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Idle Prisoner  Inc - Mine & Crafting Building

Idle Prisoner Inc - Mine & Crafting Building for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by iKame Games located at 143 Nguyễn Tuân , Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've been playing this game for ages now and do enjoy it but where have the pop up ads come from all of a sudden? And now they wont go away unless i make a purchase? There's never been pop up ads and that's one of the reasons I kept this game. This is a joke. Defo close to uninstalling now to be honest.
Really. An ad when I switch to another screen. Great game but tone it down somewhat on the ads or install a feature where someone can buy a version without ads or include no ads when you buy something from the store.
One thing that automatically gets me to stop playing is an unsolicited ad. That's one difference between games I keep playing and ones I don't. There's plenty of opportunities to push an ad and get the user to tap "play" on their own. Good games don't need to force an ad. I watched plenty of ads for the boosts, drops, spins... And I would have continued to do so... But, that one unsolicited ad put an end to that. Uninstalled.
Why so many ads, not even by clicking, but in a second afk, this app still give so many ads. If you can fix this problem, i will give you 5 stars. And pls reply all of feedback. So you can make better app. Maybe this game will be go to top 1 idle game. I will save this game in my phone, so if you have to fix it. I can try the better update
When i played this game a couple of hours it really excite me, but the problem is when i want to take advance and watch videos through ads it crash. so i will rate 2 star. please help me .
The game is interesting I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is a cool game well I want to play a lot at school because it's like you play and you like the mommy's like level 1 level 2 level 3 level 4 level 5 6 level five and then you beat the big boss mummy the other shoe to a thousand guns shoot the big washer when we can walk everything except their prisoners if you come form you build a whole building and you win your game allowed in the world a prison tycoon when do March and I hear I heard there was a little pink ink those not pink or ink it y
It's a generic cash grab. The gameplay is enticing, but it forces popup ads on you, and every 10 - 20 sexonds there is a bird that flies right across the middle of the screen, where if you click on it, you watch an ad. I don't mind ads in mobile games, but forcing people to watch them is the wrong way to do it, and a sure-fire way to get me to uninstall the game. Get rid of the bird and stop running forced advertisements and I'll consider coming back. Try Idle Miner instead.
was great when I first started. sadly though the game play got old after a shirt time and you really don't have much time to build up. So now I have deleted the game and moved on. my advice to you if you want us to like the game enough to maybe spend our money on it. is to give us more content. Don't just stick to the same old thing everyday.
The option to unlock some of the premium items by watching a number of ads or paying real money actually impresses me about these devs. They might not get as much money through the ads, but you can still get some of the premium stuff for free.
crashes and freezes after boss fights. game makes no money offline. i get more cash in one minute online than 8hrs offline. cant change managers. tutorial randomly starts and have to exit game. ad for other game opens play store even when you press x. been broken for over a week.
it's not too bad it's just every time like when I get money and spend it I have to grind a lot then some time it could turn to an INFINITE LOOP
This is is just full of ads. I get why there is ads but there is just toooooo much. I went to settings there is an ad. Just because of this much ads I am not playing this stupid " full of ads " game
This game is infested with ads. Everybody button you click, you end up with an ad. You can even do the games basic functions without being hit with an ad which is to much. You can't even enjoy the game at this point. Don't waste your time.
This game was great and all, but it just glitched to much. I tried playing it for 5 minutes but it just kept freezing and glitching. Don't waste your time on this game. Trust me.
this game is a great game and it is really good so I give it five stars and also I like how it has Tycoon and fighting at the same time
love this game. love the fact you can watch a ton of adds for special packs instead of using real money. The game itself is also good. I haven't got bored and it's just very entertaining. please don't change anything.
Game is ok for the genre. Graphics are ok too. One bad thing is that the screen is full of icons that sometimes makes you mistap on them, instead of taping on the foods. Have the possibility to purchase the guards by watching ads is a good thing. A "guild" system would be nice.
This game used to be amazing. Now however it doesn't always respond to me touching the screen and it crashes when I fight monsters sometimes. It didn't used to do this. Only the updates from this year have caused it. I'm also not getting my daily bonus anymore either. Such a shame because I adored this game a couple of weeks ago.
