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Idle Theme Park Tycoon

Idle Theme Park Tycoon for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Codigames located at Edificio Lanzadera Muelle de la Aduana S/N Marina Real Juan Carlos I Edificio Lanzadera 46024 Valencia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I do very much enjoy this games its fun and creative. Why though do the fairy park packs cost so much but only last for the weekend? I thought that it would last forever so I bought it but then saw it only last the length of the event, definitely not worth buying those packs.
Great game to pass the time. You really don't need to buy or pay anything but it foes help and it's really cheap! Honest no ads game once you buy it!
I like the game. However, I watching ads just to get money the whole time. It's more ads then gameplay
This game is amazing! It doesn't really have that much ads when you are doing something on it. It is only when you want a reward or something. I applaud this game!
Be ready to tap way too much. 3 stars because there is no multiple buy option so after a big upgrade you have to tap 40000+ times to get things upgraded. Really rediculous!
Great game, love playing it but I think there is a problem. I can't buy the next island even though I have the right amount of money. It's not bringing the option up on the map. Been stuck on this island for ages and can't get off it.
The game is fun but hard to acquire money sometimes,I spent a whole day and half saving up money to upgrade the aqua park,the fairy event I got to 2 trillion but after I spent 24 hours saving for 80 billions and ended up buying thr pack which I regret,sadly I noticed this game doesnt have anymore parks,and it feels like the game is almost over basically,dont waste money on it like I did
Rubbish, takes too long to get money to buy new attractions, attractions cost too much at the start when you start with just $100, I played for 5 mins and just unistalled
Really good ideal game no forced adds which is perfect! There are optional adds though but you don't have to watch them and you can progress just fine without them.
what's the point of an idle game that's constantly taking away your progress? Since this is being forwarded to the team let me be clear. After leaving the app open and running so my park doesnt close(more than an hour+), the game went to the "While you were away..." scene and all the funds I had saved up to that point were replaced with the "While you were away..." reward and I had lost the money I had saved up, which was significantly larger that the idle award.
I had high hopes for this cute game. There was so many cute things about it in a short time. But after several days of playing it , I realize that all you are doing is synchronizing watching ads nonstop to accommodate the visitors. Watch an ad to get the cruise ship to come, then hurry up and watch another to make the entrance gate go fast enough to accommodate them. Then another to speed up the attractions. There is nothing about this that resembles a game. Just watching ads. Deleting.
First game i have ever paid for. Money well spent as the ads were annoying. Would be great though if CodiGames could add more parks for expand the current parks. The weekend parks are a bit fun
Give me back my upgrade! I downloaded this game back in 2019 and really enjoyed it but uninstalled after a while. Reinstalled it recently and tried to restore my purchase of Walt Sidney and while it says I've already purchased it. It won't restore. Went through support and after providing the receipt was told that it was a new game. Why call it a permanent upgrade if I can't use it on the same phone?
Very fun game i just have one suggestion, you should be able to upgrade the food stands, i feel like it would be more fun after you max out the rides.
Been waiting countless months for a new update to expand the parks. Edit: After months with no update they advertise a "New theme park". A 2 day event doesn't really count. Super disappointed. On top of that I didn't even get the rewards that I was told I received. What's the point? Won't put more money into it until a new park is added.
Fun game. I hope it gets updated. Future I'll most probably invest some of my money into this game where I'm usually a free to play player. Therefore I love this game so much that I'm willing to break the taboo. XD
Had high hopes for this new fairy park....said new rides every week. Eludes to the thought you would get to keep this new park (as you do the water and theme parks), but you wait all week for this park to open, and it is open ONLY for the weekend. The advertisement for the opening of the park is longer than it is actually open. The cost of things to build is so hard to be able to achieve the goal it has set out for you (2 Trillion). I could go on with the disappointments...but you run out room.
Every thing was really good (i really mean it) but the fact that you have to buy a new island (sell your current island to buy a new one) is not that good 'cause when you buy a new island all your hard work is gone if there could be a way that you could keep your old island as well as the new one, it would easy to earn a lot of profit (and this was just my suggestion) so don't think that i said something bad. And if there is any way to get the different islands a little quickly it would be nice.
A very generous 5 stars for this game here! A lot of people have been complaining about the ads, but contrary to how they feel, the ads are absolutely NOT required to play the game. I actually like watching them personally, because the rewards amp up so much as you progress. But really, all it takes is some time management. This is an idle game after all, so if you actually let it sit for a few hours (and watch a FEW ads! πŸ˜…), you'll be rewarded!
I loved this game but they haven't released new content in months and the game is broken in it's current state. They released an update today but it does NOTHING. I bet it was just a fix to make them more money as this game certainly feels like a major cash grab. Don't waste your time. New content lazy lazy lazy. They literally took the first park, put in the same rides and added fairies and a dozen micro transactions. This developer is shameless.
Earning enough tickets to build anything is ridiculously slow. 10,000 tickets to expand parking lot or build a second ticket booth will take days if not weeks. Nice idea and graphics but poor execution. Everything in the game is so ridiculously priced (1 billion tickets to build another attraction? Seriously?) you could play this game for a lifetime and still get nowhere.
