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In Search of Haru : Otome Game Sweet Love Story

In Search of Haru : Otome Game Sweet Love Story for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by SEEC inc. located at 〒150-0011 東京都渋谷区東3-9-19 ポーラ恵比寿ビル 10F. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Implied Violence, Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
AWE!! ^//^ I really like this game!! My only issue is that there is no other way of collecting stars. The first playthrough is fine for the current game mechanics, however playing a second time it gets really old talking to students over and over again and going through the same scenes. I dont mind the ads, obviously you gotta make money :). I want to see all four endings, but its taking forever. I'm half tempted to just look it up on youtube... I wished there were other ways to gain stars. Like school events in the form of mini games or classes. Heck, even school surveys...
Original story (√) I think, because as far as I can remember I haven't read a plot like this haha. Art style (√) is so pretty--it felt like I'm in an anime or manga. Controls and Gameplay (√,√), it is interactive unlike any other otome game. Aside from clicking the next button for the next dialogue, the app has a game that maximize the controls on your phone's screen. Overall, it's cute and amazing but I feel it lacks a bit thrill, and the ads aren't annoying.
The game is so cute and the graphics are great! I just wish we didn't have to start from the beginning every time to get the different endings. I liked how in Prison Boys we could start from where the paths branched out. Anyways the game is pretty short already and I'm really enjoying it!
Very fun, but I wish there was more to do then wait and then talk to people for memory fragments. If there were other ways to collect memory fragments that didn't involve grinding, this app would be so much more fun!
This is so adorable! I really like how you don't have to spend a dime to enjoy the game. I just need patience to collect memory fragments. The quests are also a great help! Although I finished a not so good ending, I am still playing it to get all the endings! ♡ Update: I finished all the endings within three days!
The game is great and all but it's just that the Google ad kept blocking the bottom where the stars dropped to. I suggest you make it so that the stars are collected even if we dont tap on them, because a lot of stars were wasted and uncollected due to the stupid Google ads
Cute and short love story! If you had this game running in the background the whole time, you could probably finish it in less than a day. I got the endings with all Harus so I didn't bother with the 4th one (I have a feeling Yua's got something to do with it..). The art is cute, and the translation has been done well. The only thing is having to wait for a minute to tap on characters to earn memory fragments to progress the game - this gets tiring the tenth time or so. It is free though!
I love it!the characters,are cute varie the story is adorable, it's not as hard as other games where you have to have a certain amount of charm or have to buy stuff to continue.All in all it's awesome!
It's fun! And ya, but when you go back to a part where it is about to split, can you choose a different option
It's kind of tedious to play because of the collecting of memory fragments. Each fragment fills up the bar by 3 points only, so it takes a long long while (a lot of students and lucky scratch-off). Despite that though it is enjoyable and worth all the effort unlocking all the stills and endings. I liked the music too. It's calming and cute. Fits perfectly
I dont really like how long you have to talk to people in the hallway. Like get on with the story. Dont expect me to recommend this game, it's not good with that long wait. I've literally been playing for three hours yet ive only gotten through 2 of th stories. Maybe making the talkig to other people in the hallway for stars shorter would be great. Than I'd think about recommending it.
I really love this game i love the stories made espescially when i figure it out who's haru. And i don't know what really to say in this review. I just 1000000000000% i recomennd this app for you to install trust me...
Love this game! So cute and addictive! Sometimes adds get in the way of the memory fragments, but that's probably the only problem I could place if you made me choose. SEEC. Inc never fails to impress!
it's a good game, but the time is just too long also Haruka was too creepy from the start, i didn't trust all the waybut i ended up in his ending,and i really knew that he was creepy
I really loved the story, even though I'm only half way before the story ends. The graphics are nice and simple, but it seems like the storyline is just too fast. If only there were more chapters of the story, but I could say that its the best story game. Compared to other choices games, this is the most fair and user-friendly game. update: I've finished the story just recently and I got the right Haru!!! It really was a happy ending:))♡♡♡
The only issue I have is... that it isn't longer!! I love it. The story is sweet, and well paced. Easy, fun and adorable! ❤ Highly suggest you check it out.
I really love the game.The characters,the romantic parts,is all good.But,i don't get the mini game thing.You know,the one that the girl needs to talk to the chibi characters,yeah i don't get that one.And we need to wait for several minutes so we can read the next dialog after the mini game thing.And the dialog is short,after that,the boring mini game is there again.Please erase that...
