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Idle Mafia Simulator - business tycoon clicker

Idle Mafia Simulator - business tycoon clicker for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by AlexPlay LLC located at Republic of Belarus, Minsk. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Implied Violence, Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Bro what is this game honestly. Whoever made this needs to fix it i was on that bike mini game and every time cops come out after 3 seconds i departure and lose all my money these mini games should be easy not hard I gave it a 2 star because its easy to make cash by doing the tycoon part but you need to basically grind and the mini game rigged.
It's a decent idle game however It crashes now and then and easily gets boring. But it's good for a time waster
It's very good I like it alot but it moves quickly I think it would take a month straight to finish the game!
Ok so the game is like a basic tycoon. Yet your characters frezze all of the time so you have to close and reopen the game. Fix that and it could be a good game.
Okay one major problem that really sucked: i launched the game after about a week and i wanted to double my earnings, and no ad would play, so i closed game and relaunched it and it deleted my earnings! pls fix
Very addictive game better game but when i played it im on level 4 and its so good everyone should rate this 5 stars on the game so interesting
Games nice,but the boosts dont work. Also,you dont have to say "Hello!Can you help me improve my game? I am trying to add all of the languages in the world.If you know any,write through mail.".It gets annoying and weird.
The game is alright time killer, the only issue i noticed is sometimes watching an ad to receive an item, you will not get it. Other than that its an alright game.
I. Love tthe game it is nice and wonderful but u guys should really add a retire thing u know where u can restart and buy stuff with retire tokens
omg thank you so much for making this mafia idle tycoon its the fastest game I've ever played imagine the game unless cookies and ice cream and you like the cookies more so the game was a cookie so what I think is the best part about this game is at the guys that shoot you can like get more money out of it
how I am enjoying this game. my grandson who has autism plays this. he was the one who gave the rating. but yes, I'll be happy to help with the language need of the game into our native or main language.
The motorbike game is so hard to control youre going to fix it (Make the controls easier) before i uninstall this game.
1 star because it bombards you with pay to Winn offers constantly. Just let me play the game without interrupting the game play to show me all your micro transactions every time I upgrade something by 10 lvls. It's insanely annoying.
I love the style of the game.To win you have to build the best mafia base thing.I love the minigames. First time I played it I feel in love with the game.The game is free to play.I just love it
Game in general is great, no problems other than the minigames. They are extremely hard. In the game where you run the police car gives no warning for when to jump. The motorcycle game is even worse as once the police bikes get up to you there is no way to escape other than waiting for the attack to reload while you are getting caught. The money bag game is okay but once again there is little to no warning about the obstacles ahead. Minigames arent even fun.
Really like the game not too many ads and easy enough to play...only thing is it seems to have stopped working on some part like I cant improve on level 1 in any game or the to guys at top collecting money worked fine all day then just stopped responding
good game you made, but there is a bug to where i can't play the game without closing it every 3 seconds
The controls are amazing youll get the game in 10 seconds max... The game play is pretty fun but I don't like some of the ways you upgrade the different floors... The graphics look amazing. It was beautifully drawn and the little comic cutscenes where pretty nice to look at
I like this game but theres a few bugs that make it difficult to play. I emailed the developers 4 days ago and never got a reply. Also the wording is small and white so it blends in the background and very hard to see.
Not really worth it if you ask me its amusing for exactly 2 seconds and gets boring after that, sorry but i had to give u one star, my apologizes 😅
I give this game 5 stars because it is so cool being one of those games like sliding up and down buying upgrades and unlocking new areas like the bank.
every time i open the game it works for the first few taps, then it won't let me tap and then i have to exit the game and open it again and again... otherwise its a fun game
Games nice,but the boosts dont work. Also,you dont have to say "Hello!Can you help me improve my game? I am trying to add all of the languages in the world.If you know any,write through mail." .It gets annoying and weird.
I really like how much money you get and this game is so fun I wuss everyone had it to see how fun it is it is only 3 the age and the people are quite fat
Too much ads and this game turned to another pay to win games and lucky spin is useless in last spin you get that skeleton face and lose items see ads for nothing
well for one daily mission get up to x5 at one place could have more info on that bc is that one floor one location or what I dont understand otherwise great game
Fix the darn game! As soon as I click all three of the workers at the start of the game when I tap em again they don't do anything so I kept closing and reopening the game and the same thing keeps happening! So fix the bug! Pls!!
