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Idle Magic Clicker: Fair Game

Idle Magic Clicker: Fair Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Fair Idle Games by Renรฉ Mรผller located at Caroline-Michaelis-Str. 13 10115 Berlin. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game isn't bad, though it lacks depth. However past a certain point it becomes a slog without making use of ad rewards, and the implementation of ads is so buggy that you frequently can't claim the reward. For instance, the ad for State of Survival the trash zombie game and others like it play in portrait mode and then display the last page in landscape so you can't click the x and actually get the game reward for watching that lengthy ad for trash. Game no longer crashes after ads.
It does exactly what it says! A clean, simple, fun idle game with absolutely no forced in app purchases or pay-to-win mechanics. You could progress all the way without spending a single cent. Although if you like the app, you could support the dev!
This has been the most engaging phone game I've downloaded so far. It doesn't limit my playtime, it doesn't force ads on me but it does reward watching ads so generously that I have been doing so more than willingly. It's visually pleasant, it has good sounds, I just really like it. I hope the saga will continue with more spheres to discover!
The game is absolutely good and its not underrated but it's lacking in presence in google play what i mean is that this app is lacking in users who downloaded this app.No intrusive ads is good and they're completely optional as well.
finally a game where pay to win is no longer a thing, ads are not forced. I do how ever have one complaint, I opened 3 rift's now and have not recieved the rewards yet, so I don't think I will be opening any more unless a dev responds and can tell me why, I do want this game to succeed but I don't wanna give ad revenue with nothing in return. This issue was actually my own misunderstanding, kudos to this developer for reaching out to me and explaining how the ads work. wonderful game.
Just wanna say thanks for the ethical ad setup. This game is only the second Ive found that doesn't lock anything away and makes the ads completely optional. This is also the second game I've ever played where I will willingly watch ads to help the devs out because it's such a pleasure to not have to deal with forced ads Other than that, graphics are beautiful (as much as they can be for an idle clicker game), and the gameplay is pretty smooth. Love it, thanks devs
No microtransactions at all, and a pretty unique take on idle farming games. Not a lot of things to do, but does pass the time well while waiting for other games.
5 stars for procedural concept and complexity. Graphics are OK but get boring after about 3 days with nothing new emerging. I count 21 different types of powerups, layers upon layers of them. It is certainly the most thoughtful clicker app I've come across. Seems like it will last much longer than the rest of the clicker games too because it infinitely resets, similar to the gameplay of Disgaea on Playstation.
The game itself is a pretty satisfying idle game, and the lack of in game purchases makes it much more engaging since the progress isn't throttled just to encourage buying something. Overall, it's a solid game and the lack of iap and forced ads makes it even better. I definitely recommend it :)
Incredibly well crafted idle incremental game without IAP. I am looking forward to further development of this app. well worth a try if these kind of games appeal to you.
this is a nice time kiler its easy and actually kinda fun. its a click and level up game. the graphics are fun and all of the adds are optional. you dont have to buy anything with real money because there is nothing to buy to get through the game. I like this format and hope that others follow you because this is how phone app games are supposed to be. withput all the interuptions and incessant need to spend 3.99 on some gems or something similar. this game is not that. congrats to the developer
Has ads. Resets don't feel remotely rewarding, give no progress and it pops up a large advert asking you to watch generated adverts, which still counts. "Just ignore the portal" is unacceptable given it covers most of the screen and a part of the UI used in buying upgrades. Just because you stopped claiming your ad filled game was ad free, doesn't mean this game shouldn't be voted down for having them
Really great job. It's fun, addicting, and I don't have to see any ads(although I do watch some occasionally in hopes the dev gets payment for such a good job). My literal only issue is that it seems to progress really fast, but I'm only on the fourth sphere, so I may be in for a welcome surprise.
great game, would give it 5 stars if there was a way to move progress from one device to another... changed phones and now i need to start from the beginning! Also when you "unlock" avatars. They should pop up on the screen so one could see them work charging the sphere.
it is a great start to an idle game, the graphics and structure of the game are well thought-out and made. That being said, it feels like a beta, and there are, mainly UI, improves that can be made. like the suggestion earlier to have sprites for your different avatars/golems, or different backgrounds. options to give variety to the main page besides just the orb. I do appreciate the completely optional ads, nice touch.
Very nice not having ads pop up in your face, but if you want the boost then you can watch ads. Keep up the great work!
adds are clearly optional and out of the way with a quick click. 5 stars just for that. the actual game itself is good old clicker, if you like clicking to waste your time you'll probably like this one. It's not as fancy as some of the bigger games but it's the same concept and fun nonetheless.
thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for branching out from the generic clicker template and not only making an incredibly fun and addictive game, but also not shoving in app purchases or insufferable ads down our throats. i genuinely only keep my modifier to the max 24 hour bonus simply to help support the developers by watching the ads that are 100% a choice. sincerely, thank you so much!!
This is a really decent game! Mainly, it doesn't treat players as ad-watching machines - totally playable with no ads or payment. Mechanics are good but simple, the upgrades are pretty explicit in just wjat they'll do. Not fancy, but functional and doesn't force users into things.
