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Idle Pixel Crush - Ball Crush

Idle Pixel Crush - Ball Crush for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Lucky Donuts Inc. located at Nanjiing China. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Green blobs cheat the game. The game doesn't do the math properly. What is the big red button at the top that cannot be used? Idle mode is not allowed to subtract points from me(simply because I said so). Daily challenges are boring. This game is officially "uninstall bait!"
Game breaks when you buy Pac-Man upgrade. If you're enjoying the game, don't buy the upgrade. The devs have made no clear effort to address or fix the issue.
This game really isn't made for "fun." It's 100% just for them to milk you for every dollar or ad dollar they can get. The upgrades become way to expensive way to fast; but you can watch an ad to get an upgrade, or you can pay money for diamonds to get special stuff like quick cash or something. The gameplay becomes boring shortly. Worst off, unlike most idle games, this game barely racks you any cash while you're off the app. Most give you around 100% of what you would make on the app, but the game gave me somewhere from 5-30% I'd say. This game is just a waste of your time, and is purely for their profit
Firstly, the hell are the green dots. Secondly, the game was kinda fun, if a bit laggy, when I would continue to get better. Thirdly, it really does need some major bug fixes. The game has become unplayable when not idle.
This is a really good game, and I'd like to play more of it to find out why people hate it so much. However my progress eventually just resets for no reason all the way back to the beginning. I'll have everything set up and I'll close the app to do other stuff, but when I come back it restarts everything.
I keep ending up getting these green glowing things that keep blocking the bars at squish the initial balls or squares or whatever they are that I have up which means I can't get any progress on my game as it keeps blocking my income coming in
it's addicting you know it's not that bad when you get started it's kind of hard but when you keep on playing gets easier easier you get more money and stuff what I like most about this game is that you can like play Forever there's no story mode he just keep on playing you never stop.
I found a glitch while playing today th3 glitch was there were green crystals the clogged everything and the only fix was to leave and rejoin dev can you please fix that
Thought the game was fun, then got the Pacman/green orb issue. Fixed that by uninstalling, then reinstalling which let me keep all my progress other than the Pacman purchase. Now my issue is getting a "bonus" of a huge negative amount, so I will probably give it up at this point.
cool game and all but the game lags tremendously when you start earning "thousands of billions." also HUGE bug with the pac man update, the green balls stops flow of all cash, also severely lagging game. after a while of letting them run, I had 2 fps. way too mant adds also. if your spamming the upgrade button, you will upgrade the thing for "free" if you click on the watch add button. this concept is nice at first but think of it like this. you are playing a clicker game spamming the clicker button (because thats how you play a clicker game). all of a sudden, on your button it asks you to watch an add for auto clicks. because your spamming the button, youre going to accidentally click it weather you like it or not. all in all, the game gets boring after a while. changing thr date and time works making it extremely easy to progress even with the pac man glitch. the different skins add nothing to the game accept boring daily acheivements. game dosnt know how numbers work. if you earn over 999 billion, the number stays in the billions place. (it said I collected "517203.4" billion instead of 517.2 trillion).
Its decent , fun but way too many ads, eveb though the game presents these ads as a way to boost your progress of upgrading, gem earning, and extra cash
Look Dev, I love the game I really do but if I can say something, that packman option is the main problem here I understand why you added it but I recommend that you make it less of a problem. I suggest that you add a feature that helps get rid of them, unless you did but you gotta scroll to the top of the game to find packman. Otherwise I love it it's a chill game.
Anyone else getting ripped off by the toon blast ad. Every time it pops up. It doesn't give my reward. Probably going to uninstall if not fixed.
Was decent until green balls started coming down. Now I just log in, upgrade anything with my offline earnings, then log off. Not really a point to have this installed anymore
Fun game, but when you get to a certain point you're making so much money it starts saying you got negative money and it takes it away, making it impossible to progress
I liked it until I used diamonds to buy the Pacman upgrade and the green orbs showed up and blocked the products from dropping. You end up having to close the game out every minute or so for them to clear out before you can make anymore progress. It broke the game and any enjoyment I got from it. Very disappointing.
Whenever I open the game after not having played for a while, after collecting the idle $, the game freezes then crashes. And when I reopen it, all the idle $ is gone. And things ramp up in price so fast, you can't level up without the idle $.
Uninstalling the game after dealing with all the green orbs. Completely stopped me from earning anything and clogged the machine. Previously this game was great, now it's just a waste of my storage.
The green orbs ruin the gameplay. It because of the pacman update and the devs won't fix it. How hard would it be to gey rid of the orbs or to make them do somthing other than xlog up the machine?
