as this esspecially after the end game thats where the fun starts. I hope theres something amazing if theres a new update. Thank you
Its a very fun game but my diamonds are being overwritten every time i log so i need to start all over again to collect the diamonds in the daily log in.
Your backup style may compromise players hard work .... While saving the backup to thhe server why it is has to be deleted and had to be rely until you "Load" it Please make sure that players can save the existing backup and also it can. Be playable instead of moving the whole data...to be if players lost it's game data ,he can recover it existing ones to be where the player last time he saved .. Overall all the game is good always ...=)
It says 'action-packed gameplay' when all the charcters does are stand and swing their weapons. The story is interesting, but they didn't gave a proper conclusion, which is a very big letdown. The weapon fusion is annoying, because you have to do it's task of gathering materials before it opens a slot for a new weapon or armor, and that very very ANNOYING
Im kinda depressed.... wanna 5 star it but im depressed. I need to see Kiyan save Eara. The story ends with a cliffhanger whilst saying that they would see me in the next game.It's been 7 years since I played this.Ofcoourse I understand that some company bought this for the sake of business,but it's a waste of art to not continue the story.
The game has always been fun but idk if it's just my noob self or whatsoever bcs the only way I could kill the last boss is with the Assassin class, given that it has the skill to go invisible and that kinda stopped me from trying other classes... But overall good game :D
when i was 9yrs old i remember i always play this game then complete it i still remember when i fought that meat head pope and alex guy and that sanctuary hahahah well overall the game is good just play it and experience it your self...
Well it's good especially the where you can beat monster that is higher than you without using real money to get materials for enhancing equipment. Although it's kinda annoying in the last part of the stories the dream(memory?) stage where you really spend huge amount of time to beat all boss. But overall it's a good game with good stories. 5 star for this game.
I love this game and the story is cool, but, somehow, i hate this because of the controls. I can't attack and ,at the same time, move.
Uhm its a good rpg nice gameplay i love playing it but the problem is i cant play offline the text saying "no internet connection please try again later" is getting spammed i dont know if its a bug because last year i can play this perfectly without Internet if this is a bug can you please fix it thanks in advance overall this is a nice game
this is good game i played this and inotia 3 several times the sadest part is the inotia 3 is no longer availble on store and the badest part is inotia 1 and 2 never comes to android and i never experience them... I ask for remaking this games on android because they are so great, good game play, amazing story line and characters, can have nice graphics in remake and too many other thing... at the i wana thanks to you to making this games and hope remaking...
Good game, i have a nostalgic feeling when playing this rpg, it remembers me of some old rpg games, with well developed stories and good characters.
THE GAME IS AMAZING! Interesting and mystical plot, making it really fun to play, but i've finished the game, and now there are no more games similar or good as this, with the final ending a bit wierd, and kind of like a cliff hanger, i am kinda sad, but overall its really Fun to play, PLEASE CREATE INOTIA 5, I'll definitely play it!!!
This is a good game. Minus point is its very hard to move around, the control not so smooth and teammates will get it the way, make your char stuck or harder to collect items. You can switch to other char but this is still inconvenient. This game is simple and classic, so i know i cant require much more from it tho. Overall this game is still nice and relaxing
Okay I've been a huge fan of Inotia since I was like 13. I personally love Inotia 4, but back then I couldn't finish the game. I wanted to finish it. Is it just me or the gameplay is getting faster? I thought it was just a glitch. Also, when I level up, I can't put my new skills in the bar. Whenever I turned it on, it'll always be off. Please fix this, I am dying to finish that game..
Best Classic RPG so far.. i already finished the game many times back in my last high school days 2014 and gonna play it again since it has good story
An extremely well made game makes me nostalgic for an era of gaming that I was not able to experience first-hand. Free to play and to get to the end of the base game, all you need is some time and patience - no money needed. It's a shame I won't fully complete it because the post-game content is unreasonably difficult (2k hp/s regen potions don't work against 30k dps bosses especially when you have only 20k hp), and an even bigger shame there probably won't be a sequel. Fingers crossed though.
It's a great game, just like Seed vortex of war, similar set up. And since seed is no longer available I was glad to be able to find Inotia which really is a nice game
I love this game I've been playing this since I was in grade school buy I've stopped got busy of studies and here I am again downloaded it and start another process it's still beautiful, the action, the fights, still good still the same. I still got problems on the mana though when the allies spam skills mana are just so easily drained hope that gets a buff <3
The shop and save icons on the side should either be put into a menu or moved to the right of the map to avoid misclicks since it's so close to the movement. That or this game needs touch movement (click a spot and move to that place, click a merchant or quest person for their text.) A map that blows up to show quest icons would be nice. Again this game really needs touch movement (not a stick or dpad)...phones are touch screen lets get rid of these sticks. 4/5 still a good game
This is a very good game!!! Great story, great gameplay and awesome skills! I hope more games are like this
The story is absolutely amazing and the experience is enjoyable. There are a few bugs that I managed to get around, but there is one a find annoying, such as the skillbooks. They require the "max level" and some of my party has reach max level 2 or 3, but in order for the skillbooks to work, it has to be 4. Also, what happened to the previous Inotia games? Will there be a Inotia 5?
i am stuck on the dragon. sad life. my character is warrior i know warrior is a sustain hero and durable too any tips guys
Been playing it for years now. Really good game to get back into from time to time. Just hope they added newer classes or class ascensions to spice things up even more.