All games should be built like this. Ads are totally optional but are very rewarding if watched. Has a great concept but can definitely be built upon. Good job everyone who helped make this game.
Ok, let me start with the basics...FIRST, I love the graphics, or just makes you not put the phone down, and Second,the background is AMAZING, it's like...you can actually picture yourself in the game,and you have all the evidence is there... the statue, the bookshelf, banners, the desk, Globe, staff, chest and that weird,red star under the sphere(I'm assuming that the red star helps the sphere to spawn).But what I'm trying to say is that this game is Incredible!!
its really good, it asks if you want to do a video for awesome rewards, though i gotta say that i may have a bug where i don't get the rewards at all. oh and it has infinite away time, so you can expect alot of power when you return.
Mindful and responsible design. A fresh step away from designers crippling players to entice them to spend 8 dollars on a game tool they should have had the whole time. Unresponsible devs also shove ads down players' throats every menu change and rebirth, but you will not find that here. Cheers!
one of the better clicker games - no IAPs simply makes this game fun. I'd like to see better visual FX for the different spheres wheb magic is thrown at them - and perhaps a better visual representation of when youre at a high charge rate. Maybe add an option to review stats, and add ways ti get more ancient mana. Great game!
simple, fun, and no micro transactions! downside is I got a new phone and had to start again, but worth it
The concept is very good, no in game transactions, the few ads are totally optional and rewarding, every mobile game should be like this. only 3 stars because it drains too much battery and at a certain point it becomes pointless to play: what's the point of playing after the sun sphere?
I love how your not bombarded into buying packs and ads and you get to choose if you want to watch ads. I wish more apps/games are like this. Edit 2/22/2021 kinda want more after the last sphere other than that it's still going strong
This game is great because theres no forced ads, but u can watch a ad for in game bonuses. And the overall quality is very good 5/5 stars
Idle Magic Clicker is a fun game to play, And well made game as there are no glitches... With a user friendly interface, Really nice 3D animations and Good audio quality, I genuinely enjoy playing Idle Magic Clicker...
No IAP, Ads are optional and identifiable - yup, very true, I dont rate and review games but this is the only way I can give kudos to the developer. You could also accept donations for those who would spare some $ for the monetization concept you did here. PS: Ad rewards are great and sufficient for me. ๐Ÿ˜
Love this game. I wish it had some more updates faster and something I could purchase just to show my support and gratitude for a great game.
The fact that I am not bombarded with ads makes this a truly STUNNING game. Gameplay is simple and easy, I'm not asked to buy anything EVER and thr designs for everything is beautiful! Its so much more enjoyable than most other games and I find myself drawn to it constantly!
Great idle game, easy to pick up and understand. The only ads are to get bonuses or to multiply your idle amount. Doesn't push you to buy packs or anything. One of the best idle games, if you like magic and idle clicker games, I recommend it!!
I've had a very good experience with this app, it's fun and addicting, yet I don't have to play it constantly to make progress. Adds are non invasive with the option to watch them for a reward and support the developer or pass if you don't feel like watching one right at that moment, and I donโ€™t feel guilty if I don't log into the app every day since it's not a day based type game. Overall a great way to spend my spare time when I want to relax.
I love the game as a whole, the ads are 100% optional and not needed to make progress but have a extra item if you do choose to watch an ad. The in-game graphics and animations are well made as well as the sounds & music during play. The game also has enough tasks to keep you interested and involved in the progression on top of the fact it's a idle game. The tutorial when the game is first started is very well put together and not complicated and has a small bit of storyline mixed into it. 10/10
Fantastic game, took me a while to notice it doesn't even have microtransactions. As an idle/clicker game it's really solid, resetting feels good since you can get 80% back to where you were in 20 mins.
Excellent game, been playing it all day since i downloades it yesterday, quick note that in my opiniom would be goos is to add the amount of sphere gets increased per minute, similar to how much power per second gets increased.
great time killer but leaves much to be desired. you have the option of puchasing many awesomely named upgrades for your spell bolts but no matter what everything in the game looks the same. Yes you get to upgrade your mana ball every so often but after a while even that looses its novelty. If they adddd an update that added some extra variety this game would have a ton of extra playability.
I like the whole concept of this game. I'm still fresh on my journey so this may change my opinion at a later time but I would like to see a more visual graphical display of objects and their effects. This would easily push my 5 star rating as I'm enjoying your game so far! Kudos for your ignitiative to keep the game free to play without in app purchases and the users choice for ads!
I like this game a lot. I kind of wish there was a little more music and a small storyline to it. But the game play calms me down because it has the option to either tap or hold to cast spells. Please keep updating.
Love this game. All of the ads are optional, and it's an engaging incremental game. I hope to see more updates - specifically more upgrades that can be bought with ancient mana - but it's definitely got enough to keep you occupied as is if you're just starting to play.
Very much appreciate the intentional no in app purchases. Great game in my experience. A possible way this could expanded is if you could cast different spells and you could go battle with your spells but that's just me being creative. All in all I've been enjoying the game.
Cloud saving would be nice, though it's not too difficult to work your way back ip from the beginning. In my opinion, all prices should be low to high and not somewhat staggered
Just downloaded and so far enjoyable. Basically tap, grow more powerful then reset. However there are no in game purchases, there are options to watching ads as well as "rifts from the developer" that gives more than generous rewards should you decide to watch. Great way to burn time!
