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I'm Ping Pong King :)

I'm Ping Pong King :) for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Orangenose Studio located at 21-1, 7th Flr. Nanyang Street, Zhongzheng District Taipei City, Taiwan. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Simple game that I use to train my reaction time. Not too many ads either, which is a plus. I understand the devs have to eat, but I thank them for not bombarding the player with product placement.
Super entertaining visuals, simple gameplay, and each match getting more difficult as you progress makes this game really easy and enjoyable to play.
This game made me really, really mad. I haven't had such a gratifying feeling from beating a game completely in a while, and this game delivered that. Geez it drives you crazy.
Great competitive game to play if your bored. I highly recommend this game for any body who loves sports games
Great game. I love the design and play!!! I'm not even into ping pong like that and the design of the game made it so.
Best game ever, i have defeted everything in the game so far. Would be cool to see this on PC or something with online in the future that would be amazing.
I really enjoyed playing this game. The animation, graphics, and gameplay are simple yet it is a fun experience to play it.
It should have like a custom match or mutiplayer. Have different skin or character creation maybe make it more fun
This is a really well made, simplistic game. Sometimes gameplay is repetitive, but it always manage to keep tension and suspense. There is a skill curve, but it is not to steep. Overall, good gsme to pick up and play.
Alright, so the game is actually pretty good, ngl but the thing is, it's just a bit annoying that when you beat the game, you can't go back to like, the beginning. Idk if it's just me but, hey, other then that, would recommend. And thank you for making a fun game.
its a very cool and simple game but sometimes when i hit the ball it just lags the game and says i was too late???!! anyways overall the game is good but i just want this issue to be fixed
The game is ausome but add some more things like add a time mod in which we have to score as much as possible in a given time of 3 minutes or 2 minutes and also we can get money to upgrade our character his or her power etc.
Cool concept, but needs a little something to make it more than just focusing on your half of the table, reacting to left or right. Music and art design are really nice.
Nailed the simple controls, nailed the simple graphics, easily one of the best games I've played! It's pretty easy though, I finished the whole game in 3 days (I even beat the ping pong king and spoiler alert: there's more after that and I beat them too). Still, I don't think someone without a trigger finger would be able to do it this easily. The only buggy part of the game is the tournament unlocked after you beat the #1 player, it's definitely harder to play with all of those glitches.
I'm so glad that they have put an end to the game it no like arcade ...well we can aalso still play in three different modes ...but i loved the concept of having the game to end ..its awesome
It's an amazing game but I completed it in one day or say a half. But it is amazing I lost the 1st Match but I beat the #1 by 5:0 And the ALL STAFF also by 5:0. The only match, I lost from the creators section is ROSE.
Simple concept executed very well. Controls are simple, snappy and make sense. Isn't over the top or overthought. The aesthetic is clean as well and the constant smooth jazz in the background is an excellent choice and the sound design fits very well with it. It's funny and has character and style just through these, again, simple, stick figures. Simplicity is a theme throughout the game but isn't done too much, has the right balance. Fun to play and quirky. I anticipate it being over too quickly though. I think some sort of endless mode that has a score based on how many hits you achieve would be a good idea. I will say again, I really do think the jazz in the background is a massive factor and one of the biggest in the feel of this game that makes it so much better. Great fit.
The game is cool. It's hard to play at first. But when you get practiced, it becomes more easier. This game is irritating still it's cool. It made me angry before but now I am cool. We need patience to play this type of games. I have given four stars because for the eye-sight test. It's easy to beat the opponent but it should be much slower. We are testing our eye power in this game. So speed don't determines the test. By the way the concentration test and the reverse test are so cool.
It is pretty cool and the more you play the better it is... There is two problems.. 1: only the opponent can serve wich is really a let down. 2: it would be one of the best games if you can play multyplayer!!! That would make the game very popular because everyone love to play with there friends! Other than that...nice game
Pretty good, just add multi-player where the other guy chooses a pattern of left or right and fast medium or slow balls, and the other player has to hit them and so on.
This was a decent game I used to get the ads at the bottom but now I have annoying screen ads and because I have to swipe to get my menu every add I get it always takes me to the app store, another thing to when I playing the game I have one second to press the left or right side it is very hard because when the AI's hit quickly then It is almost I see which side it goes to then I flicks the other side of the board. Side Note: I will still play the game to see if it has changed.
