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Infectonator for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Armor Games located at 16808 Armstrong Ave Irvine CA 92606. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This has always been one of my favorites. Could not find the first game on mobile. I liked that one too.
Really good game, no ads, zombies know what to do, upgrades are efficient, just, some upgrades are a little too expensive, but I get it, that's how they make money.
This has been a fun game I really enjoyed this it was so challenging for me but I made it to the finish of my time
Not the first one it got too much the automatic zombie heros next to no progression feeling when you upgrade feels like a grind I played it till I had destroyed about half the world it just felt meh.
I actually love this game and the lack of ads, I love that you can continuously play and there is progression as you play. My only complaint is that when you leave the game and come back you often see a black screen and need to restart the app although small inconvenience and I'm sure is just a missed bug. overall love love love the game and it's in my top 5 currently
I've always loved this game! The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because recently the game's been bugging out making it unplayable. Every character either flashes or is completely invisible and I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no change.
I've played this game when i was younger and never got to get the app! I've been waiting to get the app on anything but it never worked because i didnt have a full google chrome device!!! :)(⊙o⊙)└(^o^)┘
This is overall, a great game. I reccomend this to anybody trying to find a good stratagy game to play. It also doesn't take up that much space, so it's very good to keep on your phone.
No paywalls or anything of the sort. Simple but entertaining, in a morbid way. Eats battery life if left running in the background, but not too bad otherwise
I thought that from the reviews this game would be good, but no. I tried the game, I got into it just fine, no ads, which was good. But it started getting annoying when I started infecting places. The zombies couldn't even survive for 15 seconds. They died really quick. Barely anybody got infected. I find this quite boring and annoying. I wish the zombies had a longer lifespan. I even upgraded them but it was particularly useless.
fun, easy to advance. actually no pay to win type of thing which is unique now a days. excellent work guys!!
Haven't really seen much of the game yet but it already feels like the pc version is way better and you should be more focus on updating game of war instead of this.
I'm having fun, this is a engaging game. But for some reason my game freezes for 3 sec each area but the timer keeps going. Makes the timed objectives hard to get when im 2 sec over everytime.
Love armor games. I played this game on Kongregate many years ago more than a few times. I loved it. This is, not a good port. It's clear they did very little to move it from a desktop environment to a touchscreen gui. I appreciate the lack of ads and some of the other choices that are a holdover from the bygone flash and Java games era, but this clearly is just a very lazy port of a great game. Armor games, your better than this.
Half of my screen goes black when i switch apps but awesome game. I played this b4 it was an app, lots of fun.
One of my all time favorites. I've been playing this game for probably 10 years now, originally on newgrounds. Still a lot of fun
No ads, no time duration, no requirements to repeat decimations, every replay could be different depending entirely on our own strategies. Also, as a linguist, I absolutely love how it personalizes each country by making them speak the local languages and even have the newscaster gain culture-specific clothes like Batik. Don't let the grainy quality fool you, it manages to make the characters personable with timely audio. AND THERE'S JACK FROST IN A CITY LITERALLY NAMED THE RISE OF JACK 😍
I love this game its epic but id like one change. mutations! if you add a new tab that says mutation and you can take a normal male or famale zombie and edit it to mutate it for example you chould give it a wepon, a infection bomb, a mutated arm, flesh tenticals, and some allys and you chould edit its stats too like HP ATK DEF speed and more like edit its items and allys other than that i love this game 5 stars so creaters pls add what i said into the game pls id love that. :)
very small game play. its hard to view the background. The achievement is so very annoying because its button is very big causing to block the game play. Very annoying to my eyes.
Great game to play and a nice time killer. There is one thing wrong with it though, the booster coin packs you can only buy once and if you try again all it dose is transaction failed. Example; i first bought the .99 cent pack and then tryed again after play a little longer and it sayed transaction failed but then i tryed the $4.99 pack and it gave me the option to and i got it. I tryed that same one again and it failed the same way. Now the only on i can get is the $24.99 pack. Please fix this.
I like the game but what I don't like about it is that there are lifespans then you're zombies die straight away, it's just makes the game unfair.
The Graphics are cute and playable . However , i urumqi level was too hard ( the pop. Suddenly pop to 118 , other beside just 25 to 35 something) Pls change the pop. Number
Just wish the buttons and death count didn't block part of the map. Being able to shrink it and move it is ok but harder to see(at least on my phone). Super fun game though
the reason i give this game a 4 is beacuse the maps are a little too small and when im doing really well every now and then a milliarty guy pops up and kill most of my zombies. but over all it is a really fun and cool game
Had a lot of fun with this game until i beat it. I would have kept going and worked to fully rule the world with ease, but it threw me right into hard mode and took away all of my upgrades. I had a bit of money saved up, but it didn't even come close to putting me to the powerhouse that i was, so i uninstalled the game. I had a blast playing it though.
