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Idle Space Tycoon

Idle Space Tycoon for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by ColdFire Games GmbH located at Anna-Lauter-Str. 10 76137 Karlsruhe Germany. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really like the new update with the added player levels and the level up bonuses, I'd been playing so much that I reached level 26!😅 The graphics, design, animation, and sound effects are great. Similar mechanics to a lot of other "idle" games, but I'm excited to see what ColdFire continues to add to this game!
Cool pixel art and the progression isn't bad. But the game is very very bland. Something like adding a factory where you can research engines/cargo holds. Or a powerplant that you can build/upgrade and hook up to your towers, might make the game a little decent. It feels like they spent 10 minutes on game design. And of course there is the high price for no ads.
Nothing much to this game. It's very basic and gets boring quickly. There are prompts for ads to give boosts everywhere, but they are quite anemic. Most games would have you watch a video to double income for at least an hour or two. This one gives you five minutes. There's not even much point in doing it. I do enjoy the graphical style so I'll give them a point for that, but it's too bad there isn't a game work playing to see it. Even if you enjoy this time of game, this isn't worth playing.
Great concept overall. It has a nice set-up/UI and I love the art style. However, everything is a bit expensive, at least towards the beginning. It's not that big of an issue, since it's an idle game, but the sense of progression is lacking, at least in the early game. Although, I usually like to have one low-maintenance idle game. (Side note - If this was developed with pay-to-win in mind then you should allow people to at least progress enough to become emotionally invested first.)
Worst game ever created.keeps on crashing.Consumes battery like a hungry monster who's hunger can never be satisfied and it keeps on asking for personal data like battery usage, amount of storage occupied and amount of storage is free, sim card id and number, phone number, device location and full name. Please NEVER EVER DOWNLOAD THIS GAME and i would like to ask the developer to ask the people who have downloaded this game less personal data and to give them maximum amount of privacy.
Idle game without much to do. Badically you slowly get money which allows you to buy better ships that get you more and more money. There is only one way to really upgrade your ships and you will quickly reach a stagnation point where you will have to wait a long time to even do one useful action in the game. Once you have higher earning ships all your older ships can never really be upgraded to be useful. Watching lots of ads is basically required to get anywhere. Poor idle game all around.
It's an all around fun game in my opinion i think some of the other tycoon based games are mostly clicking and waiting for way to long this one however i like because it's faster pased and I like games like that purely because of the fact that it doesn't take forever to get far into it; This game is also a game that you can just pick up and put down while getting pretty far in that small amount of time. Once again it's an all around amazing game, would play more games like this one.
Something to do while commuting. I find this game quite relaxing. There's no frantic clicking or movement. There are loads of adverts if you wish to progress a bit quicker. Also the usual micro transactions if you want to pay-to-win. The reason for the four stars and not five is that there are just too many advertisements. I still enjoy playing the game but there'll be an ad every 1 to 2 minutes ranging from 15 to 30 seconds, if you wish to progress a bit quicker. You don't have to look at any ads but the game will be severely slow. This is a free game, so revenue has to come from somewhere. So I understand there needing to be some form of remuneration, but I feel that all those ads are a bit overboard. However, I will keep playing as I really like the game and it's simplicity.
Good so far, will update when I get further. Got to the 3rd location before but progress wasnt saved (my fault or wasn't available at the time) on 1st location again so this will take some time.
That's it? When they said idle game they meant it. There is no way to speed things up with clicking at all (except upgrading). No prestige system, no storyline, nothing except an occasional box that you need to watch an ad to open. It's cute (hence 2 stats) but behind that is the most bare bones idle game I've ever seen.
It's a nice time sink initially but becomes unsatisfying rather quickly. The exponential price growth becomes too steep after maybe about a week of playing (this is with the basic paid version too so no ads plus 2x money boost). It relies on the player continuing to pay to keep enjoying the game, buying boosters to try to keep the pace going. Was great to start with though, very nicely animated game. TL;DR: play for a day or two, quickly becomes unsatisfying.
