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Idle Port - Sea game

Idle Port - Sea game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Gismart located at 22 Great Marlborough Street London, UK W1F 7HU. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I enjoyed this game at first. I would have rated it 3 stars, there isn't as many ads as other similar games but it gets 1 star for using fake gameplay in an advert for this game.
Paid Β£4.99 to remove the ads, and guess what still getting bombarded with ads, avoid at all cost total rip off
Ads, don't waste your time, half the screen is ads no joke. I don't want to spend money on a game that will try and force feed me ads, if you want to make a game, make one where ads aren't everywhere and fly past your screen. They're so intrusive and ruin the game
wayyy too many ads. Not even just for bonuses but normal progression forces ads on you every couple of minutes. This is not a game just a way for the developers to show you ads and make money. Sad really....
Ad simulator with minimal game. First 10 mins of game play with 6 forced ads. Seems like it could be a fun game if they could tone down the ads.
This would be a very good idle game if it was for the ads killing it. They come thick and fast that you spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game. And that's sad really because this would be a good game otherwise.
Way too many forced ads, and before anyone tries that smarmy "in-app purchase " Male bovine manure. Players have to see if the game is worth paying for. The way the ads are thrown at you along with 0 explanation about anything, it's definitely not.
Started off fun and ads seemed to only be by choice but since unlocking all the ports there are forced ads literally every 2 minutes . It's quite unplayable now. I dont mind when you have a choice to watch ads for extra coins, levelling up etc. but forced ads are the worst and really not needed. I'm sure more people would play and keep installed without them.
To hard to get gems make the videos give more gems and the dimond crates come more often plus we want another world or two we played the game twice and it is fun but that is all
This game is addictive but the ads are Soo bad I did bought a ads remover it dose't work there so Mach ads it crazy not worth the play and/or buy the ads blocker when dose't work
I could love it and for the first part of the game I did.. The second part everything I click to level up brings up an ad... I don't mind watching ads for rewards but watching an ad everytime you click a button is a bit much. I hope this is something that gets fixed in the future. I'll keep the game and check in every so often to see if I can actually play the game instead of watching ads.
10 minutes played, uninstalled. You know, the typical game full of ads. Your way of "business" is stupid. If you want to actually do business, don't put ads for each 2 minutes. You are wasting money than actually making money by doing it this way. You should just keep the reward ads alone. No force ads if you want success, and DON'T IGNORE THE FEEDBACKS THAT ARE ACTUALLY TRYING TO IMPROVE YOUR GAMES NOR REPLY WITH SAME, COPIED REPLIES.
It shows too many ads....... it's main objective itself is to show ads only.......and game there nothing interesting in it.
If possible I would have given -5 stars. Don't waste your time until the bugs in game have been fixed. Watch ads and you don't get rewards. After a day it stopped counting the money the game was earning. Game doesn't safe progress so when I had to uninstall the game to get the game to work again I lost all my progress.
So many ads.... Why would I even want to buy the no ad feature, after this bad first impression? Within 10 minutes I had watched 7 30 second ads. Meaning I had around 35% ad viewing time of my while app usage time. I could live with an ad or two per hour, but this is way too much. Almost every feature seems to be hidden behind an ad. As a result there is obviously no motivation to spend money on this game and no way to see it's features without massive annoyance.
Too many ads. The developers should contact me to learn. In response to the unintelligent support: I can help you make a game that is fun AND free. I told you to contact me about this. Why have you not done this? Don't forget to add details of your query. I can also help you with your pathetic replies. You need to learn what the people are telling you about your extremely weak attempt to make a mobile game. Please, call me. You need help.
Another forced-ad idle game...uninstalled. Response to Dev: Read your other reviews. It seems like your decision is costing you users and ratings.
The game has had a portion of the game locked out for 2 weeks. I contacted support, some blah excuse and it should be fixed but weeks later its not! I did spend for no ads but with part of the game not working you cant even spend to advance... its a snail speed already with out spending so now its closely getting to delete. Im so close to the finish
Ads galore! I get ads are important for games but wow.. this is definitely towards the top. I've played well over 100 games and this game is ad infested. Ads will come up at random which truly kills the experience. Force ads kill the game so quickly and ruin the enjoyment of the game. I can get past watching ads for extra bonuses, but being forced to watch ads on top of already having to watch ads is a little too excessive.
it is a good game but there are no progress saving option and challenging, ranking or something that will spice up the game. if there was it will be a great game.
