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Iesabel for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Forever Entertainment located at al. Zwyciestwa 96/98 . 81-451 Gdynia, Poland. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood, Suggestive Themes, Partial Nudity) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
You know that we need to know how big the RAM a game eats so that we would not be ashamed it is because we would just be wasting data for an awesome game that cannot be played. It is the good thing that I could use some File sharing apps to transfer the obb the same time the app to my other phone please add a discription letting people know that this app needs 1gb RAM
It shows the cost was P305 in peso! Then why you charged me P347 pesos?!! I like/love the game but why seems there's hidden additional charges!!
Great game. Really fun true to genre arpg. My biggest gripe is no controller support and the touch controls can be frustrating.
I enjoy the game but it has its issues. I feels and plays like a mobile diablo game. At times when using the wizard class I'll have full stamina but the staff will not shoot out any power. It will look as if it hits a wall right in front of the character. Once this happens any projectiles the character can shoot does the same. This has gotten me killed plenty of times and rage quit when I'm in the middle of fighting a boss. Please fix this issue
Feels like an unfinished game. First impressions are everything and the menu screen has subtle unpolished elements. On initial loading, I didn't know if it was loading or frozen. In the first level I can see the separation of the ground from which the artwork was applied. They do not blend into each other. Using barbarian skills do not give good feedback feel. First two available skills feel the same and looks the same. A black box appears overtop enemies after using one of the skills and that looks weird. Jumping between Titan quest, Bard's tale and this game will give you a sense that this surely does not deserve a 5 or even a 4 star. Sorry. Polish it up.
Nice gameplay but the prob is the movements of the char can you fix it? Sometimes fast sometimes slow btw 5star coz feels like diablo again hehehe!!
expected less bugs and better graphics, this game was last updated a year ago and has bugs at the first stages and really annoying ones.. don't think it's going to be fixed. I know you guys want a diablo like game but its not worth the money really. uninstalled it after 2 hours. 2 stars because the effort
Really great but, it needs achievements and add save game to save progress and continue on a different device.
Downloading again because of the update. Still closest d2 clone. (2 days later) Still no co-op, bugs here and there.
Hello!! I cannot pass Cryot level 2, door is yellow but won't open. Is this a bug? Thanks a lot. No one listen here no dev support, could use some help pls!
I didn't even get to play the damn game. After the logo boot screens it asks for my language - but is completely unresponsive to touch. I can rotate the screen and that's it. Why is this?
controls randomly stop working and the game requires manual saving, therefore is unplayable. a shame because I like the steam version minus a few shortcomings.
At first, I gave this game a 5/5. Good graphics, great gameplay, LOTS of loot and nice looking armor. That is until I reached the last level. There is a GAME-BREAKING bug where you cannot attack the swarm of enemies doing damage to you. You can only attack the main boss. You press the "attack" button to swing at the swarm, but the character instead b-lines for the boss and starts swinging away as the mob literally sucks the life-force from you. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME.
game is broken since latest update, particularly on act2. no fix provided. dont bother with this game or game company, they dont care.
Controls are buggy, can't customize the HUD layout, the game crashes a lot, portals are buggy, can't multiplayer, experience is unbalanced, currency and prices of gear could be improved, alchemy is buggy, amount of stat & skill points on lvl up can be better as well. No in game purchases is cool but what if someone wants better weapon, armor, or a special gear set with everything you need and be able to beat those tough bosses or just get a little bit of an edge? A lot of potential for an amazing game here.
Older player returning. This game is a gem. Great fun. Keep the thing updated and ill advertise the game as it improves.
This game is a gem, although it needs a team to give it some attention. It is near the top of my list of the best Diablo clone. I've played a lot of them or tried to. I'm so tired of all the new rpg's that are based around graphics and not gameplay. I don't care about graphics if the gameplay is superb. This game has superb gameplay, character customization and lots of loot to acquire. Most people don't know what makes a good rpg anymore. If your looking for an rpg movie to just hit the auto-everything button and let it play for you, then this is not the game for you. I've had minor issues playing on Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Thanks devs. Minus one star for saying there is multiplayer and they're isn't. Edit: I have been playing for a few weeks, when I logged back in, I noticed 3 pieces of equipped gear were missing. Please fix. I uninstalled at that point. It's pointless to obtain better gear, if you log back in and it's gone. So disappointing, this game has so much potential.
Updated YAAAY always a good game... Have a lgg6 and it plays great...1 of 3 best hack and slash games out there...thanks for updating
Was loving it, but I have black squares blocking the touch screen buttons. Please help and will give great review.
Works great on Note8 and Note2. Tons of fun. The closest you can get to Diablo 3 on your phone. One request: can you add a setting to adjust gamma so we dont have to crank up our screen brightness as much? This game drains batteries fast enough without having to max out my brightness in darker areas.
Said I could play multiplayer, a friend of mine had this and his is multiplayer but mine is not... not very happy that I paid for this game so we could play together and now we cant!!!
I really want to love this game. I bought it on sale for $2 so it felt like how could it possibly go wrong? There's a noticeable lag while playing that I just can't get over while playing an action RPG. I have a pretty modern phone (Droid Turbo) with 3 gigs of RAM, visual settings lowest possible, and still just doesn't run well. If this were fixed, there might be a good game in there, but there are a ton of other options for action RPGs so just look elsewhere.
my phone gets WAY too hot for absolutely no reason. This game isn't even an mmorpg so there is no reason for this to happen. Your getting a ONE STAR for that.
It was ok. But forgettable. I love rpg's but this one just didn't reel me in. Give it a try though for yourself.
Everytjing is good just a few cons -I hope you could fix the auto target of the witch -Pets of witches should have a setting either passive agressive or defensive since they don't attack even if they are attacked unless the enemy is within my pets range they will attack. -Settings for slot from top and bottom to either I want them to appear or not permanently. All in all this game is good. Kudos to you devs
I don't seem to be able to buy more space in my storage chest. There's text that says "buy more space for 250 gold" but no matter where I tap nothing happens, also if you reset your skill points you lose the skill points you acquire from any quests that give you points for giving them items. The quest "Golden Orbs is glitched as well, when you turn it in it doesn't complete and you're stuck with the quest and the 5 orbs. Fix these issues and I'll change your rating to where it belongs, 5*
The game is fairly fun and similar to Diablo, but in all honesty I am not sure its worth the price. Theres only 2 classes and despite people's expression that they crave more, the devs haven't considered adding any. The last update was over a year ago and people are still complaining about bugs. Its a great concept, but it feels like you're paying for something that the devs threw out for some cash and then just walked away from. They have no intention of adding more features to improve it.