Played when first released and it had freezing glitches. Here I come have after multiple years and Gus what. No change. Glitches still. Freezes constantly. Uninstall and never coming back as developer hasn't done anything since 2018. Google play should delete games from it's app store if the developer doesn't maintain and update the game
This was a fun lazy game I would play here and there. However I bought the "Pacman" upgrade and it has clogged up the hopper and nothing is getting through. I'm not earning money and therefore I am no longer having fun. The developer doesn't seem to care about the issue and I am far from the only one having this issue. Uninstalling.
You have a pointless red button. And when you buy like three things, it goes to an ad button and anyone spam tapping it is sucked into an ad. UNINSTALLING. And I read the reviews and saw that they had complaints while you are just ignoring them. Good developers actually fix. You are a HORRIBLE dev.
On the pixel part the star and monkey crushed, the colors are switched. Plz fix that and the get rid of the green orbs when u activate the pacman it will cloge the flow... I love the game I really do! Its those things that need improvement. Thank you
Absolutely unacceptable to put in lock screen ads with an update, without requesting consent. I would be willing to have video ads, but stay away from my lock screen. Pop up ads are never acceptable on a mobile platform.
The stupid green orbs just ruined all the time I spent playing this game and the devs aren't seeming to be paying attention to this and it is the biggest problem that every one is having and they have not responded
Such a great way to pass the time. That was until getting the pacman upgrade, which unlocks nuclear balls of poop to cruise their way down the hopper (because THAT's what happens when you gobble ghosts and pills all day..). So now you get about 20-30 seconds of crushing action before being bombarded by these glowing green balls, that cling to the top crusher and blockades your pixel mushroom burgers from their ultimate destiny. Perhaps the developer is simply saying we've got too much time on our hands to play this, and is pleading to our subconscious that these type of games are boring and meaningless. So 5 stars by far for the philosophical trip, less 2 stars as all I wanted was mindless destruction that is not blocked by pacman's radioactive bowels.
The game is super amazing,but sometimes when I use an ad to give me super speed or something, when the ad is done the screen turns black and it won't let me do anything
It's a good game. Easy to control and understand, but I'm wondering on how you lose money by opening up the game. It only happens when you get far enough in it, but the improvements should make it better not make you lose money.
The only problem I have is when I open the app to receive offline reward, I'll sometimes get a huge negative number that'll subtract from what I have. Game also gets super slow when I switch it to stars
I thought the app was ok, then i started getting ads on my lock screen, and i couldnt find a way to turn it off in the settings. Turns out it was this app doing it without permission even if the app is completely closed.
The green balls clogged up everything and there is nothing you can do about it. I never got the Pac man upgrade but once I upgraded my unlocks they came out. You can't tap on them or make them go pass your crusher. It was fun until those terrible things came out.
Piss off with your ads. I thought it was an actual lock screen that was on my phone, until I couldn't find a setting to turn it off. There is malicious ad software on this app that imitates your phone's background and lock screen to try and sneak an ad onto your phone every time you open it, even if you don't have the app itself open. You are not trustworthy and I will not be using your apps anymore.
DO NOT INSTALL. Has malicious adware that places an unoptional lock screen on your phone, with multiple ads you have to get through in order to even unlock your own phone. Will be reporting to Google Play Services. Hopefully it is taken off the Play Store.
If you like this game, download Idle mine crusher that is a superior but not good either crusher game. This game is just boring with no explanation for anything. The pacman upgrade softlock you from playing active.
I'm rating 1 star on everything but honestly it deserves zero, it hacked into my actual phone and put an ad on every couple of minutes even when I wasn't using an app (or any app) and changed my screen background to make me swipe twice. It took me a week to figure out what was wrong with my phone.
Great game, but it lags at times even on a high end device. The game also opens itself up often, presumably to try and show an advert when you're not even playing the game. The game itself is great, but the implementation is not great at all. 2/5, but only cause of the game.
Shortly after installing this app, every time I turned on my phone this app puts swipe to unlock phone and an right smack dab in the middle of. That feature that was unspoken of has made me very upset.
While this game is what it says, the progression of the game is very bad. To get anywhere in the game without watching the in-game ads for free upgrades, boosts, and getting extra money for watching them is horrible. The money production doesn't scale very well at all, there is no explanation for the upgrades you buy, and even if you buy the diamonds and grab the x1-2 you still don't make good price on the items sold. Do to this I have to mark this game review very low.
Enjoyed it until the greenballs made it unpalatable. Reading reviews, this seems to have been an issue for a while. Fix your stuff.
Added a SECOND Lock Screen to my phone which was extremely ANNOYING. I could not figure out what it was and no matter what settings I changed, it was always there. Not worth it. Don't Download!