Good game, but I think it has glitched saying that my income is now 'infinityz' but I'm not making any money, so I cant fully buy the cards for the fish and that in each area, wondering if anyone else has experienced this
Uninstall is the move. you cant force everyone to make on app puchases on your game. you should make your players stay with good service. not like this.
Since last update the game is garbage. It is not a bug in the game if money is accumulating fast. A hell of a lot more ads being shown since last update. The ad free option is a scam and a con. Way to slow to earn money now to upgrade. Liked game when I first started playing but since last couple of updates the game is just pointless. I am now officially going to uninstall the. Not going to have a game installed where the only thing you do is constantly watch ads.
Should be called "adle" port tycoon, which would be fine if the ads paid their rewards, but all too often, they don't.
This is just all about ads. Would be a great game if every click literally wasnt an ad. #Sigh. You almost had me hooked.
Easy to get into. Only problem is the controls and some of the ads. But besides that, this game is fast paced and pretty dang cool.
The game is fun, having to balance the speed and other factors between the ship to the crane to the storage yard to the train was good. I liked having to maintain the balance. The number of add however killed the experience. Especially having ads pop up every 3-4 min was way to frequent. I'm uninstalling and its.a shame.
Could do with a button to buy all trading cards from all locations at once, without having to go to each location in turn to buy them
It's great I don't know why other people hate the ads I mean like it's just 5 seconds but other than that it's great but I got a suggestion just make the boat arriving a little more faster
I like this game so cool ☺️,but can you the camera do 360 please i have a hard time in the camera πŸ“Έ,and for the ads hater's just do airplane mode or turn off your wifi/mobile data q◕‿◕q
I love idle tap games. What I don't love are unsolicited random 30 second ads interrupting me. I'm fine with ads when I know about them and can control whether to view them or not. I will almost always view them to get the bonuses... But when a random ad pops up when I try to level something up, I get irritated, I give a 1 star review, and I uninstall. Steps 1 and 2 are now complete. I'm off to uninstall. Also, it's not an idle game. No offline collection?!?
Too many ads. Even when you don't want to watch one to triple you reward, it makes you watch one anyway. Even not accepting a reward makes you have to watch a 30 second ad with no mute and the back button doesn't work. I like the game, but being slammed with ads all the time though doesn't make the game worth it.
Can you pls delete ads because with ads is so hard to play, plus i dont have phone money to force ads.
Same average game like other idles. Huge amount of advertisements and the adds crashes which makes you lose the offline earnings.
A metric tonne of ads, you'll spend more time looking at an advert than playing the actual game. Which isn't a really good tycoon game, just a simple press and wait, nothing new, play a roblo tycoon instead it'll have far more depth. Edit: I've seen this as common practice at this point and it's not how anything logical works "you don't like the stupid amount of adverts in our game nor our businesses practices? Well give us money". You must be completely full of yourself if you think.
Cool game , Gismart I have a problem. Because there are so many ads and in the rating a lot of people is hating this. Please do an event of free ad remove and remove in 20 August 2020.
Another add watching simulator. They even put the " watch an add to double production for 5 minutes " button as a limited offer. I should be able to double that production any time I want. Hours for every add watched. Otherwise it's not a freaking iddle game
Gameplay is nice idk why ppl are complaining about ads lol. Just use ad-clean-play lmao u won't have to buy no ads Haha dum
Nice time killer. But man... The ads. Even paid to bypass them and guess what, still watching ads. If you like ads, this is the game for you.
Way too many ads. Every couple of secs another ad,miniscule amount of actual gmeplay. Not worth bothering with unless you just want to watch ad after ad. Tbis cant be classed as a game,just an ad watching waste of time
Too insistant about using the bonuses. That is has buttons everywhere to watch videos or spend points (i.e. real money) flashing and blinking at you. Takes away from the simple gameplay. Too bad, i liked the game concept but the developer's primary interest is obviously to extract money from you, it isen't about providing a good game for which people will then pay.
I decided to give this game a try. I do not see a lot of unique aspects as you only have to upgrade things the same way you do in many idle games.
