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Inflation RPG

Inflation RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Tatsuki located at Osaka-shi Chuo-ku Minamisenba 4-10-5. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Wonderful game. The only issues i have have to do with ad placement and size; as well, seeing a progression chart for the ability level and having more items to buy. It would be cool if there could be a weapons page that had tabs showing different tier, types, and classes of weapons. Same for armor and misc items
A great game to play while bored or on the toilet. Easy to get into but pretty tough to stop playing at times. Each run feels like an accomplishment and every drop gear feels rewarding. 10/10 game.
good game, maybe its the anticipation of seeing how much money or XP you get but it keeps you interested in whats next. played all day one day (literally) and i couldnt put it down.
Fantasically addicting rogue-like with great art. Will have you trying new approaches to the same great world for hours of fun.
Best rpg mobile. I am so grateful for this game. only problem: this game dont have vinculation with Google play
Needs an in-game map... I had no idea what the heck I was doing for about the first 10 runs. Later understood a bit, but how am I supposed to know where everything is in later maps when there's so little BP to expend? In the end I had to use maps online just to figure out a few things. That was quite Disappointing, personally. I like doing things myself, but so many runs just to explore that, with so little bp...? Nope. Otherwise, it was a pretty fun game, and I'll be continuing to play it
well this game is extremely fun, u till you have to make a huuuge jump eventually the only way to progress is to hope you get an item from the second boss and use stuff that gives u more % on money earned. overall its decent but it gets too tedious at a point causing you to lose interest, there should be a constant climb in what you can do instead of having to constantly try over and over to get enough money to progress even further, i do like how you can take on higher areas at a low lvl though
This is a deceptively unique, quirky and challenging RPG that you can sink hours into. It is a grinding game (ala Disgaea or Korean MMORPGs), so if you don't like grinding you won't like it, but if you do give it a try. Ads exist but are not invasive. I'd pay for a version without them, though.
Probably my favorite mobile game. Unfortunately, the dev has quit the project and there's no more updates (ok, he does some very small updates once a year). For that reason I quit playing the game as it's a bit frustrating to have so much fun playing but at the same time you know that nothing new or even the map will never be finished. That's the only reason for 1*, would love to have the dev focused on that game again.
Like the game this game has different mechanics I suggest u read the tutorial.There is a bug I don't know if it's a bug but it causes screen to black out for a vague moment. Like it's freezing up I am sure others have same issue too pls see to it that u fix it. Love the game
All in all fun i remember when i first started playing this game it was on my first ever phone a samsung and the learning curve and finding out how the maze worked all in all i have a blast when ever i play this game
I have been unable to use backed up data from one device to another. If this problem gets fixed, then I will raise my star rating.
Everything here is what you expect and is a actually good game with a ton of beautifully designed enemies.
This is a great game, it can be a bit slow at first and a bit confusing but once you find a good combination of weapons, armor and accessories it becomes extremely fun and a great way to spend time. If I have one tip for beginners is that you should go for ??? areas to try to get a item called the recovery necklace or buy the small one for 1.7 mil gold, it makes life a lot better.
Honestly, id say that this is probably one of, if not, the best idle games of all time. It takes strategy, and is super rewarding to get far on. If you have a lot of time to kill, id even say this beats out some consle games. If i had to complain about anything, it would have to be the fact that you have to spend an obsene amount of gold to unlock things like more alt. Inventory slots, or even a map. Still, its an amazing game, and i cant recommend enough
Even with the flaws it's still a great game. Some of the game mechanics need an explanation but it's nothing you can't learn through repetition, progression, or trial and error. Graphics are cute, nothing out of place, all blend well, but it does need a bit of an update, nevermind that many were borrowed/reused from some source. Good job developer, now make it better :)
Theres apparently no way to grind for better items, nor is there a map to help you where to go. Otherwise nice concept.
An amazing game to start with, each run gets you gold which lets you get a little further. Unfortunately eventually that stops, gold becomes worthless and you're expected to just grind for certain items. It's a shame because otherwise it would have been one if the best mobile games I've ever played.
