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Idling to Rule the Gods

Idling to Rule the Gods for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Shugasu located at Bodenfeld 27 91466 Gerhardshofen. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really enjoyable to play definitely feels different to your typical idle game, interesting story. Great experience.
Finally a new take on idling. Allocate hundreds of thousands of clones to idle/advance wherever/however you want. Less graphicly pleasing than most, but waaayy more technical and satisfying. Tons of settings, always a plus. To the negative, 3.46(I think) introduced new graphics for your character, good, but now, with my crappy phone, I can't play a podcast or spotify in the background. Gods takes up too much RAM and kills any media you try to play in the background.
Takes a bit to learn but it's fun as hell once you get the gist. Highly recommended. Edit 3/23/21 If you can't play the game without crashing this morning, try to search for anything on Google, and if Google crashes too, update chrome and you should be good
I was unsure at first but after reading the reviews I decided to download it, best decision ever, yes it looks a little complicated but there's so much information it's amazing. I can tell they've made it as user friendly as possible, it also doesn't overheat my phone, it doesn't freeze for no reason, or constantly try to get you to watch adds. I love this game highly recommend it for any idle game fan
It's an interesting idle game with a good story. There's lots of reading but that's not a bother for me. Thanks to the developer replying I finally understood that monuments are really important to build and upgrade for getting better multipliers/stats and now I can finger flick Poseidon. I think what increases the multiplier and how should be clearly put in the FAQ since there's so many controls. I wish there was more art as well. I like the anime references in some skills. Overall fun game.
I really love this game i wish you can add more days saved if a player goes offline because there was a time i wasnt able to play the game cause of work it was 7 days later after i opened the app again to check my progress... After that a dissapointing sight showed it says o was only offline for 3 days i mean come on i was offline for the whole week and my game progress is only 3 days dev please add more days a player can go offline while the game is progressing.....overal i really love this ap
Hey Ryu, the latest update you just made causes the game to crash upon pressing "Play", even after deleting the cache and reinstalling the app. I use an Amazon Fire Kindle 7, 9th generation. Would appreciate it greatly if you could fix in time for the Christmas event, thanks. <3
Thanks to the review answers I was finally able to understand this game and found this game real good. It has a good storyline quite big too that's a different matter and have a good graphics too I recommend this game to all at the end.
A great, well made game. I personally play it for a few hours per time, but it's kind of boring, since it's afk. Is there any way that you can turn afky God into a branch game? Instead of just the exp and upgrades
I originally got the game 2 years ago and stopped playing and I sadly forgot to save my progress and it got deleted, but after re-downloading oml its so much better.
A bit confusing at first. but it is really intuitive, you can get the hang of it in no time, and it is really worth it, especially after it starts to open up a lot more, from dungeons to challenges, it keeps on coming, also i really liked the story i found myself anticipating the next fight just so i can read what happens next, I really recommend it
Hands down the best idle game I've ever played. Don't be put off by the apparent complexity at first, there are beginner guides and the discord server is super helpful. This game is a must play for any idle lovers
Was fun until i got to challenges and it expects me to reaplay the whole game again with a massive disadvantage and lose my multiplier after completing like losing multiplier is fine but playing the whole game again without pets is just not happening.
The game gets incredibly boring after you spend so much time just to fight baal and all you do is the same over and over
If you thought that your already done on your goal, it was only the iceberg of it. Love playing it. No ending idle. More time playing online than offline. Hope to have more events and shorten the feeding time of the pets maybe around the unlock of might. Keep it up.
It draws similarities from the genre of chinese cultivation, the journey to immortality and becoming the strongest entity in the universe. The fact that this game mirrors that journey very well without any shred of graphics is amazing, ironically, this game has drawn the essence of a wuxia novel more so than those chinese android games about the actual genre itself.
No issues. Took a while till i found how to build monuments. Having fun. Been playing off and on for 2 years. Upgraded the review to 5 stars.
In-depth game, without pay to play. I wish there was a stronger online community, but part of the difficulty is going it (mostly) alone.
I love this game, longest any game has kept me intrested and occupied in a while (best mobile game for sure). You create materials, build structures, upgrade your planet, train your avatar, raise pets, gain and exert divinity to speed progress, and battle foes for added strength to war among the gods. Im hopinv to see much more added over time but its already got soooo much (i also like how everythings not just thrown on you too rapidly, you get time to learn each function of the game). Thanks!!
