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Idle Life Sim - Simulator Game

Idle Life Sim - Simulator Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Codigames located at Edificio Lanzadera Muelle de la Aduana S/N Marina Real Juan Carlos I Edificio Lanzadera 46024 Valencia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is great, but there are a lot of pop ups on screen for you to watch an ad; too many. A good experience is locked away behind a pay wall, I would only recommend this game if you are able to ignore the ads. There's also very little incentive for you to watch the ads if you can't hold back, the rewards are minimal.
A lot of people are saying the game is expensive but I disagree because you get offline money and also if items are a little pricey it's fine because its the point of the game is a LIFE Sim. I no lie got 30K for not playing for 3 hours and I'm a noob. THIS GAME IS AWSOME. And the way the characters talk is funny.
Love this, perfect casual game. But I do wish there was more to it. It does seem like theres a very limited closet of items available. So I do hope that they add more. I see other people talking about hats and I agree that's should be available. Hats/bow/bowtie/scarf/barrette.
Its a really fun and entertaining game, however, it would be nice to have more things to play within it to win different things. Maybe mini games to win different outfits or furniture, or extra money. Mini games pertaining to each avatars jobs. It would also be really cool if possible to maybe be able to choose different colors of each furniture piece, to make things a little more to the unique liking of each player. It just needs to be a little more interactive!
Fun game to pass time, requires a bit of strategy to ensure your playability. For example you need furniture to level up, you want to pay attention to the items and prices you require. I had to wait all weekend to receive benefits I paid for because there was an issue with the transaction and their support is not available on weekends (sat/sun) but they made it worth my while by adjusting my benefits a bit! I'm impressed with this little game and how their support staff handled my problem.
Great conspect but short lived. Ive almost maxed out all 4 characters in less than 2 weeks and i have no current missions for any of them. And what is the point of the parties? Future update maybe. I really want to keep playing but ive grown tired of waiting for something new on this game. Also the prices for some of the furniture is rediculous but its understandable. Def rating 5 out of 5. Hopefully to see new features very soon.
This game is very fun to play, I really like it a lot! The characters are fun to customize and the furniture and houses are very cute. The only problem I have is the 5 room house that is $1,000,000! It's gonna take a whileeee to get that but overall I love the game.
Ok,this is an AMAZING GAME!!!! i hope new characters will be added though,and i hope its cheaper to upgrade your job,i also hope that clothes will be cheaper, the clothes do lool very amazing,but are very expensive,i hope the game dev can add an option of being ane to control your characters movement overall an amazing game! I recommend this to anyone, =)
Good cute game. However, still needs fixing especially the Grandma help. Watching ads for rewards and players don't get anything back, you just warching ads for ad sake. I do like that concept of the game very much.
When I first saw this game I was like "cool!" But you don't even do anything other then buy stuff and improve your job. You cant even explore and this game says its an open world! Also, you cant do anything with your person other then change their look. If you could maybe add an exploration map where you could just walk around and explore that would be great. I had to delete the game also because it kept glitching and kicking me out. I would give more stars if these things changed.
I love this game but here's the thing is I paid for the no Ad Yorkie and when I switched phones it wouldn't restore my purchase. I don't understand why it won't because it did for my Prison game from this developer. I have contacted customer support and showed proof of Google receipt and no answer back yet. It was about a month ago. I was even going to just buy the Yorkie agian and I don't have that option....please fix and let me know so I can re-download and play.
There isnt really a style to choose from, it's more like you have to buy all their furniture to help build up your points. The cloths are very expensive and I have no clue how to get the different face expressions. Their is no way to upgrade or return purchased furniture so you with display them for more points for leave them in storage.
These game are perfect to kill time and i like the fact that u can earn money easily with the help of ads *eventhough it might be annoying sometimes but its worth the money it offers.. Hmm it would be nice if we could have pets or visit other players as well....that would be less boring rather than roaming around in their house.