It's a fun game where you can plan your attacks, upgrade and there is some elements of positioning certain characters but the problem in this game is the camera. You can zoom in but only the extreme centers. You can't move the camera around when zoomed in and on-top of that there are constant rewards that pop up at the top that take away your vision. Unless I'm missing something with camera control this needs to be updated immediately. For now 3/5. Change my mind.
Very fun and well put together. Reminds me of playing this in school when i shod have been doing school work.
best game ever realy it is just amazing I have played it for five years and I'm still playing this is the best game EVER seriously like it's just awesome please keep up the absolute amazing work up keep up the hood work
It's alright, and the game is fun. Great time killer buuuutttt.. The controls are really weird, like really weird. The screen keeps moving all over and it's hard to get the screen into a normal postiton. It's also kinda hard to get enough coins in the game, which is ok but i think it should be easier. Ads are.. Eh, they're kinda alright
This game has potential but is overall impossible to play. Even after searching guides I am still unable to complete the "easiest" level.
the game ita self is really good the reason for the low rating is im llaying on a Motorola g6 play and about 1/3 of the screen is cut off. i tried reinstalling several time and just did not fix it and with no option in settings to fix it im not reinstalling. give it a go. it may work for you but it didnt for me. 2.5 stars
Overall, great. The only problem I had was that the game occasionally froze, and I had to turn my phone off and back on. Aside from that, it was great!
It's a fun game, but my progress and level ups have been deleted a few times randomly. I'll play a round and turn the game off, but when I come back to it, my zombies are useless because the data has been reset. I won't be playing anymore. It's not worth the frustration.
I watched captain sauce play it and loved watching it, and like three years later after I forgot about the game I realized It is on mobile, and so I decided to play it and I loved it.
i love this game except that you can only use four zombies at a time. can you please update or change that so that people can use more zombies at one time thankyou.
Seriously the only reason I'm not giving this a 5 star is because of the last level in the world domination mode. Other than that full on pog game.
A solid game, for sure, but this mobile port (and even the Flash version) is severely hampered by the new map zooming/panning. You *can't* zoom out far enough to see the whole of the bigger maps and, dor ke at least, the panning just *doesn't work at all*. Also doesn't help when the tutorial for it also uses tapping on the screen to continue, leading to me skipping a couple boxes because two fingers, two taps. I want to enjoy this, but it makes it nigh-impossible beyond a certain point.
As many others have stated (a year ago) the screen is cut off and the developer doesn't seem to intend on fixing it. Don't download this, if you plan on having fun. Hard to enjoy when you can't see the whole screen. The aspect ratio is off, should be rectangular instead it's a square. UPDATE: It's been fixed! Now I can enjoy the game again
It's a very fun game, you gain money easily so making upgrades is not too difficult, all the while still being a challenge! I also like that the people speak in the language of the country they're from.
its a good game overall, but theres sometimes when i click to infect a city the game freezes and i need to reopen it
What a fun game. Haven't had an issue with the interface being cut off on the S8+. If your phone isn't a cheap POS, you'll probably be fine.
I came back to this game because everything else is based on pfp or repeatative gameplay but I like this one for living up to its classic theme and style it's really fun and a great time killer only problem is wish there was more areas and an expanded inventory of zombies but other than that great game 👌
I always loved playing the original infectonator on my computer and at first didn't think that the mobile version would live up to it, turns out it's even better! :D no ads, more zombies, new upgrades, so much fun! If you're a fan of infectonator like i am you'll love this game!
Nice and addictive, but the last level has an insane jump in level requirement, and after destroying all other cities you can only access this level, making it insanely difficult to grind for the coins necessary to proceed. More levels before this should have been in place, the difficulty shouldn't have been so high, or there should have been a better way to grind coins.
it is a good game, with monor flaw's that i cannot notice, i cannot play it any longer because i am low on space, recommended to people bored, if your more for a serious tone, this game is not for you, other then that i recommend it!