A good solid idle clicker game. One of the few that gets me coming back multiple times a day. My only real complaint is the lack of a stat tracker. Something that tells you how many times you've tapped, your cumulative bonus from spells, and breaking down how many times your familiars tap per second. If something like that could be added, I'd gladly raise it to five stars.
I found a bug that let's you buy more items with ancient mana even if you dont have enough. If you tap really fast it will continue to buy the item even after you run out of ancient mana. Right now I have -4097 ancient mana๐Ÿคฃ Great game otherwise
Is it bad that i stayed up all night playing this? Answer: no. No it isnt. All that means is that this game is amazing and everybosy should play it. Also, to the 1 star rater who complained about bad ascension, PLAY THE DANG GAME TO GET A BETTER BONUS. IF YOU ONLY PLAY AND GET A SINGLE RESET, THEN YOU ARENT GETTING THE FULL FREAKING EXPERIENCE.
A GREAT GAME COMPLETELY FREE! This game is very fun and addictive. It has all the elements of an idle clicker game just without the pay walls and annoying banner ads. The progression rate is good and you can really see a difference after prestige. Great job to the developers.
Great game easy to get into and the gameplay is enjoyable! Very refreshing to see a free idle game without IAP's and not only that but no banner ads nothing just a few very useful optional ads! I really hope the devs make some money from those optional ads because its a great game and I hope they can make more games like this in the future!
One of the more fun idle games around. Non intrusive ads and no pressure to buy anything if you don't want. 5/5
I'd prefer some more gameplay options, and maybe some way to use or display your power (maybe a little destruction mini game or something)
The game is simple and you probably won't be still playing it a year from now, but it IS a game and not an interdimensional gate to your wallet or an ad galore :) Thanks for reminding people what a real game should be like.
Although simplistic, it has the feel of a 90's pc game. It truly is an idle game. The fact that there are no in app purchases is so refreshing. I makes the game much more enjoyable. The only feedback I would give is if there was an info button to help identify what everything did.
This is the best Idle Wizard game ever. Best Wizard game that I have ever played. I have no complaints, it is perfect just the way it is. I do have a request though, for there to be different Wizard Library Castle Backgrounds. Its not something that has to be in the game, Id just like to be able to see a change in the background. One with a window to the kingdom outside, or a darker scarier background. Just make them optional or unlockable. Either way, perfect game. Thanks.
A solid progression game with a great balance in pacing between grind and advancement. It never really feels like it's going too slow or that it's too easy. No forced ads, with optional ones if you'd like small bonuses here and there. No pestering, no deadlines... This is a fantastic distraction for when you have a few minutes here and there!
Average idle game, has slightly less meat to it and not much feedback on player interaction. The advertisement situation is a cut above the rest though, no forced or predatory ads. I may put this game aside for now but i do look forward to see where it goes in the future. I hope this game gets a little more personalty because the base is clean, simple, and works. 4/5 stars only because I see room for improvement.
I love this game for the simpleness of it, no ads unless you want em and you get to choose from 3 rewards on what you'd want. so I recommend this game.
By far my favorite game. Fantastic if you enjoy fantasy, especially magic. The spells and such have an interesting definition that's more than the mechanical purpose. The art is fantastic. The gameplay is balanced. The perfect Idle game.
I love this game. Including the fact that its all free and no ads. One thing I would think would be cool is if the "ball lightning" that comes out from tapping could be changed to differant spells. like a flame, or cold spell, with maybe a differant effect. over all one of my favorite games.
Fun game, similar to others but I like the feel of it. Big problem is that you don't get the rewards when you watch ads. Edit: fast dev answer. Turns out I don't read everything...
I really like this game, i usually don't like clicker games bc they get boring really quick, but so far this clicker game has me asking what will i get next, when will i have everything, is there a end? And the ad's are optional and there are no in app purchases which i really like, so yeah i recommend playing this game but don't take my opinion, play it yourself.
I just wished it didn't take so long for manna to buil back up. and when you start a new sphere you pretty much have to start all over again. if there was a way to keep at least what you jave already learned and your manna that would be great
it doesn't force you to watch adds is under phone game standards really good almost perfect and is relatively interesting if it was on pc i might get it please let more phone games be as top notch as this one
Ain't seen nary ads. Nice time waster. Thanks. 1st Edit: Should have said ads don't show unless you want them to. Gotta love that! I recommend this game for any idler lover.
The game is fun, and they don't shove ads down your throat like a lot of devs do. You do get pretty decent rewards if you choose to watch ads, but if you don't want to you can enjoy the pretty animation or just click it and say no.
Its an okay game, I wish there was more to it somehow. I do however like the optional ads rather than a random pop up ad while your tapping.
this is probably the best idle game my only complaint is that there is no cloud save function. I was really far but had to reset my phone and have to start from scratch... kinda sad.
The way they made this game is amazing. I wish I could generate power faster so it doesn't feel so long but I love the no pay walls.