I love this game, the only thing i dont like is that the water/aqua park cost a lot more to upgrade the rides and to get more rides, but otherwise the game is fantastic, cant wait to see what other theme park worlds there are
A pretty good game. I'm kinda a sucker for tycoon games, but this one is really good. Just like Prison Empire, it doesn't really shove ads in your face, and it's totally your choice if you wanna watch them or not. Honestly, it could be a bit better, like giving you a better headstart in terms of cash. I also like the vending machine mechanic, it's kinda helped out. Well, all in all it could be a bit better in terms of farming money, but all-in-all it's pretty good and addictive. 4.5/5.
Ok, occasionally ads lead to a black screen. Ads are optional, you can watch for bonuses etc. But they don't just randomly show up. This is a great game, well balanced. You can play and level up without buying. It's addictive and fun. Definitely would recommend others to enjoy this game. The creators of this game knew what they were doing when they created this game. I would like the opportunity to go back to the previous islands and it definitely needs more levels. Great game. 5 stars!
I have this game on my phone I downloaded it back in like late may early june and i convinced my 14 year old brother to download it, he did. We were competing all night so it brings old memorys back, but also can can you have it where you can go undergroud inside of the parking area please and thank you!
I've really been enjoying the game as it's unique for an idle/incremental game. Love seeing my theme park grow and seeing visible changes with upgrade milestones. However, I'm only giving three stars as the Water Park is an absolute slog to progress through, two weeks trying to earn 380 trillion to get the next park. Also, special events are borderline scammy, being so tedious to progress through I stop bothering within an hour two. Game desperately needs balance changes...
Just occurred to me you will never beat this game. Don't spend the money, it does no good. I have played for months and have... lets say money in the 100 zeros. You will never beat the game. Its become more boring every day. I feel violated. The more you upgrade, the more ridiculous the cost is. I'm changing to 1 star just because the money I have spent is not worth the same in booze.
If you pay your way to get rid of the relentless adds, it's (for a short time) fun and bearable. If you don't remove the ads, it's honestly an unbearable experience. Once that honeymoon period is over, you'll realise that the developers have only made 2 island and these can be maxed without a huge amount of effort. The developers need to add more content to keep people interested.
Cant even open the game anymore. I spent real money on this game for both the regular park and water park. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still wont open. Ill change my rating when I can actually play the game again.
I enjoy idle games but this game is clearly designed for players to either constantly watch ads or spend a fortune. You can only be idle for a default of around two hours and then if you watch a bunch of adverts to collect coins, you will be able to get upgrades on an RNG basis that will increase the time you can go idle or the profits for individual rides in the main park. You can of course spend a bunch of money(per park) to unlock a manager that let's you go idle for ten or so hours. It's bad
This game was exceptional. Great sound design and music. Simplistic but cute art style. I love how much variety there is in the visual upgrades for rides. I only have a few complaints. I feel the figurines are too hard to get. I finished all the missions in the game and I never maxed a figurine iut, assuming there is a maximum level. Also, towards the end of the last island, the progression comes to a halt and i didnt want to continue playing and maxing out the rides. Overall, good game.
Fun! I disappointed at first when I got my second island. You start back at level 1 for everything with none of your saved money. BUT!! You make money so much faster each island after the first!! Plus a great tip for everyone! Keep clicking on the helicopter! The more you spend after clicking it, the more it gives you 30 seconds later!
The only way to make money for the game is thru watching ads. No way to customize your park. You just watch ads until you have "made enough money" to buy a roller coaster or whatever then you buy it and watcu more ads to get more money. Basically no revenue come from the in game activities.
Fun and addictive! I play this game ALL THE TIME and prefer this game over the other idle games I've played. It really takes me back to my roller coaster tycoon, childhood nostalgia days. Highly recommended but warning, it's hard to put down sometimes! Lol. 5 stars!
The game is great and the graphic design is excellent. However, here I am at a wall of disappointment. I have built and enhanced everything and watched probably 2000 adverts. It feels like I ran very fast down a dead end that has nowhere to go. I cannot make any more money in any way and every 24 hits I could add one more notch to the wild west with no skill. In 170 days I could upgrade wild west. I will obviously have stopped playing and uninstalled by then. Great game that leaves you hanging.
Can't really say much that hasn't been said here already. I loved Idle Supermarket and I had high hopes for this game, but it's been a total let down. The whole game is just ads everywhere for everything and no option to remove them. No achievements and no payoff even if you play the game all the way to the end. On top of that, the "general manger" from supermarket cost only $5 (US) while this manger costs double that! Great concept, but a lame and lazy execution of what could be really fun.
I'm not even going to bother with the game anymore until you guys patch whatever glitch is going on with Ads. I click an Ad and 5 seconds in it turns BLACK and I have to force leave the game. Too bad I wasted a couple days but you live and learn, thankfully I didnt make a purchase, who knows how stable the games going to stay if I did that. Patch your game please.
Love this game! Only thing the ads you have to watch if you want to use the bonuses are a bit long and annoying as very repetitive, but it's a great game that you don't have to pay to advance on.
Love the game, I've had some issues with in app purchases that I'm still trying to resolve but it's a great game, and the advertisements aren't force on you.
DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME. There is no point fully upgrading your island when you need to move to another island to access other rides. Forcing you to restart your progress you had from the previous island.