Fun game, not too many adverts needed to enjoy it or to get items/money to play with either. Nice and chilled out to play while relaxing :) Only downside is how slow it is, takes a while to make enough money to upgrade your house etc. And also takes about 2 1/2 hours to gain more popularity because you have to wait for the next "party" to be available again to be able to gain "popularity" which you need in order to level up your job. So, slow, but still enjoyable.
I love your game really bad i am really addicted to it i even share the game with my friends and they too was addicted to it but the thing is the game gets boring fast i cant control her i have to waste my money and it takes a long time to get a new house and my friends want me to invite them to see me in the game they were very disappointed they could not see me in the game can you please update this game it gets boring in two days
This game is awesome! I love how fast the money comes and its not a pay to win game! My only suggestion is that you add more job options. But apart from that,once again, an awesome game. Thanks for creating it! From Alarni๐Ÿ˜
I love the game. I've only been playing it for a few minutes and I like it. My only coplants are: 1. You cannot rotate the screen. 2. You can't intoract with other players. 3. You can't explore the world. 4. You can't leave your home. &5. You can't go into the backyard. I hope that you update it soon! Untill then, I will continue playing๐Ÿ˜Š
It's a great game, but when's then last time you had an update? Because you always know what going to happen. change is fun! Also I think you should add fun mini games, like to win money, furniture, and clothes. Maybe that should be the update?
I would give one star if it isnt for the high quality graphic. I get it that you need money but the housing and clothes are too expensive. I mean i would also pay for the in game purchase if its one time bundle. But paying each bundle for each character is a no no. I really appreciate the hi quality design but the system isnt fair for players.
I've dropped the rating to one, because this game has become soooo booooring. Firstly, I liked the aspect of the multiverse, but you only get 4, once you've done and bought everything, you have to wait months until the new update brings a new house and some new furniture. You can only rearrange furniture so many times.
I have download, and played plenty of games. this game is ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿพ its bored, to get good funiture...not. because its the same stuff over and over again. the good furniture you want you got to have dimonds and it takes forever even when you watch videos and they still dont give you enough. yeah time to move on. atleast should of been a game to reinact with friends, doing your job yourself, give me something to do im going to sleep. sorry but this is just to bored.
This game looks great and is somewhat fun, but don't be fooled. This game is heavily monetized, leaving those who wish to play the game at a regular interval to rely on ads for in-game currency. The game seems to take some inspiration from idle games such as Animal Crossing, but Idle Life Sim pales in comparison to mobile games such as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp or even The Sims Mobile because of a lack of content. After a day of playing, I found myself with nothing more to do than watch ads.
So close to 5 stars.. Great game! Been playing for a few months now and I'd def. recommend it, but I really wish that house REF-006 would let me know when it's ready to access, like the other 5 levels of houses did. I'm running out of room leveling up with furniture for house REF-005. You can have up to 4 characters with their own house & job. Watching Ads are totally worth it for the extra $. I also wish the Ads were a little bit shorter to watch.
It's a really good game, and it doesn't spam ads like other apps. You can earn money by watching ads like ever 5 minutes ( or less ) and they're short. The game has many items for customizing your house and character. I haven't found anything bad as of 1.11.20 and tbh it's one of my favorite games I've downloaded.
Sometimes when I press the "video" button to watch adds the grandma just disappears and I don't get my reward. Also, the same button made to multiply income is not always working, sometimes it loads indefinitely. Other than that, it's a great game.
its actualy great, you can get enough money to buy furniture, upgrade skill, etc but it will be much more faster when u watch the ads...i hope they can improve the economic ballance so we dont need to watch the ads all the time
I have a newborn and this is the perfect phone game to pass the time. It's too bad the triple pack is only available on 1 character, I wouldn't have bought it if I knew that but ah well. I do have some suggestions, have outdoor furniture, be able to change furniture color, more options, I'm in the 3 million house and my is it a slow process to accumulate wealth. Just more customization options would be nice. Maybe add pets in.
