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Idle Miner Tycoon: Gold & Cash

Idle Miner Tycoon: Gold & Cash for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Kolibri Games located at Kolibri Games GmbH Hallesches Ufer 60 10963 Berlin Germany. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Better than other tycoon games as it keeps going rather than just 2 hours. But, the 45 second ads is just pushing the limit. That's too long, hence 3 stars. Sometimes I watch ad add and don't get a boost. Been playing over 100 days, must have happened 50 times now.
I downloaded this the other day and forgot about it. I saw it today and started playing it and i can't stop! It's more interactive than most idle games, that makes it really addicting. I just started playing so my opinion might change, but so far it's a pretty good game.
I like the game, been playing it for years and almost hit end game, but lately the game is suffering lots of performance issues on my phone, low fps, lagging, freezing, long loading times. Started playing impossible mines lately, it has huge opening times, when you take that you need 20 keys and each take 5 days to make, plus each mine needs more keys, thats insane waiting time. I have tokens to speed up the process, problem is, the forge menu. When you are in mine and want to boost it, you have 5 tokens like 2000 times but you see only 1 token of the same class and you can chose how many of it you wanna use, which is perfect. Problem with forging, you see 2000 tokens and you need to click one by one which is super annoying and when you have scroll thru tens of thousands of tokens, its lagging even more. They need to make the same boosting for forging as they have for mine boosting using tokens. For dev: phone redmi note 4
absolutely amazing game, the customer support just adds onto how amazing this game is. It's an amazing time killer and they are very willing to help work with you through any problems you have. thank you guys so much for helping me the other day, meant a lot. You guys actually care about your players. it amazes me. thank you for all your hard work for this game πŸ’• edit: I got back to my spot!!! thank you guys :}
This is a game that you would love to play highly recommended. Also u can have so much money. It's a really good game theres different islands theres cool events as well. Who ever sees this review, need to get the game (;
Very good game even though I play ps4 more this game is fun like yeah the game gets boring in 3 minutes or less but I play this at school and it's a good game if you are looking for a game that is good and has no bugs get this game.
This game is very addicting I'm giving it five stars because I don't have ads and i didn't pay! I know this is bad for business but i will tell you how to get no ads for free! Number one... Turn off wifi number two... ENJOY
It was going to be a good rating until the developers started mucking the game up. I didn't mind going through lots of ads but since this new "pay to skip ads" has been on offer..strangely enough..no watch ads available. Uninstalling. Sad, furious and disappointed at yet another developer getting too greedy on a "play for free" advertised game.
I love this game I feel like it's the best game ever it's not exactly accurate on the ads that they will do that ads will do that people will do anything for a sale but this game is awesome I will play this game every day forever and never delete it and I also didn't read anything either I just started playing but that's what I do you know I just start playing a game I figure it out and then I rate it if I like it or not so needless to say this is the best game ever peace out
I've played this for about a year. It's very addictive. Only reason I will not give 5 stars is because of the adverts. Although this game does not thrust adverts at you after every level like some games do, you can optionally watch an advert to get a boost. Only problem is with some adverts they start forcing you to install another app/game, or sometimes the adverts freeze, or sometimes they cause the game to restart, they have even caused the phone to reboot. This is not good.
This is a fun game, but there are too many time barriers. One of the most interesting features in the game is the Super Managers, which are acquired by playing tedious, boring mines for about 5 minutes at a time with multi-hour waits. Someone calculated that getting all the Super Managers and leveling them up to get all their benefits would take hundreds of years. Some of the mines have multi-month time barriers just to get into them. Just a clock sitting there counting down time for 5-15 day chunks (and you need to wait through this 5-20 times) before you actually get to play. If all the time barriers were removed, this would be a great game.
This game is pretty awesome indeed this game deserves a lot of respect because I have been playing this game for six months and I love it this is the best game I ever played in my life this probably have some bugs after the level 23 when you can level up again because you cannot earn any more money so for that you need to restart the game for two to three times and this is kind of fault in the game by the way it's the best game and very good game and I refer the game to all the people
Way too much pay to win, it can take months to complete a mine and now they reduced how much stuff you get from expeditions so you buy more boosters for cash. Waste of time.
OK at the moment I have apparently no Internet connection according to this game so I have lost out on the last event mine and I am unable to boost my mines or collect my double money. I have been asked for screenshot but am unable to add them to the conversation so am not getting value for the money I have paid. I am no able to recommend this game at the moment.
Good(I am not a bot I promise!!!!!!) This messege was braught to you by Botter. Do you need bots buy our premium pack for $9.99 and you will get 500 bots sent to where ever you would like(there will be a extra 2 dollars aded for each sentence.).
Very addictive, fairly easy to progress without paying for add ons just takes a lot longer. Always handy when there's nothing to do.
I downloaded the game and couldn't even get through the tutorial. The game kept freezing to where i couldn't do anything and I'd have to shut it down. Pretty frustrating for a company i can only assume has made decent money for better coding. And i have a brand new phone.
this is a pretty good game. little slow and collecting money at times but at least you don't have to watch ads unless you absolutely want to. I have no intention of purchasing anything, this is just a mindless waste of time and a good distraction when my classes get boring.
