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Idle Sightseeing Train - Game of Train Transport

Idle Sightseeing Train - Game of Train Transport for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by racgamecla. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
My first time to play this games and I enjoy it so much. And hoping this is not a scam games.I love the game so far and it's not boring to play.. Hoping they will give more points than ads.i really like the games so far it's for fun. Not hassle. I almost there...I cannot stop playing.
You can get to 50 dollars easy my watching lots of adds and levelling up but once you get there you get none of the boosts you need to collect to ever be able to "cash out". Oh and you get no more cash either - don't waste your time!
I got to level 20 and at 15.08 dollars stopped winning anymore cash. So I tried to cash in my winnings and these games are a complete con. You have to reach really high levels, build to a certain level and play for 15 consecutive days otherwise it won't pay you.
It's a scam, don't even bother installing because you would only be wasting your valuable resources (time, money and effort). I endured playing the boring game but cashing out i initiated, am yet to see for the past three months now. Pls don't!
It's okay far too simple no thought required. Not sure how some1 is supposed to get the many props that is required, the maximum u want is 1900 to very little world. 52 props available for each world and theres only 4 of them? Another requirement is getting up to level 1200 however I have finished all the worlds u have offered collected all the props available and I am on level 86 with nothing else to do but what a train go around the same circuit! What am I supposed to be doing now?
DO NOT DOWNLOAD this game is a scam I reached the 2 dollars mark to withdraw into paypal and my transaction has been pending for months maybe even a year or close to it they will not pay you
To get cash you need to hit 3 goals - they change upwards/higher when 1 of the three are near. Day 7/30 changed 7/100. Prop 1900 adverts to 5000. Levels 250 changed to 800. Dont think anybody can collect the money they think they've won i'm on 50 dollars but, wont ever see it. AVOID THIS GAME - JUST A FARCE
You accumulate your money quickly enough, but have to go through a lot of the adds for bonuses that double your people's ticket cost ect. You do need 4g- wifi to play this and adds will pop up regularly without any bonuses. But it's a nice game if you're not after fast money I got £20 quickly in game but to redeem I needed to play the game a total of 30 days and get to level 250... ect.
Good day, I have try this game it ok but to check out is difficult. I have been trying to check out since I have completed the fifteen days task and other task too but it has a time for you to check out. I think something is not upright. Thank you
This game is very interesting , I like the graphics, the system is smooth and well planned. lt is easy to play and earn points ,if i receive first payment,i will give five stars.Good for now.
The game scenes are almost similar to each of each other. I just redeemed a little late on to the least.
Amazing, 100% recommended. Admitidly it takes a while to get the things required to cash out as u will c in other reviews, but it is fun and I have 58.10 and have everything required to cash out. My advice is be patient and I would day after 10 hours of playing the game u should or nearly should be able to cash out. Compared to other games such as bowling master which take days before u can cash out.
So far it's ok, only been playing a few days. Seems to build up money ok but can't cash in until after 15 days, see what happens. One thing annoying me at the moment is the game screen size, the number of coins is stretched right behind my phone camera so can't see the number.
I've been playing for a while I've managed to get 40$ saved up, I find it convenient that the paypal withdrawal is sold out every day even when I'm on it less than a minute when it refreshes at midnight, so I'm come to the conclusion your a con, I've wasted so many weeks. Do not download this game they dont pay out
It doesn't make dime sense, repeating the same action over and over, i played it with hope of getting paid. Unfortunately since September 2020,i have aleays been told cash exhausted come back the following day. Total rubbish!!!
Don't start this cause you'll just get annoyed by the fact that you need to get to level 500 before you can withdraw what you've won, you also need to use all of everything and even when you have maxed out and can do no more apart from watch it going round and round, think they need to drop the amount levels you need before cash out......
Try to redeem a monetary value after completing all 3 tasks required on quite a few occasions to be told that particular cash-out amount is not available as it is out of stock for today & to try again earlier tomorrow & it gives a countdown of 17 hours or so...it makes me wonder if I am actually wasting my time. The game itself is extremely boring & repetitive.
