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Idle Supermarket Tycoon-Shop

Idle Supermarket Tycoon-Shop for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Codigames located at Edificio Lanzadera Muelle de la Aduana S/N Marina Real Juan Carlos I Edificio Lanzadera 46024 Valencia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really like this game but some times when you prestige sometimes the multiplier doesn't go up and even goes down a few times.
I'm still feeling this game out. It's okay so far. I like it. Can't hardly get better than the prison empire game though. It's my favorite. I just started playing this so I'll come back later and rate again
I'd like to replay this game, while also springing for the no ads package this time around, however I find having to make an entirely different Google account to do this a bit inconvenient.
*Ad pops up* me: *presses the x button* my phone: "no let's go to Google chrome, then let's go to play store and then lag the flip out bc I cant loud 3 things at once" Its an awsome game I love it! Idk what else to say lol
This is a amazing game to pass time but it's a little annoying when your stuck for a few days but other then that this is a really fun game. Also there is a little too much as but it's not too annoying
I give 3 star because The game is not challenging at all and its frustrating that yoy always move to another place and start all over again... Whyyyyy do that??? .. Cant it be move to other places without starting over again??. But its good at first though its just that its only an intro game.. not worth playing for a long time. Thanks for the experience..
Game looks really fun except the games loading bar does not load it just says loading... Please fix this devs. Thanks! :) Hope you fix it. 3 stars for potential.
First off wow, amazing how creative the creators are! This app let's you upgrade and have neat stands such as fruits, veggies, meat, etc. Its just how a real grocery store would be and did I tell there's a parking lot! Yes a parking lot. Totally reccomend! Take my word for it.
I love this game, but my recent customer support experience has led me to this 1 star review. Game doesn't add money correctly to make you watch ads / buy their buffs. (e.g. You make 1octillion/ min. You should earn 120 octillions before your time runs out; however, you won't even earn 1/4 of this. While making 1 octillion/ min and being offline for more than 120 minutes, I only made 27 octillions.) oh, and the online "competitions" are a joke. Terrible game
Have reached Kamek (last level); paid £10 to switch off ads a while back as have been playing game overall for a number of years on and off. Cash builder has taken ages on each level especially during franchises. Have maxed out half the depts now and highest unit is 'a jillion'.
Great game overall that keeps me hooked. I only have one problem. Sometimes, it just lags and I have to restart it again. I'll rate this 5 stars again if you fix this issue. Thanks. EDIT: I haven't gotten any response. The game is still very laggy after I watched a video. Downgraded to 2 stars.
Very fun game Tycoon game. But I can't seem to very much get money 😆. I really enjoy playing this game, but constantly pop-up offers like " 46+ Customers" is annoying, but I can deal with it.
I mean like I the game is fun but bu the adds you need to pay for nope And the cars glitch and it sticks to a different car and it looks like it is dating "GROSS"xd Can you fix that I don't want to throw up just bc of this "game" Plus don't make your self smart like we know the PL WHO ADDED 5 stars are BOTS so ahem FIX ALL YOUR PROBLEMS I DONT WANT TO SEE NO MORE THINGS THAT DONT GO WITH THE GAME SO CHANGE IT BISS GEEZ DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO FIX IT GO GET A DOCTOR OR SOMETHING
It's a fun game but to really be successful or go to the next tower is to pay some money for passes or boost. The game is also really laggy for me, it will sometimes do it out of nowhere or right after ads, my phone could easily play something like call of duty mobile but for this game is really slow and laggy.
The game is good I love games where it emerges the player and good graphics and good simple mechanics Known issues I want changed plz. -Cant play offline when on vacation
Great game there is one problem my sis played this game and went all the way to Mars and then the next day her progress was deleted I hope you fix the problem thx!!!!
The game is awesome but 1 problem I had a city with a 200 lvl on the houses then I go to another lvl I cant even reach that lvl 200 so please fix it codigames cause your money making increase so its wird but the game is fun and really good
It isnt great because of the time such as it takes 5 secs fo NEW YORK to load up and there are other things its to much of a pay to win game so most of us might want it to be where every ad you watch for the investor the reward should increase by 5x then 10x 20x 30x 40x 50x and then you get a 1hr increase in offline rewards.But the prices increase for everything by 5 dollars but then it gets grindy, but its good in the graphics and performance if you could add this devs its 5/5
Update: I believe it is a glitch with the game that after some franchises close it continually shows that the game is unable to process the rewards. It has happened to me a few times, but I have already gotten the rewards. Changed rating due to this finding. Paid for the no ads version and now it will not let me claim my prizes from the franchise part of the game. So frustrating.
