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Is a Adventure game developed by WillPlus. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game. But I haven't played yet. Cause finding the best moment to play. But pls create a game that will blow my mind. And pls asked me for a new game. Cause I got a proposal for you
It's just pure amazing. Storyline is just pure enjoyable and filled with so much realism you'll forget it's a Visual Novel. I love it and I haven't even finished it yet. Make more games like this!!!
Honestly this game is amazing! The story is intrguing and the art is admirable! Even the voice acting is super! I love this and i'd recomend it to anyone and everyone!
Even though I'm just reading on textbox some parts really made me laugh and happy it's really hard to find good games like this i recommend this for people that likes visual novels and reading i haven't finished the route yet
Love it. Just simply love it. The story is very nice and i can really make myself play it over and over again. The pc version is way better because it's file is all in one download in steam and in here is a separated files. Still the game is good enough to buy its contents and gotta love the graphics. Simply lovely and this is a 30 hour game from scratch. Try playing it and i recommend this to people who loves romance games.
This game is simply fantastic, the characters , the story , it got also kawaii memes on youtube if you looked for it, it took me a while to finish it but its amaziiiiiiingβ€β€πŸ˜™πŸ˜πŸŒ·can say no more, thumbs upπŸ‘πŸ‘
This is really the best story i have read so far, the story gave me a strange unknown awesome feeling. The characters really look amazing in so many ways, also the way they strive for their dreams. I really love the game so i strongly recommend it for many people. I usually read things less than an hour(free days) now i read it for more than five hours. Truly Wow!! And you can learn alot while reading the story. I'm giving 5-Stars !
I love the game! One of the games that actually made me cry. Controls are good, visuals are good, story plot very good. And im planning on buying the amane flight.
Best game ever anf i wish i could buy routes but i dont have a penny :( So i wish that the developer would give 2 routes Like Amane, and Yuro Plsss... Mister developer can i get a free routes plsss.... 😒😒
I remember playing this game back in 2018. It was simple and had lots of potential for future updates. Flash foward to 2021 no major updates has been made from the game, updates for the routes and compatibility on the latest smartphones. The game has been cut short and is missing most of the story progress from the PC version and the voices for the characters. Still hoping for a major update with the Devs and team which includes the full PC version of the game.
Great game with good English and inspiring words. I love the scenes and especially Kotori and Amane.It gave me lots of inspiration and love for the sky. Overall this game is better than Pubg and will keep on being better
Awesome game..... totally worth your time.......and after completing the full game(I paid) I literally wanted to repeat the game......I was really attached to this game......
It's a very, very beautiful game with a very good storyline. I hope that you'll make another game that has the same storyline and playability. Even though there weren't many spots where I could make my own choices, it was still very good. I played it from beginning to the end, and it was the first time I'd felt emotional whilst playing a game. A job well done.
I bought Kotori's route but I still can't play her route. It says that I still need to buy it even though I already bought it. I even received the confirmation of my purchase. Please fix this.
The game is great. But my progress disappeared for no reason. I can't load my progress, and I also can't start a new game. Its really frustrating. Due to those reasons, I can't play the game anymore. Pls fix this, I was really hoping to play it :< I will give 5 stars if you get to fix the game.
Far from the other patch this one is so innocent yet so good i loved it even though i just finished kotori's path. The romance is sometimes mild yet gave me a lot of diabetes and some ants is reading with me loved it. Add more routes and like the other side characters.
This is the best visual novel game I have ever played.. I want to play every route. but I cant pay.....When I'll be bigger , I will play every single part of this game..I loved it. It's very funny, very emotional , I cried , I laughed . I believe , If you like visual novel and a bit naughtyness in it , THIS IS THE BEST GAME FOR YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was an incredible experience I have once play this before the update and it seem to have alot of bug's. But now that there all fixed you can enjoy the amazing artwork and very detailed play through. I would love to see more games just like this one from the developers
Story was good but I don't get a chance to be with someone that really hurts and there are some wrong grammar like sometimes amane's friend is he and sometimes is she " isuka" And you can only play half of it so.....
