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Idle Tower Miner: Idle Games for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by pixelkeep located at Sandgrube 5 Steinheim Deutschland. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's fun but the game needs more as in that the part of the game runs out once you get to the max point of the game and then there's no reason for you to keep playingbut a lot of people than me would like to have the game have a prestige to reset and also the fact of the money that we earn doesn't contribute to the other levels so that we making the first level is not in the first and so weird they're making pickaxes trying to get to level 50 and it's not really working at all
Overall a very decent game. Definitely a little bare bones, but there's the groundwork here for a truly great idle game, progress is quick, but not quick, and thus far seems to be consistently so. I look forward to seeing where this goes in the future.
Overall very nice game but every 2 or 3 days it crashes resets your progress and you cant do anything this has happened twice now exept for that its a nice game
Great game but I have a request can you make pictate inventory be the same on all maps it would be greate
Game play is decent. The offline "idle" earnings aren't anything to call home about. Game could be off for a full day, and you login and barely get anything. I could get more from 5 minutes of playing the game, then from what it gave me.
This is an amazing game but after it was updated my game refused to play. Is there any way for you to restore my lost progress?? Please Edit: I actually don't mind starting my game over please don't worry about restoring my progress love your game. :3
I really can't complain about this. The graphics and the balance are good. Some minor QoL stuff (like a way to look at everyone's stats at the same time, or a way to gauge efficiency around upgrades) would help, but this is a solid framework. Sadly, I ended up uninstalling it as there just wasn't enough to hold my attention.
As idle games go this is pretty simple and good. I did pay to have the ads removed which it's made for better game play and you still get all the benefits of the ads but without them.
Great game, but only 3 stars because of over lapping problems with the crane upgrade icon and the latest tower level which you can only upgrade once it's turned into the 2nd highest tower level.
I wish the ads worked. Without watching the reward ads for gems, gettin new picaxes is seriously crippled.
So far it's a decent little clicker/idle game. Not only is it getting updates with new content but the creator is adding fixes to bugs and the like. The only thing I would add beyond what ever gets added naturally is an auto gold nugget collector, even if it's at a reduced amount, and that's just because I'm lazy.
Thoroughly enjoyable game. No ads flooding screen every 30 secs. Upgrades are easy enough to obtain, same goes for chests. Waiting eagerly for additional towers on map. The developers work is appreciated.
I like how the tutorial only lasts like a minute and the rest of the game got enough explanation so players could explore by themselves :)
Changing me review. I originally thought this game a diamond in the rough, but today, the telltale signs of a unity game are here. Random loss of progress, after hours of gameplay, suddenly, I must start all the way over, on top of that, I lack the ability to do so, as now, I cannot interact with any of the buttons. Making the game entirely unplayable.
Hit a quick and rather expensive pay wall pretty quickly in this game, seems to only give 1 chest per "node" so you'll most likely never get the like 20 item qualities.. item currency and gold gains are low so progress is really slow ( leave game on forever to gain nothing ) 2x ad time only lasts 10mins, should be at least 30. Overall not much to do after first sitting / day of playing. Overall idk if im missing something, but it just feels like a 10min cash grab game
This game is pretty good. I like the style, the gameplay is fine, and progression isn't too fast or slow. It would be great to add a prestige system into the game, where your money, material, levels, and tower is reset but you keep diamonds and pickaxes and get a permanent bonus or points to buy special upgrades. That would make progression easier. Otherwise, it is a fun game deserving of four stars.
They call it an "Idle Game" but you can sit and do nothing for 10 miniutes in the app and get more money and stone than you can leaving the game to "Idle" for 12 hours
I used to be able to select watch ad, back out go back in and get the reward without watching the ad, now I have to watch them and the fourth one is broke, it won't give me reward.
Game force closes the second it hit start. Am using a Samsung galaxy 10. Game looks fun but when the game won't even load I have to give it really 0 stars because I haven't even played it yet
Really enjoy this game, its simple and relaxing, although the increase in costs between levels and upgrades is a little steep. One level takes 4.1 billion, the next takes 21 billion thats quite an increase.
Great little idle game. Don't get slammed with ads or rating requests. Only played a bit of it so far. Looking forward to seeing what happens with it. Only issue which in the scheme of things is minor is that when you get someone to level 50 you get a chest, which is awesome. However level 100 is just gems, maybe make it every 50 levels = chest. Other than that so far it's a pretty good game.