This is a good game overall and is a great idle game I recommend this game first it does not give many adds and lasts a long time so you wont play for 5 minutes and beat it and you get atched to it I've been playing for 3 years and love it I'm writing this rating at 9:45 at night.
You'll spend more than half your time watching ads, but I understand they have to make their money - understood & accepted. An absolute OCD grinder. Purchases or earned achievements aren't guaranteed to be transacted properly as there are glitches that impact payout. I spent 3500 "bucks" on an Elevator pack, which didn't give the right purchase. Customer service refused to refund the in-game purchase. Caveat emptor on this freemium game. Played for almost 1k hours - uninstalled.
Good endless game to sink some time into. But holy hell do they want you to spend money left and right. The ads aren't bad, but it's all just so much monetization all in your face all the time. Be wary of this app if your kid uses it.
This game is so awesome! I love the graphics of the game, and this is my first day playing this game and I already have 5 mine shafts! It starts out slow, but once you start upgrading everything, its awsome! Good work guys!
I have download this game today and till know it's too good Today I am just editing it bcoz my device has a low capacity for such games but I have downloaded this and I put a setting that the should not consume more data and battery it didn't consumes but has so many glitches . That's why I have some issues now . Not other that this I'll give you left 2 stars also .
Love the game, hate the ad glitch I'm experiencing. I usually keep up with the Ad Boosts for all my mines, but in the last few days I get one ad then No Video Available comes up. If I close the app and reopen it, the mine I was in will let me watch an ad to double my Collect amount, then no ads for Boosting or Collecting any others.
Awesome, I could play it all day if I could!!! Its so good πŸ‘ Great job πŸ‘, but..... the time for when the manager start working again is a bit long.... but on the other hang this game is so cool!!! Well done πŸ˜‰
Hey! Yea you. I recommend you download this game. Why you may ask well... its super fun to play and if you get bored there are new event's every so often. I personally love this game and think you should give it a try.πŸ˜‰(P.S Before rating make sure to try other things in game just so you get more of an idea.Just dont want you to rate it something you dont really feel.)
Addicted. This is so addicting I cant take my eyes off it. It's a little glitchy, which is fine, and it is NOT a pay 2 win, which are normally considered horrible. REALLY enjoy this game and you did very well on it. Good work!
I really appreciate, firstly that the ads you run for this game are actually this game more or less. Secondly, the game is simple and fun and I've yet to have an ad put in my face that I wasn't fully aware I was agreeing to which makes me way more likely to view them knowing they are there as an option to support you and get a cool boost. Thank you devs! Fun, simple, no ads shoved down my throat - I'll definitely endorse your game.
I like this game, even spent money on it, but the burger event sucks so much, even after I bought the pass. The elevator and warehouse are so expensive I can't upgrade them enough to keep up, and the only way to complete the event with all the badges is to spend a lot of money to pay to complete it.
Its a pretty good game over all not to many ads but the one problem I have with it is the elevator guy I guess you could call him doesnt go to the last mine shaft so I collect alot of money in that one shaft that I basically can't get because of it so it would be cool if we could choose which shaft the elevator guy goes too
Wow thats all i can say is wow I know i have played it on my old phone and after comming back to it after awile this is amazing from the updates to barly any ads this is an amazing game so i rate this 5 stars thats all i can say WOW!!!!!! I hope you enjoy this game to and i recomend it!Γ·)
Awesome! 10/10! paying 20 dollars for no ads is highly recommended. It's much better, easier and faster for me to collect cash and increase boost. It's fun to play while being quarantined. Downloading Idle Miner Tycoon is the best choice because it's for all ages and it's a good game. Highly recommended.
I like this game because you don't have to spend money and super cash you can buy boosters and money so you don't have to spend money if you are willing to upgrade and get super cash and the game is really smooth with graphics fps and not crashing
Wonderful Game, playing since ... I don't know, maybe Years or so. Yes, there are Ads, but you can pay to skip them β€” forever! It's worth it! If you want to push your progress, then increase the respective levels. Warehouse, Elevator, Shaft - in that order.
Doesnt load keeps crashing. Very very slow, adverts wont play. No wonder i stopped playing. I was trying to watch an ad to collect all my coins, tried 3 times and it crashed all 3. Totally usless. Same as your comments, and emailing you isnt any better because your solutions never work!
Unfortunately if you have no Internet connection you cannot progress. You cannot take part in events. Which are needed to get upgrade cards for miners. Seems silly an idle games requires Internet connection.
I really like the game but it keeps freezing. I have to wait a few minutes every time for it to get going so it's really not smooth. Whatever I'm doing, upgrading, using bonus etc it'll just freeze up. Might have to give up on it which is a shame cos it is fun.
Probably one of the dodgiest games I've played to date. Played for a number of months to see if I was just having bad luck, but nope. You get random missions that can be reset once a day, but you never get the missions with good rewards. Spend in game currency to reroll super managers and they'll roll the same one over and over. The chest rewards always give you the manager you least want. Save your time and try a different game.
