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Idle Panzer War of Tanks

Idle Panzer War of Tanks for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Hypester OU located at Mustamae tee 16, Tallinn, 10617, Estonia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love the game but ran into a glitch where it won't let me open the campaign, the load screen opens but never finishes loading
Holy ads batman wouldn't mind but the ads make the game crash half the time and automatically taking me to the play store is a sure way to not have me even consider installing 1 of the advertised games
Would be a good game if it wasent for all yje forced ads, they are everywhere and the game feel very forced and ad heavy which takes away from the game, other then thag would of given ot a higher rating since it is a fun time killler.
The game is very good, there's no ads instead if you want some little boost And in fact there's 2 idle game in one but who interconnected Edit : I'm currently blocked in zone 2, level 9 because of a bug so I remove 3 stars
Hello, I see that the tank options are spread thin for now. I work on a WW2 strategy game (Age of World Wars) and I make units such as tanks, therefore I have to do research on the tank I make. For starters if your going for historical accuracy, the SU-152 isn't the first tank destroyer Russia had. Oh and I saw the categories, tank busters? Tank destroyers were what they were classified as. Anyway I have a lot of info regarding tanks, and I would like to help. Thnx and good game.
Fun, but I can't find out how to buy another tank to build, I maxed out the first one and the list of others shows up but u cant do anything.
I would give it 5 stars but the tiger one was a heavy tank not a meduim tank and that really bugs me because it isnt accurate from that
Nice game... with a little upgrades, it will be fine... But its stuck at campaign 2nd phase level 9... Also when u finished a tank, new one must be open frequently... we re waiting so long... do a upgrede men...
Campaign bugged out at level 9 of the second campaign. Can no longer access any campaign sections and thus can not continue.
Is it too much to ask to be able to go off for 8 hours of sleep and come back with a nice amount of profit? And why does it feel like my phone is going to explode when I play this game? It increases battery heat like no game before. It's also not interesting where you have to reset and even with a high "increase" in money making it feels exactly the same. I can watch 5 hours of YouTube, or play on this for 30 minutes.
Would be 5* but way too much ads for upgrades. Especially for offline time starting at 1h and have to watch ads every 5 upgrades to increase it by 9min... also when you prestige it resets so have to do it all over.. Overall tho its a decent idle game, I liked it but got tired of ads >_<
Just getting the game if it follows the unrealistic stereotype of tiger being a good tank i will not be happy
It alright but I have over 1 billion and cant get a new tank is it because i have not finished my current tank cause then that stupid.
The game is ok I guess but the two main reasons I'm not giving it five stars are. 1 It sometimes just crashes and goes to the homepage and then won't open for a while. 2 The historical inaccuracy makes me cringe as well as the fact that the Panzerjagers turret rotates.(it doesn't or should I say didn't have a turret in real life) and why are you fighting Germans using German tanks?.
Not bad but every two minutes I am being bugged to watch another advertisement. It's ridiculously annoying to have to keep stopping game play to watch advertisements for other games. Would be cool but...over all...left me feeling irritated at best.
Great game it's very time consuming but for a idle game it runs wells load times aren't bad even on mobile data and I didnt see a single ad over all a good game
It's your typical idle/ad game nothing to fancy but some of the upgrades a ridiculously priced and for some reason I can't even buy a new tank even tho mine is already maxed out?
I wouldve gave this a four but whenever i try upgrading it always shows a ad buy when i had enough for the upgrades. It is very annoying because it technically is a barrier from upgrading anything. At least make the ad buy disappear when you have enough for the upgrade other than that the game is great.
Good time sink, I am halfway through building my 7th tank. In the campaign however, I got to the 2nd campaign and finished lvl 8 only to be presented with a grey screen in the 9th level
Way way to annoying to level up taping takes forever just a time waster money grab game like every idke game out there gets boring after few hrs if not minutes so 1 star
After playing this game for a couple days or so and after reading a number of reviews, I have decided to uninstall this game and give it a one star. It is historically inaccurate, which is not only embarrassing but also insulting, and in order to max upgrade parts or upgrade other things after a number of times, you have to watch ads like a mofo. I would pay to never watch ads ever again on this game but because of the primary issue of being historically inaccurate, I will not recommend the game
It has been a fun idle game but after getting to level 9 of the 2nd campaing the game bugs out. I tried presteiging and after getting back to the level again it still bugs out and now i am stuck and unable to continue through the game.
Should be able to upgrade multiple tanks at once; I have enough cash to work on three, but can't buy either of the next two because I'm only 35% done the first, giving it a crazy unbalanced feel. After a certain amount of upgrades, the cost is to watch an ad. This shouldn't be a forced option; I have 18 upgrades stuck because of it.
Ive been obsessed with this game for a few weeks now, it has a slow burn but not slow enough to put you off, i recommend it!
Ugh, there's a thing I hate about this is you have to pay actual money for a new tanks... PTTTTTTTTTTT, Yeah, like you're getting a scent out of me just for something that isn't even really worth anything useful in Life or in game... -~-
Similar to web based idle clicker games. Complete with a reset feature (prestige) that rewards progress gained for your next playthrough. You meticulously build a large number of tanks and take them into a level by level campaign.
This would be an amazing app. But, there just not enough tanks, the money needed to buy another tank is way too high and the "campaign" is unbelievably difficult. Other than that? Very good game, love the attention to detail. Keep up the good work developers.
So I do have a question about one thing. How exactly does unlocking the next tank work? Previously, I had To do to unlock the next tank was to hit level 30 in the campaign. While now I'm on level 35, amd the tanks are maxed out, and I still haven't unlocked the 4th tank. When this happens all I can do is prestige and hope it works next time. I like the play style, and I appreciate that there are no pop-up ads, but I wish I could purchase to disable all ads, so I can upgrade with out ads.
The gulf between mid tier and top tier is vast. Game bugged at end of second campaign. Tried reinstalling game to fix and lost all progress. IMHO avoid this game with all haste!
Half the game + the full potential of the app is locked behind a reliable online internet connection and ads. Cant get max rank part because I need to watch an ad. Cant play campaign for some reason without being online. I have poor internet connection so I literally cant play this game.
Pretty good overall, perhaps a few too man ads. There are also a few inaccurate modeling with the interior on certain models. I can tell tho that the was actually effort put in to it. Then again, perhaps make it have just a few less ads and make it have online saving support. 8/10