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Idle Zen

Idle Zen for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by 4Sho Games. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Progression feels a bit slow, I dont know any possible way to fix that. The game actually has very little advertisements from my experience, which is rare with games that advertise themselves like this one. Its exactly what it looks like, with a bit more for some extra measure. The UI is clean, but sometimes the transparency can be annoying. The settings are pretty easy to understand, and it rewards you for trying out some settings.
Really love how this is truly free and ads only show for extra rewards. This is how it should be done. Also really love the relaxing feel this has. I can see it growing but staying true to core.
Fun game and a good concept to start, however there are some bugs that should be fixed. The most major bug is that the game doesnt want to scroll correctly, and often throws me to a black screen, rendering the game unplayable, and forcing me to restart the app. other than that, offline progress is practically nonexistent, and should be fixed. 3/5 until the scrolling bug is fixed.
very relaxing, but buggy. I had watched the Ads to get enough gems for an hour on ball production and ball value. I left for a few minutes and when I returned I had an hour left on ball value, but only around 11 minutes left on production speed. I watched a video to gain more gems, it awarded me said gems, but the counter did not go up nor did it do anything.
overall enjoyable, but I feel like it's over simplistic. the game doesn't really explain anything, and I'm failing to understand how balls are scored. a bit more detail on the prestige screen would also be nice, so I can understand what is contributing to my +6 for my reset and better decide if I should reset. also, some music would be great. a soft classical track would do wonders here. ads seem to be working again back to 4*
very nice and satisfying indeed! although I wish there was something so in the upgrades menu there could be something where you tap what ball you want and get it from the start. e.g: I want 5 purple balls but can't get them immediately, so I tap 5 times on 'purchase purple ball/s for 1 million.' and get them, that would be nice in an update. it doesn't have to be 1 million for 1 all the time, it depends on how much you have purchased.
Game is really good as you have to interact with the game by clearing paths. You also have to think about different ways to make more money whether it is expanding pathways or clogging pathways on purpose to bolster traffic flow. The game could use a makeover as looking at bland colors is unappealing. I would recommend adding a system where you can select real pictures of nature from the in game store as a background so the game is more appealing to play.
Very fun game to play if you're bored. It starts out a little slow, but if you choose the right upgrades first you'll start raking coins in. A nice part about the game is that you don't have to tap ALL of the balls. When they reach the bottom of the level you have a chance of them continuing and you'll get coins if they do. The game also has a tap size and duration setting, to help you not have to tap so much.
Perfection. Would rate 10 stars if I could. You see, Voodoo, THIS is a Mobile Idle Game done RIGHT. Ads are COMPLETELY optional, and you can get rewards from them. Honestly, thank you devs for making such a good game. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. =)
Really like the simplicity of this idle. The scroll feature is my favorite because it makes it easy to watch progress without being 100% involved in the game. I am having issues with the game screen going blank after a while though, which means closing it out completely and restarting, only it doesn't always fix the problem.
Game is relaxing for sure. There are alot of small issues that you notice as you play it though. Timer for the buffs are incorrect, sometimes, not all the time though... Which is weird. The points that you earn when "away" is drastically reduced! I earned around 3 to 4 million in a minute, just watching the screen. I then closed the game and came back 10 minutes later and only had 150,000 points. Overall, I keep the game on my phone. It passes the time when im bored.
This is one of my favorite idle games. It's simple, you can't just throw money at them to get an obscene advantage, and it's still fun after playing a while. Ads never pop up, but I tend to watch them frequently for more gems This is the kind of game other games should aspire to be. No in-your-face ads, no pay to win, and no ridiculous $20/month "VIP" that many games have started to use Edit: I originally wrote this review about 6 months ago. It's still fun and my only idle game
Honestly, just get it, theres no competitive features at all, theres so striding to be better. Just flip on scroll mode and pick an option of background music and chill for a while, ive played for awhile now and ive unlocked the second world, its one of the games you can use when your calm and relaxed.
An special and valuable game. Been one of my favorites for years. From the music, to the visuals, gameplay, quotes, and overall experience, everything is well crafted. Thank you, guys.
I love this game but it is impossible to progress past a certain point because the gains from idle periods don't work and the advert bonuses keep crashing. Force stop only resets it for a little while. Please fix so I can give it 5 stars!
