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Immortal Summoners - Awaken

Immortal Summoners - Awaken for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by KYoo Games located at RM 1902 EASEY COMM BLDG 253-261 HENNESSY RD WANCHAI HONG KONG. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Update ruined everything. WTH with that Boss domain??? 100% immunity to stun lmao. You know this game only about PASSIVE SKILL such as BURNING, POISONING, BLEEDING, BLA BLA BLAAAA. I never find a game that a passive skill is more powerfull than actual active skill. Stop talking about balancing heroes since this game is far from balancing anything from the start. Thanks to your latest update my guild is dead since almost of them quit this game.
It is a good game, but super hard to get good characters and diamonds it seems like you have to spend money on it which isn't what I do. I just wanted a nice game to play that didn't require money in order to get stronger. If you have money to waste then this is the game for you.
So far it's a great idle game, tons of rewards and can earn vip based on activeness which is awesome. Not a p2w like most games but you can purchase if you want to get a jump start on the competition. Many events going on I'm sure of but I just started so I need to play more. Great heros selection, graphics, and definitely entertaining. Looking forward to future updates!
I really love the graphics and the game in general, but I wish certain things were displayed more clearly (like why my arena keeps showing a notif, but there is no reason I can see to explain why, or how to know what equipment goes with who while in the shop)
After binding my account to Google play, the games crashes and then endless loading screen. Not playable at all. 1 star
there was a bad update recently that broke the game, but it's fixed and all good. Fun game, nice graphics, idle rpg.
This game is great! I'm not super sure what's happening honestly, but I'm sure I'll understand everything better once I play for longer. The gameplay is super fun and feels rewarding. Love it!
It keeps kicking me out!!!! I love the game so far and have already spent over $20 in the game. I just really hate that I keep getting kicked out of the game!!!! Please fix this!!!!!
Seems like a fun free game - it has held my interest for the first week. Not sure if F2P can play the long game yet. Interface seems a bit cluttered, but overall a good game so far.
There are 36 chapters but 93% of the players can beat only chapter 9. You can see this on the interface lower-right corner. Awesome game, but you have to adjust the power level of chapters so we can beat more of it.
Great game..... There is always a but.... The game lags soooo badly, freezes, crashes, and locked up my phone. Makes me not wanna play it even though it is a good game. Would have gotten 5 stars if they would fix the countless bugs
The artwork of this game is amazing. I really gotta give it to the artists who made the characters and such. The game itself is great as well.
Same as the rest. Level after level. Boring really. Nothing new. Another clone with some diff toons that have similar skills that do the same old debuffs or buffs. Tiresome.
I'm an F2P but hey, the game is slow, you need to grind at early game then at mid and late you can chill out...it fits my lifestyle as I have to login twice a day...due to my work I hated games where people with no life generally plays and grind 24/7 lol..this game is chill...have some aspects to improve but also have aspects better than afk arena...
I am currently stuck in the tutorial of your game, Immortal Summoners - The Arrival of Shrine. I had a connection problem when using my scroll of summoning and had to log back into the game. The scroll was consumed, and the game still wants me to summon, which costs Diamonds, which I don't have. Thus, I can't do anything at all. Ingame name is FETBN.
Fun and enjoyable although the pulls in the summon could use a little tweaking im enjoying the game so far the art is really nice the frame rate is a little slow but not enough for me to mind
This game is pretty nice, easy to level up, easy to get good heroes and even top heroes, apart with some jokes, the hero review tab is pretty helpful, only reason I gave 4 stars is 'cause the game lags a bit, even on compatible mode, but overall the game is worth playing.
Would give it a five star review but still has some bugs. Great game! Lots of different things to do.
Got signed out and thought that by logging in with Google would be fine but it reset the whole game for me. I lost all my progress and have no idea how to get it back. It sucks because I even spent real money on it.
I love the art, but I can't seem to log into the game anymore? It gets stuck on "checking updates" and I just had a 250mb update?
Poor AFK Arena clone with way less content, but way more happy to take your money. Almost all events are based on rewarding you for spending money, so instead of getting encouraged to play with rewards you are encouraged to spend even more than normally just to get an unimpressive bonus with your purchases. Don't trust the 5 star reviews saying it's not p2w, these are clearly bought reviews. The f2p grinds to a halt really fast in this game and PvP is dominated by the same few biggest spenders.
Decent game, good incentive to play with rewards, chat is pretty friendly and summons aren't all too difficult to aquire. In my experience, the summon rates are also pretty decent but not to the point of easily getting OP. depending on your server it may be a bit P2W but what games aren't these days...either way, a good game :)
I like this game because it has similar mechanism with AFK Arena, i am a big fan of AFK Arena. But!!! this game is broken, the skills didn't trigger like what it described. Like Raquel, she supposed to be able to stun enemies with 75% chance but it never triggered even once in tower lv 100. My team keeps being CCed with only 15% to 30% probabilities. Please fix this, because it wasted lots of my time
They deleted my 1st review. This game is 1000% p2w. Their are green, blue, purple, yellow, red colors of rarely. If you are free to play good luck getting anything over purple. The summoning is trash you can save up for 10 summons just to get all green. It's one of the worst hero building games I've seen in a long time. The story mode is LOL it's just do this level with no story.