Good game! I was so shocked I got the Happy Ending on my first try! Hahaha xD I really love the illustrations in this game, also I have played My Quiet Boyfriend which was also awesome..but I gotta say I kinda like this more :) But I kinda get bored with all the waiting even if its just 60 seconds minus 10..lol still it's a good game :) you should've made the happy ending more longer! I wanted to see her go on a date with Haru~ but still I love this!
simple and cute but definitely a little bit Grind-y. also a game SPOILER here; please do not pursue Haruka if you are easily triggered by abuse
Just an okay game. It's functional and the art is nice, has a cool concept. However it's an idle game combined with a visual novel that has very little option for making choices and only has one "right" ending, which goes against dating sim staples. Writing is pretty shallow.
It was cute and the anime character where super cool but...the chapters or parts of the story are very short and I wish the maker of this app would put in story tickets so the player can wait at least a day and then play the game and enjoy it longer....otherwise it would be perfect.
Cute characters and nice story. However, by level 3-4 it was already boring since it's more of a tap game than an omake. For one story path, players only make choices twice, but have to tap hundreds of times for the stars. Could be improved if there were more activities other than collecting stars and/or adding choices.
I had accidently reset the whole game 3 times now can you please put the settings button at the top of the screen. There is also too much grinding, I feel like it's fine when you first start but when you start over you should have the option to go forward to story 5 because people will start giving up because nothing's happening but grinding for the first part. But I still love the game and story.
It's a cute game for killing time. I'm enjoying the story but I find the memory scenes are way too short for how many fragments you have to collect to unlock them. Wish there was more for me to do, but still a cute game.
Its a cute game! I loved the characters and the graphics are wayy too cute! 😍!! But sadly in the beginning only i know whos the real "Haru" 😜 But i have one thing which is bad in dis game that it takes ages to collect the stars! 😑 Tiredsome! and it shud have more talks after we collect stars! Thats why i have given dis game 4stars only.
The game is so adorable! And the story as well. I enjoyed the game seriously. But I give it 4 stars because I cannot tap the other memories, there's an ad below. The ads was covering it when the memories falls down which is so annoying. But overall it's a great game
its a great game other than having to waut forever just to continue the story. i get it but ita not really fun to do all the time, ecspecially when you get super involved in the story...
I really like this game so far. I played the "My quiet boyfriend" from the same makers and just loved it as well. My only problem is that whenever I get to my stills, they promise me memory candy and then don't give it to me. I've missed out on at least 5 already and it's quite frustrating. Other than that it's a really fun game.
the story is good and i enjoyed it!! I prefer the main character with takaharu, but its still good anyways. I look forward to other games like this! thank you!
its not your typical otome! you have to do a little activity to read and it feels nice to have an almost minigame!
The game was really great! I don't really mind the tapping process but hey! It helped me kill time☆☆☆☆☆ I would like to give a big thumbs up for making such a fantastic game♡
AAAAAAHH I LOVE IT!! I've play Jimi-kare and this game is as good as that one. In two days, I got the bad, normal, dark, and then happy ending. I think I'm so lucky there (hehe) || Kinda spoiler about the ending || It's too bad we can't be friends with Yua. I know Haruka is suspicious lol. Actually my type is Takaharu; I didn't expect that he was the bully (?) back then. All in all! I'm so glad that Haruto is the true Haru. Aaaahh Nacchan and Haru!! ≧∇≦
for the first time, feels like kind of boring to catch the lucky scratch-off. Maybe you can add some mini games in order to make the game more enjoyable while waiting to unlock the next chapter. Overall, what makes me love this game was the story behind. It makes me so curious eventhough I've got the happy ending story in the first place. I was hoping that Takaharu were she looking for haha ... by the way the character is so cute and the dark end were more likely the happy ending itself (literally) ..