Good game but i have a slight problem with the save system you have to have the two games same update and that is not it there is a update gap to different devices so you can't save until you get the update so can we get updates together all in one I know how hard it is to do that updates take your time and pls make the update gap smaller pls
Absolutely wonderful. If you're reading this and you're having doubts due to the word "inflation", throw those doubts away. This is quite a growing/strategic game. There may be some times you'll grind for gold/items. And hey, you might not get what you aimed for that run. But theres always the benefit of experience. Try it, play cautiously or play aggressively. I don't rate often, but when I do I either love it or hate it.
Seems cool but the UI is terrible, ecpecially on phones. It's very cluttered and hard to read, a lot of things are too small. Game is also a little confusing at points.
Quickly got sucked into this game. It's both simple and complex. My only complaint is that the interface is a little clunky, and it's a bit irritating that the only way to correct a mistake when spending stat points is to cancel all changes. It would be nice if there was a mechanic for fleeing from an encounter. It would also be nice to be able to check progress to the next base level and the next character ability level. A "sell" mechanic for unwanted items would also be very useful.
An awesome game to spend time into. Sometimes the grind for certain items (especially in hard mode) gets hard, but it doesn't disappoint. The only thing I wish would be for the developer to update the game some more, especially that last area. Other than that, an amazing game.
I have been playing this game for so many years. It is a wonderful time killer and just difficult enough to keep me entertained without having me toss my phone through a wall.
I like this game quite a bit, but it feels unfinished and hasn't been updated in a long while, also lacks some replayability once you get to endgame once, cause there's nothing significantly new or different you can do even if you start from scratch once more.
Fun but has some issues. The game is enjoyable and only takes a small amount of time per game. However, I have been plagued by the game freezing up (LG V30). If this gets fixed, I will edit the rating to 5 stars.
Great game, Easy to learn controls and a nostalgic 8 Bit graphics makes this game easy to pick up and play. Very addictive and fun. Would like to see a Save feature to switch between different saves.
Very good game, needs some more changes maybe a skill tree, I love it, no pay to win and I can play for hours. Exactly what I wanted, worth a play, even a small download. Also needs a better account setup in my opinion, I dont like having to back up each time I switch to my tablet. Thanks!
This game is insanely addicting! Its fun as hell and what made me fall in love with it was the stats menu :D Now the only thing I wish is for it to be an open world game without this Battle Points system :c < Good Game Overall > 4Stars
The first review I'm writing. This game is exceptional! Incredibly wenn done and will keep you playing for at least a good while. The only thing I would ask from the developer is a way to shorten the time you spend watching levels go up after you defeated an enemy (and maybe display boss names as well). But there is literally nothing else I could wish for at the moment!
I kind of like this game, but it's really repetitive and without knowing the map, it's a little disorienting and frustrating to try to find the next area appropriate to your abilities. With experience of the map, my abilities and confidence would improve, but I'm not interested in gaining personal experience like that. I think that aspect should be a little easier to keep my interest. Otherwise, I'm afraid this game is more of the same. It's fun at first, but gets old really quickly. Sorry, dev.
Very nice game, simple and quick combat and satisfying progression. My only complaint is that the game doesn't let you restart, I have an OP character from several months ago that I am bored of and have been trying to reset but can't (not even Signing out of Google play and clearing your cache works :/)
Good game but it's incredibly repetitive. I think it'd be better if it had faster progression with the gold and if the map was randomized each time so it'd be a bit more interesting.
Wonderful game endless game play to those who love rpg, played it time and time agin a must have for life gamers. At least for me. Love it!
I chose to play this with the expectation of it being mildly entertaining. I find that I liked it more than expected. it's kind of cute. fast paced. I'd like more that 30 fights though.
This game is similar to Heroe's quest. Both unique in its own way but I prefer Heroe's quest as you can see the monsters and don't need to waste turns every time you move.
After the new update my I can't play Inflation rpg in my Sony Xperia T3. I really like this game please fix this.
Fun game to play repeatedly. Two problems, though. Getting money can be exceedingly slow and random, and also, no enemy names! What the heck am I fighting?!
I love playing this in some of my free time. It's grindy, but that's the point. Grind to get better things for the next run. It's quite addictive and I love it.
I did like 10-15 runs and I tried to make another run, the backround completely turned into black when I chose my character and tried to select normal mode. I can't make a run because of that and I have to uninstall and reinstall again even tho I lose my progress, please add a thing where you can sign up and save your data. That's all and it's a really good game, just fix this please.