This is the only game that pays. And i have played a lot of games. That is supposed to and dont. 100%$$$$
Best game I ever have so far keep up the good work I hope I can payout soon I'll get back to add one star if I do thank you now I play it the bad thing I can say is the props and levels is too many to reach and it's hard to earn it like for two dollars payout I have to be at least 240 prop before I can cash out please fix this and reduce some of it
What the hell is this game ? I tried hard to reach 70th level and after so much struggle and a loooooootttt of time wastage in ads, it says that "it's out of stock". A real spam what I feel about this game... Just earning money through ads like other games, not paying to their users. Even 1 star shouldn't be given but none of the less, l have to rate it.
Good tap alot make sure to pop the balloons and wait for the PayPal symbol to pop up on side of screen 1c - 10c so far lol requirement to pull out my $100 is 150. This is way too high
5 stars, nice app ! - Thats my 1st review coz its fun to play and the promised prize was very good, but when I started to redeem even just the $2.00 minimum wthdrawal amount the app wont allow. Even the video ads with prizes will just annoyingly pop up but will keep on saying "video is loading" showing Paypals logo ETERNALLY!. I hope the google play store admin would include a NEGATIVE rating option to get the real story. I will rate this app NEGATIVE 5. !!! A gigantic SCAM and WASTE of time.
The app is an absolute scam. You collect money in it but to redeem them you have to accomplish specific things like for example to redeem just 2$ coupon you have to reach level 240... I finished the damn game before i eaven reached the level 100!!! And i collected 60.95$ but to redeem a 50$ coupon you have to reach level 500 and use 3000 (three thousand) pop up effects witch means watch 3000 ads. This game is a scam. Don't waste your time using it.
This is very good and also great. But It can not pay right time. So please pay money right time and get five star.
It's an easy to get along with game, but you're limited on prop videos to a certain amount a day. After the fourth city there is no more, it gets rather repetitive once theres no longer anything to build or level up.
The developed in a way so that the player never wins. Says you can earn PayPal. You got to complete 100's of levels before you can claim any earnings . I've been on 100's of games and this is the biggest con by far. All it does is give coins. So many dollars lost because the paypal adverts don't load. I had 3 of the idle games on my phone now and none of them work
Been playing over a month now got right up to level 260ish the app updated and cleared my levels. Just as I was ready to redeem the 5$. Still got the cash in the box and the x2 symbols you need to collect but now got to get to level 250 again. Not a happy bunny. I got the 2$ pay out but because of the currency I only ended up with £1.24.
Dont believe the add, most ive got in one payout is 25 cents and cashing out can take ages, if you are able to cash out at all. Im uninstalling
At first, I was intrigued to earn money until the paypal video cannot view and keep showing video is loading... I gone through problem this once and it was solved. Hope this time it will solve faster. I already missed out Level 40 upgrade paypal video's money.
Shocking game. To start with it seems great but then when you want to try and cash out firstly you need to have watched 240 videos reached a certain level and played for 5 days but then when you select the paypal amount it tells you that the gift has run out and to come back earlier the next day. I have literally just sat and waited for the clock to run down to zero and then it jumped straight back to come back earlier 23hours and 59minutes! Seriously don't waste your time and energy!
Enjoy the game itself, but after watching about 4 ads to earn paypal rewards no more ads work. I have had atleast 40 ads fail to load "please try again" over 2 days trying to play, also these paypal rewards are very annoying as they pop up every few mins while playing which would be cool if they worked but a constant irritation since for me they don't.
Total rubbish. No PayPal money. Don't believe the reviews that say you get PayPal money. Load of shite. Don't down Load. The positive honest reviews are the ones with one or two stars. They are the honest ones giving reviews. Take my word for it. Do not waste your time with this game. Read the one or two star reviews first. This game is totally uninstalled by me.