The game has a good concept, for me though id like more interaction, maybe we can see what customers are looking for and show them where to go, or maintenance workers to clean up there messes and the messes affect our stores rating..also more shops maybe a pet shop...I'm almost finished with the game and more features would be nice..there hasn't been an update in a while though. I've played alot of tycoon games and like I said this one has potential:)
GREAT!!! it gets harder at the end of each level . But when you buy a new franchise it becomes easier. This is great and helps you learn how to run businesses
Great game overall that keeps me hooked. I only have one problem. Sometimes, it just lags and I have to restart it again. I'll rate this 5 stars again if you fix this issue. Thanks.
It feels as if I'm a genuine Supermarket manager ! Great game - but could you please add some smaller targets inbetween gaining parts of the shop ,say :get 500 happy customers or get 275 k from butchers (with prize money ,of course). Excellent simulation overall ,readers try this game NOW!😎😉
Watching adds is a must to progress anywhere. Im currently at Paris and it started lagging/freezing all of sudden. My 2x multipliers dont work.
At the beginning is so adictive byt then as you get higher the game becomes to be slow. And until the point that you cant play any more this needs to be fix if not i wont be able to play.
A good game, please continue to show different adverts more often, to get the rewards, for the franchise!
It's a good game and really annoying on how you have to watch so many ads just to get some things. It's lik you spend half of your time watching ads to get different things and it's too many. Also don't like how when you move to a new location and you lose all of your money. I was up in the billions but when I decided to move to a different location and lost all of that money that took forever to get. I feel like you shouldn't have to lose all of your money just because you moved locations.
Freaking love this game , it's worth it to buy the option to skip adds. It's like 5$ but I grt to level up so much faster without having to watch add after add
Keeps freezing!!! At first it was just every once in a while but now its every few minutes. I can't even play the game! Please fix this issue or I will be Uninstalling. Very disappointing considering I paid to play!
Problems!!! Well I was trying to get the ad free and the 10 hour General manager I was trying to buy. It said I brought it but it's not working. I had this problem for couple years now. I want to buy those 2 thing won't let me buy it. This is a waste of time
Pretty good game. Game runs smoothly until I watch an ad. Then the game slows down insanely bad. So I basically don't get any ad bonuses which sucks.
It's a good game but when you get to the store in Miami, the game gets really laggy and becomes unplayable, please fix this issue.
Great game, although there is way too many ads. Even though you can buy something to get rid of them it costs way top much, I would rather watch ads then pay 10 bucks to get rid of ads
Now I would of gave this a 5 star review but some parts of the game are just WAY to hard to start somewhere new or to even upgrade but once you are able to get more money it really feels good and you can just flow right through the game until it happens again but as you can make more accounts on google then you can restart and play again but the game in general is good and I like how it gets out of hand because it goes from buying some fruits to buying real estates LIKE WHAT??? It's a good game.
I Love it But...Maybe a Restroom would do it...if you add it, I'll make my 3 star rating to 5 star rating. A Supermarket can't be a Supermarket without a Restroom. And🤔 how about naming your supermarket (If I miss the update).Now stay safe CoidGames! Sorry for being a little Picky CoidGames. And did I forget... WAY TOO MANY ADS!
good game I don't mind the ads but it's super laggy I'm in the small village area and it won't let me purchase the TV dept , I have a total of 1.5Q, and the TV dept is 1Q and I can't buy it for some reason please fix this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love the game but when i start upgrading alot of stores in it it starts lagging and.i have to restart it just to get back to normal speed with no lag and it does it frequently i spent money on it and its frustrating 5 star if you can fix it....
Okay so after one day i played and already in paris stage. First problem is some shop taking too long to clear a customer. Example Car dealer shop it take 1-2 hour to finish a single customer. Yeah I'm not joking but you can finish it instant if you watch ads and it will help you for 2 minutes. Second is when you offline manager will only help you for 2 hours for free user. And trust me that if you're not watching ads. It way too slow and not gonna go anywhere.
This is a amazing game to pass time and this is a extremely fun. But I wish I could reset my progress because I deleted the game for a year or 2.
