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Idle Pocket Crafter: Mine Rush

Idle Pocket Crafter: Mine Rush for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Iron Horse Games LLC located at 340 S LEMON AVE #4271 WALNUT, CA 91789 UNITED STATES. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Boring. Uninspired. I tried it for a while and just literally found nothing about it that engaged me, the way that other crafting games actually do.
In all honesty it's a good game, I had fun i just had trouble playing for long periods of time and after a while it got boring and repetitive
Good game with some unique machanics. My only complaint is that there are boosts that are supposed to give coins every 5 seconds. I can tell you for certain that it is not 5 seconds. Either have the computer check with wifi what the games tick rate to second is or fix the lag when you are in the lobby. Lag could be optimized by separating the loby into smaller sections. Other than that awsome game well done.
Ad-free. Fun. Addictive. Only game that'll let.you windmill your junk to collect resources. Only money is microtransactions that actually do something useful
The Game has a lot of pros and cons but when it comes all down to it, the game can be fun at times, and tedious at others. I would also like to see extra ai features like not going to the next level until all of the thing you are automining is removed from the level, or only until the "rare" one has been gained, etc. Another thing would be the ability to prevent exiting automining mode when accessing your chat heads or notification bar etc. There is more but will edit this later with updates when I have time.
This game is great while it can be a little slow at the start everything appears up and becomes easier which I love because in other games I get middle to end game things because I play for a while but not this In short, nice steady game with a lot of things to do love it Please keep updating love this game
First Game is good Nice Free user ? Just watch some ads to make u tools swing fast. Got some amber\diamond. Price for unlock some good stuff ? For pixel game like this ? WAT.....DUH......DUCK.......
Very fun game, I mostly happen to play offline, some of it is very tedious, but in a way that isn't boring but rather quite entertaining! I'm hoping the creator adds more content (Big chance they will!) So there's also lots of things to look forward to! On one note there isn't really a tutorial for the shops, so you kind of have to learn what they are first that was my only problem.
Very good for occupying time. However i think the difficulty of getting access to new areas becomes more inclined to p2w after a bit
Addictive but money grabbing to advance. Game is worth £3.99 tops if it was unlocked, no apps etc but you have to spend £19.99 just to play the game properly! For a 256bit game with little going on other than collecting resources for hours on end, I just not worth the money. Ads just kill the game even if it was completely free.
It's so hard to progress when you reach the forbidden area and it gets repetitive alot of times but i still enjoy it. I wish there were quests for us to receive ambers or other in game bonuses. Other than that, one of the greatest games i've played. And please keep updating the game because this is one of the games that i spend the most time on.
love it just can you guys revet the app icon back to the original i kinda miss it besids that been loving it since launch
Read the privacy policy, they can essentially give your location to advertisers and basically anything else. Direct uninstalled, not worth the risk
it's a very fun game. and I'll be honest, I didn't expect that. i love the game and all the mechanics and progressions and it's a game deserving of 5 stars. I only give it 4 stars for 1 reason though; the auto mining brain implant locks onto rocks that the character can't reach. the mining implant stops itself 24/7. I mean, it's a game I should mine myself lol, but the option is there and the option doesn't work. in conclusion; 5 star game with a single drawback that makes me personally upset <3
Amazing combination of active and idle playstyles Easy to use UI Varied mechanics which interact well with eachother One of the best idle mobile games out there If the dev ever sees this review then keep up the good work!!!
A fun little game to keep you busy and wanting to go further with each soft reset, will be honest it does get slightly stale after a while... maybe adding some story could push for more enjoyment.
Fun and addicting i do not need micro transactions to feel like i have the full game experience. Now all i need to do is figure out the darn safe
This game is just boring.I can't build anything. So please make an update that you can build in this game.
So cute! First time installed I was surprised by the cute little pet rat, the nice keygen music hit me haha. Good luck to the dev, the game seems fun and well polished. Take care
I real want to like this game. And to its credit it's okay. I just dont feel like the progression is worth the time or effort, so I got bored quickly.
Amazing game with a great dev. Great game to just ago and grind your way to end game. The discord server is also very helpful if you are ever stuck stop on by. You can get the discord in game in the settings area
Great game. I recommend making the idle component free, but perhaps at a bigger hit to speed? or perhaps making the purchasable version 75% as opposed to 50%? I'm quite addicted to the game, but it just seems to miss a sense of purpose. I think adding a home of which upgrades persevered through prestiges and added slight boosts were added it might help. Npc quests would also help IMO. Other than that, one of my favorite idle games.
I didn't review this blindly! It's how I feel.This game is so awesome! Tons of stuff to upgrade. Make potions even from herbs picked. No forced ads(aww yeeeah) it's a little slow starting but you pick up quickly. Buttons to click were put at the edges but not to close so you can push them np and they're outa the way. Ty devs, seriously I can't stress that enough. You can push over text without activating the ads(very thoughtful, ty) you choose where you wanna go. Try it out. Your missing out!
