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Idle Space Clicker

Idle Space Clicker for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by ColdFire Games GmbH located at Anna-Lauter-Str. 10 76137 Karlsruhe Germany. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I only gave ot a 3 * because the game is fun untill you try to get the gold chests that float by for the free items the video wont play so you dont get your reword althogh all the other chests work just fine.it gets frustrating to take the time to attempt to watch those videos then get nothing.
This is a great idle/clicker game set in a Galaga-type gameplay universe. The graphics are nice and flashy and you can tap away till your fimgers bleed! There ks a nice upgrade and prestige loop that can keep you going almost indefinitely. The only problem at this point is that by aroumd level 300, you will seemingly have out-leveled all the content, making it trivial to take on any challengenth game offers. It's been as such for so long, I would doubt the devs plan to add more.
Well.. it really seems a fun game. But!!! On my Blackview 9000Pro it basically stops touchscreen input all together. I could not even click to get my menu, or in-game stuff. Nothing worked. I had to restart my phone to get control over my phone again. I could not even get in the menu in the game to get the ID number. Shame.. it seemed nice. Continue to work on it.
I love the lasers. It was fun for the first few hours but you run into a wall quickly both in progression and interesting abilities to acquire. Gameplay systems, events, bosses, and progression are fairly simple compared to other games in the genre and gets repetitive. There aren't many interesting decisions to make if you're actively playing, and most solutions to problems = spend more time to improve your stats. Visually, needs more color options ,and because spaceship parts are tied to stats, you sacrifice style for performance, instead of having separate systems. NO WAY TO REMOVE ADS, which feels bad cuz the rewards are decent. No easy way to change loadouts for different scenarios. Music is just okay. You get punished for having a large friends list by increased click tedium. UPDATE: added my list of feedback in more detail in the ideas channel of the discord, will update this again if these issues get solved.
Good game, but could do with more veriety in backgrounds, enemy's, visual weapon upgrades, bigger sound effects and for the events to be alot easier. They are ridiculously hard and u dont stand a chance. Other than that good game πŸ€“πŸ€“
Not a bad little time killer, fun if a little too grindy, the controls (minimal as the are), music and looks are pretty good. The game is only let down by standard moble gaming problems of excessive ads and microtransactions
it's a good space game but not nearly enough for idle games, you can only get 8 hrs of offline rewards, and you have to tap a lot more to get anywhere when actually online, the auto tap button is only 30 seconds at a time so your main dmg is short lived unless you constantly tap the button at least, the tech is even worse because you only get a 1 time boost and a long cooldown so only helping for 5 second at most with at least a 10 sec cooldown after it ends. I don't consider it a idle game.
Was a good game to make time pass by faster but now it sucks more when playing online, lags greatly. Payed for the perm boosts and now lost them at last update, lost half my ship parts that i earned. Not worth keeping much longer, especially if i have to repay again for the perm boosts
Repetitive. I like the game. graphics are spot on. Smooth when it runs. Side games/missions would be cool, to look at something different here and there. Something different to change it up. Its not a big game so you got room to add the difference.
Not a bad idle game, there is alot here. I would say have a bit more tutorials explaining some of the other stuff in the game but other than that, a great space idle. Keep up the good work
I keep uninstalling this game from my phone, because it made me have to keep charging it. Yet, here it is...on my phone... again. I should probably just admit that I'm addicted to it. Way, WAY too much!
The game is great its addictive and it really grabs the player. My only big issue is even after iv asked for help w the game lagging really bad like it will stop playing for about 2min then back to game play for about 15sec it glitches for 2min again. No one has helped me sadly and i rly like this game. If any devs see this comment pls help me i have emailed u a few times and havnt had a single response. Well anyone who enjoys this game or is looking for a good game this is it just when it starts freezing on you im sorry but so far nothing i have done helps.
I played this game first when it was in it's early access stages and I found it extremely fun. I always came back to the game everyday to check if I had beaten the game but surprisingly, everytime I felt like I was done with the Game, they added a boat load of new content in the game. Thank you for this blessing😁
I want to like this game. it looks great and seems like it has some neat ideas. unfortunately it's completely plagued with the very worst examples of monetization. constant advertising spam for "gems" or "double $". $100 gem packs. etc etc. worry less about milking people for every cent possible and more about crafting an engaging user experience.