This game is very nice. I love the levels on each attraction. And the aqua park, I'm speechless. That's amazing. To improve this game, for every island it should be 25 percent less. And the Vulcano ride the ride is 1.500S. But the seating is too expensive. It starts on 8.500S. It should start from 132s, the seating. Then 564s, and then, 21.400S and last seating 310S. And the Update today worked for me. And there is a island in the theme park called: Terraformed Island 1. You need 4.600q aqua mo
This game is insane but that is a big problem because when you get to a big park it starts laging alot and it sometimes can get unplaibl so can you please fix the laging problem I will be very grateful if you do and I will play the game agen because it's my favourite one.
If the game is open for more than 5 mins then the videos stop working. Notifications also don't work. Another horrible thing is that you work so hard on one island and it's just wiped away when you buy the next. It should keep those islands and make it more challenging to keep more islands going. Coz it's like we work so hard and then we must just start all over again.
I loved this game. it had all the best features of other idle game with so many options of how to improve profits. it loses a star though because now that I'm on the final island there isn't anything to do. profits come in slowly and I'm just waiting to max out my last few rides. I wish there were more rides/islands to look forward to. (it would have also been nice to have more interactions when it came to the food kiosks and to have been able to zoom out and see the whole island.)
Great game so addictive.just a shame u don't get a manager for free or use use in game money to get one also it would great if u could go on the rides.
Normally within a few days i can beat the updates they release so i get stuck waiting for new content. I check all the time but its getting yo a point where if im just sitting around for an update to have something to do im just gonna uninstall it. Update 09-02-19 new update available and STILL no new content. Not really pleased considering you just dead lied to me to get me to keep the game. I got a hurricane comin so if nothin new its gotta go.
First of all. I rated this game with 1 star to get your attention CODIGAMES..... I love the idea of this game, I do. Ive been playing for about a week now and I'm hooked. However, there needs to be way more islands. And if you think for one second, that someone is really willing to pay $11 in real life currency just to hire a manager to collect idle income for 10 hours, you are out of your damn mind.
I was progressing well and when offered the the same character for a second time and in correcting the mistake, I got a begrudging response " we gave you Queen Agatha". After this spiteful response, I am blocked from getting on the game. I am given a runaround and often told "it is being looked into". This has been going on for nearing one month with no remedy. I am very disappointed having spent hundreds of dollars on the app. I hoped for better service and customer loyalty.
Not a bad game. At times it can be really fun, especially since you can see your upgraded rides change but in order to progress after a while you need to watch an insane amount of ads. otherwise it will take you days upgrade your parks. The game will only continue making money for 2 hours after you stop playing, which seems incredibly short. you do have the ability to upgrade your idle time or purchase with real world money a park manager who will upgrade idle time to 10hrs.
fun game, but very slow going at later levels. the money earned doesn't match up to the cost of upgrades, and you run out of missions for gold. fun time waster Edit: been waiting for months for the game to add new missions and islands/rides. Game is exceedingly boring now, will be uninstalling today.
Pretty kool game so far, nice way to kill time. Upgrades are RIDICULOUSLY OVERPRICED u can barely upgrade anything past a certain level eventhough rides can go up to level 27. The extra $$ from food stalls, watched ads or investors helicopter all amount to pennies once you have reached a certain level with your rides. The investors helicopter should let the player choose which reward they want, either $$ or πŸͺ™.
I normally have to turn on an ad blocker just to play any mobile game, but this game barely had any ads. It doesn't shove them in your face, force you to watch them, or have banner ads all over the place. There are ads, yes, to make things faster, but this is perfectly fine in my book. Not having ads alone made me love this game, and I also love tycoons, so it's a perfect match.
I enjoy many of your games, but the are over priced for what they are. 11 USD for an ad free idle game is crazy. I understand needing to make money, but holy cow!
Updates seem to be slower now, unable to progress in any of the parks because the money flow is so low. Need to get to other islands but those islands are not released yet. Feels like the games been abandoned. They keep coming out with other games and not finishing the games the have. If I could give it less than one star I would. Very disappointed in the way they are conducting themselves.
Only just downloaded the game and after playing for half hour i can already see how this is going, a game where all you need to do is watch adverts to help accumulate money in game, almost every button is followed by an encouragement to watch an advert, was expecting more freedoms and modifications in this game. Dont get me wrong it Looks fun with entertaining graphics, but in reality when playing, it gives no satisfaction. Thank you
Great game for the first 20 minutes. It could have been a much better game with more fun and strategy. But in the end, it just feels like a fancy wrapper around these marketing ads videos. Just think about all you could have done but you chose not to, like be a business tycoon owning a theme park that keeps expanding from the current territory. (Think about Universal Studio in Orlando). Or actually throw some simulated business challenges for the users to solve about financing, park capacity, revenue generation efficiency, etc. Please try better to bring us users a good game, not a marketing tool for your company to earn ads money.
Great time killer. Revenue via ad watching but this game is worth it. Ads seem to be short and a decent variety. Wish the cold hard $$$ upgrades weren't sooooo expensive though. $10.99 for certain power ups. $0.99 would be a perfect selling point for me. I would recommend this game because you don't need to spend money to progress through the levels, but it sure would make it quicker.