I LOVE this game! Make sure to join the online community to share tips and encouragement. This is a long term ongoing game, so there's always something challenging you. I cant say enough good things! Get it, play it, love it!
I love this game because there are no ads at all and and I don't even have to pay for anything and I love it and super fun I recommend downloading it because like I said there were no Alief to where it doesn't take forever to load a Mars or now it's super fast when it loads
Ok but repetitive Update: So I think the game is a bit confusing at times I often forget to go back to various mines on the map... also finding progressing is easy early on but starts to get tough and you give up...
Better than other tycoon games as it keeps going rather than just 2 hours. Sometimes I watch an add and don't get a boost. Been playing over 100 days, must have happened 50 times now. Just happened 4 times in a row for boost, the last update seems to have broken it.
Wow the deal pop ups. so annoying. you can't even enjoy the game without 100 deals popping in your face. The events, they severely limit the haulers and elevators to limit your chances to even get anything great. I suppose it's intended so you feel pressured to buy items
very fun idle game but i have an issue after i watch like 3 to 4 ads it says NO ADS AVAILABLE so i have to like wait for 5 to 10 minutes before ads are available again but sometimes i have to wait for the next day so plss fix it but overall i still give it 5 stars.. EDIT:Why does my game keep on freezing when i turn on data my game freeze so i have to stop playing for awhile or just turn my data off and that will suck so much so plss fix it... 😊😊 EDIT 2:Thx for updating it its good now thx😊😊
Pretty fun game if you're able to fake time changes but otherwise it wouldn't be which removes a star. Then there's the fact it won't load 90% of the time so there goes another.
The game is designed to kill time, it does that. Puzzles are my favorite, but when I'm on hold and still have to pay attention to my world this kills the time. Don't expect to be grabbed by how in depth or awesome this game isn't. Just click to fidget. Do I love it, no. Does it work as planned, yup.
I have been playing this game for a couple years now and I honestly can't say I have aything that I dislike about the games control interface and the graphics are still pretty good considering how old it is but the only thing I could ask for is some new content to work with but you still get all FIVE STARS from me
I enjoyed this game for all of 2 hours. This game can not progess without watching ads . I understand that ads are how games make money but if I literally have to watch them every 5 seconds to get coins, to continue the game or anything else it doesn't make it fun. I hope in the future there will be a better way to progress in the game outside of ads.
Fun and free, can buy stuff if you choose, but no pressure. And, you still get to make progress, even when you're not "in game". It's a good one to keep, in my opinion....
very fun idle game but i have an issue after i watch like 3 to 4 ads it says NO ADS AVAILABLE so i have to like wait for 5 to 10 minutes before ads are available again but sometimes i have to wait for the next day so plss fix it but overall i still give it 5 stars.. EDIT:Why does my game keep on freezing when i turn on data my game freeze so i have to stop playing for awhile or just turn my data off and that will suck so much so plss fix it... 😊😊
This may well be the best data mining app in the play store. It provides lots of options to share your data and provide Facebook with everything they want to know about you and your connections. And it has plenty incentives to watch ads. I soon noticed it is all more of the same without any development or twists. You cannot lose and you cannot win, it just goes on. Much like life. So it is a really stupid game yet it is oddly satisfying to play.
I absolutely love this game, I say that because It doesn't have any mistakes, I love the leveling up, how easy the game is, and everything about it, everyone should get this game!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
I've just started to play this game, but so far it seems to run smoothly. It has no intrusive (forced) ads though for example boosts require to watch an ad. For me, it seems to be a nice idle game to be played while waiting for whatever else needs my attention :P
Great time waster. If you have some idle time and want something to do this is the game for you. The ad matches the game and is certainly fun to play.
It's really fun but once you get kind of into the game it starts to get less and less fun to the point where you're just waiting for yourself to get more money and I have it on another phone and I'm at the point where I'm just waiting and waiting and waiting it's super boring so I hope that doesn't happen with this one.
Been playing this game for a couple of years now. I like how the daily rewards don't reset if you miss a day. I love that there is always something to do. Standard mines, event mines and the mainland. It would be nice if the prestige for the standard mines wasn't so expensive. I've only managed to prestige 2 mines in 2 years although I do spend most of my time on the event mines to be fair. Nice game to spend some time on. I like how you can upgrade your miners too.
This is an enjoyable way to spend your time. Everything is great from the graphics to how it perform. I love it. It does get just alittle choppy but in all it's a great game. I recommend it.
This is probably the greatest game ever. I've been playing for around 2 weeks and I've had a lot of fun. But most people complain about it not being fun because you have to wait but it's called IDLE miner tycoon not win-all-rewards-and-things-in-a-matter-of-days tycoon. Btw the purchases are a bit on the expensive side so if you could do like sales on stuff at certain times. (not sure if you do) because then I would be buying more since i don't spend it all on one thing.