ok where to start about this wonderful game. ok first off i love this game's playstyle and i noticed it's complete offline playibility. yes it plays offline even with some online features present. i would love to see crew with a player character with alot of asthetics that can be earn with rewards and cash shop items and the tiering of ship parts beyond the 6 stars. and making them even more advanced and powerful with them being high grade like basic > advanced > rare > elite > epic > ect
cracking little idle clicker that you can be as involved or uninvolved as you like! think nonstop knight only with spaceships & lazers! Ads are minimal so you only get them if you click to watch for bonus rewards. If idle clickers are your thing then you could do way worse than this little gem! πŸ’Ž
Has the potential for a great game ... but they killed it with all the damn adds... can't do anything without watching a 30 second add... it gets VERY ANNOYING VERY FAST... but of course, you can pay them to remove the ads... developers are a greedy ass bunch of people
A very fun game where you don't NEED to spend money to advance but I'll be spending some later to support the game creators. The trick is to know when you should jump. once you get the hang of it leveling up is a breeze and just see the credits climb. The game offers some unique challenges and a nice new way of playing an idle game. Visually speaking the graphics are amazing. Compared to most other games, you can see they took pride in there work! Sound wise could use more work.
Good game for time killer. The only thing i hate is the blackout screen every time the boss of each sector show up or get defeat. Maybe just the bar to show that the boss is coming, just dont blackout the screen.
This is a FANTASTIC game. It's an active idle game that is thoroughly entertaining and tough to put down! It is easy to play; I've caught myself tapping along to the drum beat of a favorite song as I plow through swarms of ships and increasingly tough bosses. There are IAPs but after a week with the game it is definitely not pay-to-win. You can progress quite well without them.As for the ads - it has them - and it can have a lot of them. But even this is done right. The ads are all "opt-in" and give some excellent in-game rewards that make them a fun part of the game to find and click. There are so many ways to enjoy this game - its packed with so much that elevates it above a lot of other idle games. Highly recommended! Thank you developer(s)!
Good game overall, but it. Needs too much input from constantly pressing the auto attack every thirty seconds to be an idle game. Also, ads playing after every other boss is annoying.
Everything is good. But I can't seem to upgrade my hull. The option doesn't show up. Please fix this problem.
I love this game :) A few things, however, could be improved: 1) There are 5 music tracks in this game, which, however, become boring after a while. Maybe you should allow players not only to chose between them, but also make these tracks rotate, so that there is at least some variety. 2. More events would also improve the overall gameplay :)
The game is good, very addictive... Send u notification to let u know when ur power is full, and... The ads are not intrusive, and each ad gives u something to improve u.
Fun game, good graphics and animation with plenty of chances for earning in game currency. Only suggestion I would make is to do be able to do a reverse on the mineral conversion. Keep it up, Coldfire!
looks ok, but: 1. constant "special offers" spam for starter bundle, double credits, dark matter vol. 1, and expensive crystal packs, right after login into the game. i can tap "don't show again today", but i wish there isn't such spam anymore. 2. what are buddy tokens for other than just exchanging them with friends? 3. bosses progress stronger than i could get by.
Game has known massive technical issues but support doesn't even respond. Even going to their discord I was completely ignored at best and plain out ridiculed at worst. I was an actual paying customer but after this I'll be happy to take my business elsewhere and urge everyone to do the same. The developers clearly don't care anymore.
The only game I found that reset to get stronger is worth it and you might need a better way to get scrap and gems
A great game but very repetitive after a while. If there was something more to take the edge off the repetitiveness other than the events as you can only do so much before you get stuck resetting or waiting for the long reset cooldown.
Not even an idle game. Just from the start, seeing the images they used just makes it an un-idle game. Next. Terms and conditions for this game. What sort of people put terms and conditions at the start. Data-hungry capitalists. Of course I didn't accept them, because this is a horrible game. Obviously. Finally. I've seen lots of reviews mentioning the ads and I'll side with them, as every poor-mans company NEEDS to spam them, to show they need money. I dont want a reply, nor a "email us". Bye.
Great game easy to play and advance played the early release and it hade it's issues but now the game is out and a definite download and must have for any idle players out there
Awesome!! Still awesome!! Even better!! I like the smooth acrion, exciting combat, killer graphics!! Yeah, it certainly helps ro spend real money on reasonably priced items, but it is not at all required OR necessary. It's fun!!