Simple game, similar to a clicker style, but a bit less grindy. The various themes bring a touch of color and style to the game. The game really doesn't change once you unlock most of the levels, so don't play it if you're looking for a highly interactive experience.
Contrary to the title this game is super intense. With balls falling all around you, you have unlimited time to progress at your own speed. Creating an atmosphere of absolutely no pressure at all. This game contains no ads other than the 30s ads you opt in to watch which is tucked behind a small button. This game seriously is just a chill game to play. And popping huge amount of balls and creating these beautiful patterns is truly something to behold. 5/5 Balls
The new update is horrible, the format for the menus now hurt my eyes. the inability to choose the size of the sphere that pops(for lack of a betyer term) the circles is beyond irritating, and you can't even make it last longer like, you've taken away precision from it and personally I find it annoying. Like I actually like this game and some updates such as the second world were good. But this changed it and took away features that I like. So I'm going to have to rate it lower than in the past.
A fun and relaxing game that rewards patience an is very playable without purchasing bonuses (although there are ad bonuses if you get impatient) My only complaint is that it can require some mind-bending math if you want to play stratigically. Is it better to spend 364.1M to gain 41.72k every 1.825 seconds OR spend 1.5B to gain 190.7k every 7.272 seconds? I wish there were a better way to display some of these numbers. You can always go with your gut and still enjoy the game. Overall, 4/5
Its pretty good. Simple idle fun, with cute little physics. Nothing too complicated in the controls (although the menus and what number means what can be a little confusing). I'd say the worst part is that the music gets really annoying and repetitive, but I think most people play games with the sound of these days anyway.
good game, not too many ads. only complaint is that unless you're in-game, progress takes ages. as you only earn a tiny fraction of income, which can be upgraded, but it makes early game a little too slow for my taste.
Would be 5 stars but the issues in world 1, not being able to upgrade the "mix" part of the level to fully work, it's really annoying. It doesn't seem to matter what I do, balls will always get stuck on that part. Pop them out, OK, then not even a few minutes later, they're stuck yet again. Prestige, restart, get back down to that level, same thing. Fix it so that you can upgrade "mix" enough to let the balls thru without and issue and it's 5 stars.
changing from a 4 start to a 5 star. almost every concern I had has been fixed. the devs really listen to the players and fix the issues. So far the only concern I have left is, some of the levels are bottle necks and even with all of the animations and other settings off, can still lag a bit. it's 1000% better than it was, but it's still a bit laggy. other than that, I love the improvements that they made. however, the auto scroll seems to be broken and won't stop most of the time, even when off
Fun game, cool concept, always being updated. Good addition to the idle genre on Android. It's also a bit confusing, especially regarding purple gems and how those power ups work. You have to tap a lot to keep the meter maxed and it makes production go a lot faster. EDIT: No longer being updated, which is a real shame. Please come back!
Great game to get you relaxed and ready to fall asleep. The only thing I would change is how it doesn't keep my phone from falling asleep. I would love to just watch them fall without having to tap every few seconds to keep my phone on.
I've never written a review for any app before because, I've never really felt the need to. I've seen this app scrolling through the app store and never thought twice on it because it seemed to be one of the normal, repetitive, ad-bearing games that promised to "hook your attention", which would get old. This game is not the case. Idle Zen has you interact and upgrade multiple things, while being so very relaxing. There are some minor bugs, however I can over-look them. Highly recommended.
I am really enjoying this game. It has helped with my anxiety and is distracting during those stressful times. The only suggestions I would make is have an option right away to dull the colors and have a dark mode for the menu. The ball colors can be a little intense at times and switching from the the planet design to the menu is almost blinding! Otherwise, so good! 😁
(To review critics: this isn't a review which benefits me in any way.) I actually like this game a lot because it's been helping me destress. I like the way the coin-gaining system is set up. I reccomend to those who want to play a low-stress game while they try to pass the time.
I enjoy this game it keeps me occupied and I lose track of time and there are no problems it runs smooth with good game play.