Fun, could use more Islands though, also the ability to upgrade the food stands wouldn't be so bad maybe they could turn in to restaurants who knows.
I like it, however, I am on a chromebook, And when I watch an ad to get a boost, it will show a tiktok ad or a crossword game, make it more compatible for chromebook as its hard to get boosters, thanks
This game is amazing because you have control the theme park, aqua park etc. You have many rides like fast slides Valley of terror, Ferris wheel, jungle ride, roller coaster etc. You have events and it is easy to earn money l watch ads from vip helicopters and this game is ad free and the fragments you collect special coins to get fragments like Mr.Million fragments which make the rides to make more money,Open Gates fragment so which reduces the entrace time etc. You should download it πŸ™‚ .
Love the game. But it could benefit from a larger zooming capability. I can only see 1 section at a time and I'm constantly scrolling back and forth to collect all the money
Lots of waiting and you need to watch commercials to grow. I feel the makers need to add more to do and let us get money easier so every minute we don't just watch a video.
This game is absolutely phenomenal! It is very addictive, and you don't have to watch ads unless you want to. Hands down a 5 star game! Edit: I have recently had a problem with the wild west island. I have more than enough money, but it says I can't buy it. Please fix this ASAP.
Love the animation. I don't like how there are features that can be activated only by spending real money. Parking lot is too small, at maximum. you should be able to expand it to over double current limits, if not triple. You should be able to advertise for foot traffic. Seems easy to beat... played for less than a month, seems like at the top level already. The game adds an S to money amounts when it shouldn't be there... Waiting for the next update
While I loved playing this game, I didnt mind watching the ads to get the extra money. The problem that I have with the game is the disappropration of money obtained at the higher levels. It's not possible to get the 3 star toys when your gate prices are $6 a ticket when you need $2 Billion to reach it. I understand the game is an 'idle' game, but it's impossible when you have 3 days for the event. Same hold true for the other parks.
Good time waster. Spoofs of popular games is pretty amusing (the ride theming). If you don't like ads, stay away, as that's pretty much the only way to play the game. If you don't watch the ads, you have to leave the game open for long periods of time, as it "closes" and stops making money very quickly. Major problem: I only played for about a week or so and maxed out the game. Everything is almost fully upgraded, and I'm done with all 169 tasks. Hope they'll have more content soon!
Amazing but takes a long time to build up the theme park. You're stuck on one island for too long. But, overall its really good for example the attention to detail, extra activities and it's generally fun to play that's why I'm giving this game a 5 star rating. You're over games are also amazing especially prison empire.
Love the game. But I do have a question and I didn't see anyone else mention it. I've noticed that you have to watch the cars park before visitors leave their cars. I didn't notice it before so I was wondering if this was a recent change? It's not that big of a deal but zooming over to the parking lot just so you have a constant flow of visitors seems to take the idle out of the game. Again love the game just trying to see if the change was intentional. Thank you.
game has 9 islands that can be finished in about a week, then its over, you can only build rides in predesignated area the game gives you, each time you gain enough to move/upgrade to next island, you start over building exact same identical park with only you can build one new ride that you couldn't on previous island, you gain park revenue by watching many ads, most the same asd over and over, you will spend more time watching ads than playing the game, big waist
I really love this game. But it needs to be updated. Im sure im not the only one that cant buy the Summer Ride because its not possible to get up to the nons in the aqua park yet. Please fix or add more rides to agua park
I really like the game its enjoyable, and when your bored its definitely something you can do. I just wish that you could save the money you had from a previous island when buying a new one, because i wasted time saving money (211billion) for terror island and ended up losing it all for an island that only costed 1.9billion which really sucks. so because of that i rated a 4 instead of 5 until this changes it will remain as so.
very fun. to get the most out of it though you have to watch a lot of ads unless you remove them with money
Really Fun and I Would Recommend getting this app, it's worth it. If you're considering getting it, I would definitely get it!!!
it is a great game I just kinda wish there were more islands, like maybe one with a Mars surface with a rover ride. it would also be nice to be able to upgrade the food stands to change the look, quality, amount of workers, and space for people. (and maybe more things like the shooting gallery where it's not a ride but still an "attraction")
The ads are all political being shoved at you. On top when you click the helicopter to watch said ad you almost always get an error notice. These two things make this game intolerable.
Impossible to progress unless you spend a ton of money. I played for 15 minutes before realizing it's impossible to get anywhere. Uninstalled.
I love this game! It is very easy to play, and it almost looks like a huge magical park on a deserted island. I just got the Vulkano ride and it was a awesome look to the entire theme park. Well Done Codigames!:D
This game is filled with ads. To get any money to do anything in this game, it prompts you into watching 30 second ads every couple of minutes. I watched more ads than playing the game in the 20 min I downloaded and deleted this garbage app. Don't bother
Really fun game! I spend hours baked like a potatoe just mindlessly watching videos for VIP investors and just slowly building up me profits to get the next thing! Oddly satisfying but the price for no ads and the need to have the investors but only if you do watch videos is a bit of a progression damper! Probably done on purpose obviously
The good, good concept and good graphics. The bad you can beat the game in a week with no money, which also means it would be totally stupid to spend any on it. Also when you watch a video and dont go right back to the game quickly it reboots game so you have to redo all entry to the park which sucks. Video also is where you actually gain anything.
