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iGun Pro 2 - The Ultimate Gun Application

iGun Pro 2 - The Ultimate Gun Application for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Crimson Moon Entertainment LLC located at Crimson Moon Entertainment LLC 1911 Arbor Walk Dayton OH 45459. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Updating is a joke and everything is locked unless you spend $20 πŸ˜‚ or watch countless brain cell killing adds.
This game is super relaxing cause I love guns, I got my dad to play it too. One suggestion is maybe add targets to shoot at. Although I just got the game a few day ago I havent seen it all.
This game is so easy for me to be able to do that is a little more than just a little bit too far better in my so I don't have been able I have to go back to school so much that is the best out of my career and my parents are 2x6 but I am a
Greedy enough to give 2 coins per ad. App is really good but nah I ain't watching ads knowing that it's gonna give me only two coins. At least raise it to 5 or 10 coins max? Trying to enjoy free version. Edit: wow this app doesn't even turn on anymore. It just shows "Crimson Moon" and that's it, nothing more. Edit2: that's it, I reinstalled the app because of the bug explained above and woah, every customization, stickers, medals of mine, all are gone. I really love this game, very well done!
I love it it's so creative but I wish I could upgred the sa80 but I don't have money to buy game stuff
I love this game here's a five star review and keep putting more guns in the game like a 30 a 6 or something like that.
Great game recommend for people who are trying to learn or people who want to let out there gun design or it is a fun game while in a carπŸ˜‚
You get the app expecting to customize all kinds of guns, and you were right. If you pay $7 a month for it. I'm not gonna do that for a gun app that Ill use when Im bored. This app had so much potential, but you made it trash. Spare yourself the money, and go play the first one. That one is actually worth your time
I realy realy like this game but.....you guys added something that i dont like. When I try to put pattens on my gun, it says i have to watch 2 videos to unlock it. So please change if you can
Great app sort of addictive it's fun to customize and collect but it made me delete three of my apps for the update so yeah they just lost one star
Fun game but when you try to name a gun it often tells you that the name is offensive. Very annoying. I'm a patriot, pro 2a and conservative.. if something as simple as a word is enough to offend you I suggest living in a isolation because you will never survive in reality and we should not be enabling this ridiculous p.c. culture.
I really appreciate the amount of guns in these games and they seem more realistic. I'm not sure how the economy of smart phone gaming works, but I was also disappointed by the need for a subscription, like most people. I don't expect everything to be free, but I would be more likely to pay for a one time unlock of all the content, like the first game. I actually payed through this option twice, on 2 phones.
It's pretty fun and cool you can custmise your gun. The problem is that you don't get all the guns you only get like 10 guns. I would get it tho it's pretty fun.
90 percent of the guns are locked behind a paywall, and other than just being a gun simulator there's nothing to do. You should be able to buy each gun for say 25 coins and you earn coins through playing mission that were different and enjoyable
Iv always wanted to use a hand gun and know there names and now I do know the names and the gun but I wish there were more free guns
This app is the best app you can get super nice group of people, awesome content Braley any ads. And the stuff then you download it is true, also you don't have to get membership for it to be fun
Pros: No forced ads, realistic guns, lots of free paint options, extensive gun wiki and info, SOME realistic gun movements and slow motion is very cool Cons: Subscription is expensive, some guns require you to pull the charge lever when there isn't one, the guns are only seen from the left. You can't look down the sights or scope(why?), there is no challenges or anything to do Improvements: zoom and rotate guns, reloading should be started by the mag release, strip down guns, challenges
Love the game but there is two things that are slightly annoying one is that you get such little guns cuz I don't have the money for a subscription and two I can't use it without internet but all my other friends who using the app can play without internet
Game is awesome, my only problem is that I miss the ability to buy specific guns like you had in the first game.
I purchased a all access 30 day and the app doesn't even download any weapons ,it just gives me internet connection error,please can I get a refund,I love the previous igun works great.
I'm glad I installed this app 'cause it's worth it....I mean like you could customize your weapon and everything which is so damn cool!
I'm updating my review because the devs made some adjustments. You can now buy guns using coins, but the problem is that the coins you gain are super slow and are only obtainable by viewing ads or by daily bonuses. And the daily bonus is randomized of course. While it gets better every update, I think most first-timers would've been driven away by the first iteration of this game's scheme. Still not recommended.
The weapons and graphics are great. The controls and customization is also great. The only thing I have a problem with is that you have to pay a subscription to unlock all weapons. Unlike the first game whear you could unlock weapons overtime with coins by doing tasks or watching adds. For somone not going to spend money on this app, your choices are very limited.