I just started, played a bit. It disconnected once and since then I can't login. It says that "Click on the screen to enter the game", but I click and there is no effect. But I can press "back" on my phone and agree on gamescreen to exit game... I relogged, restarted my phone. It doesn't change anything. I'm very disappointed(
Very good game and user friendly type of game. Developers and their team are very helful, it might take some time but at the end of the day they make sure that any issue you have encountered will be resolved.
Good game, so far not costing a mint to play. Like AFK but better graphics. If you can over look the false advertising this has the potential to be a great game.
Pretty simple and entertaining.. The rank up system using 2 cards are a little annoying but luckily after first rank up you can use different types for the next rank up. No Daily Free Draw is the reason why not 5 Stars
Generally slow. Extremely pay to win in pvp. As F2P you will only need to log in twice a day to tap collect and spend maybe 30min doing daily reset stuff. Everything boils down to getting duplicates and crafting material to be able to upgrade overall team quality. No real tactics, you are either strong enough to progress or you are shutting the game down until its time to collect.
Its very boring. The graphics are straight from 2003. No unique game modes, just a carbon copy of every other AFK idle game. You aren't even guaranteed a purple on a 10 summon, so its greedy. The game just came out and suffers from having waaaaay too many heros, 80% of which aren't good at all compared to the god tier paid for hero packs. Just really no redeeming qualities on this one after playing a few weeks.
It's an okay game. High focus on P2W, moderately P2P. However, what really bogs this game down is that the packs arent worth it. Rates are some of the worst for idle RPGs. You pull for purple heroes but some purple heroes are actually just normal heroes upgraded to purple thrown in the gacha mix. You collect purple shards and purple faction shards, same thing. Really dumb system. If I pull an elite hero especially with these low rates, I expect it to be an elite hero. Not worth the time or money
Great game, the HD mode laggs really bad on the note 20 ultra. And I wish there was more free stuff. Not to mention the Facebook promo video is full of lies, claiming you get more than you actually get. Unless I am missing something. But the game is lovely overall
So impressed with this game! It's been a long time since I've been excited or looked forward to playing a game. Characters are great, as is the animation. Unlike other similar games this one isn't pay to play/win. Leveling up and advancing is great. Tons of amazing events, gifts etc. The battles don't take forever to get through either. Plus they're actually fun to watch! Absolutely 5 stars! Excellent work & my thanks to the ppl who made this awesome gift of a game!
Really addictive and reminds me ALOT of AFK Arena. If that kind of game is what your into climb aboard
Nice graphics...easy enough to get the hang of and reasonable variety of leveling up etc....however there is almost no strategy or skill I evolved. I have played a few games like this and after the initial "fun" of rewards and making g progress it rapidly becomes dull and repetitive and pointless :(
Tutorial issue seems to be fixed? Not sure tbh, but I was able to keep playing at least. As for the game, it's your run of the mill idle rpg with really nothing special, except the unique(?) character art style, which really is just a low frame-rate.. it has lagg issues, and the ui/lobby isn't very intuitive.
This game is broken. I just downloaded and installed it (took too long). After that I tried to sign in and boom my screen keeps on blinking like a christmas light (christmas lights are better though) Response: Just fix the problem so I will change my review. Thank you
they ask for youtubers to make videos of the game thru in game mail. but features like "archive" dont function. theres more issues but guess what no in game customer service...........its a cool game but it doesnt function correctly and theres not even a place to tell them, cuz they prolly dont give af anyway. if u transfer device becuz the game doesnt run correctly theres no sign in , u do tutorial again by force.ANDROID 11 has issues with it.
This game is definitely one of the better mobile games I have played recently the art style is nice and I appreciate the little gifts they give out to newbies it was a very unexpected surprise but a welcome one keep up the good work
Great game. Has potential. But keeps freezing and force closing Edit: even after they supposedly fixed the freezing ans crashing issues. Game still does it.
Alright so its a good game i like the style kinda afk arena ish but your games kinda um buggy so heres why so if i go do campaign or any type of fighting the game still plays but its black screen please fix this i enjoy the game but please fix this bug the rest of the game arent any issues
Graphics and Animations are great, but this is another game that plays itself. If you like that worth giving a try. I'm very burned out on games that play ty themselves.
Its been pretty fun, cool characters, fun crossovers. I wish a couple things were better explained right away but maybe im just not paying enough attemtion. Overall a real fun game.
Pretty cool game, nice graphics and game play. Can get stuck and have to wait for idle to accumulate or pay to play
I have yet to get into the game past the initial download. When it tries to verify the update it fails. Once done it starts up again and fails over and over. I rate it one star due to the inability to play the game. Officially the developers only respond with re-download the game i have tried 3 times and still can't access the game.
