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Idle Titanic Tycoon: Ship Game

Idle Titanic Tycoon: Ship Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Neon Play located at Neon Play Ltd, The Old Museum, Tetbury Road, Cirencester, GL7 1UP. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game! Some of the walkways are glitchy, people walking through the art easels, the ropes for the Q and taking gym items outside, working out in the Q. Bit the gameplay was good, buying new rooms, upgrading them, it's all done well. Finished the game in 2 days but hay, it kept the time going
Its a nice game but Please do something to fix this bug. The Guest are moving around and glitching while having an activity. Its awful to watch.
Actually wow this game is like so cool I play other games and it always about money but this game is about memory of lost soul
Fast and fun. I am sure it will have much more to do in the future as it is developed further. Took about a day to buy all the upgrades. The hidden items did not appear enough and is far from complete.
I Completed the whole game within a couple of hours. Needs to have a lot more to it before release or at least in a form of an update very soon!
Other than it being lagging it's a good game. I would love to see other historical ships in the game.
Bought the no ads and played the game. Was so quick dont download it or pay. No new ships or rooms nothing
It was fun then the further along i got the ads were more frequent..... I just deleted it, that was alot of fun also.
Insufferable amount of ads, only to max out pretty quickly with nothing else to do. Good time waster, I guess. No iceberg collision, no sinking, just a pretty poor titanic skinned idle game, had hopes, but alas, is doo-doo.
Fun game, but i maxed out every level in like 4 days.... is there going to be an expansion to the game? I have trillions of dollers, and nothing to buy anymore.
This is a great game for me I love the movie. Hope you upgrade the game soon. P.S. thanks for adding Jack and Rose
Fun graphics for a Titanic experience but the gameplay itself is super boring. Nothing to do but just click and add up stuff mindlessly. Complete waste of time.
It's a fun game. Easy to learn. Can do it without paying without too much effort. Issue is when you get a busy boat. The game spazs out. The people start performing the activities while walking, queing through walls, totally ignoring areas etc. It gets crazy. Needs more progress too and the ability to zoom in more.
This is a cool game. But the ads are ridiculous. I get someone has to pay and there are a lot of ads to watch to proceed in the game. And then around level 40 you also get random ads practically everytime you touch the screen. Your egypt game is the same way. It's so frustrating i had to delete it after five minutes. Cool graphics but unfortunatly I won't download games from this developer.
Well.. $10 for AD free just to max out everything in a day. There is nothing else to do... is there going to be an update for more rooms and upgrades or is that it? Seems like there should be more or we should get our $10 back.. its ridiculous. It was fun for a day.
I like this game and I didn't need to buy coins. I just wish it had more rooms to build after the casino is built.
Too easy to max out the levels. Waited several weeks for an update that doesn't appear to be happening.
They called the cabin bar a captins bar and only captins can go in on it but other are in it so that stupid and idiotic so don't download it I'm deleting it
I like this make an update where when you go to the settings you should be able to make it hit an iceburg
Maxed out at 100. Nothing new is happening! The game isn't fun to open anymore why should we continue to waste time on it? It looks like there is so much room for expansion. Right now I just want my ship to sink. That would make it interesting.
Ive already completed this need more worlds,places where the ship starts again but with more benefits
Awkward, I know they will suffer a terrible death. Not sure I should enjoy this. I hope some proceeds go to their families. How about an idle World Trade Tower sim too that could be fun.
It could be better if you could add more activity for people to keep engaging. The price are insane n doesn't make any sense, like to increase 1 capacity it cost 300 plus billions. WHAT? What was the actual cost of titanic that would justify the 1 capacity price? U know what I mean? Let me believe in what I m doing(playing) n make me feel good of the game instead of just trying to make people play longer. At the moment it is more than silly, its insane. There is no feel good feeling as a player.
Good game but you can max everything out very quickly, maybe it should start with smaller ships and build up to the titanic, or include staff training that may save it from sinking?
Love the game. But I bought everything and upgraded everything. I have no where to go. Please add more content soon.
WOW. graphics are SO FLIPPING GOOD. so cool considering the titanic is my FAVORITE ship, Also I have a game suggestion, the Hindenburg, not very popular but I would love to see the game. I love your games and I would love them even more if you made a Hindenburg one. Most likely called "idle Hindenburg: blimp game" or something like that. also you should add a 3rd floor, like you could upgrade the boilers. Now that would be cool
Great little game. Much better than the previous version. However, I started less than a week ago and have already bought all the rooms and maxed out everything except the 'activity costs' Great time filler for Titanic fans.
