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Infinite Flight - Flight Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Infinite Flight LLC located at 691 S. Milpitas Blvd., Suite 212 Milpitas, CA 95035. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is quite good indeed. With the pro subscription u get around 55 planes with many livery. There is global flying .although the this game needs to add taxi lights and 3d buildings.
It has been quite a long time since I have played Infinite Flight, the graphics are if you ran a pc with a 960 graphics card and put the terrain on the lowest graphics and the runway on Ultra high. The plane models are decent for a mobile flight sim, better then RFS for sure but not better then X-plane 10. Indeed this is a critic but still, it is a solid game for mobile. I do recommend that you have a decent Phone or tablet to run this and not be on potato mode,that's it
Amazing graphics and physics altogether but many people would like to see 3D buildings as I'm sure you all know and I guess these thnigs do take quite a lot time to produce as I am sure they won't be low quality as nothing is in this game but we'd also love to see some other movement on the ground for example like service trucks and fuel trucks and some more animations but apart from all this I'm fairly pleased with the game!
For the graphics, the anti aliasing and the textures are ok. For the scenery, it's another thing there's no building, and dont tell it's not possible, look at Xplane !!! They did it, and even if your phone or tablet is limited in performance, remember, it's a handheld device, so if you want to pay that much for this simulator, do the math with the more advanced Microsoft Flight Simulator version and you I'll see if it worth it. That's my POV.
The game is great and has great graphics but flying the same plane over and over again gets boring and I understand that I could just get pro, but I don't want to pay monthly unless I am going to play frequently. It would be nice to have a bigger selection of free Airliners (Old and New). More people would also play as you would get high ratings. This is a suggestion that I really think you should consider. Make like 6-7 new airliners for free.
This game is already very good, but please add control using the joystick not only tilt, and also the aircraft lights in the details, and also the landing light beam radius is expanded.Don't forget to add a passenger camera on the plane to add details. Thank you Infinite Flight.
great game spend alot of time playing it. easy to use. would like more interesting destinations eg uk. thank you.
The BEST flight simulator on IOS and android! You can fly anywhere to anywhere, but the scenery isn't that good. I hope in the future they'll add alot of other stuff like clouds, contrails, planes, helicopters, buildings, and ext. But the some planes are very textured with detail. But some planes are old and outdated and need a rework to it. Over all I hope that the delavopers see this and know that their flight sim rocks!
It's a great game, but it's super expensive. I am giving it two stars not because of the game itself, no, it's the massive paywall that prevents you from getting the full experience. I mean, 80 dollars a year?! That's insane! I'm not going to be reinstalling this game until that huge price is lowered. At least Xplane let's you pay for the aircraft separately. Jeez.
This game is too expensive for what it is since everytime I go into the map to try and change my airport the whole game crashes and everytime I try and fix the problem like close out the app and restart the device the app still wont work and crashes constantly. And when the app doesnt crash and im able to fly the plane if I go to an outside to the cockpit view the framerate drop to basically one.
I just bought Infinate Flight simulator today and it was worth it. The graphics are nice. as for the sound effects it really does make the simulation feel more real. My flying practice is not that great. Hey though you can't always be great when you first start with a flying simulator. It will take time though.
Purchased this game before on my ios device, and have recently re purchesed on google play, installed onto my chromebook, and after launch all i am meet with is a black screen, and it is pretty disapointing, despite previous plays of this game, please can anyone help or the devs may patch this.
Amazing for a mobile simulator the best so far but my suggestion is add more livery that would be great and also i have aircraft suggestion=A300,A310,B727,Concorde,Tu-154, Il-96-400,DC 9,L1011,DHC 6 twin otter,Tu-144, I think thats all aircraft i wanted thanks
Very good flight sim. Best airplane details, but some plane's cockpit is like 144p , very low quality (747) where as some planes have hd like cockpit (737) also we could have live cockpits for all planes. And finally, adding 3d buildings and terminals would make this best mobile flight sim. (And plz reduce pro subscription price πŸ˜…)
too basic and subscription way too expensive. all i get i a very limited map, just the map and a front no plane view and sound, no planes, cockpit, buildings. nothing, and cesna type planes after having to purchase the game. THEN you pay again a subscription that is higher than suscribing to Netflix if you want more airports and "planes". so not worth it. very disappointed. would ask for refund if i could.
This game is so awosome I like the texture and graphics and how good the updates were but the thing I hate is that is has no crashing physics god of hell why
absolutely in love with this simulator, it's very realistic....although i would appreciate if you could work more on the cockpit, it would be really nice if you could put cabin lights in the cockpit, and also please do add clouds in the sky to make it a lil more realistic. I'd also re appreciate it of there was a save option, so that if at all there is a scenario when infinite flight crashes and if I restart it again.. I should be able continue my flight
its extremely good tho, but can u please fix the bug(no ILS and no other plane models[but i can see the names and squares of other players but not plane models and liveries like a user is using a350 qatar airways and i can see the user's name and squares but not the model or a350 and the livery of qatar airways). Stunning graphics and bad satellite sceneries and no 3D buildings(as u have done on earlier versions). Please add live cockpits to all planes. Please make it cheap(β‚Ή6000 to β‚Ή300/year.
amazing flight sim. recommend buying it. but you must use constantly,bas its very expensive, but worth it in my opinion
Brilliant simulator. I have been a subscriber from when the live version came out. Its an amazing simulator. However, a bit too pricey. If it was a little less, and by less I mean 50-60 $ a year, it would be worth every penny.