I installed this app because I was looking for a offline story game and even though it says offline in the description when I tryed to play it said no network connection try agian later
Now I remember I stop playing these game. They forgot to put a cloud sync data πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ like our data save will be save into google play games or facebook. If without that our game story data will be lost and have to restart the game again. If delete the game and download again next time πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ. Pls improve. I love the game is really nice and good problem is not cloud save data. Pls improve.
This game is amazing but I want my progress back. I deleted this game after completing first flight. Then I purchased the routes after downloading it again. But then I see that I have to do first flight all over again. Please is there anyway to skip all of it? I want to get to the routes πŸ˜”
I enjoyed it. The translation is fine overall, but don't bother buying Ageha's route. It is incomprehensible.
Bought this game on PC, the atmosphere and characters were just incredibly hand picked with maticulously crafted scenes. Would reccomend.
If you're looking for a wonderful, fully accessible visual novel, this is a must-read. This is perhaps one of my favorite visual novels, if not the the favorite. The characters are well made, and probably the most heart-warming story I've come across. With that said, savouring every moment of it key, don't rush it, read the lines at your own comfortable pace, and the end-result will be grand.
This is the best VN I read so far no doubt about it. The story is very long and entertaining, It had a realism to it and feels like it was a true story. I still crave for more I just couldn't get enough of it. Although there were flaws to it like the text box didnt have the correct information. It was confused by the gender or the person it was talking about. In overall though this game has all the things genres I want. Even though you need to pay to see the route. It was worth it all. GREAT JOB
Second review I've done now, I remember reading this a very long time ago and vowed to buy the other character packs one day and I did just that. Truly a masterpiece, akin to a rollercoaster full of amazing feelings that hit you with every twist and turn. I just finished Kotori's route and damn it was fan-frickin-tastic, I loved every bit of it!!! Please keep creating amazing pieces like this because honestly I don't think I could ever get enough of em πŸ˜‚πŸ’― 10/10 (there was the matter of a few mistakes buried deep within some of the dialogue but hell, it was barely noticeable compared to the amazing story)
This game is wonderful but their are other parts that isn't accessable on Android and a patch that's also not accessable on Android hopefully one day we on Android can access it as well but whoever downloads this it's worth 10 dollars and I'd recommend it to anyone who loves novels like these
What's up with the no ingame voice? I haven't payed yet because i am not sure if this game is fully voiced or not like in steam or manggagamer i also checked vndb and it says fully voiced...
Ahh... thank goodness i thought this game will remove forever im so glad that this game back again because i miss the old days when i played it right after this game has been released hahaha.... I'm so depressed back then when this game was removed on playstore and i can't play it again... Because i change my phone and need to download this game again..β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️
This is the best game This is the good ending I'm looking for I am DDLC player so i always got bad ending but I hope I can play IF MY HEART HAD A WINGS Flight diary and akari route in my mobile device I don't have my own PC I also can't play this game in public because this game is 18+ in PC version I already finish kotori route I think 15 times this December month I want to play new kotori route I can wait until flight diary announced the flight diary in mobile devices Anyway good job dev
I can just gave 3 stars, cuz when I reached the end route of Amane-senpai it says that I had to buy the other character route to reads their stories, but when I'm going to buy it, it keep error even tho I had a high speed internet,,please helpπŸ˜‘ I itching to finish this VN and please can u just add Hotaru route,, she deserve more love,, I like her
I've played this game before,now I'll be playing it again because I love the way the story is so beautiful and calming. I hope you can make more games like this!
I looked it up and the steam version for PC is the same but also costs $20... all things being said, it was fun and you honestly wish you were there; which is the hallmark of a good book. Not complete without purchasing an ending ($2). Here's a basic summary of each love story; best to worst. #1 Katori- Longest, most well done and a sweet love story #2 Amane- Awkward, but loveable as usual. Good story #3 Twins- Three way? Alrighty then... was okay story. #4 Agega- Creepy, weird, and confusing.
This game is a absolute MASTERPIECE. The storyline is so good, the routes are so wholesome, in other words. This game is the best visual novel that i've ever played. Please, make an Android port of "If My Heart Had Wings - Flight Diary" it would be so good. -Adam.
The most best Visual Novel I have ever played, the characters, the scenery, they story are beyond great. Every route is very worth to pay. Thanks devs
This game is really great to play, amazing graphics, nice storyline and characters also fantastic... But i hope this game had a voice to make this game even more enjoyable to play and I can't play this game in the middle, I really hope you fixed this game to know whole the stories...