It is only my second day, but everything seems actually fairly balanced. Plenty of freebies, great grabs for your buck, no issues with adds. Gotta say, this is actually INCREDIBLY enjoyable!!
After more than 1week of playing: the graphics and chars' skills are decent, the summon rate is terrible, rewards from events that was supposed to give purple ascended hero will only give purple epic instead (which really sucks), no auto skip on stages, and the most daunting (and made me uninstall the game) - the game's not optimized and will consume more than 300mb after 2-3hrs of playing per day. I have Ode To Heroes and Angel Legion, and they only use about 5-10mb per day. Uninstalled :(
I really wanted to give it a 5 star review, but first the drop rate is so so bad, I need to summen 30 summons to get a purple hero, and for it to be from the wishlist is just out of the question, my progress has stopped long ago because of this, it's no fun anymore
It 1 of those applet design to data mine you and bleeding of your money, gfx is just good enough to pass as a game. In fact this applet don't do anything new, the skills is 3/10 design, but it does copy other games features like AFK well enough. The overall quality is low, nothing new just another clone with new art/style set, it might be good in 2000 but we're in 2021 now.
Hanging at "Loading Version", since game update yesterday. Everytime I have launched the game since yesterday, it has done a 372.x Mb download, then goes into "Loading Version", today it did a smaller down load and that completed, then same thing after the 372Mb download. Have tried re-installing, no difference. Latest Samsung Galaxy Pad running Android version 10.
I would like to recommend this in any Youtuber, this game is so great to have more event and challenge, have a chance to become no. 1 in the next generation, because it is combination of idle games this year, so I give 5 star
The ad made it look interesting enough and even gave a code with it which advertised 40 free draws, which was a lie, it only gave a small amount of gold and 40 diamonds there second free code also again a lie and not what advertised. Would give 0 stars just for the false advertising alone. And why are half of the other people who review this rating them with 4+ stars when they game wont even let them play or giving them so many problems? People rate it with the proper stars dont reward garbage.
It's a fun game to play. Auto battles speed up after a little bit. You also get a lot of free stuff to get you started.
Worked fine the first 2 hours after that I couldn't join the game again. It gets stuck on "touch screen to play the game" I tap the screen and nothing happens. Seemed like a fun game. I'll unistall now. Thank you.
For some reason this game took 2 hours to download, despite its small size, when it usually only takes less than 2 mins for me to download that. Got into the game and music/sfx didn't even work. Gave it two chances, two stars since I didn't even bother with the rest.
I'm kinda looking forward into this game, but suddenly after I finished downloading the game additional file assets which is about 386mb, I got stuck on downloading a worth of 3.02mb raw asset which I just continuously looping to the start after I downloaded 2.27mb of the raw asset. I tried to reset the game, but there is still no avail, and things like this is really annoying for me just a waste of time and probably stripping my data little by little. I hope they'll fix it soon.
retried and uped my star rating from 1 to 4. runs a bit slow..probably cause using oneof the newest servers..but can use a good number of summons in battle and battle mode runs easy. the lower quality graphics means the game file is not uber large which is good too. some games just take up too much space especially when you need to play a lot of different games.
Great gameplay. Has all the right purks that keep you wanting to advance your heroes and gaining higher levels of experience. Try it, you won't be disappointed!
This game WAS really good at first but, now, after every single thing I do, there's a buffer circle making the game unplayable & unenjoyable. I KNOW it's NOT my wifi as no other game has this issue.
All I got after download In-game data is "Game resource version is too low. Please restart the game to update" And stuck in that message if I press Confirm button. But if I tap in blank space, the message is gone, and game won't do anything to respond except if I press back button and quit the game.
Love the game story is good graphics is not half bad it reminds me of afk arena game same thing you'll love this game too
This is p2w game. I hope more grateful of the graphics. Actually I'm enjoying this game but I cannot get much rare heroes. The characters are good but I rarely get attractive heroes I'm so sad about this.
It's kinda good u get free rewards when u first play theboage where they say free 40 summons is not true the skills dosent trigger much
I will give it @ star for now since it won't load. It says game version is low yada yada. even though I just downloaded it and had an updated for 386mb (and it takes too long ) I didn't care about the review and now I'm struggling and wasting my time. So no one help me but I took another effort and search on internet to fix it
I find it very enjoyable and it has a lot of cool characters, however it freezes on rare occasions or sometimes the characters go black and pixelated. I also can't install the compatibility mode. 3/5 if I could find a way to resolve those issues 5/5 for me.
Nice game, need more event. Edited: after update 04-04-21, I can't login, just stuck in update process and keep checking. Need some attention please. Thanks
Its ok, typical of the genre. Its fairly generous to ftp players. Just don't expect anything extraordinary from it.
Your autoplay does not know how to play. In fact it does not allow some of my players to even make a move and they're not even stunned they just stand there doing nothing. I would be better controling my own fighters and battles not the stupid game programming. And still your game site is unstable.
It just like the other idle games but it's still fun.i like that the tower automatically moves on until you lose.