I love this game, it is so cute. I would have given it 5 stars but I wish that I could tap on items of the house and have them use what I tap on. I think adding some new ways to play with the characters would be great. Also, when will the REF-006 Mansion be available? I'm starting to get clutter in my little Sim's home and it would be great to be able to buy a bigger home. (Preferably with 9 rooms) for a Mansion that seems reasonable actually. Now for the cost; maybe it could cost 5million?๐Ÿ˜Š
Grandma sure has a lot of disposable income. Probably because of all the ads she pushes on to all the grandkids. While i do like playing the game itself, seems to me that to make real progress is taking advantage of the rewards of the ads, so I'd say that it's like 70% ads to 30% actual game play. And i might be generous on the game play, if I'm being honest.
The game is unplayable unless you pay the $11 to get rid of ads. It could be fun, but you hit a certain point where it's extremely boring. The robot is $5 per player, not applied to all players. It's very hard to earn money. I would like to see a "reset the game to get multipliers" like AdCap has. Or weekly challenges. I'm $15 into the game and already think I want to delete it. It needs more for the price. There's potential, but just feels like a money-grab.
Cute game, used to love it...but after reaching a high enough level, the game kind of freezes and won't proceed unless you spend money on it. I used to really enjoy it, but it got to a point where I lost the will to play it, because the customization options aren't that diverse and it became an uphill struggle to play it without throwing money at it. And due to the customization being fairly limited, it doesn't make me want to spend my money on it either.
Would definitely reccomend. Very fun and entertaining, but I have one suggestion. When you buy the corgi to get rid of ads, I expected it to actually come inside my house and maybe interact with my character instead of just sitting outside forever. Other than that, amazing game with great animation.
This game is very cool and fun, But the only thing that I hate here is that the houses are expensive and the ads. I am level 10 already and I still can't afford the 3rd house. And thats why I rated 4 stars. I love this game and it's Really fun! ๐Ÿ˜œ
I love the graphics and the gamr has potential. Ig my character could interact more witht the world. You do have to watch videos (ads) to gain money. In order to level up And advance in career you will watch ads or wait a very long time for your character to gain money and thrn level up. I understand the concept, its graphics are cute, but im tired of watching ads.
As far as it goes it's a really simple game, get money, buy stuff, improve your 'status' level up. that kind of thing. But I won't lie, I don't get addicted to games but I really loved this one! Yes, I chose the option of playing a lot of adverts (I chose to...I'd often play them whilst I was doing something else) but you don't have to. would recommend as if you don't like it within the first 5mins, get rid. easy.
This is a very fun game to play. Lots of options for clothes, jobs and home decor. The prices in the game go up quite quickly compared to your paycheck, however if you watch ads you can get a good amount of money. It's mostly a waiting game but the designs and options make it interesting and fun
I don't think the developers care about this app. It seems like a interesting time passer and then it's super empty when you actually have more than 10 minutes to play the game. Barely any customization options, interactions, or activities. I see many complaining about the ads but that's all mobile games. The real problem is the game itself. Graphics are cute. That's why it gets two stars. Do better.
Hello codigames. I love your game very much. I I wanted to give five stars but the thing is. 1.pls make it more adventury because only designing a house and having a job and living in a square๐Ÿ˜‚ is not so adventury. 2.pls make the character follow mouse pointer(if its in computer) point wherever is touched(if its a mobile or tablet) and pls make this character do not only sleep 1000 times in 1 minute๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃcan u add a box so our chatacter say something. Pls make it more funny and adventury. Thanks
I love the game but I easily forget what buttons do what. I love how you can customize your rooms and can buy new houses. After awhile it gets very difficult. Good game tho.
It's a good game but they never update at all, I wish you could do more then just buy outfits and upgrade your job and you should maybe add fun different mini games for each job or something because this gets boring pretty quickly.
its a pretty nice game, very simple, which i like a lot, but i feel like there can be some upgrades, i think this has a lot of potential to be a better game (which is why i only gave 4 stars). some features id consider putting in is a rotating feature, id like to see the other wall and be able to do more decorating, which is fun, also maybe put more options on how to earn gems like maybe little mini games with your characters? and other things like that, id love to see :)
I think the game is amazing. There is no forced ads and its a smooth running game. For the devolopers i have a request. Me and my friend play this game every hour of every day and we wish we could play together. So if you could maybe add private servers that would be great. Love your game! And have it play on no internet.