Great visual novel. The whole game costs 5 bucks, which is pretty cheap compared to the PC version. The CGs are gorgeous, and the music is relaxing. You can play the common route for free. And there's an alarm function too (although not very useful). Save slots are limited to 10, but there's an autosave/continue feature. Features offline play. There are choices, but they only affect the dialogue, not routes.
If there are voice actors that read for me in this game i willingly pay MYR100 for this game because it doesn't has many choices to choose. And also while play i cant help but to think it just an animated novel or something
This is THE BEST interactive love game of ALL TIME. I never get tired playing repeatedly as the emotions are so real and deeply engaging...such precious love and storyline. Soundtrack is magical too. I wish I could use my name as the protagonist Aoi too. Would be nice to be able to date ALL the girls like Hotaru and Kanako and even Akari. I purchased the entire package and its worth every single penny and beyond too. Thank you Japan! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH...πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
The story is awesome. The plot , the characters and the background music everything goes perfect with the situation.
It feels like a real Anime series so much with the OpπŸ₯Ί the plot is so good and it's really different from the other Story games
This Novel Kinda Gets Me Want to Repeat it all over, because the game is great, has pretty good animations and probably short in some way
1. You know it's a good game when you think "I've got to leave a good review of this game" 2. Super compelling story, normally with these kinds of games I just get bored of the story and then delete it in half an hour, but I actually really liked this one 3. All of the character designs and their 2D portraits are amazing 4. All of the characters are super lovable, I just wish the twins were more important to the story than just "You can do it!" Amazing game, would recommend
This game is beautiful. The graphics are top notch, the fasing into different scenes are great, the voice acting is great, the plotline is enjoyable as well as easy to get behind, the background music is great and the characters are easy to get emotionally attached to. All and all this game is what you would call " a gem " in game terms and thats why I'm giving it a 5 Star review. Game Devs keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to your future projects πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
This game is totally awesome its very inspiring me to not give up of anything (can u make another like this plz)
The story in this game is so perfect. I felt so many emotion when I played this game. I hope this game can get adapted to anime.
They game is really good. It keeps you intrested in the plot and makes you want to keep going on. This is actually the first game i wanted to spend money on too since i want to explore the routes. The ending for me was questionable because i thought the person youΒ΄re playing would say that he would want all of you to one day see it or something, but its still really great game.
ngl, just get it on steam. There's a paywall here for unlocking the routes past the common route, which is... an interesting way to charge for a visual novel. The gallery features are different to the steam version though, I recommend you check it out. Other than the paywall, the gallery, and less settings, the versions are identical, as far as I could tell.
Asta Konno Does it again with the beautiful scenario ❀️❀️. The game tells a beautiful story in a beautiful way. Beautiful soundtracks and awesome graphics is also one of its boon if you're looking to play this game.
I only played the free part of the game and it is absolutely very exhilarating its more than just a game it's somehow lifechanging cause it helps you reflect and gives you life lessons the only part for me wentwrong was spoilers ahead ... When that arc when kotori and aoi became lovers i noticed many errors in the dialogue what i mean was many wrong misconception and wrong grammars thats all ... Thank you moe novel
I have to replay it since I have not played it for a long time and I changed to a new phone. My old purchase is still there so it's good and all I can say is that this is one of the things I'm glad to spend money on.
The story was extremely captivating, there was no time that i had loss any interest while playing through the entire thing. Kotori was my favorite character since she has such high high hopes even while her condition is inevitably unavoidable, I really wish I could continue playing through this amazing story but I've got no buck to spare. The sense of humor, the drawings and just simply everything was so well made. I could feel all the heart and soul poured into this story and for that thank u
Honestly I expected silly characters and perhaps some teary moments. Those elements are just pieces of a brilliantly developed story set in a beautiful world inhabited by characters who fit naturally. The novel captures those abstract and idealistic dreams we all had as children but set aside in the face of reality, and through the experiences of the characters give us a chance to live them. Is it perfect? No. There are route and translation issues. But it soars riding the wind of our dreams.
