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Idle Space Farmer - Tycoon

Idle Space Farmer - Tycoon for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Anxious Otter Games located at Unit 3602, Skyline Tower, 39 Wang Kwong Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've been playing for a day now... It was very nice! Although there's one thing about it. When you progress further there will be a lot more farms that you have to do and since my smartphone is low-end ( sob ), will there be graphics options where we can reduce the effects so that it will be less laggy? I hope that you would add this features and I hope that everyone that are working on this game do their best!!(โ‰งโ–ฝโ‰ฆ)
Game is fun, but after playing a bit, I've noticed, that when I prestige, my income doesn't go up. Because I keep all my agents at multiples of 100, I ran the X100 for a few times, and got 2.69al gold. And after I prestige, and re-leveled all my agents, and re-ran the X100 bonus, it tracked me getting nearly the exact same, even though the prestige was supposed to double my income. This bug leaves this game unimpressive. I will not be continuing to play until someone can prove to me it's fixed
Its fun to fill out the planet farms but awakening and getting soul shards is slightly too hard Update: Thanks for the response. Actually, I think I figured out awakening and soul shards a bit better. Update again: okay, research points turned out to be easy enough to get once you can do harder bounties. Except blue points. I look forward to future updates!
Decent way to pass the time and watch your farming build up. The real problem is with the ads. There are too many times where after I've watched an ad, I don't get my reward, and I have to close and reopen the game after an hour, just to watch another one. Fix that issue, and I'll give the game a better score
The game is good and it's fun I don't think this game is really pay to win sure the game is a grind but yeah it's supposed to be that way, it never spams ads In your face and always gives you the option to watch an ad for a boost. I like what this dev is doing so I bought some cash in game please let this be the standard for free to play games on the mobile platform.
This game is a great time killer, only reason I gave 4 star is that I wish there was a way to save agents so I dont accidentally sell them (i got fat fingers and accidentally sold a 5 star), other than that, this game is great
it's a fun little idle game with great artwork. it's exactly what I thought it was going to be. fun time passer.
Nice idle game.It have futuristic graphics,effects and great animation of gacha character when in a battle and beautiful anime arts๐Ÿ‘.But i only give 4 star, why?. Because its really not suitable for kids i will make it 5 star if you were change the age rated of this game โ˜บbut its really great game anyway ๐Ÿ‘recommended this on idle gamers not for kids.
I just wanna give you guys some advice, for who played this game because of the characters art. Rather than spending a lot of money in this gacha game and get nothing. You better go to Nutaku and search SF Girls. It's almost basically the same art, same characters(less censor), etc.
Thank you for responding to my previous post, and now I have a suggestion. Can there be a window where we can upgrade agents without selecting them on a farming spot? I just prestiged and with my many agents to upgrade, it gets repetitive. Can you do something like this? Please?
i enjoyed the graphics very much and it is very easy to get a 5 and 6 star heroes without using any real cash
Update: App won't load up. Everything I try, and it stops loading at the end so I can't get in. Weird fat fe/ish on some of these girls but otherwise it's a cool game
Update: I reviewed the game before the upgrade and it was good then but i like the improvements, it has definately breathed life back into the game... However that being said, Its still got it's bugs. I went to go from 4x to 8 x prestige, and it glitched so although it used the coins and reset, the girls are still only at 4x attack so will take forever to advance. Also, the original worlds panned out at bc...so now you can only attack LVL 1 and 2 battles as too weak for 3 and 4
Nice idle game, it's very relaxing easy to follow and on top of that very cool. Could use an update in the daily free summon, and also better graphics
Cute girls, game play is not time demanding. Great way to kill some time without having to pay attention to a game. I wish there was a remove ads permanently option. It would be nicento be able to see a full list of the girls to be able to lv them from one place. Or alternatly be able to autofill with low end vs high lv.
very ad heavy but I can understand why. maybe mix it up more so I don't see raid shadow legends everytime I watch one though lol.
Bit jank but I'm actually having fun with it. This has to be one of the first gachas that has girls with some meat on them, sadly the art itself is a bit low resolution and there isn't any way to constantly showcase a character that you like (FE: adjutants in GFL and assistants in AK). The gameplay isn't that intense but there is fun to be had with trying to optimise your upgrades and rewards.
The bonus abilities only take place after the sequence of current actions are finished. So if you activate the ability during an action, the ability time is waisted.
Core concept of the game is nice. However one of my rooms is glitched and I cannot earn any money from it. Any character put in it constantly attacks but never kills the monster and never earns money. This issue has persisted for 3 days now, even after relaunching. Could not find an ingame bug report so hopefully devs see it here and can fix it. Will change my review if fixed.
The game itself is fun, exciting and really a brain teaser when it comes to sacrificing your hard earned money on girls or upgrades. I'd highly reccommend this game to any gacha lovers. Although wish they had more girls, even if they already have around 40 or so lovelies! Still is a great, I keep coming back, I can't stop playing!