Fun time-waster, loads of opportunities to earn multipliers and gems. It would be nice to get an update soon to give more furniture, housing, clothes options. The chance to sell some items would be good - even store credit rather than cash. Addition of friends and pets could be fun too.....reduced stars due to lack of development, I paid to remove ads but now have nothing to do or buy, is there going to be an update?
This game had so much potential, but it's just a cash grab, with nothing but ads and purchases for more stuff. No personality, no adventure, no challenge. The art is cute.
I really like the game :D art style is soo cute >w< not too hard to play, and not too easy too xD me and my friend has been playing this for the whole day when we installed it :v we're just competing of who will have the best life xD i'm really enjoying this, i hope that they will add a pet shop in the game :) i'm not sure if there is, but meh xD welp, that is all folks, bai :D
This game is extremely well done! The only issue I have is that I wish you didn't have to keep certain furniture items in your house in order for your level to be higher/stay the same & your level wasn't determined by the furniture you buy but rather the skills you learn, because it can ruin the aesthetic. Also I'm patiently waiting for the next update!
Casual game to chill to at night. I wish the furniture store was bigger. Love the concept of decorating your own home and buying different houses. Make a game designed just like this with the same concept but not make it a idle game and let your friends explore your house. Money maker right there.
It's a very nice game I like it. It does feel like it is not a game it feels like it is real life. Before, I gave this game 5 stars but after some days the had a lot of glitches. It sometimes automatically deducts the money earned. One day I tripled my earning with 100 gems but after sometime when I opened the game it didn't had the money which I Tripled using the gems and my 100 gems also got wasted. So please I would suggest you to pls fix this issue. Othhervise the game is really nice.
Fun game! Love the graphic so much and the character is so cute. But it would be nicer if the character could interact with the stuff around the house as well. And maybe could add a lot more makeover stuff like the hair, face, and clothings and so on! Overall, loving it!!
Great conspect but short lived. Ive almost maxed out all 4 characters in less than 2 weeks and i have no current missions for any of them. And what is the point of the parties? Future update maybe. I really want to keep playing but ive grown tired of waiting for something new on this game. Def rating 5 out of 5. Hopefully to see new features very soon. Include where we can change the camera view when placing furniture.
Love this game but a piece of my furniture is stuck in the air of my room in the house and I can't shift it or store it away so it is frozen there. Anyway you could help fix that small issue as I really have gotten a long way in this game. Then I'll give 5 stars
It's pretty good! Maybe the skipping ads feature is a bit too expensive... but it's not like I care about spending one minute for ads, and if I'm not in the mood I just don't watch them lol The rest is pretty well balanced with the premium currency, the booster packs (again, except corgi one) and the f2p currency! It's just really cute and easy to play from time to time!
I like this game. However, I just purchased the No-Ads Corgi, but it's still showing ads. I tried to email CodiGames, but the email bounced back as unsendable. I also contacted them on Facebook with no reply. CodiGames, please contact me, so we can fix this. Then, I'll adjust my rating. Thanks!
Pretty good game.. don't love how expensive things are though, and the fact that there's a 3 hour cap on how much you earn while you're away, unless you pay for a 12 hour thing which is approx. $5.
this game is so boring, all you do is just upgrade your home, watch your character interact with other stuff, get money, and that's it. I've played simulator games like this one, but I'm not saying that this is the worst out of every single simulator games I've played, it's just that I think that the developers should just make it so that you could control of what your character should do instead of them randomly doing their own things.
This is an AMAZING game. There are barely any adds and is fun to pass the time with. You can also creat you own character. You are missing out if you don't download this game right now!!!!!!!!!