Myself and son have been working away on this. My son loves train games. There are requirements to meet which is no problem and started off reasonable. Log in 15 times, get to level 150 and watch 360 videos. Then, we've checked today and its changed to watch 3000 videos!!!! Seriously!!! That is overboard. It was a 4 rating until this happened. Hence my 1 star. This is a con game and no different to the rest of them. Oh and need to get to level 500 and log in for 60 days so all changed.
Within 2 hrs I had $20 in my pot But when trying to withdraw found I had to use 1900 prop effects which whilst checking reviews, found these are very very rare. I wouldn't download this until the developers sort out this, dare I say, con. Don't mind having to play for a while, even the mandatory 30 days isn't bad but come on devs at least put on a few effects per day.
Faulty game. It does not allow the adds to play on levelling up and just intermittently after $6.00 has been reached. Whenever I get a PayPal credit screen box it is not allowing me to credit it at all. I just have to press the X and miss out on my earnings.
I think it's a bit of false advertising saying you win loads when in fact you barely win anything so I think it would be a good Idea to change the video that advertises this game to the really truth that you don't win what it says it's less make people aware instead of trying to feel them in with false information
This game is a time killer, but they lied, on the pay out page, get to so many levels and you can cash out, it's all a lie, they have set some really difficult task not only do you have to reach the level, which has took me quite a lot of weeks, you have to fulfil tasks before pay out, it is really so you keep viewing ads for them, I will keep playing, and if I can not cash out I am uninstalling, all of these games are jokes, I'd rather go back to my no lie jewel legend game. That is a 5* game.
It shouldn't be a surprise, but the app never paid out. I went for the minimum payment $2, which still requires a stupid amount of ads in order to be able to claim, input my info, and never received anything. The $2 option also disappeared from the options immediately after I submitted. Gameplay isn't terrible, but if you just want an idle game, pick pretty much anything else.
I like the game but wen i went to cash out the money it said tat even though I had the stated amount I had to play for more days and get to more levels. Every time I get one of the things it says to have to claim the money it puts another up. I'm starting to wonder if you can actually cash out on this game. The further you get in this game the it seems to equal further away from claiming money. Don't make it so hard to claim money im almost at the point of deleting it even though i have money.
My experience in this game is awful. Is giving you like $40 in the first 5 days, then when you want to withdraw them will say "This item is out of stock, please come back later!" I tried to withdraw $2 for 3 days in a row and It was giving me the same message that this item is out of stock. I delete the game. Please don't waste your time with this game.
I like the game but I have missed out of a lot of PayPal collections due to it telling me ad is loading and to try again but no matter how much I press it, it never loads so am only getting game coins. It tells me the last week that PayPal redemption is out of stock and come back later. I am uninstalling as it's obviously a con. I don't recommend this game
Love the game just takes to long to be able to withdraw you have to play 30 days, which is OK but have to reach levels way to high and open new areas. So when your working and unable to ay every day its very difficult I have almost £30 and just can't reach the requirements to collect.
Good game but gets boring after a while as you cant upgrade anything anymore. Getting a little impatient with the props, it's going to take me ages to cash out. I have £30+ in my wallet and I haven't even hit the £2 cash out yet.!! Been playing a few months, not sure how much longer I'll be playing for itself this keeps up.
The game is easy opposite the vedio is always says vedio is loading try again later,how can we earn $ if the vedio didint work properly,its very dissapppointed for the players if its not working well.
When it shows ive got money available, it does not go to the paypal. Not getting money won. Also, it takes way to long to get any rewards.
I did like the game. But I think it is a scam you have trouble with the videos playing so you don't have a chance to collect the money on top you have to play for 100 days get props Which only get a few each day? And reach level 800. To cash out
The game is nice but the requirements of levels and pops up is too much, by the time you met up to cash out then you keep on promising to come back tomorrow again and again is not fair, don't give fake hope to people because is wasting of time and money When I cash out successfully then I know how genuinely this app is. Why pop ups are not regular, when the rules of it is so high , I will only rate it five star when I cash out successfully
This is a scam game....please do not download it..it will take your time and effort...I played this game a long time I even reach the $50..and when I cash out..there's no cash on my paypal for how many months until now... it's a scam game....