Very good. Would like to give large praise to the developer, as this game has no forced ads. The majority of mobile games do and it is refreshing to see one that doesn't. The gameplay is fun too
thought it was going to be one of those crappy apps that i try for 5min tops but it really dragged me in and I cant stop playing
This game is actually good. There's no pay to win garbage, no ads every 3 seconds, and the game is balanced and fairly rewards you for watching ads, which is entirely avoidable and 100% optional. I appreciate the fact that I can choose whether or not to see an ad
The fact that the developer made a conscious decision to go without IAPs and make adverts comoletely optional is sonething more people should be doing. The gameplay is alright for a clicker game but i support the idea of trying to be customer focused not money focused. Personally if the uogrades were tiered and the orbs were made harder but more rewarding it woyld be perfect. Some elements from other clicker gamed would be nice but going your own way is great too.
One of the few clicker games I've played in months that doesn't shove an advert down your throat every five seconds, and if you want bonuses you can.
@Developers. I have found a couple exploits that you may want to be aware of that I dont want to publically post because they kind of ruin the game. Let me know of you want details and I will send on how they are done. Note, no special tools required and they work on non-rooted phone. These surely can be patched as they are simple to execute.
For a simple game on or off line in the idle section, its a decent enough game. Dont have to pay a dime and can play 100% free each time you log in. Want to start over? clear app data and the cache via delering and bam off you go again. for someone as myself to seek a fall back on bordem fighting, this is a decent game for it. yeah, bonus for warchind adds, sure all good n decent. Offline play? no problem, still have ways to get there. enjoy
Refreshing; It's so hard to find a game these days that doesn't have predatory monitization or "city building pvp" as the core gameplay with a side of what was advertised.
No purchases needed to enjoy and progress in the game. Yes, there are ads, but they're completely optional and they're not needed to progress either (but they do help a lot). The gameplay is standard idle genre, but the graphics are great and it doesn't eat up your battery charge. This is the way games should be made. I feel like Idle Magic is an island of pragmatism amidst a raging sea of desperation and greed.
More games should have this concept. The sphere particles textures need improvement but I get that it is hard since it is fully without in-app purchases and ONLY with optional ads, so I'll let it slide. Keep improving since this game is great and I would like to see it evolve as graphics. I'll keep watching the optional ads just to give you money to improve.
Fun incremental/idle game with a magic fantasy theme, but gets a little tedious having to manually buy the upgrades each time you move to a new sphere. Maybe a way to automate or quicken this process? No obtrusive in-app purchases or ads. Very thoughtfully designed!
None of the idle aspects of the game work for me. I have to click all the time. No avatars, no golems, no clones, no nothing. Which, in turn, just makes it a magic clicker.
love the game! I've found myself redownloading it Everytime I get a new phone it's a great game to pass time and there isn't a problem with random pop up ads! which is one of the best parts! play it ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ–ค
Amazing game with no forced ads and a fun gameplay that made me get hooked in seconds! Just a wish tho, it would be better if there was a story at the intro of the game because it's kinda weird why we wanna power up a sphere all of a sudden ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚ But good job devs love your work!
The game is a heck load of fun. A bit slow in the beginning but speeds up nicely. Good job on the dev for making the game, and looking forward to any updates.
Good game to pass the time with! Would be even better if there was a story, and a help section to clarify the different functions! Needs a buy max/buy all button
I've had tbis game installed for months now. Its an idle game with tap mechanics. It's a very simple game to play, and in all the time i've played it i still have yet to fully upgrade everything. Sure there are other games that have far more content and a bit more visually stimulating and more interactive, however, those are heavily monetized and even employ predatory business models. This game has none of that. I don't feel pressured to watch ads or spend money. I appreciate this developer.
Best Game I've Seen In A Long Time, Also There Is A Exploit Which You Might Want To Fix Game Dev. If you watch a ad for anything that gives you a reward, it gives it to you before you finish it, so you can start a ad, close, and reopen the game and you will have the reward without watching it, I found this out and figured I should tell you about it so you can fix it
Let me start by saying that I don't normally review anything. That said, I have been enjoying this simple little game and it is especially helpful for me when I'm trying to fall asleep at night or am trying to wake up in the morning. I end up not minding the ads because of this...and last night, some of the Crush Them All ads inspired some pretty entertaining dreams. XP
It's a blast. The right level of complexity and progression. Plays smoothly and early. Really enjoying it!
I love this game. if there were to be any in app purchases, a one time fee to skip ads for the red clickable things would be nice. (would be nice if it included the double thing too but then it would probably have to be more expensive) however that isnt necessary at all to enjoy the game! it's really fun and I like the graphics a bunch as well
Lovely in its simplicity... idle game. or is it anti idle... i can't tell. complete lack of pushed ads, and if you want to watch some for rewards you can. If more complexity becomes available later it would be the best idle magic our there.