Good idea but very confusing. Impossible to understand the rules. In the 1st part, you get more points if the ball reaches the end than if you pop it, but in the 2nd part, it's the opposite... The 2nd part (that you have to unlock) gives way less points. Some balls randomly give more points. When you upgrade a ball type, it doesn't affect the balls already here, so you feel like you've done nothing... And as other said, the progression is globally broken, and resets are useless.
Overall a great game, once I figured out some of the game play. It took me a while to realize that if I scrolled down there was more of the game. Also I didn't realize that I could clear balls that were stuck - I had to use my finger, it doesn't recognize my stylus when tapping on the balls. this is true of the scrolling also.
There's a lot to like here. It's minimalist and pretty, the splotches are great, watching the balls is very relaxing so "Zen" is appropriate. There are things I think should be changed though: 1) The passive rate you start with is WAY too low. This is an idle game, so you shouldn't have to constantly keep the screen on or play actively to get anywhere. 2) Passive earning upgrades shouldn't be reset with a prestige reset. At least let those upgrades be a permanent unlock. Again, this shouldn't be about having to actively play to get anywhere, and even with high prestige it takes a long time to be able to buy the passive earning upgrades again. However, if the passive rate were decent to begin with, it wouldn't matter if the upgrades reset. 3) The moneyball indicator should be more obvious. Maybe a thin black stroke around the symbol. Otherwise, it's hard to see on regular balls and near impossible to see when using the fruit theme. 4) The FPS gets really choppy by the time I get to level 4 or 5 if I have a lot of balls on screen, so at that level I can't tap to speed up ball creation when I want to be active. Overall, very nice, but it could be excellent with some changes.
Simply addictive and fun. It's been cool to see how consistently they update the game as well, just shows the effort they put in
This is a fantastic time killer; my favorite app on my phone at the moment. Plenty of upgrades to keep you busy. Only thing I wish they'd add in is a place where you can see how many points you're earning per second or minute as you upgrade, but that's more of an aside.
my work keeps me busy all the time so I can only enjoy Idle games. and this one is the best game I've ever played. it's a little slow to start but once you git going, it's a sure fire blast. love the maps and the obstacles. keep em coming.
love this game. but don't think they have thoroughly tested it. level 8 "mix" will just jam up and block. i have invested raising it to level 19. it will take a little longer but give it five minutes and it will still be backing up into previous levels. there is no point in trying to open up the last 2 levels
I played a clone first because I didn't realize it was a clone, this one is better. 8/21/20 update: The creator of this peaced out On this game a while ago I learned, turns out I like the clone better, it's called Zen idol, look it up.
One problem that people bring up on idle games (or just games in general) is that they hate the constant ads. There's a trick that you can use without having to buy those apps that take up more space. Put your phone in airplane mode! (This trick only works when your playing offline games but it actually works, but the one small downside is that you won't get any important notifications while airplane mode is active... Have a good day (or night)
Fantastic game I would give it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ but one thing I HATE it's the 3 level "slope" it costs so many coins to make possible for the ball to make it to the end please make it cheaper to upgrade
I cannot speak highly enough of this game. Strangely immersive and addictive, Idle Zen got me through some emotional tough times by helping me to zone out. All 3 music tracks are great in their own way and i was overjoyed to find there was a World 2. i hope more levels are coming! or perhaps a level builder to allow users to make their own courses! thanks for a great game, and very cute skins!
i like this game, its fun, but i have a couple of issues with it, since it is an idle game. you dont make nearly enough money off screen and theres absolutely nothing to do on screen. clicking the balls is detrimental because its less money for you. i feel like there should be a click to spawn like there is in the beginning. that was probably my favorite part and it was gone immediately. but, i still like it. i mean its a time waster and it looks nice even if money making is annoying.
No purchases and minimal ads. This game is excellent. it's a grinder, but such an enjoyable one. I really like watching it, it's very relaxing and surprisingly engrossing. If you like idle, minimal, time wasters or the like, then get this. Be warned you may end up staring at balls 😉
Been playing for a bit now. Enjoyable game, the different themes keep it fresh and something to shoot for beyond just upgrading. However, I prefer the old button layout to the newest updated one. Everything inside the button makes it look cluttered, too many numbers, and it's not entirely clear what is what at first glance. Which can be a turn off for new players.