I have no doubt that this would be a better review if i could open the game, it just sits in a black window with no way for me to play it, if this is a issue of just me id love to hear a way to fix it edit: Now whenever i open it it just says the program is not responding
Graphic - 10/10, Aircraft - 10/10, Controls - 10/10, PRO PRICE - 1/10, I live in india, here paying 650 rupees per month for an android game is pure stupidity. I hope infinite flight team would get this and change their pricing.
It's enjoyable. More relaxing, than fun. I do find it a bit contradictory, though, that certain requests such as speeding up time have been rejected because it's unrealistic, yet night flying and clouds are not at all realistic. You should be able to fly above cloud and when you look down you see cloud. At night, city lights should be visible. Not convinced it's worth Β£9.99 a month.
Apparently there is no virtual joystick :( and my phone doesn't support controllers, only charging. I'm refunding unless they add joystick.
Amazing experience with this Sim, I really don't care if there are no 3D building, cause the controls are pretty simple and easy to fly. However, the Pro version might be too expensive for some people. If you lower the Game Price and the Pro Version, there is a high chance that you're game could be the 1st in the top paid. However, I will still give it a 5πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
I keep getting Error Code 7 messages on the main screen, my main menu won't even load up. I am not getting what I paid for
It's a good basic sim. I had bought this game back in my Windows Phone days (I miss it). While the game has drastically changed since then, there's been a lot of improvements and welcomed increased functionality. The "free flight zones" and subscription model for premium content is frustrating and always refuse to buy into to such schemes, but still find enjoyment to pass the time by flying around with no objective usually.
One of the best mobile flight sims you will find. Always improving :) // in response to how this app could get five stars. Definitely have enjoyed the graphics and details of the aircrafts in the game. I only choose four star because I wish the cockpits were all detailed and there were 3D buildings instead of just hills everywhere. Overall I've had ZERO issues with any of my hundres of hours of playing this spectacular game.
I really love this flight sim cause it's really simple and it has a good option of airplanes like a350,777 and 737,however I think since you have downloaded the sim you don't have to pay for pro subscription
Amazing app! The countless number of realistic features are definitely worth the price, and you can make many friends and learn new things on the Infinite Flight Community forum. You won't regret this purchase.
It's a fantastic game ever since it came out ! People complain of not having buildings and other terrain-ish stuff but can't we just applaud upon how good the graphics , flight details , and the flight physics are and also the mountains and water thingy is pretty detailed and stills looks very beautiful even without buildings ! Great work team infinite flight πŸ€“
A shame i have to write this. 8 years + and they still haven't reworked the fighter jets and a myriad of other things. They need to hire more devs to speed it up, but Im adamant they make enough money off people to do just that. Sorry guys but it's been half a game for a long time. Update to dev reply: You've taken years to update commercial planes too! Stop with the excuses!
Just updated my app. The LNAV kept going off on its own and also the AC was not following the waypoints/route even with LNAV on and leg activated. That is why the 3* other than that no issues this game or sim came very far since it came out. Keep it up. If it helps my phone is samsung galaxy A71
incredible game! the physics, the aircraft detail is godly. The only thing that are missing is 3d buildings, better terrain generation, more weather options, and failures. Other than that the game is great, that's all from me.
Brilliant simulator, if i could ask the developers, could you reduce the prices of the subscriptions because the game itself cost money and then on top of that you have to pay for a subscription to fly online which is expensive , like €10+ for 1 month! I would reduce it down to €5. Overall great sim highly recommended. Also could you add more places to fly in solo mode if you don't have a subscription plus more free aircraft.
I've been using infinite flight for some time now, these past major updates have been amazing. Though what people are looking for and such as myself is more realism and more things like, buildings, clouds etc. What i appreciate the most about Infinite flight is the way their adding bit by bit to the sim, what i like the most is even for a small team, they are still very active with their community and pilots. I just can't wait to see what the sim will look by December time.
This game is great! It has many aircraft and global scenery. For 1 dollar its really a bargen. There costomor service is also wonderful because they have quick response time. I just wish there were a few more free aircraft but there is still a good solection for free planes so its no big deal. I can't wait to see what comes next.
Overall there are more positive things about this app but the owners of this app should seriously look at people's reviews or else there are going to end up losing so many customers. 1st the App is WAY WAY TOO EXPENSIVE, most of the people DO NOT HAVE MONEY to have an app like this at least for a long time . Second a simulator won't be so enjoyable without realistic things like Clouds, Buildings on the airport and off the airport. THESE THINGS ARE SO ESSENTIAL . Everything else is Good.
This is a great simulator. But it does not have airport buildings and clouds, due to which there is little fickle in the simulation. I request that the airport buildings and clouds be added to the game as soon as possible.