Amazing app, iv had it for a while but had to uninstall after it stopped working, and after reinstalling, I lost all progress just for it to stop working again, plz fix so I can continue my journey with team Hydra
Honestly I love the game, but on some full auto weapons/ full auto option weapons the shooting is choppy and slow. What happened to the old iGunPro back in the day when full auto wasn't choppy? The Thompsons don't sound intimidating which is a thumbs down, but other than that, love the game.
The overall game is fluid, but they constantly push you to pay real money. You can unlock guns you want but that involves rng or a daily shop.
Very well made game, but there weren't many guns and parts to chose from because you had to buy the full version.
It is good game but guns should be more interactable like when you reload the magaziene should have physics and you can drag it around then you pick up a new magazine from a pile of infinite magazines and when i use stickers my phone lags so baddly its like it crashes
The only good thing about this app is that the performance of the guns is better than in the first "game". There's no such thing as coins here anymore and instead, the only way you get guns are through a greedy microtransaction the app keeps begging you to buy. There should really be a feature where if you get four stars on a gun, you can pick whatever one you want to unlock. Maybe the app would be better if that was a thing.
Horrible compared to the original. To unlock any of the guns apart from a few you start with its a Β£8 subscription. Thats right, a subscription. You know the function in the original game where you could buy a gun and skins with coins, of which you got ten free daily? Gone. Non-existant. What's more, the Developers are putting it down to the "most effective" solution money wise. I refuse to believe this - why was it not in the original then? Uninstalled, going back to the original.
Only reason I like this game bc when I was growing up I was scared of a gun but since I'm 11 I realized that I should not touch a gun but I can only play with guns on my phone
You Said In A Review Reply, That You Were Gonna "Try" To Release Some Free Stuff Every 2 Weeks, Didn't You? Well, I HAVE NOT SEEN SO CALLED "FREE" STUFF! It Has Been MORE THAN 2 WEEKS! Abosolutely Terrible... (Second Star For Improved Reloads And Graphics)[EDIT] Okay, Third Star For Apoligizing And Explaining Whats The Hell Was Going On, Thanks Devs At Crimson Moon, For Not Being Those Other Games With Botted Replies, And I'll Sure Stick Around! Sincerely, Aiden Fisher
Great looking app, but there's no way I'm paying $7.99 a month for extra attachments and guns lol! What made the first one so good was that you can literally get like all weapons for free
good but i woul like if you make all guns purshasable with in game mony not onley those from the store and add some range shooting
I'm a big fan of the original, and the moment I got the notification that they released a version 2, I literally did not hesitate to install it. It was kinda rough, but since it was a brand new app, and because I trusted that the developers would improve it soon, I kept playing. The contests are cool, but then their biased towards "Premium Subscribers". Come on y'all! You can do better! Please, remove the premium stuff, and send out the weekly free gun/attachment. I mean no offense.
A good game but sometimes doesn't give rewards for competitions, lost rewards for last 3 competitions one was a 2nd place finish,
The customization is off the charts because i made an m4a1 with around 7 foregrips and color and paint schemes are great but every time i get in a contest i always get last which annoyes me so much and when you can make custom colours i dont know how to because of misclicking on to it
its so good and it dosent play adds randomly like most games and the guns sound really good. Over all the games is just really GOOD!!!!
Love the game my lil bro plays this and so do I. I personally think this is a great game and I can't stop playing with my family and friends
I like the game I like the concept and I like the effects but what i don't like is the subscription service. I loved the last game Igun pro but I never spend money on the game and I got over 130+ weapon on your last game I would like if you could transfer your guns into this game. I know you guys need money for more app developing but please do something for the people who can't spend money on apps.
It's alright. The guns function well and are accurate to their real world counterparts. I don't like how 80% the app is locked behind a paywall subscription that's almost 10 dollars. TEN DOLLARS, for a scription to something most people would pay two or ther dollars and be done. Along with the fact that half the guns aren't even in the app but they proudly show these nonexistent guns in the tops of lists. Despite most of these guns probably not ever being added
It is a shame that I have spent money (quite a bit on the first app and instead of updating it they just roll out a different one. I can't access my old guns with the new features though many of them are in the new game. The app looks good and has ran well so far. Can this be fixed?