With so many options now, forced ads are an instant uninstall for me. I watch ads all day for rewards but can't tolerate forced ads. Post if this changes and I'll reinstall and rate. Purchasing ad removal gives a few days of playtime but it still falls short of 5 stars because the model, like all tycoons, slows to a crawl without continual purchases. If you like tycoons then give it a go! Forced ads just loses more people before the game hooks them is all.
I love to click an AD to get some extra reward but sometime it won't load properly or not load at all after quite some time. Just a black screen with a close button on top right. Not my line problem because I can go to Play Store within seconds at same time. That's 1🌟. AD sound icon shows disable but still got sound, need to double tap on it to disable. That's 2 🌟. You still got pop up AD. Few of it! Another 🌟 lost. Other than that is OK with me.
Swamped in ads now, was bad before but worse with new update! A shame, I liked the game, but the constant pressure to watch 30 second ads literally every 30 seconds is way too much, that does not include the surprise 30 second ads that just pop up, for no reward. The new update is more aggressive with the ads. I know there is a fire situation in the world right now but this is ridiculous. Uninstalling and I am not spending my whole time just watching stupid ads.
Where's the rest? Three ports, unlocked everything within a week. I seriously hope there will be more content soon, and what's this about building up defences? So far I've plateaued at 2aj of money with plenty of fish, fur and leather.
I just downloaded this game ! I really didn't get a chance to play alot of this game yet . I like it so far ! There are adds you have to watch ! I will keep informed on this game , To see if it's as good as I think it is . πŸ˜·πŸ§¬πŸ§¬πŸ’ŠπŸ’ŠπŸ˜· Keep Safe Out there everyone !!😷😷
Too many ads I want to watch ads on go to a game and play that and it keeps me out of money I'm trying to play a game I'm not trying to watch ads
Ad ridden, loved the game same as any other idler, however ad's when you are playing normally? I get it to watch for double rewards, or to half price an upgrade, but every minute of game time (actually timed this) there is an ad that pops up, and now you want to distribute my personal info? Shame on you developers!
Really pushes the ads. Which isn't so bad, except that you get to a point where if you want to continue playing you have to spend more time watching adds than actually enjoying the game (the fact that this is a Idle game, and im still making this critique should be telling). Pretty entertaining other than that
If you turn wifi off it is a semi tolerable game, just a warning for the majority of you that are coming to claim rewards for other games
I am having no issues except that it is very big and I was able to install it but it took at least 2 hour to install.
Where's the rest? Three ports, unlocked everything within a week. I seriously hope there will be more content soon, and what's this about building up defences? So far I've plateaued at 2aj of money with plenty of fish, fur and leather. Update : no new content. Treat as scamware.
I'm only giving this game one star due toe to the fact I got the no ads. I'm still watching ads. I would like my money back. Pronto!!! Otherwis the game is great.
SOOO MANY ADS! It's completely ridiculous how much time is spend watching forced ads. They pop up every 30 seconds or so and give you nothing but an almost unresistable urge to throw your phone out the window. As for the gameplay, it's just like any other 'idle something tycoon' out there, just with even more ads. Don't waste your time.
Okay, I was going to give it three stars until i noticed that the adverts are a little....rubbish is a good word. So I collect a bonus item, watch advert to collect 3x reward. Okay, I click to watch...advert doesn't load. I click the button 5 times, give up and dont get the bonus...oh look, a forced ad loads without a bonus....like 90% of games here. Great games ruined by poor advert structure. Uninstalled.
Most of the ads are 30 seconds. Most can't be skipped. Soo many ads, still playable but the ads are crazy. Randomly appear pressing anything.. So annoying! Can't give it anymore than 1 star due to amount of ads!
Ok game.. compulsory ads are short and skip able. But only 3 world's, a bit of an anti climax when you get there.
Way too many ads. I almost always click on the ads to get boosts, but having no control over when they show up is frustrating. Also I managed to upgrade all three locations all the way to the maximum level, so now there is really no point to even going in to the game. After just a few days you can max out the game and then you either have to delete or wait for another update...probably going with the former
Wast of time and money payed for no ads but they still force ads on you don't pay or download ads galore passed on other reviews they don't care if you don't like ads they still have not changed it
Very basic game but somewhat addictive.. Never seen so many ads in a game before sadly, almost makes it unplayable
One major flaw, theres no way to back up game progress with fb sign in or google play. I dont understand why devs are still neglecting this very necessary & important feature.