Good game but I think there should be some kind of local multiplayer system. Otherwise it's a very good game.
Simple yet entertaining I like the concept and the difficulty seems to be just right niether to hard or to easy it's art style is simplistic yet entertaining I like this game for that
This is a wonderful game, but is best, after you get used to playing it. I've noticed that I need to fully concentrate on the game while in play. Of course, our mind's sometimes stray from our tasks (at least, mine does.) I've found a way, that works for me, to counter this: I just count the volleys as I play.
Very well executed. I was amazed with how simple the game is and get gives you the best game experience. kudos to the designers.
Simple yet elegant. Beautifully designed and has a end. Won't take a day to play all levels which is very good who just wants to complete all levels as soon as possible
It's just a fun game overall but one thing that is even better are for once the ads. The ads are just super small at the bottom of the screen and it barely bothers me. It's also a really cool idea how that have those game modes and I'm looking forward to knew game modes in the future.
This game is really well done! I love the creative and yet minimalistic style of this game, I installed it about a year ago and reinstalled it just for fun. The charm and cute gameplay is still there :)
Straight up addicting, fun, and challenging to a great extent, however, not overwhelming especially when you get good at the game. Overall great game!
Fun game can play for hours honest review fun to pass time and its not eazy but not hard is normal but the game is good and there is a low amount of ads
Gameis great I loved it there no bug's or glitches and ceracters are so funny πŸ˜† I will 100β€’/β€’ recommend this game this is the best ping pong game πŸ“ in my opinion πŸ‘ my friends also loved it so much One thing I want to suggest- keep online multiplayer super game in 50 mb
This game is a soothing yet challenging setup which has it's awesome and "noooo" moments. Would recommend, 10/10
I want to like this game i really do but I can't do that when the game doesn't like me.when I try to watch an ad for a second chance it doesn't let me please fix this bug.
I absolutely love this game! It's a great time passer! I just wish there was more. I really hope the developers come back to this game because it is truely amazing. I would love to see more levels or just something else.
Such an addictive app. I love it. I've noticed since using this app that my reflexes and reaction times within my everyday life have actually improved, such a fun and rewarding experience I have had so far and if that weren't enough, the animation and general design of the app is so cute.
Very fun! Its super neat in style and the ads arent very annoying (theyre just banners at the bottom of the screen.) My one gripe is with the grunting sound. I do not like the grunting sound.
To increase focus and attention play this it's fun, but it does get harder to the point where it's frustrating but it has you come back for more
I've played and finished all the regular levels. It's great bite sized fun. Ideal for 5-10 mins run or a full afternoon on the coach. Can't go wrong with this game!
This game was a blast! It is very addictive and I had a lot of fun playing it. The graphics was simple but it is simple in a good way. The gameplay is simple. You just have to beat 50 people and there is a test which is separated into 3. One is eyesight, another is concentration while the last is reverse.The controls are very simple. You just have to press 2 buttons.
Simplicity done right. From graphic, music, sound, and gameplay, yet engaging and full of charm kept me interested to finish the game. Unfortunately as the game is too short, there's nothing to do after that. It would be better if the mode are unlimited where after everytime the player win, the game become faster and faster, so the player need to win as much as they can. And maybe put a feature to compare your win with friends or the world.
It's ok put there is a couple of mistakes one of them is that when you put the notification bars down the games doesn't automatically so if the game is 4 to 4 you might want to hit that pause button and then the ad placement is okay put I wouldn't put the controls right next to the ad bc occasionally when your doing really good you might hit the ad and go to the website and when you hit the ad and go back into the game it also doesn't pause other those few problems it ok game.
Gameplay was a good, for a little while at least, but overall the game isn't great. Way too many ads, the game frequently glitches and freezes and the gameplay is very delayed. I hope this isn't true, but I honestly think the makers have rigged the game so you lose on purpose so you have to watch more ads, so the game can therefore earn more money.
If you ever get in trouble, don't look at the opponent's body. Focus in your part of the table, especially on the lines representing ball's bounce. Also, don't hit too early. You can't aim the ball at certain direction or speed, so just defend until the opponent misses. Hitting in just the right advance somehow troubles the opponent but is hard to achieve.