This game feels horribly rushed to try and make money. It's the same generic mods for every firearm. Why put rifles mods on a pistol? There are ZERO pistol mods whatsoever. The first iGun was amazing....this one is just a poor attempt at money grab. I liked the fact that, in the first iGun, it had you coming back every day to get daily reward coins to be able to get more firearms. Yes, mods are great but not worth spending real life money when everything is generic and not firearm specific
Great game, but can u make one of every type of gun free to customize? I want to make Roland's gun from the dark tower, but i need a revolver to do so. Can you add a remington 1858 that anyone can customize?
Its a really nice game honestly. Especially how it brings back nostalgia from when i used to play it. The game works fine. The guns look realistic and it teaches how to actually work a gun in real life. I like the type of designs and colors you can use to customize the gun. I think this app is great. Hope you enjoy!
The guns are nicer than the first game, but if you think I'm gonna pay a monthly or yearly subscription to play with little guns on my phone, you live in a fantasy land. There should be ads to unlock guns or there should be a one time payment, and not one that's like 50 bucks because spending 50 bucks on a phone game is degenerate nihilism.
One star has been given. Pay $6.99 plus tax for one additional star ( btw this app is boring they have so many good guns but u gotta play so this app is trash woupdnt recommend)
Although I enjoy the competitions and gun customization, I do feel like the graphics and sound quality is a huge downgrade from the 1st app. The original was pretty realistic and sounded authentic, but this one looks like it came out of a really old game. Still, 3/5 because it has nice customization and competitions.
The game is better and worse in multiple ways. I do like that you can customize your weapons, and also find weapons from the games you like. I dislike that you no longer can buy weapons for free like igun pro. that is why I say three stars instead of five.
I like this game, but now your daily reward thing is broken, im on 3x spin, i spinned once, watched an ad to spin again, and it just kept loading. Thats a load of trash and a waste of my tim
I really liek the game its sooo good. Minimal ads, includes guns from real life and shooter games and sometimes coins are easy to get if you enter contests or spin a lucky wheel id say its good enough in my opinion.
i literally just now started it and i already love this game soo much! I recommend this to everyone in the whole world.
This app is absolutely Cool, the Details of Every gun is Realistic, Can be Customized, and also can be used to make Gun SFX for your Shooting Animations! I'd recommend this App if you want to get SFX and Customize the Looks of your Favorite Guns.
The only reason I got this was because tne first one has severe lag issues. At first, I was impressed, they did a really good job improving the overall performance of the app. Everything is smooth, and better animated, making it more user friendly. So why 3 stars? BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO PAY REAL MONEY FOR GUNS THAT WERE FREE IN THE FIRST GAME. and its not even a one time buy, it's a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION. if you want the M1 garand, too bad! $7.99 a month! Fix the first ones lag issue please!
Fun there is very little advertisements but a thing I only dislike is that you cant watch advertisments to get a locked gun you want instead of getting a free trial and having to pay after
you have to pay to actually use anything, i got the game pretty much straight away and was excited to see what is added but its just a subscription to actually play the the game prwtty much
I justblove the amazing detail that is put into each and every firearm. After playing their first game and loving it I was expecting the same thing but I got something WAY better. I love your guy's work it up. You always got my support.
This is the only word P E R F E C T . Ive never tried a games like this. Why? ITS THE MOST REALISTIC GAME EVERRRRRRRRRR. I LOVE this realistic game no problems and ist a gun game my FAVIROT
The game has gotten WAYYYY better now that there's a daily gun and attatchment that simply cost 50-40 coins, so now I don't empty my wallet! Thank you Crimson Moon! <3
i used to play this game on ios, and switched to android about a year ago. now, sadly at the time i didnt know when it would be coming to android, but i am glad to see it on here now! my only complaint is just a bug, i cant make custom colors!! ive been tapping and holding with no success, is tgis just me or is this a known issue. Otherwise keep up the good work crimson moon!!!
In the first game, I was able to watch ads and collect coins to unlock guns just as simple as that. In this game I need some kind of subscription and for some reason my email address doesn't exist. Huge disapointment for how cool the game looks, I really hope they make logging in simpler.
The app has a better opening gun selection than tge original and alot of the guns sound better than their original counterparts but there are two major glaring issues, the pay-to-play feature. Its kinda some BS that you need to pay money to get access to everything else. The original let you either collect or buy coins to get the other guns and skins but now you need to pay a subscription to gain access to all the guns and skins ans attachments. Also why do you need wifi access to use the app?
Honestly it's pretty realistic and good but some guns are very hard to get so it gets pay to win further in.
It's perfect. I rate it 4 stars, the thing is, there are many weapons that need prememium version and it requires internet. Anyways, keep up the good work!