Game is decent. It is worth it to reroll your pilot but the ads add up. I bought the $3 no ads pack. When you buy no ads, it is literally no ads at all for literally everything that would otherwise require ads and you still get the bonus. The game is short. There are only four areas. I unlocked the first three on the first day of playing. I unlocked the last one the second day. By the third day, I maxed the first 2 areas (30 floors). I'll probably get 100% within a week.
I love the graphics and style of this game but unfortunately there's not a lot of game in this. I genuinely think that I spend more time watching the ads on this than actually playing and there doesn't seem to be any incentive to get any further in the game as it's all the same throughout. I hope the devs actually add something of value to this as it would be a shame to waste the art style on this as it is.
Think it's a very good game. Adds are implemented in a reasonable way but are definitely not that necessary. I'd enjoy a little more expansion to it ie maybe a combat area as in you fight for an area and when you've beaten the enemy forces you can build a new tower there. Also would like to see a buy 10 levels button and /or buy max button. Other than that I like it and look forward to reopening the app because the idle rewards are really fair. Last thing maybe an addition of leveling pilots.
One of the most shameless cash grab idles I've ever seen. It'd be super enjoyable, but the onslaught of ads is just overwhelming. If there was a quarter of the ads in it it'd still be too much. Such a shame as the graphics and setting are super cute, but there's not actually that much substance to the game. Buy a port, buy a ship, assign a pilot, and that's all there is. No management or strategy whatsoever. Which would be fine if there wasn't thirty adverts to endure in between.
I think i was expecting a little more based on how good the writen description of the game was. For a "space" or "future" type game, it has very limited content. You could make up almost anything and it would prolly work just fine. Its pretty well the same as Adventure Capatalist or Communist.... Norhing unique here, moving on.
It's a good game, I enjoy seeing the little ships fly off. However, some things that you could add to make it a little better. The ability to upgrade pilot chances so I don't keep getting trash pilots, I need a dedicated pilot screen so I can see what I have, and be able to fire ones I don't need anymore. Also, when you get your ships to level 500 they should change to a shiny Bronze color, Silver at 750, and Gold at 1000. Each region should have different ships, too. Otherwise great game
For every 30 seconds of gameplay you also watch a 30 second ad. I like idle games, but not when they restrict income to force people to watch ads to get ahead and/or make in app purchases to get speed and money. IAPs are good to have, devs should make money, but there's ethical ways to do that, this game falls short of that expectation, and the gameplay is lacking, its the same concept with each level/tier. Looked promising, but it's bad, dont waste your time, there's better, this is a cash grab
The graphics and interface are good, but that's about the only praise I have for this game. There's no way to turn the music off, there's very little sense of accomplishment (you don't even get the see the goods you're supposedly shipping), and worst of all, when you put the game into multi-window mode, it just pauses. It counts as idle time, which I guess is better than just eating the time.
Game is ok, delivers what it promises, only down side is that multiple times it made me watch commercials for bonus money or speed and after the commercial it wouldn't deliver the reward.
Very good as one, it has a different feel than other miner/idle games and two, it doesn't have adds popping up every five minutes.
Great graphics, fun mechanics, truly idle friendly. Will raise my score to 5 stars the minute the game offers a one-time "ad free" purchase, even if only available through one of the larger Space Cash bundles. Come join us on the Discord channel if you want to add a more social element to this game, have any questions about mechanics, or want to suggest future ship names!
Its pretty good. I enjoy the style and unlocking the new ships and towers. I'm basically waiting for the new tower at this point. I do wish some simple things would be added like maybe an upgrade system. I definitely wish there was an auto assign pilots because once get to the largest ships its kind of repetitive going to assign 6 pilots at once. Also it's rare to find an idle game that isnt a blatant cash grab with loads of ads, which this one doesn't have a lot of.