Really fun and addicting, not like all the other games where there's an ad every what, 5 seconds. There's no ads to interrupt you unless you choose to watch them for in-game rewards.
I understand the need for ads but it's way too much. Feels more like just watching ads with a small amount of game play in between.
Well this game, is very slow. There Could be way more islands, if it was an update.🏝️ I know I know the game is great, with rollercoasters and slides. And carnival rides. The Music is great. But the Quality Eh... I have a Love/hate relationship with this game. I thought a second it was fun. But it's getting a little boring... 😴
Super addictive ! Can't stop playing. Awesome time killer. Unfortunately the waterpark level is extremely slow, it's supposed to be harder, but it's just impossible to make any progress.
I enjoy the game. The complaints i have are. Its an idle game yet you only get around 2 hours of out of app profits before its wasted. Yiu have an option to get a general manager that in increases that time, but the down side is. Its $11 to get it.. why would i spend that much money on an idle game. I wish the time would be increased a few more hours. Let us earn money continuously even if the app is closed just at a slower rate. That wouldd be fine with me. Love the game regardless
This game is great, I love it! However, while I don't mind ads so that I can play a free game, the yahoo ads that make me click the ads every 10s 3x is absolutely terrible. It would be ok if I got them every here and there but I get them nonstop, back to back. I have done everything I can do with my phone to manage the ads and still nothing. Would love to continue to play but these ads make this game unplayable :(
I have played this game for a long time. Paid the $20 to remove ads. But you have taken away my progress. My cretaceous ride and wild west ride were earning over 500Q each ride just a few hours ago and now make half this much. This is without the 2x feature that last 2 minutes. I see you are thieves. I will be leaving 1 star in your reviews and letting people know that you take away progress. You really expect people to pay you to take their progress away? Not me!
Good game, addictive. One bug which wasn't on the support option: cars only park and guests get out if I am looking at the car park. If not looking at the car park, no cars park, and I scroll to look and all the cars suddenly all park at once. A little bit annoying. Also, wanted to start the park over as I had previously completed everything and was only able to do that by turning off the google play services
Thank u for making this game this game is soooooo relaxing I can play this all day long because I like to make the jungle ride the. Faris will and even the Rola coaster I really thank u πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ and one thing any game u make I'll play it and I got your back best friend hehe and I like the nice people who really describe u better than oh u hafta watch adds and get money oh this game is to painful to play that's just very rude of those people who talk about ur game
I love this game for length of enjoyment and colors. If you need a cell phone game to last a month or more without getting boring this might be the idle for you.
what could easily be a 5 star money maker stands in its own way. what's the point of buying vending machine prizes if you cant restart back to the first island with your bonuses? Right, there isnt one. It, like the bad idle games wants you to purchase the right to be an idle game! Charge the same amount to remove the ads for bonuses instead of charging for what is the games basic function which again, doesnt matter once you reach the last island. Very dissapointing. Coulda been a contender.
This is a good game but when I want to get a prize from V.I.P and I can get like 11 quadrillion it wont let me which gets really annoying. Also, all of the prices In the aqua park are way to expensive
The Fairy update is pretty cool. The first week I was able to achieve the 3star statue. But the following weeks I feel like the developer tweaked it to be alot harder to force you to buy the fairy park pack. So I decided to buy the fairy pack thinking it would help with all the statues every week. Turns out the pack only works for one event. And you have to buy it again. FAIRY PACK IS NOT PERMANENT. I want my money back. I feel very cheated and it was not clear that it would work that way.
Game breaks after you get into the quadrillions. It asks you to pay "2.370Q" for the next island (the wild west thing), however, I have more than enough money for this. Is it quintillion instead? won't even mention the fact that they make up showing ads without your asking by making it extremely difficult to do anything without the bonus of ads. Was fun at first, then it got boring, then it broke. 2/5.
I'm on volcano island. I guess the last stage. that was a super quick game hidden island. that doesn't exsist. Only nine islands with one pending Island? Wait only nine island then you beat the game. the game was very good till you reach the last island and realize that's it..
I love this game!! So far the game has not gotten boring. It seems like you would have to get far for it to get boring. There is so much to do. I love how the Helicopter comes and gives large amounts of money to help. This is truly one of the best Tycoon games I have EVER played!!! I would recommend downloading!!!!
Really great idle game, my only problem is that I wish there was a way for me to pay to remove ads so that I don't have to deal with so many ads. Maybe a system where when you select a boost it has a countdown of 30 seconds while you continue to play instead of having to wait for the ad to finish. I think a lot of people would definitely pay for an option like that.
I really like this game and the other games that these developers make. There fun and addictive and keep you entertained. But I think that they should lower the prices of some things but apart from this no problems. They dont force you to watch adverts as it is optional for in-game advantages and they are well thought of. Good graphics as well. Very good game in general.
I liked this game at first. Most people will I think. But there comes a point where you realize this game was designed around ads. When you earn thousands of percentages less than what you could earn by watching a single ad, you quickly realize that managing your park means nothing. It becomes a waiting game for that helicopter to arrive so you can watch the next ad. It's either that or wait a month, sitting there with the app running in the foreground, to earn the same amount as a 30 sec ad.
