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Indian Rummy Comfun Online

Indian Rummy Comfun Online for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Comfun located at MG Road , Gurgaon , Haryana , India. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a fake online rummy. this server is kidnapped some extra chips when we will losing every game.... I sharing you all as own experience. Thanks was cheated on the last time the game was played
In the beginning the game was going in my favor and after 3 to 4 days later it's like I'm not getting even cards of my likes....... "UNINSTALL"
Best app on playstore. I enjoyed really a lot on this. I recommend this game to all. Great to use this app. All should try this game once and enjoy it's service. Fantastic app for rummy. Happy to use it.
You need to learn what all the buttons do, some make it very easy to organize your hand but if you click the wrong button at the wrong time, you will hurt your hand. Once mastered, it all made sense and it has become my favorite mobile Indian Rummy app.
this is best rummy 13 cards game and its very smooth😎😎 and easy to use and also dont have poking qualities😊
This is very good and super application,i like this apps...... Wow wonderful app ....... ......... I resently use this apps..... I am also glad for this apps.... Superb.... ....
Worst indian rummy site I've played at. Bad game policies. Bad game rules. Bad player incentives. Not sure about its fairness.
Very worst game, it will strictly for opponent person/team only. And this game only for paid users. Don't waster ur valuable time.
Hello developer I purchased coin of Rs 10 why it is not reflected. Hello Mr reply on my recharge or I will start abusing you.
Asked how many times the Joker who played how long did not support. This is a dysfunctional app that gets a lot of ads.
I played a lot yesterday and every time I got the lucky spin wheel, it would not give me anything. It got stuck all the time on the surprise gift which would not open and gave me nothing. I figure your algorithm wants me to lose all my chips and start paying now. It was fun while it lasted. It just becomes impossible to win anything without investing money at some point I guess. And this is exactly what I don't want to start doing.
You can never win chips in this game... These people will make you loose all your chips and force you see addvertisement for free chip's. Horibble experience.
Best eaten Bycajv appreciate good many intarsia in the basement far istam appreciate insomnia haha good
Changing my review...the game has gone to the dogs. the developers have changed their game policy. The wheel keeps winning gifts but u get nothing. They have also reduced the coins quite a less as if they are real money that they are giving out. If they have brought someone new to modify the game then that person definitely sucks... please throw that person out
Worst setting. Its not allowing to drop the game until we get our turn. Mean while other players will deal show and we will loose points though we know we should drop. Its not as per real standards. Waste of time. Not at all recommended . Try to update the settings if possible.....
This game produces bots. You can't make more game money. A programmed player comes and wins in the first round before our round of play. This is complete cheating. Go for another game.
hi so many time at winning moment server not connecting error showing after that some one gets winning and I lost my credit why it's happening. in 5 player table some one left means left amount it's shown on left side top. if that player increase the amount means we can't view that he/ she increased or not. In new royal table without showing the card how can I play I lost 2cr. I raised the online complaint also but no response.. very worst customer service
Need improvement... Anytime we can drop the card... Anytime we can leave the table and don't wait for the turn.. I'm going to uninstall the game. This options are not available and once it is available install it again
Good though very time pass game but it's going too bad when we took cards same cards or unwanted cards will come
It is one of the best application for the purpose of playing rummy with a lot variety of features and easily accessible features too
This game isnt responding its loging out by itself and unless we re install it isn't responding we are tried of it we are instaling it 10times a day πŸ™„
13 cards game so much app thank you for you application very very very much app osm application so beautiful application hai happy nice app
Super game!! I loved this app very much. Never had this experience on any other rummy game. Simply superb game!! Hats off!!!
This is really a good app. I'm giving 4 star coz of private room missing.. nothing else.. yes newly added feature, private room option to play rummy is gone all the way. Get back it soon within days. Don't take much long time. Really missing it! It is such a wonderful experience with the private room coz we can have our folks and families to play with not with any strangers. So get back soon
WASTE GAME WRONG JUDGMENT WHEN MY GAME IS FULL COMPLETED NO SHOW IS SHOWN SEE JUDGMENT IS WRONG GAME I Just now I complete my game having 4 jockeys still it shows my game incomplete I have proof
Its so worst on the team that they have not done their testing properly.. I just had to update the app and now the game does not even open... It repeatedly gets closed automatically.. I have no idea who looks into all this ur app was gud until now its going worse..
The game is not even opening at all I've uninstalled the app twice and again installed I get the same issue the game opens and immediately closes after loading 100%..
the game is great for rummy lovers. the interface is nice but the app crashes every time i try to open it. i tried reinstalling again. but it craches all the time from two days.
Unable to play with friends in private room.. showing insufficient chips but have 68L and aboe chips.. disappointment please resolve it user ID 24854345
The new UI sucks, Buttons are too little, And the Bots in Bet Rummy have also become overpowered ,they never lose. Please Fix Asap πŸ™
5stars for u Woow fantastic game a real game Indian rummy my favorite game but i dont like any others rummys games they are not like real rummys.... Yeh, mein bohat chata he, sapse dadha asa indian rummy game me bohat jada keltahe dusara rummys to asa. Nahi he he... Areee bhai.... Paise game banado.... Any background bohat asa se banaya he yeh indian rummy i really love it this imdian rummy.... Khaha se millega... Ye.. Wara asa game nahi millega...
