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Infectonator Hot Chase

Infectonator Hot Chase for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Armor Games located at 16808 Armstrong Ave Irvine CA 92606. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its a good game... Custimazible:variety of character with different abilties Chagnging:limited amount of time+fifth barrier challange Great retro graphics But;it needs more characters
I use to love this game but now when I got my new phone and I downloaded this game and it said "old versions can only use this app".
I can't play this on a Samsung j7 and I played another infector game so I like that on but I dont know about this one. 2 stars for liking the other game
I'm a big fan of Infectonator and this one has interesting twist which is refreshing! The game core is good but I give 3 stars because 1st. The mutation feature is useless (except The Brute), just one hit from a bullet or a car and thats it! Poof! the fun power up is gone! Back to normal character... what a big let down. 2nd. Whats the point having a character that can spit acid in this game? This is not world destruction mayhem like other Infectonator game.
I personally have not played but I've seen people play it and I am exited for when it gets updated to be compatible with newer systems
It's just great it's not a ad mine field like a lot of mobile games now and it's not shoving in game purchases down your throat
the game does not work for the lastest versions of amdroid but if its as good as the original then it is a good game
The game may be good back in 2014, but seriously, remaster it in 2020 or so, everyone is begging you to update this game for newer android phones, just try to fix all of the bugs, fix the errors it has, and just, fix everything, ok, remaster both this and the original
Broken. 2 stars because I remember this being a good game when I'd played it in the past, but not starting at all is an issue. Freshly installed on android 9.1, getting the "built for an older version of android" error and an immediate crash.
I cant really rate the game but it looks quite fun and I sure do hope it gets fixed because it won't let me play.I not that mad and I feel pain in updating games it's hard so not rushing you developer but please update the game.😁
Everytime I get to the fifth barrier the game freezes causing me to lose the coins and achievements for that round. Ive lost over 200000 coins due to this issue.
The app doesn't even open saying that's for a older version of Android and i should look for the update, why do you even let me download the game if i can't play?
This game is so fun but when I get to level 5 it crashes. I have upgraded pretty much every stat, please fix this.
I love this game it pains me to give this a one star but it just simply won't open it says it's not compatible with the current version of my phone as soon as this is fixed it gets a 5 star
I've seen the game and I love it but I'm super upset that I'm unable to play this with my current device. Please fix this
The game refuses to connect to Google Play which makes it impossible to earn achievements. You need to fix this fast.
This game only runs on old android phones, i'm pretty sure you guys need to remaster this so people can no longer complain the issues here.
It wont let me play because, and I quote "it was built for an older version of android" Please fix this, this seems like a fun game.
it doesn't load on my Samsung s9+. It says it's an older android app and to check for updates, which there are none.
Very fun game but I uninstalled because it requires way too many unnecessary permissions. I'd otherwise even pay to remove ads.
Nostalgia with a refreshing twist. I played a ton of the original infectonator both on pc and mobile, playing this game was a great new take (or way to play) on the original. I can't wait to get back to playing after writing this!
If I say "Don't Ask Me Again" then stop asking me to rate you again. Great game, obnoxious push notifications.
For some reason this game refuses to launch. infectonator works, but hot chase just crashes immediately. :(
I really liked the game and would give it 5 stars if it didn't freeze everytime I breached the 5th barrier and if the horde would stop glitching and dissappearing from time to time.
It keeps freezing then kicking me out of the game and I tried to uninstall it but it keeps happening!
Didnt work on my phone, it said it was for older versions of android and check updates. And when I did it said there were no updates
Last update in 2015?? Ouch. It's not compatible with the pixel 3, just crashes on launch. And with the amount of time since the last update, I highly doubt they would come back to it now, so I won't be holding my breath for a fix
Great game if you're into the lore. Coming into this new though, you'll probably notice it getting quite repetitive after the first few minutes. The game crashes when breaking into the 5th section. Tested/experienced 3 times. I don't know if its the last section or not.
Fun take on the running game. By the way, not sure if he's sponsored, but Captain Sause on YouTube played this on his channel, otherwise I'd have never heard of this game. Maybe toss a buck or two his way?
The game is not optimised or even available to play on new versions of Android making the game unplayable.
I do enjoy this game, but every time you get over 10,000m it suddenly crashes. The game was obviously build for older versions of Android and an update to fix this would be appreciated.