Great game style is great and the gameplay is addictive I honestly think it is better most other mobile games also I'm not a bot if u r wondering (uwu) Plz add more characters to all the stars that the only problem I have sry game Devs
Im so disappointed. The game says after you Prestige, your agents will reset to lv.1 (which is good). But after I prestige, all of my 2 stars and below agents are gone. The only remaining agents are the ones currently in battle Can you be specific and include that some agents not is battle will be vanish after you prestige? I plan them to be my Super Cash farmers, but NOPE. This update is disappointing as hell. Thanks for the time and uninstall.
Bounty is bugged or the dev made it impossible to beat anything above normal difficulty. As there is 3 more difficulty above normal, even after getting a full rooster of 6star heroes they just rubber band the requirements to make it impossible. For free players or whales alike. Not much in terms of gameplay fun to kill time that's about it. Art is nice too. Devs should look into the way the bounty missions work they are fundamentally broken. You cannot have 5 difficulty and have 3 be useless.
Fixed a couple of the annoyances of other idle miner type games. But has a huge flaw, the bounty missions increase in strength as you do making it impossible to do any above "normal".
About "bounty mission". I can only play easy and normal levels. Because the dmg require for hard and expert always base on my dmg. The more total.dmg i get, the more dmg require. So i can never beat that difficult. Lol. I dit it. But the dmg require "upgrade" too.
Game is fun, and having a type of a leaderboard in these games is cool, only issue so far is minor and could be my luck, is that wheres all the fit, with non life preservers waifus. The smllest so far is at least ddd in american sizes.
I Don't know where my girls went... When I do bounties I see lots of girls at level 1 but when I try to go to upgrade them they are not there to upgrade, it's very frustrating because I have a lot more that I can awaken but I cannot access them.. will change review once fixed
Love the art style of this game! This game has potential to be one of the best idle games i have ever played!
Its fun, a bit of ads, but it is a decent pace of flow for an idle game. The steps between levels could be balanced better. Game is as expected.
the "rate us for a boost" popup only redirects you to write a review if you select 5 stars. pretty scummy
I like the game, but after the update you have to watch an ad just to activate the skills at once. Was that really necessary? Pls make the activate all skill free
Got to love this ladies doing work for you. Honestly, it's still well-made for an otaku-like-game. All characters are nice and the vc is really smooth~ but the arts...I might smack whoever made the bodies (but noice). No pressure for in-game perks and since I got three 6 star agent for my first try. I might hang on to this for a while. ใ‚ใ‚ŠใŒใจใ†๏ผ
I like the game, but I don't like some the character design, some of them have weird proportion and pose. I hope there's will be update for the illustration in the future.
It's a really good game, i mean, probably not for kids 13 or younger but overall it's a pretty good game to play when your bored. And everything runs in the background when the game is closed, so you still make money without even playing it. That is technically the point of an idle game but anyways, you have 4 stars from me, I would reccomend this game๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
It is an ok idle game but after the third world, it's just a waiting game as it takes forever to upgrade your units beyond lvl 700 to get the 4th world. Been on this 3rd world for a month now and still no sign of reaching the next one. Another bad side of this game is character management, it is too tedious and painful to level individually each unit again to where they were every time you prestige(resets units level), especially when you have over 500 units. GL with your sanity leveling...
Great game overall but I've heard from a friend that there is a more mature version on a website I would like to know what that is thank you
I am downloading it again cuase i really enjoy the grind and when you get powerful people its easy i got to the second planet and the ads will not work at random though but it was a blast amazing graphics and the map to other planets is awesome. Sorry about my grammer i am confused if its the u before the a or is it backwards idk but amazing game keep up the good work!!!!
Edit: I still think this game is a great time waster game that is enjoyable and rather rewarding. However I have been playing for quite some time now (2y) and only 2-3 new characters have been shown. I do like what you did for those said characters as I have to work for them. On-top of that I feel this game would really benefit from a story mode with comic strips showing it. The art style would definitely work well with that. Finally return the activate all to add free please. it's very annoying
I absolutely love games like this. Hence why I also play crush crush. I dont mind the pacing being slow and I like how super cash isnt hard to get. One thing I would add to the game is simultaneously upgrading multiple characters at once. Like being able to select like 4 star and below and say imma level them all up to 600 in a click. It would also make getting super cash a tiny bit easier as upgrading hundreds of units would give you each characters milestone supercash.
Stuck at 63% at loading screen after playing once. Clunky interface, unresponsive buttons and unintuitive design are the other "features" i experienced after coerced "acception" of the data steal and sell policy.
great game ๐ŸŽฎ ๐Ÿ‘ played for this week more and more each day and really enjoying the content and the free items you get each day โ™กโ™ก thank you for making such fun game hope you are doing well my sweet sweet developers ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
I think this app is great considering the waifus are based off a hentoi (purposefully misspelled it for the younglings -u- )browser game but what is lacks is the full-scale movement of the waifus i still think this a great game but another problem is that when i don't close the app completely i don't get any rewards which kinda sucks. Also the game gets kind of boring when you don't have anything to do anymore on it so i think adding a new minigame that regens its times faster (30min or so per chance at the minigame) would be so fun but still make it that you can only have a certain amount of times you can play a certain level otherwise you will be on for too long and then the game gets too much for most people. All-in-all it is a great game and i love that the creator was kind enough it put more clothes on the waifus so this game could be played by more people but made it so that the new parts of the clothes are slightly see-through for the more mature users.