It's a very good game...I just love it...but the only thing is that it requires a lot of ads for rewards..But then also...good game
Super fun and simple, and the graphics are adorable. Kudos to the developers for creating a very enjoyable idle game!
I just bought a new phone and try to see wether my data and purchases is back, surprisingly it's back! Lucky me 👍🎉
This game is so addicting!!! I really love it, and its easy to level up. Didn't notice any bugs. Can you please add a Parking R&D at the next update?
This is the best supermarket game ever!!!! Not that many ads, AWESOME! This game is very cool and the details on it are really nice. Maybe add a little bit more stuff to it. But still, this is great for me and probably for others too!
It's a good game and all but I have a problem. I'm getting really annoyed with this problem, everytime I up grade something the game crashes and I have to close the app and reopen it. PLEASE FIX THIS
Good game so far like it..but will get harder like all others. But it is different . Can not wait to see where it goes. May get another star.
This game is quite creative and is my faverite of the franchies (I know im horrable at spelling) The ads are not forced but are optinal for money, gems, or little boost. ( Gems are for extra things) Also the music great! Verry well done of a game.
This game is good but takes and we need to watch video to get fast speed everything so thats why I gave it 4/5 I suggest you to download it
Why is the store manager being paid? Previously on the Epic Card, it was difficult to collect diamonds from task, instead they were made paid. Bad update !!!
✨✨Really cool! Its like being a real life supermarket manager! Also the really good thing that you didnt add karens! Great job personally! The gameplay is so smooth btw. I love it! Please make an supermarket tycoon 2! It will be really fun! Also can u add phones as a job? Thank you! Bye!✨✨
After a franchise, I got 10k points to get the silver medal and in countries we got 1st. It says on my screen that there is a x2 multiplier that is stuck at 1hr56min. And I don't think the medal is working. I checked and it is supposed to be +500%. But it is instead the same as what is was before I got the medal. Please fix that bug
Been playing this for a good while now but I have noticed that after making some choices in upgrading the game slows down to a crawl where I have to close the game and restart it so I can carry on. Ruins the gaming experience for me personally.
Recommend this game to everyone. Fun, fast, and great time killer. Really like how they put the Simpsons house right beside the market hahaha.
it's good but definitely gives you lots of opportunities to spend money. The concept though, is very addicting
I would have given it five stars butI didn't like how it you had to upgrade sections and get new types just to get new employees I wish there was more ways for like cash registers and stuff.
I love this idle game.. its good for killing time while u are doing assignments or doing online stuff😂 this is my 2nd game after the prison idle.. it makes u ADDICTED to play 😍 its fun though to be a manager online hahha😆 good job creator😉
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!! It has everything from meat to produce, and it gives you lots of money!!!!!! YOU WON'T REGRET DOWNLOADING THIS GAME!!!!
Game is fun but now everytime i watch a vip ad it slows the game down and i can barely play, i have to go off the game and go back on just to play and if i watch another ad it does it again. Pointless to play if it slows down everytime. Dissapointing cause i like the game too
Super fun and if you turn off your internet there's no ads I'd recommend you guys get it super fun and you can get all the way to the top and you can be the best supermarket in the world no in the universe no in ever history of anything
Good game I have always played it loads of times! Don't listen to the 1 star rated people don't listen to them because all they do is try to take down your game! And they keep complaining about ads T_T but they just haven't noticed the no ads payment thing 👀💻🚫 if they have the money too 💸💵💶 so they can buy it
It is one of my favourite game i love it it is realy fun I recommend to do just one thing in this game it is kinda hard to get money but you will get there in the end
I like this game actually,gameplay is good and fun, but idk why when i reached higher place like now in a moon stage this game always lag in a few minutes after i open the game or watching ads so i need to restart the game then i log in again and then lag again .-.
I would give it five stars but when it said build a new one I thought I could see both but now I cant see the supermarket I spent 8 months on. Please make an update where we can see are old supermakets EDIT : I figuared out a way to see my old supermarkets
Idle Supermarket Tycoon - Tiny Shop Game? More like, Idle Supermarket Tycoon - Mega Shop Game. This game is AMAZING! Though you do need WiFi to play, but, still, very nice, I like it
This game is probably the most reliable of all of the Codi games, but I still have an issue. I did the event over the weekend, got the x3 bonus when I first logged on, then I log on again and it says x2 with an 1:56 left, and it stays frozen. I am unsure if I am getting the correct multiplier. The game progress relly slow when you get to about the third to last city, too slow.