Very nice game, for those reading reviews, there is a wiki and discord for this game and i highly suggest you look it up as its really usefull and the community on discord is nice
Fun, a bit too much luck-based farm to advance through the mid/high levels so 4* instead of 5*. Good job, would recommend! Thanks for making it free
mediocre game at best, battle points were an interesting concept at first, but got old quickly. combat is effortless, no skill required, just time. Every fight is incredibly one-sided. recommended for those with literally nothing to do.
I love your game, even though there's no story or purpose. The fact that you literally have to challenge yourself to better yourself is to damn fun. If you would add a joy stick or like a gamepad and an action button, that would make this game even better. The graphics take me back to the old school video games.
i like this game but the items drop rate are to low please update the game and add some features like upgrading systems and new map also can see the hp numbers and some more, this is only my advice its good game ❤
I personally enjoy it, the game is a rpg that is inflated, simple, but it gets my brain going trying to figure out what stats do I need for the run. The game starts you out with 30 battles then you can spend your gold mid game, or when a 30 battles are over, all your equipment from the previous game moves over. In the end, I think this game is worth a try.
Love it. Lots of beautiful sprites, fairly balanced stats, not many advertisments, progression is partially based on how well you plan and optimize builds.
Its fun until you get 200k coins. Impossible to get more. Just as well, once an ad pops up, the game slows down to %25 of what it normally plays at.
Great Game, like what the others reviewed "this concept sounds ridiculous at first, but it works". Love the strategy and grinding aspect of it, it doesn't feel too long/impossible to climb. Ads aren't a problem as well. Its not an idle game although it seems like it, its a rpg, but would definitely love to have easier ways to switch items, maybe in a set or better drop down menu Edit: I found out that there were quick slots to switch to for items
Always loved this game. High replay ability and really makes you have to think in advance on how to progress and when you finally kill the boss you thought impossible it makes it all worth it. Plus. NO MICROTRANSACTIONS YAAYYY
I have enjoyed this have very much. I appreciate that there is no in-app purchases and i can play this game without internet anywhere. This gave has very deep mechanics (at least for me) that i didn't expect when i downloaded. I have used the discord which is still alive to learn and help me about the more advanced parts of the game. Only problem i have is sometimes it's really hard to farm for items as drop rates are so low.
This game is suprisingly unique with quite a lot in it. The aspect of huge amounts of level ups is performed nicely. The progress is quite fair, only a small amount of grinding. Overall I'd say a great game.
It's fun to do a lot and grind but the drop rate for items is so low it's insane some times I farm for 5 or more hours and don't even get a single drop game is way to luck based
This game is just so good, at first i thoguht it was some silly game with no real goal but i searched up the wiki and its so deep! I love it so much right now
love the game but alot of times im goimg into a game it ends and i make 0 progress because i never have anuf coins to get higher lvl equipment :( i can only make it to 3rd boss and always die or run out of battles and i always dont have anuf money ;( but great game:)
I remember being able to go to area 777 or 2222 for the money bonuses.. This new system of adding random bonuses does not allow me to progress in the game. I am unable to see how one can accumulate money to progress. My avg run I gain about 180k but I have everything at this quantity of money and cannot progress. Luk doesnt do anything for getting drops anymore. Tats.. what did you do to this game? Willing to put my 5 stars back when the game is fixed.
Fun idea, you'll eventually get stuck and the switching out of all the equipment for every battle becomes dreadful zzzz. I don't know the solution, but still needs some work
So far the best free mobile game I have played. (Although that is not a high bar to clear.) No stupid energy mechanic. After a good while of playing o have yet to see any in app purchases, so no pay to win mechanics.
This game is fun until you hit the point where progressing can be very luck based since in any area you can either get a very tough enemy or a very easy one. (EX: in a level 7000 area you can get an enemy with 2 health bars that does minor damage, or you can get an enemy with 3 health bars that does heavy damage.
Literally best mobile game I've played. Wish it would be updated more frequently, and add an option to get rid of adds (I'd be more than willing to pay.) I'd also love if the game fit my screen better. Overall I love the game, and those are just suggestions.
When i first started, i used to think that you would slowly grind each and every area to get gold and upgrade your equipment and jump off a few areas and so on... I was SO wrong. After reading a bit about the game, i got to Hard Mode (to unlock, reach level 100000) in 2 days! If that wasnt enough, i now have enough items to reach Heaven without even spending points into Hp, Attack OR Defense at all, and im not even on 50% of my items progress (in terms of finding).