Honestly, I usually have a hard time with otome games and quit almost immediately, but this one was totally different. I'd wanted to play this for a LONG time, since I have a thing for the name 'Haru' and I liked two of the "Haru-s". So, I decided to play starting from the one I liked least to most. I got 'Dark Ending' XD but honestly? I totally loved it. It was probably my favourite ending. I mean, one second I'm all 'gee, what a bore' and the next, my heart goes BA-THUMP♥ PERFECT. Next was the 'Normal Ending', and then the 'Happy Ending' and then the 'Bad Ending' although to be perfectly honest, I quickly realised who was the right 'Haru' and even who the bully was before I finished my first route. It was simple deduction. I collected about 80 memory candies (?) [and I won't share how, but I certainly didn't buy any] and only then did I do the remaining 'Bad Ending' route because I totally didn't have the patience to talk to all those students again. And I still had some 30-40 candies left over when I was done (lol) I totally loved this game. Although MAN, our little MC's super easy to please XD
I don't think you need to pay money to continue the game. Same with the other one (Shy boyfriend or whatever its called) they're similar yet so different at the same time
5 stars. This app absolutely amazing and fun to play. Though, I would appreciate it more if the scene was much longer to enjoy. Other than that, this game is great the way it is. You won't have trouble to continue on to the next page which relives me. I highly suggest for you guys to play this
it has great experience to every user I have tried jimi kare but I think this is much better than the other game but I still love the jimi kare game
I really enjoy the game, I haven't finished all and although it is a bit boring waiting to get it the next round, the storyline is worth it despite my impatience. The art was beautiful and the characters are pretty interesting. (Slight spoiler) I really like Harukas ending because it really wasn't anything I was expecting.
Super fun! I'm totally addicted. The characters are cute and unlocking the new chapters is fun. I can't decide whether I like Takaharu or Haruto more >~< I'm suspicious of Takaharu. I think he might be the 'Haru' from my childhood, however the game might just get me to think that... hmm -_- oh well! Great job
This game is so cute. I love the character, i love the story and i love this game. But i have a hard time in collecting stars that is needed for me to move into the next round. it takes 1 minute to have the stars that the character has. At first i got bored cause i need to wait and wait but when i read the prolugue i kept on playing because i want to know what's next or what will be happen in the story. Thank you and Godbless😊
I'm enjoying it a lot, the only problem is that they are only short clips and then you have to wait and collect the stars but that doesn't take long at all and considering its free i really love it and its worth all of it really. I haven't finished it yet but I'm really enjoying it so far
A unique game which can be used for killing time. Very nice. I just wish there were more things in the game play tho like not the same routine over and over to get stories but anyways keep up the good work guys 😉😍
This game is just perfect. The story was heart-warming and almost unpredictable, so when you get the happy ending it's so much more fulfilling. Also, the game doesn't make you buy anything (although some upgrades can be bought) the story still progress fine without it and is not dependent on them. It kind of takes time to get the fragments but its not boring since you have to tap them. Overall, I loved this game so much and would totally recommend it.
Not as big a fan of this game compared to some of their others. The art is cute, but the point gathering system feels painfully slow. I was a bit disappointed with the endings as well. Only one was actually good, in my opinion. One just felt like a runner-up prize, and the other two were just depressing. I get that having some bad/sad endings adds more variety than purely good endings, but with the negative largely outweighing the positive it just made the game into a big downer.
I hope they make another game like this, it's very fun to play but at the same time it's tiring, but HEY if you're into games like this it's definitely not tiring. Welp I'll just wait for another game like this to release.
This game is adorable! I decided to play all four endings from worst to best and had a blast. I love that I could do that without paying money or waiting an eternity. I also think the artwork and story are so cute! The phrasing could use a little work, but it didn't take away from how lovely the game was overall. Hope these keep being made! 💕
good stories and art, very addicting, love this game. as long as you can be patient, you can finish this game quickly, or you can play as alternative game for killing time.
Great story kind of sad there was only one good ending though. overall took me about two hours to get the good ending (with a little help from Google). It is actually free as well. I never felt like I needed to buy in game items to advance.
This is adorable but seriously a boy called HARUKA and a girl with the surname ENOMOTO. I'm getting serious Kagerou Project vibes
Everything is so cute. the art style is so very cute and I love the story! it's very creative and the stills just make me fangirl inside. just saying. it's very cute -w-
I like the game there's wrong with... But I'm only giving this a four stars because of the adds getting in the way when I'm trying to get the exp...(the stars) it's really annoying, but other then that this is a great game 👌
+ : The story and the cute stills. The gameplay is basicly a clicker but it really fit the theme of remembering, whitch come back slowly. - : I don't like the sound when you talk to students and it's kind of the most recurring one 🔊😅
Very cute yet addictive! I just started getting into otome games (MM being my first) and this one has a very cute story and style to it! I have not finished it yet but I can see myself replaying it for quite a while. I definitely recommend this for those that like otome, cute click and collect games, as well as a good story.