This is a very confused little game. Tiny toys that have grown up jobs and houses, but kiddie decor like sports jersey items and children's beds, games and clothes. There are adult clothes, but no outfits at all for girls. I paid for no ads, double income. Doesn't help the game but saves endless ads. NOT a great game. Am installing. Would love to get my money back.
More characters, furniture and job please.... And more menu... Like what to do with the character.. Eat or bath or chatting with other character.... And make it they can be at one house.. Its a bit difficult and confusing to operate many char back in and out from char to char...
I love this game. It's super cute and fun. You unlock amazing furniture and incredible houses. Although, you're character only interacts with the furniture Extremely minimally. They pretty much just walk around and sit down occasionally. Also the houses, the houses you unlock are pretty cool. It would be cool if your character interacted with their house aswell. Exp: the fourth house to unlock has a pool. But they never go in it! They never go into their yard, ever. It's a little disappointing
It's a cute game, and I can see it having potential for gameplay expansion, but currently it feels really limited. Maybe I've played too much Animal Crossing or Sims, but it feels a bit off-putting that the only thing you can have your character *do* is chill at home while you tap a button to "progress" through the story. No skill building in-house, no going off to work or classes or even the basketball court next door (it's right there, please let me use it! ). Love Granny, though!
I like this game but it's little boring u should add mini games or when we go to job we can do painting and sell it if we have painting job if it's cooking so we can cook and let customer give rating about food and if there technology we can build laptops and if its sports we can play basketball
It's another idle sim. The best way to play is not to. The writing has a certain style of humor, but there's not a ton of moving parts or aspects. It's just collecting money to improve your rate of earning money and decreasing the cost of cosmetics and increasing your social prestige so you can get a better job and earn more money. Kind of lackluster as far as idles go imo
The concept seemed fun and I play idle games often so I figured it'd be worth a try. The game is sadly a waste of time. You can't make much progress without watching ads or paying real life money but the worst part for me is when I close the app and it doesn't save the money I had. I leave the app with $5000 and come back to $1000 and regrets.
I love this game I always wanted a idle life game. It's so nice. I want you to add some other mini games in it too it will be easy to make money and buy houses and it will be fun too please add mini games!.
Needs an update and new content very badly, loved the game at first but the developer has not put any efforts into adding content or updates. even daily gifts stop after a week. Like I said it's fun at first but then it becomes a SUPER slow grind for money for career and home upgrades and thus gets boring too quickly.
This game has a lot of potential. It feels incomplete. After you get pretty much to the point of buying the last house, there's no more goals. Not even a goal for the house. it just drops off. So you're stuck just waiting for money. I feel like this could be expanded on and at least wrapped up so that you complete the game. Which is why I say it's incomplete.
So, you cant reset your progress if you've connected it to your account and when i signed out it didnt work, reinstalling didnt work, and everytime i try to do anything, it takes forever to load, crashes my phone and overheats my phone. I love the concept and artstyle but its just not worth all the trouble this game has given me
The reason i had four stars : The first reason is that you have to watch ads second of all my game freeze when grandma gets me a helper i get stuck in the mission page third of all it's not that easy to get Diamonds because you have to pay and do your mission but I'm not mad well only sometimes (Like I'm already getting upset) But still it's a very fun game. Thanks for making this! DONLOAD THIS TODAY! So then of all those stuff i delete the app and got it again but it's ok please fix it.
The game is pretty fun for an idle game. You get to customize a lot of things how you like. My only problem is sometimes I watch the ads and don't get my reward, or the ads don't even work but keep popping back up. Also, this is probably obvious but the game is a little repetitive. It takes so long to get to 1,000,000 even for my first character. *I changed my 4 star to a 3 star because the ads are continuing to not give me the money so im just watching ads with nothing in return.
Fun at first, characters are cute, but gameplay is very limited after all missions are completed and careers are upgraded. I wish I could do more with 4 characters at high levels than log in every so often to collect earnings. This is somewhat mitigated in early stages of game play because the player is able to unlock other characters, but these top out at 4. If these were unlimited it might be more fun for longer at least.
