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Idle Workout !

Idle Workout ! for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Green Panda Games located at 48 rue Sarrette 75680 PARIS cedex 14. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is the most funnest game ever you have to play this game is so fun it's like a workout game but if you repeat the steps in real life if you're tied up like you know then you actually get real skinny so you had I mean you have to play this game
This is ridiculous. Why in the hell do I have to watch an ad to get a reward that I EARNED THE RIGHT TO EVEN GET BY PLAYING THE DAMN GAME
It is okay i guess, okay so it looks so cool.ehen you get on it but it is not that good , and some times my diamonds just go down by 5 that is like all my diamonds are gone so than I watch a stuip little ade then it just took them away so that is why I gave it a 3 star post and stay at home please fix that thanks
In 5 minutes of playing I spent more time watching ads than actually playing the same. I gave up rather fast.
I love this game because you can be stressed with your customers but also like very fun you like helping people
An excellent game if your goal is to watch ads every minute or so to do anything at all. Within a minute of playing I'd been promoted for ads for almost every action and couldn't play anymore unless I watched one. I refused and one played anyway. I'm done.
I WAS enjoying it until day 52 and it just stopped. The weight and day counters both stopped and it didn't let me collect my reward for reaching an objective. I let it sit for a couple days came back and it still isn't working. Great concept, apparently poor execution.
Fun game, videos never work. I have two objectives that I can't clear because the videos won't play. Can't get any of the floating bonuses for the same reason.
The game was interesting at first but when you get down to 270 the weight stops going down no matter how long you keep going. Also this is not an idle game. You have to remain online to make any progress and if you go offline you lose progress so you have to constantly be playing.
Hardly a game and to many ads. Better idle games out there and working out in real life is a lot more rewarding.
If you want to experience true hell, download this app. its weird to say the very least. but also... HOLY ADS! Every 2 seconds there is an ad, unless you manage to hit the click limit before the 2 seconds pass. which is a terrible thing to implement because all you do is click. not a single bit of strategy involved.
I mean I'm giving it 3 stars because there's really no point all you do is click and people say there are to many ads but if you have a samsung like me you just have to click home and click on the game again tho it doesn't work for all games, the games ok
Like the game because I worked out as well but I have a 10 way and it's too heavy for me but I still like to work out anyway As soon I will teach my baby brother and he was able to work as well and he'll grow to be a big strong man 😁
Its okay but still kinda i rated an 3 stars because there was lag alot snd you should probably fix it.
Fun but game doesn't go pass day 14 for me and once the stamina reaches 324k it drops down to 34k again which means you can't unlock the next equipment. Also I don't like that you have to watch an add to get diamonds for the missions the game tells you to do. Good game but needs more work.
Great game gives me the motivation to get right with my health. I only wish the updates would offer more options like outfit changes and new different exercises.
It is cool but weird all you do is click maybe add an big update graphics are ok maybe more ways to work out would be nice It is really boring mre updates way to many adds maybe you can walk with her or him as a new work out making a work out toting would be amazing add all of this stuff then I will give you a 5 star
Game works best offline. Going online causes lockups and crashes app. Wish developers would fix this.
I want to give more stars. Normally when you complete a task in a game you just get the gems, this game you complete the task and have to watch an ad to get your reward. Annoying. Good concept, can be improved.
I like the game but you should be able to go for a run outside and switch back and forth from weights to lose weight. There should also be other fun stuff like weight lifting competitions and stuff like that. I might change it to five stars if you do all that. I am looking forward to a new update!
It was fun until I got to day 71 and 335.13 lbs. The day and weight counter stopped. I was really disappointed and if it is not improved will have to delete the game.
I love playing it it is sooo realistic!!! U even get offline enrings so everytime I sleep and wake up then I. I just get like one milion energy pionts! and there is so much more!!! Oh my days I can,t stop playing it!!
Never ever force me to give a review. I hate this game. I'm only playing it to earn a few measley coins on an app that pays to try garbage like this. Hope you like my review as much as I hate this game. It doesn't even pay much so it'll be deleted in a few very short minutes. Thanks again for wasting my time forcing me to review your junk.
I am just mad at the GRAPHICS. I just started playing and I was 438lb. But she looks like a normal toned healthy person, and yet looked obese. Make it realistic. Also if we have a time warp why not do the weight aswell.
It's a great exercise regime. The only thing is that you run out of energy very quickly. Other than that it not to bad a game.
It was a good game but one player keeps freazing and cant lose any weight and go to next day.... it happend on old phone and this one and i dont like how u cant lose less then 200 pounds i want to lose as much as i want in game
I don't get what the speed does as my client seems to go the same pace most of the time 🤭 but that's okay because he's no longer a fat a$$ and he's got all the trinkets including the ear buds (generously given to me by the app in form of remainder of diamonds needed to purchase😁TYVM) that he can get. Now to get down to 200lbs & start bodybuilding 🤯
Very enjoyable. Jus like the embryo to newborn baby sim..creative time consumer(Warning:U need Patience2Play). It's FUN from fair to exciting end-game results. "I'll buy that for a dollar!"-RoboCop🚔
I gave this 1 star because the graphics and quality is terrible, it's really slow and you get a lot of ads, I dont reccomend this game.
Does not alow the videos to be played only wants you to buy gems. Instead of earning things through the video ads. 3 stars if the app worked the way it was suposed to would have been a 5 star. Cant even progress because you cant watch videos you click the play button on vids and thats all it is is a click button.
I really like this app there are not a lot of ads of course it has the things if you watch an ad you get a certain item but what app doesnt have those and its nice because you know when an add is coming.
It's a fun game but 2 stars because there are so many ads and When I got to day 48 it stopped working and didn't let me go on the app and I deleted it. I'm hoping for a better graphical version of this game soon because apart from the ads and Graphics, it's pretty fun! I might delete this again because it kind of lags. It might be my android phone. I don't know. This would also be a relieve for others to get the graphics up and the ads down xx. Thank you! 💎
You can't get your weight down past 200lbs, that is not an effective workout especially for a game, this is just stupid.
Pay for removing ads and all ads are still there. I want refund too as I can't do anything unless I watch ads and clicking to watch ads do nothing.
This Game seem interesting its pretty good tbh it gives me ads in the good time. This Game is cool. Also Im new so yea i rate it a 5 and Whenever i need gems it give me ads. This game is fun.
Fun game, settings button is blocked by the front camera so I can't turn off the music or access any of the other settings
Very nice for a tap game, makes you feel like you are a fitness instructor, the designer needs to add more exercise equipment though other than that and more clients this game gets a 5 star still. Consumer
Could be less adds ,more rewards .and i have dun more than 8 min on cross trainer and still cant collect my reward
Its a great game but everytime i go offline for some minutes the game crashes. If you see this, please fix it, (only sometimes.)
i play plenty of mobile games w/ ads but this one really annoys me to the core. i even have to play it offline because the ads wont stop popping up and theres no way of stoping it 🤦
I love this game because you can work out like you can help the person get weak and it just gets me right there the game is so fun you need to download this game right now
It seemed like a fun concept. I tried it and liked it. Then when i wanted to watch videos to get my bonuses or for anything not one video worked. I tried to contact someone but there is no ingame contact info. Basically its a moneygrab and no devs to care about cuatomers. Any complaints seem to go in one ear and out the other. Its a broken unfinished game. To bad. I liked it and if it was more customer friendly and devs cared i would have spent money.