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Infinite Heroes

Infinite Heroes for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by 博文 located at 香港湾仔洛克哈特路171号金斯伟通信大楼18F. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Yeah, idk how yall got so many good reviews. Been trying to just log in for 20 minutes now and the main menu has absolutely nothing on it when it finally DID log in and when I closed the app to restart it, it won't even let me try to log in. Just keeps telling me that it won't log in...
Very basic. Build a team, fight wave after wave of bad guys. Graphics kinda suck. PVP puts me a Lev 12 up against Lev 100 players. Its fine. Needs better graphics, more customization, better balancing... But its ok nothing special. its fine
This game is stupidly buggy and ridiculously slow. Like, any interaction takes between 5 and 10 to do anything. It was clearly half-assed by the devs. Balance is all over the place, features are missing, the UI was poorly planned. The game offers nothing new to the standard offline hero builder genre. Go play any of the others for a better experience.
So far, I enjoy the game very much. It gives fair opportunity to get the epic heroes. The problem is, it still often freezes which certainly quite annoying coz I have to reboot the phone for this reason. Please fix it, and I'll give 5 later.
Poor translations to English. Story jumps around from place to place and seems to make no sense sometimes, I'm sure poor translation doesn't help with this. Clicking can be unresponsive for seconds after loading on any screen. Mobile League: Adventure clone. Advice: Stick to MLA. This game has tons to work on before it's anywhere near a contender.
I am absolutely ADDICTED to this game! It gives me an opportunity to escape from reality. The characters are so unique and it's so much fun finding new ones! I highly recommend downloading this game.
this game is nice to be able to play for free. However, its very grindy and boring after a while. For f2p, there isn't enough fully loaded heros to get unless you spend tons of cash. There are three different kinds of summoning for heroes, but the rng is the same. Whether you got an unique summoning crystal or a friendly crystal, the results may give you a common summon. In conclusion, the more cash you spend the more heroes to combine, the stronger your team gets.
Fake 5 star review. Heavy pay to win, I've been vip 3 still cannot pass stage 8. Enemy power soar up for every round. Don't waste your time to play this game.
The game is glitching. As I tried the trial of courage it froze on me then I tried to summons 10 characters and it froze again, stealing my jewels.. help me please
I'm enjoying my time with the game! The gameplay is a bit complex with a steeper learning curve, but I really enjoy the community and the fact that there are so many ways to play
I dunno about this game. It feels like a Mobile Legends knock-off so it lacks originality. The game uses what looks like 3d models for characters, so they're not that detailed and the game itself runs kinda slow. After an hour of play I haven't really seen anything like what the advertisements show. And PLEASE do not reply to my review saying "We're working to make the game better" (that response is over-used). Uninstalling.
Why do I have to complete chapter 12 just to be able to retire the low class heroes? This is ridiculous. How am I supposed to get to chapter 12 if chapter 7 is already hard as hell and I can't summon another heroes to upgrade my squad because of it has reached the limit. Spend diamonds to increase it? No, thanks! I better find another game...
Excellent game. It's really good but, my only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is, the gold prices for gear. I have like 4330k & 1 peice of gear is 3330k which would basically wipe me out. can you PLEASE come down a bit on the gold prices as I don't always have enough gems nor do I want to take a month to build them up just for 1 piece of gear. Dropped 2 more stars for lousy/lack of customer service. I emailed about an issue on mar 2nd & never got a reply. i want to send another but why bother
After latest update can't even log in. Would rate higher as good game. But because can't log in anymore will rate 2 stars until fixed
Love the game, it's challenging enough to where it doesn't get boring and it actually gets me off my phone more so I can't get more rewards. 10/10 recommend :)
some menu links and language items still need fixing but in general a great example of this type of game. would like to see more streamlined ascension and let leveling costs as some resources costs double when you need two kinds of resources to achieve one task
I find this game doesn't make it favourable to the big spenders. Most games I've played in the past make us non spenders obsolete in game. Here I have yet to feel that way.