I really like it so far but it would be cool to expand it (I am at the beginning so maybe I just haven't got to parts yet). If it was a shared world with other players it would be cool. To get pets, date, get married and this be with other players in the game and just NPCs. And have a choice to be like the grandma to your own kids or kid or other family members then to continue the lives as long as we want. Also having more diverse hairstyles would be nice.
This game is so cool! I love playing it! It is incredibly relaxing and if you are having a bad day, just go on this app after a few hours then you will be able to earn more money and I only got this yesterday nd it is really enjoyable! P.S The graphics are so cute!
It's a cute game and very casual, but I wish there were more ways to increase the amount of money you earn. I think making it so that the popularity increases salary a little bit would be cool and give it a purpose, because right now popularity seems useless once you get to a certain amount. And it would incentivize people wanting to still do the parties, right now I ignore them half the time because they're kind of pointless. Everything else I think it's very good though.
I've had this app for awhile. With what they charge for perks - gems, furniture, no ads, etc - I'd expect more. More characters, more game play, more updates! All four characters are maxed out - they've got the biggest house, more furniture than can fit, and reached level 15 or higher. This has been the most disappointing app I've ever spent money on.
Really cute idle sim but very limited gameplay. There's never new content updates or events. After collecting all the furniture and maxing out careers, there's nothing to do besides save up for MONTHS for another house. The game held my interest for a very long time in hopes that there would be an update but still nothing... Debating about uninstalling since there isn't anything for me to do besides open the app, collect idle earnings and then close it again.
All around to terrible but some times when I come back to the game to collect money it doesnt register that I had any of the 3 hours worth of money to collect. Happened more often in the morning after I get up so I haven't touched the game in like 12 hours. Seriously aggravating when you're trying to save for something.
This game is extremely well done! The only issue I have is that I wish you didn't have to keep certain furniture items in your house in order for your level to be higher/stay the same & your level wasn't determined by the furniture you buy but rather the skills you learn.
So, I initially gave this game a 5 star rating after playing it a few days. I still really like the game premise, but it appears that the developers have deserted the game now. There's nothing new, no new challenges, no more daily gifts, no updated furniture collections, etc. It sucks, especially if you've purchased anything. I hope they come back to it.
I would give this game 5 stars because it's a AWESOME tycoon and time passer game. But once you reach level 15 and the Small Mansion house it's like the end even though you can still collect money, diamonds and furniture. But even then you have to stop because you can't upgrade your house anymore. So I wish there was a update soon because been playing almost 5 months and I'm at the end.
I somewhat LIKED this game. The main downfall is that you need to watch a bunch of ads in order to save up a decent amount of the in game money, I'm talking at least 10-20 ads a day. If you spend your real money, then the game is quicker paced. (Ex. Like buying an imposter robot or no-ads) So I bought both, then while scrolling I somehow paid for something with the gems, majority of my gems are gone now, with no way to request a refund. LIVID.
It's a nice game to pass time but there needs to be more character options! Every side character has some kind of hat, but we don't even have an option for hats! Also more hair options would be nice. Maybe add more houses too? Like a house with a second floor maybe? Also the sim doesn't walk around the house much, or use the furniture much, which is kind of annoying because I'm paying for them. This game is pretty good it's just lacking content.
It is an add machine, but I love it. The characters are cute, the customisation is great and I love the little details like the dust specs in the window light. It would be cool to be able to sell furniture, and I'm hoping for more options in the future, but each set is really fun and well thought out. If there was an idle minigame it would round everything off perfectly.
The perfect little idle mobile game. Cute, attention-grabbing, and fun! Biggest pro: having multiple cahracters to play at one time at your pace. Biggest con: only having 4 characters with "more coming soon". Bummed me out when all 4 of my characters slowed down on upgrades and waiting for parties. Overall, I LOVE IT.