Overall, this is an entertaining time wasting game. So far I've been nothing but impressed with the quality of the graphics, the gameplay being engaging but not too demanding, and especially how smoothly this entire game operates. I've docked this a star for only one reason: I've watched five straight videos to get the free daily chest, and each time, it just resets the chest, says I have to watch an ad (which I've obviously done multiple times now) and yet still gives me nothing. Please fix!!
The game is fun. My wife and I play it everyday for about 2 months. On my phone which is Android there has been no issues. However with the last update from my IPad the game will not load past 52%. I have done everything as far as troubleshooting and have read others "solutions" but nothing has worked. Please fix.
Quite addicting. I had an issue with connection at first but I somehow got it fixed myself. The settings still say I'm disconnected but it's working. The only issue I have with this game is the price to remove ads (and others). $15 + over $1 in tax is a little too much. Pricey but fun. Good content and graphics.
Used to be a good game but now I'm basically only playing half a game. Mainland, special levels and event mines all now fail to give me my cash so I can't level up anything. Support does nothing except ask a million questions that I have already answered. Screenshot gets me "looks like you have a healthy mine" and cut off. It needs to be fixed.
I will admit, I did enjoy this. At least, when I first started playing it. After about 4 days, the game kind of just lost purpose. It was fine at the beginning but now it really doesn't scratch that itch that it's set out to scratch. Overall, a very average game with room for improvement.
It's fun, but not very addictive. But I love it because I just started today and I'm already high level. I do recommend this game. I don't know why everyone is commenting on the graphics though. I hope this review helps! 😁
Good game, progress isn't based on your wallet. Only a couple microtransactions, but they have to make money somehow. Ads are optional. Overall, 4 stars. It isn't 5 because as you get better the progres cliff becomes steeper
I actually quite enjoy the game. But there is a glitch in which I can't access any online portion of the game (events, the store, impossible island, etc). As well the cloud saving is not working. I had contacted support for a fix but they said next update. That update has come and gone and I'm still stuck. I'm too deep now to Uninstall and reinstall without the fear of losing all I have.
I have opened up this app to play a game, not to close several 'offers and specials' on a game, that I have no intention of spending real money on. I view ads for boosts and want to play a game for some relief, not to be harrassed by aggressive marketing for in game items that gives little to no advantage.
I'm loving this game, but am disappointed with the ads free offer. Most games cost under $5 for an ads free version. In addition to this, to advance you have to use ads or you won't get anywhere. After about 4 ads I get a "No videos available" message. I have to close out the app, and only get one more video before the No videos message appears. Hoping there is a sale soon so I can get a fair price for an ads free version.
This game is very bad but I have to admit meet the features are very good .anytime I click on the app it wouldn't work and anytime it works it will immediately glitch out and when I thought of downloading another ideal factory it didn't work it .
The game is fun & i've been playing it awhile. I like it enough to have spent money to buy the "no ad" deal. It's supposed to be a perminent benefit but when i switched to a new chromebook the purchase didn't follow. I contacted customer service thorugh the game & waited days for them to fix it. When they finally got back to me they told me they consider the matter closed?? The problem was not fixed and my money wasn't refunded. The matter is NOT closed. You litteral did nothing.
Very fun game, lots of events to keep you busy. The only issue I have with it is that there is no easy way to recover your purchases with Samsung. I bought both the idle profit and regular profit doubler when I last had the game, and now on this new phone I'm finding that I can't recover those and will have to repurchase, which is a very shady thing to do to your players.
So far, so good. Ad revenue interruptions are user friendly and i feel that it was implemented intuitively which is great because it isnt frustrating or forcing me to stare at commercials every minute. Gameplay is simple and also user friendly; easy to pick up and pass the time with.
This game is ridiculously addictive!!!!! You can pay for in game money for extra multipliers but you really dont need to. This game gives you alot of what it calls - super cash So you can frequently purchase said buffs for playing the game without paying. I didn't think it would be as fun as it is. If you've played the demo advert level, its similar but the game is much better than the demo. 5 stars indeed!!!!!
Old Review: Couldn't sync saved data on new phone. Wasn't happy. New review: Update fixed it. All is well. Final rating 4 stars. Would give 5 stars if this game didn't steal so many hours from me. No seriously sometimes I forget I've been playing for ages, and it's suddenly 6am and no longer 8pm πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
I love this game it have been keeping me entertained for few years now and when I lost my progress support was fast and friendly and recovered my progress in just a few days. I would 100% recommend this game.
I like the game - it's simple yet addictive. But the pricing is a little outrageous considering what you're getting. I.e. the "deal of the day" today is a package full of boosters and coins for $159.00. There are AAA games on Ps4 and PS5 that are less expensive than that. And to remove ads you have to pay $20.00, then pay another $15.00 to get the permanent booster. At the end of the day, this game is not nearly capable of the kind of graphics and game play that come along with the price tag.
1) Apparently I can't switch this annoying music off. 2) Also the boosts are just useless - don't use them people. If you do, you'll get addicted. I don't use the boosts so I'm not addicted.