Optional ads are ok in games like this. Forced ads when you open the map or other such mandatory features of the game? Just trying to navigate around? Immediate 1 star rating and uninstall, even if it was the best game ever made.
he bosses the guy in his office to be home for the next few months or more then he is a good guy but he's a great guy but he is not a hoe too much
it could be faster it freezes a bit and they could guve workwrs more food and drinks. other than that the game is an idle game so you should expect that when playing
This is a cool and fun game to play.My idea is to have 9 cells and keep on doing that.My opinion of this game is that it's 1 of my top 15 games.It is slotted into my 7th favorite games.Download this game and enjoy.I also commented on other games so check them out.One of the comments is for Plants vs Zombies 2.Like this game and have fun playing.
pretty fun game. i like that you can watch adds to unlock the epic items and guardians from the store instead of buying them. both the devs and players win.
great game, although it gets boring once you get it quite bit through, the thought of losing all your progress makes you wanna keep playing. This game is great and everyone should at least play it for an hour and see how amazing this game is.overal:GREAT GAME
It's a good game, but it has waaaaay too many ads. They also make you pay for little extra things... Devs, I usually don't complain about ads and expenses, since I know it's your way to get money- I get it- but please don't overdo it. It ruins the game.
Game is pretty fun. Lots of ads but you only need ads if u want the bonuses. Would rate higher but mines randomly reset days, and sometimes when watching ads to get 3x profits it gives 0 profits. Buggy but potential to be a good game
what's happen with this game? from yesterday a lot of problems. yesterday all the purchase prices became 0. I checked this morning, there was an update. after updating it turns out the menu below does not appear
I love you so I don't know what to do with it but I don't think it's going anywhere near you anymore so i'm just trying not to die like this click the bell and subscribe I just can't do anything about that anymore but it's still the only one I've been thinking since i've seen this movie and subscribe now I don't want any other than the original one that was just so much better I just got the wrong version but it's a little different to see if it is in the original post or if
I lost my progress! I signed in to my Gmail account on my new phone and installed the game. My progress is gone! I had unlocked 3 mines. They're telling me that I can only restore my progress through Facebook. I don't have a Facebook account! You need to fix this please! But above it all, I love the game. Please fix this issue. I just can't risk losing my progress.
bars on the right are stuck. web shows on some levels yet are already removed. some levels show no web yet flashing light still goes off indicating a web. their "close" button on opening ad about their other game is pixel perfect. meaning you click it with no intend to. not to mention its spam at this point
The last mine is bugged out and won't proceed ans no response from the game maker for days... there has since been an update and the same problem stands.
Gave it 5 stars at first due to being blind to the progression. I wish it wasn't such a grind fest and actually an enjoyable experience. Its not that bad, until you hit the Emerald mines. Thats where the grinding begins. You have to be REALLY active in order to keep up and obviously you need to pay up/rebirth for something that should be MANDATORY in an idle game, which is the offline profits 24 hours, every day no matter what getting the profits properly without paying a dime.
Brilliant game. But huge but..... Massive in fact. What is with the ads. I'm ok with watching all the ads you throw at me with rewards. But literally everytime you click out of the main mining page every single time an advert. Everytime you go to buy a building every time you check the shop everytime you check your ppl. It's stupid. Uninstalled.
wow! So I've been playing for just over 2 hours and LOVE IT. for 1. HUGE reason. they've designed an alternative to CASH purchases. A few things in the shop require watching a bunch of ads rather than $$ or you could use money. I absolutely love this feature! well done devs. as for general game play. it's pretty good. you've got the general leveling then there's managers and to keep you entertained between upgrades you can feed your workers/prisoners. great game I will be keeping it.
It's like a mining tycoon game, but you use criminals, and you make them happier by clicking their thought balloons. If they reach maximum happiness, you can trigger Happy Mode, where they leave behind BILLIONS of coins for you to harvest. Then you can trigger getting attacked by monsters, and kill the monsters for MORE money. There's also Guardians, to "automate" a floor for you, but they don't seem to help against the monsters much, they will buy you a few minutes with their lives.
This is AWESOME!!! No ads without internet on, and it's really fast to get up levels!!! Thank you for this app!!!
awesome. I love how I can give them food,I can get upgrades, not too many ads, I can defeat bosses, get guardian's, boost, etc. one of the best games ever. idle games are one of THE. BEST. GAMES!
only gives you credit for watching a couple videos... asks to watch for this or that but seems to only let me do it 5 times... got couple others to load but they didn't count to unlock my guard or wouldn't let me reset my prison for medals. can watch ads in other games...
It's a fun game. Really easy to learn and progress. It allows you to earn in game currency by completing goals and you don't have to spend any real money to progress. Most ads are optional or short (5 seconds) if not. Overall it's just a really great mobile game.