Love the grind aspect. Wish there was a story or main quests. I like the offline auto trade. Wish there was more monsters to acquire leather
Only problem I'm having is that the hunters brain implant it forcing me to leave the howling mine somehow
great fun time waster, I actually bought the supporter pack, my only issue is 2 of the pets require legendary resources for exp but legendary are very difficult to find so maybe change the spawn rate or what gives them exp or how much exp is needed to level them
So I enjoy the game. It's great to play when you ain't got nada else to do especially when you got the brain implants. Typically I do purchase in app stuff and quite a bit cuz I got some i set aside for it. I wont put money into this game cuz I personally feel your prices are ridiculous for items especially ones that you can earn over time. 250 amber for $4 imo is expensive. Most games would charge you 100 of something for $1. This is all considering in an hour you might be able to rack that+
I've been playing this for about 6 months and still find myself enjoying the game. No too hard, not too easy, no forced ads, just idle grundy fun. Character and game progression never halts but isn't so fast that you can't keep up. Game has longevity.
Beta tester who's been playing for about 4 months. I have to say I landed on this game by accident ... in the end, I'm positively stunned by how immersive it gets the further one progresses. Overall a lot of room for improvement, however the developper is always listening to our inputs, thus the 5 stars. Come have a try, I'm sure you'll enjoy it ;)
Early access player, played for over 3 months, and gave it up eventually. The 8-bit graphics are great, the gameplay is smooth and except for occasional crashes when task switching (e.g. after certain ads), it runs fine. Game was fun for a while, but it becomes too much of a grind, and there's no real incentive to keep going.
This game is very cool, there is always something to do when im bored or relaxing, there is a question. How can you enable idle mining/tree cutting/mob killing? Because its name is Idle Pocket crafter and there is no option for idling, and also how to find the code for village safe? I cant find it anywhere, please respond and also I recommend you to try this game!! 😁👉👈 (im not payed by google to do this)
It is cute and relaxing mostly all u do is mine chop and kill it dose get a bit boring because in order to get items u need to keep mining chopping and killing then trade to get the money and how do I find the gems I need to buy items?? All in all it's a lovely game keep up the work
Great idle game, it's relaxing and a nice game in general, the music is a little bit overwhelming but I believe the game is an amazing product! Great job!!!
Edit: crashes crashes crashes, dev moved on and doesn't update/ fix this game anymore I love how instant this game starts, I can't overstate how awesome it is to instantly be in the game. It's a grindy game, but there's plenty enough complexity to keep it interesting. I've been playing for about 4 months now and I'm still hooked. Regular updates will ensure you never get bored once you make it to end-game. Dev is active and very helpful on Discord. Try this game, it's amazing.
Great game Wondering why I gave 3 stars? Well the 2x speed and trading power ad takes literally hours to load then only lasts 10 mins and now it doesn't ever load Please make the ad loading faster
I love this game so much I play it every day and to is so fun and I recommend this to everyone in the world. 1,000,000/10 Is what I wish I could rate it but 5 stars is the best rating so yeah. This is the BEST GAME IN THE WORLD!!!
Rather fun time killer. There is a LOT of content compared to similar games. You definitely will not complete the game in one day which is really nice. It's a very fair game regarding its purchasable content in my opinion. The ads are pretty much optional and they give well balanced rewards. It's a prestige game, early game prior to auto gathering purchases the game isnt idle so expect active game play despite the game name.
The mining implant has very bad pathfinding, it often gets stuck on ores that are enclosed between walls :( Otherwise, it's a great Gold Mountain clone
Unless you pay real money for the 3 "auto" upgrades (yes 3 DIFFERENT upgrades !!! Yes using real money !!! For the "idle" part of an IDLE game !!!) this is NOT an idle game ! First time I see an idle game where the idle part is behind a pay wall ! What's next, a shooter where if you don't pay 12 buck you can't shoot ? I always support developer by buying stuff ingame (like a no ads upgrade) if I like it but forcing you to pay for something that should be in the game is a big no no !
This game is great while it can be a little slow at the start everything appears up and becomes easier which I love because in all of the other games I play even In the middle and end game type stuff it is really long but not this one also no ads which is great in short perfect game
Super cute graphics. Very smooth running. No ads you don't want. All optional. Pretty cool upgrade system, gameplay can be as fast or as slow as you want, and you can tap through the text! I love this game!
Was a little too complex for me. Was confused on the "idle" part of the title when I was instantly expected to do a lot of non-idle stuff. I'll give it 3 stars though as it looks like the Devs have put a lot of work into it.
Honestly its exactly what i expected a game that i have to grind over a long period of time though not necessarily a bad thing but it does get really bland over time so maybe the dev or devs should add a few minigames to get matterials and gold or maybe a challenge mode
this is not an idle game. you must play to gain anything... idle games should be games you can log off of and it still gathers items for you.