I like it the game but there's an Ad where the star fall its really anoying that i can't get the star pleas take out the ad or put it some where that wont block the star when they fall
It's fun and a great time passer, I've got some good moments of non-stop blushing because of this game. I'll rate 11/5 good stuff
I like how the story is presented tho i think it gets boring when you just finished an ending and has to start from the very beginning and the collection system for stars or memories is quite slow. But i think this scores a point over tasokare hotel because this is a type of game you can finish immediately if you just dedicate your time (cause i finished it in two days) plus it doesnt require internet. it is short but sweet unlike tasokare hotel which is a bit complex but all in all a great game!
Great story line but the only thing that needs to be improve is collecting the stars. Maybe add mini games to lessen the time for waiting to another episodes. But overall it was fantastic, even though we all know whose the real "HARU" ;)
It is a great story plot and the story I'm going to fangirl sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard but the game is super fast but u get different endings!! I suggest you download this app
This game has very interesting story and I enjoyed playing it! The art style is beautiful and the character designs are very cute. I felt like the characters could be a bit more unique, some felt basic and bland, but I did feel attatched to some. The story could also use quite a bit more depth in my opinion. However, I do like how getting from one story to the next doesn't take forever. Unlike most games like these, there isn't an "Energy Bar" where you have to wait forever for it to fill up to get to the next level. This game doesn't have it, which I enjoyed since I am VERY impatient. Overall, this a good game and I reccomend you play if you like games similar to this!
It's such a good game! Don't listen to those haters, this is better than I thought!Everything is perfect as and I recommend playing this game for sure!
Great game! As it is short, the graphics are nice and it is very time consuming too! May I bring up the fact that it is also realistic and cute too, it is such a good game! five stars for this game if you ask me!
Nice graphics, likeble characters and good storyline. I don't enjoy sitting around all day waiting for things but this game is borderline enjoyable, even with such a boring gameplay idea. Boys are handsome too so gotta give it a credit.
I finished all the endings in 2 days since i had a lot of free time, it's very easy to collect stars although the process can be a bit boring after awhile but the story was beautiful enough that made me want to keep going to see all 4 endings. It's a heartwarming light read, I was so happy when i finally found Haru.
It was a cute game and a nice way to kill time!! I spammed my own email by sharing the Stills so I got a decent amount of memory candies. The ads helped a lot in collecting stars too! Overall I didn't feel like it took too long to play through all of the endings, and it's already so short that I just played one ending a day. The choices didn't make it clear at all what ending you would get, so I ended up getting the Bad Ending on my first run through, lmao. I enjoyed this short game, I recommend it if you're just looking for a time killer! All the Harus are very cute in-game :)
This is absolutely made for those who want to play free otome games! Not only the graphic is beautiful, the storyline is pretty nice and logical. I truly enjoy this, although it took my precious time (blaming myself). There's just a thing that I terribly want to recommend to the developers. I noticed that after you finished all four endings, there is a 'Commentary' button at the gallery. I hope you notice us about it beforehand, because I almost uninstall the app and miss it. Anyway, good job!
AHHH!! Y'all know what?! This otome game is one of the best! It got four routes for you to take up, in my case I finished all routes to collect the still images and eventually, my last route was finally the 'happy ending' route. That wasn't even intentional, and I'm glad I found Konatsu's real Haru. Plus, the ending song's cute and lively that it moved me. Great game though!
I was loving the game until my timer for the students to arrive went to 80 seconds and now the students never arrive please try to fix this because the story and art style is amazing it's a shame I now have to uninstall the app and start over...😔 edit: the timer is now at 100 seconds 😣☹️
I love the plot! I fall inlove with all of them, especially on Takaharu and Haruto😍 i love the graphics, and after 6 days, after 3 endings, i finally made it to the Happy ending, and the song is at the end is so cute too! 😍
Pretty cool. But I'm just starting so I don't know much of the story or functions yet. But I'm progressing fast. 😎 😎 😎
I really enjoy this game. Is it cute & charming & leaves you wanting more. My only complaint is the level of 10 second ads to get more stars. But nobody has to deal with that unless you love the story like me. The art is lovely too.
The storyline, character development, and graphics are simply wonderful. It's easy to play and keeps you on your toes on what will happen next. However, the downside of this game is the waiting time and if you don't tap the stars; they will disappear. Compare to Jimi-Kare: My Quiet Boyfriend where you continuously tap and pop bubbles to get to the next chapter, you tap on students and wait for the countdown to finish until the next crowd comes in. It's a pain to wait but thankfully every once and awhile you can earn more stars by playing an ad and there's achievements you can finish to earn items to help you to complete the chapter. I recommend playing this. It's fun to play if you have the patience's.