Trash game. There was a button that caught my eye and it had a dog with the word "Free" on it, when I clicked on it it was a popup to pay 7 bucks for the dog. There was another button with a gun and that was a popup for 8 bucks. Why are you guys pulling this scam? To anyone reading this, play the one by Kolibri games, it doesn't have scams like this
Slave labor has never been more cheerful or colorful! It's astounding, the level of disconnection necessary for somebody to think that this would make for a fun game. Besides every aspect of it being a mediocre knockoff of something somebody else did better, besides the asinine content, besides it amounting to nothing more than another bad engrish idle clone cash grab, there's really nothing in it that might possibly redeem it. The horrible "music" plays on an endless 10 second loop, the inexplicable zombie/mummies relentlessly attack the poor slaves at far too quick of intervals, and there's not a single feature that in any way stands out or otherwise sets it apart from thousands of other asian cookie cutter cash grab clones. I'm ashamed for the developers as well as the publisher, and hopefully, with a bit of luck, everyone involved with this morally bankrupt pile of digital excrement will soon find another hobby, pray it's not one that leads to more entries like this into the Playstore.
I love it! Its so addicting. Cute graphics and easy play. Fun to just watch and collect. Monsters add a great feature to it and bonuses are easy to get.
very fun game, doesnt throw ads in your face like other games, only issue is that the game will freeze when fighting a boss only way to fix is go to the map and back to the mine before fighting the monsters, once they fix this the game will be a sure 5/5
Everytime you touch the screen, you're getting an ad. Every. Single. Time. and rather than accepting feedback, when the pop-up comes up asking if you like the game and you say no, nothing happens, same with trying to give feedback any other way. The developers made a game impossible to play obviously just hoping for downloads. Skip this one.
Fun game and I can play for weeks, but the coin buttons to purchase the chests of coins with dollars isn't working. I have 824 dollars and tried buying the 500 dollar chest for coins and it didn't work. None of them are working :/
Simple gameplay, motivating rewards, and enough action to keep you playing for hours! More than just your every day idle game, the monster tap-combat system will keep your eyes glued to your phone.
EDIT!!! The boost ads are not working. When you click on boost, nothing happens. But your pop up ads work just fine.
Great time killer and I love that you can watch ads to purchase limited edition characters instead of spending money. I've only had one issue while watching an ad, the game froze so I had to exit and re-enter the app.
man this game is trash you would not like the only thing you do I to just save the prisoners and it is messed up it kept glitch
Great game! I usually can't stand games like this. You normally just tap a few upgrades and Boom nothing else to do. This game keeps you busy the whole time. Good job Devs
can you guys fix the amethyst mine. it freezes when you fight monsters. also you can't change the guards unless you fight the monsters.
This is the BEST game I have ever played. It has all of my favorite things in it. I recommend this game. Best game of 2019.
Overall fun, the gameplay is repetitive (but you should expect that from an Idle), visually pleasing and not too demanding. Except for the constant popup "Rate us 5 stars" scrap that pushed this originally 4* review down to a 2...
The game is great. I love that ads can unblock special things. But ads when changing zones is a killer in when you get several mines. I get that a purchase takes them off, but the truth is that I got fed up with the ads before getting to the point where investment in the game is decided for me.
I was enjoying the game, then the ads just kept popping up. It was so active everytime I would change a tab a new ad would just pop up at me. So I uninstalled because I know I wouldn't be able to tolerate it for more than a few hours. If you can lessen them then I may come back.
The game is boring, graphics are alright, it's way too easy to earn money, and there is no excitement or entertainment. The idea is great but they didn't use the idea well. Overall, I would not recommend playing it, it's a waste of time, But that is just my opinion.
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Since the recent updates, I've had a lot of problems. Currently, I can't add or change my guardians, I'm also not receiving my 2x gold for watching as after the monster battles. I don't have new missions. I can't use my cash to buy coins. Once these are fixed, then I will be happy to give this game 5 stars. I love the game, I just want to be able to play it right!
it's a really fun game I really like it makes me want to play wherever I am I haven't tried playing it when I'm outside but I don't know if it works or not but it's really good it's really fun love doing all the levels and stuff I just started yesterday and I am addicted I swear
its a great game but there's 2 bugs that happen often. first when you scroll to see a new cell it looks like you need to buy it again. then the bar where you upgrade and choose a guard sometimes dissapears.
I have honestly NEVER seen so many ADS in one game before. And man, that's saying a lot! 3 part ADS, 1 part Gameplay. Seriously. And 2nd, I've never gotten so many notifications from one game before, just....WOW!! Probably 6 or 7 per hour. Also, it gets extremely boring, really quick. i played for an hour and I was pretty much bored with it permanently. Whoever made this game certainly doesn't know how to make a good game. it's 100% ruined by ads and notifications.