I love it so muuuuuiucccccchhhhh plz upload a new of the same one plz i love it so muuuucccccchhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This game is the best thx for this game
It's a decent idle game (if you pay to remove ads), but it feels like it hasn't been play-tested. It definitely needs some rebalancing. Queue lines are often too short, especially for high-capacity rides. If a ride holds 20 people but the line only holds 30, it means the ride often ends up running half-full, while guests are leaving the park because they couldn't get in the line just a few seconds ago. Parking needs to be expanded at higher levels, too.
I love this game! It is very easy to play, and it almost looks like a huge magical park on a deserted island. I just got the Vulkano ride and it was a great look to the entire park. Well Done Codigames! Here area few suggestions though, can you reduce the price of Tropical Island IV?Because it is taking me so long and can you also find an in app purchase where you can convert theme park bucks to aqua bucks or fairy bucks? It would make the game so much better. But definitely a great game still.
Love the game but lost all of my progress, every bit, Waterpark was almost fully upgraded as well as my amusement park, that was last island fully upgraded, and now what happened to the Waterpark and even fairy update, they are gone completely
Is a good game but unfortunately adds dont work in my country and that means that the water park even with the manager is going to take 80days before I can upgrade anything. If there was a way of getting the adds to work I would be happy to watch them for the figures and the revenue increase. But without them its too slow
I'd give 5 stars, but the aqua park is really slow on making money to upgrade and advance. It's been a year, and I'm still on the same place in aqua park...
Great game to play on a gloomy day! recommend to download if ur looking for a good game and caren't find one or ur just bored. (IN QUARANTINE) if ur a creative person this would be a great game for you. But just remember everyone has a different opinion so if you read a bad rate at least give the game a go ! cause not everyone has the same mind set /opinion. Have a great day! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘(playing this game πŸ˜‚) byyee❀️
So, the main objective is to watch as many adverts as you can. Theres ads for games, ads for inventions, even interactive ads. I once saw an ad for a plunger... I think that's a rare one. You don't seem to get rewards for rarer ad. Not really sure what else to do. Theres something about a theme park but that's only a side quest.
Great game! I've spent way too much time playing this. The only thing that could make it better in my opinion would be to have a bit more free range with building. I find it a little boring to build a ride, move onto the next island, build the next ride, move on again...and so on. It'd also be great if we could place the rides where we want rather than have them in the same place so we can play around with the layout and personalise the theme park more. Otherwise, it's a brilliant game!
Mostly it's decent, only improvements I would really like to see myself would be the ability to zoom out a little further, and although spending money on the special abilities does increase income sometimes it feels like you are getting nowhere, it can get a little annoying at that point and easily could be a reason for an uninstall.
It is just an amazing game. The only thing that I don't like is the fact that it isn't updated very often with new rides and parks.
Broke my thumb and had a lot of free time but couldnt play any complicated games. I enjoy idle games and went through three others over a few weeks before settling on this one. I even bought the no-ads perk, i generally do not do in app purchases, especially $10. It hurt but the app is free and ive definitely gotten my moneys worth. Would be nice if the game wouldnt prompt me to review every time i buy a new attraction for the first time but i respect the hustle
Pretty disappointed. I paid for the park manager and now there hasn't been a content update in months. I was really enjoying it up until I hit the last island. Now I have nothing new to work towards so why bother playing.
I love the game, although after volcano there is not much room left in the park so mabey have a update where you can build a bridge over to the waterpark and have new water-rides. That will also give you more ideas for attractions in game. Hope you see this because this would make the game whole as a theme park game.
Not sure what happened but the first island played fine. Got the the second island and now the game freezes after a minute of playing. Not sure if it's related to the island or if there is a patch but unplayable now. Update: had to reinstall the game and the issue went away but lost all my progress (kept the purchased items though, those weren't lost).
Fun game to pass time, my only complaint would be they need to make a new park soon, i have the aqua park maxed out and the theme park almost maxed out. At this point its a little boring only raising a ride one point a day.
I have to watch a lot of ads to make game interesting. At the moment I have 1 task left and I am on last island. So wont be playing much longer.
The game is good itself, but the only bad part about this game is that when you buy another island you lose everything except your figures. If the developer of this game is reading this make it that, when you buy another island you dont lose money, figures and your other islands, and everything inside of your island.
I really like this game. It's really fun and enjoyable. There are barely any ads also. The only thing I dont like is that it takes a lot of money to get things like the roller coaster and ferris wheel. Stuff like that but that's the only downside. Hope this helpsπŸ’–
The game was quite enjoyable, but I've been stuck on the last island for the longest now, and the cost of upgrades is so high that I played for a week straight and my income for being offline for four hours barely covers the cost of 3 upgrades. Essentially leaving me in a position where if I want to max everything out I would have to buy the 2x money buff and the manager upgrade, but if I do that where does that leave me? Will redownload when a new island has been added onto the game.
I love this game. I had so much fun playing it and even purchased stuff in the game. But I made everything as high as I can on the regular game and the water park. The only thing I can do now is the fairy island event when it happens which isn't often and rarely lasts more than 2 days and no 2x video . I wish they would either add more permanent parks to give me something to do with my purchases or make events last longer or more frequently. I spent a lot of money to use it for less than 3 weeks
Playing with my google play games account on my two devices do not syncronize. Very bad. The game is amazing but I do not like these type of bugs.