Update: v1.6.0 fixes the collection of isle currency while the app is in the background. To the devs: thanks for fixing this!
a nice art styled app, the build up game play ish is good but there are a lot of menus you can get lost in. also made me select all 5 stars with the rate app pop up to even get here.
Its a very simple concept and I love it. Its easy to understand the controls are simple are easily explained. all an all this game is a 9/10 im my book.
4/5 for a decent game. Characters' graphics are questionable, plot is next to none, the design is way too "colorful". But like the title says, idle game is idle game. If you come here for the plot or graphics, this one is a big "nope". For the time killing then maybe :/ Anyways, keep improving and good luck !
This is one of those games that you can not get enough of. Checking in morning noon and night, you always want to see how far your have gotten in the game, and see what else you can do. 100% a great way to spend some time.
It's a great game to go at your own pace. It's a great idle game. the only problem is the difficulty of the bounty missions.
it is an okay game kind of stalls out after the first week of playing it. way too much waiting for things probably going to lose interest soon.
i like the art so much but can you guys please me the angels do some moves when we see then in big forms like when we touch them they do some moves
its a great time passer. i've been playing idle games and this one i like the most since its simple, rewarding and with lots of kawaii and lovable anime waifus!! its free to play, kinda fair, since i still get 6 and 5 stars even i not spend real money. though it starts to slow down when u reach above level 12. then it comes in my mind to consider buying with real cash. still can hold out a little bit more, since its enjoyable even its F2P. i recommend you check it out
Not the greatest thing I've ever played, but the character models sure made me laugh at how atrocious they were, so 7/10
Game is a decent idle game. But I feel I end up watching ads more than anything else. The ads I feel is critical to progression or else you will need to spend alot of money. Stuck after unlocking 3 planet. Going to be a month I'm guessing to unlock the 4th. Concept is decent but stuck too often with pay wall.
Not much wrong with it, but it's certainly not the best game in the world. It's sorta pay to win, but you can definitely still get to everything without spending any money. It is laggy, though, and takes up a lot of space
Lame. Last Update cut heros dps in half or doubled monster hp... either way total bs game is totally a waste of time anyways.
I love the easy and quick game style and all the fun and super cute characters that you can get! even the subtle references are alot of fun to spot. all around fun simple game that you can progress in with as little or as much effort as you want to put in.
THIS GAME CHEATS! Instead of the bounty missions being a series of static levels that you can achieve as you grow more powerful, the hard level increases as your power does. No matter how powerful you upgrade your girls' levels, the hard level of bounty missions will always be approximately 5% more than the total you can muster to the battle. There is no way to advance through the levels of the bounty missions because you will never achieve enough power to beat them one by one.
I love the relaxed pacing of the game. It feels nice to just casually let the game do the work while setting milestones for fun.
Game has a really interesting system where you can just keep watching ads to keep acquiring cash to summon and boosts instead of locking you down like most other games. Character designs are really cool too
The game just froze when I tried to unlock the second planet. And wiped all my progress for the past 4 hours. Including the 6 star hero I just summoned. NOPE. NOPE.
Brain dead, poor taste 'game'. No originality, no interest, not even good graphics. Very dubious use of women representation, out of date concept.
This game is quite Addictive. I'm actually rather speechless, its easy to learn and entertaining. I havnt ran into any problems yet but I'll let you know when I run into any
Great game. Very cute, takes little effort, a few minor changes would be good. An auto-system for some things or accelerated timers? Planet Rosean is slow if started late for example. Auto-leveling characters to a certain point would be nice, since right now I have to spend several minutes leveling up after prestige. Oh and the extremities like hands and feet on the girls aren't super well rendered, though that's a minor complaint.
After the last update something changed in a bad way - xiaomi game boost won't activate, phone heats up, lags gradually increase up to the total freeze in 5-10 minutes, I have to reboot the phone after that point. Seems that the game chokes on moving parts, but I have only 1-2 active agents in each world.. Please test and fix.
This was a really entertaining app It's just like the Idle Miner Tycoon but much easier Thanks for making this app I am excited what is gonna be the next update :)
Good game, but progress comes a little slowly, and there's not much reason to stay online past doing your daily missions, a few bounties, some invasions, etc.
I have maxed prestiged the cash side within a week so there's not much more to do without spending money to make progress. Ive been having issues with my idle progress not working. If I don't close that app completely then I dont collect idle progress. If I'm not getting idle progress I should be getting real time currency collection which im not getting either. Seems a little broken here.
I played this game in the past and really enjoyed it. Stopped playing after a while and when I came back to the game it started me over from scratch. I made purchases in the game and I am unable to retrieve my old game data. Kind of disheartening after wanting to come back to the game and see what was new.
It's not bad. The art isn't the best, but it has a good variety of things to do, and it's more fun than a certain "merchant quest" game that helped make afk-types popular...
I give it a 3 stars because this game does not be play by a 7 year old bc of the zoom in zoom out in the game
Ignoring the whole waifu part since that's been covered plenty, this is a pretty good idle game, just one tip, higher star does not mean garenteed better troop, 1 seconds are too slow, 0:25 seconds stray into the chip damage catagory, a solid 4 stars
I love this game couse its like endless level its like a space mining game if the creators watching i just wanna say i loved it!