I do enjoy that this game was designed to be free to play/win. there is no pay wall or any form of micro transactions. The only issue I have is that it appears that certain things were left out of the tutorial. took me a while to understand the term overcharge, and I still have no real idea what the blue ball at the top of the screen represents. overall a solid 4 for gameplay and design
The game itself is very good, I have no complaints about the gameplay, but the game is lacking in content, there are only 3 ways you can produce more power, which would be, buy permanent items, upgrade skills and reset your game in return. of magic stone, but there comes the problem From the arcane sphere that generates 500 power per second, you will have to reset once to get to the blood sphere, and so on, more and more reset, and that is typical of a clicker game that need to hold you somehow, because there is no content not to mention that the game even lacks basic functionality such as cloud saving and multiplayer interaction, which is pretty bad my opinion on how to improve the game? simple don't be a rebirth simulator, like tap titan 2 I don't want to play for 2 hours straight and have to reset my progress in exchange for 500% more power, and then have to waste another 2 hours to get back to where I was, because that 500% more power is almost no it makes no difference, and then having to do it over and over, until I get 300k of power and get to the next rock I probably have to reset 100 more times to get to the next one, and so on, it's massive, simple
The concept is very good, no in game transactions, the few ads are totally optional and rewarding, every mobile game should be like this. only 4 stars because it drains too much battery. 5 stars when you will optimise the game.
Not a bad game, but definitely a very basic incremental. Shoot at ball, buy upgrades, start over, and repeat without an end goal, story, or strategy. Bonus star for no in app purchases though
It's an awesome game but there's no cloud save unfortunately which isn't s huge flaw. As far as idle games go this one is probably the best just because although there's the idle elements, it still makes you work for what you need such as getting the gems instead of just buying them
Edit: i thought you would get all of the offered rewards, i didn't notice you had to pick 1, i didn't read the pop up box properly. In that case, i have no problems, the game is really fun, I'm looking forward to seeing what the next spheres are!
The no In App Purchase design of this game is very well executed. many games of this style crush the fun of the game behind time gates that only lots of money can break. this game not only is designed to be played without those, the ad options feel more valuable and rewarding. as for the game itself its a pretty standard incremental idle game, but the unique visuals and general themes definitely make it interesting.
The game is fun and you progress quite fast.Personally i have played other similar games and the ,,rebirth,, is much slower and you lose interest.It may take hours or even days.While in this game you can ,,rebirth,, in the first 20minutes or so and it even gets faster.There are also no app-purchases which is really great(personal opinion,of course) and instead of them you can watch adds and boost your game like x3 times or even more sometimes.I am looking forward for this game's future.
So far its pretty enjoyable to spend some time and see progress without having to pay. Happy to see a developer not looking for a quick buck. Interesting to see a concept that can become something to play for a few minutes a day. Thanks.
"Fair Design" - title says it all. ZERO in-app purchases, watch an ad for a boost/bonus, fun idler concept w/ the majyk theme, don't have to unlock one spell to unlock another its all laid out for you to access as you become able to
Exactly what it's supposed to do, great idle game. One thing thing that could be better is that some upgrades are confusing in what they actually do. Some mention summoned creatures, but I'm not sure if they are automatically summoned or if I'm missing some action.
I'd really like to understand the calculation for power (for unlocking orbs) and why it drops randomly? What is the best way to gain it? Also why does focus not increase from offline gains? That means I have to leave the screen on for 10 plus hours to get any decent number of focus for prestige
A simple, fun idle/tapper. Bonus points for the lack of ingame purchases as they always throw off balance. There are ads of course but your normal 2x boosts and all only found in idles, no popups or bars like other non-iaps. My only gripe is so far it seems pretty simple though time will fully tell and maybe some content updates from the dev can fix that too.
I appreciate the lack of in-app purchases. I do hope for more content, but I completely understand as a free game, it is interesting and fun.
This game does something unprecedented in idle clicker games. No IAP, and that is a fact that should be celebrated. They make their money solely off of easily vibisble ads, that are not vital to success.
Love it. No IAP. And ads being optional is fantastic, plus a reward for watching. My only question is, what is the purpose of the blue icon in the upper left next to the leaves. How does it help. I cannot find information on it, or the other symbols anywhere. Plz help and ill edit my review
Ads are optional and can be used to help, but are not required to progress and there is nothing to buy this game is completely free!
I love this game. Ive been playing it off and on for a while. While I love that theres no pay to win or pay to play, I wouldn't mind paying for some cosmetic stuffs.
utilizing idle wizard clicker Iz my favorite way to pass the time omin between you very hit off the joint
Great game with no forced ads at all. I truly wish more companies and games would have their Fair Play policy.
i think its really cool.Just a little bit of too much tapping but its OK.would like you to add a little bit more music and maybe daily gifts.othereise super ๐Ÿ‘
I've played games with this "watch an ad to double your income while you were gone" and when an ad is not available currently this game gives you one chance and if it's not ready you can't double.. not acceptable. Either give me the double with no ad, or let me try again. As it is if I close the game you don't even get the offline income at all because it was already offered the one and only time. Don't click collect you get nothing, the ad button will not appear no matter if you turn on WiFi...
I really do enjoy this game in my free time. I enjoy that there are no forced ads or banners and it makes me wanna watch more ads. I also enjoy that there are no in app purchases. This game is a lot of fun to play. I would recommend giving it a download and try it for yourself. there needs to be more games like this
its ok ig. just a bit simple. would love it if u added more to make it more xciting. on the 9th sphere otherways and lovin it. would be cool if u could change wat u throw at the orbs and even COOLER if the spells u learn like the fire golem actually appeared like a fire golem really appears. otherwise good app, pls consider my upgrades.