Edit: this problem was fixed and the game is so much more fun. Thank you. This game is great, I love it! However, while I don't mind ads so that I can play a free game, the yahoo ads that make me click the ads every 10s 3x is absolutely terrible. It would be ok if I got them every here and there but I get them nonstop, back to back. I have done everything I can do with my phone to manage the ads and still nothing. Would love to continue to play but these ads make this game unplayable :(
This game is just plain boring, once you get to the billions it just is a terrible grind to get anything anywhere. Just think of this as a adventure capitalist copy.
Beat it pretty fast, it was entertaining. But do not waste the 10.99 on the general manager. It says it keeps the park open for a set amount of time while you are not playing but it is lying because it doesn't matter if you are off the game 5 minutes or 5 hours once you are off everyone leaves the park an you don't make any extra money with or without it. So bottom line done waste your money just play the free version.
This game is one of my favourite games to play, I would have gave this five stars if codigames made another island. This game is amazing! If your thinking of installing do it!
Stupid glitch that has not been fixed for many months. There are times when you load the game and it doesn't even give you the money you earned while idle. There are also times when you want to watch an ad go x2 the idle money, but the game just closes the dialogue box. Super stupid.
Current Don't waste your time! The game is broken and keeps resting the park at innapropriate times and support is useless. If you like watching ads for negative gain in your park then this is the game for you!!! I am putting this one down until a cogent response and fixes are applied. Initial good Idler...I'll reserve 5 for longevity. great job devs.*
Worth playing, but after a while it's just not possible to progress at any kind of reasonable pace without watching literally tonnes of adverts, at which point it just becomes an ad channel pretending to be a game. Developers have to make money and Codigames make good games, but this one is a bit ridiculous.
While this game is fun, the Yahoo ads are a major pain. I have had 6 ad rewards fail tonight when I have finished the ads, all because the game reloads AFTER I have watched the ads. Not to mention the Yahoo ads are repetitive.. decided to stop playing for a bit because it is aggravating to say the least. Edit: ads for revenue doubling also not working now. Had 2.1q, tried to double it, watched the ads and the app reloaded and I never got the revenue.
When I play a game, I want to play. the. game. I don't want to sit and watch adverts 90% of the play time to get this booster, or get that booster. The frequency with with you expect ayers to sit and watch ads to play your game is actually ridiculous. Uninstalling and won't be re-installing, there are other games with far fewer adverts, and a far better gaming experience than you offer here.
So overall I'm pretty happy with this game minus all of the ads. I'm not a huge fan of starting over and over each time you have to buy a new island just for 1 new attraction, but I guess therein lies the challenge. My main issue now is that I've spent some money on this game and I've made it to the end. There are no more islands for me to buy and no more upgrades...did the developers just quit? If there isn't going to be an update, then I literally have nothing left to do and lost money...
this is the best game in the history of games...like seriously i am so addicted i have been on for six hours non-stop it is SO good.the only reason i have the dark valley is because i got a billion dollars from the v.i.p helicopter,this game is awesome,but my only complaint is that when you build something new everything on your island dissapears and you have too start over, otherwise this game is the best!!!
too many adverts for the person who likes to play for free. not only that but theres now 2 adverts in 1 space. How fair is that! I watch one advert only to find that after 30 seconds i have to wait another 30 seconds for another play advert. Or adverts that want you to press and dont actually do anything other than go to the play store and stop the timer on the advert. As a response to your response. Cut the ads surely thats what this said in the first place, read your reviews properly!
I used to give this game 5 stars but now i hate it. I hate it now because you can choose to watch ads to earn so much money but now Everytime i try to watch an ad the game trys to load an but then it just goes back to the game and i don't even get my moneyπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ don't play thiss game!!!
It took me a bit to understand what things were when it came to rides. I understood what the ride ratings were, but failed to see how the each ride affected the park as a whole. The "help" gave little guidance on how to develop. After that delay, it became fun. I've played for six months and still enjoy the game. The guide still needs development to help you along and understand game concepts, so that is the reason for the loss of a star.
The idle games by Codigames are great games! The ONLY reason I can't give it 5 stars is because of the flood of advertisements you have to watch to make decent progress and the price of some of the upgrades. I would actually pay NOT to not have to deal with the advertisements.
Game is fun overall, but once you reach the final island it just stalls and you can't do anything, time to update and bring out a new island or two to push the gameplay along, otherwise once you reach the last two rides it's just a long grind to get them maxed out. Haven't maxed them out yet, but I know when I finally do, unless you make an update there will be nothing to do
This game is good but could be better if it wasn't run completely by watching ads. The only reason why im giving this game a 4/5 is because it runs well and looks like there was a lot of effort put into it (design, peformance, features). However it seems like a huge money grab and not a "idle" game because the idle aspect only lasts for two hours unless you pay money. The devs did a good job but if the focus was shifted more to player abilities and more islands/money multipliers it would be good.
Really fun little game. I've been hooked for days and there is so much to do. Wsy to go devs. Keep up the good work.