This is a very great game! I really like the story and the art style, not to mention the cute scenes!! (I didn't make this review very long to save you the time.) Anyways, you should download this game if you want sort of a cutesy visual novel game! (This isn't that much of a novel but.. Whatever! ^^') 5/5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Loved this one too. The three Harus are all adorable for me tho I had a hunch that one of them was a possessive one and I didn't like him that much xD but I finished all the routes. I wasn't patient enough to see their bonuses because their chibis appear very rarely and I don't have money to purchase the cookies to make them appear. But overall it's good! My fave is Haruto ^^
Wow, so far so good! I've never been really the type to play otome games even though i love anime and manga's so much since well, im the impatient type of person, cause it really annoys me how when i make the wrong choice i'll have to start over again and all the money type that ive been earning just went to waste ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ im yo typical cheap person you see. not only that but this game is so easy to play! I really find it enjoyable and the story is also good! Thank you for making this!
This is definitely one of the CUTEST games I have ever played😄😄 the only thing that disappointed me was Haruka's ending (Dark End) and the Bad End... That made me quite sad, especially since Haruka seemed so cute and kind. But after getting the happy ending, I was totally satisfied. It was so adorable 😆😆 Anyways, I loved the game, as well as the graphics. Great job!!
OMG!! :') I' m melted with the Happy Ending story! It was sweet and sooo natural, like the others ending. Love The OST too, I felt like in a anime-directed by me :D. Ads not too disturbs me. Wish you had a manga for In Search of Haru.. The story incredibily amazing! Thanks
I love this game. Though I ended up having a "dark ending" in my first try, I was inspired to really search for Haru. I actually checked all four different endings. Hehe.. I like it that the game does not force you to buy stuff or play side games just so you can continue reading the story. I'm happy I played this game. I like Nacchan; she's so cute! The drawing is great; I feel like I'm reading a Japanese manga. This story inspires me to draw again and write stories. Thank you very much! Doumo arigatou gozaimasu!
I really love the game and also te characters. But the character I really like is Haruka but it ends in dark ending... But I still love it💖💖
I lost my account twice after I spent so much time playing. After the second time I just uninstalled because it was extremely frustrating. Would not recommend unless you have a perfect phone!
I'd say that this game is just so cute and a boredom buster. Unlike the other games that I had played, this doesn't require all my attention at all times and even after a break it's still has the same charm. Although the tapping and waiting is kinda boring, that's the whole point, to NOT finish it in one go😅. And the fact that it has four endings means that I could play it four times all over and still look forward to the ending! If you're someone who likes to play a game with endings based on your decision, then you should definitely play it. Also it's sweet and adorable!
I'm in love with this game! Since I haven't played a game like this, but mini games like the thinking ones and what not. It's an amazing reading game that you get to choose in and if you watch animenits better >3> kukukuku~ But, the only thing I didn't like is that you couldn't choose choose another path after you chose one option. At first I thought it would be like you chose it good, and now you can go back and choose this again wasting a full bar of memory fragments this time. Would be worth it ✌
Its absolutely f2p otome (ads are very helping) and you could've done all the four routes in one or two days if you have the time and also as expected from SEEC, Inc. for the game system. Still I hope the story could be longer for an otome..
I have play this game,and all i gotta say is😤, totally amazing 🤩,the story is so cute,and the characters too,i love how the story goes,and i havent finished it yet😅,and i accidentally deleted it,so i have to start it all over again,but thats fine,i really recommend this app😍😍
So far ots pretty cute, i dont have any real complaint other than the protag is just another cliche and her story isnt interesting, but overall it seems like a really cute game
i really like it so far exept the girl i like blound hiared girls with pig tails and may be make the time for the momorie things a little more than a minute but anyways this game is sweet and soo cool ow FYI this pic is not mine its my dads soo dont get the wrong idea
I wish I could change the skin color so I can feel like im the character more often because I have darker skin tone other than that it's a good game.
This app is so cute! From the storyline to the minigame, everything is perfect. I love all Haru's and I love how the correct Haru is the last one you'd think it is. I completed the game in 5 days since I played it moderately, but if you had the time you'd probably be able to complete it in 2. Anyways, I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a small, short cute otome!