Honestly love the game. Is weirdly addictive and with optional ads it let's me control ad content. Thank you for that.
one of the best idle clickers I've ever played. No invasive ads, no pay to win, progression is nicely paced, and is overall enjoyable.
The game is cool to pass time ads optional and worth watching the developer/s seem to be cool and ethical
Edit: i believe my previous review doesn't do this game justice, The gameplay is Simple, 100% free. - And designed to be played active or inactive, - Its highly addictive if given the chance despite appearances. - And the Ads are completely optional and don't feel at all Required to progress, but you'll find yourself wanting the ad to pop up.(its a portal) - One of the few Idle games that supports being Idle.
Pro's: *Nothing to buy no ads halting your progress! *No one jumping in and buying their way to the top! *Early on the game is very cacthy! Cons: * No auto features. Means buying skill ups becomes a problem! *No enemies in game! kinda important being a mage and all; its kinda the point is to use that training. *No Guild features! If you want to be the strongest there needs a way to show it off! All in all: I would prefer to spend a little for an idle game with better features.
I have been playing this for while now and i love it but there is an item that i maxed out that everytime a rift shows up i get a 100% chance on getting an item but it is not working right now stil a very good game keep up the good work.๐Ÿ‘
This is a great idle clicker with a lot of potential. You never have to watch an ad unless you want the offered reward. Better yet you dont even get interrupted by it asking if you want to watch the ad, just keep playing and it goes away. Pay attention though i missed this at first but if you do watch the ad you have to first select which of 3 rewards you want. I would like to see more depth added to the game as progress has already started slowing down so repetition is becoming more noticeable.
It's an honestly advertised game. It's nice to just play and never be pushed to pay. It a free game. I wish the background changed and that the charge attack had a more mello noise. Also if the different orbs gave off different noises. That would spice this up a little.
I give this simple game an easy 5. It's an idle taping game where you don't have an ad every 1-5 minutes, and furthermore you dont need the bonuses that you get from watching the adds. You can easily get "far" just by playing normally. This is a good game to pass time with without placing a huge commentment each time.
I love this game and every time I get a new phone I always seem to download this game first thing... Just wish there was some kind of cloud save feature... I've had to restart from scratch like 3 times. Thats the only thing stopping me from giving 5 stars for me. But other than that great game and you actually feel like you're getting rewarded for watching ads and they don't force you to watch them which is a great plus for me. Means I can keep playing without annoying ads in the way.
An idle clicker game that doesn't spam you with ads and try to drain your money... I didn't believe it until a friend told me about this game. This is how it's suppose to be done.
gameplay is fine, but after awhile the ads stopped giving the rewards for the portals (it still counts towards your crystals as watching it, but doesnt give you the rewards it says it does) update: a quick reinstall of the game seems to have fixed the issue
I think this is a awesome game. its not pay2win as you can't spend any money on this game.The adds are by choice and are to get a bit more into the game. its amazing!
This is a good game. Very against pay to win and I love that. It's a simple concept, but fun. could be more in-depth, such as some kind of combat, but as it is right now it's a good game, keep up the good work!
The game is pretty fun but what sets it apart from other games like it is how it handles ads, they are never forced, no annoying pop ups, and the always give you good rewards that make you want to watch them. I wish all games handled ads like this.
Too confusing to understand Need better tutorials, with better explanation, UPDATE After trying one more time, via the developer comment, it decent. Not my type really. but decided to change my review. Gets less confusing, about 30 min in
I really like this take on an idle game. Not dreadfully slow nor is it packed with over priced bundles that speed up your resource gathering. The ONLY thing that keeps from 5 stars is that this game could really use some more animations. Make it feel like we're getting more powerfull rather than just seeing higher numbers.
Tons of fun. It's simple and low demanding as idle games are. It doesn't seem like something you would enjoy, but it is extremely enjoyable. I've played for several hours. My question is, how manh orbs are there? I'm almost to the sphere of darkness and not seeing an end yet.
Fantastic game. I can't believe someone finally made a great game i could injoy without being bothered by ads or constantly showing some offer. Thank you!!
I'm a clicker fan and this game is amazing. You don't have to just randomly click on stuff, planning a bit ahead is important and you can totally feel the progression. And no forced adds!!!!! Tho, the font is a bit too difficult to read.
Incredible game with no IAP or forced adds just like it says this is in my opinion one of the greatest mobile games of all time simply by adding these features
Fun idle clicker with optional adverts. It also makes it worthwhile watching them and it feels nice supporting a developer who doesnt constant hound you to watch them. :)
Months later and I still love this game. I wish it had some more updates faster and something I could purchase just to show my support and gratitude for a great game.
No ads popping up at random ruining your fun; instead the ads are in the red portal or boost icon. so you only watch ads when you want to get a reward or boost. no money needed so all your work is earn playing the game. other thing no wifi needed so play it anywhere on the go. Game very simple and fun to grind. basically it a good game. I rarely give phone app games 5 stars but thus deserve it.
Game is a fun little thing, but it does not force ads on you at any time, and allows you to make the choice. this is important as it does not interrupt your flow of fun unless you specifically allow it.