Pretty fun I like that it gains money while closed it is a little bit difficult for my 5 year old son, options to build should be at the main screen. Not bad overall would recommend for Rollercoaster tycoon fans.
this game is really amazing, the upgrade setting, the build setting, even the new island make sense. I would say this your best Idle game ( trust I have played them all) but one thing that has been bothering me is the client, sometimes they look mad and I dont know why and I want to know why they look mad is it because of the long lines? or something else? because I don't do refund amd time is πŸ’° so please in the next update you could at least give the client some kind of way to explain why?
Only tried this game to earn rewards for another. Will be deleting it as soon as the reward is collected. The only way to get anywhere in thus game is by watching constant ads. Not worth playing.
Very good game but I think that you should be able to customize your rides so they are unique to others. But a very good game if you dont have much time to spare on games.if your a hard worker this games for you.
While I have enjoyed this game for a while, and taken to buying a few in app purchases, this latest one is just crazy. For the fairy event last week I did spend the $23.99 thinking it would carry over to this park when it came back. Just opened it at the start of the event, and look! Spend more money! For roughly 2 to 3 days, and spend $24 on something every week? No way! If you spent that much, it should carry over!
You Will spend more time watching ads, then playing the game. Mostly because watching the ads provide you with necessary funding to advance in the game. You will get nowhere without them. Atleast, it was like that for a while with me. Now, when offered the option to watch a video, regardless of what I click, the ad won't play. So, it's pointless for me to carry on.
The game is a very fun and entertaining game, I love the concept of it and the I like how you can whach ads for a handful of different temporary powerups unlike other games that only have two or three, the thing is, is that I'm at the vulcano ride and it's getting a little boring that theres no more islands, though I do hope more will come out soon.
This app is unbelievably amazing!!! I play it for hours on end and it is one of the best games to kill time and keep yourself entertained... Really fun game... Only issue is that when you sell one island you lose all your money which is kinda annoying but otherwise its s great game... 5 stars
This game is nothing but ads every thirty to sixty seconds. If you don't watch the ads, you can't advance... It's beyond infuriating. Up to 50 percent of the game is spent watching advertisements. It's nothing but a money generating game for the producers that literally goes nowhere for the user. uninstalling and uninstalling all permissions now. DON'T DOWNLOAD. They just want money from the sheep.
I'm not a big idle game fan but this one isn't bad. Kept my attention for quite a while now. My only complaint is the ridiculously long three-part ads that require constant interaction, you can't just let the ad play through. and if you hesitate too long the game will time out in the background and not give you the rewards you've earned,
Its super fun and edictive and I play it all the time but when you get to higher islands it gets harder and harder to upgrade rides unless you pay real money but over all its a really good game and all the ads are completely optional and you get to make a water park once you reach a certain point which is really cool
The game is enjoyful and very fun! All though a little ad heavy but other than that it is one of my most played games. It's not to easy it's not to hard but it's just that kind of game that has a lot of downlodes. The only reason I left a four star rating is because it's a little ad heavy and the no ads purchase is a little bit of a cash grab and a little bit to expensive 😬 but other than that the game is just gratefully fun!
it was fun. I just wish you could earn money faster because I have a bunch of customers waiting in line to get in and I need to save up 50,000 dollars to buy another line so people can get in and the ads. they lie so much! it said it wws just the roller coaster that you could easily buy for 100 along with customers and upgrades. my friend downloaded this game and was suprised when the ad wasnt really showing the game correctly
A good, mindless game that you can dip in and out of! You can watch ads which really help the development of your park. However, you can actually choose when to do this and the ads to pop up randomly every five minutes and ruin the gameplay. Whilst the multitude of buttons on the screen in-game come across as complicated, it is super easy to pick up as your play. In-app purchases aren't thrown in your face every thirty seconds either. I think this is a very enjoyable game.
The Fairy update is pretty cool. The first week I was able to achieve the 3star statue. But the following weeks I feel like the developer tweaked it to be alot harder to force you to buy the fairy park pack. I already have the no ads pack. Even with that and clicking on the bonuses (helicopter) all weekend long during the event I wasn't even close to getting the 3star statue. It's a bit ridiculous to be honest. So basically the 3star statue set will cost you 30$.
I absolutely love this game and it's probably one of the only games I've ever played so much on my phone, but it's held back of the lack of stuff. It would be cool if it had like a day and night system that follows your phone's clock or maybe some park decorations. Just, anything to make the game that bit more enjoyable. Absolutely love the game and I hope it gets some new stuff soon
I have played this game for more than 1 year. Now, aqua park all max 3000, nothing else to do. Theme park? Only 4 attractions yet to 5000, but almost impossible to reach because progress too slow, all progress just from 1 attraction: summer race. Fairy park? Tons of ads needed to get the lvl 3 figures. So far I only managed to get lvl 1 figures after watched lots of ads. This game is dead without new updates for aqua and theme parks. Fairy park alone no make this game remains interesting.
I really enjoyed playing this game then I advanced to the 2nd park - the water park. It's nearly impossible to advance without making in game purchases. I've watched a million ads for bonuses but still nowhere close to progressing. Don't waste your time on this one
Lots of "Tap" fun. But went through the game fairly quickly. When is the next update for new islands?? Seems a rip off to pay for certain parts of the game then can't use them because there is no new mission!!!