Game is Ok..It's nothing special and it can become a real bore pretty fast! After an hour of playing it I am already tired of it. I think because of the slow start off of it and then you seem to just grind to get a ship and pilots, that's about it. Some say to many ads, I don't mind this as they are optional to watch for more money.
Nice Graphics, Fun, and Addicting. I love the pixel art graphics a lot, its something I easily fall for. There is basically no ad poppups which are nice, and they dont constantly ask you to buy upgrades and such. One feature I wish there was, is the option to 'fuse' pilots to make a better pilot, even if it costs a bit of in-game money, the ability to make better pilots instead of just hoping you role a good one every time would be so nice, or even 'training' your own pilots.
It looks great... and then you discover thats as far as it goes. You can make decent progress until level 15 and then progress grinds to a hault. I've been at a standstill for about a week. Though the game is still in the developement phase, it has several options for micro-transactions. Advertisements are not thrown in your face, however, if you do not watch the ads to get the temporary boost, you'll feel just how slow it is. Lack of content is is troubling.
Before the latest update, I would have given a 3 star for the game, maybe 4 based off the artwork and sound alone, but this idle just doesn't really have anything special going for it. This latest update is absolutely laughable, though-- instead of raising the level cap from 51 to probably something more fitting like 120 or something, they've added on a ridiculous $5/week subscription for the in-game currency. Definitely not worth the money, or my time anymore.
A perfect idle game for those who dont mind checking in on it every so often. Its not a 5star simply because I feel like the upgrades are lacking in amount, Im already hitting trillions and I haven't played for too long. An idle game should be a long process, not super quick. Customization would be interesting, even if it's minor. Good game overall!
I like the game, and my only complaints are kinda nitpicky; If the permanent booster came with an ad free version, I'd be more likely to buy it. Another thing is the pilots, I would like a resign all button, or some easier way of switching out your best pilots for someone who's better, sometimes I place hold with a lower lvl pilot, until I get better pilots and fire all of them to get them in the list of the highest %.
the game isn't bad for a idle minig type game but there is no story, depth or anything. It's like having planet Express and only going to the moon all the time. I think the style has potential and graphic wise it's very nice. I managed to unlock all 3 "worlds" in less then a week without buying anything. Just feels like there is something missing. some higher level of productivity or management...
what it does, it does VERY well. the basic formula of idle farming, and upgrading is great. the pilot assigning is simple, and I never felt gated into paying real money. my only real issue, is there just isnt much depth here. I know it's an idle clicker game, but theres no missions, or quests. it's a fun little game, I just dont see the appeal beyond a couple days of it.
This game was exceptionaly fun. It was about collecting recources from ships that are run by pilots that are bought by the player. Its very interesting, until they had to put sexual adds. Its ok to put ads in the games but there are children who like me are around middle school age. I have spoken to my other friends about these adds and they have all deleted the game too. When the game has no weird adds i will return to this game. Its sad that people ruin childrens lives and dont care or know.
updated.. Umm, this game is like between my ears...a lot of space! It is fun to play. It does not take a lot of brain power to play. I thought I was going to reach space, and go on adventures while my tower of ships brought in my money. But this just seems to be an endless tower going nowhere but up. I cannot afford adding money to the game. and why would I? It is just an endless tower. It was fun for awhile... but the fun has gotten smaller.
There really is nothing much to this game. Lots of ads; when you start the app, when you are idling in game and click on floating chest, when you press on boost. All other buttons lead to the shop, *always* to the shop, to poke players to buy boosts and anything. There are better idle games out there than this, the gameplay here is just short of content. Main goal of this game is just to get more ships and pilots, rinse and repeat. Not a game for me, but maybe for others until you give it a try.
Great idle game! Beautiful graphics and solid gameplay. However it stagnates quickly and progression becomes very slow in the end, and it ends up feeling more like "idle ad tycoon" to the point where it kinda ruins the experience because it feels like sometimes you just open up the app to watch ads. However, the ads are completely optional and unintrusive. Overall a great experience and played for a few months.