Tries to get access to your Google drive, that's verryyy schetchy. I've never seen an app request that before. So all your business, personal and anything else in the drive can be taken. Don't install this app. I don't care what the developer says your intent is malicious
I bought the Dark Goddess Top Up event and never received my items. You had to log in for 3 days to receive the items. Then it charged me twice. I gave the receipts to the Infinite Hero page on Facebook and they seem to not know what I was referring to. When I logged in the next day, the whole event disappeared and still no items.
It's pretty good. Some of the gameplay modes remind me of Hearthstone and some remind me of Diablo. Both of which I loved!
I like the game but, I'm confirming another two star post about the drop rate for elite heroes is noticeably bad. I've made roughly 300 summons and 3 elite shard summons. The probability the game says is correct but, that is because they are counting rare heroes that are already leveled up to elite. The drop rate for ascending teir heroes is well below 1%. Though it might not be worth the grind, the reason for only 2 stars has more to do with the crashing and connectivity issues
Can't login for two days what's going on here time to find a game that actually works would give a 0 stars but I can't
Decent afk gacha. I am having the same problem as another user bought the dark Goddess deal. Received the champ but the event has disappeared so missing my second day rewards, assuming I'm going to miss the 3rd day too. Edit: logged in and it's back changed to 5 star good game but the idle rewards is only two hours at the start so log on a lot!
I don't know how this game is almost 5 stars. I'm a free player so I'm not complaining for the game keep smashing my face with "deals" every minute. However, the game mechanic is bad. I tried taping to select choices for adventure or trial of courage and it takes 10 tap for chests to open, 10 for select amulet and 10 for breaking jars. I tap more than those clicker games.
This game is so fun to play when i'm bored. You get rewards easily and progress every time you log in. This game is really good and I hope Lilith can keep it up!
Still not letting me in the game says login failed clesrtext communication to some website not permitted.. even though I've downloaded this from Google play...
Splendid game so far. Really like the look and the ability of all the hero's. Love how easy it is to pick up even though there is a lot to take in. Recommend giving it a try
Entertaining, really good for down time, you can still progress even when you aren't playing. Try it out.
It's not a bad game but it's nothing special either. It's a cookie cutter AFK that doesn't really bring anything new to the table. Which means it's boring. Ya, the characters are kind of cute and it's F2P friendly but it's not enough to keep you engaged.
This game is fantastic and addictive. It's a great game to leave on while you're watching tv or doing anything else, or upgrade all of your stuff and charge into battle.
Easy to play. Great graphics! And it's not screaming for money like other games do. You can pay or play for free.
Game is fun, it's basically afk arena but graphically different, needs more publicity though, because I think it's really an under appreciated mobile game.
A VERY GOOD IDLE GAME, FINALLY!! some heroes are unique, free rewards are AMAZING. And everything seems balanced, definitely f2p. But maybe could improve the graphics? Haha :)
This is my 3rd edit of the review after playing for 3 weeks. I am reluctantly considering uninstalling as I find the chance of getting an elite hero too low. The official rate is 4.61%. I have calculated my rate at 1.25%, which is far from enjoyable. What currently makes it bearable is the fairly frequent gift codes...but it just frustrates me more as I keep rolling more X10 heroes without any elites. Is it possible to have an auto elite if a certain number of summoning is unsuccessful?
Good game but very very slugishish slow lagging need fixing. Going loose lot players from this issue do not want fake promises.
This game is very engaging! It has a great storyline, superb special effects, easy leveling up, superb tutorial, in- game tips and fantastic 3D animations. It's hard for me to stop playing it! I really like this game! 🤩👩🏽!
This is pretty much the only mobile game I always come back to. And you still accumulate exp/rewards even if you don't have time to hop on for a while. It's a good balance!
Latest update made is so I can't log in. Gives a clear text error. Re-installed already still nothing. Good game otherwise.
If you're looking for a hero collect game that you can play for free, this is it. It's like all the others, but you can play, and advance for free. The graphics are dated, but the game still looks nice. Adventure mode is the only part of the game I dislike, but I do like that you can choose which hero you play as.