You have to watch ads to get cash and progress. The sim does whatever it wants... the rooms are not...erm... real life...no bathroom, or kitchen... you can't put furniture away without losing levels. Once you've bought a set of each clothes (which are mainly masculine) you no longer need anymore. It's colourful and bright but driven on you watching ads...there's actually NO GAMEPLAY
Fun initially but lost interest with limited gameplay. I even upgraded to utilize a collector and a boost to my job, and it didn't extend to my other characters. If the game added more content, I'd give it another shot, but the gameplay feels linear and limited.
Highly addictive, very cute, I like that you can make good progress without having to pay anything with real money. There are a lot of ads but that's kinda the point of the game because you can opt to watch an ad to get money quicker versus waiting for time to pass IRL. I've been playing for a few hours and already have made good progress. I like it! Would recommend for someone looking for a cute game to spend mindless time on
The game is great, cute characters and items, but all around it's painfully unfinished. Hopefully more content is being planned if not already in development. Alot could be improved, such as more career options or more furniture for each theme. The trope of needing fruniture to level up, needing to level up to buy houses, and buying houses to unlock more fruniture, is tiring. After a certian point, its just filling your house with random items to level up. Hope for updates soon.
They charged WAY too much for the wallpaper, and I had to change phones, and restart the game, so first I was in the Art career, then the Tech career, and everything that had high stars in Art, then half of them in Tech, but I like Art more than tech, so I think that this game might be for me.
Cool game from what I can see. Not a fan of pay to get anywhere or deal with interruptions. Update 1: 2 months of playing and no new stuff. Update. 2: 3 months of playing and still *nothing*. Bought all miney merch and half the diamond merch with my daily login rewards.. there's literally nothing else to do. Upgrading job also got more expensive. I cant check this game multiple times a day in hopes I have more than just 500k waiting for me at login. Went from 4 star to 2 star with each update.
I AM TOTALLY INTO THIS GAME! I love this game. Everything is soooo specialised. And also it gives you free money without doing anything. In other games, mostly you have to work to earn money but in this game you will get money in every 5 seconds without working. And you can get 1,000 to 20,000 free by just watching an add of only a few seconds. And even the houses and furnitures are very satisfying. Now I recommend this game to all my friends. Please try this game. It's really an awesome game.
I would have given it 5 stars however the prices of the special diamond items are way way too high, or you don't get enough of them through free gameplay. Very disappointing because at first it seemed like the best game ever! Now that I've gotten into it a little bit, it is sluggishly slow. Also, the same items in the regular store are up for sale over and over again. This also makes for a slow gameplay. Wish I had real money to buy diamonds.
I like the game a lot. It's so simple but so fun, that's just one of the things I like about this game. Although... I just wish some parts could be available offline. Including the purchases of clothes, furniture etc., Overall I really love this absolute treasure! (Edited) : Oh! And maybe add a few things to it, Like a frontyard and a backyard, and maybe let the players be able to customize the door of the house too. Thanks.
I really enjoy the game! I think its cute and it isnt in your face all the time with ads or offers. I hope they add more careers soon because i find it really fun! I hope one update in the future can include the ability to have relationships, as the goals are a bit repetitive. Its easy to figure out and has pretty decent selection of customization options.
Really like this cute game so far. I'm having troubles with ads. Many of them are black and I have to close the game and restart (and lose my reward!) This makes playing the game annoying and I won't stay long if it keeps up. I deleted cache & updated. Edit: sometimes I wonder if the ads have annoying issues to try to make you buy the ad-free pack for $10.99. I buy stuff from games I love but move on if there are annoyances that keep you from playing. There are so many other games that work.
I love this game. I am a huge fan of the sims, and idle games so it is perfect for me. I did make a $20 in game purchase that allows me to collect money for longer time away and extra perks. So even when I'm sleeping or at work I am gaining perks. I think it is worth it. Also allowing you to go different routes is fun and to create different personalities. Idk it's my kind of thing. Nothing glitches and it works. If you don't really wanna do in game purchases it is very user friendly.