One of the best application on the playstore...i hv ever seen...highly recommended to all best rummy game
This is really a good app. I'm giving 5 star coz of private room missing. nothing else .. yes newly added feature, private room option to play rummy is gone all the way. Get back it soon within days. Don't take much long time. Really missing it! It is such a wonderful experience with the private room coz we can have our folks and families to play with not with any strangers. So get back soon nices app
It's a fake & hacked app. Bcoz sometimes i face that opponent made zero but not declared & they increase bet & after that they declared. How it's possible that after made point zero, it's not declared????? Answer first πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
Easy to earn money online very good app everything is good very good service good behaviour customer service πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€
Don't purchase coins they are taking money but not giving coins . I purchased coins amount debited from my bank acc but coins nt credited to my acc
It is showing here that this game works in 2g and 3g but I am getting difficult to connect in 4g network so I give this game is not worth
Really amazing experience with this application. App has no bugs at all. You can play Rummy smoothly . Highly recommended to all ✌️
I highly recommend this app to play this game I like rummy games 13 card available in this game and I really like this game
I want to know how to use few options like slap animation or donkey or drinks images etc while playing other players use these images on me.
Hopeless game. You keep getting the same cards over and over again. Percentage of winning is very low. Although the game gives you free coins once a day, they are not sufficient. Also when you are winning something goes wrong with the network and you loose the game. Total time wasting game, and also frustrates you to the limits making you feel unlucky and looser. I will definitely not recommended this game to anyone.
1) game was getting crashed and not able to open since today morning. 2) not able to drop until I get my turn, incase if the person who is declaring chance is before my turn that would be loss of coins. Dear developer, kindly fix these issues asap. As i am completely addicted πŸ˜‚ to this game.
this is a very good nd entertaining game evar i seen but when we re-enter the game the chips are reducing every time i re-enter the game the automatically chips are decreasing plzz check that bug i hope u fix the prblm
After the latest update the game is not opening at all on my OnePlus 7. Keeps crashing after the loading on the intro page. Also whenever the wheels spins it always stops at the gift and i get nothing. What's going on?
It's a good India rummy game. am so happy get money in sometime in my bank account with good profile making in my study.
Hi,I bought an offer a day ago, after payment I didn't get that and no response from you guys😏 Atleast respond to us
Rummy is too slow. There may be some booted player. Slot game is full of scam. But still its very good for time pass.
Amazing app very nice application for online Rummy app I really like πŸ‘ the app thank you so much πŸ₯°πŸ€©β€οΈβ€οΈ
This is not a rummmy game I think this Is Add show .. every single click I saw adds adds adds adds and adds .🀬
Worst experience. All robots only few online players.When you're winning,somehow they will put a robot inbetween and they will pull all your winning amounts. it's really a rubbish game for one who is not willing to spend money on this app. Won't give even a single star.
This doesn't work in Poco X2. Game has gone to the worst level. All of a sudden the complete game policy and terms has been changed
I've played many rummy this is a better one. Advantage Cards are coming No cheating You get free tokens very often Less Ads It's very fast. Easy for beginners. Sort and auto arrange is there. Tension free Enjoyable Chat and gifting is there. Correct grading 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000 like You can give tip They'll not force you to buy chips. Disadvantages If someone is not playing, they'll continue to waste time. Theme must be improved, somewhat confusing. Leaving a game is a little difficult.
Very very BAD gameplay after update. One star only. Have stopped playing after the new update. No longer interesting to play like before. Do not install and waste your time. Install other rummy games instead. Complete waste of time here. Thumbs down
First the New update in teen pati doesn't show spin options... why. Please fix it. Secondly how where can i get dollar for vip. Please reply
The controller of this game does partiality. If you are winning, the controller will defeat you by any means. Delete this immediately. It's one of the rubbish apps. BAKWAS GAME I haven't seen a RUBBISH game like this. The game is intended to show the advertises. One day if you are not getting matched card, then you must understand that they will show you the advertises of other app. Such a RUBBISH game . πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Just after I committed this post they have made me win πŸ˜€πŸ˜€.. stop doing this. ..,.....
It's good app to play, it wash out all sadnesses, worries and tiredness. Also it's a app for enjoyment.
It was a decent game before it started disconnecting frequently! Whenever I open the game it asks me to recheck my internet connection. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling many times. Still didn't work! Waste app
This application very good rummy game application very awesome application very useful application😍
I paid for an offer,money Got debited from my account. Still I have not received my 2500000 chips. It has being more than 18 hours . Cheating and scam. I had WhatsApp them and complained to customer service too still unanswered. Worse experience ever.
The controller of this game does partiality. If you are winning, the controller will defeat you by any means. Delete this immediately. It's one of the rubbish apps.
Terrible, each time the game is not won, the chips get deducted randomly, sometimes the figure is not even close to the points, even multiples in lakhs happen. Very unpleasant to see the chips vanish, just not in proportion to the points lost. Major glitch, rectify fast
Oh very best amezing fentastik app making money I like it very very best app for rummy card mu best app
As per rules if you get 4 joker it should be auto show but still asking to continue the game and also when we are at card show suddenly it's disconnected from it and asking to connect to server. Due to loosing credits. Worst experience and dispointed