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Idle Mons - Monster Clicker and Tap / Idle Game

Idle Mons - Monster Clicker and Tap / Idle Game for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by K & K Games GmbH located at K & K Games GmbH, Amselweg 4, 90547 Stein, Deutschland. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I am truly addicted to this game and I play it for hours every day . I love the monsters and how you can upgrade your wins. I like fighting other players. I honestly do recommend this game.
Before downloading, I thought it is kinda boring but, the game is fun and is a good way to make friends. Fighting the monsters is so much fun and I highly recommend this game to everyone I know.
Addicted this game. The game takes players into many impressive and dramatic challenges. Evolve monsters, collect artifacts and reach unlimited levels in Idle Mons!
Quick, very fast and full of action. Participating in dramatic battles and engaging with Idle Mons, the characters in the game are always very suitable and special, making it easy for you to choose your own style. Enjoy it now.
Can't play the game. I just keep getting a white screen. Its a shame to since the game looked really fun but I pretty much tried everything I could do. Resetting it and deleting and then reinstalling the game and nothing worked.
Love it please make endless new things on it love love love it please Make tons of updates like buying buildings businesses going on adventures and being able to catch Unlimited, monsters to fight by your side you can level them up idled Buy weapons upgrade them with money From beating bosses train your monsters along with your heroes But you should need 300 relects To be able to train each monster Sell the one's you don't want. Which should earn you 5 rejects for each monster you sell
so far so good, only issue I have seen is when I go to launch the game here and there, it'll crash on me. I relaunch it and it lets me in after that. but it's a constant crash everytime it's opened.
So this game was pretty decent to begin with. The only issue I had was saving problems. I would be playing and I would save the progress, but the next time I play it, everything is the same, but my damage resets. If I wanted to play it, I would have to restart the app Everytime deleting the data.
So simple, but good to use. Absolutely fantastic experience, makes me feel like a kid again. I highly recommend trying this game out It works smoothly and stably.
Very cute graphics, I love them so much. These monsters are so lovely. I’d like to get one if they are real. Of course gameplay is very amazing or I won’t be so addictive. Want to get some new items soon.
It's fun and you can go at your own pace. Decently difficult and great graphics. For all ages! I recommend getting this game.
Love the game!! It gets super interesting and challenging with all the monsters. I love to play this game all the time. Super fun and amazing app.
Just one word: excellent! My friend recommended to me for experiencing battles. At the fist time, I didn't know this application could bring emotions to me. However, after all I use this app more frequently because its emotions. Very amazing!
It’s soooo addicting to play this. Beating all the monster and raising them. I recommend this. Very fun to play like the hit game Pokémon but you can Make creatures!!!
I enjoyed playing this on the computer but when I started on the app I didnt get a starter mon. The app often crashes on startup a lot too
Best idea. If you are searching a quality game online which help you try to fight on various character with different strategy. Trying out once time, you will be pleasant late or soon!
This is a great game, epic gameplay and I am so happy with the graphics and the game never glitches, properly built game. Happy playing it all the time.
So satisfied with this! This app is doing well, just spend time relaxing and enjoy remarkable, beautiful graphics – and it’s completely free!
Fantastic app. This game includes many prominent and unique characters for you to be creative. A fun idle game that features cute animation and monster designs.
This game is alright but it's very basic no fighters you just purchase and upgrade everything and stare at a solo monster alright do that for hundreds of lvls lol there isn't enough difference to stay interesting nor any special effects or cool visuals like a tap and read game
This game is good in its ways you collect monsters to battle with them battle other monsters, this game is pay to win if a rich man played this he would have a lot of x runes and monsters.
I like this little relax game. I can find lots of fun and enjoy myself when playing game. I like chat room the most because it makes me feel happy. This makes whole game more sociable and lovely.
Really enjoy this game. Doesnt require a huge time commitment so I can play in between tasks. Addicting! First day I played I was immediately sharing with friends!
I thouroughly enjoy playing the game, the graphics are enjoyable to myself as well as the toddler that likes to watch me play, and my 8 year old nephew enjoys playing for me on his weekly visit.
First time I review a game, I'm upset how deceiving and terrible it was, tried it for a minute, let everyone else in my family try. Uninstalled in minutes. We don't get the Point of all the nonsense. my 8yr old said "maybe you'll like it if your into boring games" the monster graphics are not great either, the whole thing seems like a huge waste of effort to create unless they make money on fools, it's definitely a huge waste of time to play, I'd rather watch paint dry!! Don't even bother!!
I like this game a lot more! It's a cute game but you also aren't REQUIRED to spend real money to play. Yes, they have in app purchases but if you have enough patience, you really can just smoothly play the game as intended.
Experience multiplayer-features. In Idle Mons, each fight is an amazing experience. Dynamic clashes are full of impressive blows. Emotions always keep to the very end.
I always enjoy the simplicity of idle clicker games. I am enjoying this game, so far. The monsters are cute, the colors are bright but beautiful to look at. My only issue is that many of the monsters don't even show up, they show as just a big black square. The tutorials could use a little bit of work as well, as I had no clue what half the menu items were until I checked the help. All in all, it's cute and I enjoy passing the time.
The developer seems to have some bots to write good reviews for this basic game so I'm writing an actual review. The gameplay is a basic clicker game, except everything looks terrible, the menus are completely cluttered with information that you don't need yet and the tutorials are awful. The monster designs look good, but also look like they've been ripped from Digimon and are just jpegs on the screen. If this gets polished by actual game developers, it might look good and be more fun.
I changed my review to 3 stars because i appreciate the response. I managed to play the game this time (why is google chrome's update needed for this app to work?), and it was enjoyable for a bit. The monster designs are creative, and mechanics are easy enough to understand - I just got bored of waiting to collect all the monster shards, tho thats just me. Good game!
Impressive. I extremely like this app for many reasons. The first one is because of full of impressive blows, the second one is unique characters and the last one is the various arenas that it brings to me. Good suggestion for other users.
A very good game to play on big screen devices. You can see the details more clearer. I like to play it on my pad, graphics are wonderful on it. And it looks cooler when attacking other players.
Developer working on update. it appears that the artifacts that reduce costs to avatars or artifact upgrade cost do not actually work. Half the time I find my gold multiplier being in correct because some skills in regard to increase gold doesn't seem to be calculating correctly. My multiplier on the summary page will change without moving. Monster souls around or increasing anything. Since damage multipliers are not displayed, then no telling if all artifacts or skills even work at all.
Fav game of all time can't put my phone down. Literally played this for 5 hours straight. Love all the cute and cool monsters! Highly recommended.
I gave the game 5 stars because it is so fun to play that once you start it's hard to stop. It is alot like merge dragon, but in my opinion, Idle monster is much more exciting to play. Give it a try and find out for yourself.
I’m playing this game for around two weeks and I like it. Playing with monsters are fun and fighting them is so thrilling, would recommend this game to everyone.
So grateful. It’s definitle wastefulness if you haven't tried this application. Just a simple interface of the app, players can be experienced a lot of epic battles beyond their expectations.
It is just a great game overall and more updates can make it even better I have trained the best monsters, this has been really helpful to take my time away when I am bored.
there was a bug ingame where it cost me 5 gem twice for each time i fight guild boss, once when i press attack and once when i press submit (which is totally wrong). please fix
This game is fun, it’s very interesting when you put a monster down it tells you what they would look like when they're big. I just find this game one of the most interesting games I have played keep it up.