It is a very good game but i wish there wasnt heaps of locked guns because you need full version and 1 you just had to buy or unlock the guns. Overall it is a good game but it requires internet.
Good game but what I dont like that u have to buy guns and download your guns that are free so they need to work on that...😁😁
Awesome But I feel there should be a way to earn currency to buy more weapons/attachments like the first.
This app is very well done, I still miss the first version but this one is better, as long as you have money to enjoy it. But it's not all bad, there are so many customization options that I'd say this is the definitive gun simulator you will ever find on any appstore. The monthly subscription is dumb if you think about it too long, but it's better than when the app first came out and you had to buy coins here and there just to get a new thing here and a new thing there.
Ocean games all conclusion bring the countries listed them over why did this happen server cannot handle my hankins
This game is amazing besides the things that might not fixed the reasonwhy give this a 4 star is because of this stupid thing that should be fixed when i try to get a gun plating and try to watch an add it says No videos Available check your internet or check later and that would be very helpful
This game is the best I'm enjoying it the gums look real the sound when you connect to a speaker people will run away you can prank someone this game is dope
Its alot of what I wished was in the first game the customization and attachments are a really nice feature that's been handled pretty well
If it didn't have alot of guns and decent customisation I'd hate it.. everything is behind a paywall or like 57476 ads.. Get but dont spend too much time on it or you turn into an advert. PS I want to have a M1911, let me buy specific guns not wait daily to see if I'll get disapointed
This game is a decent step up from the first. But it now using a Monthly or Yearly pay model is not good. This is a phone game. Not an MMO It's selling point is to be able to customize your guns with cams and attachments. This works well enough but 99% of all that is locked behind that subscription to make yiu buy it. And all new guns they release are for subscribers only... So no. This is not good.
I like this game it's really amazing but there is one small problem is I bought the VP9 flashlight from the daily attachment thingy but I don't see it in my laser/light section idk if its in the game yet or if I got scammed but could you fix it or add it
Fun game for running around and chasing your friends. The only thing I don't like is that alot of guns are behind a pay wall. This may not be a problem for some but I don't like to spend money on mobile games.
I love the first game because it doesn't have a monthly subscription, why do that i get the fact its a free game and yall need money, but why monthly subscription, other then that its a well made app
If you love guns and are creative when it comes to designing stuff this game is for you I will say if you don't pay for the premium version it will take a while to get good parts to customize but for me at least it's worth the wait
really cool and realistic game I just think it would be better if you had more guns and you did not have to buy them but besides that it is cool that you can customize them and that you can actually use the mechanics an actual gun would have
It is very fun and I enjoy the contests. My only problem is that the game reboots when I leave it for more than two minutes. The loading screen does get very annoying.
I loved the first iGun Pro. I marveled at the content. While I think the mechanics and experience is enhanced, especially with the addition of attachments into the game. However, as soon as I attempted to unlock another gun, of the 100+ promised, I found it was all ONLY unlockable through pay. This is dissapointing to me, as the first iGun Pro was able to be used with cash to get all the guns quicker, but it was optional. Although I appreciate the new content, I will not be playing this new game
It is really fun at this one that you'd get to customize weapons unlike iGun Pro 1 you don't get the customers weapons on iGun Pro 2 you good to customize weapons
It would be 5 but with the Ameli if thats how you call it when you shoot it after 5 seconds the ammo becomes invisible in the middle i will rate 5 if you fix that please thats why its a 3
If u love firearms like this one, thiz app is for you! Just about evry gun ever made worth firing is in thiz awesome selection of weaponary. Just a well planned and executed app πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
I'm really sorry, but I've gotta give this a very low rating. The fact I have to pay for the guns is a very crappy move, the guns feel very cheap and piss poor, the gun sounds are reused, etc. This app could be saved if we could import our guns from iGun Pro, and could just pay with Ads.
I love the guns you get without paying but I hate that you have to pay for 95% of the guns and attachments please give more free guns
Why is it monthly payment of a ridiculous 400 pesos or something, instead of a one-time purchase! Good. But not great.
Greatest gun app ever. Graphics are awesome. Always loved this app. Had it for years with every phone I've ever had.