Still the best simulator on waifu juice. Collected any girl except one. I'll get her soon enough. Art style never ceases to amaze...balloons everywhere, if you get my drift. The Roseans are extremely cute, need to add more waifus for other planets or have us save new ones. And I'm looking into doing some fan art. Again, love my waifus and I love this game.
It's pretty standard for an idol game. I think some the characters are nice to draw. My only thing is that I think you guys need to update the delay speed for the bonuses used in the game. For instance I had a boost activated for something, and instead of immediately taking effect with whatever multiplier is active, it'll take effect a few transfer animations later.
Fun game, great for wasting time but the waifus in my inventory keep disappearing. I got some really great ones and then they just vanished...
Not a bad game, it's just you have to watch alot of ads. And there really isn't any explanation of how to play.
its neat and verry addictive especially when you collect rare and legendary heroes i recomend others to play this
Instant idle? ODK what to say. Chibi art style+P2P=? I want more interaction out of a game. 5 minutes in and I need to go play another game while idle builds up? Where does that lead is the real question devs need to ponder.
This game is sexy and fun. Gameplay is chill and fun. nice growth. Has gacha mechanics if you are into that, but you don't need to fork over money. I heard there was a lewd version somewhere that I must look for now.
Is a good little idle game. Stopped playing for bout a year and tried to come back but after loading my cloud back up it gets to searching for planets and just stays there.
Fun time waster. Pop in, watch an ad or three, and watch the funds roll in. More waifus would be appreciated, have 80% after only 3 days.
Cool at first to collect some waifus. Once you start progressing though it drops very drastically from high efficiency progress to low, extremely low. Been on the third planet for 4 months now with no signs of proceeding any further any time soon. I keep up on the dailys and sign in hourly to complete bounty missions and still barely profit. Would not recommend at this time until the adjust some of the production values of the farms.
The is ok no glitches no bugs but the problem is in 3 days it keeps making me start it all over the is good I love it but I keeps making start it all over please fix it
Fun little game, love the cute waifus! Good idle game, I cant wait to see what it has for the future!
I'm enjoying the game. The bulk agent purchase option was a great addition! Wish there was a way to review and compare agent stats from a screen separate from floor selection.
Absolutely Terrible. An "idle" game that stops working when you close the game. Leaving the game running isn't an option either because the game will absolutely plow through your battery. I get its an idle game but why do you design your game for the player to not actually play? You should design something for me to actually DO if I have the game open. Then let it do idle stuff when I'm gone. As it stands I open the game collect my daily garbage and close it out.
WOAH. Gotta question, you guys also made S.F. Girls hero defense didn't you? Just wondering because I started playing that game yesterday and the characters are super similar, is this your PG version? Would love to know but either way, keep up the good work. ๐Ÿ‘
it won't open the option to rate unless you rate at 5 stars giving the impression that the developer doesn't want reviews unless they are 5 stars. i only bothered reviewing the game for a chance at a power up. The developer may have been trying at humor in their response. otherwise, steep playing curve. only bother opening once per day due to upgrade costs vs how much you can actually earn. played for 16 days so far and feels like I'm barely making any progress. will likely uninstall soon
After reaching the "ae" money the game kinda stops. Progression feel became 0. Its getting boring, probably will uninstall soon...
It's a fun game so far of what I played. Each character is unique and not to hard to unlock. It is a little bit of a grind but if you like games like that than it's no problem.
Ahh this is interesting, the only thing that confuse me is the bounty system that get stronger when i lvling my character to be able to tackle this system. And why is there's no event ?
I agree with another reviewer. Once you earn about 5.5aa, they game stops being idle and you make no money while you're afk. I just watched for the third time, money seeming to go into my account but nothing moved. Ah well, it was funny for a quick moment.
Can't open the game anymore. Stuck at 'waking up your crew'. Tried removing data and cache, but nothing happened
This game is really good! collecting waifus as a pastime is great but if I could just give a suggestion to the developers, can you guys make a way for us to actually interact with the waifus? like if you tap them they will give back a reaction
I like how you don't feel pressured into buying items with real money. One thing I think would be good is being able to put a manager on each floor, who will automatically upgrade the agent on that floor as soon as you have enough money (in game money).
Perfect mix of idle and non idle, and game progress is fast as well. Waifu-wise, its a bit lacking but enough to actually pull some interest from me, especially Vanessa. the final thing i want to point out are the weakness, time taken for planet rossiyan defense is a bit too long and i found that 4 times to do bounties felt a bit too short. those weakness are bearable and best of all, this game does not rely on constant pop up ads which is a solid 5 star from me.
its genuinely a good, fun, cute game. no real need to spend money, its a great idle with cute girls slaying monsters and a whole bunch of content
nice idle game using characters from an NSFW game that's also fun. the tower/ mine type of idle game isn't my personal favorite but they've done it well here. if you plan to play this game be aware that there are lots of pay packages for the whales out there but f2p players can get ahead as well, just be prepared to watch a lot of ads. overall it's a good game its just a bit slow at the start.
It's an idle..what can I say. it's good it's bad but it's fun so what more do you want. don't be complaining about it "not being your perfect idea".... wussies.
