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Idle Moon Base Manager

Idle Moon Base Manager for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by S.A.M located at K vystavisku 527/4 Trencin 91101 Slovakia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's pretty fun. Could be a great idle game if it actually kept adding money while away. I can have my phone and app open for ten minutes and make a trillion dollars, but leave the game for a couple hours and I only make a few billion. The appeal to idle clickers (for me) is they don't require high maintenance. The only way you make a lot of money on this one is if you keep it open. And the profit doubler is only good for ten minutes? It's not even worth it.
Best thing was your humor. Solid game. Needs way to research faster. And penalties for upkeep ofmoon base are steep. Recommend over all.
Fun game. Very few games don't force adds and purchasing. The thought box is great, although not needed. It's the extra effort that impressed me. And I got to learn a little about Slovakia and how they hate everyone. The humor is always welcome and the reason I'll buy iap in this game. Great job my guy. We need more developers like you.
Issue with ads. Clicked on watch ad...had to watch 2...this has happened numerous times. One time after this issue it didn't give the reward, the watch ad button was still present. Also now and then you have to restart the game to get the watch ad button to appear...otherwise it says loading ads. On my LG V10, it slows down considerably after about 10 minutes of play...have to restart the game to get back to normal. Progress is slow....you reset frequently to get further progression. Not a bad game...don't get me wrong...just some observations seen while playing.
Nice casual game that keeps going even when I have little time to play. Great for the busy working person who wants to stay engaged.
I really enjoy the game. The in game "tips" are an entertaining way of spending time while stuff upgrades. My only complaint is that there is not a reward for pushing deeper/longer. I can runs for 3 minutes and reset with 90% the xp of if I ran for 3 hours. Suggestion: make a multiplicative xp reward based on base value each reset to reward longer resets each time.
I had to reinstall this app when my phone died, and much to my dismay, I have to start all over again! Not good! Please, link this app to social media, Google or something! I was halfway to Mars!
I absolutely loved the story bit. Sad it ended with no extra xp rewards. 😜 I notice xp really feels hard to get. If there's a way that could be improved or if that's its design I'm all for whatever the answer may be. I love this game. Most idle fans will love it.
At first it plays normally, but when I get to a certain point it just starts shutting itself down. Any progress I made before the shut down is lost.
This game is great. It's a fun clicker idle game, and when you're waiting for the money to flow there is a thought box, and it is filled with great dialogue. I laughed, I cried. It was the best of times, it was the..best of times. Btw dev. Your thought box made me comment. Idle apps are everywhere, what stood out in this game was YOU. Thanks for making it silly and fun. Put more of YOU into your games, you are what makes it. Any coder can figure out a clicker app, but you figured out how to really connect with your audience. Keep it up. I'll be looking for your other games as long as you are in them.
Was ok to start. Read the thought box, it goes on and on and on but, you do get xp for it! Lost interest when I needed $100Billion too continue.. Also, the wait times for upgrading start to take FOREVER! (I.e. 240sec to complete) And you can only do one at a time. If you close or switch the app the timer will pause.
This game breaks down after making it to the moon. I keep building new facilities, but that only decreases my income (which the game warns will happen), but there are no indications when I can use the progress tab to make up for the losses, so I have lost out on a lot of income hoping I could try to get to the next increase. This has me furious, as my income dropped substantially with no increases in sight.
Fun however I'm always losing my progress as when I go offline and come back everything is set to 0, I can't earn anything :( even a reset leaves me with nothing
Paid over 6 dollars for supposed upgrade with no reset and it failed to remove annoying ad banner at bottom. Had some dodgy fake gift ads there too. 1 star until ads get removed
Love it, would give 5 star if it had a watch ad for an income multiplier. Also you can't upgrade while the game is closed.
Great game integrating AI and clicks. Helping to get over finishing Universal Paperclips (a few times lol). Enjoying so far.
All around awesome game. Would be nice if the tap button was a little bit bigger, but all and all well done! Love the personal touches
It works. I like it, and also it's interesting enough. Nothing to complain about other than sometimes it seems like it uses too much of my weak old battery too quickly. And yes, I only ever run one app at a time and remove the previously used one from recents and also run it in airplane mode. It's not as power hungry as some of my games, but still, seems like maybe that could be improved a bit? Possibly? Either way, the game itself is enjoyable. Maybe some more events and a more eclectic variety thereof wouldn't hurt. Review finished.
The Thought Box was the thing that made this game for me, The Devs witty comments in the thought Box and his friendly XP giving ways. This is an amazing game. Thank you Dev for changing up the Idle Games genre a bit and putting more of yourself into the game. One Love. X
I enjoy this game. I especially love the thought box, I look forward to more additions to it. Progress is slow and the design is basic and uninspired, but I adore the effort put in. It's just so charming and easy, I can't help but to love it.
I LOVE this game. For an idle game, it's awesome, and especially the tips in the projects tab. Funny, laugh out loud, I can't wait to read the next one! But what do I do when I get to the end of them? Jan 27th, I've reached the end of the notes and I'm marking time. Let's have MORE!
It's an ok idle money manager game, with upgrades taking a long while compared to most idle games, and it acts as a designed slowdown of progress to extend the game.
I want to like it. But an idle game that slows down unless you're actively using it is not an idle game.
Your average idle clicker with its occasional progression flaw. What really makes this game is the thought box, it gives you some insight into the life of the dev. and by the end you want to find where he works and send him a pizza with a bottle of ketchup. I agree that far too many apps. force in app purchases and this game is definitly not one of them.
Really fun idle game, would like a different system for ads, the current one isn't really suited for players who are away for a large period of time. Highly recommend. Great game
Gets too slow. I've played a lot of incrementals but this one fails to live up to the premise of 'imcrementing'. It's stagnant. The quotes from the developer are mildly interesting.
Not a bad game. Pretty easy to master if you understand what to upgrade with your xp. Down side is the upgrades of each type of automatic money maker. Each upgrade does +10% but once you start getting to higher levels of xp and income multipliers they don't seem to do anything.... As said before, thought box is funny and worth taking time to read.
idle game with quirky buttons to push. so what? pretty lame; more a testimony to the Dev's self proclaimed wit. Not. Uninstalled after a week of stupidly "playing"
Well im still playing so its not awful, but i feel theres a lack of content. Im still waiting to get to go to the moon and set up more moneymaking businesses.. but it doesnt seem to happen. So i dont know why there are buttons for the moon, mars and Europe.. My current goal is 800 billion i think, and im still stuck on earth.. its boring.
Loved it. This idle game is humerous and entertaining. The thought box tips were awesome and made this dumb Americans Google a little bit about a small European country that I would otherwise have no knowledge it
HEY S.A.M, great game! I love it! I like that you can ... I don't know... I'm not the best at explaining stuff... I love the idea,and you made it easy to proress further. It's not a game that takes 3 days to get your profits x2 it only takes a few minutes. Keep up the good work! Only thing a would change is to add music to the game, everything is better with music. The thought box is funny and you put so much thought into the upgrades, and the messages after you prestige are well thought out. It's amazing! I would donate, but I'm not old enough to have PayPal. Instead, have these cookies, they're homemade! 🍪🍪🍪