Played a lot of RPG games, especially turn based, which I enjoy the most. I must say that this is one of the best. Really well thought out, not too hard and the story is good. Thoroughly enjoying playing this game, thank you.
those godforsaken HEAD just incredibly strong,, and that just keep making me playing this game.. 👍
played this since highschool and now i'm almost done with college. just kept returning whenever i get the urge to be nostalgic. great rpg series!
i love the game, when I'm lookinng for a RPG i compare it to inotia 4, but the fact i gave it 2stars is because i can't open it offline just like the old days.. please make it like the old time we can freely play it, open it offline..
I love the game but I can't play it if I don't have wifi whenever I try to play it its stuck and I can't click anything I hope you fix these problem, and also I really love to see inotia 5 it's been years yet their is no sign of new inotia or sequel to kiyan and earas story can you make another inotia pls?
Good & fun game. I like it. Great time killer. Beats being completely bored. Just wish the drops were better & more consistent. But it's fun.
Bug fix needed First, i didnt get any trouble changing mercenaries when i did'nt connect to the internet.( well im tempted by the daily rewards so..) And after that, whenever i click my assassin mercenary to change for warlock (still tried it but not in that order) it crashes. And i hate it when i try not to connect to the internet ( cause the game runs best offline) theres an endless prompt with "no internet connection" press ok. And I cant play, please fix the bug devs, im just an f2p player.
This game is my very first rpg when i was elementary grade. Until now im 18 years old but .every year I always play this game. Inotia 4 is the best rpg of all for me. Now im not downloading the app by playstore because the latest version can't run without internet connection..the old version is offline so I always download it in browser . The game is amazing the story the items but its rare or impossible to find a unique item. it can only buy by money. All in All this game deserves a 5 star..
Great storyline, great battle mechanism, great experience. This worth a sequel, lets just hope dev team willing to make newest series of this game the same way as they are. No in-game transaction except want to remove ads, depend on player grind not some top up to get the rare item. This game truly CLASSIC!!
the game is good but i think the 5 layer memory dugeons should replace by the story of the main character and the ligh channel... although its fun to play but the bosses here are much more powerful than the main characters... and theres one bug on this game.... still i love this game hope you can continue the story for the main character and the light channel...thank you
Hi, I love the game and i have been playing nonstop! I just need a little help. Here bcz.... I can't seem to use one of my 2 mercenaries. I tried the basics, even creating a new account after I uninstall the game but still the same problem happens after I completed the orc map. Pls help I would be very happy if I could finish the game with my other merc helping :) thanks in advance see ya!
A good game but one issue i have.is not always knowing how to finish a quest. Could be more specific there. Still a good game though
This game even though its a one of most favorite and oldest RPG's this on still has the best storyline and exceptional gameplay, I hope that this game gets a update, like a new set of stories, new set of allies, enemies, and most likely new classes... that's why I'm giving this game a five star HAHA... I wish what I said will be true HAHA... that's all~
There's a lot of free game with very little add disruption. However. If I'm being truly honest the only thing i can complain about is summoned monsters like get in your way and block your movements. Its like they know where your going and steep right in your way. And you cannot go threw them. Uhhh makes not want to summon them at all. Putting that aside i will spend many hours playing this game.
Hey, i've got some problems when i can't put my skills and potion on the skill slot, please fix that problem
I know this game is old but I would just like to give my review. I had fun playing but the difficulty spikes up too quickly imo... by the level 30 mark, enemies hurt a lot and take pretty long to kill, which makes it really easy to die especially if mobs gang up on you. When the main character dies, you have to control one of your other party members and when you revive the main character, you need to switch control to him manually which is tedious and can affect the gameplay especially later on
I like this game.. Overall is good except when you are trying to play it offline directly.. To be able to play offline, players need to open data connection after the saved game is loaded. This will be a problem for those without load/internet subscriptions.. Though i don't like to hold stars, i'll be holding this last star until this problem is fixed.
I played this game years ago and i was so great. The story hooked my interest but i lost my phone and i had to reinstall the game. It's sad that you have to be online all the time
Make the continuation please. Oh my god the story is so great!. There are still many mystery that unanswered. The best mobile rpg ever.
I love the inotia series!! 3 and 4 are my favorites. I'm excited for 5 if that'll be a thing! If not thats acceptable. App upkeep must be a constant thing! Thank you Devs!! Does this need to require internet? What happened to 3? That was offline.
Great game has a lot of nostalgia and the gameplay is pretty neat, has a good story and replay value(finished the main story three times),Hope to see a sequel coz the story is a bit unfinished or a next Inotia game ps. pls bring back inotia 3 and even remastered it.