Had a game on here but haven't played it in a while, now I open it and am forced to start a new game and all my old save data is gone. I spent a little money on the other file. It wasn't alot but the fact you deleted the save data is still infuriating
So far it's to my liking, no problems. The progression speed is ok for me so far. I recently found out this game has an adult version on a web site with intense scenes but I'm so far in this one so I stuck with it, I just hope not everything got cut from this version that so I have something to look forward to. I cleaned junk files from my phone and I find that I have to start all over again. I started over, characters I bought are still there but everything else is gone and I had a six star too
If you love idle games, gacha, waifu and totally offline best experience you must download this game you can actually play it without internet at first it's kinda slow progressing but if you play it more and you you can feel that it is rewarding and also you can get all the privilege without spending a dime... absolutely a must play game....just hoping for more gameplay just like multiplayer pvp or to see waifu actually fighting but still it's the best of the best offline idle game for me
Not a bad idle game. There is plenty of progression to be had and less gating compared to most idle games. Plenty of Super Cash to be obtained without spending money. I like the character variety and there is rarely a need to use one character over others.
Good but there's a big BIG bug in the game: if it stays running in the background while you're in other apps, when you bring the game back up it doesn't give you the idle income from time spent in the background. I've lost whole nights of income to this particular bug. To the dev: please check the time difference when the user resumes the app. Other very similar apps do this.
decent art, it's aware of it's service, pretty consistent idle game. 5 stars for effort, just ignore the unrealistic anatomy on unexpected placed, like Sora's saggy buttfangs.
good game as it is a game that you can stay off for a while and come back on to get gear coins and new characters to use
Fun idle farming game with nice graphics. The character art is very appealing. That's really all there is to it.
I hope we can easily upgrade every agent with just one click!!!! For example RIHO x10 ugrade to exact level you like (lvl 100 , 1000)so that 10 Riho agents can be upgrade to it at the same time.. i hope it doesn't matter if all of them are not same level. because it supposed to be an idle game but haha I really hate clicking and clicking:) i think i have 300+agents and i cant let them to waste by making them into soul or something like that just for skill!!! And I can get cash from them:) thanks
I got the impression it would be more explicit (b/c in the ad it puts a "censored" bar over one of the characters chest), and maybe I've just not been playing it long enough in, but so far it is not explicit at all. Beyond that letdown, it's a fine game, though. Check it out, for your health.
First off id like to say i only downloaded this to leave a review. FIRST OFF. Your characters in the ads, the ones in the playstore, the 5 that i have spotted so far come from a game in nutaku publishing so stop using already made characters. Second, stop overly sexualizing your ads. Puuting a half naked woman or hentai on the front is just click bait. All Nsfw games arent allowed on google play because everyone has acess to it even little kids. And 3 if your gonna copy peoples work, give credit
Updated: Reworked a function of the game to only work after you watch an ad. There are already so many reasons to watch an ad, this is not one of them. Dropped 2 stars because its so damned obnoxious. Otherwise, the design is sharp and some of the girls are silly. Ok game.
Good idle fun. Takes a bit to get used and prevent yourself from accidentally making things harder. Only current issue I'm having is sometimes trying to trigger an ad it will allow me to continue to play but won't play the ad and won't allow me to trigger another ad unless I close the app and start it back up. This has happened randomly as I play; even when I just started it up and waited for the double cash collection to be clickable.
Pretty simple, traditional gacha and idle games but with decent art and a lot of cute girls of all shapes and sizes. This game would be great for degenerates and normies alike. Though the gameplay is not that flashy, I think it's simplicity is the charm and makes you focus more on the design of the characters. Found some problems though, the daily free gacha doesn't seem to work. Nothing happens when i press it. Also, it might be beter to improve the resolution of the loading screen. Thanks devs
I like the game so far, I've unlocked the second planet and enjoy checking in periodically. I like watching the animations sometimes. Just watch as the waifus gun down the enemies with ease.
Was looking forward to this, but the game wont properly resize itself to play on a tablet, even ones with large screens. Really wanted to play this on my Supersonic 813 13 inch. Funny how tablets are much more common now- but i can play all kinds of older games on it or my samsung note despite not being as adopted back then. Being a developer myself, u should look beyond your 'target audience' towards your 'potenial audience'. If you list the change in ur release notes Ill B bak w/ a real review
This game copied all if the sprites from sf girls. If you want to make a good game, use your own sprites and make the whole thing with your own self made sprites.
this game does bring me some interesting things :) but some off the interfaces are hard to touch like the arrow button when moving from waifus to waifus of the upgrading section.
Well to be honest and for some who say it's good its actually about average game to it really sucks but could be better. Yea progress is slim to none. It's almost been a month I think for me and I haven't even gone to any awaken state yet. If there were more "gacha", or character maybe it would be easier, or add more content so people wouldn't he bored becausez I am. Thanks for responding earlier and I know the dev's wanted me to relate this it been up my face all day.
I renistalled the game and it seems fine but there are a lot of minor glitchs and bugs, i found four when i was playing for 2 days, over all good game but the little bugs are annoying (tho its sad that i have to get back all of my wifus all over)
Pretty fair ftp idle clicker.. Ticket agents can be used to level up for more cash to get better agents. Bounties seem to scale with your level so you need a balanced team to beat higher levels. Enjoying it so far 5 days in.