Only received $2 minus Paypall cost. AND THAT'S ALL I GET. The next time, no matter how early, IT'S ALWAYS ALREADY OUT. So, I'M OUT, and So Are The Stars.
I was able to cash out $2 a long time ago but now that I can finally cash out $5, it's not available. And the PayPal option/button disappeared. It is just a bug? Please fix
I played for a few hours, built up a $13 PayPal balance, but you have to complete certain tasks before you can cash out. One of the tasks is to use the props a certain amount of times depending on the balance you wish to cash out. Now this is all fine and dandy, but my prop count got to 25 and stopped, I'm on my third level and it's not changed! Not only that, PayPal ads haven't loaded since yesterday afternoon.
It simple but you have to get 500 levels watch 3000 videos be active 30 days still working on it. game needs more,have all these coins an nothing to do with them
Still no payout recieved. Was great till I got to the point I could cash out but there are no gift cards. For 4 days in a row so far. Posted. Been a week + now no gift cards. Now there are cards. Been waiting 17 days for 2 dollar gift card.
This game disappointed me Why can't I find the rewards and Paypal like when I started playing the game? I am here to notify the Developer about that. & notify players don't waste time by playing this game until the Developer be honestly
Only been playing 30 mins and already have £15, I'm hoping it's just as easy to claim my reward, we need more city's to build, when are we gonna be getting the next lot of cities, I've changed my ratings from 5 stars to now 1 star due to the fact there are no more stations to build, so unless it changes i might as well uninstall it
Don't start this cause you'll just get annoyed by the fact that you need to get to level 500 before you can withdraw what you've won, also now as am nearly at 100 dollars I thought I would have a look to see what is what to my surprise I need to play 800 levels to be able to cash out, so so sad think they need to drop the amount levels you need before cash out...... If it was possible I would give zero stars. But if you want to pay out when I reach the 100 then I'll give more.
I really did enjoy this game, and the chance to win money is amazing. I built up over £50 quite quickly. However I've now completed it, so to keep playing to meet the redeeming requirements seems utterly pointless as there is nothing left to achieve and no more opportunities to earn further cash.
CON,It's a Wast of time.when money comes up on the screen,when click collect all it states is "Video loading,Please try again"you click to collect again and it states the same again,again again and again,all you can do close the collect by clicking the x part,Iv earnd 20 pounds,and the app will not let me earn any more,it's a Con and a waste of your time and life,for the last two week Iv had not Evan a bean.it won't let you collect the money when ...if it appears after makeing a certain amount.
As I got close to being able to cash out for the first time, all of the "prop effects" ads that were essentially spamming my screen early game have now vanished completely. Update: finally got to a cash out point where of course the redemptions are permanently out of stock. This is a waste of your time to earn them money on and revenues without delivering on the tiny amounts promised. AVOID AT ALL COSTS
Started well, but I must have in the region of at least $20 for spending hours where I have leveled up on things, when I have been awarded a PayPal card amount and pressed to collect it keeps say 'loading video, please try again'the video doesn't load and I loose the amount I should have been awarded because the only way to come out of this screen is to press the 'X' button so all awards are lost, I don't like being ripped off after the hard work and time I have put into something to build it up
At first I thought it was profitable, but with the reviews given it seems my impression isn't right. I'd rather quit playing it and spend my time on more profitable activity. I will uninstall it already. Pls. don't create false hope to people by promising rewards by playing your games.
Played and saved up so I could claim some money and 2 days on the trot I've tried to claim $2 at 1am BST exactly and both times it has said sold out come back earlier, I can't come back any earlier than exactly on bonus realise time to the absolute second can I !!!! Absolute ripe off don't bother wasting your time.