Pretty fun a but grindy but to be expected its a action rpg thats well made, well designed and well thought out, a damn good loot and quest system, the battling is some of the best ive seen, a really well done rpg especially for free, the only reason for 4 stars is it can get a bit repetitive and thats not even the devs fault just the fate of current RPG's, well done fellas and gals
Yeah the games fine but... there's a bit of a problem... Okay so when I was playing the game it all went great until... it crashed and the worst part is that I only save once! So... Yeah 4 stars it is...
Good game, But need more updates like new mercenaries, New tons of missions, More hero level (200), Story (The revival of Eara) Like kiyan is finding a way to revive Eara on new 25 maps and hard to kill enemies such as, Dragons, Hell gate protector (The ending troops where kiyan will find the solution and meet Eara again and a boss like... Azad doppleganger, 2x Enraged golem, And so on, This would be hard to make but... I, We, Us inotia players would like it a lot!
Please bring back the speed pace of the game its so hard to play now :,( I really love this game that's why it breaks my heart seeing it changed. This is a very well created game so I hope the game's speed pace goes back to the original one. I'm a solid Inotia 4 fan so I hope you get to read this. 😥
Please upgrade your game backup server . I recieving same login rewards (Day1) again and again everyday . Not able to got any gem .everyday I login .I got day 1 reward .if somehow I got day 2 reward .the next day server reset and again day 1 rewards .playing from a week still not got any diamond.
I lost everything....... Because the backup doesn't work, I don't like this game anymore!!!! After a few years till level 105...... reaching the memory part to be cleared, now its a waste of time.......
I love playing rpg games where you need to grind to get strong and build ur character finding items and also with story line it makes the game more enjoyable to play😊
I love this game since I was elemetary....And i finished it 13th to 14th times already but still i want to play again and again because for me it is the best rpg i ever played.and also thank you devs for fixing that annoying bug.And please make inotia 5 because the story in this game is not finished.idk what happend next after I completed the bonus chapter.pls make inotia 5 already
I loved playing this before that's why i installed it again. I got a problem when i tried to arrange my hotkeys but when i turned my hotkeys off, I'm unable to turn it back on. Now I don't have any skill to press unless i level up at learn new skills which automatically has an hotkey turned on. Amazing. Only a 🌟 for me. I'm disappointed.
bounding the skill or item consumables now perfectly working, thanks for including the fix in the current update.
I finished this game once and it took me a few. weeks. The quests are good especially if you aim to perfect the quest plots its a lot of fun when changing characters and team comp just to exploit some class advantages equipment hunts and etc. All in all a fun game with a nice plot the only thing the devs should put effort in next should be the graphics, we don't care how large the file is just improve the graphics.
I like the game, its a pretty good storyline, somewhat addictive. Its also a game that I can play and manage my life better because theirs less competition since its not online so I don't gotta worry about checking on things constantly and I can just go back to it at any time I want. It's pretty fun.
I reached the end of this game for 3 to 4 times and it took me so long. Actually whenever I faced the last boss of this game DARK FORCES OF EVIL, I got stuck on it. I reduced it power to minimum but it heals itself in one second, not one second less than one second. As a result I quit this game. And after some months, I again installed it because it was my favourite game but still couldn't proceed in the end. So plz make it more easier.
This game is so awesome, for me this is perfect game I'm a fan of inotia since I was highschool up until now. I really love the story, gameplay and you can customize equipments Make a new game of Inotia Please🙏 Thank youuu and I will always support you
So Far , A Couple of minutes that I play it the story is good and I think im gonba Enjoy it .. Hope it wont ruin my game modes
The game is enjoyable and I love the story. Sadly, the story wasn't enough for me and I am starting to want more. I found out that there was once an inotia 1 to 3. I don't know why you removed them but that certainly was a bad move, you just prevented someone from experiencing the game that you made. But yeah, inotia 4 is a great game. So great that I am hoping that you continue it and make an inotia 5.
This is my first time trying this old school rpg, and so far is going good. The graphics design is old, but cool! I gave it 4 stars, because am barely trying this out, I'll update it further on when I've spend some time playing it. To those of you that came across this game for the first time, try it out, 99.99% that you will love it.
Please remove the bug where i need to have connection to play, i loved this game so much but i can't play it much now cause i don't have any internet to connect to. Please fix it.
I remember first playing this game many years ago, it's a great way to pass the time and the story is interesting and exciting. Also, the art is fantastic. You really don't need to do any in app purchases in order to have a fulfilling game experience.
I am stuck in mist forest too . When i played in the past i didnt face this issue. So i am stuck in that mist forest quest too.
A good game that even though its pretty old, I still enjoy it quite a bit and has defined what kinds of games I most likely will try. It has quite a number of bugs that can break the game. I encountered a bug where I can't select my mercenaries. It makes the game less fun because I was grinding for a priest with the ability celebrity. For some people this can be negligible but its still annoying. So please fix this bug. But other than that it's working pretty fine.