I love the game but i may have ended up hitting a wall on improving my gear, except that the game seems all good. I would love to see a game like this one but it went on for ever because gaining exp or gold is incredibly satisfying
It's a great game but I wish things were explained more thoroughly. What does (!) Bonus do? How does the play gem work, do the multipliers get bigger or the chance for it not to work get bigger? Do all characters get the bonus when a character levels up? Or is it better to grind one character only? This game is worth five stars easily for gameplay, but no explanation of certain things makes me feel like I'm wasting my time
the game is fun but in the early stages its kinda boring since you dont have much to do in there enemies are weak but next level is too hard for me the gold you collect should stay with you or at least 1/4
Pretty good game, only thing I'd like to see would be maybe a chest or 2 to find items to help, instead of focusing on luck and whatnot.
Fantastic game. Very addictive, my only suggestion at this early stage would be a way to automatically apply your combination of stats (ie Half Half Full), like an "auto stat" on/off button. Update 26/4/21: the new content is simply an additional boss, but it provides another base level upon defeat. Still a great game but hoping another update comes very soon because it's easy to lose interest. Lots and lots of farming.
I enjoy the game. But I make 0 progress since my 10runs and I'm about in my 20runs. I'm having a hard time pass level 6000. I hope money accumulate so I can buy better equipment.. I make 85k max but I need at least 110k to buy new sword or 130k to buy armor. It frustrating, I hope you update the game or make easy mode please..
Backup and Recovery does not work. There is no option to freely choose gmail account. It is very annoying
I rarely deem a game worthy of review, but this one deserves it. When I first saw it I thought the concept was ridiculous, but clever. Turns out I can't put it down! The controls are simple as can be, but the game has many layers of complexity to it, making it worth every minute spent on it. The best part? NO PURCHASES! There's no in app purchases and no way to spend your way forward! 6 out of 5 stars.
Relaxing and straight forward but still fun. Seems to be grindy but I like that. Not the bad kind of Inflation.
Nice game. However, it takes a lot of time to farm hero gem + 2. I need two more of it and this rating keeps pop out at the menu after I got atk gem +4 as I reset the run if I didn't get hero gem +2 or weapon / armor / accessories not including dupes.
Amazing game. I was drawn in from the first moment. The idea of having a small upgrade that you carry through, making each run better than the last compels me to play that extra bit longer. Superb job, keep it up 👍
I had played this game a few years ago and enjoyed it quite a bit. However I ended up just trying to beat my own former highest level (1st place) on the rank board. It turns out that I can't find my old phone that still has it so there is no hope of a simple transfer play, but, I love the fact that you can do that now. Starting over from the start, it is a lot of grinding, but, it is enjoyable and the community info available speeds up progress.
An addive run-based game that manages to take a novel, if shallow premise and turns it into a very engaging game of risk management and meta-gaming. My only gripes are that several convenient out-of-battle features are locked behind accessory slots that you really want to be using on stat-enhancing stuff, leading to being forced to use the clunky equip UI way more than you'd like to until you unlock more loadout slots, which are expensive. I hope these issues could be resolved in the future.
This game is really addictive and fun to play i just want this game to be updated to find new weapons ,armor,acessories and etc. Wish the developer to update it soon thanks.
A good game if you are good at speedrunning and precise planning. Unfortunately I happen to suck at both of those things.
VERY fun game to play when you have time to kill. I love seeing how far my character can go with only attack buffs. Easiest way to describe it is an arcade like rpg game.
Leveling to high level, Awesome. Grinding, Awesome. No interrupting adds, Awesome. Feeling of being powerful with no micro-transactions, super awesome. Endless play with two difficulties, Awesome. 5 awesomes with 5 stars. epic game.
Way more strategy and depth than you would think going into this game. It starts simple and fun, but it quickly shows you how challenging and deep the gameplay gets. Also an active community! so thats nice 😀
well this game is extremely fun, u till you have to make a huuuge jump eventually the only way to progress is to hope you get an item from the second boss and use stuff that gives u more % on money earned. overall its decent but it gets too tedious at a point causing you to lose interest, there should be a constant climb in what you can do instead of having to constantly try over and over to get enough money to progress even further, also being able to transfer data would be nice
It is really good to play and no money needed the best is the grinding for money and bosses it is fun, I tell you to try and play it
At first it seems kinda simple and like every other rpg....but then it gets SUPER fun because you level up like 45 levels every single enemy you defeat!!! Very pleased with this game, amazing graphics, and easy to understand mechanics. 5 out of 5.