After 5 days, I think there may be some pacing issues. My agents have far outstripped the planetary invasion but are way underpowered for bounties. The prestige resets are few and far between and I've stopped opening new heroes with the free tickets because you stop using 1 and 2* heroes almost immediately. Overall cute but I quickly got bored, even for an idle game. Unlocking new farms and moving agents around isn't all that interesting after doing the same thing for 60 farms.
I played this game a while ago. I reinstalled it to try it again and my whole profile was gone. I had actually put in a lot of time into the game and it's just... all gone. No recovery option or anything. I DO NOT want to start back from scratch.
Microtransactions: YES. Fake adds: YES.. I'd more like no chest at all. I recently found a game I like more and is only game revenue is adds that offer buffs. Make it work space farmer dev's. 1 star your game makes me think you already have content planned but never released it. Why so many open and empty slots In the space ship, dev's.... fishy.
progression starts out fast, then becomes a really slow crawl. which isn't to bad for an idle. but I wish the slow down would have been built up, instead of just feeling like a sudden wall. you can pull a lot, and it seems to be a very fair gatcha. warning to new players. save your extras from every character you pull.
Honestly very fun and enjoy with offline mode... but i hope there is dating, wedding, and more of romance features in this game, so if u dev add wedding dating option for the girls, i ll give u 5 stars ... thanks
ok game, not super clear, but good manager. not super annoying with ads or notifications. sometimes ads don't work.
I've been playing this about once a day for the last four months. It's a solid incremental game. The cash shop options are rediculous once you get to the point where you're transcending units (these perks require cash, not the alternative currency) but if you're willing to take the game slow and methodically it's easy to pick up and poke at day to day. Graphics are okay; most of them were pulled from the H-game by the same publisher.
I have some qualms, but overall, it's a good idle game. I just enjoy maximizing efficiency more than anything else.
just a simple little gacha game i like it more see through clothing please kotoro a step in the right direction
It fills the role of "idle game" quite well, but the main selling point is the cute waifus. The only problem is that there really isn't much interaction with them. You get only one picture for each girl and that's it. Kind of sucks since that's the main selling point.
Edit: After going to app info and clearing cache and data, the game now loads. I downloaded the game but it loads 90% on "locating farm" and stays there. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it and it still isnt loading past 90%. I will change my review once this problem is solved
I mainly give this a 5 star because it reminds me of a NSFW game I play called SF girls and practical I just love that ๐Ÿ˜‚ but indeed I would suggest the developers make this a rated game for certain ages. Not recommend this for youngsters. Overall though seems like a decently developed fun idle simulator game. ๐Ÿ‘
Less fun than the ad, speaking of which, it's an ad farm with no real depth. The characters are neat.
This game is interesting but my biggest problem is the rating.. it is should not be rated E. It should be rated T. I would give a higher rating but I wouldn't say its kid friendly. Change the games rating and I'll change mine.
The game is very addicting, but it's actually worth watching the ads unlike most games. I recommend this game for everyone for sure. ๐Ÿ’ฏ
I like this game, been playing it since mid-last year. Even though it is pretty much a reskin of idle miner tycoon, it has different things and waifus instead, I got this because I love space, I played it and we'll, they've succeeded in the space vibe, and waifus make the game heaps better too. Other different things are the mini games to fight the bosses and win loot, also being able to stop aliens/monsters from taking over the land. I will continue playing. And please, more content updates.
this game is absolutely amazing i love every part of it from collecting characters to fighting aliens and its super easy the only thing i want in this is guilds and raid aliens
I have never before seen a game where the optimal gameplay strategy is to just watch ads all day. Peak manipulation/10.
Used to be fun, but with the latest update everything was nerfed to the ground. My idle income dropped by 10-20 times so now I have to wait entire day to upgrade 1 agent. My dmg dropped to the point that I can no longer complete hard bounties. I guess you're trying to force users into new system this way, but I've never seen an update that SLOWS progression. Way to destroy the experience that the update should in theory improve.
Pay to progress, super cash options are expensive and the ad way is alright, but the installing games way will be declined or never sent to your account.
The Grind in this game makes you want to spend money. But if you check in maybe 3 times a day and spend like 10 minutes each time. this game isnt so bad
Personally I love this game. The only thing I could see as a problem is the shop. Most of the items are heavily inflated when it comes to buying things with Super Cash. Now I understand and think it's great because it lets you save up the super cash that you get in world to get stuff like a legendary chest for free but if you want to buy it with real world money you have to spend upwards of $20. Which is ridiculous for a single chest and the bundle you can only buy once.
This game is sooo fun but i think they should add some minigames or something to do while waiting for income. But overall,this game is fun and the graphics are nice
It was fun but once you reach world 2 progress is so slow... Takes hours just to lvl 1 lvl on the girl
havent had any issues and its fun in more ways then one. the art is also cool and some could be better bit they are good.
Usually games like this either spam you with microtransactions or make it as hard as possible to progress so you have to buy something. This game is not that. It's actually really well made and easy to play. It doesn't spam you with microtransactions and you can make a lot of secondary cash really easily. The only thing I don't really like is the handfull of times they do have a quick pop up when you start the game, they don't have the price for the bundle listed.