Could be good but it needs a few things. I would put some kind of prestige feature in because the grind to the second area is crazy. Also, there are only 2 areas. Offline progression doesn't work for me either. And stone needs offline progression too. Add prestige and many more levels. I ended up buying the no ads pack because I think this game could go somewhere. I'll wait until its updated and might change the rating.
A pretty unique game. The creators clearly put work into it. It's not one of those copy and paste idle games I would download it of your looking for a fun unique idle game.
Its fun while waiting for ps4 games to download only thing I would ask for is to increase double income from 5 minutes to 30 it would help alot.
Kind of boring since there's barely anything i can do or variety on the upgrade. Also have a lootbox system for some reason
Towers(cities)do not mechanicaly overlap. & how come even the 'legendary chest' can have dud-rewards in them, in the form of simple_useless_money packs. Meta game, as far as i can tell, revolves around pickaxe_spawning gold nagets & thus all the other pickaxes end up being useless. Graphics low grad & simple, art direction looks apaling. Has no QOL stuf, like fidling-arund with pickaxes is very tedious & cumbersome, & the crafting requires all three axes 2 b in the inventory specificly.
This game is so poorly balanced, I don't even know why it has idle features. Collecting pick axes is pretty much useless, considering they don't level very far and don't increase value.
ita a good game, it does get harder once you tru and reach the top but its a game of paitence , ive been playing it for a while now and im alomst completed the first tower, its a good game to pass the time with if your bored. the only ads there is if you want to collect x2 money and thats it no ads interupping your game
The game was perfect until I logged on yesterday with all my progress gone but worse than that it won't let me restart or even build a mine any more. Please fix this.
HELP!!!! Ever since updating my phone to android 11 the game crashes on start up. It has to be the update as it worked fine before hand. Happy to give 5 stars if/when fixed :)
EDIT: bugs now fixed, thank you. Idle mechanic does not work properly. You open the game again after hours and it only registers three seconds. The game is fun but progress is impossible due to this
Nice game to spend some time play a few mins or an hour sleep then wake up the morning upgrade things
This game is good But i have a problem My problem is in my game my daily ad reward is not working pixle keep plz repair it
Offline gains are abysmally low. Came back after 24h to only get about 5 minutes worth of production Edit: Changed to 1 star; had a gold nugget appear over the DIG DOWN 500 diamond button, clicked the nugget and lost 500 diamond. Wow, no confirmation or anything
Download the app, accepted the terms, clicked play.................. keeps closing, can't even get past the loading screen
Love the game. But it keeps crashing everytime I hit start.. I'm running Android 11. I saw a past post stating it's been updated for Android 11 but idk. Please help
Good game altogether but can you add an "are you sure" button when you upgrade with gems because you waisted 300 of mine just because I was clicking and looked away for a second... Thanks
nice idea, but almost no idle progress... can't really recommend it. I've been away for 26h and only got a very small amount of gold (I could get the same amount from 2,maybe 3 gold nuggets in a matter of seconds).
I loved the game the first time I played, just downloaded again, dont care for it now, coin generation is too slow, upgrades cost way more than I remember, and progress seems like its just going drag on, tedious and boring. Plus in just about an hour of play you have asked me about 10 times for money, not going to pay, not going to play. Greed is a sin, enjoy hell. UNINSTALL
I keep accidentally spending gems, it would be nice if there was a pop up that confirmed if I wanted to spend gems or not, and my percentage boosts from my golden pickaxes aren't working.
Aggressively tries to force me to install Google Play Games which I don't want installed. It isn't required for the app to work. This is bad design.
Ever since the new update my game will not load it stays on the loading screen. Would rate it higher but this is the second time my game got stuck on the loading screen
I have seen this game first time in the play store and I find the game was really so much interesting.thank you for making this kind of game
Can barely play on a note ultra. Have to force close it anywhere from 1 to 10 times just to get it to load from it crashing as soon as I press the green play button. Otherwise it's a pretty decent game.
Game keeps crashing on a Samsung note 20 ultra that is fully updated. I barely installed the game and have been unable to play it because it crashes the second i hit the green "play" button
Ehhh, it's ok. I have noticed that the prestige does not work fully. The multiplier does not work. Prestiged twice and without my x2 the 1.25 does not show up.
Lots of fun, but it is sooooooo buggy on the s20. If it wasn't so buggy it would be 5 stars. There are just too many bugs.