I downloaded this game at 17th July 2016 (I remember that date because I got in to big fight). Then I become addicted to the game for a month or two, then I stopped playing it, then I got in to another big fight (with the same person πŸ˜“) a week ago so that reminded me of this game now I am adding to it again πŸ˜‚. The point is I am properly among the oldest downloaders of those games so have some respect 😁. Have a wonderful day πŸ₯°.
Not sure what's happening, but since the last update this app has gotten slower and slower. I can't access it anymore, it stalls at 11% loaded. I have deleted my cache, my data and even removed and reinstalled it. No dice. I can't get in anymore.
I cannot believe that after 1 night and morning of idling, I need to click on the 'lock' to unlock freaking barrier. I think the clock shld run by itself already. Or if there's a need for having to tap to unlock for whatever reason... Maybe u cld make the 'unlock' button into the whole black bar. Also, not rlly sure what I'm playing for now - it's my 3rd day in
The game is quite decent for an idle game. It's enough for me to just automate then clock out to do other duties in my life. The ads reward incentive is fair as well, and honestly you always have an option not to watch.
It's the best game to do anywhere but it is hard to get into it you need to hire to much or if you don't have one you need to click a thousand times and the fourth staff is for six hundred thousand you will need to upgrade the elevator first then the cart that gives all the MONEY πŸ’°
I did love this game and the addition of the extra top up is great, but latest update has caused constant glitches after using ad boosts 3 or 4 times. I would resolve this by buying a boost, but your in game pricing is outrageous.
The game was ok till y'all decided to mess it up the adding to the percent of add to the numbers! What every u want to call it! I know I could put my finger on the button an it would go a lot faster than now!!! I don't have all day to sit there an hold my finger there for 10 minutes 15 minutes to 30 minutes just to move up! When I use to touch it an it would go fast! The game is already long u just made it even more longer!! So please fix the add to the miners an elevators!! Thanks
Its a great game! Ads aren't pushed right into your face, its absolutely optional! Easy to earn quick money, watch ads for boosts, become a big business. Honestly its not that boring, you sit down grab a coca cola or pepsi or whatever and watch when you get the managers. Good game, 5 stars.
I love this game so much because 1. theres no pop up adds 2. ok you just need to wait 60 seconds when removing the 1st barier if you just watch add 3. i love idle games i can sleep any time not just leave the phone open 4. the add are so worthfull because of the bonuses
I'm only giving 3 stars the game is excellent but the adverts keep freezing . It's not up to me to give u feed back I'm done that for 6 months and still nothing has changed. U watch a advert to boost all mines maybe 1 or 2 load ok then 1 will freeze having u to force close the game to play it again. This is time consuming . Maybe 1 day u may get 5 stars when u sort out the freezing adverts
i see one can not get it's save data back. Go to the obb map on your old device, it can be found in the map android, you will find your save data over there. If it's not in the OBB map. It wil be in another map, that's stored in the map android. Just look for the data with games name in it, copy that file, and send it to your new device, and store it on the same place again, and you will have your upgrades back. You will always have a save file, to what you hold before, it's on your old device
Its a good game but it does have some bugs . Please fix them. 1. When i buy something from the shop it sometimes does'nt give me the thing that i order . 2.sometimes my money dissapers. And change the background , it looks bad.and change the graphics , it akward.and add another island pls it will be more attractive.and my money was 149 ab and as i opened it once it was telling me that i have a hundred , so please fix these bugs .but with also these things the game is good.
It is a fantastic game. No ads like other games nothing only just play play and play!!!!! it is my most favourite game whenever I get mobile I just play this game. And I want you all to suggest that please take this game to 5 stars and download it for experience
NO ADS!!! This is an ad based game in order to get boosts etc. But yet there are hardly ever any ads available! And to think I actually spent real money on this game. Smh. And I know there are plenty of ads out there!
The ads are too long and you get strings of them that are 45s to an entire minute long. That doesnt seem like much but when you get 13 of them of in a row with no shorter ads in between you start to realize you're spending more time being advertised to than actually interacting with the game. Which is a shame coz it's a fun game. Remove the minute long ads and this game is great.
AWSOME GAME! I love it! ❀❀ its easy (kinda its kinda hard to get cash at first) but either then that its AWSOME! like i thought when i first thought of downloading it this probleby will be a bad game and i will uninstall it but NO definetly not. so i give it 5 stars cuz its a awsome game 😊😊😊 and i only had for 1 hour πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but still the 1 hour of playing may have been the best time on my phone. ❀❀❀❀
Unlike many others, the developers of this fun little time-waster idle tycoon game actually seem to care. They make an honest effort to make the game enjoyable and actually respond to well-crafted feedback. And as far as good faith is concerned, that goes a long way. Keep that up. Simple-stylized graphics, self-explanitory gameplay...for idle tycoon gamers, it is wonderful. Haven't run into any problems yet, but have read reviews of a bug with one of the ads? Keep my eyes open, update if needed.
BE WARNED Totally rubbish. Had to get a new device, installed game and years worth of game play gone, have to start from beginning. Won't let me cloud sync, given me a different player ID no ability to enter my original player ID in order to continue from where I were on my old device.