I really love this game, I used to play it everyday on kongregate. The last time I played it on there was more then a year ago but thanks to this version of the game, I got my save from it and now I can keep playing it like I used to
Bug: Clone buildup challenge said that it added 20,000 clones to the cap, but I'm still at 100,000. Godpower was refunded, chocolate was added, statistic multi was increased, and challenge points were given. But the clone cap was not increased
Love this game. Been playing it for so long i can't even remember. Its been good enough to keep me coming back for more
Very fun, the story based like a journal reads really well and you get a sense of what is going on. The controls are a bit difficult to get at first but just read the instructions and play and you will get it. A lot of fun
Not many idle games have the quality that this game has, the game has various of ways for you to play it even though that it's all about incrementing skills, you can still get a thrill out of it. There are many ways for you to increase your power. For example you can go about building a monument with resources that you have created so that it may boost your power or you can focus your clones on simply increasing skills. Did I mention this game has a fantastic story?
One of the best idle games I have played. It's really easy to play, the story is amazing, and it makes you want get more power.
Played it around when it came out, loved it. Came back and saw there was still new content being added, got the game on all 3 platforms and linked my accounts. I will never leave it again! 😍
It's a great idle game with an interesting story. There's lots of reading but that's not a bother. What I don't like is that the game significantly slows down on Poseidon. I had to rebirth 5 times and use really high level Might to beat him. You are also unable to create anything above stones in afk mode so you can't create things unless always logged in. There needs to be a better explanation of how to increase each multiplier properly because it's unclear what helps. Otherwise it's pretty fun.
Ever since the update last night my game keeps on closing at random time? I can only play for maybe 3 to 5 minutes before it randomly closes
Very addictive game, and it doesn't hound you to spend money. In all honesty I think its a little confusing what to spend on
Great game overall, I love that it's not a super quick progression type of game in the way of not getting everything within a day or two. Your afky God mini game exp multiplier doesn't increase however. Is that a result of the newbie boost or is it broken?
Great...but it will be good if this have a chat room or something, like if you are online then you can chat people and stuff like that... Well I'm aware of discord but it's to pain to switch between the game and discord
Everything works fine. Afky god helps my phone not to heat up, and it's the only game that doesn't heats up my phone. The stories of defeating every god is well-made, I totally appreciate the developer for spending so much time at this, no intrusive ads, and the texts as well everything is user-friendly. I recommend everyone to play this game.
Addicting beyond belief. Even gods would fall victim to this game. EDIT: Played this game for over 2 years now and it's still addictive.
Played the PC/Steam version a lot. One of the best idle games that are not just random numbers going up. There is a story in this game, character customizatiom and a sense of progress. Very wel done and it gets updated regularly!
Very addictive game has great story and is constantly getting updated has a very nice and helpful discord community and is great for passing the time :D
Great game, the issue wasn't the game, I just don't get it yet. But that brings me to the reason it's 4 and not 5, it is not begginer friendly for the first 2+ days. But once you get past that it's just fine.
The most in depth idle game I have played. So many idle games run out of content within a month of playing. I've been playing this one for several months and still haven't unlocked everything.
Oddly satisfying, no requirements, easy use and play. The system could use some refined touch updates but normal system glitches aside, I really enjoy this game. No forced adds, defiantly a recommended app.
I love this game ive been playing iff and for 2 years and this game deserves more poupularity and downloads then it has. Keepnup the good work devs.
Genuinely one of the best idle games. It feels like you are actually progressing as opposed to just arbitrarily increasing numbers for the sake of having larger numbers. The story is also well written and interesting. The UI may seem daunting at first but is actually easy to use once you understand it and if you pay attention the the tips.
on God ive sinked 3 whole days into this and i dont regret a single second of it, this THIS is a true idle game
Game is good, but since the latest update there seems to be a bug with the creative tab ui where I can't select half the options because selecting them makes me start creating shadow clones or soil instead.
This app is really well designed. The developer is very active in the community, and takes suggestions for improvements. This game has some very long term playability, and there's always a way to get better!