I Have A Problem I Dont Speak English alot and i speaking hungary can u put hungary to the languges please
I don't mind ads but when an ad not to mention a full ad popped up out of nowhere I can tell its likely going to be a game with way too many ads from experience so after first ad that came from out of nowhere deleted game
When used the bank to convert my diamonds to dollars the game soft lock me I couldn't get any upgrades from the building's so I thought I should mention that besides that it's a good game I like it
It is reallllllly noise because it's a tycoon I like tycoons btw. So yea but if it has intruder aka cops and criminals fighting cool. But can you please add that feature to this game It be so cooooooooooool if it did I love this so 5 star rating for dis dude
Once you get to know the game you learn alot about it. theres minigames and so much more I recommend this super fun game.
best idle game i have ever played litterly ,Graphics 5 star , Gameplay 5 star , controls 5 star DOWNLOAD this game if your an idle player!
I was enjoying the game, logged in today and it's bugged badly, trying to do the daily for "buy 2 managers" I went to the desert/cowboy one and clicked buy managers, no credit, it took the money, no additional managers.... also i noticed the manager for the person that collects it from the top of the ladder is not there, nor is the person to collect it.... so I'm not getting money
I love the games concept but everytime I push the guy to put money in the safe it glitches and I can't tap anything else.....needs to be fixed
I kinda like idle games and this is an okay one. However, it's just broken and full of bugs. Also, if you're running a newer Samsung, buttons are stuck behind the camera and you can't click them.
I love this game and I dont care if it's a RIP off cuz u can have managers ik it's in the first one but this is better I already got my fourth floor but can u add more latter people 🤩🤳💻📠📟
It kept freezing, but was normal at time. It's a normal idle game but with a twist, which are the mini games which can be entertaining. Not too bad.
The game is very nice but I have a problem when I have more than one floor the man which is on the ladder doesn't collect money from the upper floor
Yes 5 star one of the best. I hope you add more contents in the future such as new places and more like gang wars or like an actual gun shootout and you lost amounts of money if you lose the batte
That's it. Once we get into Kentucky up here and we stopped to get gas and I can't afford it needs to work with doing it now then that's a while in the alternator may be going bad I said cuz you ain't going to do that and then just stopped and something might be wrong unless you charge your battery all the way up was a brand new bed I bought a brand new battery before you got here but any of them and he goes to started you wouldn't start we tried to jump it couldn't even take the post off clean
Do NOT download this rip off. Go download Idle Miner Tycoon. Its the original, better graphics and better gameplay veraion of this rip. Its so slow and lame, and just pure rip off. Nearly exactly the same.
it's super fun I play it every day it's awesome sometimes if I'm waiting for a game to install on my x-box I'll get my phone out I highly reccomend it
OK game. I don't mind watching ads when I need to but random ads popping up when your trying to play gets annoying quick. Uninstalled
lots of spelling mistakes. at the start theees a box instead of a letter I. business is spelt wrong in the video at the beginning
so fun it's just that like I kept getting all high levels and high levels of high levels but haven't really been playing in a long time but I still got higher levels and I still got more money so this is the best game alive
I love this game.The reason I gave it a 4 star is because the game has logged me out once or twice but apart from that, best game ever!!!
Easy to pick up but dialogue is busted so instead of the character talking there just saying the script code. As well as badly translated into english.The game also lags to the point i have to fully close the app then reopen it.overall a cute game but alot of bugs
you should make it be able to rob stores or make a custom character and should be able too level him up and you should make more types of game modes and you should make another one we're it is realistic
Decent game but still haven't seen a way to remove ads, I've tried just buying something but was greeted moments later by another ad. I see nothing in the shop to remove ads so kind of annoying that I spent money on this game trying to remove ads when it seems theres no way to do so...
I think the game is good but all of the criamals are brown and all the cops are white. I just found glitch were it mafia guys freeze
Too many mins-translations, and broken English, should be different animations or different jobs for the thiefs on each floor, and mini games are rubbish
Forced ads is always a poor decision. The colors, contrast and design of the game will make your eyes bleed.
I pretty much like this game it's pretty good. There's just one problem that I have and that is the guy on the ladder. He only goes to the bottom floor and gets that cash and doesn't take other floors cash. I was hoping maybe you guys could look into that.
Great game but can you add a online play option becuas it would be very cool if you can steel uathor people's money and things but great game thanks
Really a good game. Not only just idle tycoon, but has mini games as well. really happy with the game
Cannot upgrade things over 1200th level. Because of it ladder/boss floor limits how much a street can produce. Edit 2020/01/16: So, the limit was changed to 400... All of it is useless now, because ladder/boss floor can sustain so little income...