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Idle Submarine: Crafting Journey

Idle Submarine: Crafting Journey for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Black Bears located at Russia, Tambovskaya Oblast, Tambov, Studenetskaya 9. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
not what i expected, i thought it would be an idle game, crafting sim or something. its flappybird with submarines, crafting and a story.
I would not recommend this app. Interesting concept of exploring the sea to get further whilst upgrading your ship to get faster and more efficient. With that said there does not appear to be any goals to look forward to more than reaching your next destination and looking to the next one. It is a "idle" game with very little fun or complex interactions. Uses the subscription model of pricing for in app purchases that speed up game progress but with a game that never ends it is futile at best. In all, I like the concept but wish there was more depth and did not fall in the "idle" game category.
has a pretty good opportunity to be a good game. but has taken the watch ads to progress or even a monthly subscription. games like this is why people don't take mobile gaming seriously.
this concept is great and fun and i enjoyed it, but this game is flooding with ads and if the developer removed them i would easily rate this 5 stars
Junk. Collect resources to update your sub to collect resources even faster. Watch an add to get more junk. Then smash your face on your desk because it's painfully mind numbing.
I've been at the end-game for over a year now. Not only have I not earned a single flag in over 6 months, I lose them every day due to the ranking system. The devs have been aware of this for a long time but are unable or uninterested in fixing it apparently. Instead of earning dozens of flags per day, my next flag will take me 9 months at current speed with the fastest sub and all speed boosts maxed out.
fun fast progress and free! not to many ads update: progress slows down tons when sun reaches lvl 5 even paying the $10 monthly sub I feel like I'm crawling mineral costs become way to high. hopefully creators can make it more balanced or increase the value of the $25 dollar membership. most people don't play the same apps for 3+ months. me I play until the progress becomes to slow and no longer fun to play. give it a try though
i haven't opened it yet it takes hours to load with good internet this is the only idle game i have ever seen which needs net
I myself like this game very much but it still can use some improvement though still a very good game
sucks when i try to hit sell all it pops up for me to buy premium and it do not let me sell all qnd the notifications so much notications and and the tilte a lie u dont craft well u cna do but it so boring even for a game we u have to do nothing at all it bad and this is my final word on this horrible money grab for a game and good bye
Boring game. Tutorial is the best part of the game. Barely includes parts shown in the showcase. Not to mention pay to win game style.
Good idle game. Good UI and base gameplay. Few events/features clearly in it to get you to spend, but just keeps you from playing for a hour or so really. Doesn't seem to really limit progression too much though, and to be expected with free games, just annoying when they pop up.
While this game is fun, and has a great base, it lacks in the fact that it hinders your progress in various ways, but offers ways to make it run more fluidly, if you're willing to pay a monthly fee, or through various micro transactions. I gave it the whole day, I've decided I've waisted the day. I've already hit thay cap most games have now, that push you to pay more to get further, but in lesser time than some of the games I've played, who run the same "scam" on people. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
it seems like a fun game and I wanted to play more but u turned off my phone during the tutorial and when I turned it back on it would no let me do any thing so not a very good score
This is not a real game. This is a cash grab and you will notice in your first minute of launching the game.
decently fun, incremental selling of resources is starting to look like an artificial pay wall where you have to buy the game because you end up with too much of certain resources you need to craft parts and new subs but run out of space and can only sell all of a resource when you may need it to craft parts to advance but out of space to collect other resources you need should at least offer 1 time partial sales if you are willing to watch an ad. feels like a feature that should be game
Mildly amusing for a minute or two, but a lot of features really take the fun out of the game unless you purchase something. There are better games out there.
The game is pretty fun, but then I came across a pop up deal for a submarine that originally costs 100.00 US DOLLARS!!!! This is slimy, as I can easily see a small child playing this game, and, not knowing any better, pressing on the pop up and costing their family 100 dollars. Charging someone 100.00 dollars for a small virtual submarine is ridiculous, no matter how flashy or good it is. I'm sorry, but thats not cool.
not a very creative game. and seriously, I have to pay to sell part of my resources. that is a pretty required thing. so greedy.
You have to pay a subscription to sell resources in increments instead of wholesale, in a game with limited inventory. How about NO!
Uninstalling because ads are completely broken; half the time you get no reward. If you're going to hold my device hostage for 30 seconds you better be damn sure it's worth my time. Aside from that issue, this game gets old fast. There is barely any content, and what little gameplay exists is just an ad funnel.
The game itself is pretty fun but the different things the developers have added to impede progress is really annoying. A fish will pop up and take all the resources, power ups, boxes, and containers. Basically everything except your speed is impeded. Then there is the storms that last about 5 hours. Of course if you want to make these things go away you csn pay a monthly fee, which is absolutley ridiculous, or use the in game premuim currency. The structure behind this game is bad and greedy.
Great arts. Concept is fine, but underdeveloped. UI/UX is cool, but spoiled by in-game purchase ads. I'd say noisy "buy now!" in game ads is a big illness of this game. I think I saw a lot of this kind of dumb barbaric marketing in apps made in 2000-s. Nowadays there are fine examples of much more pleasant in-game marketings, which are much more respectful towards player, e.g.: Dungeon Defense, Bacterial Takeover.
It says no internet connection needed but it won't even load unless I have a connection. It's not offline at all
Disappointment is how I feel. The game is nice and I love the music and graphics and I don't mind the grinding and wait however... Its another cash grab that's even more worse than Drilla. This game just forces you to pay with egor and the storm that either require you to wait through it or pay special in-game currency. I was hoping for this game to be less of a cash grab but nope it's even worse. I know this review won't matter as the company doesn't seem to care but I'm just so frustrated to see a nice game become a system to get money off of you or suffer the wait as you gain debuffs that extends that wait which is unnecessary.
I haven't played but im looking forward to because i like the art style and the game has great art 5/5 game definitely
Very nice gameplay, makes good for killing time and upgrades comes pretty quick. No need in excessive grinding on this game
It wont let me click at the bottom of the screen where i can empty my hold and shows a finger and ever time i try to uninstall it to restart it just keeps my progress where i stay like it .
can't start the game. it stucked on lpading screen. i have better internet speed and free memory, but this is not gonna starting the game. why?????
Just not what you're looking for. You like ads? Cool, just don't pay for any of the three subscriptions. Why three subscriptions? Idle Submarine isn't really idle the way you think it is. You build and upgrade parts of a bathyscaphe which you can control the vertical and grab flying resources that hit your windshield. In four hours of being offline or however much oxygen time you have you stop. It's a race with no end. There are clan events, you just see who goes the farthest and get a reward.
Over all the gameplay is great and immersive yet simple the ads are not too invasive and they give you a choice to watch them or not to get keys etc getting passed the random events not so much
Monthly subscription for a game where the UI is so unintuitively hard to use that moving in menus feels like an adventure game in itself? Worthy of negative five star rating if that would be possible.
if you don't mind paying for access it might not be a bad game, but for five dollars a month i don't think I'm interested.
Good game, but ruined by memberships and microtransactons. In a game where collecting resources while having limited space, the option to partially sell and manage your materials is a neccesaty, however it is unavailable unless you purchase an extortionate membership.