This is a very good game please consider playing, it's easy and simple not much work is involved but also complex and very intuitive . ๐Ÿคท
Fairly interesting gameplay, but very fair to the player with it's optional advertisements. Overall better than most of the idle games I've played on the app store.
Haven't played long enough to know if it's worth 5 stars, but I appreciate the "All ads are optional and easily identifiable." Part. You have to push a button to get an ad, and you get an in-game reward for each ad.
so far so good. has not takin me too much time to progress though the game. rewards are very good which im suprised because most games give bare minimum when its comes to watching ads. would have been 5 stars if there more things to look at or new events. keep it up!
Fun, with 1 major annoyance (to me anyways). That would be the wooden cup item upgrade. It is the only item that you can buy with a negative effect (that is, if you want to watch more ads to get the max bonuses you can) and since there is no confirmation, if it decides you clicked on it while you were just scrolling by, bam! You have wasted some ancient magic on something that slows down your ability to get more. And items are permanent and non-toggleable, so you are stuck with it forever. :(
This game may be simple but it's fun for me, i hope you have more updates and add more unique mechanics to this awesome clicker/idle game!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Came back to this one after not playing for a while. Still a great game if you like clicker RPGs. There's no forced ads which is a big plus. All the basic stuff is free, and you can purchase the premium items and boosts with optional ads, no IAP. The devs did a great job with this game. I do have one suggestion, add some different backgrounds, for when you get the higher tier spheres, all the spheres look cool, but it's always the same background, which can get a little boring great game tho.
At the time of this review, it is a neat little game with no Microtransactions, I hope they do pursue to expand it with perhaps more effects in the visual and mechanical way. Update: The ad system for the game is quite finicky, otherwise it is good.
gameplay is fun if you enjoy incremental games, idle clickers, or whatever you wanna call them. it looks nice too, you're not just spawning rectangles to unlock more text you can tap on. the reason it gets a full 5 is that on top of the evident effort in making this game, the only ads are optional and there's no purchases involved at all, let alone required for progress.
Pretty Good game tbh. It needs a bit of polishing on a few ends, it's new, so repetition is not a problem but if you are thinking of moving forward with this game you should create more content and features that way It won't be as repetitive. 5/5 stars from me, would rate 10 but it's but it's not an option.
great if you are constantly bored as there are many ways to optimise and you will be getting real good at mental math like I have so it's good for school too
Got the sun orb rather quickly. Fair idle game but overly simplistic. I will say however thanks to it's lack of forced ads and well developed system it was a decent playthrough. If you come out with an update and things become more in depth I'll enjoy it further and rerate it a 5/5 stars. More depth and better visual style, along with the added plus of a somewhat story aesthetic to the core game and this game would be a perfect idle game.
i honestly really enjoyed this game. i played it for almost a year straight, had evey sphere, and almost every upgrade (sadly i lost everything because i switched to a different phone). its really lovely to look at, the sounds are nice, and i feel like the ad system is very fair. i liked that it took about a year to get close to being 100% done with it, as most other idle games either feel way too short or way too long.
This game is super fun and a makes time fly by like nothing! And there even isnt any forced adds! Thats is what i love most about this game!
hello developer Im really liking the game i was just wondering about adding a little button in the options to see the actual numbers of whats being generated by what and how much... a status screen to see what your current upgraded are giving you.. and maybe as a way to fill in the space in the background try putting little avatars of the creatures that have been summoned in behind the orb of power maybe?
I like the blast from the mana pool. Im trying to give more value to the objects in the room. Each of them are there for a reason the spheres seem mysterious. I think they can do more than empower the player. Try to apply the wizards magic were you are.
i really like it so 4 stars, i didnt do 5 cause im not sure if its a bug or intended but when the dimensional rift comes around, i always pick the orange crystal to upgrade my items. and it upgraded to 35% of the bonus item. but lets say i have 200 crystals, and the bonus item is 100. after the video i have 300 crystals now instead of 335?
Pretty but boring gameplay loop. There's pretty much two types of prestige that do more or less the same thing. Was expecting a new mechanic when I reset my spheres but nope, just an uneccesary prestige to be able to push for new spheres. Simply boring.
Without a doubt, best idle game. This game really respects the user and I really appreciate that. That attitude is baked into the design which consistently feels fair and rewarding. I love it, long time player
I love the game but i do have two small complaints. The spells and summons should be in separate tabs and there should be an auto wisp (or whatever the random light entity os called) catcher thats a very expensive summon
I normally don't rate or review, but this game feels exceptionally solid and well made. Ads feel meaningful to watch and progress feels steady where I can leave the game for a while and accrue resources or actively make a significant amount more when I have time. Great job dev, love the game.
Could have been a rare 5 star for me but, I took a break and came back to a fresh start... this game doesn't have cloud saves or backups. If you get a new device or uninstall, then you have to start from scratch. I had everything maxed out at the time and no way I'm starting over.
All ads are purely optional, gameplay is fairly intuitive but could do with a better explanation at the beginning of power and how you use it to level up abilities.