This app is great! Super fun and challenging, and there are barely any ads. Like once every 5 games you get a pop up ad that you can close immediately. Great game πŸ‘
I use to play this same game with another app before I think it was bought up this game team. But this was bad at many places and not updated enough. The opponent plays faster before we can react. Very heavy in terms of RAM usage and storage. Not interestomg as it gets monotonous after some time. Improve.
The game is very nice and simple. I especially liked the credits. Very clever πŸ˜‰, but it starts repeating after a while. If you are waiting in a line or something you can play this game to kill time. Otherwise, it just gets boring.
Fun game. Tricky controls to get used to. Maybe make the ball more viable because I keep losing track of it. Thanks for the fun time! ( :
Im trying to realize how in the world you can make an almost stick figure game so unbelievably laggy. You mean to tell me I can play Fancy Pants Adventures without so much a lagspike but this will almost crash my phone? Hilarious
Probably not the best game for a few people but I still had fun with it. It's basically just a simple click on the left or on the right to hit the ball based on which side they hit it. The game gets really infuriatingly hard later on though... I still cant believe I defeated them all though... it really feels like its impossible when I came back to this game a while after completing it lol
This game is simple, very simple and very very simple .thanks to the makers to not bombard it with ads controls are as i said is very simple and it don't make me buy memberships and pay for hats and boosts it is a plus because it is fair between paying gamers and casual gamers alike . it tests and improves your reflexes i will recommend it to everyone its an very enjoyable game
Good!!! It's not too hard... not too easy either (which was perfect for me!)... I JUST became KING! (I actually feel good right now, like I accomplished something today!) LoLπŸ˜‚πŸ˜…! I recommend P.P.K. to anyone looking for a challenging, yet simple app to play▢️ and become KINGπŸ‘‘! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
Don't play a lot of games so can't compare to others but this is massively enjoyable and really does focus your concentration.
Now, I'm a Ping Pong King! Hahaha i forgot when the time I was installing this, and finally, the campaign mode is finished.πŸ˜„πŸ˜€ It is simple yet fun at the same time.
Nice and simple. Fun to play when you have no Internet connection. 5 stars coz I managed to beat everyone. I found level 25 - 15 harder than level 5 - 1.
Great little time waster! Simple graphics, simple controls & great gameplay. Sort of game you can pick up a few times a day & have a bash. Completed in around a week
This is an amazing game. I was just crowned, and it took a lot of hard work to get there. I highly recommend this game. I also have a suggestion for the developers. All the people that you fight in different country's should say "ready, fight" in their language. It would add a cool little aspect to the game. Thank you developers for such an amazing game, and I hope you make a second game.
Great game! Very time consuming and engaging, not just one of those games that are good then just end super early.
Pretty good game ! Here's what you can do to improve the game : 1) An online multiplayer or an offline 2-player mode 2) Different skins and costumes 3) Give rewards for completing each level (like stars,coins,etc) using which we can buy the skins 4) Add different types of table tennis shots 5) You may add some power-ups (like slowing the speed of ball for sometime , hitting the ball with great speed , etc) Hope this will make it a great game in future ☺️
It is really fun, even tho its frustarting. I finish this game in just two days. I recommend the boss name to be different instead of a country name and numbers and also more motivational dialog from the oppenent thats fun to read.
Smooth gaming experience i completed the game in 3 days yet felt the game is hard yet the game is good to give challenge to friend and the graphics are just astonishing thank you developer for this fun experience
An amazing game. You can't keep your phone down. I cleared all the levels in a single day. And once they added the impossible tests, this game has become a family favourite. Kudos to the developers and the team.
its a very good game, love it but there is a bug that you need to fix it. I will send you a mail to your gmail if you can fix it. Thanks.
I love love love the art style of this game it's so so cool I love this game and it's one of my new time FAVOURITE GAMES NOW !!! :) ceep doing what your doing because its creeping me entertained thank you :)
The controls always a moment where the buttons is delayed by 2 seconds and sometimes it didnt even respond when you were clicking it
Gameplay is great. Graphics are simple but they work. Too bad it doesn't have a dark/amoled mode, would be simple to implement.
This game is great, but can i suggest something? make the ping pong ball stand out more, i feel like it would make it easier to pay attention to the thing you're supposed to hit, i suggest making the ball a bright color (that stands out from everything else) or making the ball a bright gradient. all of that aside, this game is freaking great! thanks for reading.