Absolutely love this simulator..... Especially the Community is very professional.... And the violation rules are really good.... But some things are there to be worked on- 1) Taxi way lights are required.... Gets too dark and nothing is visible 2) Taxi Lights in planes are needed... And the Landing lights have to be improved(they are too dim) 3) All the camera views should be made available for all aircrafts.... There is no uniformity in that
Best flight simulation available on phones and tablets, by subscribing you can fly from any airport in the world, to any airport in the world in real time. So you can do a 30 minute flight from Manchester Airport to France, or sit back and relax as you journey across the Atlantic and fly over Canada down into America and land anywhere in the States. Endless possibilities, granted only a few aircraft have full working cockpits, the ones that don't are still really fun to fly out.
Changing from 4 to 5 stars. I love Infinite Flight and what it has to offer for a mobile platform. Not everyone can afford a fancy PC setup for flight sims but most people have a phone. The devs put a lot of time and effort into this game. There are certainly things that could be better but they are constantly working on improvements. The online community is very active as well and the devs seem to listen to the people in those communities. Top 3 mobile flight sims for sure.
Very good simulator. I really love this simulator because the simulation and aricraft details. But can pls fix the ground scenery, And add some 3D building or terminals. Im kinda missing those. And if you could pls add trees. For price its not to expensive. But compared to Xane and RFS this is expensive. Anyways, great game/simulator
u people are just like rockstar games in gta 5 all they care about are shark cards sales don't fix game broken glitches like orbital cannon glitches exactly the same u asshats only care about subscriptions but don't update the sim frequently u don't fix the annoying bugs we can't go solo flight with out the use of internet exactly like a rockstar games bunch of greedy scumbags
I rate this 1 star because only 2 planes on my phone aren't laggy and I have a good phone but, because I rated this 1 star is because I sometimes try to land and plane goes up and sideways and down when im just doing nothing so I think RFS is better then infinite flight they're the same price but I think RFS is better so I'm sorry I might rate it better if you make it not do that
Everything is perfect,I have been playing this since the 2011.And the only fact that makes me put 3 stars is because it keeps crashing :(
probably the best sim you'll ever find on mobile. The flight planning is great and can get more realistic if you use simbrief. The flying is pretty good as well. It has good psychics and a great fleet of planes. the online is awesome and the community as well. graphics are good all tho they can improve on scenery but I know they will work on it. Overall it's worth it and I highly recommend it. Only complain is add taxiway lights asap and rework the B757! Also make sure you can pay it to enjoy it!
"There is nothing to do in this game, You can only have about 6 planes and you to purchase membership for a game that you only gonna play for 10 minutes, But it still haves a nice graphics."
Absolutely loooove this sim!! I just wish it had city/ground lights and buildings at the airports. And clouds. But definitely city lights. Helicopters would be nice too!
You have to pay 10 euros a month or 90 a year even though you can download this app for free. I know that you have to pay for the servers but it gets boring after flying in the same airspace with the same airplane. And it's not even a permanent purchase, no you have to actively pay for it. I would spend less by making myself a PC and cracking X-Plane 10.
Good job guys. I only wish that one day you guys can come up with a way to use the real geographical nature of the earth from google maps so that when flying using this simulator, it would give one an experience that is second to the real thing. Again...great job guys.
First and foremost this is just a trap...I do admire the level of detail and the simulator experience but the money required for subscription is ridiculous...moreover the game was just fine for the first few weeks after that the thing won't load at all and if I try going back it then the mobile hangs up which is more ridiculous 😑😑😑 we also have to pay for downloading the app which also has a ridiculous amount of money..other wise this is one of the best simulator available in playstore...
Most of the aircrafts except for the newer models don't have wheels spinning when on ground during replays. Can you please fix it. That would add an awesome experience to already awesome simulator.
I love this game so much😍 But I want Infinite Flight more realistic like other flight simulator, such as holding pattern, flaps speed limit any aircraft, 3D Terminal, and of course FMC more realistic. Don't give up making realistic flight simulator, I'll subscribe your Infinite Flight Subscription. - abang fayyad
Hello Infinite Flight. I am writing this review to tell you that, this game is awesome. But you have to change the prices. If you are increasing the prices no one will come and buy your subscriptions and game. If the people who are planning to buy the game see bad comments then their mind will change and wont buy your game. So i request you to reduce the price of the subscription. Make free multiplayers to play privately with friends. And atleast give your players free trials. -Yours GridgesYT
I Cannot Believe I've Just Wasted $9.00 NZD, Not Even My Money As Well, My Dads! Give Me A Refund Right Now Or Im Sueing!! 😠🀬 If I Could Rate Any Stars I Wish I'd Give You Guys -5 Stars! GIVE ME A REFUND YOU GUYS ARE SO BAD MAKING GAMES, YOU CANT EVEN MAKE A LIVE COCKPIT THE SCENERY LOOKS LIKE DOG S**T AND THE PHOTOS HERE ON GOOGLE PLAY ARE SO FAKE, GIVE ME A REFUND NOW! If You Are Reading This "DO NOT"' Download/Purchase This Crappy Flight Simulator Go Buy Real Flight Simulator Only $1, FAGS
The cost paid to download is a scam. Once you go in they ask 7-8x the amount for "Online" or "Air Traffic Control" modes just for 1 month. For an year, its 70-80x the amount. Also they restrict the flying area unless you pay them. Much scam.