It is a great app except sometimes when the updates come out, it wont update unless I uninstall, but other than that a great app
This game is cool why because this has a lot of gun and i can have new gun and i can costumize my gun and daily spin will always be here and i can get enough coin and pattern and pixamals and many kind of them so that's why i like this game
Although sounds and graphics are somewhat an improvement, it is overall clunky and less satisfying than the first one. The first iGun is way more smoother and the gun actually has more realistic gun kick, even more than the 2's maximum (the Desert Eagle, for example, feels weak in 2). Please do revise the animations and make it more smoother like the first game
Yeah,it's a very realistic gun simulator better than the first iGunPro,but it wouldn't hurt if you put the G11,the MAS-38,Sten and Chiappa Rhino in the game
This is a great new gun game but it is not as good as number one because it dose not us a coin system like the first game now if you make the guns available to everyone like the first one it would be better.
I was interested in this game at first but now I see that there is alot of bugs like the typing, I was having to put a letter one at a time before the keyboard would go down again, this bugs me alot and also the attachments are a new feature that i enjoy but really? otherwise i find it just as good as the other one! Oh qnd also fix th no sound with muzzle brakes.
2 Stars until they remove the paywall BS and switch back to the in-game currency like in the first app, otherwise the guns look and sound great, but the clunky firing and zooming in makes it really ducking annoying to use.
Its a very nice simulation game but. I really hope you let us buy any gun with coins and not have to wait for it to show up in daily gun, or get premium.
Ok so I love the concept of the game, but the premium system is sub-par and detracts from the amazing game this is i understand that your studio is extremely small and that having premium being a subscription is how you support it, it is just frustrating because that is the only way to win contests have premium weapons, attachments and camos, but still I miss the old currency system
Allmost everything is pay to get like why. Its buy a subscription for free but after like a weak 14.99 just for every gun attachment and wrap. But if you don't buy the subscription you have to use the daily wheel with adds or just use the free guns. Why just why must this game not be free i know the game gets money from in app purchases but adds on top of purchases just no. im still going to play wasting my time watching adds to get coins to get weapons...
It's a very well made app and is lots of fun but there is too many things where you either have to watch an add or subscribe to unlock all of the features. If it wasn't for that I would give it five stars.
This is what we waited so long for? A stupid subscription service on a game that doesn't even run well at launch. No excuse for the poor performance, it shouldn't have launcher in such a state. As for the in-app purchases, the subscription service wasn't even on the game when it launched on iOS. Just found out I can't log into my old account that i started on iOS because the version of the game is "Unsupported". It says I will be able to log in in the future, won't be touching this game.
It's a good game for the people who are interested in the firearms of the world and the attachments for the weapons are just amazing.
Really great app. My only complaint is that they didn't immediately integrate all the guns from the original iGun Pro, so now "new releases" are just adding them from the first app. The customization is fun, and allows you to explore the guns further. Overall, fun, educational, and a great reference.
The game is fun but I don't like how you have to pay money to use other guns there is not even 10 free guns in the game I would not recommend this game to people who don't spend money on games.
They want all the money you have through constant subscriptions. You have barely any guns to modify with very little modifications for the guns because you have to buy the others at a ridiculously high cost.
It's pretty interesting and realistic, my only gripes are that there are too many guns that can only be used with the subscription but other than that it's pretty solid.
Great Game: Its not the most realistic game but it saimulates real guns very good but not perfect i had a couple glitches with the skins but thats all btw if you pull back a hammer on a berreta M9 M1911 ext it will still fire nothing will come out but the slide will blowback then fire a bullet
I love the game you guys deserve a lot of credit but I have to pay a ton of money on guns or attachments, see in first one you could watch adds get coins to get guns I liked that I sorry, but that's the only downfall for this game.
This app is more about designing the weapon rather than shooting from it, didn't like it. Previous part was much more better.
Love the amount of attachments! Coins are difficult to get but a lot more things cost these coins (don't expect me to buy coins).
I like the game. I just hate how you have to pay to unlock the guns. You have to pay $7.99 a month to unlock all guns. Before tax, thats over $95 for 1 year (over $100 after tax). Not worth it in my opinion. Save your money.
Very good game. Keep updating. Without this game i dont know what to play everday. This has everything unlike a low budget gun game.
The thing that kills the app is the subscription service. Get rid of that and make everything free. Thats how you will get more and more people to play. It also lags. Alot.
the best game I ever played. Kinda better then among us. And you can play zombies with this game. It's not a mode. But you can play zombies with your friends
(Reply to devs)I get it, those who can pay, will so its not a bad idea at all I will still be showing my support on you guy's incredible upgrade. (Review) This is a great game. It is a complete upgrade from the previous game. It includes unseen, detailed costumization and is completely immersive. Definitely worth the download.