Hey I have a suggestion u can set that we can keep your name the name Aoi is nice but it is old fation example my Name is vedaant so you CAN add a option in setting configuration so we can change your name and add the starting inter face your name and i love this game i an having lot of novel in my mobileu but i play this game only
Awesome game 😁😁😁πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ One thing I have to say, will you please give a pdf file of the novel to those who have finished playing. ( That's your choice, I just gave a suggestion) This game is one of the best I have played. Though I don't have to anything else but read and click and again read, I am in love with this game. (If just the characters were real....) Good work, Developers πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ And each Soundtrack is a masterpiece. I can feel the music in my ❀heartπŸ‘
This game was beautiful. It was the first visual novel I have encountered and I think that it was really what I envisioned a visual novel would be. It's perfect in many aspects, storyline and plot-wise and is always very expressive about the characters. I'm not quite good at expressing my opinion but I'd 100% recommend you to try this game.
Terrific game loved the story just I think the individual flights should be free so please work on that
Masterpiece i absolutely loved it i bought all the routes of the characters but an issue I do have is that i know there's special H-scenes with the Male character and female character which ever one you pick and I would very much like to have it restored or updated to be able to see that and play the game fully with everything included please fix this. I really love this game.
One of the best stories of all time, the characters felt alive, the flow of the stories was fluent, and each of the girls routes were incredible. I highly recommend this game even just reading the first flight (main story) was so beautiful and the fact that there 5 seperent continuations of the story was so amazing. My favorite of the 6 endings is hands down Kotori's route I'm not saying that the other routes were bad far from it, All of them are amazing. Well worth the money
Finally, my first ever visual novel experience, please do moreee, will gladly pay for it too, i mean, there are very few vn that can be played by us, non-japanese, so thank youu so muchhh for this. It was greattt, although i think more option, will be better, hehehehe
Great interactive story. The storyline is amazing as well as the character design. Controls are simple and user-friendly. And also the sound effects are robust. It is one of the few games which brought tears to my eyes. I never get tired of playing this game repeatedly. Though it would be awesome if the love arc can be broadened to Akari, Hotaru etc. Keep up the good work. Expecting to see more games like this. β™₯️β™₯️
This game is fantastic... The storyline, the characters, the overall plot, and wholesome events are amazing. Although, romantic scenes are kinda 'limited' but I am not entirely sure if this is supposed to be a romance game or not. It does need internet to play the game but you can download the scenes to be able to play offline which is really convenient. The music at the end is also awesome. Great game... Highly recommended.
The game is actually very good, i have felt so many emotions while playing it, definitely one of the best games i've seen in a while. But the key problem comes up right after the end : "Do you want to see more stories about your characters? Then, pay us, please". I don't want to spend money on games, so it's very frustrating, that you just throw away the characters, without even opening them, creating a backstory for Kotori, for example. You did it, alright, but you force people to pay for it.
Cute and fun. Most people would think that anime is weird or out of place. But with this you experience a first person view from a anime. The thing is I can't call this a game. I can't call this a simulation either. Whoever made this was smart though. If you ever watch a anime before, it's just like it. But moreover cute, fun, and addictive.
Great game for someone like me who is starting to emerse my self to visual novels but in a broke way. Kinda dissapointed tho that there are no voices here and other people said the other characters and ending are covered in paywalls but still a good one
This is the best VN I read so far no doubt about it. The story is long and enjoyable, The story gave me a lot of motivation. I still crave for more I just couldn't get enough of it. Although there were flaws to it like the text box didnt have the correct information. It was confused by the gender or the person it was talking about. In overall though this game has all the things genres I want. Even though you need to pay to see the routes. It was worth it all. GREAT JOB!!!!!
The game is so adorable and touching. I love the visuals and the art. I can't stop reading and watching the characters through the main story and thier own side stories. The only thing is that the side stories should be more individualized and like Aoi & Amane, they should have thier own relationships. Other than that, the game is absolutely amazing.
This is one of the best games I have ever played in my life. Ths story is absolutely fantastic. The graphics are sublime. And, last but not the least, the overall script, story are quite captivating. It keeps you in the game for hours on end. It takes you to another world. I personally feel this is the best virtual novel I have ever read.