I am at level London. The normal money income is just too small to do upgrades I had to watch hundreds of ads just to get a few levels for Real Estate Agent. Also after watcing a 2x money ad the income is not increased immediatelly you have to close and re-open the game.
Best game ever 💰 just comes like that!! Very impressive but sometimes it gets stich which is annoying
So I doubled my amount I got by watching an ad and it said I would've gotten 8 sextillions but I never got them when I pressed claim! It's still just 3 septillions! I'm pretty sure this is a glitch but PLEASE fix this if it is!
Really good game. I would like it if the cashier's were a little faster so that when you get a bus you don't have to get the boost by watching the ad. Also i wish you could get more mony from the vip and the cash trucks and can the bus not have so many people please. And can there by five trucks instead of four
Paid for the no ads version and now it will not let me claim my prizes from the franchise part of the game. So frustrating.
I love this game. There is so much to do however I wish the cashiers would go faster. Mine are level 12 right now and they are still very slow. Other than that this is a fantastic game. I really recommend it for people who love idle games.
Coolest & Most Relaxing Game Ever! I'd really like offline mode to be a thing, & for the franchises, depending on what food is sold, the looks of the franchise changes, if it's a seafood franchise, the shelves won't be shelves but the fish protected by glass & there's employees there too, but the collection of items is instantanious. Also a 3rd floor for the parking would be nice & maybe adding more aisles could be sweet, otherwise it would be just a department store, maybe add shopping carts!!
Man!!! This game is so fun! The adds are short and it really a fun game if you want to waste time for a little!👍🏾
With this game you have to watch lots and lots of ads. It's a good game and normally work it, But the Yahoo ad is just too much!! I won't play till that ad is gone!!
Fun game until I figured out that it rips you off. Stores will say they make a certain amount per customer, but thats not always the case.
Its super fun but it crashes so much and after the bakery franchise I cant collect my reward. It says it wil try next rumw I openthw game but its been saying that for a while now.
I love the game there's ads when necessary but it's hard to get money I can't really buy anything, and the only time iv gotten a lot of money is when I watch an ad for it but other than that love it!!!
This game is so anoying! Every time I watch an ad, it tales half my money away. I cant enjoy this game if the VIP costomer says he will give me money for an ad, but he justs takes half away!!!
Lovely. Gameplay is awesome, even if there is a bug where you can spam money quests over and over without internet . Controls are good, but most importantly, the adds. I never seen an add that i didn't choose to watch. This feeling is amazing. Would totally recommand it. Edit: Now i need to look at extreme ammount of adds to be able to advance.. The store dosent even make money anymore.. Only thingd that do are the last things i bought that take atleast an hour now to make a sale......
This is a very good game and could you please upgrade the experience for the parking lot so you can add multiple floors and go into them also you can follow a customer and go into first person mode. Thanks.
Sometime when i switch to other apps for a few second (to reply message, post etc.) then switch back to the game, it will become super laggy for almost a minute. it causes some customer to became angry on the cashier queue and left the supermarket for some reason. this also happen when i view ads from the game. it only happen sometime. not all the time. i have a mid range phone. i have more than the minimum requirement to run the game. please fix it. lost a lot of customer due to this issue
So this would be a great review because I did love the game. But I'm having an issue where it says I am earning 600+d per minute. But when I open the game after a few hours it says "congratulations you earned ~60d". Like how does that add up? Making it impossible to get anywhere and upgrade anything since I upgraded it all to U ($4U). I hope this gets fixed because there is no point in the game if that's what it's gonna do to me and possibly others.
Great game all of your games are good not that much adds I recommend the game and keep it up but the game needs to be just a little easier just a little
The game is pretty good but I have a bug where my offline earnings isn't part of my lifetime earnings for some reason
It's a great game overall but there seems to be a problem with the rewards... Every time I play an ad the game crashes and restarts and I don't get my reward and the ad just disappears.
I have had a few of Codigames games before, and I just wanna say... These games are AMAZING. I absolutely love these games. Sure, it's a bit slow, but apart from that, it has my recommendation.
Yeah at the beginning it's kind of boring but when you get more in the game is actually ton to fun I am I have all the shops your post to have and I'm in a London right now I think
This game is so fun! I play it for hours everyday although a lot of the shops are really really expensive but otherwise! It's 5 stars!