You dont have annoying ads pop up on the random, But you can choose to watch ads which gives you points to spend on % boosts (till rebirth), Divinity points, and etc. Its a great game, it just takes time.πŸ‘
Excellent idle game, best I've ever played, there's just so much to do, cant even put the game down. 11/10
Pretty decent game. Only gripe is when you finally get to where you have good rebirth stats your just now getting to where things are moving smoothly and you don't want to restart. Not saying slow down rebirth increase. But maybe speed up the rest just a tad, lower cost to upgrade or faster speed.
I thought this this is offline game. Why there's no offline progress when there's no or slow internet. It's not like I can keep playing it online all the time especially I'm using phone. But its extremely annoying I wasted hours of offline for nothing.
Game is a pretty typical as far as idle games go. Unfortunately it suffers pretty heavily from poor UI and other typically bloat of a game created by a smaller person or team.
The game is fun after a month I finally beat Bal from not playing as much I was really invested into the story but it stopped please update the story it was the best part!
I just left the game and im already strong,cool and chill game,i don't know the whole game system since I've been leaving the game till i can rebirth, pretty cool game tho,try it if you like getting strong
It is a great game, very time consuming tho but it's fun ! Please finish the story line I was very sad to play for 3 hours straight just to find out chapter 22 was the last one and it was to be continued..
I played this game and grinded for 3 days straight and when i rebirthed i could not fight hyperion even at 130 mill attack if that never happened then this would be a 5 star
Now this, is what i always hope for when i download me a new idle game. THIS is what idle games should be. That said, the game does have a bit of a learning curve regarding what to go for when, but I'd say thats 70% of the fun. Really nice game, 5/5 would sink 9 hours into again
5 star if you reply asap, does it automatically save my progress if I play it offline? Edited: thanks for quick response, it really help me to make sure my progress is saved, as promised I rated it 5 starts, thank you for creating this game😍
Play it, it's worth it if you like idle games and something with a nice little hidden story. Also really cool how he handles patrons by turning them into the end game bosses and adding new pets. No need to put any money into the game but worth it just to support the Dev.
Its pretty fun its not just playing to defeat your enimies or other gods it also has a story if you deafeated one of the gods it gives you the next chapter of your journey and its a very good story to read and i think im addicted to reading things like this and playing this type of games
I played when it was a little weird looking I'm so glad I come back and see that it's changed I'm a little sad that I lost my old account but this is a really fun and good game
Good game to pass time with, some stuff are just a bit confusing, like the pet dungeon thing, but other than it's a pretty good game. Just wished that you could change the font size, and turn it to portrait mode when your reading the book, since it a little hard to read
Truly, this game made me fall in love with Idle games. It has a learning curve, due to the huge amount of controls you have access to, but it is a great game that I ended up enjoying. And the storyline πŸ₯°
When i try to create somthing it doesnt work ocasionally but my shadow clone count increases, is it because I just rebrithed but even than it still doesnt work ocasionally,i have to open and close the game a few times to fix it but other then that its so amazing
Brilliant game. Really confusing at first. But join the games official discord and we can all help you with advice. Once you understand how everything works the game is quite fun. Come and join us all. And thanks again dev Ryu for all the work you doing with the game. The perfect developer that talks and takes advice from his player base on discord
It's a pretty well made game. You can easily pass your free time playing this. And the best thing is it's free to play. You can also support the game if you have money.
Probably the longest installed game I've had across all my devices. Pace can be slow but there is tons of little challenges and items to keep this one fun.
Does anybody have a clue how this game works.ive been muddling through.seems decent enough but isn't making much sense what I'm supposed to be doing.maybe it's one of those apps where ur required to learn as u go.if that's ur thing then maybe give this a go.im sorta enjoying it but I'm fairly confused still,lol
I thought this this is offline game. Why there's no offline progress when there's no or slow internet. It's not like I can keep playing it online all the time especially I'm using phone. But its extremely annoying I wasted hours of offline for nothing. Edit: It seems the developer keep ignoring it. It's been many times it happen where I was offline and when I return there is no offline progress.
Having fun must say. Started slow, then got slower, and then even a bit slower to the point I was about to drop it, but then it started to get really interesting quick and now I cant stop.