This is an enjoyable idle game but it is seriously starting to suffer from clutter on the UI. If I take a break and am bombarded by event after event and have 10 new buttons to press all around the edges of my screen, I get a little turned off and start to wonder if it was a mistake to start again. I would recommend redesigning to UI to make it more compact after all the changes over the past year.
It is a great game. I love it. It does not come with any ads. Only needed ads will come after that no ads. Great game. I hope this game will improve in the future years
This game has a good graphic and i dont really like the music but it is addictive and when i saw the ad of this i wanted to download it so i give this a 5 and it gives you free 200 super money for free if you do this that's why i like this game.
I have been pleased with this game thus far, no game freeze here (Samsung 10) and have spent quite a few dollars. My only complaint is that the event mines are increasingly too hard to upgrade, thus being unable to totally complete the event. That makes me uninterested in continuing to play. Sure, I could use up all my boosts or spend a good amount of money to do so, but where's the fun in that. Otherwise, if you enjoy mindless play, this game will more than likely satisfy.
Everything was just fine until all my accomplishments and purchases were just erased when I connected to the cloud today. Now I have way less cash than before and all the boost also disappeared. Why didn't my achievements upload into the cloud instead downloading the info from the cloud. Will delete if this is not resolved.
Played this game for awhile and spent money. My old phone broke and when I got my new one I tried opening the game and logging into my Google play stuff and it still starts me at the beginning. I've spent countless hours and money here and there so it really sucks to lose all of that progress. Other than that the game is really fun and I'm always drawn back to it.
Looking at your prices I expected the appropriate quality of the application. So, visual art is good. UX is something average. But I am seeing inadequate CPU and MEM load that is not appropriate for this type of application! (Xiaomi Redmi 4X / 8 cores / 3 Gb). Guys, it is just 2D sprites 1-screen game! First, show good work. Next, get your money for it. Not wisewersa...
Dark shores took several months to bring everything to the max level in order to move on to the next continent so there is no way possible to complete it in 1 or 3 days to get the other medals. Need to rebalance the new continents if you are going to keep the current requirements for getting the other medals. There's no need for these new continents to be this extremely difficult.
UPDATE: I've come back to playing after a few years to see how it is. I was a big time player had 50k cash and all the mines finished. It seems the event mines have been made considerably harder now, once I was able to finish it with a few boosts. I used loads in the most recent and didn't even come close to finishing it. Now it seems you need to throw money at it to finish. Loads of new islands to conquer which is good but also means loads more adverts for them to get revenue off. Advert Miner
this game pushes micro transactions incredibly hard, much worse than most other games. the one bright side is it doesn't push advertising nearly as hard as a lot of games.
It is super fun to play very addictive and not that many ads witch is amazing. And even if you uninstall the game then reinstall it your progress is still kept! :D
"Contains ads" is code for this is just an ad trap. This app was decent until they started putting 1 minute ads in it. 30 second ads were pushing it as I didn't download this "game" to watch ads but to play the damn game. Don't waste your time on this app- I'll call it a game when it plays like a game not an ad. Want better ratings? Get rid of the stupid ads!!!
i like thes game very much and thes game is very good and nice hi the question of the question of whether you have any questions about the same way as to the end of this email and we'll be in a couple of years ago and I have been a long way to the right to monitor and I have 2nd, but the only way I can be used to it is a great day out with the new York city, the first time I was wondering how you can get a chance for the first to 2 the question of the question of the question of the question,
Fun to play annoying reminders. I find it annoying to constantly have the white arrows telling me what to do everytime i restart a mine. Also I have hearing aides that connect to bluetooth and everytime they connect the game starts making sounds even though the option shows its off and it comes back on when i disconnect them so have to toggle the setting on and off again each time.
fun game one of the best parts as you can play offline but it would be better if they let you be a little more competitive if you didn't have to pay or have a few more free upgrades to be competitive you have to have a paid account
And now it's not letting me run ads at all I don't know my cell phone date is good... I miss when this game work properly I guess I'm probably going to have to uninstall it if it doesn't start working properly in the next few days it's really frustrating me it just says no ads available and I checked everything else it has to be the game and this really sucks I really love this game....
Looking for a time killer!!! This is your game!!! There is the ability to pay your way to the top but for the cheap folk like myself the long game (free) is also very entertaining!!!!!! Highly recommended!!!!!
The game is good. I love playing it. But there is a problem too. We need super cash to buy power ups and we only get super cash when we boost something. The amount of super cash we get is 2 to 15 only. I think the game maker should set a option through which we can see an add and get super cash. Also they should reduce the amount of super cash needed to spin a lucky wheel. We actually should need only 10 super cash instead of 150 to spin the lucky wheel.
It's very fun, but it drains my power so much!!! My phone heats up very quickly when I play. It's sometimes so that it feels as if you could cook eggs on it. Edit: Thank you for the advice! I've changed the rating to 4 stars.