I play a lot of idle games, because I appreciate their casual nature. However, this game has me scratching my head. it's not truly an idle game, because when you are not playing, game essentially stops and you don't collect from the balls dropping. Apparently you have to upgrade this? The controls are abysmal, and it's close to impossible to tap the screen without it trying to scroll. The upgrade path for the falling balls is extremely slow paced, and collecting money is boring. There is also a complete lack of sound? I'm considering giving this game a lower rating, but it does have promise if they were to fix a lot of the UI and gameplay issues.
this is the third time I'm writing this as my review keeps getting deleted. my progress has been reset. i had 15 million prestige, about to unlock Forest theme. is there any way to get my progress back??? after all this time/ads watched and revenue generated for you, a response would be nice.
latest update is awesome. fixed a lot of issues. i still experience a couple of issues . 1 i can't switch between worlds and 2 i can reset for prestige as many times i want without actually resetting. for the reset to take effect i have to restart game. the last one is actually an exploit. great time killer.
The game is quite relaxing. Also the optional ads in exchange for useful boosts is a lot nicer than repetitive and invasive as like many other games. I tend to.get bored with these kind of games easily, as I have ADD, but I've been playing this one for weeks now. Love it! Simple, relaxing and addicting. Updated March 2019: Still playing this game EVERY DAY. Very relaxing and low pace. The addition of new "worlds" was cool! World 2 is significantly more challenging, but I'm enjoying the challenge
I really like it! I just wish that it would allow me to restart from scratch, and not with prestige. I mean going into Settings and clearing all data should erase everything when not connected with FB. I know that sounds odd, but once I get the feel of a game, I like true fresh starts.
Pretty relaxing. I do Agree, the idle rewards lack but is not a deal breaker. 1 question though. Every once in a while a ball will spawn as a dark blue. I am currently using fruit theme and I will see a kiwi come out blue. Does that mean something?
Great game to relax to. Watch the balls drop and upgrade the balls and levels. No ads to interrupt the game play. Only when you need premium currency do you need to watch a 30 sec ad. The only need for the premium currency is for power ups. One ad is one power up that lasts a while.
its a promising start; the mechanics of progression are great; and the aesthetics and music are beautiful. BUT it seems a bit unbalanced - the idle rewards are unnecessarily low, as only get 1% and you have to upgrade... also the overall balance of progression is too slow - there are no IN APP purchases, so i dont understand why the devs are so stingy with progression!. 3.5 star for me... would be 5.0 if the progression wasn't so slow, seems unnecessary to hold the player back
I really enjoyed the game so far but I got some ways to make it a bit better: 1;Make the cloud saves work with your Google account or email its just makes it much more convenient. 2.You need to lower the prices around 2.5 to make it faster and fun. And 3.Have increased ball survival rate. I hope you listen to my suggestions. And if you do good for you. Love the game but I feel like my suggestions make it a bit better. Keep doing what you're doing guys.
kinda had a hard time getting the point at first... but that's just it... it doesn't have one. there is no winning or losing, you don't have anything you must do or not do, you don't have to achieve anything and you don't have to even click unless you want to... it's pretty chill. I'd like to see more variation for music choices, and longer sound clips would make them less annoying... the music is fine, but it loops way too fast and becomes irritating rather than relaxing after several mins
(Edit 6/25/19 - GET RID OF THE PLAYABLE ADS! They don't work, they close themselves, and the game is messed up afterwards. I have to actually go to my phone's app settings, stop the app, clear the cache, and restart just to make it work again. I don't mind the other ads, though.) If you're smart, you'll figure it out. After that, it's a great idle game. I've been playing it more than I thought I would. Also, you get an extra star for not having the option to purchase gems and powerups. 😊
It was really neat at first and I wanted to keep playing until I realized you start off with your offline earning rate at 1%. when you upgrade it (which was expensive at the time) it goes up to 1.02%. Thats an increase of two tenths of a percent for 2 mil gold. No thanks. Adventure Capitalist had it right, infinite offline time at 100% rate was just natural.
this game is awesome! helps with my anxiety. calming. beautifully done. addictive. excellent controls. there aren't pop up ads, only ads to give you bonuses. I really like that the ads do not interfere with any of the game and are completely optional. i wish i could give more stars. I've really been waiting for a game like this and I'm excited for more levels. any idea on a time frame for more content?
it starts out a little slow but not a bad slow. once you get the hang of it, its a great game.. the ONLY downfall i have about the game is when you watch ads for the bonus stuff, the timer is wrong.. it will say you have 5 hours of double ball value and then an hour later its run out of time.. if this bug was fixed i will redo my rating to a 5 star.