One of the best stories I have ever experienced in a game. So well written with the details of how magic works. I suggest the developer to write mangas. The mechanism of the game is complex and it's not just a simple idle game. It's worth all the time you give to it. A super star for the story and writing.
This is one of the best idle game I've played yet. At first, everything totally seems complicated and confusing but after some days of playing the game, it's pretty straightforward on what you should do. Command your clones to train and defeat the gods above you. The story are also compelling and one of the reasons I like this game even more. The community are also actively helping new players and make everything easier for them so I would totally recommend this game to everybody else.
It's good, but it hits a slow point that I have yet to get past that's locked behind god power, I'll get it eventually without microtransactions. But it really has put a ceiling in my ability to play. As it stands until I get past this stage I can only pull it out once a week.
Recent updates has made the game easier for new players, when i started playing a year ago it felt too gargantuan of a task to reach even just half of the game's progression, but luckily with a really active dev the game has incrementally become less intimidating. I can now wholeheartedly recommend it to idle/incremental fans out there but if you are still put off by the kinda weird, sometimes confusing UI i would suggest to try other quality idles first (ngu, anti-idle).
I've been playing for a year and a half now and am only at baal v15 it takes 4-6 days to go up 1 baal version, personally the game progress is to slow, theres barely any incentive to continue other then getting pets, but with pet tokens i already have the 3 best pets, i only keep the game because the story is kinda interesting but new chapters are few and far between. Honestly you'll be dead before you Wright about UBs v4
Interface is pretty bland and sometimes confusing to navigate. But a overall fun incremental game with a lot of love put into it. Even a background lore for you to read as you drop gods. Ads are optional which Ive chosen to throw some money at them simply because of this.
AMAZING, but can you focus on updating the story more, I think the time between the second to last update and the last story update was about 6 months!Edit: also I found a bug for the tbs where the god power you spend on making so when you miss there is a 5% chance you still get the level, but it is not working for me.Edit: they STILL,have not updated the story!
good game dont work geart with chromebook yet but the site it on work good and stream just not google play but that make sense when you mix a laptop and phone i mean if you going make a os please dont copy one os from a phone and change it so it more laptop like but back to the game it good i like story and the afky thing take too long to get exp up
well made and thought out. great progression. Longest running game for me and i download 3 or 4 a week. Playing this for over a year now
customize your own divine being (background similar to sasuke uchiha, power similar to naruto) to beat up other 'gods' in shonen style number crunching matches (without the pictures), then 'rule' over them by turning them into merchants who sells you mountains, people, planets etc for a bit of your divine dollars. build monuments to strengthen your divinity. collect pets (huge varieties. there's your typical animals, there's... question mark with santa hat (wat)) to get high on moar powa. weird.
Great idler, keeps you busy and satisfied every time you check on game progression when done right. Also have a very handy guide for each category. Would wish for more auto feature to unlock or at least some optimized options. Or a "suggested" options or feature to boost up optimal gameplay.
It's a amazing game the story, the pacing, and everything is just so well done and it's really obvious that alot of time and effort has been put into this game, my only complaint is you can have music or anything in the background since it kinda stops it ig? But other than that the game is amazing.
Adds are bugged. Half the time you don't get the reward. Some days the 20 adds does not reset. Too much stuff you can pay for. It's a good game really, messy, hard to get in to. The loss of newbie buff was too much of a hit. I find my self closing the game all the time to get the 300% creation speed. Grind runs is now out of the question. I have to look for a new game. I did not just spend 5 days on getting some speed to loose it again. Horrible design. FeelsCashGrabMan.
Way too grindy, I got tired of after a week with no progress. Better context: I've played about a week but I've had it downloaded and idling for nearly 5 weeks. I have gotten far but I have more locked panels then unlocked and have been doing the same things for the past 3 weeks, so it got boring really quickly after that. It just felt like there's so much to do but it was so far away that it would take a year to get there or more. Currently at the god Artemis
Excellent idle/incremental game. Has lots of depth and gameplay elements to learn. I would recommend reading up on the early game as it's initially a little overwhelming
I like it because its a game that you need hard work to be stronger than the other god and beat them. If im gonna be a god,i think i want some power like my own that creats through my imagination. Well its just a game and we are in reality to beginn with. Good game and i like it. Thanks for creating this game to relieve my bordom.