Hello Rene, first off I fell in love with your game it's absolutely amazing and I love the fact that you made it completely free without in app purchases and with optional ads that are very rewarding, I just started the game so not too well versed but every thing seems in order, ohh one thing I'd like to see is a help menu or a tool tip for menus and maybe more graphic improvements, like a fire avatar actually floating around the sphere. Overall I love this game.
It's a good idle game, but more importantly it's how games should be. It doesn't use predatory tactics to bleed your wallet dry, and all ads are optional and clearly labeled.
The only change I would recommend is lowering the inflation of the Ancient Rune Stone. As it stands, grinding that out is nothing short of a nightmare.
great avatar trainer espeacially if you have mastered a few different grimmoires even the contract with the developer nice to know theres a paper trail
so far, says what it does right on the tin. the ads are even incorporated to actually be useful. The game mechanics are very enjoyable, especially for an idle game. I would love to see these spells and summons in a game like hexen, or incorporated into an arpg. I'll pay full price for an arpg with these game elements either on pc, mobile, or switch.
Fun AFK/exponential growth game, you only see ads if you want boosts, and there is no pay to win element. you can play through the whole thing without ever seeing an ad. I feel that some folk would like an option to disable the 'Developer Portal', because it's just a reminder for an ad
This Developer is amazing. Their not scummy, the game is fun and enjoyable, theirs no hidden purchases and micro transactions, it's not pay to win, the ads don't come out of no where, everything is optional and if you choose to watch an ad you get a pretty good reward. Overall I will be playing this game a lot and there needs to be more games and developers like this one. 100/10.
The game is easy to get used to, quick to progress in, and looks really good! And personally, I think the developers made the right choice, because I actually WANT to watch the ads to get the rewards! I think the devs made an all around solid game! Good job!
Mechanically, it's essentially an "Egg, Inc" clone. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, I enjoy both. The UI is a bit more condensed, and I enjoy the graphics a tad more. IAP's are not present, and not needed. Ads are available, but easily avoidable, not pushed on you. Overall, a good game, and I look forward to future updates and developments.
Really cool game, super fun once you get the hang of it!!! BUT PLEASE UPDATE SOON!! We need more to do than just shoot at an orb, it gets boring and has no point. help us
Great game to play whenever you want to waste a bit of time and NO Ads ! All the time! Which makes it a much more pleasant experience. But does need a few extra backgrounds. Keep up the good work
The interface is simple, but still has that old school magical feel to it. Low-key reminds me of a Dungeons and Dragons interface. Gameplay is fun while still being easy and relaxed! 10/10 would recommend for other lazy gamers seeking a false sense of achievement!
I love the idea of the game. the way it isnt pay to play really makes me support you more. and the reward for watching ads makes it even more worth. so i end up watching them both to support you and for the reward. the only thing i notice is as of right it could potentially get a little boring seeing the same thing so much. i dont know of it changes later. but it would be fun to see achievement based unlockables to ad to the environment. allowing us some control. outside of that it's amazing.
The game is stable, permits long press instead of repetitive tapping and has nicely formatted controls. The graphics are professional quality. It doesn't quite have that zinger I-wonder-what's-going-to-happen-next quality, though.
No in app ads only when you ask for the speciel things in tge portal and it is very fun to me and i a lot better than i thought it was and the animations are great i love it.
I'd much prefer to buy an ad-free version. There's flight mode, but I'd rather not have to go offline. Other than that, it's a good idle/clicker game for the price of free. Needs Google Play achievements though.
Every game should have optional ads that give rewards for watching! Nothing ticks me off more than when a nice challenge game throws an ad in after you fail. Sure you could watch an ad to revive, but it should end there. I love the optional ads in this game and ive only been playing 20 minutes! You decide what adds to watch and for what reward. this game is a 10/10.
This app is fantastic. It's everything every other game, idle or not, should strive to be. Excellent gameplay, a sense of progression that feels fair, fun, and attainable. No forced ads, no microtransactions, and the graphics are AMAZING. The music reminds me of Diablo 2, and could maybe use some more variation, but this game is a MUST HAVE.
i can dig it. Ads don't mess with you, easy gameplay, but there was another game like this with a unique spellcraft system. I came here because thr other game was rubbish. fivr ads in three minutes, fully timed, just because I menu hop often. Id rather stick to this game.
It's a game for players not spenders/buyers. Complete freedom over what you want to do in game and how fast you want to progress just by playing. It's first app in over 2 years in which I didn't turn off music and sound after 15 minutes of playing. Thank you for making this app the way you developed it
This is awesome. Really as advertised. Not only is this game addictive, but it is made for true fun, where it refuses to hold you hostage to forced ads. I recommend this game for a casual idle experience. Refreshing to play and not be frustrated by forced mechanisms, like ad walls.
good game, just needs some tool tips that you can check when coming back to the game after a long break and not remembering what everything is. but solid game without obtrusive ads, nothing to buy, just a good idle/clicker game (play it either way or both ways)
Fun idle game, and just like it says, there's no in app purchases and ads are easily identified and optional. Maybe an idea for a new item could be something that slows the decay of the overcharge multiplier?
Been playing for almost a year and still love it, on and off honestly but still, great and fun to know that i dont worry about ads or anything, just as the dev intended, doing good, if there was a patreon or what ever, id support. Keep it up.