Honestly this is a good sim but flying the same planes ever time just gets boring and I dont want to hear "we give u dozens of planes" but really at least a new free plane every year and the reason why I gave this a 2 is beacuse when ever I fly out of one box/free region my plane loses speed and why is that cant I fly anywhere I want were paying 5$ for this now its 1 but I should at least get some extra things and I also dont want hear "we give u 7 hd regions" and what it gets bearing and repeat
We are paying way too much, comparing to what are we getting for that. Developers are working really slowly. Updates are really rare. Only few types of aircrafts has live cockpits (B737 Series, B777-200ER, A350 and A320 Series. A lot of aircrafts are badly detailed, flight models, graphics and also Liveries, Like Embraer Series. Many airports, which in Real life have Concrete or Asphalt runways, in game they have Gravel, Dirt or Grass runways. There is also a lot of missing lights.
This game is great and so realistic but when you have autopilot on and then turn it off the plane goes nuts but some aircrafts are good like all of them most of them to be Frank but a321 200 is the worst its nice to fly but not when you pay money otherwise all the other aircrafts are amazing and realistic
I love this app, I've always wanted to fly from Oahu to Arizona. I flew there multiple times. i know the route and things. But i would like to ask if you could add the Hawaiian Airlines livery to the Airbus A330. I love flying hawaiian airlines and i love their livery's. Thankyou for creating such an amazing app.
Hello like infinite flight but I don't have the subscription anymore but I'm not trying to be greedy I know infinite flight offers enough free planes but by favorite plane I like to fly when I still had the subcription I always flew the 777 so I'm not trying to be greedy but in the next update add the 77x the one with the folding wing tip add that in the next update and please please make it a free plane ( I hope they read this) thank u for reading this
I love this app, but when I do a long haul flight. My app crashes and that's what I hate the most. I am using samsung S10+ and I hope you guys will fix this solution. I will subscribe when the new 777W will come. πŸ˜ƒ
good sim, keeps on crashing when I am flying more then 15 minutes or sometimes even 5 minutes, I can't get my flight points and I won't be able to reach grade two with this, please fix ... anyway Infinite Flight needs to improve more on scenery then aircraft because sometimes the scenery is kinda looking like a baby pooped and it got all smuged, anyway the physics are okay.. Well yeah ALSO the prices of Infinite Flight PRO IS LEGIT $15! Thats well above rfs, Though u hav more special aircraft.
Great game , but please could you improve the following : Add in moving PFDs , NAV displays and other flight displays. You need to improve the ground graphics. And seeing as I am not an infinite flight pro user , could you increase the amount of aircraft for non - infinite flight pro players like me 😊. Thanks a lot , Sam.
This flight simulator is the most realistic I've ever played on mobile. Though, it cost $6.99, and $9.99 a month for playing on live servers, it's well worth it. This simulator is for all level of experience. I've had this app when it was in its first development stage and I still have to this day. I've played X-plane simulator and they can't beat the high quality and realism of the planes on infinite flight. I really love this app and I will continue to use it 'til I can't move my hand.
Game has significantly improved since its early days. Graphics are amazing and there are plenty of planes to choose from, both free and ones you have to pay for. Id suggest updating planes like the C17 and the scenery to look more realistic. Adding buildings, contrails, smoke, etc would be awesome. Thank you for all you guys do!
Absolutely worth it. Alot of aircraft and liveries to choose. Live cockpits, several cameras and others. Also Im wondering if we can play with 2 device with the same account without paying extra money. Thanks
Update : I forget to mention earlier thsi big issue it open different type of document when there ia not any kind of docs app is installed. It forces to open it an goes over g drive which i normally use. This happens in redmi note 8 pro, one plus 6, lg g8x, realme 6 not only that it sometimes open different kind of links on its own when there no default set for anything.
The game is really nice but the scenery is very bad I know some phones cannot render the buildings but atleast add trees and clouds and also add some weathers like snowfall, rain, thunder strikes and all other natural disasters it adds more to the game and also adding anti Frost ground crews and taxi lights would make the game alot better then it is the airports feel empty without ground crews the airport buildings and the taxi lights adding ATC to solo makes it more realistic
Hello. I want to express my interest in the game. First off allmits worth it and the controls are easy to learn the only downside I have is the pro. The 1 month is worth 11 euro. But I don't like the way 6 months is already expensive 55euro. That's the only downside but definitely buy this game if you're into planes. I also want to ask if you ever get pro on infinite v Flight how do you cancel it on android?
Just updated the latest upgrade. What's happening with the graphic tho?? Already set all the graphic setting to the high setup, but the graphic not getting better especially on the livery. I subscribe this game for long time and this is the worst experience I ever get. Please get it done with the livery blur thing and I will rate 5 star with no doubt. Okay??
I've been playing this game for so long and I'm loving it, I know more about piloting etc so when it comes for me to do my pilot training I would know how to control a plane its, and yes it's a game but with experience, realism and lots more. Thank you for making this game, really fun and enjoyable.
I thought when I purchase this app I would get the actual game. Turns out I have to pay a monthly subscription just to access the main features. I'd rather pay for TV than a game I would probably play thrice or so in a month! And can't even get a refund so very smart type of scam going on here.
