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Idle Monster: Happy Mansion in Click Away Village

Idle Monster: Happy Mansion in Click Away Village for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by foranj located at Russian Federation Moscow City, 119435 Maly Savinsky per. d5 office 3. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
colourful graphics. I was playing this game for quite a while now. all I notice with this game is re-planting the same plants over and over again. That's it. It's okay, but, I wanted a bit more from it. Sorry, but, I have deleted this game. You need to add more stuff to it.
just have some fun for a few day " if got more stuff to upgrade would be great " just feel like playing this game for no point " but great gaming anyway
I have to lower my rating to one star because twice in the last 2 days ive racked up billions in candy, i leave the game for a certain amount of time, come back and all of my candy is gone...im disappointed because this is easily my fave game...
What a huge disappointment. Idle has been taken too literally in this game, you're just to collect money and buy plants and them get gifts and that's just about it. I've only had this for two days and I'm bored of it already. I had thought that if I got all the plants I could venture to other places, it appears not. Uninstalled, bye!
So far I have no problems with this game I just started playing this game today and I'm already very much into it I know I do do more things in the game but so far so good everything works well everything is out of quit there's enough bonuses and Extras that they give out pretty cool
From the first second onwards I was not impressed. Firstly the game graphics are at an average level, a basic 2D design with limited animation. Secondly the gameplay itself lacks depth, and for as long as I've been playing, it was simply swipe the screen until you earn enough to make everything automated. As a result the longer I played the less user-input the game required. Finally the shop menu and the world itself was also highly limited. Completely wrong approach, Highly Disliked.
I played this on a different tablet & didn't play nothing like it does on this one! I love playing it now!
Very good gameplay and Hchxhxhc has been very helpful and Hchxhxhc had been very successful with a lot more people in this area than the previous year but the company is still very strong in its position as it is now at its best and is now a major business model for room and business development in new York York
So, I've been playing this game for quite a while and I'll say, I haven't run into any problems. I love that I can find and use "rare/epic" plants fairly quickly into the game, while other games with similar features make you work hard until you're frustrated and delete the app. The theme is very cute, the upgrading feature is convenient and there are no malicious ads that pop up when switching between screens. I like it, good job guys, keep it up.
I was really starting to enjoy the game, now it won't open! I'm going to uninstall and reinstall. Hopefully that will work. If not I will permanently delete 😔
Kind of fun - couldn't figure out how to get past organization of garden. Didn't want to mess with it. Really cute game though.
This is the best monster farming game.i love it but you should add more big space the space for farming is very small.
Entertaining. The monsters you grow are fun and funky, progress is interesting and the game is overall a fun time-waster you can play when you have a few minutes.
I love the game it is a lot of fun and keeps me playing it all day I just started last night and didn't want to put it away I'm looking forward to all the monster thank you
Slow game cnt move to higher levels after the billion level for the trillion level, as fast as previous levels. Sometimes the game even doesnt start properly.
The game (using that term loosely) is rather pointless. Once you have planted 9 plants that's it, there is nothing else to do. It's a pity there is no expansion to bigger or different gardens. It's a pity they didn't put more though and effort in as I think it had potential, sadly it's a let down.
If I could give zero stars I would....what a mind numbingly BORRRRING game. And calling it a game is a HUGE stretch. I uninstalled after only 5 minutes.
great game i all love that you start of slow in the beginning but then its starts to get faster which is what i like in games so i give this game a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Good game.was enjoying it untill it froze, i closed and reopened it,but it was still frozen ,i deleted because of this..
I love this game much much more than the other one because this is like 3t MB and the other one is 56MB.....not only that it has small storage and space,u don't pay for anything.....it's just perfect
enjoyable to an extent. making money and seeing the different plants was fun however trying to save up enough for the more expensive ones got a bit boring
Gamplay has good possibilities however there is some glitches when you choose to watch ads for rewards. I watched three and nothing so i no longer choose to watch them.
Almost all about watching videos! Played less than 10 minutes & have already had to view 5! Not even made it into actual game play!
i LOVE this game. i actually like all the games from this developer... i got bored of my existing games, deleted all but one and dl'd 4 of this developer's. the only reason i deleted Magic Fairy is because i have a similar game where i am on 1000 lvl. i kept Sunken Secrets and This one. it's fun and not boring... i hope i can play it without net, coz thats when i neee them most.
a fun idle farming game in the style of some of the more popular ones. still very fun with a haunted house theme.
Oh, you touched the screen? Here watch an ad. Oh, you collected something, watch an ad... and every single one is forced.
I've been shamelessly addicted to this game for some reason for an entire 24 hours. It got me through a 12 hour shift, but now I'm done with it.... literally, there's nothing else to do. This is the first app I've found that is basically a fake app. The content is just deep enough to get you to watch 50-100 ads before completely running out of things to do. No expansions, no nothing. You just run out of things to buy/upgrade completely. skip this one until they update it.
the game is nice but i can't play it when connected to net it's not responding can't touch it i always install and unistall but it's still the same even my net is off cant play it
the stupid game wont go past the first level! and what is the point in it? do ypu just continue until u have got all the plants and then ypur done?If so then there's no point in downloading the game anyway
Ok, sooo.. this game starts out pretty cool..plant monster - type things.. turns out. 4 different things can be grown..( a little bit more. But your growing them 4 NOTHING !!!! ) And that's it !! No other cool levels, no goals. No NOTHING. Waste of time. Watching paint dry might be better. 😧
A very fun game to play. Though it would be far more enjoyable if there were some instructions. I don't know exactly what I'm doing or supposed to be trying for.
its a nice game, my daughter and i really enjoy playing with this apps. i hope many of our friend also loves to play with it.
It will not let me get past buying an artifact. I buy it, do the upgrade choice then choose watch movie. Problem is it won't let me watch it, and will not make final the purchase of the upgraded artifact.
I love this game. My daughter and I both play. The only thing is we can't go to one another's place. I have reported it but know one has texted me back or fixed it!
I don't know about the game yet, I'm waiting for the last 888bb money to buy the last plant, I don't know if there's another happened to this game, will it's just fun for the first time I play this because I expecting a lot of things can happened this game but I play this game more than 2 weeks but I'm still collecting the money.. there's nothing I can do just collecting.. so boring game.. can you please editing this game can you try to think what is the kind of game that I can share to them.
Ads during a tutorial? Really? And not even just 1. I uninstalled after the 3rd mandatory ad in the first 5 minutes.