So far it's a great game, the gameplay goes quite quickly which is great, no bugs so far either, I like that you have the option to watch ads to rerole pilots and get boosts, just adds to the game, overall enjoying it
I love the graphics and concept. This needs more stuff to do. It gets boring fast. Edit: This game is 70% advertising screen time. You have to reroll for every pilot if you want a decent one which means you have to watch a 30 second ad every 10 seconds when you really get rolling. So not only is it boring but it's ridiculously ad based and pay to win. Find something else.
It's just another idle game. I do like the pixle look though, and I would recommend it to anyone who has time to waste and the game isn't bad. Whats missing that would make thos game 5 stars is the absense of anything that truly makes it stand out from other idle games, like a mothership or minigames or something of the sort. just a little more content that would make idle space tycoon a top game.
This game is a decent tower idle/incremental game. The amount of ads it expects you to watch can get a bit ridiculous if you want all the boosts. There is an ad free option you can buy for only 3 dollars which makes the boost system in the game much more bearable. Expect to spend a little less than 25 dollars if you want all the permanent boosters. These really seem to help the pacing of the game. An active playstyle in this game seems much faster than an idle one, but it isn't overwhelming.
I like the game but 2 things are glaring. First the cost of transactions, $11 to remove ads?!? That's a bit steep. I'd gladly send you $4.99, no problem, but $11 is extremely greedy. Secondly there doesn't appear to be a prestige system.
Run of the mill idle incremental game. Lots of optional ads for minimal gains. Don't usually rate games, but this one was so insistent on getting rated it locked me into a rating screen and refused to let me continue. No exit button, no tapping outside the window, no using back button to leave the window. Uninstalled. Here is your rating, no pocket change for you.
Okay, ill give it like 4.1 because of the cash grabs, my god. theres like 5 million ads each minute. the game is fun otherwise, control a space company and make quadrillions. my advice is remove 75% of the ads, add more ships, and add stuff like rebirths. it would make this game WAY funner. this is MY opinion. this game doesn't suck, its just to much of a cash grab. thank you for reading. <3 also this is why i did not rate this game 5 stars. thank you again. so yeah if the dev reads this thanks!
great. I would just give one complaint and that would be the fact that in the game asks you to rate. but overall that's a minor complaint. my favorite thing about this game is that it doesn't force you to watch ads or pay for anything in terms of an idle game that's the best you can ask for. and it gets an idle game right it's not a clicker game so many idle games claim to be idle game and they're actually clicker games I love the fact that the developer actively communicates with the community
Enjoying this game alot.. and ive only started .. nice feeling when no ads intrupts the game only when need x2 or stuff but its worth helping the devs and getting the boosts i need.. Maybe one day you could add some lookalike treky fan ships ;) (startrek) or even star wars fan ships.. just an idea.. Keep it up devs love the game.
It is what it saysit is. It is an idle game and there are no forced ads. You buy ships, new tower levels, and pilots. Wait to accumulate money, upgrade stuff, rinse and repeat. It does well what it says it does, i would change it to 5 stars if there was a way to earn premium currency past the leveling but alas there does not appear to be a way to do that. Please add options for earning premium currency for f2p people.
Simple and Repetitive. lots of ads to watch or you can pay money for what seems like pointless resources. only 2 areas are available but more are "coming soon". definitely a game to not need to pay much attention to, the only point seems to be is to spend virtual currancy to upgrade shipping ports for some unknown reason, and also to watch advertisements. also note that I am currently still playing the game. 😅
It is a good game I love it I became a pro in 30 Seconds ads in this game isn't that long the box The most I need is coins the box gives me a lot Of money and upgrades makes progress very Quickly thank you cold fire GAMES GmbH
Pretty standard idle game. Not a lot to it, but that's normal for this type of game. I found it pretty funny that the RNG on pilot gender seems to be about 90% women, 5% aliens, 5% men. Maybe even this little game has bowed to SJW pressure?