So many ads and when you buy the remove ads, it only takes off the banners at the bottom but all other ads you have to watch. I like the game other then that. I just get annoyed by constent ads.
Fast progression is genuinely rewarding (prestiged once usefully in a matter of hours), watching the actual doc animation is nice, ability to tap for double time is nifty, and while it gives you the opportunity to watch ads constantly, it's not intrusive, and even lets you get some bonuses without having to watch anything. It only ever forced an ad on me three times in about four or five hours of gameplay, but I've watched 50+ willingly. Ads are perfectly integrated, in my opinion.
Like most idle games, fun for the first hour or so, bad after that. Not much to do. Tried getting into it a few times, still nothing. I gave it 2 stars because its it least playable and the graphics are okay, but not that unique. Overall, generic.
I dont know what the comments are talking about 1 just turn off wifi and no ads will pop up,2 i dont no anything about being locked out for 2 weeks amazing game keep working
I'm not getting any money from being of the game for a few hours and than longing back in to the game please fix
So... many....ads, and don't bother saying "ads can be removed with in-app purchases" because I'm not doing that. The quality of the game doesn't even justify the amount of ads
Fun game but waaaay to many ads. I played for about 4 days and really wanted to continue to play but the ads are insane how many pop up.
Very slow on loading next part once watched a video. Even with a very fast internet connection. Update to get rid of bugs please.
Forced Ads on top of the (required to make any sort of progress) optional ads. IT'S ALMOST RANSOM WARE as they should state that the app (it's not a game in any real sense) is 4.99 essentially, as that is what is required to make it even tolerable. it's also what they respond to complaints from customers about the egregiously excessive adverts. Without that payment it's freakin' unbearable.The game itself is free to wait at best, even beyond the ads. Complete & total Dumpster Trash. Thankfully I only played it for rewards for a different, much better, oh and an "Actual" game.
Needs to have more people working the fields. Maybe a police dept and port authority. Basically yes its idle but machinery is just not enough. Add more to the empty board and conaider the surrounding to build where you can trade with others besides investors.
Don't buy to remove interestial ads, bcs they will be showing all the time. They will just take your money, and explain you in mail that it does nothing, just to take your money. See you on court for fraud!
I like idle games. This one is terrible. Very slow. Monotonous. Boring. Ungodly amount of ads (8+ in as many minutes is not uncommon & absolutely unnecessary and pathetic).
Great game real time killer, great graphics, easy to use interface lots of different ways to get more money... Hey try it for yourself
Typical scam app. Ad bonus button as bright as the sun and the skip ad button greyed and not even close to visible unless you really looked. Then when you upgrade you get the same treatment along with a ad discount button to buy new ships. Then it forces you to watch ads while playing the game. Low effort game with high effort ads. We need these forced ad apps off the store.
Ads, ads, ads, and more ads. Forces you to watch ads around every minute, then encourages you to watch more ads with bigger rewards. I'm not purchasing in app to get rid of ads, the games pretty rubbish anyway. Plenty other better idle games.
Currently unable to access gems & the hourly free box. A blank screen comes up, the only thing I'm able to do is close the blank screen. It's been like that for 4-5 days.
Going to be honest that I like the game but I am just wondering where the prestige went. Also I think the 3rd area has the 2nd area cards either too high or 1st area cards way too low.
I wanted to like it. But there WAY too many ads. Every 3 seconds, an ad. No joke. And then, there no idle about it. You want to earn money, you have to have the app open and watch all the ads, which you don't make money during. And after the first port, the upgrades just cost way too damn much
It didn't say it wasn't available for my device a few minute in and it start lagging then crash please fix it this seems a nice game
It's a nice, enjoyable game. I was truly enjoying it until about a week in, when their data collection policy appeared. Sadly, I suspect this is the strategy, get the people playing and enjoying the game, then when the agreement pops up a week later they'll simply agree so they can go back to the game. Not me. I'm not giving you consent to gather and distribute my personal information. I'll uninstall a game before I do that, which I mist now do with Idle Port Tycoon.
Need leather hides (or are they weirdly shaped stars) to build a crane to load a train but can't see how to get them. Upgrade process in general not great. Every single thing just shows yet another advert. Giving up now.