Fast pace =. FAST CASH! $$$!! However the pace starts toning down at higher levels. The rewards get harder and higher in higher levels. The payouts need to go faster, and you need new countries to make this game and adventure. More to come!
I have played several of the idle games to begin they were fun and thought it would be nice to get some extra money till I tried to cash it in. By the time they will let you cash in they will owe you $1000.00 by all you have to do and all of the levels you have to have.!!!!!! So unless you are only playing for fun forget it. There is no way you are going to collect any money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to rethink the way you pay out. It should be when you reach 50$ or100$
I have been at the first available payout option for three days and it says it doesnt have the 2$ voucher. The game also doent come with instructions or what everything is, just the min requirements for payouts. So far, it seems to be just another scammer. As I have yet to recieve a payout and I have unlocked all 4 cities, have baught everything possible, etc. Basically just doing the effects daily to see if there really is a payout. Have like 65$ built up.
No thanks games like the others can yll pay me for neon pop numbers & answers emails still waiting on funds after weeks of cash out
I had my misgivings playing this game again my previous experience lost my chances of cashing in my $50, it seemed that icons just disappeared, sadly no contact from the contractors. I quickly realised that its impossible to cash in as to complete given levels isn't achievable for a mere $ 2.00. At present i have not seen any games who pay out.? Rick
Frustrating. I keep missing paypal cards even the level up city $5 i was not able to get.. takes so much of my time.. Fast forward. My sister was able to cash out $2 so I gave the game a chance. I cashed out but i got nothing in my PayPal account. It's more than a week already...
COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME & ENERGY!!!! If I could rate this lower than 1 star I would!!! After countless ads and hard work I finally got to £50 in paypal money only to find out I cant cashout because I then need to play for 60 Days straight, get to level 500 (I was currently on level 55) and unlock 5000 props (I got to 120 props) in the end I just gave up and uninstalled it.... AVOID THIS GAME!!!
It's ok but being a parent doesn't always give you chance to play everyday so I wont ever be able to cash out, 160 active days, 3000 uses of double speed etc plus other things that make it impossible for me to complete, I'm up to $55 and cant cash out, I've tried hard for that. Feel wronged
Advert advert, advert, and of course a catch. You have to play for a number of days and get to a certain level and watch a certain amount of adds before you get any money. People dont have the time for that.
So far so good. Dont disappoint me. So here's this thing, whenever i would collect paypal money, the video would not load. Funny is, after after i close it. A video will load and no credit would be out on my account. How is that?...... So here i am again, got a 2$ to my paypal. Waited fo a month to be ok. Got bored sent them an email about my issue. Wallah? They cancelled it. SO PEOPLE MIGHT WANT TO READ FIRST THIS REVIEW, ITS A F@#$&*¥! SCAM!
It's okay so far, loads and loads of adverts, every few seconds. You can ignore them if you want. As regards PayPal rewards, it will probably be the same as other games. Rewards sold out etc. We will see, that's if I wait that long.
I've completed 4 train station but nothing after completing France!!!! Why??? If the issue is sorted I will change the 🌟 I have enjoyed this game until now. But hopefully it will be sorted 🌈 STAY SAFE EVERYONE 🙏 well this is added still not changed. If anything it's also stopped paying as much as it was.
I don't know if the game is true or false. This game looked a lot better. But when I went to pick up 2 $ I can't pick up, only time shows. I believed in this game a lot.
This is a load of bollocks I have been trying to came my £2 PayPal reward out of the £67.65 that I've built up and all it says is come back tomorrow with a timer on and the second the timer runs out and you try to clame it it says the same again after all the f.ing adds I've watched I want all my coin I've built up you get paid for the adds in the game now I want my cut and Google you f.ing allow these games for coin on your f.ing Google play store so you are and should be accountable for it.
You do not want to pay out even only 2 dollars. It is pathetically Fraud !!! It's written in the rule, payment is in 72 hours but I have just received your notice it takes 7 - 15 days. You're serious about only 2 dollars?