Well, that's a couple of months down the drain, I think. I certainly experienced a couple of Login Rewards get to (almost) the 30th/31st day before reset, so it myst have been. After the first compulsary Jump I ground my way up to Sector 75 (for the colour) with 160odd each on the wrap/tech upgrades, and got almost every of the one-star ship parts from the three Event cycles. Muktiple Achievements (tech-based ones) were taken to max level 10 along the way. Never could Research because it never liked being online during play and it won't let you do that without connection for whatever reason. Accidentally let it start up with wifi on, and... !moob (backwards "Boom!"), I'm reverted back to preJump status, Events/etc greyed out, basically no progress at all. I may idle up again. I may try Research again as soon as I get access to it, before I waste more time and effort beyond that. But I think I'm inclined to just admire the graphics/scene (in my head, all but the daily missions are set along areas of a Dyson Sphere, mid-construction/destruction) rather than grind. And what I do do will have to be protected from being wiped, so no calling home at all. (Is this something the devs think to test?) Best of luck to every other player, who I just hope don't suffer my setbacks.
Good so far. But it does get annoying when it kicks me every 20-30 minutes and says "you were offline x amount of hours" when I was on it 10 seconds ago. Bugs need to be fixed badly.
for some unknown reason I really love this game. I generally like idle games, but I prefer when the clicker part is lesser. I like the management of resources and upgrades. the graphics are fleshy and eye pleasing. video ads are there, but not overdone. the progress seems a bit slow though, which isn't necessarily bad.
Its good. Nothing predatory but wouldn't classify it as a solely idle game. Best results come from small stretches of direct ingagment with some strategy, but most of the time it's occasional glances and a few inputs with 30 sec ads netting you all but a few things that ether some time investment or real cash can get you. UPDATE- when there are no other ship parts in the drop pool except gold parts, they do not drop more often. Went 51 boss fights with maxed drop chance upgrade and only got junk.
Idle clicker is great at the beginning but once you reach a certain points of dimension shift, it becomes very repetitive with the goal of reaching further and further. It had fun for a while but it grows short very quickly fighting the same thing over and over. Event bosses quickly grow very strong and the rewards were insufficient to keep at it. Among the other clicks this slightly less than average among other idle clickers out there.
Hyperdrive is tedious. Loot screens constantly appearing for any junk. No ad skip purchase option. No quick fight button for event bosses you instakill despite the loading screens. Needs a shortcut to spend energy to refight event bosses without loading screens. Lesser issues: No clans. No tournaments. Lousy "restart" bonuses of just 6 stats and forces you to purchase them all eventually. Health rarely matters at all. Updates have players using different upgrade systems. All this means a lot of time watching the game do nothing of import. Not all that idle...
What??? I just lost my progress? Supposedly it should be sync over cloud, aftee not able to play for almost 2 months and aftee spending money for this game... very unacceptable!!!!! I don't like bots to reply on this!!!!!!!!!!!!
you have to grind for a long time, n its very repetitive , but it truly is a game where you dont have to spend a single dime to get things,,once you get the tires unlocked for the better techs, its way cool,,but a lot of grinding like I said
Working up from one star, the minimum: Can be played offline, with reduced features. + One star. Opt in ads, + one star. Infinite progression, + one star. Lots of collectables for extended interest, + one star. Crippled progress while closed. Three minutes per stage closed. While able to one shot everything, open, 30 seconds. - one star. Disagree with ad monetization, 10 minutes for main boosts is awfully short. No penalty due to 100% opt in.
Fun and easy game mechanics. Purchase not really required and no ads so far. I will make a purchase to support the developers though. after a fee levels it automatically unlocks "auto fire" which makes it easier to take in what's happening. Cheers Devs, thanks for not being greedy sh bags so far πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
Customization is cool, and there's a nice collection of techs, or abilities. Upgrades however add no visible difference, and the levels become repetitive. After awhile, all you see is numbers, and once your only show of achievement is getting from Trillions, to "ag", it starts to feel dull. At first, I wanted to unlock cool stuff, but now, it mostly just feels cosmetic, and I can't help asking myself "why am I doing this?", "what for?". The progression just feels unsatisfying.
I keep on bugging.....especially on the daily rewards.........it keeps on repeating the same day when Ive already claimed the reward on that day..........my other ship parts are gone so I have to unlock them again........I also have ship parts that are 4 star tier already but then, it went back to 3 star tier parts
The game is generally fun and easy to get into. I didn't feel overwhelmed unlike some other idle games and there are a lot of opportunities to earn rewards without having to feel pressured into spending money. Overall, well done. The only hitch for me was the CS response time and the syncing between different devices can be a bit delayed. If you want a good idle game though, I recommend this one. Update: The issue I had with the game was resolved, so updating my review tip reflect it.
originally gave this 2 stars, due to horrid ads which just wont shut off when I press X you clowns lost one star. Remaining 1 star is for shiny graphics, so pat yerselves on the back.