Bawas inip sa maghapong walang magawa 🙏😂👻🏠 I reach 100 level. It seem nothing change... I uninstall the app 🙏🙏🙏 Sorry!!!💖🙏
I paid $9.49 for no ads just to max out on everything in just a few hours of play. And no other ships, no other rooms to build, nothing. And don't waste your money on the customization pack. The people don't change and the "themes" are just a few decorations on some of the walls. Disappointed!
Having fun. Love the people action especially the people moving around laying down. Lol. But it move fairly fast and ads aren't to bad. Let me know when you add more rooms or if there is a new ship. Looking forward to it.
Okay.. I found that the main activity for this game is Watch Ads > Earn money > Upgrade or Build > Watch Ads....... Pretty Interesting!!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Started as such a good game but things are beginning to go down hill with ads. I like games which have ads that help you in game when you watch them. This game started like that then after a short time, started with the forced you must watch ads....this could be such a brilliant game but will most probably be deleted very soon, such a shame.
So far so good. Enjoyable game for a titanic enthusiast. However the rooms are not exactly in the right place
It was a good game to pass the time but you max out at level 100 and once you unlocked all the upgrades there's nothing else to do
I really enjoy this game but I was thinking on when you finished all the titanic rooms can it be a little game of trying not to hit the iceberg
I love the layout of ship and its easy game play. May I suggest on a future update to include a Titanic trivia game to win extra money. Plus maybe a clickable added to roaming guests to show actual peoples names who died on that night. Plus maybe point to an area on the ship and show what it looks like now under the ocean.
Fun game, but beat it in like 3 days. Only has 100 leveles. Got tons of money, but nothing to spend it on 😕
Fun its fun but can u plz add it where u can steer the ship and customize the rooms and and make it where u have more things to build plz do this and have a dock and a map for u to go to places and do this plz
Loved this game was playing it daily until I realized you can only go up to level 100 which was a big disappointment otherwise I'd have scored 5*
Will there ever be an update??? Too easy to max out the levels. Waited several weeks for an update that doesn't appear to be happening.
The game WAS fun at first NOW! Boring, I can't go any further. Please update game and add more levels. You max out really quick and its not worth it. You max out level 100, all the rooms are maxed out your just DONE...... Now, its just boring. Please update and add new levels.
Was a good game hit level 100 and everything is maxed out. There looks like theres lots of rooms for future expansion. So they should make it happen.
Meh....that was fast. Maxed out in an hour. Nothing left to do. Unfortunately I didn't realize you maxed out at level 100, and paid for ad free. Quick waste of $10. Lesson learned.
I was enjoying for a little while that I thought about buying and upgrading...glad I didn't considering I've already maxed out on levels and nothing else to do.
I have been playing for 1 day (ONE DAY) and have upgraded EVERY ROOM...nothing left to do, but hope, more rooms will be added... nice, while it lasted, but it didn't last long....
Ok I'm a Titanic geek the ship layout is sooooo inacret on. A deck grand staircase is completely inacret it should look the same as the top one. Over all I like the game and if you correct the deck plans I will think about 4 stars
It's a great game, it didn't take long to unlock everything though, just four days. But I'm hoping you add more to the game soon there is so much you can do. Hope for a update soon!
hi i enjoyed this so far i wish you can fully rotate the camera and add a roof so you can make a cinematic film and walk around the ship and i give this 10/10! thus ADD MORE ROOM cuz its really getting boring... and CREATE A GAME battleship idle and submarine idle i got those idea cuz i do love WWII and add airship idle if you reach 100 LEVEL you got toppat airship 10 level any airship and im very sorry if this comment is too long
hi i enjoyed this so far i wish you can fully rotate the camera and add a roof so you can make a cinematic film and walk around the ship and i give this 10/10!
Good game, could have had more challenges as I had completed them in 2 days, if they were more I would rate it 5 star's
Nothing really new here but a good game overall. A big plus is no forced ads or pop-ups! I maxed out fairly quickly but there is a lot of room to expand.
Everything is awesome just that everything is getting to expensive too fast that's the only problem but everything's else's great so I give a 4
VERY GOOD IF YOU LIKE TITANIC THIS IS THE GAME FOR YOU but 1 request could you add a sinking mode were there would be a sink button you would press it if you wanted to restart
Actually not terrible, ship is accurate on the outside, inside not so much but that's deliberate for gameplay would like to see more decks staff management or even a sailing mode with new camera angles not a bad mobile game