Honestly a great app, but lacks the realism of, let's say x plane. The pilots on the live server rarely listen to the ATC which is frustrating, and clearly have 0 understanding of any form of real world flying. Would be nice for the controller to be able to ghost players from the live server from mobile without having to be verified by the staff. Anyway, I canceled my subscription over it. So annoying the ATC is basically useless cuz no one listens.
I say it's the best by far when it comes to android flight Sim. It's a great way to learn the basics of how the airplanes and ATC work in order to help one in flying school. Reason of giving it a 4 star is that I agree that more planes should be given for free. And also try to add in terminal buildings to make it more realistic
purchased for my grandson and he got little use out of it because it kept logging him out. contacted the app person and they couldnt't help other than saying they were having issues and keep trying. asked for a refund but received nothing.
Infinite flight is good, yes the community is good and the planes they reworked is also good. But the pro subscription is super expensive $13 a month and I played this 3 times a week and after a month my phone motherboard was broken from running long haul flights. Luckily, its under warranty and I got it repaired free of charge. But still, can infinite flight optimise this game especially for andriod users? I have stop subscribing as I'm afraid my motherboard would burn again
This is by far the most amazing flight simulator I have ever played. I don't usually write reviews, but this game deserves one. I even think this simulator is better than x Plane! Anyways amazing simulator 5 stars. If I could add anything I would add the A350. But other than that, best flight simulator I have ever played.πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰
Well, where to start? Infinite Flight is the best mobile flight simulator you will find anywhere! It has very highly detailed aircraft with phenomenal physics which make your experience realistic. But wait there's even more! with new updates being pushed out it's the ''go-to'' simulator for aviation/sim lovers like me. (Just wait till you see sunrise and sunset) So what are you waiting for? Go check it out!
honestly disappointed in infinite flight been playing for years now with the new system where you cant purchase Aircrafts because now they are forcing you to buy PRO I don't enjoy playing online players don't follow procedures I like to just fly solo and now I cant even buy or choose the planes I want cause I need to buy PRO not very consumer friendly sounds more like greed not everyone has 78 dollars to spend a year. I'm not happy
This is a good flight simulator. But when it comes to the pro, the money is not worth it. It does not have realistic cockpit, no terminals, hangars not much of liveries. You have to pay 650rs per month only becauseyouwillgetaccess to multiplayerandall planes.And even for 85rs you will get only 3 planes with 3 to 4 airports. So I prefer x plane 10 . You can get the sim for free with 1 plane and 4 airports, and for 450rs, you can get all planes with realesticockpits,hangarsAndEverythingWorking
It is a scam for the price, you may think you have gotten a good game for the price but when you actually go into the game there are hidden costs in which I ended up have costing me Β£110 (aka subs) That is the reason why I have ended up putting a full stop all together on my YT channel and moved on to PC.
Hi infinite flight simulator Can you add terminal only at big airport? Can you add replay after we play? Can you add airplane but is bot/computer when we play single??? Thank you so much i love your game infinite flight i love your graphics tooπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
There are a ton of planes to select from, to a of airports, massive multiplayer, and more. however, to access a lot of those, you have to pay more money in 1 year than you would on a console game. if you've got the money than sure but....
Unable to use since latest update. Either fails to load or application closes without warning. Paying a monthly subscription for this. Not happy!
I like this game, and all but I wish the online mode was free, if u can make it free or not because I wanted to play with friends and all but the online mode costs money.
very disappointed with having to buy the app and only getting a limited amount of aircraft to fly. graphics arent good, and I couldn't find a setting to allow for a virtual joystick. Having to pay 80 dollars for a yearly subscription is steep since the game isnt all that attractive.
Like the simulator a lot, it's super realistic and it's easy to control. I would just like the subscription prices a little bit cheaper and some of the older planes that were in infinite flight first version to be considered legacy planes. Other than that, really good job on the sim.πŸ‘
I bought it because it was cheaper but I am disappointed that you need pro subscription to make a flight plan and maybe some more light functions like taxi light and logo light cabin and cockpit lights. Some of the cockpits are really bad the 747 the instruments don't work the 717 cockpit is just bad some are good but I think they could improve definitely for non pro subscribers
I would really like to play this nicely I have the game installed right now but,the game keeps on crashing.It crashes when loading into a flight or while I'm getting ready to take off ,please help me the phone I use is a Mobicel r4 LTE
Very impressed, tried it for a couple of weeks and then had no doubts about taking a monthly sub ..... Likely to be an annual soon. The New Zealand scenery has me enthralled, and the live multilayer mode with ATC is really great. In terms of UI this is a superbly designed experience, with a highly optimised set of flight control inputs that produce a great balance between cockpit realism and practically on a small screen. Strong community and developer support also.
Love this game it's the best as far yet in simulator but I think it would be amazing if there where situations where engines, flaps, rudder, ailron etc were disengaged to give a more satisfying flight of adrenaline and wanting to succeed I try myself by switching of engines and not using flaps etc it's fun use can do it from (mee)I'd pay for the fun love to have a changeling event go on plz keep going such a good app
I would have given five stars if the game was not soo expensive. I been flying in IF for 2years now and logged 7536 hours flight time and enjoyed ever bit of it but they increased the price again and i just can't afford to pay β‚Ή6800 for a game. I know many people feel the same about the price that's why i hope IF reduces the price to a reasonable amount or else they will loose their loyal subscribers.