Ok, let's go here. I downloaded this game a while ago, didn't enjoy it. Got it again specifically to write this review. 1. The ads are misleading, whether intentionally or not. 2. The microtransactions are ridiculous. 3. This game uses obviously borrowed (or stolen) character sprites from another game. An *adult* game. Don't waste your time.
Pretty good game so far, the basic idle farmer game, but i feel like i've played this before but not this version.
Sweet game as a whole. No real pressure just a laid-back experience so far. Decent graphics and sound. plus enough to do that it keeps your attention. No real glitches encountered so no real complaints.
Base on my experience this game is fun and nice graphic but the enemy hp is really higher than the dmg of 10 of our heroes even my heroes is lvl 480 still can't kill the boss. Still I love this game๐Ÿ˜‰ 5/5 for your hard work to make us fun keep it up
It's not fun at all. Uncreative characters and a common grind game that really reaches for your wallet. I wasted $10 on a booster bundle that did little to nothing for the game play. I want my money back but there is no option to get it back.
I don't know why but I just can't stop playing this game. it's not the characters (which is a bonus I guess), it's not the idle concept. its the completions of the upgrades and awakenings.
The game is surprisingly addicting, I didn't know I would like auto mining exponential games but the game is pretty fun, you only see ads when you want to get a speed boost or save time which is better than other games which just force ads on you no matter what. Cons include how in game paid currency feels expensive and that there is no online presence of the game except for the discord. Also, which gatcha should I do for the most value? 100 for 3-6โ˜… vs 500 for 5-6โ˜…?
it's pretty cool and fun it's cool to see all types of characters the art styles are nice but it's too bad you don't get to talk to the characters or even get to know them
I saw an ad for this game and decided "you know what, why the hell not". Big fan of chibi/kawaii/anime type animating so I was very interested in it. The girls are pretty cute and I noticed the game was well worth a shot and is amazing because of the devs. You devs respond to every review and that really shows this is a good engaging player-based game :) Just started on it and it's alfeady quite lovably adorably fun. Keep up the amazing work!!! ;D
Literally cannot progress without spending money, awesome... Edit: standard reply, so minus one star.
Interesting game. Time consuming and entertaining but I looked for a community and some explanation of the mechanics and there's not much out there. There's a wiki but it mentions a lot of stuff I can't find in the game, I assume it's had major content revision/removal, like "main missions"(?!?) and a starting character that I've never seen though I'm maybe halfway through?
i got halfway through second world and i didn't care to unlock the third. it's just numbers. when devs discover that they need dialog and personality, this game will get serious quality jump.
The game is not bad but it is pretty good it's just that whenever you try to get into it you make glitch and silicone make weird noises I don't know if it doesn't this with anybody else's device but it does with mine also I'm glad that it doesn't have that many ads only ad said you would use if you had to like to boost a process up or something my favorite are the bounty missions
1. I thank the developers for being active and replying frequently, it's actually nice to see this in my opinion. 2. The game is great, it has what you would mostly expect with a few twists and that's a amazing touch that it's not the same boring thing all the time. 3. I've only experienced a few problems -ads- which is expected most of the time, no offense however some of them completely crash the game. 4. Yes this is a long review and I apologize, leveling up is fine (Edit: Ads Fixed Thanks)
The characters are so cool, it made me drool ๐Ÿคค๐Ÿคค By the way, is there a way we can evolve those waifus? I mean, sometimes when you summon a 1-2 star waifu, it already exists before.. AND PLEASE... DON'T. PIXELATE. THEM. NEXT. TIME
I think more games should be like this. It's nice, all of the ads are optional and they're rewarding but not so much that all you do is watch ads and then get bored (I'm guilty of watching a ton tho). There's a good balance. There's hardly any pop-ups when you first launch the game. It's pretty chill. I've been playing for about 2 months and I'm almost ready to unlock world 4 and I'm surprisingly excited for it. It's a pretty simple game but it still kills time pretty good.
The best idle game I've ever played. Perfectly paced. Looks, plays and controls good. I don't mind the ads for curtain things. I also enjoy the random character pulls for in game currency. Fun idle game, 10/10 honestly
This game is amazing at what it does. Fail horribly at everything it tries to do. Idle aspect is a literal copy paste of other games. I am sure this is a reskin. Waifu part fails just as bad. Bland and boring with literally added in JPEG images. Game is scaled extremely steep in the p2w favor yet fails to actually reward p2w players. A free 1s hero gives same bonuses currency wise than most expensive 6s heroes. Only impressive thing about this game is how bad and lazy devs are.
It's an ok idle game the graphics are good however it takes way too long to get the amount of money you need to level your people up. Also the monetary amount needed to unlock other areas in the game is waaaaay too high. Money production needs to be increased to make this game better. Also being told how to best world one would be helpful aswell.
It's true to its name, a space farmer that you can leave idle. It's always nice to see the numbers crawl high and get more girls- especially after saving supercash to spring for the 5-6 star gacha. The art style is pretty nice as far as 'anime babes' go, though personally i find the breast a bit too on the obnoxiously large and disformed side- the characters are cute enough to overlook that. I would personally love to see more art for the loading screens and maybe for each of the girls as a part of events or something? I can see investing a lot more time into this game- and i hope it continues to update and improve!