Doesn't work on Android 9.0 Oreo. Game showed a box saying " it is built for older android version". Why did playstore allow me to download a game which isn't compatible with my device ? 🤔
Doesn't start. Crashes on launch. Trace message: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: No implementation found for void com.adobe.air.AIRWindowSurfaceView.nativeSurfaceCreated() (tried Java_com_adobe_air_AIRWindowSurfaceView_nativeSurfaceCreated and Java_com_adobe_air_AIRWindowSurfaceView_nativeSurfaceCreated__) Reported somewhere when Android asked. Quite sad... First Infectonator worked well.
It's a great little game to play in down time but i keep getting glitches where my horde just vanishes or coming out of a boost puts my speed to 1.
I should have listened to the other reviews on this game. The game crashes at 10,000m and I expected an ending. What a waste of my goddam time.
Pretty fun in short bursts, but upgrades make the game unfulfilling because they only help in small increments every time, which isn't a lot of incentive to invest time in this game.
I couldn't even launch the app as it said it was ment for an "older version of android" and it didnt even let me use it without closing out.
Very good. i can play it. It's the developers fault people like newer phones to play old less popular games
Won't start because of lack of updates. But I remember it as a fun game, so it gets two stars. I hope there will be updates soon!
I was hoping for a sequel just like the previous game. But now its more casual and without the good elements of the old Infectonator
i dont like this style of game. touch to go up and let go to go down. eat humans to keep speed. upgrade to run more than like 20 seconds.
BROKEN, Needs Updated to play on new Devices The app will crash on new android devices, the game before was a 4 star arcade runner, and a little over monitized
I had the game on my old phone but now that I have a newer one it wont run wich is really saddening because I spent a alot of time on it.
I remember I used to really enjoy this game on my Galaxy S6+. It was odd, but really entertaining. However, it doesn't work on my S9+ because it was made for "older phones." Please update this for the 2020s so people on newer devices can play it, or just remove it from the store entirely since cell companies are iffy about even supporting "older phones" after a certain cutoff year.
Used to play this a lot...... Would be nice if it got an update since 3 seems to not be working at all
i think the game has some entertainment value but i find it boring. i think its also confusing but its nice to see the news reporter get a sequel based on her.
I saw Captainsauce play this on YouTube, and thought it was a good idea to have it too. But it said it supports an older version of Android, so I checked for updates and there was none. Make this game playable for Android users please.
Worst game of the genre. Almost as raw and not thought out as Fallout 76 on release. Would've listed all my complains, but there's too many of them. And yes I was mid-way final location. But after I realized that I have no other upgrades to get other than ~60 levels of health which would be absurdly boring to farm. The most enjoyable part so far was uninstalling. Second place takes the random fact generator.
It was a great game and if you can get it to install and run on your phone, it's worth playing...but it sadly doesn't work on newer versions of android.
The reason I put 1 star is I brought the big bag of money and it hasn't work it says no network connection but I have perfect network fix this or time me my money back!
Uhm won't let me play because it was built for an older version of Android, either update this game or remove it or something, it fails to say anything about being unplayable until you download and try opening it. I highly doubt any device can still play this unless someone just likes ancient out of date phones.
Great game but I got new Android. It keeps crashing and won't let me play. Please update the game so I could play. That's why I gave it 1 star. Otherwise, I would give it 5 stars. 😭🤗 So sad for a great game.
Why when the Out to 10210m hangs your phone game in which the biggest error is programming (why) 😧😧
My phone's OS is too new to run the game? I would change my rating if I was able to actually part take in playing!! I love the original, seen this and wanted to play... But unfortunately it's not updated enough but I can still play the original! Please work this out Armor Games!!
won't open on nest versions of Android. they old game won't scale right on the new android phones, this one won't open at all.
I really enjoyed this game when I first played it years ago. However, it doesn't work anymore with the latest versions of IOS and Android. I hope it gets updated soon!
Unable to play: Old version of the App Good day, I downloaded the app but it advised to contact developer for an upgraded app, I was able to play Infectonator but not the referred App. I'm using Realme C2 on Android Oreo with latest security updates installed. Thanks for the feedback.
It's really fun same thing over and over and overyou just upgrade and go in the game is repeated over and over is just the same gameyou run and run and run and run and run run run run run run annoying sometimes
If you have the latest phone, you probably won't be able to play this game. Each time I tried to open it, it tells me that the app is an older version. Also, it says to update the app, but it doesn't have an option to update. Wish I could play this, but sadly I can't.
this game is incomplete. the programmers thought no one could get as far as i went. it doesn't have an end programmed into it. If you get far enough (and i mean *really* far), the game just freezes and blacks out. No end scenes. no "thank you for playing." The first couple of times, i thought maybe it was my device. The third time it happened at the same distance, i realized it was lazy game creation. I overcame an impossible gaming challenge and was greeted by a black screen. Not cool.