Very well made game easy controls to learn I understand of the subscription and can't wait for the 21.1 update! Waiting forever for the terminals to be released in the game successfully! I hope you get support so you can work forward for more updates and features! In order to provide the best experience and gameplay! Good luck :)
App keeps crashing since most recent update. Has crashed/closed twice in the last couple hours. App itself seems to stutter a bunch now, even after turning some settings down or off (post update).//post 06/11 update (20.01.1), app still crashes//06/25-20.01.02, app still crashes in multi-player mode and engine sound quits working after awhile.
Nice airplane simulator. I hope infinite flight developer will make it more realistic as what majority wishes. Clouds and buildings please. All 747 family and A380 flex wings and tilted landing gear.
Pretty amazing. Yes the graphics look a bit odd but don't we all. I love all the planes and it's cool that some have been updated recently to look amazing. Will play for years.
Controls are awful and for some reason requires an Internet connection even for solo flight. You are forced to use the gyroscope for Pitch and Roll, And the calibration of this keeps slipping to the point you can't keep the plane straight without flicking on autopilot which tenders the whole app pointless. Unfortunately I can't even get a refund because it took so long to get set up and running. What a waste of money!
4 stars its a good game but i have to pay an extra 10 dollars for pro so i just rated one star so the devs can see this. Please make it free again.
Can't fly at night as there are no lights. including taxiway lights so becomes impossible. No 3d buildings at all, apart from throttles and spoilers nothing can actually be controlled in the cockpit like switches etc like xplane (which is another mobile sim so its do-able) The physics of the planes are laughable. Feels asif youre controlling a kite (uncontrollable) specially in crosswinds. they promise updates to gullable fans to include these and have since 2016. Never improves. lazy developers
I would like it if we could've more weather options like rain etc and if the weather on multiplayer mode could vary instead of it just being all clear no rain visibility high
i want to fly online but it's too expensive, this game supposed to be time relaxing, but i worry about my subscription, if im not play i will think lose a thing, make it more reasonable please. my suggestion is, make it "pay as you go" for the multiplayer
infinite flight can you please improve the graphics of the airports at least when you land you have the reality to go park at the gate and open doors for passengers like the CJ200. make a reality guys and can you please add more plane for non subscribers. thank you
First of all these game is amazing so beautiful and every aircraft is realistic. But im a little disappointed because there are no 3d buildings but thats ok for android.
Having used the sim for 3 years I've found updates far too staggered to warrant monthly subscription, every month. 20.1 has been a great update but the lag that the 777 rework creates, even on a flagship phone with Snapdragon 865+, is unbearable. Final approach with a line of 777s on the taxiway, you can forget about 60FPS or a stable FPS for that matter. Rudder controls are still far too close to the edge of the screen so you find that left rudder has a much greater range than right rudder.
To be honest I love this game in all aspects, but, I would love to see all the planes that are "old" being updated, such as B: 717,767, all 747 family, A:A330, A340, A380, all Embraer family, among many more of them. Perhaps it would be cool if a private jet or a fighter jet were released.
UGH! I have this game on my phone, and wanted it on the pc as well. However it never loads, and i've done the update, and tried to uninstall and reinstall. this sucks!
Can you guys make all the plane cockpict working. I was hoping that this can be done so that the game can be more interesting.. I have play infinite flight for 2 year and its still the best flight simulator I have try.. Keep it up
this game would be so much better if it had weather such as rain, snow. fog and proper clouds. also longer flying range in the fly solo mode.
The game is really cool. But everytime I get on, the screen is black and nothing works. I cant play it. Please fix this. Also, more planes should be for free. Thank you! On the google playstore for me its not working. Im really sad. And im assuming this problem is only on the google play store. Im so sad. I wanted to play.
I've been on it a while now and love the controls, graphics and airplane selection. What I have noticed lately is that whenever I'm doing evening and night flights the system goes offline and I cant land because the graphics go off, not sure if this is a bug but it gets annoying not being able to land after a long flight because the system is down...
Graphics are good but only issue i have is pitching and elevators issues. It doesnt work well like i have to struggle during takeoff and landing in all aircrafts. Even after increasing trim it still doesnt work. Also, i cant, i am not and will never play extra to access the other planes. Its a big scam. Let me stick to Xplane. Moreover, in xplane im not facing any pitching issues.
I would reccomend buying this cheap app because i have 5 things to say why?: 1. Its cheap and very good graphics 2. I comems with some bunch of planes 1. A321 2. A380 3. B737 4. B747 5. C17 globe master 6. B717 and more 3. A bit laggy but fine 4. It has multiplayer but need to spend 500$ on pro And last 5. Real liveries
I definitely recommend this flight simulator to everyone unless you're tight in budget. Price isn't that worth it but I understand that servers are expensive to run and the developers need profit from the simulator they made. But overall, it has very good graphics, multiplayer servers and very friendly community. Also the best in aircraft details! Control physics are very good too but the only things that simulator lacks is 3D objects and some particle effects. Not the cheapest but one of the best flight simulators out there! But out of all the flight sims, Infinite Flight has the best community and developers. Love it!