This game is honestly so fun. It's really addictive and even the scariest of zombies look almost cute because of the retro style. The first time I played it through, I finished in two days because I could hardly put it down! Thank you so much! :D
Good game by Toge, low-effort port by Armor Games. You can't even see the whole screeb when you're attacking a city. The gold has been tweaked so you have to grind or buy coins, of course. Extremely hard 'yellow' enemies appear with no information on how to beat them.
good but becomes repetitive. would be better if you could use your upgraded zombies in infinity mode. but the game feels repetitive and disconnected.
Great game in need of an update, on Samsung S10 the graphics don't fit properly on screen. Otherwise it's a classic and I've played it to death (death, gettit!)
A unique time-waster tobe sure, with retro-style graphics and music 😎 Much appreciated by a nostalgic so & so like myself. Nice one, Armor Games 😁
fun game and easy to figure out. kinda don't like that the zombies die after such a short period of time.
So it's a really good game 100% would reccomend but it's a 3 star because you can randomly lose your progress all of it in a save file I did so I uninstalled cause I'm not interesting in redoing everything again
It's boring something.but it's very good for a pixels game ..this game is from the best pixels games i've seen ever. And i have many favourite pixels games.
A decent port of an excellent flash game. just as addictive as the original. i wish the full area was viewable at once - the zoom and pan controls are a bit touchy. Overall still highly entertaining.
very fun unique game. no ads ive been able to find. you can play and advance without buying a lot of stuff. very impressed.
The idea is brilliant, gets boring after a while, but overall it deserves a 4 star 😁 if you think this is too short then this is why : there is not much to it.
Balance is a little wonky at times, but this is a genuinely enjoyable game with the ability to customize your zombies how you want and use whichever tools you feel are best to succeed.
this game is great and it's a really good time killer as well and the controls are really simple keep up the work
I would give this a five star however there is a very revealing news reporter after every game, and its right next to the button I need to press.
This is a game that started out as a bit of a gem anyway: few microtransactions, great gameplay and a solid amount of playtime. What I didn't expect was the goddamn ending which made me question things like "where has my humanity gone?" and "do you think I could get my willy in that eye socket?"
You get no rewards for rating, so bear that in mind. It's considerably short, as it is an arcade game, and can be cleared in an hour or less. You can choose to scale up the difficulty and restart the story mode map when you clear it. There is also an endless mode that I have yet to try. No issues starting, loading, or playing the app, just know that it's essentially a randomized strategy game, and that sometimes you can't clear a map due to the placement of certain AI. Rating: tEM out of tEM!!
Pretty awesome game but needs a bit more variance of zombies and supports. Bad Parts: - Lack of variance (game gets in a cycle after a while) - In-game language translations doesn't make sense Good Parts: - Zombies spreading is just way to satisfying - Seeing the cities you destroyed on the map is cool
I've had fun with this game but I cant see the whole screen anymore. Would love to play and rate better when the issue is fixed
I used to play this a lot on armor games back in the days. Really glad it's available on phone now. But on my honor play the interface is cut off on the right side. The increase speed and options button are cut in half. Even on startup the developers logo and the armor games logo appear off center.
it was pretty good there is a slite problem tho the zombies get stuck on poles that effects the gameplay alot please fix that
This is a pretty ok game, It's fine it's just not really my kind of game. It's also kind of repetitive and it's mostly because the AI for the zombies is really bad. They just run around aimlessly until someone gets close enough to them, they wont even notice someone even if they are being shot at. The game has a sensible microtransaction system as it can be played entirely without feeling like you need to buy something to have fun. Even if the game isn't for me, I still think the game is worth playing.
Infectonator is a good game as simple as it is. Infect the whole world, earn money to upgrade or collect new zombies. It's a repeat till you finished the game. You do restart but earn a star, getting more of these unlock things that are rewarding. The screen feels weird to minimize and its awkward to handle. Everything else feels great as it is.
It's cool progressing quickly could use some more spunk maybe some wider more adverse map with like a town that has houses a jail or prison something sporty some tall buildings maybe idk
I've played this game a long time ago on the Armor Games website, that website was my childhood. Thank you for bringing some of the games to Android, I'd play Strike Force Heroes 1 and 2 on my phone.
A simple concept with immensely satisfying advancements and gameplay. Not a very high replayability factor from what I've seen, but I haven't tried endless infection yet so im still giving it 5 stars
A great game to have on any and every phone. If you've got ten minutes to kill, why not destroy country while you wait? I've been playing this game since it was first released. It never gets old.
Been coming back to this game for, jeez, maybe 5 years now. It's a great time killer and very well done. No ads, you don't have to play to win(but kick these guys a buck or two at least) and the gameplay is as endless as you want it to be! Sorry it took me so long to FINALLY rate you guys. Great job!