It's genuinely calming, especially with the music, Seeing it all just happen is fun, even though it's a really boring concept. I personally love it, especially as there are no required ads, and even gives you free things without ads needed. It's an actually fun and calming experience, with my only problems being with the idle genre of games
This game is pretty straightforward, it has a main mechanic that is shown immediately, and everything makes sense to me. The graphics style is nice and simple, not too flashy or distracting. Pacing and progression feel a bit off though, offline production might as well not exist with how slow it is, and there are a few levels that seem very slow. i'm mostly thinking of world 1's level 5, and world 2's level 2 (which might as well just be a floor considering how slow it is)
Somehow really addictive. My boyfriend and I compare our progress to see who's ahead. One issue with my phone is after a while, it has a hard time processing. Too many balls spawing, longer drop.... slows my phone down a whole bunch haha!
I haven't had any issues with this app. I really love that it is so visual! Progress is very slow, but that's what these are all about - it makes progress feel rewarding. I download games on my phone, but usually quickly delete them. This app keeps me coming back. The addition of world two was a surprise to me! Now I can work on the two at once. I'm glad they don't share progress between worlds. Whoever is developing this seems to have a personal touch to it. 😊
My main issue with this game is it is difficult to progress. It's labelled a an idle game, but good lord is offline progress gated way too heavily. Offline time isn't so bad, but the game starts you off at 1% away earning rate. Each upgrade ups it my around 1.2%. And they aint cheap early game. Right now with both my away upgrades costing 10 mill, I have 4 minutes of full production. That's if I have the game closed for almost two hours. That's ridiculous.
I've played A LOT of idle games and there is just something nice about this one, I like that 30 sec ads are unlimited and you can just overpower your stuff, it's such a small and nice thing. Atmosphere is amazing, you will probably quite enjoy popping the little bubbles or you can just wait at the bottom and enjoy watching them pop. This is one of the very few idle games I haven't just insta muted as well.
Don't go into this thinking it's a typical idle game. There's a few critical differences: 1. It's physics based, meaning you'll need to keep blockages clear rather than just tapping quickly. 2. Idle rates are pathetic. Unupgraded, you get 0.2% for 64 minutes. 3. This is, by a long margin, the most battery hungry app on my phone, and I have Bloons TD 6. You need a charger when you play this. All of that said, it's still a solid game, and it's nice watching the balls tumble around.
Offline earnings seem to not be working properly since the new world has released. Please fix. In the 7 months that I had been away the new world offline gains are still not functioning properly. This needs to be addressed.
Progression is too slow to want to keep the app open and barely useful while closed, but it's fun to watch for a while. New UI is a step down, not all themes have 10 unique balls, some graphics glitch. It'd be a chill idle game if they progression didn't plateau so aggressively. Too much focus on Prestige, not enough on actual progression. No idea why levels aren't all 100% at max level; I'm guessing it's to force "+4%" per level.
I've uninstalled. For a game called "idle", the fact that you need to have it open to get any meaningful progression is pretty lame. The gameplay is also rather thin. It's pretty, though. If you want an app to be halfway between game and screensaver, this might be for you.
Omg My Slope Level Is Now Max And One Thing Is I Hate Flatline It Cost Too Many Coins For The Ball To The Ende Because The Spinner Moves Slowly BUT I UNLCOLED ORBIT TRAINGLES BUT TRAINGLES IS HARD TO MAKE BALL TO THE END BECAUZ SIZE IS HIGH But I Have One Thing I Have A Chance To Buy All Peach And Acid Dark Green Marble
I had to come back and give it the extra star because, over several days of playing it has become my go my go-to app for calming down. It is an idle game that does not make it feel obligatory to play. Instead it gently reminds you to take care of yourself. The simple graphics have the appeal of bubble wrap with the comfort of a cup of tea.