I love this game its very cute and the grandma always come to the house to get more money,you can get a job and furnish the house.this game is cute and fun to play this game. in level 4, it actually unlocked the swimming pool the big house is awesome. You can also buy house items and unlocking dress and pants is pretty much cool. I can also unlock new houses by the level. This is satisfying to play this and i like it. My character interacts like walking,sleeping and sit on a couch. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜
Good game. Great to pass time and one game you don't have to constantly stay on to get rewards. I only gave 4 stars because I haven't gotten too familiar with the game, but for now I will say it is definitely a fun game! Only downside is customization. There isn't many feminine choices on clothing or long hairstyles. Other than that, customization is good too
Super cute graphics and easy to play without a ton of commitment. It can take a while to accumulate wealth in correlation to the cost of clothes/furniture. A little patience goes a long way though. All the sets are nice and I like the customization on the character. Just wish that the premium set would apply across all characters though, would be real money expensive to get it for all four of them
Haven't been playing for long so I don't know if more careers become available later or not but it currently appears there are only 4. Also, it seems your "life" is only about making more money and buying more stuff. Oh, and also popularity. It's grown on me as a game that emphasizes how shallow and meaningless life can be if you live only adhering to what is deemed appropriate and sane in a consumer driven, judgmental society as most who have the means to play it do.
I think it's fun but I finished the game to quickly so I would add more character and to all the people that gave this game 1 star ๐Ÿ˜‘ unless you bought something and it didn't give it to you. You have no right to give it 1 star even if there are so many adds honestly there aren't that many
I have good news and bad news about this app. The good news is.. well done graphics and fun careers. The bad news is.. limited objects/furniture/clothing which means the game can be easily completed within a short matter of time. I downloaded only a few days ago & my game is almost completed ๐Ÿคฆ Also the ridiculous prices! It takes ages to make enough money to afford anything (unless you like watching ads every minute to gain money) Downfall: This game is so repetitive that it becomes boring ๐Ÿ˜’
good game, but no point in continuing after level 13. you complete all the tasks at level 12 and own all houses and furniture... kinda boring now needs more for!! Especially after level 12!!!
First playing this game, it was fun. You get to somewhat customize your character, pick a job between 4 options (which doesn't really matter, because you get to play them all soon enough.) You buy bigger houses for a lot of in game money, and buy things to put in it. No you dont actually work in the game, you just pay for tabs which upgrade your career so you earn more. Overall. Yes, it is a good game to pass the time, no I wouldn't waste any money on it. Yes it gets boring fast.
This is pretty much a perfect game. It mixes lifestyle choices with idle-type, and they did very well with it. I would describe it as a mixture between My Sims and Animal Crossing, while maintaining the Codigames genre. Based on the ads I saw before trying this out, I thought that buying furniture and clothes was entirely an option to add to the fun of the game. As it turns out, buying everything is a function required to keep moving on in the game. This is honestly a wholly interesting style.
Great potential, although it's incredibly clear that it's basically an ad engine. It's a really cute idea though! However, it's limited in many ways. Limited styles, limited furniture, limited careers. I pretty much banged this game out in one day. It was a letdown.
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This game is ๐Ÿคฏ, I Love this game so much it's fun and nice!! So far I'm doing great. I'm in love with the furniture ๐Ÿ˜ also I'm not mad about how long it takes to reach a new lvl. Just to get a house it's actually kinda fine with me. Although I do wish u could have more furniture stands instead of few so u wouldn't have to wait another day for something new to come in the furniture stand, But Overall this game is Bomb!
Game is simple with cute graphics. Make peace with the fact that this game has a lot of ads, you need them to make extra money depending on how anxious you are to progress. But all in all it's a great game. Relaxed. PS: Please add HATS, and a few more ways to earn income, like own business or something ๐Ÿ˜‰
This game feels just a little more involved than other idle games. It really reminds me of classic Sims where you first live with your mom and then gradually move up the ladder until you get a mansion of your own. The only thing I dislike so far is that there doesn't seem to be confirmation before purchasing an item with gems. I accidentally bought the LED set with gems that I was saving up, and I definitely did not want it lol. Oh well. It's a fun, cute, and easy to play game.