This game is just as good as it was back on Kongregate when I was in high school. It almost brings a tear to me that its free for mobile. I really enjoy this game. Although, there are times where the app freezes in the middle of some missions, usually when the time is accelerated and I'm throwing everything and the kitchen sink with it. May need to fix that.
Infectonator is in my top 5 of greatest mobile games. I love it when u can play as the bad guy. This is one of those games that you can play over and over and it never gets boring, especially since there's a campaign and an endless mode. Don't think about it, just download it. You won't regret it!
I have nothing for love in my heart for this amazing game! I grew up with it, and when I saw it on the app store, I just had to download it. No ads, tons of content, amazing work. I have seen complaints from people about slow upgrading process, but that's 100 percent false. Hot tip: Endless mode can give you tons of cash to make World Domination so much easier. Fantastic job.
Immediatly after i download the app, it crashes, and doesnt open back up. So i download it again. it opens and stays on a black screen... if i could 0 stars i would bc i actually enjoyed played this game on pc.
Fun game, not too many Ads. The mechanics don't feel too grindy or challenging. But it's a fun concept
stop both of the things to super duper cool reacting to affect people and I love the waves and I love all the new light stuff but the new are monsters those are cool because I get to do stuff with them and I like it when we put like a 4 minute timer for 5 minutes seconds I mean super cool what we have to hurry up and put some more zombies on there field or there or earlier I had to give up work try again and I love how you make try to get my cat to have money like coins
I absolutely love this game with all my heart. It's been a jem for me growing up on old flash games and ps2 games. My only complaint for this is the fact I can't save my progress. It's all fun and games starting a zombie apocalypse, that is until you can't save all the hard work you put into infecting the world. RIP Save file ;-;
its a great game, a good time killer, really entertaining and it made my childhood. but it has a bug when i click to infect a city the game freezes, crashes and i lose progress when i reopen it, fix this and i'll give 5 stars. and it's really difficult to earn money plus the zombies ai is bad.
AMAZING GAME. While there are micro transactions, they do not feel needed or predatory in any way. It's a solid game that can be played offline and I strongly recommend it. 😀
Pretty great game, but some upgrades need to be a little less costly to buy, and brain points on endless mode need to be more numerous
It's fun I had a game just like this but you were a human and It got boring! This isn't for a while maybe you can add costom zombie you change the pixel colors and use It in game but this is great
Nice game play old fashion graphics pretty accurate to Left 4 dead chacters and horror novel characters from movies to real life things like clown sightings and cops and people different countries pretty cool kinda like the real world except zombies aren't real in the world well there's things like bath salts that could make you eat a piece of flesh off a human being or could cause death" the reason I'm saying this is because it's the *BEST* game I've played sets about 2013 or something like when I was 5 i don't know it's been so long 😀 hope you read this and have a good and beautiful day goodbye!! 😂😂
I played earlier today, everything was as it should be. Went to play again and all my ability upgrades were gone, all my supports were gone, all my item slots were empty but my map is still unlocked as to where I'm at. Makes it an insane grind to get back to beating the levels I was at and unlocking future levels. Not sure how I can get this back or what. caused it to happen in the first place . Ruins the game for me. Otherwise it's a dope game worth checking out.
I prefer Infectonator 3 since this one has bad pixelated graphics, the zombies are too weak, there's a high chance that you lose on the tutorial
Really fun when u just wanna sit and play. Kinda dull after a while but the art keeps me in. You just wanna come back to it sometimes
One of the best games for Android, and armor games is amazing. Only issue is that you can't move the map.
This game was awesome and it had so much potential and since infectonator 3 Came out that potential is filled everything that was wrong with this game was corrected in number three but still this game is a must play
The game is all good until the infamous toge level where basically no matter how much damage you deal you simply never win,even with incredibly powerful zombies,yet after so many years this issue wasn't fixed
Psyked to find this on mobile as I used to play it all the time. Opened it today though and all my upgrades are gone. Gone i tell ya! This put me in a worse mood than I would have thought.
I played this on Kongregate back in the day, and I'm happy to see it as an android game. This is a fun game with simple mechanics and a cool progression system. Worth a try!
This game is barely okay only good when it comes to world domination but endless mode has to much glitches for example you can skip waves like the first time I did endless mode I finished wave 1 then I skipped wave 2 3 4 and 5 so I was on wave six with ten upgrades and wave 6 had a guy with a gun and I had no damage resistance. Please developers fix this dumb glitch