This is the BEST mobile flight simulator by far. I don't care if there aren't any 3D buildings, clouds, or anything like that. Its a good price for what you get. $0.99. However, you must pay $9.99 for all planes and multi-player. It may be a little pricey, but it's still offardable. If you're looking for a good mobile flight sim, choose this one.
Ahh.....very good....love the controls...best mobile flight sim. Ever!!!!!! i also love the update for the b737max too...and i love that you guys added more new airlines and the wing flex too...πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
I love this game but why do I have to play Whit Wi-Fi can you fix that so I can play the game in the plane or just of line but so far it the best. flight game but can you make it so you can put it on simulator mode so you can press the buttons to start the plane and land plane and fly the plane.and can you make crash landing and can you make modes like survival mode and story mode can you make it so you can walk to your plane.
love this game and a realistic sim but there's some things that need to be tweaked 1.there needs to be a improvement on the scenery like buildings 2.maybe there could be air traffic control or ground controll or air traffic in solo. but overall for people looking for a good sim to play I recommend this app
You have to pay to use airports that are likely more known to you or local to your country. So if you have laid for this and are like me, from the UK theres not a single airport to use. Its not like I wanted from any major famous one like Liverpool, I picked manchester my home city. Utterly dissapointed at my purchase.
Awesome game. The plane graphics are very good, and the physics are good as well. For the subscriptions, yes they are on the high side, but you also have to keep in mind that the devs of this game use that money as a full time income. They have no other job apart from developing this game. I think it's also cool how you can fly some planes without global. The only real negative that I have is the lack of 3D structures, but then again, it's a mobile flight sim with global flying. I love this game
Hi Infinite flight, I really like how the aircrafts are very detailed, also one more thing, I just wanted to tell that they should reworked the A380, A330 and the A340, Also I just wanted to tell that you should add few more liveries to the some aircraft that are in infinite flight, Thats all that I wanted to say, Have a Good day!
I loved the singleplayer for years and played it all the time. When I got the multiplayer and got to grade 2(I had wanted to play ATC) there were always people who just ignore instructions. So I made it grade 3 only to find out I wasn't qualified. However if you're just a pilot it is great.
When I purchased this app a while back, I was stunned by the level of detail and how intuitive this really was for a mobile flight sim. There were a reasonable number of aircraft at your disposal to fly at major airports. To get access to other airports and aircraft you were expected to pay a small fee for each aircraft or buy them all as bundle. But now... You're unable to acesss anything without paying a ridiculously high price for a subscription. It's nothing more but a money grab now.
I love infinite flight.Please also add smoke while landing.Please also add airports trees etc,and other effects. The prime subscription is costly and worthy but adding above effects will give more realism. All the best.
I really like the idea of a realistic sim on mobile, especially with infinite Pax if you are willing to pay the subscription. However, violations can be annoying, although they are important to keep the community sensible. Unfortunately, the game makes my phone crash about 3/4 times when I attempt a takeoff or annoyingly after a very long flight during landing. I hope this is noticed and fixed since I feel the devs focus more on graphics and navigation improvements more that bug fixes.
This is the perfect flight simulator game. The only problem is that you need internet to play.... absolutely stupid. the only time I want to play this game is when I do not have internet
Cool game no offence but the inside of the Boeing 747-400 is terrible and I dont really think the online subscription is fair not of is can pay that amount(someone like me)
Don't buy this game!It shouldn't cost money if all u can do after u brought this game is playing solo what the point(It my fault I should have read te comments of this game before buying it).But other then that the game is Great.
I have had this for a while now and I have flown to places I have only been told. This game if you are interested to flying places but a thing you could improve is that you could add a offline mode
Great game... All around, however. I payed for a significant amount of airplanes before the developer started making users have a subscription to fly all planes. I fill like i contributed to the progress of this game by buying my airplane's to further help your development of this app. And I'd love to have to to be able to fly even without a subscription.
this game awsome! But its so laggy in android and you have to pay for online and this game even dont have 3D building or stuff and so much bug like if you landing the plane accidentely floating like plastik and the 747 cockpit even dont have live instrument and THERE IS NO CRASH ANIMATION WHYYYYYY but still this game good!
Ive been playing Infinate flight for quite a while and I started getting the hang of it. I like the freedoom of just flying in the air with this simulator. The graphics in the game is really amazing. Overall, Infinate Flight is fun when you are bored.
Honestly I think this is a good sim the thing is that the subscription are too much i know its a lot to keep a very good game in prestine condition but I do play infinite flight but without the subscription and I'm fine with it but at least we should be able to fly out of the default regions to do long haul flights and also more planes for the people without the pro atleast more planes and airports at least one airport in every continent or even 2 or 3 country's it wouldbe 5 star if most worked
Great graphics and simulation of airplanes. In fact not great. THE BEST on a mobile platform by far. Would be 5 stars all day long!! But there's a huge flaw. the Infinite Blue Skies. After a few years has made it unplayable 1 star because can't enjoy it. Just want some some real weather, a cloud even one. I'd spend all day flying, circling it. Not even asking for airport buildings, not rain nor snow just some clouds. A cumulus nimbus even a high strato sirrus. Any will do. Any. Please.