I liked the game at first but you can't just buy guns with coins anymore and it cost 8 dollars a month for access to all the guns and you need WiFi to play would of been 5 stars if the devs weren't greedy for cash
The game is cool, there is this sound bug that mutes the game, dont know the cause. I had my volume full. Please fix it!
I love this game but......you need to make all the guns free because it takes forever to get enough coins to get a new gun, so please make all the guns useable πŸ˜‘πŸ’’πŸ˜‘πŸ’’
Variety of weapons available, with enhanced sounds. And, with much more options. So, I must say it's a cool app. Must try!
I love this app. Graphics are awesome. Sound is phenomenal. I've just started using it and like what i see so far.
A great app with an accurate gun functions. I would've given the app an 5 stars if I hadn't realized that the gun sounds aren't accurate for some or even many of them. I first realized when I used the MG42 and later realized that the sounds were being reused for different guns. But I guess all that can be forgiven as the game is supported by 5 people. Also, I would like for a way to be able to unsubmit my stuff in the contests.
I had Hope's for this game but when I saw you have to pay FOR A SUBSCRIPTION i was not happy. I hate games that you have to buy subscriptions just to play it properly
It's pretty cool and fun to play around with. But have used other apps that you can use more functions on the guns that you pick.
this was not what I expected because the game is terrible I cant even log in and it said I dont exist, I've been playing Igunpro for 3 years and this is all I get, I rather stick to the old one better
Pretty good overall, the guns are well made, but if you want to customize any gun in the game to your hearts desire you have to spend money to unlock all the attachments, guns, and "skins" but by playing the game enough you can unlock everything but it's kinda hard to do that.
Best weapon app I've used, I remember having iGun Pro 1 years back and just found out about number 2 today, huge improvement so great job to the developers. I love the amount of guns & attachments. & the new camo system is a nice addition, the diversity and complexity of it is great, numerous opportunities and ideas can be implemented in that and can tell a-lot of hard work went into it, I'm appreciative of your guys work ethic and effort that went into it. Love the contest/voting aspect too 5/5
5 be stars But should add more free guns it's a good game like I can customize guns I like the first one too but I have to say in the second one is the best recommend the game gun sound real and look real can customize whatever color you want add attachments really good game you get three free spins each day if you watch two videos you'll get three but they do give you one free spin you get coins all and kinds of stuff really good game not trying to make this long but yeah I recommend this game
I like it but I feel like it should be easier to get more weapons, but I understand that you gotta make money.
Great game the graphics are good but there should be more free guns. And I have a question it says you can. Compete does that mean like shooting
This game is very good and the sounds are very good also i play thid app daily. I just want you to add a little more guns like rpg and other possible guns you know other then that the game is great i like it very much it has good and smooth animations
Playing for over a year and so far i love it it's awesome. I allready knew alot about guns but this tought me alot more!
Fun game BUT the daily spins mainly give you stickers rather than camo or coins. So based on the daily rewards of pointless stickers its gets a 2
the game makes for a fun pastime, it feels pretty realistic, I got the all-guns subscription, which isn't too pricey. Anyway my problems with the app are: A) it can be slow. B) not all the guns have been released, I know they are planning to add more so its understandable, but my major problem is some of the guns that have already been released in the original game have not been released in this one, I feel it would be easy to move them to this version, but im not a developer, so I wouldn't know
After the update, you can unlock the guns by login daily and get free coins and open some packs to get a free gun. I love this game so much.
The app lags a lot on my phone, and the UI feels very awkward and clunky, especially when painting weapons. I do not like the fact that all weapons sound the same when you attach a suppressor, that makes no sense. i much preferred the microtransaction economy of the original iGun Pro, as paying for a subscription feels excessive. Also the ability to save paint templates would be really neat. I am very impressed by the graphics however and the added customisability.
Its cool that you get info from an app,also you can customize the sidearm how you want it to be.Please add more cool sidearms and update the weapon info on wiki.
This is a good app overall. There's not much you could do so other than shoot a couple guns, get some money from the daily spin, and then help you get a good crate in the shop. Everyday. There's nothing much wrong with it, it's just kind of dull.
great gane very fun but gets a little boring cuz the contests are repetitive if they added more it would be 5 stars
I mean I love it but I would like it even more if there was a firing range and like you could shot at a target like a firing target or a dummy that when I'll give it 5 stars
The guns sounded great but one thing why are are only 1 gun and 1 achatment why not 4 guns and 4 achetments while after watching an ad why 2 coins why not 4 coins the game play is boring