Too many ads. It's one big commercial. To get through a day's challenges it's gotten to the point where you need to watch about 45 minutes worth of ads. I gave up when I realized how much time was being spent just play ad after ad. And they constantly froze or didn't give the reward. I played this game for over 2 years before it finally got to the point where it just feel like "Watching Commercials: The Game".
I love the game and I've played it before. I just got a new phone and am enjoying playing again but I'm having an issue with not having access to anything online (store, expeditions, etc.). I'm not sure why and I haven't been able to fix it. I made the mistake of uninstalling and re-installing and now I have to start all over again. Good thing I wasn't too far before I tried that. Please fix this! It's frustrating not to have proper access to the game.
Loved this game until it started pushing political adds down my throat! I will delete over this! I play games to relax and get away from everyone thing! If I wanted to watch the Lies from the Biden campaign I would watch the news, not play a game!
This my top 1 game my opinion for more fun stuff in this game like free 2X coins but its still fun is there gonna be any updates in this game soon but one thing this game is hard but its the main point to be patient bu tmy weakness is being patient i still like the game i need to be patient and i will wait till i get to the gold mine i believe in myself thank for your response and i hope this game gets a 5 star
Now I've got Lorenzo..it's lost its appeal..need new features desperately..was going to buy remove ad..but let's see what happens with the game first..collectables need a rework..commons have always been pointless.. unfortunately this game isn't the companys priority anymore..
Simple and easy to pick up and play, but if you want to earn money faster, you've got no choice but to spend spend spend real money, BUT you can still enjoy the game without spending loads on it. I suggest a download of it and give it a go yourself. :))
this is the best game I've ever played in my life I recommend everyone to install this game it is so cool and there's so many events which makes the game super fun I finally unlock the gold mine it does take some time to unlock things but the second you start upgrading and get the hang of it you're going to go far buddy I love this game install it install it install it five stars five stars woohoo
Expedition nerf killed the playability. Can no longer progress at a reasonable pace. edit: my wife and I play together. All of a sudden we are getting different rewards when it used to be the same. Why?
This game is so much fun!! I love playing it and my little brother does to. I hope if you do install this game and try it out that.you have fun. There are no ads unless you choose to watch one! I hope this helped you decide on if your gonna play this game or not! 😁
Awesome game, and the fact you can still gain levels and xp without buying anything is awesome. Have a few ideas to make not only myself but definitely a lot of players buy some in app purchases, so please don't hesitate to contact.
The game is fun enough, but I gave it 1 star for two main reasons. The game has recently started asking me to rate it at _least_ once a day. This is incredibly annoying, but here's your review. The other reason is that I was just offered the "no-ads" offer for $15, and coincidentally the game now freezes nearly every time I click on an ad for a boost. I keep having to exit the game, try to watch an ad again and hope maybe it works. I feel like maybe the two things are related.
It is fun and I like that you continue to earn money offline. But I am not sure what the incentive is here. I mean yes, make money and spend it on power-ups to make more money. But what am I saving up for? I don't see anything to buy other than power-ups to get money faster. So after awhile, it starts to get boring.
This image is cool to pass the time. Eventually you will spend some money. My issue is that you have to pay for everything! If I spend $50 I shouldn't have to pay another $15 to remove ads
great little clicker, perfect for when you have a few minutes to spare, fast user interface and heaps of things to do, lots of freebies and a steady (if not a little slow) way to make premium credits however some of the in game purchases are fairly expensive, but honestly they're not necessary to progress in the game.
Brilliant game to kill time, but sadly like most games, way, and I mean way too many ads, i get it's a way for the developer to make revenue, but takes the piss when its every 5 seconds, I've downloaded and uninstalled many times for this reason, will get 5 star when ads are reduced, which we all know won't happen.
As far as idle/clicker games go, this is one of the better ones even if you don't spend any money. This game is basically: setup miner, auto-collect ore, auto-sell it, hit barrier, wait for barrier to complete, then back to step 1 and repeat forever. Barriers are hard stops to progress where you wait for a timer to complete before you can continue. You can pay or watch ads to finish them quicker. Multiple "mines" and "event mines" keep you playing while barriers finish over hours/days.
Basic yawn fun instead of watching grass to grow to pass time ... There are a few issues 1) almost all buttons are a bid to get real money 2) settings gear is a generic menu 3) no way to upgrade/promote workers/tools 4) tools button is just the mine status- nothing about tools 5) have infinity boost x2 in inventory but can't use it without real money. 6) real money rates are way to high 7) I make more coin from mines by not playing. Very clear 7 points of problems, but you ask me to email them?
This is a really fun game to waste your time when you're bored in quarantine. It's almost like the best game in the App Store and I love play this game. I love like reaching the money and getting new mines so it's like really fun and I like to get new mines and new people to get the money and then keep going it a really fun game
Good so far but it asks for a rating before you really see much, but i want the gift for rating so here is my review. No performance issues so far and no ads yet either, seems like the ads are optional, at least so far. Only been playing maybe ten minutes though.