Amazing simulator with very professional community. Guys this is the real deal.. there are virtual airlines, a huge community, servers for new people and professionals are different. Airport restrictions are a thing.. only thing stopping me from giving it a five star is the extremely slow update process and the terrible scenery. All aviation enthusiast shud consider this for a mobile simulator if they want realism.. pro subscription is totally worth it
What i really like about Infinite Flight is that it has realistic navigation, it have sids, stars and a lot of waypoints. And i also like the airports because it has taxiways and gates/parking which makes it really realistic, what missing is taxi lights and everything for night time, its hard to navigate on the ground while night, i have to bright my phone screen so i can see the taxi lines, overall the game is very good.
Eww. What could be worst. The laggyness is unreal and shortnlanding is WAY to close. You need to buy pro for everything. Improve your game.,
Still i can't click fly, but before i can smoothly play this game, after i installed this game again and want to play, when i click fly, it's always force closed
Great app, great experience. I would highly recommend IF over any other flight simulators, even Desktop ones. This is simply because of the community. It has a very big community and many online players monthly. Only downside is the pricing, however I think it's worth it because you get realistic aircraft models, global and every airport. In my opinion some planes need a rework, especially airbus planes. I know that the developers are working hard on updates and I respect that.
Would like to see a little more scenery around the airports..... it will make things a lot more realistic. Especially for the subscription price.
Can't even play anymore. Your "simplified" graphics update completely ruined everything. I can't even play on the lowest settings. Thanks guys, wasted a month of global.
Perfect. Any true fan of an authentic flight simulator definitely needs to try Infinite Flight before ALL the others. It wins out hands down is graphics, physics, realism, and also has a great community to boot. Only drawbacks are that it doesn't have working cockpits like some of the competitors, but the ability to fly across the world, I mean literally anywhere in the world is awesome to be able to do on your mobile phone. Come check it out, I assure you, that you won't regret it.
no way should you pay Β£9 a month. absolute disgrace. it's a shame because I love it but no way am i paying that much.
Game is overall very good, I love it a lot like A LOT. I had never left my phone for hours and hours. This is just so cool, but please add 3D buildings. And please add test flight for 24 hours if we share on Instagram, Facebook or something, please. Btw awesome game :D
Probably the best mobile flight sim on the store, the only thing i recommend is being able to buy aircraft seperatly
I've been playing Infinite Flight since 2014, and there is nothing else I can say except that this is the best of the best when it comes to flight simulation. HD Graphics? Check. Virtual cockpit with working instrument panels? Check. Global map with hundreds of airports? Check. Online servers from beginner to advanced? Check. An awesome community where you can interact with people and share your stories and pictures? Check check check. Ladies and gentlemen; this right here, is the GOAT.
It doesnt make since that the short final is as short as it is. Landing is the hardest part of flying. We need more time for us to set up for the landing instead of it actually just being the landing. I say this for aircraft that dont have appr. Manuel landing is not easy and needs to be worked on the most in this game or any flight game for that matter. I say at 10nm out for short finals for us to get the feel. Used Nav1 as my landing source but was not successful didnt line plane up
This game is beautiful!, and it is definitely worth the money! You have a giant amount of aircraft than any other flight simulator could give you and the, best part is You have multiplayer and ATC and live cockpit in some aircraft but can you please add clouds, 3D objects and Helicopters? I would love to have those :)
They never update ther models and eaven when I bought the game, there is only a fiew planes available. It is constantly nagging for a Pro subscription. The game is also very badly optemised not to run on the best phones. Buy xplane instead!!! You also have a small box wher you can fly if you don't buy pro. The oldest plane models is from 2012 and if you want new models you would have to buy the new planes.
What could be better than this. So nice flight models , realistic controls . Just everything you could get in a mobile . But could you please add ATC for non pro users . Otherwise it's a bit boring and everybody including me can't efford the price of the pro. And please try to add failures in the future because that's an important part of a flight simulator.
It's an amazing game, definitely one of the best mobile flight simulators. I will have to say, Real Flight Simular is more worth it. RFL (real flight simulator), is more worth it, coming in at $0.89, but infinite flight isnt bad. There are no 3D buildings or clouds, multiplayer costs money, and there isnt great cuatomization to the flight, compared to to RLF, 3D buildings, better scenery.
This game is really good so I rate it a 4/5 and that is because you need to make some more updates to the game. The updates needed are: gear tilt , more planes for free, Terminal buildings and also I want to say that this is the best game I've ever played
First you pay for the app itself, which is fine. Then they force you to pay for a subscription, which is not fine. Another thing is that purchasing aircraft separately isn't available either, which is also NOT FLIPPIN FINE. App is barebones without a subscription. It's called Infinite Flight because your bank account will fly away from you forever. Get X-Plane or Microsoft Flight Sim instead of this cash grab app. I got this for free as a promotion and I still want a refund.
Infinite flight is fun, the premium is well worth it (if you're going to use the planes) and is realistic. Altho I wish there was v speed callouts and gpws, but othet than that, it's a good flight simulator.