Well if we had 1m or morthan star i will give it you really i finish the story its so amazing every plot was incredible its awsome i hope you guys do some more of this but i really prefer amane hehe i kind a crush on here but kotari is good too she is so beutiful when she's standing awsome guys really made my heart warm so much now im motivated to go to school to find gf like kotari or amane haha joke only really guys thanks for doing this game😊😊😊
Awesome game 😁😁😁πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ One thing I have to say, will you please give a pdf file of the novel to those who have finished playing. ( That's your choice, I just gave a suggestion) This game is one of the best I have played. Though I don't have to anything else but read and click and again read, I am in love with this game. (If just the characters were real....) Good work, Developers πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
They game is really good. It keeps you intrested in the plot and makes you want to keep going on. This is actually the first game i wanted to spend money on too since i want to know more. The ending for me was questionable because i thought the person youΒ΄re playing would say that he would want all of you to one day see it or something, but its still really great game.
The story is pretty nice, but it is pretty boring just constantly pressing scene after scene without getting to pick what to do. Other than that, it's well made
A master piece! Damn ....I like everything about this game.It is not just a novel about love and boring stuff.It will give you a lot of knowledge about gliders,wind and everything was so interesting.I sure love it. Salute!
I don't usually rate and review games, but this is so f'nnnn good.✨✨✨✨ ps.if only data could be saved like idunno via account syncing i guess.
The best visual novels i have read in a long time.Perfect story telling and the in-game music was spectacular.I was really sad when the game was finished so i am planning to keep the game and read the incredible story whenever i am bored.Thanks for making this beautiful and entertaining game
Soo beautiful....i even cried at MENU BGM when first login TIME and talking abt Story dude i cant choose between all those i want a HAREM END but if u insists i will pick Kotori and Senpai but from these 2 i really cant pick one (*οΌΎ3οΌΎ)/ο½žβ™‘
Great game with good English and inspiring words. I love the scenes and especially Kotori and Amane.It gave me lots of inspiration and love for the sky. Overall this game is literally the best game I've played so far
When the Flight Diary Edition is coming out in Android ? It already on PC for quite long... Also,can you make it had voices like PC version? Don't worry about the size,as everyone know how much your work worth πŸ˜πŸ‘ Im quite worried as this has been abandoned by,but fortunately it's not true as they still updating the bug and still making minor changes πŸ˜„πŸ˜„.....
To make things quick,this is probably the best visual novel on the android market and it's just simply remarkable
This game is absolutely amazing in every way, there's no other way to explain it, what more could you want? But a major drawback is the fact that there are no voices for the characters, which if you've been playing visual novels for as long as I have, then you know that it makes a world of difference. It won't bother you if you've never played the pc version, but I have and it leaves much to be desired. I still rated five stars because I was so overwhelmed that this was on mobile I couldn't believe it. But the moment I heard that music upon opening the game, I knew that this was real, and it shocked me, this whole time this was just sitting here and I had no idea until now. But that's the only drawback, it's still an amazing game and it sticks true to the original pc version.
Loved it. The story is addicting and the visuals compliment it almost perfectly. The optional routes do cost real money, but they are only $2.99 a piece which is CHEAP compared to other games nowadays. Oh and there's no ads, which is always a plus.
Great story. Great plot. If I had money, I would definitely buy the routes, but I I can do that next time. This game has nostalgic feels, even though I played it for the first time.
Amazing. Beautiful illustrations and the first visual novel that i can fall in love and read for a long period of time. Its an exceptional story which is long but thats good. (Edit) finished the vn and im in awe for more to come. I loved every bit of it amd would love to see a second VN for this series. Fantastic work. It took me about 6-8 hours to read but every bit was worth it
I REALLY LOVE IT.... the feeling of youth that flows through you as you play this game.... And the story.... I REALLY LIKE IT!!!!!!! I hope that there is a sequel to this game.... I'll really play it...
I really love the story line, the way the illustration implements how the writer wants it is perfect! But the down side is its pretty short in my experience but not rush...
The game was very very fun but it a little bit sa because I didn't have money to buy routes. Please please please my all the routes free please I'm begging you
Update on 3/21/21:Buy this game on steam and install the 18+ patch for free and play it om ur mobile using steam link. It's very worth than this version since u need to paid for every route and they even cut a lot of contents.
Best VN game in play store. Nice graphic, story, character and alll. Love it. Cant wait for the imh: flight diaries realeases to android :)