This game is so awesome! Tons of stuff to upgrade. Make potions even from herbs picked. No forced ads(aww yeeeah) it's a little slow starting but you pick up quickly. Buttons to click were put at the edges but not to close so you can push them np and they're outa the way. Ty devs, seriously I can't stress that enough. You can push over text without activating the ads(very thoughtful, ty) you choose where you wanna go. Try it out. Your missing out!
An oddly satisfying game. It's a great way to pass the time especially in quarantine. And I love the art style. The devs really did a great job!
Great game, love it! There are 2 things that I would rate it a 5 star game; 1) and this isn't an issue, just better gameplay, would be the introduction of an all materials gathering, or as i would call it, expert brain implant 2) and this is recent, I can't save my progress, I play on my tablet at home, and on my phone while out. Number 2 is a big issue for me, otherwise with the implementation of number 1, perfect game for me.
It would be better if you fix a glitch where if you uppgrade something that you can get a lot of but you get like one thing and whatever you used to uppgrade would almost be gone or yoy could make is so what stage you are on in a mine saves instead of working over and over.
I mean,here's the deal, the game is adequate, rating 2 stars instead of 3 because beta gamers 5 star games all the time like blind people, it's an idle clicker and in comparison to other idle clickers it's not that exciting, the game itself is a shallow yet sparkly pixely sandbox which isn't bad mind you, but isn't great either, In another life my review would be 3 stars, but because people blindly 5star a game i must be the debuffer here to a game that could have been improved, but is adequate
Omg so awesome this is my dream game whoever's playin this PLAY IT its amazing I should've rated this before 5 stars everything awesome
Excellent tier up game. Harvest resources to sell or upgrade you equipment. Simple yet complex enough to keep you hooked.
Found this game accidentally, but honestly, I've spent several days on end playing this absolute masterpiece. The incremental mechanics make for such an immersive experience playing the game. Thank you, Iron Horse, for yet another top quality game :)
This game is really fun i do recommend and i am not payed to say this and im 13 and you should try it but could you add a mini map
After 2 days of not playing I got back on then after I agreed to some terms of service the game crashed after I hit a single tree so I tried to go to the daily mines but after not even tapping the first rock I crashed and had to re install the game just to play it one more. Might uninstall because of how much it crashes. It's like a one time use tool in roblox or a potion that you accidentally use in terraria, only available to use once.
I love this game. Always something to do. You can also choose to buy stuff ICG to help make it easier. This game is like a cheaper made Runescape but a lot more relaxing. Love! Love! Love!
Easy to get into, and very easy to sink hours into it. The developers have done a fantastic job with the various designs of equipment and collectibles. Goals feel achievable and are however repetitive gameplay takes its toll and interest begins to fade. No real story, but this game doesnt need it, it makes up for that with the different areas to explore and unlock and fresh updates gives players reason to keep grinding.
Okay I think this game is really good but I need to ask why does the pet take so long to level up the XP is no nearer to get that high like I've took in in an hour and a half to get him to level up and it barely give me any benefits on there so please make this better and I would have been given at 5 Stars if that was better.
Gameplay = great. Interface and mechanics = great. Incremental side = GREAT! With reset and bonuses through reset, this is an awesome game. Only slight misdirection is in the name. While it will sell resources you have harvested afk, you must play the game to harvest more.
I loved this game. It seems like this game was inspired by gold mountain which is not a bad thing, I loved both of them. This game is fun because of all of the diferent items that you get to get further, and when you rebirth, you lose all of you progress but you get to get permanent upgrades to get even further. Now this game is amazing but what made me not give it a 5 star rating is that I got a glitch and I had no idea what was happening. It made so everything cost 333 quadrillion! Plz fix it
This is a very good game with lots of features. However, I keep getting glitch where all of my tools turn pink. Please fix this because this is a good game.
fun game, took me a week to realize you're supposed to level your sword enough to kill the guards of the areas after you buy all the keys latest update says they greatly decreased upgrade costs, and they did. unfortunately, after buying a single trade upgrade, all tool upgrade costs went back to pre-update values
Super ultra mega fun! But sometimes in the huanted mine it gets lil boring cause too much ores but also there's no ads! But the creater deserves money but the only problem is that when people add in ads then there's just going to be so much ads but I think they understand and also things are lil too expensive. Otherwise it's soon fun!
I downloaded this game trying to find new and better idea games and thought it looked good, so i played it for a while and i do agree that this game is actually really fun and interesting. I would recommend this game to others :) - LeonGolden
Hey, I just wanted to let you know that since the update, the crafting level costs are glitched out and are impossible to level up. The numbers say I need several billion levels to get to the next crafting cost level, but it was normal before the update with numbers in the 10 thousands. Otherwise the game seems to be working just fine