Great game!! i love this even its a little bet hard ^_^ its kind a surprising when you find a good items and makes you more exciting ;)
It's alright i guess, but having to grind for gold gets way too tedius as there's only 1 zone in which you can effectively do it.
what starts off as a super neat concept easily turns into a giant, exhausting grind of a game. Money is really the only way to reliably advance through the game, unfortunately the game doesn't scale gold the same way it scales xp or difficulty with enemy encounters. This might actually be worse than most of the idle RPGs you see here on the marketplace, because you'll quickly realize the lost potential here.
Great game. Very strategic and puzzle like gameplay. Fun upgrade system, you dont get too much too quick but when you do get something its exciting. Keeps me coming back for more. I forgot to add that this is also my first app worth reviewing ever, love the game.
The game is great but there was one problem that ruined my best run... Hp recovery. So i bought the hp recovery during the 2nd boss before i died but because of the 1 second delay i died before i got my hp and it still took my gold.
Pretty fun. Hard to start, but you'll figure it out. Half attack>half defense> all hp after in that order to farm early on then eventually all into luck for late game farming
Fun concept but poorly executed, yet another temporary run type deal. You have to restart after 30 fights or so.
Ive put a lot of time into it now. The obky true complaint I have is if you spend money (in-game) to heal on the next turn, and it either doesnt activate before the end, or you die before it activates....maybe DON'T take the money too? It's salt in the wound.
#first all for new player check inflatinon rpg wikypedia on web for the best guide.Game full with hope, always hoping for white thing pop up in the xp counting menu,and almost forget to breath when it happen specialy in hard mode, but man my luck is not that good i spend 1 weeks farming for god of war gem and knight rapier+1 still didn't got it yet. Hopely who read this got better luck than me. Have good day
the early game is fantastic and addicting. After a few playthrough, I became stuck repeating the process but never acquiring 120k gold for the next possible upgrade. I'm also a little confused about the prestige system and how to progress in the character levels. These are easily addressable complaints though and if they were fixed (maybe a more in-depth tutorial) I'd be happy to give this a 5/5 especially with how un-obstrusive the add are and how I haven't hit any paywalls yet!
Would love a shop that you can pay to win, spend real money for gold, exclusive gear and items like the god gems or something to make the game easier
i love this game but feels kinda lonely playing it. itd be cool to have multiplayer so i can beat my friends butt in this game or multiple friends id say up to 8 people and for multiplayer make the monsters like a lot stronger. more people = more difficulty but also more rewards. if not its be cool to see another game similar to this with multiplayer.
Game is great, I'm having a lot of fun. Only issue is the ads, I'd gladly pay like $5 or so to get rid of them.
I only have 1 problem with this game. While later in the game you'll end up getting a "player" level and a "character" level, there currently is nothing in-game that tells about how to raise that level. It might say about it when 1st unlocked, but it would be nice to be able see details to it in the tutorial. It gets much more challengeing later on, but can easily be played for fun since the way you choose to play is also what decides your difficulty while playing. overall a very enjoyable game.
Downloaded this game a few times over the years barely anythings changed. You should add a option to store left over gold after every retry, been plenty of times I've been so close to getting enough gold for a item and am just short and have to re do it all again. Thus slowing progress down
Light on ads, big on game. (Also light on graphics, but that's ok) The first mobile game I've found that is mostly game and not a fancy way to get you to watch ads or spend money, and lots of fun.
Hope this game gets updated or at least release a new installment of the game. Like Inflation 2 or something. Would definitely give 5 stars if not for the fact that the last update was in 2013 and that this doesn't have patch updates.
It's really addicting, totally free, it's a really long game too and you could take your time with it or just play it on the go!
Amazing game super addictive and fun to play with a great community only problwm is thag my data was randomly reset and it can take a long time to form the items again
really fun and rewarding game. use the wiki to look up drop locations and maps. makes a huge difference.
Thanks for this awesome game, I would love to know if your going to add more soon. So far we only know that there is a boss in the twilight zone. But we don't think there are any new items, can you verify this?