Short cute story, it may get annoying clicking things but it's great for killing time for me. Recommend it if you want short cute story. 😇😇😇😇
I really enjoyed this game. I don't normally like these games, but this was was fun and cute. I loved the story, and the dialogue and game play was really relaxed. I've gotten 2 of the endings so far, and they were both very sweet
Cute game. I really liked all 3 boys despite the dark ending lol. It was an easy and fun game to play and the story was nice ^^
😍😍Best Otome Mobile I have ever seen!! 😍😍 The graphics remind me of Ozmafia, and not to mention that the gameplay is pretty fast paced so I completed it in one day! Though I did buy some of the extra items to do it... What makes this game stand out is that the most that you will spend money wise on this game is about 6 dollars with some odd cents! This is one otome game that I'm not going to be taking off my phone anytime soon🤗
I think it's amazing but you should make the player get 100 stars before the next part of the story and make the parts a bit longer but other than that it's great
It was a really really fun game...but i got bored begause when you restart the story you go all way back to the biggening but still i had a lot of fun..😋😋
The story and the characters are cute but all the tapping and waiting is annoying. Leveling up is really hard and we don't have anything to do while waiting besides tapping and wasting time... At least add a mini game or something... I'm still playing tho, because the story is cute lol
Everything about this game is really great! I recommend you to download this app if you want to experience the real meaning of friendship and romance.
I really like otome games, and I seriously love Offline Games! I live in a place where the internet the data isn't great or easily accessible, the same goes for free secure wifi. So, I just adore this game so much~☆! In a place where one doesn't have much too do to pass by time is great as well. I also very much like that one can keep replaying this game over and over after gaming it, so if someone wanted to play the game again for any reason it can easily be replayed. I like it offers to! :)
Super cute, but I personally don't like having to keep collecting "memory fragments" to read the story because its taking a bit long, but otherwise its great! if you could adjust that feature than I would 10/10 give 5 stars!
It is a cute idea but the game is too boring. Just collecting memory stars to move the story on. If the quests were mini games instead of achievements, I would have liked it better. Also the story diverges towards the end based on your choice but choices are very random and have no real effect on story. Irritating ads also pop up that are easy to click
REEEEE! I first ended up with Haruka (and gosh! He's quite a yandere! So damn dark!) then to Takaharu and lastly with Haruto. Each boy holds this "plot twist" and fortunately, you can track which one will you end up. Waiting may take some time, especially if students still haven't arrived, but that just makes you think what goes next. Every scene is EXCITING!
I LOVEEEEEEE THIS GAME! These days, I find other Otome games to be boring, but this one is exceptional. The different endings have different impacts. The more I play the more determined I become to know the Ending. This game is really worth downloading. Please keep on making games such as this one!
Absolutely loved it, it was adorable and the story was very good. Maybe a few translation errors that made it kinda hard to understand sometimes but I can kinda look past that.
Absolutely loved this game. It was adorable and had cute characters throughout the game. All are lovable. The story is beautiful.
Good graphics, has a nice story. Very easy to play. Just be patient to finish the story if ever you don't want to purchase. If there's a season 2 or the continuing story I would immediately download it. Hoping to have that season 2 co'z the happy ending seems a cliff hanger.
So I get the 3 candies from the quest menu and another for sharing the picture. And I use 2 of them, and you know I tap the stars to collect them. But I couldn't get all of them because I got one of the story plot things. And so I go through it and... the stars I wasn't able to collect were gone... can you fix this??
Great f2p clicker based game that is definitely a cute way to pass time. The art and plot was really adorable too. Each of the guys were super cute and I personally really liked takaharu. They had the 3 very cliche personalities but I didn't mind I though it was still cute. Beware there is a yandere in such a cute story and the story line does have a dark end, bad end, normal end, and happy end. It gets a little repetitive but its a pretty quick game so I didn't mind
SO CUTE, I love everything about this game! The characters are adorable, the gameplay is simple, I really appreciate how it doesn't put a lot of pressure on the player. So many otome games I've played are so stressful, but this one is really enjoyable. :)
No offense but i got bored with the game. I expected it to be some kind of RPG but the part where I was just tapping on my phone without feeling any thrill was such a letdowner.... However, I did like the back story and the graphics... really cute.
Since I downloaded this and the other game (Jimi-Kare), I fell in love with SEEC's games. I loved the characters, the story plots, the gameplay, and the cute graphics. FYI, the other otome games are not my type, because they go through long processes and sometimes, the story goes to a deep, (lustful?) one. But who cares, SEEC just produces games that have fast ways to go with the story and has light and cute story plots. So please, SEEC, I'm begging you, add more games like this. Please.