Used to play smoothly until the latest update. Now experiencing pauses in the game for as long as 30 seconds every couple of minutes. At first I thought the game had crashed and just cleared cache and restarted whenever a freeze happens until I was a little distracted and waited a little. Game is barely playable at this point.
I just started playing the game and I didn't read anything I just started playing. I'm not sure if I'm doing anything right but I'm having fun. I hope I'm making cash😁. But will say it's different from the ad in the beginning, I knew I had to start building from the ground up. There should be beinger help to get you started off right. But I got 6.8 mill so far and it's fun playing the game. Oh, the ad's give gifts for watching them. πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘Œ
I liked it when it first came out. And now I love the upgrades and cheaper prices for everything. It also can be bought with in game currency which i love so thank you.
The game is fun enough, but I gave it 1 star for two main reasons. The game has recently started asking me to rate it at _least_ once a day. This is incredibly annoying, but here's your review. The other reason is that I was just offered the "no-ads" offer for $15, and coincidentally the game now freezes nearly every time I click on an ad for a boost. I keep having to exit the game, try to watch an ad again and hope maybe it works. I feel like maybe the two things are related. ETA: I did email.
The problem with this game is that you will become addict to it :), since i think it is one of the best game ever. I had been playing it for 3 years and never focused on another game :). Had minor issues but once you get in touch with them, they help you in 24h!! Great Game Ever !!
I know ads should not be doing this. It's the advert with the skateboard. Starts off for 30 seconds play's 5 seconds then gets stuck then play's 5 seconds gets stuck again. This gets repeated. So I timed it. So when u have to wait for 1 minute and 45 seconds it's makes u feel like u don't want to play the game. I use to really love this game and I did. But it's takes just 1 advert to mess your game up. I think there is more than enough adverts to watch in the game it's self. please fix thank u
This game is amazing and fun.i have so much money from this,not real money though. Whenever I get out of the game it keeps on going!! when I don't play for a bit you get money when you get on the game,and when you dont play for a LONG TIME then you get a HUGE AMMOUNT!!!! DOWNLOAD NOW!!! So relaxing
I like this game, its fun to play. But i know something that might make people a little more happy. First, dont have so many Pay-to-get stuff, it makes it seem bad. I had a roblox game that i made, the second i added to many gamepasses, i had no players left. Second, Have something else to do on this game while you wait, like have little minigames that give you bonuses if you little X2 Bonuses for 5 minutes everytime you complete them. Also, i cant email you developer, my gmail doesnt work =(
Was an okay time waster; until they added yet another ad mechanic; some idiotic ad gopher that keeps popping up at the bottom of the screen. The entire top of the game are cash shop ads, so is a part of the left side. Now that the bottom is as well, I'm out. Devs: Every inch of the screen should not be an ad or cash shop banner... ruined by greedy, way too numerous ad and cash shop clutter.
I used to think this game was trash and childish 2 days ago cause of the picture but I installed it like 10 mins ago and I have 1 million and it's extremely fun! I got proved wrong πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ» thanks for responding! I'll think about it but one idea is to make shovel skins or pickaxe skins and prestiging. maybe you already have that though and maybe leaderboards?
This game has been nothing but fun since I downloaded it. I have seen it before in ads on other games and decided to give it a shot. That is until the past 3/4 days. Ever since the game started running political campaign ads, it's been freezing every single time an ad is played. I'm not sure if it's because of the recent update or a bug or glitch in the system, but I can't play an ad when I'm trying to get a X2 for my mining. I am more than willing to change or update my rating once it's fixed.
I like the game over all, I always get back to it for short periods. BUT, I find it hard to get far without having to spend some money and their price are pretty high, so removed a star for that (I still bought the no publicity upgrade thought, 100% worth it). The interface is very crowded with all the events and promotion icons, I keep clicking on them accidently, it's kinda annoying, that's where I removed an other star from the ratting.
It's a cool game but the time it takes to enter each mine is ridiculously long. I have 4 mines and I'll be on this game for hours just updating them, imagine the time it'll take when I have ten mines open. I like the game but I gave it a low rating for that reason. And the amount of cash for each continent is also really high. If you actually want to finish this game and unlock all the levels it'll probably take you a year or more
Fun game to play when ur bored. I play it on chromebook but its touchscreen. Do not recommend if using a gaming mouse. Better on touchsreen or mobile. All around a great game. I would recommend to a friend :)
Really Solid game. They give you a lot of currency for free, so you can make a lot of money pretty quickly after you start. Not a lot of ads as well, unless you want a reward, which you don't HAVE to watch. I don't like how expensive the next mine and prestige is. If that was tweaked, I'd have no problems with this game.
My only issue with this game is the ads. They're starting to take too long. Gopher? 1 minute ad. Time boost? 30 sec to 1 min ad. Free chest? Ad. Sometimes it's a double ad. I spend more time watching ads now than playing the game. And those who don't play the game won't spend money on the game.
Okay, its definitely not pay to win. Because you arent being put up against other players unless you choose to be. Sure, paying money helps you progress faster, but its not necessary and you can progress slightly harder without paying. Take this from someone whos too young to pay money.