It's an idle clicker with gacha mechanics. To be honest however the gacha is pretty giving and you can actually get the premium currency by playing the game but that's because the mechanic itself is pretty shallow in my opinion. There isn't really a reason the gacha should be in this game but you can get by without spending money on it (so far). I'm on world two right now so we will see how it goes.
Cloud saves are not automatic. I lost maybe 6 months worth of idle effort. Nope not worth repeating all this effort. Yeah this game is done. Waste of time
Not as great as it once was. Super cash was far easier to get, especially with watching ads previously. Now the only way you can get it is with downloading bad apps, which is ridiculously bad. At least bring back the option to watch ads for some free super cash, even if it's less. With all the more girls and features, it's more needed than ever. If you can't, at least make the chance to pull the same girl of a higher rate significantly lowered. Maybe add a free weekly (or monthly 5-6 girl pull).
wonderful game but need just a little more to do during play time and definitely need more characters in later times
I actually really enjoy this game! There are a few things that I'd like to see. (Maybe I haven't gotten there yet but...) I think it would be great if we could have customisable dorms for the agents. The art is great, the chibi sprites are cute, and there's a lot to unlock. It's fun, and it's nice to play when I feel like doing something unproductive to take my mind away. I enjoy coming back and seeing the progress my little warriors have made :3
Fair warning, this game plateaus really freaking fast after your first prestige. Great art, relatively interesting idle gameplay... I have yet to hit that second prestige yet after a week... If you like long drawn-out games this might be for you lol
The game is fun, I've encountered zero bugs/crashes, and you can earn the premium currency very regularly.
Pretty fun game, though the girls are a little unrealistic as far as there physical appearance but hey.
The game itself is fun, the only problem I have is whenever I go to watch an ad for whatever reason, only some of the are work. the top war battle ad pretty much never works the game of lost ad never works for me and a few other ads they load all the way up until the last second and then they just freeze and then I don't get anything and I have to back out of the game, or sometimes the game freezes a bit before I even get to an ad other than that everything else works great for me at least
Second comment of this game, I have been playing it for a week long and I like it. It is simple, it doesn't weigh on me that much one thing I do like in the next patches of the game is that they would add more agents especially in the Rosaen region. It is fine as it is for now but I like it if they would add in more agents and some more interactions with them I hope the devs. won't mind my selfish wants.
Not bad and cool. Like how it works and is very easy to earn more by just holding out and the reward system is good. It's fun but not 5 star worthy yet.
It stops working out of the blue, outside of that is good. (Don't know how to repply bellow) Every now and then, with no reason the game closes. Sometimes when I watch an add or when I swap worlds to collect gold. Yes, recently got to a point that it did not allow the game to open anymore.
I am doing completely free to play for now and I don't feel the pressure to buy anything. there are adds and chances to get boost for watching but I can live with that. the game gives out plenty of in game currency to use. at some point I will invest because the fun I am having.
Edit 01/12/2020: On 1.6.7, You need to watch an ad now to use activate all skills button, a greedy move by the devs when it doesn't cost anything before.
a good concept but suffers from being an afk type game. Edit what i mean by that is that the game is limited by what type og game it is. Afk arena is still by far the best afk game because of the amount of stuff you can do in it. This game is much more just check in on resources upgrade resources and leave. While its a good idle mechanic i cant give it any more than 3 stars. Thats more a limitation of the type of game and less about the game itself.
Nice system for idle game play. Just wish we can have gacha tickets for the high star rolls bit other than that mostly well done.
Nah. Not a great implementation of a tired genre. Relies on the mediocre waifu art to try and get you to put up with all the road blocks intended to get you to pay cash. Not even worthwhile as a time waster unless they remove all the annoyances like waiting an hour to open a 4th floor.
Been playing for a long while now. All my units are lv600+ but getting anyone to 700 just seems far fetched. I feel like I'm missing something for progression as I'm not really progressing. Haven't unlocked a far for months in world 2 or 3. Still playing and I just want to collect all the characters.
Really grindy. After you get prestige 2/3 the game slows down immensely with no new mechanics introduced until prestige 5/6. Premium cash becomes rarer much quicker, and each subsequent prestige (around 10^5 coins) it halves your level up premium cash reward... your only option is to watch ads for the 100x boost for leveling, or ads so you can cycle expeditions and bounty missions for premium cash.... look elsewhere
I love this game. you can actually play this game and it won't force you to spend money to progress watching ads can get you just as much as paying money. and allowing people to play with out emptying there wallet and the devs not being greedy makes me like it that much more.
Wow... this game is awesome! Its so much fun and the characters are very proportionate๐Ÿ˜ณ but i like it tho...very.....much..... anyway, its a lot of fun you get to collect females and level them up i promise that if you are an anime fan YOU. WILL. FALL. IN. LOVE. WITH. THIS. GAMEEEE!!!
So, I can wait an hour, watch an ad, or spend $$$ to clear the first wall of debris. Uninstalled for trash mechanic designed to push ads and $$$ spending.